Shelby and Sandy get down and dirty
An alert for my regular readers, this one is going to get kinky. Maybe a bit too kinky for some. My apologies up front, but I don’t think it is any worse some of the rump riders around the site. I guess that will be a matter of opinion. 


Shelby spent the day at school in her school girl uniform. Oxford shoes, white socks, red plaid pleated skirt, white blouse and her father’s tie. Her blond hair done up in two braided pigtails. She got looks from all the students around her, both girls and boys, but it was the look in the boys’ eyes that amazed her which spanned from curiosity to pure lust. She wasn’t sure what it was, but it seemed like every guy on the face of the planet was attracted to a ‘school girl’.

She was tired from the evening she spent with her dad. She slept well, when she slept. How could she not, her father had given her orgasm after spectacular orgasm until she didn’t have anything left to give. Her daddy had been the most amazing lover! Now not only was she a nymphomaniac, but now she was an incestuous nymphomaniac.

After the last bell of the day rang, and Shelby walked towards home. She needed to pop by the drug store. Her period was imminent; she had made it through the day without issue, but judging by the early start of cramping, she needed to stock up on her personal protection right away, which for the first time was going to include some tampons.

She picked out her favorite pads, and pick out tampons by the same brand. Then as she got ready to go check out, she noticed a section with pre-packaged douches. She noted the week before, that if a guy’s semen stayed around too long inside you, it could cause an odor she didn’t like, so she was sure she didn’t want other’s smelling it. She didn’t have a mother around to tell her secrets like that, so she had to figure them out on her own. She bought 6 of them.

Before turning for home, she grinned and went into the bathroom inside the Burger King down on the corner down from her house. She went into the stall and dropped her panties. Opening one of the douches, she sat down on the pot and following directions by inserted the nozzle inside her vagina and squeezing. She felt the cool rose smelling fluid wash her insides clean. Once it was empty, she dried off with some toilet paper and disposed of the packaging on the way out of the restroom.

She skipped the rest of the way home, looking forward to seeing her daddy, who was off work for the next 3 days. Not only was she looking forward to seeing him, she had mischief on her mind.

On her way down the street, there was at least three men that were watching her, thinking, ‘Damn! I would like to get me some of that!’

Shelby came into the house and set her book bag down next to the entrance to the hallway. Her daddy and she lived in a 4 bedroom ranch style house. Shelby had one bedroom, her daddy had the master, one room was made up as a guest room, and the last one was her daddy’s man cave. She lived in Texas, so they didn’t have a basement. To make up for it, the house had an extra family room down past the bedrooms.

Shelby heard and noise and cheerfully went into the dining room/kitchen to find her dad sitting in shorts and a tee shirt, his off duty uniform. Even in such baggy attire he looked great, for a man 38 years old. Shelby grinned, he hadn’t notice her come in yet and the idea she cooked up was playing in her mind like a fiddle.

She put on her best pout and went in to where her daddy was reading and drinking a glass of ice tea. He looked up and smiled, “Oh, there you are Shelli, how’s my girl doing?”

She continued with a faux pout and said, “Terrible Daddy!”

He looked concerned, “Why terrible, bad day at school?”

She said, “Yes, I couldn’t sit down without it hurting me.” Then on cue, she reached down and pulled her white panties down onto her thighs. Then she turned her back to him and lifted her skirt up above her waist, showing him her bare bottom. Plaintively she announced, “Look at my poor bum, daddy. It’s all bruised!” She didn’t need acting for that, she did have several bruises across her butt from the spanking she received the night before. She made sure her legs were spread a bit so it framed her golden pussy for him to look at. Finally, with the same pout she said, “It hurts daddy! Would you kiss it and make it feel better?” Then she paused, “Um, ah, along with other things?” She found out the night before that her daddy loved to eat pussy, she was hoping he was still hungry.

Her daddy got a big grin on his face, and he came around the table and dropped to his knees. He gave her ass a big wet kiss and asked, “Here?”

She smiled, “Yes, and over here.” She pointed to another place on her butt. He promptly kissed the new spot. Then she giggled, “And here, and here.” He slowly kissed both places. Then she bent over and point to first one cheek, and then the other, lower on her butt. In the bent over position her pussy was right in front of his face. He kiss first on one cheek and then the other.

Then she lustfully said, “Oh, and here daddy!” She put her finger right in the middle of her pussy.”

Eric, her daddy, put his head up to her behind and started kissing her lovely lips like he was kissing her mouth. Shelby let out a gasp as his lips brushed over her fur covered lips and his tongue darted inside her to tickle her light pink labia. The girl was bent over the table at the hips, her legs were spread to accommodate her daddy’s face who was kissing and licking her pussy from behind.

Shelby’s daddy picked the tall girl up under her shoulder and legs and easily toted her into the family room. He laid her down of the cushions of the sofa so he could resume making love to her moist pussy with his mouth.

Shelby was starting to feel her ardor grow as she continued to have her pussy explored. Her dad looked up for a second and grinned, he said, “Wow, you smell like roses!”

Shelby giggled, “All for you, daddy. A nice clean pussy for you to enjoy.”

Shelby had her eyes closed, enjoying what was going on between her lips when her cell phone rang. Being a typical teenage phone junky, she had grabbed it when her daddy picked her up to bring her into the sofa. She fumbled to grab it, her coordination was off, her pleasure was growing exponentially. Finally she was able to pick it up and push the ‘answer’ button.

Shelby, nearly out of breath as her daddy was sucking on one set of lips, and then the other, answered, “Um, ah, hello?”

On the other end of the line, Sandy, her first customer and recipient of her virginity asked, “Shelby?”

The girl sighed, “Um, yeah. OH SHIT! Oh GAWD, right there daddy. OHHHHH OHHH damn that feels good!”

Sandy was baffled, “Daddy?”

Shelby giggled and then moaned, finally she said, “Yeah, the, customer, you, sent, me. Last night!” Then totally unrelated to the conversation, “Oh gawd daddy! Eat my pussy, make me cum!”

Sandy interjected, “Oh wow, that’s just hot girl! I’m going to shut up and just listen. We’ll talk when you’re done.”

Shelby almost crushed her phone with her hand when her daddy started to lick her clit. She moaned and wriggled a little, “Suck my clit, daddy! It’s on fire this afternoon! Suck it good!”

Sandy had his cock out of his pants, and his member was standing at full attention as he stroked it as he listened on the phone as Shelby got her pussy eaten by her father. Sandy had never heard anything so erotic in all his life. He had an affinity of stories about incest, but to hear it happening right then and there was just over the top exciting. The only thing that could have been better was for him to have been there watching.

Shelby started to whine and buck her hips as her daddy skillfully sucked her lips and clit. Loving the taste of girl cum, he kept dropping down to milk up any of Shelby’s secretions that gathered in her vaginal opening. Eric thought that his daughter was the hottest female on the face of the planet, and he was the luckiest father ever.

Sandy listened as the girl started to squeal. If he had been in the room he would have seen her start to writhe with pleasure, the sound alone gave him a good visual in his mind as what was happening. Shelby shouted out, “Oh gawd, daddy! I’m cumming! Suck it daddy, make me cum some more!” Her dad, following her directions, bore down on her lovely pink swollen bud, and kept teasing her as she rode her orgasm from one to the next. He quickly lapped up her copious juices as she would cum and cum again.

From Sandy’s end, he listened to the sounds of Shelby climaxing. It was heady to the maximum. Sandy’s cock was SO hard as he stroked himself; he continued to hold the telephone to his ear listening to what would come next. The sounds coming through the head phone were driving him up a tree.

After a good 5 minutes of causing his daughter to cum and cum again, Eric sat down on the sofa and pulled his daughter into his lap. In doing so, he tugged down his shorts to free his 10 inch cock, up and ready for action. Shelby pulled up her skirt and since she lost her panties before ever coming into the living room, she moved up onto her daddy’s lap and slid his big cock up between her legs. She wasted no time at all impaling herself on the long hard shaft. Still on the phone, she gasped out, “Daddy! Gawd! Your cock is so big! I just love it up inside me!” She panted and moaned, then she added, “Um, uh, um, daddy I love to fuck you. This feels sooooo good!”

Sandy, on the other end of the phone was nearing the peak of his excitement. If what Shelby was saying was true, her father had his hard cock stuffed up inside of the girl. The visual image that his mind conjured up was driving him crazy. Then in the background, over the phone he heard a guy’s voice say, “Oh gawd baby girl! I’m about ready to cum! You’re pussy is so tight!” Then the voice made a bunch of grunting and moaning sounds.

Shelby’s voice purred into the phone, “Cum in me Daddy! Fill up my pussy with your semen! Oh, oh, OH, OOOOOOOHHHHHHH! DADDY I’M CUMMING AGAIN!”

Sandy couldn’t hold it any longer, long ropes of his cum shot out onto the desk in his man cave, where he was listening on the phone. He let out a howl like a coyote and enjoyed pulse after pulse of pleasure. His cum spurting out on top of the piles of bills and correspondence he had been working on when he placed the call.

Shelby writhed in pleasure, set off by the pulsing her daddy’s big cock stuffed deep inside her tummy. She could feel the pressure of his cum as it shot out of his cock and splattered against the ceiling of her vagina. Her daddy was awesome!

Finally after Shelby regained her composure, she asked, “Are you still there Sandy?”

Sandy whispered, “Um, just barely!”

Shelby giggled, “Were you being naughty, listening to my daddy and me fuck?”

Sandy asked, “With your father?”

Shelby scolded, “You know it’s your fault you know. Eric Krueger is my daddy Sandy.”

Sandy exclaimed, “Oh shit. I’m sorry Shelby, I didn’t know!”

Shelby purred, “Ummm, no harm done. My daddy is the best lover I have now. No offense Sandy, you don’t even come close.”

Sandy chuckled, he highly doubted that he would compare with a father, when a girl decides to go bad with him. He thought back to when he caught his sister with their own father, decades in the past. After that, Sandy had a little incestuous activity of his own with his cute little sister. Enough with history, he called Shelby for a reason.

Sandy said, “Hey girl, I’m going to be down your way on Wednesday. Could we meet up?”

Shelby, who was still laying back with her matted pussy exposed to the air, her father’s finger’s slipping inside her as he played with himself for round two, answered, “Um, sorry Sandy, but I should be in the middle of my period by then.”

Sandy chucked, “I’m game if you are.”

Shelby was shocked, she repeated, “Sandy, I said I’m going to be having my period.”

Sandy repeated, “I’m game if you are.”

Shelby made a face, “Eeewww! Sandy! Isn’t that kinda gross?”

Sandy chuckled, “Well, yeah, it is, but it is also an experience all by itself.” Then stated, “I bet you a dollar to a donut hole that when you are having you’re period, that’s when you’re the horniest you’re going to be during the complete monthly cycle. Am I right?”

Shelby thought about it, “Yeah, I guess you’re right. I usually get feeling pretty horny when I’m menstruating. Not much I can do about it though.”

Sandy said, “Well, I’m willing to help you do something about it, if you’re willing.”

Shelby was intrigued, she knew it would cause a mess, but what sex didn’t. It would just be a matter of color. She relented, “Okay, if you can stand it, so can I.” Then she added, “I’m in school, so it’s going to have to be here in Conroe.” Then she said totally unrelated, “OH DADDY! Damn, what was that spot? Oh shit that felt good!” Then “Okay daddy, just a second.” Then Shelby announced to Sandy, “Um, daddy wanted me to get on my hands and knees. OH! UM! WOW! OH SHIT!” Then she panted, “Daddy just put his big cock back inside me! Wow, does that ever feel good.” She whined for a second, “He’s slapping up against my backside and driving his full 10 inches up inside me right now!” Sandy could hear the sounds over the phone.

Sandy knew that if he hung on, that he would end up beating his meat again, and he was lucky he hadn’t been caught the first time. He said, “I’ll see you Wednesday then?” Shelby moaned, “Um, ah, um, ah sure Sandy. Oh gawd. Um, Wednesday. OH SHIT! Um, uh, call me when you get here. OH DADDY! GAWD! I’M GOING TO CUM AGAIN…!”

Sandy chuckled and hung up the phone to leave Eric and his daughter to their fuck fest.


On Tuesday morning, Shelby wore a skirt and to school with a tampon shoved up inside her pussy and a pad wrapped around the panel on her panties. This was her first time using a tampon, and was wondering what the big deal was. She guessed that it was because it left her outsides cleaner. She thought the things kind of chafed though.

She ran into Jessica and told her about what Sandy wanted to do. She got the expected reaction, Jessica cried out, “EEEWWW! You’re kidding right?” Shelby asked Jessica what Sandy asked her, “So girlfriend? When do you get the horniest?”

Jessica looked at her askew, finally she admitted, “Um when I’m menstruating.”

Shelby said, “Well, if he’s willing to scratch that incurable itch. I’m willing to give it a try. I’ve already braced myself to expect a mess. I’m just going to see how it goes. If it’s too gross, I won’t try it again.”

Jessica announced, “Well, Sandy sent me another customer too. A guy named Sam Morgan. He wants to get together on Thursday. He said he would stay here in town too. Let’s compare notes when we’re done.” Then she changed topic, “Um, Nick wants to know when you are planning on paying up on your half of the deal for the software?”

Shelby giggled, “Tell him right away, if he wants a pair of red wings! If not, he’s going to have to wait until at least Saturday or Sunday. Sunday just to make sure.” Then she asked, “Has he started work yet?”

Jessica blushed, “Um, yeah, we spent last night in his bed again. He said he would get to work right away, even though you haven’t paid in advance yet. He said doing it with me again was enough for him to know we we’re serious. He seems really excited to do this.”

Shelby said, “Well, I plan on paying him. I’m actually looking forward to it, if he’s as good as you say he is.” Then Shelby got really quiet.

Jessica said, “Okay, I know you want to tell me something, and I think I know what it is. Spit it out Shelby.”

Shelby blushed and then bowed her head, “Um, when I went to meet my customer in Houston the other night. Well it kind of turned out all kinds of weird. Um, the customer was my daddy.”

Jessica smiled to reassure her friend, “I was afraid it was something like that.” Then she asked, “What happened?”

Shelby smiled demurely, “Um, after finding out how lonely it is for him, I let him fuck me.” She paused then asked, “You don’t think I’m horrible for making love with my own father do you?”

Jessica giggled, “Well, not as long as you don’t think I’m horrible for jumping in my brother’s bed every night. I think I can forgive and forget.” Then she trembled, “My gawd, Shelby, you can’t believe how good a lover Nick is. I’ve never met a teenager to compare. Not even a lot of older men can come close! Shells, you’re going to have a great time paying up, I guarantee it. Even if Nick was only a mediocre tech guy, which he’s not, he’s the best, it would be worth every second you spend in bed with him.”

Shelby said, “Speaking of business, you know my daddy is a concierge, right?”

Jessica said, “Um, yeah. You told me that once.” Then she asked, “So what’s that have to do with business?”

Shelby blushed, “Um, well, what a concierge does is get people information. Some of the more seasoned concierge can even steer a guy looking for a good time to someone that can provide it. My dad is that kind of concierge. So, my daddy will be getting a cut, I offered him 10% for the first encounter, and 5% royalty every time we have a repeat with one of his referrals. He’s going to be steering us a good amount of business. More than you and I can handle, unless you want to live on your back taking in cock after cock. It’s time that we start recruiting. We are going to need girls more than we are going to need customers, and real soon.

“Our major draw is going to be that we offer ‘young’ women. Most of the time, a guy doing it with a 16 year old or older won’t land him in much more trouble than a solicitation charge. But, there are going to be those who want them a little younger. For instance, that guy Mark we did it with would be in real deep shit if they ever found out he did it with you, a 15 year old. So it’s going to be really important that we protect our clients from the law. It’s more important than protecting the girls. The girls will only be brought up on prostitution charges, and because they are minors, will probably just get a slap on their wrist. But a man who does it with a 14 or 15 year old, will get sent up big time.

“I won’t recruit anyone younger than a freshman in high school. Even then, if WE get caught selling a girl out at that age, we are looking at the same jail time as the customers availing themselves of their services. Bottom line: if we take on a really young girl like that, we need to make sure she’s not going to be a liability. That said, I want a couple girls that young for the guy’s willing to pay for her. I’m going to charge $1000.00 each for a younger girl.”

Jessica said, “Wow, Shells, you have this all planned out in your head. So we could be making some real money, really soon, is what you’re saying?”

Shelby smiled, “Yes that sums it up pretty well.” So start thinking about the girls you know that might be willing to roll on her back and spread her legs. For every girl we have like that, I’m sure we are going to be able to keep her busy for at least 2 or 3 times a week if not more.” Then she added, “The other factor we need to consider is we need them to have parents that aren’t all that engaged in the girls life. Nosy parents will make this really dangerous.”

Jessica giggled, “Oh, you mean neglectful parents like mine.”

Shelby grinned, “EXACTLY!”

Jessica said, “Well, the girls most likely to be willing to spread her legs isn’t the ones that mom is driving to soccer practice on one day and dance on the next. Our girls will be the neglected ones anyway.”

Shelby said, “Okay, let get it done!”


Sandy showed up on Wednesday night as promised. He took a room in the local Comfort Inn. It wasn’t the Hilton, or Regency, not even a Marriott, but it was clean and modern. He called Shelby earlier in the day and left her a voice mail. In addition, he sent her a text since she probably was in class and didn’t answer her phone. He wanted to hook up with her around 6:00pm.

Shelby arrived at the motel at 5:55pm after she had dinner with her dad. Her dad was fully aware that she was going to meet up with Sandy to fuck.

She quickly walked down the hall to find the elevator. Sandy was in room 321, a no smoking room with a king sized bed. Finding the right door, she knocked three times in rapid order. Then in a matter of seconds, Sandy let her in.

He smiled at the girl and asked, “Did you bring your swimming suit?” Shelby grinned and pulled out a skimpy bikini from her purse. Sandy said, “Great! Why don’t you slip that on and we’ll go down and enjoy the hot tub for a bit.”

Shelby smiled, “Great idea, it might help with the cramps.”

While they began chattering about a bunch of nothing, Shelby pulled off her skinny jeans and blouse right in the room. She unhooked her bra, letting her beautiful titties with lovely pink areole flag out into the air. She reached down and pulled down her pretty orange panties, letting them fall to the floor. She stepped out of them, totally naked in front of the man she had only met and fucked once before. There was an obvious little white string hanging out from between her pussy lips between her legs. She pulled on her bikini bottoms, then snugged them up in place. She had Sandy help her tie her bikini top and she was ready to go.

Her bikini was white, with a myriad of colorful triangle printed all over it. The hips were only held together with tie strings. Her top was two triangle that had been molded to cover her ‘B’ cup sized breasts. Sometimes she wished she had fuller breasts like Jessica, but all the guys seemed to like hers, so she wasn’t too worried they were too small.

Sandy had dropped his jeans and pulled his top off. He was already in his swimwear and ready to go. The two of them went down to the small pool inside the motel and settled in for a nice soak in the bubbling hot water of the Jacuzzi.

They visited with several couples that came and went, Sandy introducing the beautiful 16 year old blond girl as his niece. Everyone commented on how the tall blond teenager was a cute as a button. Shelby was amazed that people would believe anything they were told. Sandy and she didn’t even look remotely alike.

After a good soak, the two of them headed back to the room. Sandy asked, “You get something to eat before coming over?”

Shelby told him she did. Then she said, “Okay, Sandy, I know you’re a special customer and all, but the clock is ticking.” Sandy was only paying the lower fee of $600.00 for the visit. It entitled him to no more than 2 hours with the girl. Of course, if it hadn’t been for Sandy, Shelby would be sitting at home with her daddy watching one of the ghost shows they liked with Shelby still being an unenlightened virgin. So she would cut Sandy a little slack on time.

Sandy smiled and called for the girl, “Then come on over here.” He pulled Shelby into and embrace and started to kiss her passionately. Shelby eagerly responded. Sandy had been right, her period was making her horny. She had and itch that was in need of a good scratch.

They kissed for a long while, exploring each other’s bodies with their hands. Sandy pulled the strings of first her top, letting the flimsy garment fall away from her, then he untied her bottoms. Leaving her in his arms fully naked. In the middle of disrobing her, she reached down and tugged his bottoms down, leaving him equally as naked, with his hard cock poking her in her lower belly. As they continued to kiss and touch, his hard cock rested against her from the top of her pussy cleft up to her belly button.

Sandy guided her back until the back of her knees were up against the bed. That’s when she noticed that he had thrown out several thick towels on the bed that didn’t belong to the hotel. He gently laid her back onto the bed, her hips centered in the middle of the towels. Obviously, he was prepared for what may come.

He kissed her neck and shoulders, quickly arriving at her naked breasts. He quickly took one of her swollen nipples into his mouth as he massaged her other breast, tweaking her other nipple with his fingers. Shelby loved to have her breasts sucked on, she was hornier than ever.

Sandy’s hands continued to roam. Finally finding his way up between her legs. He ran his fingers through her pussy lips, to his delight, the tampon she was wearing kept the flood behind the dike. Unfortunately, it made her pussy much drier than normal. Not that it was going to stop any fun he planned, but rubbing her lips with his fingers required him to look harder for moisture to lubricate his fingers.

Sandy continued to suck her boobs, he loved the blond girl’s lovely tits. She was built tall and svelte, just the way he liked his women, or in this case, girl. He pulled his fingers away from her lovely furry blond pussy to quickly glance at his finger. He was delighted. The tampon was doing its job. He started kissing down her body, placing loving kisses on her ribs and tummy, moving towards his ultimate goal.

Sandy loved to eat pussy, and he didn’t want the fact she was on the rag to stop him. But, there was only so far that he could or would go. He wasn’t like some guys he had heard about, that indulged in what was called ‘red wings’. He wasn’t going to put his face down there, if it was all bloody.

Sandy moved down and got between Shelby’s legs. Her pussy looked entirely normal, except for the little white string sticking out from her lips. He moved his mouth to her lips and started to suck on them lightly, pulling each of them into his mouth and rubbing them between the lips of his mouth. He smiled, not even a hint of blood taste.

Shelby was already feeling her ardor, trembling for just kissing and getting her breasts loved. She knew she was in for a good time during the evening. Sandy hadn’t been wrong, she was horny before they started. When he dropped down and put his face between her legs, she almost cum on the spot. When he finely pulled her hard button between his lips and reamed it with his tongue, she lost it. Her pussy clamped down around her tampon, and her beautiful orgasm radiated out through her body.

Sandy exclaimed, “Damn! You squirted! Awesome! I heard you friend Jessica squirted, but I didn’t know you did too!”

Shelby was ecstatic that she was able to squirt too, even if it was only rarely. But she was so wrapped up writhing in pleasure to respond. As she started to back down from the top, Sandy bore down on her clit again and drove her back to the top. He caused her to climax 3 times before moving up between her legs.

He asked, “Okay, sweetheart, are you ready for me to pull the plug?”

Shelby wasn’t sure she wanted him too, she knew what kind of a mess was probably on the upstream side of the tampon. She was still feeling her delight from her orgasms and responded, “Uh huh.”

Sandy pulled the little string slowly, and after a bit, the white cotton plug made it to the light of day. He pulled slowly, so the mess on the upper end would coat the inside her vaginal canal. Sandy knew from experience, and something that most guys didn’t know, is that along with blood, a girl also dripped with a thick viscous mucus that in Sandy’s mind was one of the best lubricant’s on the face of the planet.

After pulling the Tampon out, Sandy didn’t waste any time sticking his rock hard cock inside the girl’s vagina and working it deep inside her. He could feel the hot super slick fluid envelope him inside Shelby’s tight wonderful love canal.

Shelby gasped as she was penetrated. She was SO horny and having a cock up inside her was just what she needed. She tried not to think about the mess that might be there. She could tell that she was super slick, and his cock had literally glided into her. She could feel him fill her, but the usually friction was almost absent. What she felt as he started to rock in and out of her pussy, was that his cock was almost floating between her walls, stretching them and causing her nerve endings to fire off on all cylinders.

Sandy started to fuck her in earnest. Working his cock almost all the way out of her, so he could shove it back in. He glanced down between them as he pulled out, to see the familiar mix of mucus and blood. The mucus coated his cock with a thick layer, the blood was interspersed in the mucus and pulled out in long strands, looking like blood vessels. Mucus and blood started to accumulate at the base of his cock, the one place that would become a total mess before the wonderful fuck was over.

He was aware that what he was doing would probably gross out many guys, but until you tried a menstruating pussy, you haven’t fucked. Sandy knew if you could put up with the mess, the silky smooth feel of Shelby’s pussy was heaven on earth. There was no lotion in the world you could beat your meat with that could remotely compare to what a blood and mucus filled pussy felt like.

Sandy had fucked his wife at home twice the night before, so he wasn’t anywhere close to needing to blast his load inside of Shelby yet. He started to make even longer strokes, he would actually pull completely out of her every couple of strokes so he could reinsert himself into her vagina. This was the best of fucking. Pushing the tip inside her over and over again drove him up the wall. By the look on Shelby’s face, she was loving it too.

He was glad he had the precaution of laying out the towels. But so far, the mess stayed pretty much on their parts. Shelby had a little bit of the blood, mucus and sex juices, a lot of sex juices, dripping down over her anus, but they hadn’t dripped onto the towels yet.

Shelby was totally enjoying the feel of Sandy’s cock effortlessly gliding inside her super slick vaginal canal. She concentrated on the feel of it, ignoring as much as possible what caused her to be so slick. She would arch her hips up to receive Sandy’s thrusts and she almost died as he pulled it completely out, just so he could re-insert it inside her. He had only been fucking her for 4 or 5 minutes and she grabbed him around the neck with her arms and wrapped his hips up inside her legs and she squeezed him as bolts of pure pleasure erupted from her core. The naughty nastiness of what they were doing just fanned the flames of passion. Her climax took over her whole body.

A couple of minutes later, Sandy felt his own crescendo build. At first it was a fullness in his bottom, then it radiated from his testicles, into his bottom and then it erupted out through his hard cock with an intense tickle. Buried deep in Shelby’s bloody hole, he let loose with a massive orgasm. Pumping huge glob of semen after huge glob. He knew this was dirty nasty business, but it had wonderful rewards.

Both of them were basking in the afterglow of round 1. Sandy had to let his cock cycle, let it go down until the ‘prickly’ feeling went away and then it could be revived. He got up and found a warm wet washcloth and washed away the blood and mucus. He was sure Shelby wasn’t going to want to touch him in his just fucked state. He knew he didn’t feel like it. He brought the cloth back and tenderly washed the mess off of Shelby’s bottom.

With the mess temporarily controlled, Shelby reached down and started to fondle his flaccid cock. She was ready for round two. There would be no blow job this time, the idea of taking all that ‘yuck’ into her mouth was nauseating. But, he had washed himself off well, and handling his cock was not a problem.

He soon grew back, ready to make another plunge into the pool of blood and mucus. This time Shelby took control and straddled his hips and impaled herself on top of Sandy’s once again hardened shaft. This time it was a good thing they had towels laid out. After a nice long fuck, Shelby came twice and Sandy finally pumped another load of his cum up into the girl’s tummy.

After the nice long fuck. Shelby gave each of them a cursory wipe down. Then she grabbed her purse and Sandy’s hand and they went into the bathroom and to the shower. Sandy’s two hours were up.

After washing each other thoroughly in the shower. Shelby stepped out to dry. She immediately reached for her purse and pulled out a fresh tampon. She unwrapped it, and stuck the applicator tube up inside her pussy and deposited the new plug to stop the slow flow of yuck. She took a warm wash cloth and wiped away any escaping offending fluids and once she was content she had done a good job. She pulled her panties back on. They still had the pad wrapped around the panel from earlier, it was still fresh and was only used as a back-up anyway. With her flow under control, she finished dressing.

When she went back out into the room. Sandy was sitting still naked on the bed. He had gathered up all the towels and put them in a bag to be disposed of. There was no way his was going to take the messy things home and have his wife clean them. They had only cost him $15.00 at Walmart anyway.

Sandy had a wad of 6 one hundred dollar bills in his fingers, which Shelby snatched as she laid a lingering kiss on the man’s mouth. Before dancing away to the door, she gave him a sly look and said, “That, was interesting!” She called out on her way out the door, “See you next time Sandy.”

She headed out the door to walk home. It was only 8:00pm as she walked by the Burger King. She decided to go in and buy a milk shake to help restore some of her energy. She had expended a great deal of it during her many orgasm. She loved the business she was in.


On Thursday night, Jessica met at the same Comfort Inn with a Mr. Sam Morgan. He was a younger man, in his early 30s. He was tall and skinny and had a little bit of acne on his cheeks. What Jessica found was the man was almost too shy to deal with business. She was sure it was why the guy didn’t have a wife at home with a yard full of kids. Jessica knew just what to do with the shy man.

After putting away the $600.00, all in twenties, into her purse. She sat down and tried to have a conversation with the man. It was hard, when the guy answered in single syllables. She started moving closer and closer to the man as they talked. She knew if anything was going to happen, she was going the have to initiate it. She finally reached down and started to tease his cock to life inside his slacks. To her delight, his cock raced to get hard as soon as she touched him.

She had Sam stand up, and she unbuttoned and unzipped his slacks. She pulled them down his legs and down to his ankles. He stepped out of the garment as Jessica was pulling his nice long hard cock out of his white briefs. The man might be shy, but he had a delightful cock. She wasted no time at all pulling the head of it inside her mouth. She sucked gently and rimmed it with her tongue. Jessica found herself actually wanting to suck on the man. The poor guy was so shy!

Jessica sucked him, licked him and even bathed his testicles inside her mouth. She wasn’t so sure about the idea of sucking down his semen, but when it came time, she sucked him hard, drawing out a respectable amount of the hot slick slimy goo. She swallowed it down.

She looked up and Sam, who was smiling. She asked him, “Would you like to fuck now?” The man eagerly shook his head yes.

Figuring the man might be a bit shy at doing it in any intimate position, Jessica guided him to her soaked pussy hole from her back side. She was naked and on her hands and knees as Sam sank his long dong up inside her vaginal canal. She discovered that for a shy man, he really liked to fuck. In addition to cumming in her mouth, he fucked her 3 different times, cumming inside her belly twice, after he pulled out the first time to shoot his cum onto her back.

He looked like he was getting ready to drill her again, but she looked at her watch and regretfully told him that his time was up. Jessica had school in the morning, and needed to go home and get to sleep. If it wouldn’t have been for that, she would have fucked the guy some more. She pulled Sam to her and gave him a lingering kiss. She told him, “Hey, you were wonderful lover boy! I can’t wait until next time. Don’t hesitate to call, okay?”

With that, she quickly dressed, grabbed her purse, threw the man a kiss and disappeared out the door. Sam laid back on his bed in a dreamy fuzz, wondering why he hadn’t bought himself such a wonderful evening before. He smiled to himself, he was no longer a virgin.


NOTE: I’ve had three different women in my life while they were having their monthly cycle. All three women begged me to give them attention, swearing that their periods made them horny as hell, including my first girlfriend in high school. The last was my wife, and she almost always wanted to do it when she was menstruating. It could get a bit messy, but as described in the story, it felt WONDERFUL, I tried to avoid the worst of it, but that didn’t always happen.


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