Both Shelby and Jessica face major dilemmas
NOTE: I wanted to share with you a bit of Irony. I was in the middle of writing this chapter and my wife came in asking me to walk over to our bank. The teller that help me was a pretty young blond girl with a name tag that identified her as ‘Shelby’


Sandy had called Shelby with a new job. He wanted her to meet a friend of his that wanted to role play with Shelby being a school girl. The only issue with it was that the client, someone going by Jon, wanted to spank her on the bare bottom. She had reluctantly agreed to do it, as long as there wasn’t anything else, more kinky, going to happen.

After Shelby hung up from talking with Sandy, she went about putting away all her new clothes she bought. She and Jessica had bought a bunch of things they thought they might use in the trade. She was happy as could be that Jessica decided to join her in the business, and a business is what she had in mind. She wanted to build her own company of young women escorts. She wanted to do it on the backs of some high tech ideas she had, her only worry was if her future tech guy was willing and able to come up with a way to implement her ideas.

When she woke up Sunday Morning, she decided she needed to go over to Jessica’s house and talk with her brother Nick. She liked nick, for a geek, he was a pretty nice guy. He was almost 18, and there wasn’t anything he didn’t know about computers. He was a self-proclaimed hacker that had many conquests under his belt. He hacked into networks just to show he could.

She needed Nicks help, but to get it, she would probably have to divulge to the boy what she needed help for, to admit to him that she was a call girl and maybe even admit that Jessica was going to be a call girl too.

The whole morning it had been niggling on Shelby’s mind. She was going to meet up with a man who wanted to spank her naked butt, Shelby wasn’t into the pain thing at all, and the idea of being spanked made her more than a little nervous. She would be much happier when it was over and done with, than to stew about it for a full day, waiting for the encounter.

Jessica answered the door and greeted her friend. Shelby was invited in and the two girls headed for Jessica’s room.

Shelby asked, “Well, now that you’ve had a day to look back at what happened the other night, what are you thinking?”

Jessica said, “Well, I’ve given this a lot of thought. The first thing that tops my list of variables is that I get paid really well to do something I really enjoy doing. That’s the second variable, the fact I really like doing it. The third variable is what puts an obstacle to the first two. First, it’s frowned on by society and therefore if we go take care of clients, we are deviating from the norm, meaning we are ‘deviates’ for doing it. Second, what we are doing is illegal in every state except Nevada. The final variable, which ties in with the last one is that if we aren’t careful, we will be caught and thrown in jail for it.”

Shelby smiled, “Wow, that’s a lot of analysis. The question is, are you still interested in being a business woman?”

Jessica grinned impishly, “Um, absolutely! I’ve never had $1000.00 in my hand before. I figured if I could take on 5 guys in a week, even at the hourly rate, we would be talking $3000.00 a week, tax free because it’s an all cash business. Unless we figure out a way to make it otherwise.”

Shelby smiled, “So, just like me, greed trumps all the counter arguments.”

Jessica said, “Yeah, pretty much. But, as it stands, we are in a risky business. The rewards are high, but the risks are too. I don’t know about you, but if I got thrown in jail for prostitution, I would never hear the end of it from my parents.”

Shelby said, “Yeah, I don’t even want to know what would happen if daddy found out I was out selling my body from money.” Then she grinned, “Of course I don’t see it that way, I’m out having a wonderful time, fucking experienced men and they just happen to give me a good deal of money to do it. That’s a win-win situation if you ask me.” Thinking more she added, “What we have to do is reduce the risk without losing out on the reward.” Finally she giggled and said, “Um, by the way, I like to think of it as a ‘frisky business’.”

Jessica said, “Cute, Shells, real cute. Reducing risk, how do we do that?”

Shelby said, “Well, the first thing is we need a way of vetting prospective clients. Sooner or later, the way we are going we will end up with a vice squad cop in our room, and we will be SO busted. So we only go with established clients, or new clients that pass extensive background checks. Right now I only take clients that were referred to me by Sandy Jordan. But sooner or later, especially as we add girls, we are going to need a network of recruiters.

“I think the way to avoid having a cop infiltrate the business is to remove the transaction from the act. They can only bust us for prostitution, if they have the proposition – they will have to prove you had sex for specific amount of money. That one to one relationship between the money and the fucking needs to be removed. We need to make it so that all we do is go meet with the customer and have a good time. How we are compensated for it needs to be totally removed from the act. This protects both our workers and the clients.

“For instance, if a guy was to buy you flowers at $50.00, then take you to an expensive dinner for $100.00. Then take you to the theater for a popular play, another $200.00. Finally you go for drinks and he drops another $50.00. He’s just spent $400.00 just for the hope of getting you panties off you. Nothing illegal at all if you decide to give it up. Now if he was to skip all the wining and dining, and just gave you $400.00 to do it with him, that’s prostitution and gets you both busted. It’s looney beyond crazy! What is the difference, only the fact that he might get in your panties in the first case, where he will definitely get some in the second. We need to make it more like case one than case two.

“What we need is a system where a client pays the system and the system lets the girl know when and where to go to have a good time. She shouldn’t get paid for the act; she should just get paid for the number of times she works, she’s paid for her shift and gets a bonus for how many clients she handles. She would be an employee to a company who hires her to have sex with customers. That’s where Nick comes in, if anyone can work miracles he can. We need his ideas and his technical abilities.”

Jessica responded, “That’s all well and good, but right now the only two employees we have are you and me. Only, we’re the bosses too.”

Shelby said, “Okay Jess, we need to talk with Nick.”

Jessica visibly paled, “That would mean disclosing to him what we’re doing, more specifically what I AM doing!”

Shelby said, “I don’t see any choice. We need Nick.” Jessica reluctantly agreed that Shelby was right. So, the two girls went looking for Jessica’s brother.

Nicholas was in his ‘boy cave’ working on his computer. He looked up as the two girls walked in and he smiled, “Okay, what do you want. You want me to hack into the school system and change a bad grade?”

The girls giggled, Shelby told him, “No, we really need your advice and expertise to help us solve a problem. A technical solution for a business we are in.”

Nick shrugged, “Okay, what’s the business?”

Shelby answered, “Um, providing a service for cash, but where the collection of payment is separated out from the service.”

Nick scratched his head, “Um, Shelby, that’s pretty vague. There are 1001 applications on the internet that can solve that general problem for you, right out of the box.” He smiled, “What are the specifics.”

Shelby hedged around, “Well, let’s say we want a dating service. We want to make sure the customer gets what he wants, but without having to worry about negotiating payment at the time of the date.”

He shook his head, “Well, that’s all been done, you wouldn’t survive 10 minutes against the big guys, EHarmony, Christian Mingle, and at least another dozen online dating services.”

Shelby blew out a breath in frustration, “Okay, what we need is a registry of guys that want to subscribe to our dating service and they are checked out in advance to make sure that they aren’t people we don’t want in the registry. Then these guys, once registered could request a date with a particular girl, a la cart. The girls would need to enter in schedule of availability, and if she’s open and a client requests a date with her, she gets a message of where to go and when to be there. The web site takes care of the payment; the payment could be made by credit card, direct transfer, pre-deposit, or PayPal. Get the idea? The girl goes and had a date with the client, and she gets a paycheck later.

Nick laughed, “Yeah, okay, that sounds more like an escort service.”

Shelby blushed, “Yes, along that whole idea, but more secure.”

Nick looked at Shelby, and then Jessica oddly, then he said, “You do realized that most escort services are a front for prostitution, right?”

Both Shelby and Jessica turned crimson, Shelby answered, “Um, uh, well yeah. We realize that.”

Nick was astonished and asked, “Is that what you are interested in, running a call girl service?” Then he laughed, “Judging by the looks on your faces, that’s exactly what we’re talking about, Right?” Both Shelby and Jessica nodded their head it was.

Nicks eyes got big, “Holy shit, are you two, um, you know, doing it?”

Jessica barked out, “That’s not the issue; the issue is how do you run a business like that, without being infiltrated by the cops?”

Nick said, “Well, you need some sort of drop box system, along the lines you described. Although, I would still have the ‘girls’ take payment directly, you don’t want any money trail, that would introduce a whole different set of problems. You need a system where the business side arranges the ‘dates’ and the girls doing the dating only get the where and when information, that’s good. Paying isn’t the problem, it’s making sure the customers are who they say they are. The scheduling and appointment thing is a real good idea. In a perfect system, the girl won’t know where the dates are coming from. She just knows if she goes to a place, she will get a set amount of money to do her business.

“I would suggest that the girls list what they ‘specialize’ in and what’s off the table. Of course if they are dealing with regulars, then the two of them will get a good idea of each other’s likes and dislikes. Wow Shelby, Jessie, this sounds like a fun project!

“As far as the membership goes, I would say a potential customer need a referral from an existing client, or better yet a promoter who’s on the payroll. We need to have a background, we would need to verify they aren’t an employee of the police department. I could hack the human resources department of the PD where you are going to be operating in, we may get an idea on whose working in the vice squad. By checking public records and the driver’s license bureau, we make sure the person isn’t using some alias. The more checking we do on a John the better.”

Shelby asked, “So, what would it take to set up a system like I’m proposing?”

Nick grinned, “Okay, here is my offer. I want a 10% cut, and I get to be a free subscriber so I get to sample the wares. How you pay for my sampling is your problem.”

Shelby said, “If you get to avail yourself of the ‘dates’, then you only get 5%”

Nick thoughtfully countered, “Okay, I’ll take 7 1/2% with a free membership. But, I sample the wares before I do any work.”

Shelby and Jessica looked at each other both realized what he was asking. Right at the moment the ‘wares’ were just the two of them.

Jessica blurted out, “Nick! Isn’t that putting a lot on Shelby?”

Nick grinned impishly, “Jess, didn’t you catch that I said ‘wares’. That is the plural form of the word. Right now I’m guessing the only dates available are you two.” He grinned, “I want a date with one of you, and then another date with the other. Then I start to do the work. You know you’re talking about a system that would cost you tens of thousands of dollars if you were to hire a professional team to develop it.”

Jessica almost fainted, “NICK! Eeeww, I’m your Sister!”

He smiled and said, “Well, you are also a pretty girl with a great looking body. I think it sounds kind of kinky and fun myself. If you want my help, those are the terms.”

Shelby smiled, “Okay, you think about the system to build for us, and we’ll get back to you with our decision whether or not we accept the terms.”

Nick said, “I’ll think about it, but I won’t do one line of code until my terms are met. That’s a 7 and ½ percent cut, and I get to sample the current wares in advance. After that, I get at least 2 dates a month for free, so the sooner you have associates, the sooner it won’t be just the two of you.”

Jessica turned red, “You jerk! I’m not going to let you fuck me! It’s just not going to happen!”

Nick shrugged his shoulders, “Hey, that’s your call sis. Personally, I think if you can go and have a romp in bed with perfect strangers, what’s wrong with someone you know. At least you know I’m not going to hurt you, and I will treat you like a princess.”

Jessica blushed, “You’re my brother, that’s what’s wrong!”

Nick smiled, “And, it wouldn’t be the first case of brother and sister getting it on, and it won’t be the last. Sis, to be honest with you, I’ve dreamed about getting inside your panties for a long time. Call me a pervert if you want because it’s true, but I want you. The idea of doing it with Shelby is terrific too, but I really want to do it with you, my beautiful sweet little sister.”

Shelby grabbed her friend by the arm and pulled her back towards Jessica’s bedroom. Shelby looked over her shoulders and told Nick, “We’ll let you know later.” She didn’t have a clue how she was going to convince Jessica that it was in their best interest to crawl between the sheets with Nick. Personally, Shelby wasn’t going to have a problem going to bed with Nick, he was actually a nice looking boy. Maybe a little heavy set, but nice to look at still, and at 6’-2” he was a boy that actually towered over her, instead of looking at her eye to eye.

Jessica got in the room and slammed the door. “Can you believe him? My own brother! He wants to fuck me, Shelby! He said he’s wanted to get in my pants for years! WTF!”

Shelby tried to sooth her, “Hey, he’s not seeing you as a sister, he’s seeing you a hot looking young woman. You do have the curves girl.”

Jessica said, “No! He all but said he wants to do it with me because I AM his sister.”

Shelby tried another tact, “I though you loved Nick.”

Jessica got flustered, “Uh, yeah, he’s always been such a cool big brother! He’s always treated me like he loves me, he’s never did that shun me because I’m his sister thing. But, Shells, this is just too over the top!”

Shelby ventured to a new angle, “Well, personally, I would be flattered if my brother thought I was hot enough that he wanted to have sex me.”

Jessica looked at Shelby like she grown a third eye, “Well, you don’t have a brother, so you don’t really understand.”

“What’s worse,” Shelby ventured, “Making out with a 40 year old man who is half bald, or worse yet, sucking on your friend’s pussy so the dude can get his jollies. That, or doing it with your brother who is a really good looking young man and wants you because you’re you? Personally, I’m not going to have any problem at all paying Nick for the services we need.”

Jessica pouted, “He’s still my brother. You’re not supposed to do things like that with your brother.”

Shelby decided to play her trump card, “Well, back when we were 9, we did a lot of things with Nick, remember? We stripped in front of each other, he felt our pussies and we touched his penis. Hell, we even let him rub his penis inside our pussy lips, remember? You didn’t seem to have any problem with it back then.”

Jessica thought about it and offered a counter argument, “Well, back then we weren’t equipped to fuck.”

Shelby grinned and went for the finishing stroke, “Back then, if we had been equipped to fuck, you probably would have done it in a heartbeat. You didn’t mind anything we did together, and he was still your brother back then.”

Jessica was really confused, everything Shelby had said was true, but Shelby also wanted her computer system developed. She wasn’t going to have to fuck HER brother to get it... Just then, Jessica was struck with one of her ‘intuition moments’, she knew with a reasonable certainty that Shelby was going to have to face a similar dilemma to her own, and soon. She decided she was going to wait and see how Shelby handled it. If Shelby could overcome a similar issue, then maybe so could she. Right now, she felt so conflicted that she didn’t want to make any rash decisions.

Later that afternoon, Shelby went home and dressed up in her ‘school girl’ outfit, borrowing one of her dad’s ties to go with it. She left at Jessica’s house at 4:30 so she could catch the 6:00pm bus to Houston. The last bus. She would have to hang around from 7:00pm until 10:00 when she was scheduled to arrive at her new client’s hotel room. She was worried about it being in the Regency, the last thing she needed to do was run into her dad when she was supposed to be home in Conroe.

Fortunately, she went to the Theater that was just down the street from the hotel and caught a 7:15 showing of the remake of ‘Endless Love’. She was actually disappointed with the film, she expected it to be more romantic and it was more about the kid’s parents than the two teens in love. Even the acting of the so call teens wasn’t very good. She was hoping that it would have gotten her ready for her evening interlude, only it failed miserably.

She walked out of the theater and headed to a deli across the street and bought a cup of coffee, she had about 30 minutes to kill, before she went to meet up with her customer.

Jessica’s words kept coming back to haunt her, being spanked wasn’t going to be the issue tonight, it was something else that would shock her to her core. The only thing she could think of is that she was only a day or two from her period, what if it started early. That would be horrifying, be in the middle of being fucked and start to bleed.

After killing 15 minutes, nursing the coffee, she picked up her purse and headed for the Hyatt. The concierge desk was vacant, so her dad must be off duty. She breathed a sigh of relief. He was probably in the bar having a nightcap. He always complained that the bar in the hotel was horribly overpriced, but the bartender gave him a 50% employee discount so sometimes he would have a toddy before bed.

Shelby quickly slipped into a waiting elevator and pushed the button with 15 on it. The elevator quickly shot up, the open glass of the elevator showing her rapid ascent as she climbed higher and higher inside the atrium. Finally, she arrived on the 15th floor.

She took her time finding the room, then at 5 minutes to 10:00, she knocked on the door. She was preparing herself to introduce herself as Michelle. When the door opened the man on the other side jumped in surprise and gasped, “Shelby!”

Shelby felt the blood drain from her face, she almost fainted, “Um, Daddy?”


Jessica stewed about her dilemma all evening. Her brother had the hots for her, she thought it was totally weird, no other way to say it. The thought of doing IT with her brother was revolting – or was it. The more she thought about it, the more she was being titillated by the idea, it was a siren song, sure to end with her crashing on the rocks to drown. As far as her brother was concerned, Jessica should be forbidden fruit, then she thought, ‘yeah, look where that got Eve!’

She turned off her light at 9:00 to go to sleep. She just lay in her bed tossing and turning. Then at 9:55, she looked at her alarm clock, she knew that Shelby had just gotten her shock, her dilemma was going to be much worse than her own. She sat up and looked at the wall for several minutes and said to herself, “Okay Nick, you bastard, you win.”

She walked into the hall and quietly opened the door to her brother’s room. He was in his bed, covers drawn up with a book called, ‘Professional Hacker’s Secrets’, it was light reading for Nick. Nick turned to watch his door push open and then his mouth fell open as his sister slipped into his room quietly.

Halfway to his bed, she pulled her nightgown up over her head and tossed it to the side on the floor -- she was naked underneath. Nick was lost in thrall watching his voluptuous little sister walked to his bed, pulled back the sheets, and climbed into the bed beside him. Seeing her awesome tits and her brown ‘V’ of pubic hair, Nick was lost for words.


Shelby’s father found his voice after the initial shock of finding out this ‘beautiful Michelle’ that he was told about turned out to be his ‘beautiful Shelby’ – his own daughter. He whispered sharply, “Shelli, what are you doing here?”

She looked her dad in the eyes and countered, “I can ask the same question, what are you doing here, hiring a call girl? An expensive call girl.”

He looked at her for several seconds, he finally said, “Shelby, come in and let’s talk.”

She stormed into the room and found a place on what passed for an easy chair. Then she asked, “Daddy, is there any wine in the refrigerator?”

He walked over and pulled out a mini bottle of Chardonnay and gave it to Shelby along with one of the plastic glasses above the fridge. He pulled out some ice and dropped it into another glass and pulled out a bottle of gin pouring a shot into the glass. Then he took a can of Seven-up and poured it over the alcohol, then he sat down on the sofa with a perplexed look on his face. Shelby poured the contents of her bottle into a glass and then took a big gulp of the fruity liquid.

As she swallowed, her dad asked, “So, you’ve become a call girl?” Shelby nodded her head. Her daddy shook his, he exclaimed, “I’m going to kill that son-of-a-bitch. Sandy is so on my shit list right now.”

Shelby stuck up for the near stranger, “Hey, don’t blame him, it was my choice.”

Her daddy asked, “How long have you been, um, ah, active?”

Shelby looked over the rim of her glass, she answered truthfully, “I lost my cherry two weeks ago. I was paid $3000.00 so he could take it.”

Eric Krueger shook his head, “Wow, $3000.00, I can see why you were tempted.” Then he asked, “So who was this lucky man that got your panties off?” Then think better of it, “No, don’t answer that, I really don’t need to know the sordid details.”

Then he looked at his daughter, a certain sadness in his eyes. He said, “There is something you need to know about your mom, Shelby.” He hesitated, “You’re mom and I met, because she was a high priced courtesan who frequented the hotel I was working in. I helped her get business.

“She was a college student by day, and a call girl by night. She was paying for her college by taking on customers. She was popular and she made a lot of money. I fell in love with her the first time I met her.”

Shelby was shocked by the revelation. She shook her head in disbelief, “Mom was a prostitute?”

Dad winced, “Well, yes, part time at least. She paid for her tuition, books, and a really nice apartment by spending 2 or 3 nights a week in men’s hotel rooms. Eventually, your mom fell in love with me too and we got married. Your mom got her MBA and found a good job working with Sun Coast Resources, a chemical company. She continued to meet with customers in the evenings, a couple times a week.”

Shelby was astonished, she asked, “Weren’t you jealous?”

Eric answered his daughter, “Well, no, I knew what she did before I married her. Okay, maybe a little. Shelby, your mom was beautiful and smart. I was glad to have her as my wife, no matter what the terms were. She always had time for me, she and I did it almost every night. Two years after we got married, you were born. I was ecstatic to have my own baby girl. I know you are mine, because you’re mom stopped working while we tried getting her pregnant. We got pregnant with you the first month we tried.

“After you were born, your mom gave up the ‘risky business’ as she called it -- after that Tom Cruise movie. She was happy to work as a business woman and for her and I to raise our daughter, you.”

Shelby, overwhelmed by the new information about her parents asked, “Okay daddy, what am I doing here, this evening, right now?”

Her daddy shrugged, “I thought I was going to meet with a pretty young girl and get my needs met. Shelli, you don’t know how lonely it is for me. I work hard to provide a life for you, which doesn’t leave me a lot of time for a love life. Not that there have been too many women I’ve been interested in. All the good ones seem to be married and having kids. And to take on a romantic relationship would take away the time I have for you. So by hiring a call girl, I get my needs met and I don’t have to take time away from my work or home life to do it.”

Shelby felt ashamed of herself for thinking critically of her daddy. Of course he looked for a way to take care of his needs. She thought of herself, practically a nymphomaniac – she really liked to fuck. She was in no position to judge him, she was on the other side of the same equation.

She melted, she loved her daddy fiercely. There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for him. Then it struck her like a lightning bolt, there was something she could do for him. Something to show him all of her love and gratitude for being such a wonderful daddy and provider.

She demurely said, “Daddy. I’ve been such a bad girl. I’m so sorry daddy. You’re not going to punish me are you? Are you Daddy?”

At first he wasn’t aware that Shelby had dropped into a role. At first he considered what she said seriously. Then he was thunderstruck when the awareness crawled into his consciousness, what she was doing. She was suggesting they get on with the evening as originally planned by both of them. She was offering herself to assuage him loneliness, which caused him to be so conflicted. On one hand he wanted his beautiful tall blond daughter in the worst way and on the other hand he knew that it was absolutely wrong to do anything with her. After several seconds his desires won out. He barked out, “Yes, young lady, you have been up to so much mischief, I don’t know where to even begin!”

He pulled the chair over from the desk and sat down. He commanded, “Okay, Michelle, stand up!”


Jessica laid on her back next to her brother. She was in his bed next to him and she was completely naked. She felt his eyes follow her into the bed, they were full of lust, but to her surprise, there was also a look of tenderness there too. She knew her brother loved her, and she loved him. It was just the idea of taking how they felt about each other to a sexual level that bothered her.

Nick leaned over her, and slowly moved his mouth to hers. She stiffened as his lips made contact with hers. He kissed her and she let him, but she didn’t return the kiss. He was going to have his way with her, but she didn’t have to participate. She was going to make the required payment, and then he would get to work on her and Shelby and her project. He kissed her for 10 to 15 seconds and pulled away. He said, “Ah, Jessie, please don’t be this way.”

She asked, “What way is that?”

He said, “Like you’re ready to endure something, like visiting the dentist to have a tooth pulled. You don’t want to be there, but you know it has to be done. Jess, I love you and I want you to enjoy this too.”

She winced, the she blurted out, “But, you’re my brother!”

He smiled, “And, you’re my sister. Unfortunately, I crazy as a loon and I’ve fallen helplessly in love with you, sister or not!” Then he thought it over. Finally said, “Go on, get out of here.”

Jessica asked, “What about the deal with Shelby and me?”

Nick said, “I’ll do what you want, you don’t have to do this.”

Jessica bound out of his bed and headed for the door, forgetting her nightgown. She looked over her shoulder at her dejected brother and said, “Um, thanks Nick.”

He mumbled, “Uh, yeah, sure sis, no problem.”

She made it to the hallway, standing out where anyone could see her completely naked. All of a sudden she had a change of heart -- she really did love her brother, why couldn’t she take it to THAT level. She turned around, walked back into the room, pulled Nick’s covers back and slipped back in between the sheets again. She scooted up close to snuggle with her older brother. She looked him in the eyes and she asked, “Okay, where were we?” With that she moved her lips to her brothers and she started to kiss him. Soon the two of them were kissing passionately, both of them totally involved.

Nick let out a sigh of absolute delight.


Shelby’s dad had a very stern look on his face, he looked at his daughter with what looked to Shelby like true anger, or at least frustration. He said, “Young lady, what you’ve been doing disappoints me so much. I expected much better from you!” Then he looked her over, standing vulnerable in her cute little school uniform. He noticed that she was wearing his favorite tie. He thought, ‘Oh my gawd, when did my little girl turn into this beauty! I can believe it, I have so much desire for her!’

She was standing with her head hanging down. Somehow, even though she and he were roll playing, she felt there was a kernel of truth to what he said. She had let him down by becoming a call girl. She was making tons of money, but she was lowering herself to do it. Then in the back of her mind, the little red guy on her other shoulder reminded her that she absolutely loved to fuck. She snapped back into roll immediately. She replied with a penitent voice, “I’m sorry daddy. I didn’t mean to disappoint you.”

He said, “Sorry isn’t good enough this time Michelle. This time you need to be punished. I’m sorry girl, but I’m going to have to spank you.” He looked at her, she was fascinated with the lust she saw in his eyes. He told her, “Come over here!”

She move over to stand by her daddy and as soon as she was in reach, he pulled her around to the side of his legs and he said, “Okay, I want you to lay across my lap.” She complied, she laid down over his legs. She felt his warm body against hers. His warm legs and growing manhood beneath her, and his warm hard abdomen on her side.

She felt him put his hand across her butt through the cloth of her skirt. He said, “Michelle, I don’t want to do this, but you’ve been so naughty this time, I have no choice.” She felt him grasp the hem of her new skirt, and he pulled the hem of it up and onto her back. Then he reached down and grabbed the waist band of her white cotton panties and he slowly lowered them down her hips and onto her thighs until they were wrapped around her legs, just above her knees. He sounded surprised when he gasped out, “Your panties are soaked girl!” Then back in role, “Are you thinking immoral thoughts young lady?”

She purred, “Yes daddy. I’m sorry daddy. I can’t help myself!”

He choked out in a frustrated voice, “Well, you need this then.” With that he brought his hand down on her butt with a hard slap.

Shelby arched her back up in surprise. She wasn’t expecting the strike when it came, she certainly wasn’t expecting the sharp sting that came with it. He hit her hard! Shelby involuntarily let out a yelp.

Less than a second after the first slap on her bare butt, her daddy’s hand connected again. The noise of the smack reverberated around the room. Shelby jumped again as he laid a sharp whack to her left cheek. She gasped out, “OWIE!”

Again, another slap. This time on her right cheek. It stung so badly! Shelby wasn’t good with pain, and this hurt! She yelped out, “OWIE! OWIE!” and then unintelligibly cry, ‘AAAANNNGGGHHHH!” Another whack caught the lower part of her ass, send the sting radiating up through her body. An instantaneous though went through her head, it was almost like an orgasm! She didn’t have time to register the thought when the next thwack came.

Slap after slap continued to rain down on her bare ass. She was crying uncontrollably with no acting involved. It hurt so bad and it just kept coming. He must have stuck her ass at least 20 times by now. She was laid across his legs crying her eyes out, she kept saying, “I’m sorry daddy! I’m sorry daddy!” She meant every word.

Eric was caught up administering slaps to his daughter’s naked bottom. He was so sexually aroused by slapping her shapely ass, he could look down between her slightly spread legs and see where her blond fur covered pussy lips. But, in the back of his mind was the frustration of finding out his daughter was turning tricks. It just didn’t fit with his idea of his perfect not so little angel. That’s when he realized he was spanking his daughter entirely too hard. He had already delivered many more slaps than he intended. He immediately ceased hitting her bright red bottom, instead he started to run his hand over her red bruised butt cheeks as an offering of solace. Getting back into roll, he asked, “So, are you going to be a good girl now, Michelle?”

Through her sobs, she cried out, “Yes daddy! I’ll do whatever you tell me to do.” Then the real side of the moment immerged, “Daddy that really hurt! I didn’t think you would ever stop!”

He rubbed the cheeks of his sobbing daughter, he actually was feeling bad now for punishing her so harshly. He apologized, “I’m sorry honey. I didn’t mean to spank you that hard; it’s just that I was so frustrated. Again, baby, I’m sorry.” This was supposed to have been play, but he had beaten his daughter’s bare butt for real for which he felt a lot of remorse. He continued to rub her bottom, trying to sooth the sharp sting and burning she was experiencing.

Shelby’s butt felt like it was on fire. The stinging was dissipating to be replaced by a burning across the entire surface of her ass. She felt her dad rubbing her bum soothingly and to her surprise, she started to feel herself becoming aroused. She felt the burn turn into a spark of desire and soon her daddy’s hand was stoking the flames.

Eric couldn’t help himself, as he rubbed his daughter’s perfect naked ass, he let his hand roam down onto her inner thighs. They were so taut, yet so creamy feeling. He felt her tremble as he stroked inside her legs above her panties that were still wrapped around her legs. He grabbed the flimsy garment and pulled her plain cotton panties the rest of the way down her legs, and pulled them over her black and white oxford shoes. As her panties were pulled over her last shoe, she spread her legs more to maintain her balance more than anything. Her daddy took advantage by slipping his hand up to cup her naked pussy.

He marveled on how silky she felt. How hot and wet her lovely fur covered vulva was. Like with most true blonds, her thatch wasn’t very thick, especially over her pussy lips. He could see her entire structure through the hair and she was exquisite! She had a light pink ruffled labia sticking out from between her outer lips and they looked good enough to eat, which he planned on having it as a snack very soon.

Shelby felt his cock, it was hard and stiff inside his slacks. He was fully aroused from spanking her and then rubbing her butt. Feeling his hand stroke her thighs and then eventually finding its way up to cup her pussy literally made her drip with moisture. The burn in her butt cheeks were now just part of a medley of sensations she was experiencing. She was fully aroused and wanted her daddy to do something, anything.

She didn’t have to wait. He stood her up and then put an arm under her naked legs. He picked up the tall girl like she was a bag of feathers and carried her to the bed. She curled up against his shoulder as he lifted her. She could smell his man smell through his cologne. She never wanted to fuck someone so badly in all her life.

He gently laid her out on top of the sheets. Then he looked down on her, studying her body as he quickly disrobed. She watched him undress with her skirt riding up around her waist as her daddy looked at her pussy and slowly peeled away the layers of his clothing -- eventually to leave her him standing naked beside the bed. She smiled, her daddy was absolutely handsome, and she wondered why she had never noticed it before?

At the same time, as he looked on his daughter’s nakedness, she had on leg over the side of the bed and the other sticking down parallel with the edge. Her pussy was open and inviting and she was doing nothing to hide it from him. He wondered when he blinked and his knobby kneed coltish little girl had grown into this marvel of womanhood.

He had her scoot over further onto the bed and he slipped onto the sheet beside her, totally naked and ready for action. He kissed her and was delighted as she kissed him back with all the ardor of a lover. He kissed her fervently as he slowly unbuttoned her blouse.


Jessica was moaning out loud frequently, feeling her brother’s mouth down on her wet pussy, exploring her every crack and crevasse. His tongue was like the touch of spirits so light and full of energy. They had kissed like forever as he stroked her body from top to bottom. She was already on fire with passion by the time his mouth found her naked breasts. He gave his long loving attention to her breasts for a good 8 to 10 minutes, before making his intentions known by kissing down her naked body. That’s how she found herself with her brother’s mouth all over her vagina.

Gone was the revulsion of him being her brother. This handsome young man was make exquisite love to her. Making sure her every want and desire were fulfilled. Her brother truly did love her, she could feel in every kiss and lick he place on her body. Having him down between her legs was driving her to the peak of her desire.

She wondered where he learned how to make love like he did. For all she knew, he was still a virgin. Girls didn’t flock to make love with geeks, even though the geeks were the most successful group of workers in America. He seemed to have the skill of a man much older and experienced. Nick made love to her pussy finding every little nerve ending and stimulating it. Jessica was on the verge of bursting.

Nick didn’t want her to climax right away so he would lick and suck her clit to build her to a crescendo, but before she went off, he would drop down and lap up the juices her pussy was delivering for the event. He loved to suck her pussy, he sucked on each outer lip, one at a time, oblivious to the dark brown hair covering them. Pubic hair was just part of the experience. He sucked the entire upside down triangle of her pretty pinkish brown labia. They were better than he had ever hoped for. He couldn’t imagine any other girl having a prettier pussy than his sister, okay, maybe Shelby, but she was different. He loved to stuff his tongue up inside Jessica’s vagina opening as far as he could stick it. He would put his long tongue up inside her and then wiggle it until she screeched out in delight.

He decided, it was finally time. He moved his mouth up onto her love button. Her clitoris was swollen and responsive. He slipped his two middle fingers up inside her pussy reaching behind her pelvic bone where the book ‘How to Make Love to a Woman’ told him the ‘G’ spot was. He massaged the ruffled skin inside her as he started to bare down on her button with his mouth and tongue. He sucked her clitoris inside his mouth and twirled his tongue all around it and within seconds his sister, who was covering her face with a pillow, screamed into the down filled bag as her pussy started to contract and convulse. Her body started to jerk and spasm uncontrollably and at the same time, he was squirted in the face as she writhed underneath him. He caught the second and third spurt from urethra with his mouth to be rewarded with the taste of her sweet nectar. He caused his beautiful sister to orgasm in the most spectacular way -- he was quite pleased with himself, all the studying had its rewards.

Jessica, as she started coming down from a fantastic climax, purred to her brother, “Gawd Nicholas, were did you learn how to do THAT!” He just shrugged.

Nick bashfully asked, “Um, Jessie, ah, can I fuck you now?”

Jessica giggled, “If you don’t, I’ll hunt you down. Fuck me my beautiful man, put your big cock inside my pussy and stuff me full.”

He didn’t hesitate. Nick moved up between his little sister’s legs and smeared the head of his indeed big cock up and down through Jessica’s hot wet lips. He almost cum feeling his tip rub against her silky smoothness. Jessica spread her legs wide, inviting her brother to sink his throbbing organ into her vagina. She didn’t have long to wait, he positioned himself inside her opening and pushed. It slid right inside her and he stopped when his pubis was tightly up against hers. He just wanted to feel her wrapped around his hard shaft; she was hot, wet, and welcoming. He draped himself over her body and laid his head down beside hers and started to rock his hips so his cock started sliding in and out of his naked little sisters dynamic love box. Jess was his first and he wanted to savor every second.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as he slipped in and out of her. She trembled with joy as he filled her completely, and waited in anticipation for his next thrust when he pulled it out. The flange of his cock was full and fluffy and she almost screamed out in pleasure as it slid up and down against the walls of her vagina. Why she didn’t want to make love with her wonderful brother was beyond her. He was the best screw that she ever had in her limited experience. Of course, she was sure it was because of the loving bond she had with her big brother. Simply put, fucking Nicholas was pure bliss.

Nick whispered, “I’m going to create the most wonderful web site you have ever seen. You and Shelby are going to marvel at my creation.”

Jessica scolded him, “Mmm, Nick, shut up and fuck me!” She moaned and she whimpered and she whispered, “My goodness. You feel so wonderful inside me brother. Fuck me. Mmm, fuck me just like that.”

So tightly conjoined, the two siblings totally enjoyed each other’s bodies. They consummated a unique sibling relationship that they knew was going to last for years to come. For the first time, Jessica was totally in love with a boy, it just so happened that it was her brother.”


Shelby was totally naked now. Her daddy was kissing her neck and shoulders. He kissed her under the chin as she arched her head back. She cooed from pleasure. One of his hands had found her round breast and he kneaded it gently as he moved his mouth ever lower. Shelby soon found herself panting as her father’s mouth was suckling on her hard nipples and the other hand was between her legs, fingers jammed up inside her gently finger fucking her. Ripples of delight shot through her tummy and legs intermittently, hinting at the spectacular orgasm to come. She thought her daddy was the best man she had been in bed with so far.

Shelby whispered, “Take me daddy. I want to cum with you inside me.”

Her dad said, “I want to go down on you, sweetheart. I want to kiss that wonderful pussy of yours.”

Shelby whined, “Oh daddy, please fuck me! You can eat me later. I need to feel you inside me!”

Eric was hard pressed to ever tell his daughter no. Especially when she begged like she did -- she just melted his heart. His baby girl wanted his cock inside her, who was he to deny her, so he moved over her and she spread her legs in welcome. There was a 101 ways he wanted to fuck his little girl, but for right now the good old fashioned missionary style was in order. He wanted to feel her long perfectly formed naked body against his as he slipped his cock into her magnificent flat belly.

His cock was dripping with pre-cum, as he moistened himself between her lips. Feeling the soft tip of his hard cock between her wet pussy lips almost made her cum on the spot. She already felt flush with ardor, she was ready to receive her daddy in the most intimate of ways. He gently pushed it inside her.

Shelby cried out in pleasure with her back arching up. She wrapped her slender legs around her father’s narrow hips, her feet draped over his naked ass trying to draw him into her. Her daddy was inside her with his raging manhood and he filled her to the brim. Knowing it was a blatant act of incest just seemed to add to its erotic delights. Nobody she had fucked before compared with her daddy.

She gasped out, “Oh my gawd daddy, you’re so big. You fill my pussy ALL the way up! Fuck me daddy. Make me cum.” With that he started to arch his hips and rocked up and down, making his hard shaft slide in and out of his daughter’s tight vagina.

Shelby started making an, “Uhngh, uhngh, uhngh” sound with each of his thrusts. She had wrapped herself around him like a spider on a fly, she was enjoying each and every thrust of his penis. She figured he had to be close to 10 inches long and it was really thick. She felt stretched to the maximum and it felt fabulous.

Then the tip of his cock jammed up against her cervix and she screamed out in ecstasy! Her pussy clamped down on his cock and wave after wave of sexual energy poured out from her vagina through her body. She wriggled and convulsed underneath her daddy as he continued to drive his long cock in and out of her inner recesses. She was lost to pure pleasure, all that filled the universe was her daddies cock and her overwhelming climax.

His daughter’s spectacular orgasm caused Eric to explode within 10 seconds of when she started to wriggle. He had been riding the edge for over a minute and he was ready. He felt the first throb and then the second, then he throbbed over and over again up inside his daughter’s vagina as she thrashed way with her own orgasm. What he was doing was wrong, so very wrong, but the shear wrongness made it as exciting as hell. He just pumped his sweet little girl with a super-sized load of his cum.


Jessica was being ridden for the second time that evening. As much noise as they were making she was worried her parent’s may hear. They were asleep in their room, just a couple walls away. That didn’t stop Jessica from first giving her brother a blowjob to get his cock hard again, and then once he was hard getting him to climb behind her and fuck her doggie style. She kept the fact that she was fucking her own brother in the forefront of her mind, it seemed to excite her.

Nick had been fucking her back end for a while already. She already had a nice orgasm once waiting for him to fill her Twinkie again. She was really close to having a second one when she felt Nick begin to pulse inside her. He gasped out from the feeling that was overwhelming him; his cock squirted glob after glob of his cum up inside her waiting canal. She wanted his cum to fill her vagina to the brim.

Nick rolled to the bed after pumping his load inside the shapely body of his younger sibling. He was still hard, amazingly. Jessica, not being finished, pushed him over onto his back and straddled his hips and sank herself down onto his still ridged pole. She started bouncing up and down on it with a flurry of energy. Before he could start shrinking inside her, she finally collapsed onto his chest and belly and writhed in pleasure, finally finding her last orgasm of the night. Nick had been amazing, she never spent any time with another teenage boy that actually cared about how she was doing. Her brother was all about making sure she got what she needed. She completely sated and fell asleep in her brother’s arms.


Eric, still wanting to eat his daughter’s pussy, moved down between her legs and started to lick her clean. Her pussy was so lovely, sweet pink lips covered by her blond fur. He licked her clean and then he concentrated on having her make another mess. So the cycle began. Suck her clean, and then make her cum, to suck her clean again, so he could make her cum again and again. Finally, after his daughter collapsed into an exhausted ball, he let up on her.

As Shelby lay there curled up, exhausted beyond belief from having orgasm after orgasm, her daddy moved up behind her and while she laid there motionless, he slipped his once again hard cock deep inside her body. Shelby just moaned and whimpered, enjoying her daddy inside her body again, but she was too spent to respond, so she just let him gently fuck her as she enjoyed the feeling of his big cock pushed all the way up inside her tummy. After who knows how long, she felt her daddy start to pulse. She felt him spurt over and over again inside her. She was happy that she was so diligent in taking the pill. She couldn’t risk that his powerful blasts of sperm could impregnate her. With her daddy spent the second time, he was done. He pulled her bruised naked butt up against his hips, and they fell into a deep satisfied sleep. Neither of them woke at all until the bright sunlight started pouring in through the hotel window.


Through the night, Jessica and Nick fucked with each other 5 different times. They would sleep, wake up and fuck, go back to sleep only to wake up later and fuck again. Nick’s bed was beginning to smell like a whore house, which Jessica figured was appropriate. So, when she finally left Nick’s room at 4:30 in the morning with her nightgown back in place, she took his bed sheets with her. Before going to her room to finishing sleeping, she put Nick’s sheets on to wash.

Both Nick and Jessica’s alarm clocks went off within minutes of each other. They took turns showering and brushing their teeth, neither of them taking much interest in the other’s nakedness. After dressing in their own individual rooms, and having a big breakfast cooked for them by their mom, the two exhausted kids headed for school.


Shelby and her dad quickly rolled out of bed and had the fastest shower that either of them had taken in a long time. They both dressed, Shelby’s daddy in his suit and Shelby in her ‘school girl’ uniform. They quickly gathered their belongings and her daddy dropped of the key to the room at the main desk as Shelby headed to garage to find her daddy’s car. They made the 50 minute drive from the Hotel to the front of Shelby’s school where Shelby gave her dad a lingering kiss before jumping out of the car and running for her first class. She made the bell by just seconds. The worst part of the day was explaining to folks why she was wearing such a weird outfit.

She was also hoping to make it through the day without her period starting, she hadn’t put any tampons or pads in her purse, so she was a walking time-bomb.


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