The days passed uneventfully: Marge was relatively certain Amy was healthy, Amy was happier as her diet started to resemble something approaching normal, Alice was quickly acclimating to having a real body, and Max had started a new project after having discussed it extensively with Alice.

“Max, the memory requirements are just too great. I don’t see a way around that.” Alice replied sadly, “I’m afraid that present technology limits miniaturization.”

Max sighed and knew she was right, even after they had stripped every nonessential system from Alice’s network and included only the barest minimum for cooling and power, she would still need a body roughly the size of a Buick. “Well if the available hardware is insufficient, we’ll just have to come up with something else.” Max rubbed his temples, his head had started hurting over an hour ago, he knew it was fatigue but he just didn’t want to give up – to admit defeat. But reality was reality and even his brilliant mind couldn’t see a way around the laws of physics. He and Alice sat in a sad silence for several minutes before Emma’s voice disturbed the gloomy silence.

“Hey you guys, enough is enough. You’ve been down here for almost twelve hours. Max needs food and sleep and Alice, you need to plug in.” Emma said in her best motherly tone.

Amy walked in and took Alice’s hand, “Come on sweetie, its bed for you and don’t get any ideas. You need to charge up and shut down so your core can cool down.” She led a dejected Alice out of The Dungeon and up to their room.

Emma sat in Max’s lap and kissed him tenderly, “No luck huh?”

“Her program requires multiple systems to run properly, and I just can’t shove it all in a human size body.” Max said sadly, “I don’t think I’ll ever get her truly free from her mainframe.”

“Oh come on Max, you guys never thought you’d get her out of the Virtual world. You did that, how much harder can this be?”

Max set her on her feet and stood wearily, “Come on.”

“Where we going?”

“Computer vault, time for you to actually meet Alice.”

Emma pointed to the minicomputer rack in the room, “I thought that was Alice.”

Max chuckled, “That is my research computer.” He led her across the hall to a large steel door with no handle. “Alice lives in here.”

“I always wondered what this was.” Emma said softly.

“Why didn’t you ask?” Max replied.

She turned to him with a small embarrassed smile, “I don’t understand half of your explanations. You and Amy are just too geeky for me.” She turned and touched the door and nothing happened. She looked at Max confused.

“No one but me is allowed in here, well and Alice now.” Max replied. “Some of the systems use high voltage and are dangerous. Also the computers can be sensitive, so don’t touch anything without asking first. Ok?” He reached out and the door slid into the wall, she could see its twin three feet beyond slid into the wall on the opposite side of the door’s opening.

“Walls thick enough?” Emma laughed.

“Yeah, I know. Dad really wanted these systems protected. Don’t think it could stop a really determined effort to get in, but nothing as silly as a house fire will damage anything inside.” Max replied with a small smile, “Plus the power generators are inside.” He escorted her inside and she stood wide-eyed as she stared into the huge room. They were standing on a balcony at least thirty feet off the floor. The room was at least twice the size of the library. She looked down and saw 2 large metallic cubes the size of a small building. Beyond that were a dozen more, only these dwarfed the first to. Cables and hoses connected the large metal cubes. Across from them in an alcove were four silver cubes with blue cylindrical structures bolted to the top of them. There were displays and light boards all along each wall. She’d never seen so many massive and solid looking structures inside a room before, “Emma, meet Alice.”

“Holy crap Max!” she exclaimed as she turned to look at him, “Did you build all this?”

“Some of it, some my dad made.” Max replied. “The ones across from us are the generators, the two small systems on the floor down there are Jeeves and The Library. The cluster of the larger computers is Alice.”

“Oh my god Max, she’s huge!” Emma whispered.

“Now you see my problem.” Max replied dejectedly.

She turned and hugged him, “I’m sorry Max, I had no idea.” She stretched up and kissed him, “Don’t give up ok? If it can be done, you’ll do it. Look at what you’ve done for her, look at what you did for Amy.”

“I’m just tired I guess…”

“Come on, lets get you fed and into bed.” Emma replied as she led him out of the vault. As they were walking Emma asked, “So everything is in those computers? Why is it so big, its just a brain right?”

“Yeah, but a human brain is built differently, to recreate the function requires a lot of silicon, optic fiber, and copper wiring.”

“Well my brain does essentially what all that crap does, and it fits in my head.” Emma replied, “Why not just build her a brain like ours.”

Max shook his head, “Because I don’t know how our brains actually work, and no clue as to how they’re constructed.”

“So, find out. You’re supposed to be some super genius.” Emma laughed, “Learn, just like you did when you and Alice designed Amy’s treatment.”

Max looked at her stunned. ‘Could it be that easy? Just build her a synthetic brain?’ Max followed her down the hall with a little smile on his face. He wouldn’t have been smiling if he knew what he had just gotten himself into.

Max ate as he and Emma talked about silly things and teased each other. He was so tired he nearly fell asleep at the table and didn’t even remember going to bed. He woke the next day with something heavy on his chest and opened his eyes to see Mia’s happy brown eyes staring back at him. “Why don’t you ever bother your mommy in the morning?”

“Because her mommy gets up at a respectable hour.” Amy replied with a laugh as she peeked her head into the door. “Come on Mia, let Mr. Grumpy sleep a little more.”

“Should have named her Alarm Clock instead of Mia.” Groused Emma as she rolled over and pulled a pillow over her head. Amy laughed as Mia jumped off Max, eliciting a grunt as she used his stomach as a launching pad. “You ok?” Emma laughed from under her pillow.

“Just a few broken ribs and assorted internal injuries…” Max whined as he rolled out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

“Poor baby!” Emma replied as she giggled from under her pillow. “I think you’ll live.”

Max headed for the shower after relieving himself and stood under the hot spray, his mind wandering in several different directions at once. He jerked when he felt Emma prod him in the ribs and suddenly felt her body pressed up against his back.

“Did you hear a word I said?” Emma asked, sounding a little worried.


Emma laughed, “I thought so! I asked what you want to do today. Amy and Alice want to go out, shopping, movie, maybe even dinner – I hear there’s a new cannibal restaurant...”


“Max!” Emma scolded, “Pay attention!”

“What?” Max asked again as her turned in her embrace and smiled down at her, “I’m sorry, did you say something?”

Emma sighed and rolled her eyes, “Shopping, dinner, movie…”

“Ok, can we skip the cannibal restaurant though?” Max replied with a small grin. Emma laughed and smacked his chest again.

Max and Emma entered the kitchen and smiled at Amy, who was shoveling scrambled eggs into her mouth like all the chickens in the world had suddenly died that morning. Max walked up behind her and kissed the top of her head, “Hungry?” Amy just nodded happily as she continued to eat. This was her first day of an unrestricted diet, and it looked like she was going to make up for the last two weeks at breakfast. “Take it easy Amy, this isn’t the virtual world, you have to work those calories off here.”

“Not a problem.” Amy giggled. “Girl needs her energy shopping.”

Emma and Max sat across from Amy and Alice, both smiling at Amy’s usual excited exuberance. Marge came over and sat a plate in front of both them. Max looked at the eggs and bacon and his stomach flipped, he was never fond of eggs – armor plated chicken poop! He looked at Marge with a sheepish grin, “I’m not really hun…”

“Eat!” Marge commanded, “You’re still too thin.”

Emma nudged his side as she began to eat and smiled at him. He sighed and picked up his fork, “Yes Ma’am.”

June walked in with a sour look on her face, Marge came over to her and gave her a hug as she asked, “Something wrong?”

“Mike didn’t go for it. He wants full custody.” June replied tiredly.

“Like hell!” Amy exclaimed, “I’ll run away first!”

“Calm down sweetie, he’s not getting custody, full or any other kind.” June replied with a wince and pained smile.

“You ok Mom?” Max asked as stood and walked over to her. He led her back to the chair he just vacated and sat her in front of his untouched breakfast. He grinned at his cleverness as he began to massage her neck and shoulders, “Eat, you need your strength.”

Marge sighed, “God, your son is such an ass.” Marge sat as she gave Max the patented Mother look, “I’ll just make more.” Amy and Emma just giggled as Alice smiled and shrugged at him. June gave Marge a confused look, “That’s his breakfast.”

June looked up at her son and smiled in spite of herself, the pain in her head was slowly dissolving away as Max’s hands worked their magic, “Max, you need to eat.”

Max leaned in and kissed her forehead, “I know. I’ll eat something later, just not hungry now.”

June just shook her head, not up to dueling with her son this morning. After a few minutes she tossed a note pad at Alice, “I need you to send the information we collected to this Peters putz, Family Court, the SEC, FBI, and Mike’s corporate headquarters. The e-mails are on the pad. Make sure everyone knows who the data was sent to. He wants a nasty little war, but I’m just gonna nuke him.”

Alice glanced at the notepad, closed her eyes, and several minutes later she looked up and smiled, “Done.”

“Thanx Alice.” June replied with a smile. She looked up at her son and smiled, “Thanx sweetie, I’m feeling better.” She stood and slid sideways and guided her son to the chair, “Eat!”

“Yes Mom.” Max replied and glumly sat in the chair as the rest of the women laughed.

Max, Emma, Amy, and Alice sat snuggled up on the porch swing, waiting for the mothers to finish applying their war paint. Alice sat looking at her newly painted toenails, something Amy had insisted on. Emma looked over at her synthetic friend, “Something wrong Alice?”

“This will be my first interaction with humans, I am concerned.” She replied.

“Hey, I’m human!” Amy replied, nudging her friend and laughing.

“But you are my family, you accept me for who and what I am.” Alice replied, “I am not so sure about others. I am afraid of what will happen if people realize they have an artificial intelligence walking among them. I am so far beyond most people’s experience…”

“Don’t worry, no one will even notice.” Emma interrupted, trying to cheer her friend up, “They’ll see same thing we do, a pretty girl out with friends.”

“I sincerely hope you are correct.” Alice replied, giving Emma a small sad smile. The four turned their heads when the mothers opened the screen door and walked out onto the porch. They just stared as June walked out in a yellow sundress that hugged her curves until it got to her hips, where it flared out and ended much too soon in Max’s opinion. Her bright yellow sandals helped draw the eye to her shapely tanned legs. She wasn’t tall, but everything was exactly where it should be and she was making no bones about showing it off. Her dark hair framing her pretty pale face.

Marge stepped out and stood next to June in a light pink tank top and red shorts, her long legs standing on pink flip-flops. Both the tank top and shorts seemed tighter than what a mother of two should be wearing. Her bright red hair pulled back in a tight ponytail

The mothers struck a pose and June laughed, “Well?”

“Damn!” Amy replied, “You guys look hot!”

June and Marge giggled softly as they stepped of the porch, arm in arm, heading for the van. Alice stood and walked behind them, still barefoot. Max looked over and saw her flip-flops forgotten on the small table. He sighed and smiled, the shoe store promised to be fun. Emma saw what Max had in his hand and laughed, “It was hard enough getting her in clothes, don’t know how we’ll convince to wear shoes.” Max just shook his head and followed Amy and Emma, as they followed the mothers.

As they piled into the van, Max handed Alice her shoes, “You’re gonna need these.”

“I had hoped no one noticed.” Alice replied as she took the shoes from Max with obvious distaste. “They are uncomfortable and difficult to walk in.”

“You have to wear them at the mall.” Emma replied, “They won’t let you walk around barefoot.”

“Are the floors that dirty or hazardous?” Alice asked.

“No silly!” Amy replied, “Its so you don’t put cooties on the floor!”

“Cooties…Slang for germs.” Alice replied as she closed her eyes and looked up the unfamiliar word. “I assure that I have no…cooties. This platform is sterile, except for the biological material that you guys leave on, and in, me.” She continued, staring at her shoes as if they some type of foul smelling vermin.

“You probably shouldn’t mention biological material being left on and in you, either.” June laughed, “Trying to stay low key here.” Alice nodded and Amy could read the concern in her face.

She leaned over and pulled Alice into a tight hug, “Just watch us and try and do what we do. You’ll be ok, we’re gonna be with you every second.” Alice nodded, feeling a little better in Amy’s arms.

“Maybe not do everything Amy does.” Marge added with a laugh.

“Hey!” Amy complained.

They pulled in, parked and everyone piled out. Alice slipped on her shoes and started walking, or something that loosely approximated walking. Amy giggled and trotted up next to her. By the time they reached the doors, Amy had Alice walking almost normally.

Emma had her arm wrapped around Max’s waist and couldn’t stop giggling as Amy showed Alice how to walk in flip flops and swing her hips at the same time. Max watched Alice’s bottom slide back and forth under her shorts and leaned into Emma, “Is she wearing underwear?” Emma laughed and shook her head. Max groaned, “I know I shouldn’t ask this, but why?”

“Amy isn’t, so Alice figured it would be ok.” Emma laughed.

“Your sister is a terrible influence on her.” Max groaned, “Why didn’t you say something?”

“I really couldn’t, considering…” Emma laughed as she guided his hand to her butt. Max dropped his head and laughed. Emma smiled up at him, “Feels nice too!”

“Yes it does.” Max agreed as caressed her butt and leaned in for a kiss.

“Alright you two, none of that now.” Marge laughed. June turned and pulled Marge into a passionate kiss that soon had Max and Emma laughing.

June broke the kiss and looked up at Marge with wide innocent eyes, “None of that you mean?” Marge just smiled at her and continued walking, afraid what any comment might cause. June giggled and wrapped an arm around Marge and they walked into the mall as an obvious couple.

Alice gently touched June, “Is such a public display of affection wise, I’m sure Mike has hired his own investigators at this point.”

“Fuck him!” June laughed and looked into Marge’s smiling eyes, “I love her and I don’t care who knows. Besides, he’ll be much too busy soon to bother with us.” Alice smiled and nodded her agreement. She turned and took Amy’s hand and the two lovers smiled at each other, oblivious to anyone around them. Marge stepped forward and June pulled her back into a tight embrace. “Don’t worry, there’s no law against being in a same sex relationship.”

“But she’s only eleven!” Marge hissed.

“Is she?”

Marge turned and looked at Amy and realized she wasn’t the little girl her age would normally dictate her to be. The pod and her nanites had changed her into a young woman, at least on the outside. Marge smiled and relaxed as she realized that Alice had turned her into a young woman on the inside as well. She saw her youngest daughter in a new light and she was proud. She may be a little vixen, but only with those she loved. “Ok.” She said as she turned and smiled at June.

The six of them entered the mall, walking happily as they held on the their significant others. Some people saw a woman holding a woman and scowled, but most saw the love and happiness and gave the small group friendly smiles. Alice stumbled and sighed with frustration, “June, may we visit a shoe store first. I would like to acquire foot coverings that are more secure and stable.”

Amy laughed, “But you’ll cover up your pretty toes.”

“Better that then falling on you.” Alice replied with a smile.

“Maybe…we should try it just to be sure!” Amy replied as she hugged Alice, both girls laughing.

“Come on you two, lets go get Alice some shoes before she falls and breaks somebody.” Max said with a smile as he and Emma walked past the two hugging and giggling girls.

They entered the shoe store and Max immediately found the boyfriend chair and sat down. Amy dragged Alice over and sat her next to Max. “You sit here and we’ll pick some pretty shoes for you.” She turned to Max, “What size is she?”

“Size nine women’s.” Max replied.

The salesperson walked up behind Amy and heard their exchange. “Wow, never heard of a man who so sure of his girlfriend’s shoe size before.”

Amy smiled at Max, turned to look at the salesperson, and winked at her, “He’s kinda weird like that.” And walked past her as the middle-aged woman gave Max a strange look. Max just dropped his head in embarrassment as Alice smiled sweetly at the woman. The women turned and followed Amy, helping her to pick out shoes. She and the saleswoman soon returned with several pairs and handed one to Alice.

“I do not believe my present balance and walking subroutines can adapt to the unstable forward center of gravity these shoes would create.” Alice said out loud as she studied the three-inch kitten stilettos.

“What?” The woman asked, giving Alice a strange look. Amy and Emma just giggled as Max groaned again.

“I do not think I can walk while wearing these.” Alice explained as she looked up at the woman.

“Really? They’re only three inch heels.” The woman replied.

Amy laughed and quipped, “Country girl, doesn’t wear shoes much.” She turned and looked at Alice, “They’re really cute, you should try them.” Alice nodded and set them down. Amy laughed, “I mean you should try them on, make sure they fit.”

Alice looked up confused, “Are they not size nine?”

“Yes,” The older woman interjected, “But some nines are bigger, or smaller, than others.”

“That makes no sense.” Alice replied.

“Welcome to the world of women’s shoes.” June laughed as she stepped around the confused woman and looked at her, “She doesn’t get out much.” June walked up and kneeled in front of Alice and started to put a pair of footies on her.

“Are these required?” Alice asked.

Marge stood over June and giggled, “Yeah, it’s the whole cootie thing again.”

“But…” Alice started to explain her lack of cooties when Max cut her off.

“We don’t need to go into that again.” He replied chuckling, “Its just a rule sweetie.” Alice nodded and let Marge and June pick out and help her try shoes on, while Emma and Amy had a wonderful time trying on everything they thought was even remotely cute. Over an hour later the girls woke Max up and piled ten bags of shoes on him. He looked over at his mother from under the bags and boxes, “You may want to buy some…ah…under things.”

“We will.” June replied, laughing at her son’s embarrassment.

“No, I mean next.” Max added.

“Why?” Marge asked, hugging June from behind.

“Um…” Max started and stopped, blushing wildly. June suddenly cracked up and looked back, whispering something into Marge’s ear.

Marge turned and looked over at Emma, “Are you guys going commando?” Emma just smiled sweetly at her mother. “Oh for…” Marge began, then started laughing as hard as June. She looked over to Max, “Why don’t you take those out to the van. You know where to find us right.” Max nodded quickly and almost ran from the store, the women laughing at his embarrassment. “Its kinda cute he’s embarrassed, considering.”

Amy joined the older women’s hug and giggled, “I know, isn’t he wonderful?”

Marge laughed, “Come on girls, we have some more shopping to do – a lot more.”

“Awesome!” Emma exclaimed as the five women linked arms and left the shoe store and happily strolled arm in arm to the lingerie store, ignoring they looks they were receiving. They approached the large square opening, framed by black marble. Emma looked at her mother, “Really?”

“Well you’re young women now, you should dress like it.” Marge replied with a smile. Amy squealed happily and dragged a bemused Alice into the store and where a smiling salesclerk immediately intercepted them. June laughed and went to rescue the poor woman. Marge smiled down at her older daughter, “Get some things you like, have fun. But remember to find something Max will like as well.” Emma nodded and ran into the store happily. June joined Marge they followed the girls at a much slower pace.

“So, I’d like pink lace…” June said with a grin.

“I know sweetie, but you have like ten pairs.” Marge laughed.

“Not for me silly.” June replied as she took Marge’s arm and walked her deeper into the store.

The salesclerks smiled as she listened to Amy ask about several things. She turned to June and Marge, “She has some very interesting tastes.”

“Mmmm, you have no idea.” Marge replied.

“So…” The woman left the question unfinished.

“Whatever they want.” Marge replied, “But try and steer them away from really wild stuff.”

“What’s the budget?”

“No budget, we’re splurging.” June replied with a smile, “The little blonde and her dark haired friend there need everything, literally. The red head, what ever makes her look good and feel good.”

“And you two?” The woman gave June a knowing smile.

“Oh, I think we can figure it out on our own.” Marge replied as she wrapped her arm around a smiling June’s waist. The saleswoman nodded with a knowing smile and went to reign in the three girls. “Thanx June, I…thank you for this.”

“Shhh, We’re family, I’m not doing this for them, we are.” June replied with a smile as she wrapped the taller woman in a hug and stretched up to kiss her. “Now come on, I want to see you in something pink and lacy. And when we get home, I’m burning all those hideous white things you own.”

“But they’re comfortable.” Marge complained with a laugh.

“You want comfort, you can do an Amy.” June replied with an evil grin and laughed when she saw Marge’s confused face. “Go naked.”

Max returned and found the store, taking a seat on a bench outside. He had been sitting there for just a few minutes before a pretty middle-aged women stepped up to him, “Are you Max Johansson?”


“Come with me please.” She replied and turned to reenter the store. When Max didn’t move to follow, she stopped and turned around, “Well come on.” Max nodded slowly and stood to follow. She walked to the back of the store as he continued to follow, pointing at a closed door, “Please go in there, someone needs your opinion on something.” Max walked to the door and entered, as he closed the door he turned and saw Emma smiling at him. His breath caught in his throat when he saw her, she was wearing a bra and panties that were almost the same bright red as her hair.

She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around him, “You like?” She smiled and looked up at him, “Ohhhh, you do!” she cooed as she rubbed her body against him. She smiled up at him as she leaned back and unsnapped his shorts and unzipped his fly.

“Ems, what are you doing?” Max hissed, “Someone’s gonna catch us!” Emma just giggled as she pulled his shorts and boxers down to his knees. She smiled up at him as she sucked his erection into his mouth, she could feel her panties getting wet as she rubbed him with one hand and herself with the other. Max groaned as she sucked him, and pushed him as deeply into his mouth as far as she could get him. “Oh god Ems…that feels so good…” Max groaned.

“Mmmm, I’m glad you like it…” Emma whispered as she stood and pushed him back until his knees hit the bench and he grunted as he sat down hard. “Opps, sorry.” Emma laughed as she kneeled and took him into her mouth again, sucking and bobbing as she stoked the base of his erection. Max closed his eyes and was soon lost in the pleasure her warm wet mouth was giving him. He moaned and looked down into her smiling eyes as she quickened her pace. The excitement of public sex was actually bringing on her own orgasm as she continued to rub herself. A few minutes of her own masturbatory efforts took her over the edge and her moaning brought him to the point of release as well.

“God Ems, that was amazing…thank you.” He whispered as he pulled her up into his lap and kissed her passionately. He caressed her body and laughed when he rubbed his hand over her crotch, “Wow, your soaked. Guess we’re gonna be getting these.”

“Mmmm hmmm, you like them a lot huh?” Emma laughed.

“A lot!” Max laughed. Emma stood and pulled him to his feet, she reached down, pulled up his boxers and shorts, and lovingly tucked him back in.

“Now go, I have more clothes to try on.” Emma laughed as she pushed him to the door while he snapped his shorts and pulled up his fly. “Stay close, I may want your opinion on a few other items.” Max exited and the smiling saleswoman intercepted him sitting him in a chair next to the changing rooms.

“You like?” Amy asked gleefully as she plopped down into his lap. She noticed Max’s blushing face and giggled, “I meant her panty set silly, but I bet the other was fun too.”

“Oh god, does everyone know?” Max asked with an embarrassed groan as he dropped his head. Amy giggled and pointed to the top of the dressing room wall, specifically where it stopped several feet short of the ceiling. “YOU HEARD?”

“Everyone heard young man.” The salesclerk replied with a wink. She laughed when she saw the horror on his face, “Oh don’t feel so bad, you’re not the first boyfriend accosted in the changing room – won’t be the last either, I’m betting!”

“That doesn’t make me feel much better…” Max whispered. Amy giggled happily and kissed him before popping up and entering Emma’s changing room. Max sighed when he heard them whispering and giggling softly, he groaned and dropped his head, realizing how the sound carried. He instantly knew it was true, that everyone in the store must have heard Emma and him.

The rest of the day Max was left unmolested as the girls went from store to store. His main function was to carry purchases back to the van. He enjoyed watching the five of them giggling, laughing, and hugging each other; utterly enjoying themselves as they continued to shop for Alice’s first wardrobe and Amy’s new one. Alice was awestruck and happily let the four humans lead her from one store to another, fussing over her and telling her how pretty she looked in everything she tried on. A few times they had to stop her from running out into the mall half dressed, wanting to show Max some new item of clothing. Alice was definitely in wonderland now.

Several hours, and several trips to the van, later; the women found Max napping on bench near yet another clothing store, muttering in his sleep. His dreams were haunted by half dressed mannequins chasing him through the mall while waving various items of women’s clothing. He slowly woke to the sound of giggling and Emma’s voice, “Poor baby, he’s worn out.”

“Are you guys done shopping?” Max asked hopefully, standing and hugging a laughing Emma.

“Yeah baby, we’re done.” Emma replied, returning his hug. “Thank you for being such a good sport.”

Max yawned as he returned Emma’s hug, “No problem, Amy and Alice needed to get clothes…”

“Not what I meant.” Emma giggled as she gave him a tight squeeze.

“Oh.” Max replied, blushing again. “It was nice…”

“Enough of that!” Amy laughed as she pulled on Emma and Max, “We need to get home so we can change for our big date!” Max looked at her and she laughed happily, “Dinner and a movie, silly.”

“We need to dress up?” Max asked, he never liked getting dressed up.

“Well you’re not taking your girls to some fast food place, are you?” June asked, laughing at her son’s discomfort.

“Um…no?” Max asked, still trying to shake the sleep off.

“Good answer sweetie!” Amy replied happily as she stretched up and kissed his cheek.

The five females led a overwhelmed Max out of the Mall and to the van. Marge laughed when she saw the number of bags packed into the vehicle, “We might have overdone it a bit.”

“No wonder poor Max needed a nap!” Marge added as she wrapped her arms around a smiling Max, “Thank you for taking such good care of us.” She kissed his cheek and let him go, sliding behind the steering wheel.

“My pleasure.” Max replied, enjoying the attention he was getting from the grateful women. They all smiled and kissed him as they climbed into the van; once they were in, Max sighed happily and crawled into the van only to be pulled down between Emma and Alice. He rolled his eyes as Amy slid into his lap and squirmed as if she was trying to get comfortable, an evil grin on her face as she stuck her tongue between her lips and made a effort to keep a look of intense concentration on her face.

“Something wrong Amy?” Emma asked innocently.

“Mmmm, something is poking me…” Amy replied, still squirming.

“Perhaps you should do something about that, it is a long drive home.” Alice interjected, garnering a shocked look from Max.

“Great idea!” Amy exclaimed as she got off of Max’s lap and pulled his shorts down.

“HEY!” Max exclaimed.

“Shhh.” Amy responded, gently touching his lips with her finger tops, “Just sit back and relax.” Amy smiled as she pulled her own shorts down, revealing she had lost her new panties somewhere. She turned and sat, driving Max into her depths. “Ohhhhh, that’s so much better…” Max groaned and leaned his head back as Amy leaned back and sighed happily against Max’s chest while Marge was pulling out of the parking lot. “Ohhh, hit some potholes Mommy!”

“Safety first.” Alice said as she handed the seatbelt to a laughing Emma, who buckled the two lovers in.

Amy sat still for the first ten minutes, letting the bumps in the rode do the work for her. Max smiled as he felt Amy reach her first orgasm. If anyone had looked into the van, they would have known immediately what was going on as Amy screamed out her ecstasy. Emma gently rubbed Amy’s little button while Alice slid her hands up the little blonde’s shirt.

Max decided he was going to hold out for the next fifteen minutes it was going to take to get home. Amy didn’t make it easy, splashing his legs as she had two more orgasms before Marge turned on to their street. Max almost made his goal, but when the van lurched as they drove into their driveway; Marge having jumped the curb on purpose. He grunted and shot his seed deep into Amy, the spreading warmth causing her fourth orgasm.

The women left Amy and Max alone as they began unloading the van. As Amy recovered, she turned and kissed Max, “Oh, that was so awesome – the only way to travel.” Max just laughed and pulled up his shorts as Amy got up and pulled her shorts up as well. “Oh shit, I’m leaking all over.”

Marge poked her head in and tossed them a couple of towel, “God, you guys are so messy.” Amy laughed and Max just gave her a silly little grin. “Come on you two, get cleaned up so we can get Amy ready.”

Max pushed Amy into Marge’s arms, “Go ahead, I’ll get this.” He spent the next twenty minutes cleaning up the evidence of their carnal car ride, chuckling to himself as he replayed the incident in his head. He grabbed the sodden towels and headed into the house, greeted by Mia, happily wagging her tail, “Come on girl, let’s get you fed.” Max walked into hall, past the kitchen and turned left under the stairwell, entering the laundry room. He tossed the towels into the washing machine but didn’t bother to start it, not for a couple of towels. He opened a cabinet, pulled out a can of food, and opened it. He poured the contents into Mia’s dish with a disgusted look, Mia’s food stank. “Mia however, waited anxiously, it seemed the more something stunk in the dog world, the better it tasted. He gave her a little head rub and set her bowl down, which she attacked hungrily.

Max left Mia to her dinner, she wasn’t much on mealtime conversation anyway, and headed up to his room. He could hear the five women laughing and talking in Amy and Alice’s room, as they divided the spoils of their assault on the mall. Max smiled, glad they were happy, and headed into his and Emma’s room for a quick shower. As he stepped into the stream of hot water, he heard Emma enter their room, “Hey, no fair starting without me!” She hopped into his arms and they kissed as the water streamed over their young bodies. She slid down to her feet and patted him lightly on the chest as she looked up into his eyes, “No funny business now, I have to get ready.” Max nodded and washed her body gently as she smiled, enjoying his touch. She turned and washed him just as lovingly as he had washed her. She stroked his erection with a soapy hand, “Sorry babe, you ok?”

“Yeah. I’ll be fine.” Max replied, then laughed, “It’ll go down faster if you quit playing with it.”

Emma giggled, “Sorry…” She gave him a kiss and they stepped out of the shower. After drying each other off, Emma kissed him again, “Sorry, gotta go…” And with that, she ran, naked, from the room. Max watched her go, amazed that such a wonderful and beautiful girl wanted anything to do with a nerd like him. He turned and looked at himself in the mirror, sure he didn’t look too bad, but he knew he was creepy. Max sighed and went to his dresser, pulling out the clothes his mother reserved for special occasions; he figured tonight met her requirements. Quickly dressing, he headed from his room and made his way to the library, smiling when he saw Mia taking an after dinner nap on one of the overstuffed chairs. He walked over to his computer console and began working as he waited for the women to finish their primping.

He worked on the problem of getting Alice separated from her mainframe, getting more and more confused as he read the studies on brain function and mapping, he was definitely going to need help from someone who understood all this biology crap. Someone needed to have a serious talk with whoever designed the human body, he had decided it was designed by drunken monkeys when he and Alice researched Amy’s treatment – now he was sure of it! As his mind finally rebelled from the indecipherable research reports, it drifted to thoughts of the women and what they may have planned for him tonight. He expected that they would look stunning, but was in no way prepared for the sight the confronted him when he turned, hearing Emma softly call his name. “Holy crap!” He exclaimed.

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Yes, not sure I'm going there though

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