My first bj when I was 12 by and older friend
[This continues where my first posting ended, so read the first one and it continues here. After re reading my first posting, I realized I left a lot of tiny details out, but that’s ok, it is what happened, there’s just more to it, but whatever. If anyone ever wants to talk, hit me up with DM, or skype or yahoo messenger and I can tell you. I still get off thinking about it.]

After I heard him cum, my head was spinning, I couldn’t believe what had just happened. It was the weirdest experience I ever had, it was the horniest experience ever and I couldn’t sleep. It took a while but I finally fell asleep, and when I woke up the next morning, Jay was already up. I didn’t know what to do or how to act. He said good morning, acting normal. I was a bit wierded out, I ask if he could bring me home. He asked if everything was ok, what was wrong, because we had a lot of fun plans for the day. I said nothing was wrong, I just wanted to go home. After a lot of questions about why I wanted to go home, he finally brought me home. I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened.

The day after that was a school day and when I got home from school, Jay was waiting in the driveway for me. It was weird, it was the first time he’d been to my house before me, and waiting for me. He was also acting strange, very silly, laughing at stupid stuff. I felt weird. We were hanging out in my bedroom and he said “can I ask you a question?” I said yeah. He said “you promise you’ll tell the truth?” this was weird of him, it just was unlike him to talk to me like this. But I said yeah. He was giggling to himself. He said, I want you to tell me, how’d you like getting your dick sucked for the first time the other night?... and he started cracking up laughing. OMG I was so embarrassed, but when he said that, everything came together in my head, what had happened. I was a real naïve kid, I honestly thought he put something in his hand when he was playing with my dick to make the warm wet feeling, but instantly I now realized he had sucked my dick. I don’t remember everything he said, because I was so busy thinking about everything that had happened and finally understanding that he had actually sucked me, but I remember he said stuff like “damn, you went crazy, you loved it didn’t you, you came so fast…” and THEN he said “you want me to suck you right now?” and the whole world stopped for me. My thoughts had been racing and when he said that, I couldn’t believe it. He was staring at me waiting for me to answer and I was staring at him with my mind blown. My counselor just offered to suck my dick. It was just too weird, I mean my dick got an instant boner, I wanted that feeling again, but I was looking at him and I couldn’t believe he just offered to suck my dick. I loved him, but not like that, I never really had a sexual thought about him. I looked up to him. But I was instantly so horny and I realized I could have that incredible feeling around my dick right now. I remember this all like it was yesterday, the one thing that I’m not sure about thinking back on my childhood events are the timeframes. It could have been 20 seconds, or 4 minutes. It seemed very, very long, we were just staring at each other, neither of us saying a word. I was so deep in my thoughts wondering what to say or do. I remember my final thought was ‘well he already sucked it anyway, so ok’ and I said “ok” to him. I remember he got the biggest smile and said reached down to my crotch and said “your never gonna forget this” (and he was right). This was the first time actually seeing it happened. I was standing in the middle of my bedroom as he unzipped me and fished out my boner. What a rush actually seeing him do it. I was so nervous I was shaking a lot. He made a comment about it, saying something like “your nervous huh, it’s ok you’ll love this”.
I remember looking down at him playing with my boner and he was just staring at it. Then he put his mouth close to it and wrapped his mouth around my dick. It was too much for me, I lost it and I came instantly. My knees buckled. I remember he kind of had his arms around my butt and was helping hold me up as he took my load. Then it was done and he pulled his mouth off my dick and I still remember the look on his face, a huge smile, he was swallowing, and he finally said in an excited voice, oh my god, I love your dick so much. I can’t believe how fast you cum, you love getting it sucked don’t you. I was so embarrassed, but I remember how excited he was. He said a lot more stuff I don’t remember it all. But that’s what started it.

The next day I came home from school, he was there a few minutes after me, and I think he may have said hi how was your day or something, but basically right away he said “you want me to suck your dick”. I didn’t even hesitate this time, right away I said, ok. And it was on. I was so horny all the time, I wanted that feeling on my dick. Every day after this he sucked my dick after school. I remember almost every day for the rest of 6th grade, being in my last period class with a raging lil hard on dying to get home so I can get my dick sucked. I would always be self-conscious when I got up in class or when the final bell rang. I had to make sure my dick was sticking up toward my belly button, so my zipper kind of hid my little boner.

(Hope to continue the writing more this weekend.)


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Difficult to read because of the lack of paragraphs etc....But a nice read if you're gay or 'bi'....I rated a positive but only 5 out of 10.....

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