Ell and kevin move into a new apartment . Crystal asks does she want to have a baby. does she? Read and find out.
When Ell feels his hard on, she turns over and kisses him. "Awe baby you are such a bad boy, but i like it!" she says. She pulls his sweatpants off, which is the only thing he's wearing, and then Kevin strips Ell. He lays her on her back and spreads her legs. He shoves his face between her legs and feels how wet she is. He laps her pussy, and sucks, licks, and nibbles on her clit. She cums shuddering and eventually pushes him away. "Stop! i can't take it Kevin!".she giggles. He gives her pussy one last kiss and comes up to kiss her.

Then she lays him on his back and starts stroking his cock. Hearing his moans of approval to proceede she leans down and takes his cock in her mouth. She sucks giving long deep fast strokes with her lips. "I'm going to cum!" he grunts out and with that squirts his sees down Ells throat. She swallows all of it. She lays beside him and they lay there for a long time and then Kevin gets up and rolls on top of her. He's hard again. He shoves his cock in her pussy. He pumps in and out of her fast ajd hard. "Ohh baby." she moans. He smiles going faster. "Here it comes." he says and cums into Ell. She shakes and shudders having her own orgasm wash over her. Then he rolls over and lays there for a long time. They are covered under the blankets and just as they are about to drift off to sleep, their dad knocks on the door. "Come in." Kevin says. "Hey guys look, i found a place fir you guys to live." he says holding up a newspaper open to the for sale apartments.

Ell looks confused. "What do you mean?" she asks. "Oh well, dad thought we should have our own place to live because well because were ingaged and he thought we needed a place of our own. He's paying for half and me and you will help. he came up with the idea and i was totally shocked." he explains. Ell frowns. "What about school. My new friends? What will i do?" she asks. "Well we have everything planned out. You will finish this year if you want but you can drop out whenever your ready this year and you can keep in touch with your friends by visiting, texting and calling." he says. "Umm okay." she says. They take a look at the apartment, in town. Not very far from home. It has two bedrooms, a living room,, kitchen, dining room, and two bathrooms. Surprisingly it was pretty big and a good price to. "I want it!" Ell says. "Me to.".Kevin says. "All right but we have to get Kevin a job and furniture for your new apartment. As soon as possible." their dad says leaving them alone.

Ell gets dressed and so does Kevin. Kevin goes to talk to his dad about a job and Ell calls Crystal. "Crystal..." she says in tears. Even though she did want to live with Kevin she felt bad for leaving Crystal even though they could visit anytime together. "Ell? whats wrong?" she asks." after i finish school. Me and Kevin are moving to the city. Its still close and they say that i can visit you anytime and you can visit me. but i don't want you to be mad at me." she says not crying anymore. "I'm not mad that's great. you and i can talk anytime and visit and. i will have new friends.".she says. They talk for awhile until Crystal has to go babysit.

Ell walks downstairs. "Hey Ell. What do you think of my job as a car dealer saler. Its the only one with a good amount of money to pay." he says. "I love it! You won't even have to work all day!".she says! "I know." he chuckles kissing her cheek. "I talked to Crystal and we worked everything out. she wasn't mad." she says. "Good. "

Two weeks later, Kevin had gotten the job and they had bought everything they needed for their new apartment taking some things from their rooms. They were going to share a room. They kept their beds here so whenever they came ocer to visit or something. Ell had four weeks left of school. She was excited to get moved in.

When the last day if school came Ell cried and all her friends cried. Kevin sat in the car watching, feeling bad for Ell. But he knew she was excited she had said so, so many times. Ell hugged her friend, Kayla, they were both sobbing. "Ill miss yoi.".kayla said. "Ill miss you tk but i will text you and hang out with you still." she said. Then Crystal and Ell climbed in the car. Crystal was helping them move in along with their dad helping.

They got there and Ell ran uo the stairs to the second floor in the alartment and went to room, 32. They burst in. Ell and Crystal checked the apartment out. "Its awesome!" Crystal said. They got everything moved in and organized. Then Crystal said she haf to go to the bathroom. Kevin and her dad were talking and Ell walked into the empty extra bedroom. She wandered what would go in here. An office? A guest bedroom? A movie room? She thought and then instead of thinking she said out loud, " a baby room?" Crystal was behind her after using the restroom. "What? Are you pregnant?" she asked. "No! Well, i haven't checked but i don't look fat. I had my period a week ago for this month. so I'm not." she said. "Yeah your not but then why did you sat baby?" she asked. "I don't know i was thinking of what we would use this room for." she sais. "Oh. do you want to ger pregnant?" she asked.

Then Kevin popped his head in. "All the paintings done." Then went to tell his dad something. "Well do you want to get pregnant with you brother/fiance /lover?" she asked again. "Umm..." she thought. Does she?


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