he's baaack!
Amy laughed as she and Alice saw the shower, “Gonna be cozy in there.”

“It is kind of small,” Alice replied with a smile as she turned the water on, “But we should fit.” Amy nodded and stepped in warm stream, turned, and pulled a smiling Alice in with her. The two girls hugged and kissed for a few moments when Alice rested her head on Amy’s shoulder and began sobbing softly.

“Alice, are you ok?” Amy asked concerned, “I’ll kick Max’s ass if you want.”

Alice laughed shaking her head, “Not that he doesn’t deserve it…” Alice got quiet and snuggled into Amy even harder, “Amy after you left I…I was going to flash my core…I…I couldn’t stand the thought of being alone again!”

“Alice…” Amy replied as she hugged her lover tightly, “Don’t ever…I need you too.” She took Alice’s face in her hands and kissed her hard, desperate to show her love, “I will never leave you…ever…”

They turned when they heard the door open and saw Max walk in. He stopped when he saw the two crying girls hugging each other in the shower. He was about to leave when he saw Alice come running to him, she wrapped him in a tight hug and buried her head into his shoulder. “Hey, hey what’s wrong?” Max asked quietly.

“Nothing.” Alice asked as she looked up at him with teary smiled, “Thank you Max, thank you for making me real!”

“Oh, you’re welcome sweetie.” Max replied as he kissed her forehead. “Now go wash your girlfriend, she still smells like the biomatrix.”

“Is that what that is?” Alice laughed, “I don’t think I like having a real nose…”

Max smiled, kissed her one more time, and gave her a light push back to the shower, “Then go wash her.”

Alice smiled and headed for a smiling Amy, she turned before entering the shower and looked at Max, “I’m sorry, I should have trusted you.”

Max smiled at her and just nodded, “When you guys are done, head up to the kitchen. Marge is making breakfast and I’m sure Amy’s starving after five weeks.”

“Damn right!” Amy exclaimed with a smile.

“Mom, Emma, and me have an errand to run.” Max said laughing, “We’ll be back in a few hours.” Both girls nodded and resumed their shower as Max turned with a smile and left the bathroom.

Amy and Alice finished their shower and headed up to the kitchen. Marge just smiled and shook her head as she saw Amy enter the kitchen naked. “Your not in the computer anymore girl, you need to wear clothes out here.”

“But Momma, my clothes don’t fit and Alice doesn’t have any.” Amy replied smiling sweetly. She wouldn’t have worn any even if her clothes did fit, she had gotten used to being naked in the virtual world and she liked it.

“Fine, just don’t go outside like that.” Marge replied. She looked behind Amy and asked, “Where’s Alice?”

“The mailman was at the door.” Alice replied as she walked around a giggling Amy and set a box on the table, “He is a very nice man, he smiles a lot.”

Amy hugged her as she laughed hysterically; Marge just dropped her head and groaned, “I bet he did.” She looked over at the girls and sighed, “No more answering the door naked, ok?” Alice nodded as Amy laughed and held on to Alice to keep from falling. Marge looked at Alice’s confused face and Amy laughing so hard tears ran down her face, and sighed in defeat, “Oh just sit.” The girls sat and Marge looked at Alice, “I’m sorry, um do you eat food?”

“I can, but it is not necessary.” Alice replied as she watched Amy, still laughing, with confusion.

Marge took a bowl out of the microwave and set it in front of Amy. The young girl looked in the bowl and immediately stopped laughing. Marge gave her an evil smile, “Not so funny now huh?”

“Oatmeal!??!” Amy half exclaimed and half asked, “I hate oatmeal!”

“I know.” Marge replied giggling. “Don’t look at me, Max’s idea.”

“I’ll kill him.” Amy whispered.

Alice reached over and scooped some out with her finger and put it in her mouth. Her eyes got wide and she smiled, “Its good! And it will be easy on your stomach.”

Amy pushed the bowl over, “Its yours.”

Alice shook her head and pushed it back, “No you have to eat.” Amy groaned and took a spoonful, making a face that even made Alice giggle. “Eat it all, so you can grow big and strong.” Marge turned away to hide her smile and made squeaking noises trying to hold back her laughter. Amy bore holes in Alice with her angry eyes as Alice just smiled back, enjoying teasing her young lover.

Emma sat in the front seat of the van as she looked back at Max, who was watching the screen on a laptop. “You are such a coward.”

Max smiled at her, “I didn’t see you sticking around.” Max looked back down at the screen, “Besides Alice will get her to eat.”

“Why do you say that.” June asked as she drove.

“Because she designed Amy’s diet for the next week, not me.“ Max replied. “Turn left here Momma.”

“Don’t tell Amy, Max; just take the heat for it.” June said quietly as she turned the wheel.

“What?” Emma asked, “Why?”

“You have Max, I have June, and Alice has Amy. Alice is gonna need Amy to help her adapt to a new world. What you did was wonderful, but Alice has a lot to learn about being a real girl.” June replied, “Alice needs Amy to teach her the real world just like Alice taught her the virtual one.”

“We’ll all be there for her.” Max interjected.

“Oh I know honey, we all love them both and will always be there for them. But don’t you see what’s happened?” June asked, then answered her own question before the kids could respond, “We’ve all gravitated to our partners. You and Emma have a special bond that’s deeper then what you feel for the rest of us. Alice and Amy have that same bond with each other.”

“And you and Momma.” Emma finished. June nodded.

“Ok Mom, I’ll let Amy take her shots at me instead of Alice.” Max said as he sat back and closed his eyes. He linked into the tight beam from his antenna. It took a second to navigate the beam and enter the house’s network and find Alice. ‘Alice?’

‘Yes Max.’

‘If she asks, tell Amy I made out her diet, I don’t want her mad at you. Let her be mad at me for a few days.’


‘Because she’s your girlfriend more than she’s mine, you two will need each other to get through the next few days.’

Alice was silent and Max thought he lost the connection for a split second, then she responded. ‘I understand. Thank you Max.’

“Done.” Max said out loud as he opened his eyes, “Why am I sure I’ll regret this?”

Emma laughed, “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from my sister.” Max groaned as Emma and June smiled at each other. They drove around for another hour before Max was satisfied. He, then, told his mother to drive to Main Street and park.

“Here are Amy and Alice’s sizes, you guys go across the street and get them some clothes, I’ve got a quick stop to make and I’ll meet you there.” Max said as he handed a slip of paper to Emma.

She laughed, “How do you know their sizes?”

Max smiled as they exited the van, “I built Alice and got Amy’s measurements from the pod.”

“Clever boy!” Emma laughed as she hugged and kissed him. She turned to June and smiled, “Care to shop?”

“Of course.” June replied happily. June and Emma headed across the street, waiting for the light of course, while Max headed to a pharmacy a few doors down from where they had parked.

He was glad to see that the place was nearly deserted, he really didn’t want to try and explain how he may have gotten his own mother pregnant. He walked to the family planning aisle and laughed to himself, if you were buying a pregnancy test you kind of goofed on the planning part. He reached down and started reading the boxes, he knew he needed an early pregnancy test, but they all said early. He was hoping it would be easy, get in and get out. But there had to be twenty different tests, he looked around and decided he would get the one with two sticks. But this one said it was more accurate, so Max grabbed that one. He stood there still trying to decide when he suddenly laughed and grabbed one of each, better safe than sorry.

He walked up to the checkout and dropped twenty pregnancy tests on the counter. The clerk looked at the pile of tests, laughed, and asked, “All of them?” Max blushed as he smiled and shrugged his shoulders. The clerked laughed and started scanning the boxes, when she was finished she looked up at Max and smiled, “Good luck.”

Max blushed even harder, “Thanx.” He grabbed the bag and quickly exited the store, the clerk watching him through the window until she couldn’t see him anymore; a big grin on her face the whole time.

Max crossed the street and found the women looking through racks of clothes, “How’s it going?”

Emma smiled and nodded. She noticed the bag, “What’s that?” Max smiled as he opened the bag and she took a look, “How many did you buy?”

“All of them.” Max replied with a silly little smile.

Emma hugged him laughing, “You big goof, why didn’t you call Momma?”

Max looked at her with wide eyes, “I was so nervous, I didn’t think of it.” They both began laughing when June found them. She walked up holding an arm full of clothing, looked into the bag, and gave Max a strange look. He looked back and tried to explain but she stopped him.

She handed the clothing to Max, reached into the bag, and found the one she wanted, “Here, go pay for this stuff, I’ll be right back.” Smiling at her son, she turned and found a clerk, who directed her to the bathroom. Max paid and he and Emma went to wait by the van. Fifteen minutes later they were still standing by the van, surrounded by bags of new clothes, when they saw June crossing the street with a huge grin on her face. As she came down the sidewalk, Emma ran to meet her, stopping a few feet away with an unasked question on her lips. June nodded happily and the two women began screaming as they jumped up and down in each other’s arms. Max leaned on the van smiling as he felt a warmth spread through is chest. The girls returned to the van, holding hands and smiling. June reached up and gave him a very un-motherly kiss, she didn’t care if anyone saw or not. She wrapped him into a tight hug and whispered, “Thank you so much Max.” He just nodded and smiled. Emma rubbed both their backs gently, happy to be witness to such a loving moment.

“Come on guys, we have to get home.” Emma finally said. Max and June smiled and separated. They quickly loaded the van and drove towards the house, June barely able to contain her excitement.

“Do you want me to call and tell them?” Max asked, still smiling like an idiot.

“No baby, I want to see their faces.” June replied happily. Max nodded and tried to be patient on the drive home, but neither he or Emma could sit still and continued to giggle and laugh. June glanced at them periodically and smiled, amused by their youthful excitement.

As they pulled into driveway they saw Marge and the girls were standing impatiently on the porch. June laughed when she saw the girls in bathrobes, Amy was stomping her bare feet, partly in excitement, partly to stay warm in the chilly fall air. As she parked the van, June lost control of her excitement. As soon as she slammed the shifter into park, she leapt out of the van and ran to Marge’s waiting arms; not even bothering to shut the ignition off. Emma laughed and reached over and turned the vehicle off before she jumped out and ran to the porch with Max right behind her. Max enjoyed a few hugs and kisses and suddenly found himself looking down at Amy’s smiling face, “God, I am so mad at you Max…kiss me stupid.” Max kissed her as passionately as he knew how, causing her to moan, “Damn Max!” She smiled up at him, breathing heavily, “Don’t think that gets you off the hook.”

“Ok guys, in the house and warm up.” He ordered, “I’ll unload the van.” Everyone nodded, and as they all gathered around June and herded her into the house. Max grabbed the keys and bags, locked the van, and headed in the house with the bags of clothes. “Jeeves where is everyone?”

“In the library sir.” Jeeves replied, “And if I may sir, congratulations.”

Max smiled as he responded, “Thank you Jeeves.” He continued past the kitchen and down the hall, entering the library. He was greeted by excited giggles and saw the women all huddled on the couch in front of a roaring fire. He walked in and sat in his favorite overstuffed chair. His mother got up and with the other women watching, sat in his lap, cuddling into his chest. He looked over and saw Emma hugging her mother and Alice holding Amy. All four women watch June cuddling into her son, with small happy smiles. In his experience, this was a danger signal and he instantly felt the butterflies form in his stomach. “What?”

Emma stood and came over and leaned down to kiss his cheek, “Nothing sweetie, we just love you is all.” Max was still on high alert, they were definitely up to something. He was startled out of his thoughts by Jeeves.

“Miss Marge, I hate to disturb you, but you have a phone call.”

“Mike?” she asked with obvious distaste.

“Yes Ma’am, I’m sorry but he is being most persistent.” Jeeves continued.

Marge sighed heavily as she stood, “Well, might as well get it over with…”

“I’m coming with you.” June said as she extracted herself from Max’s embrace.

“June…” Marge started, but June cut her off.

“No, we’re together.” She said as she hugged the red haired women, “So we’ll do this together.” Marge nodded and they walked to the library door arm in arm. Max sat back and closed his eyes.

“Max?” Emma asked quietly. He opened his eyes and saw the pleading look on her face.

He sighed and looked at Amy, “You too?”

“Yes.” Was all she said in a quiet scared voice that nearly broke his heart. He sighed and nodded and the large television above the fireplace opened and blinked to life. They saw as a worried looking Marge stepped into the kitchen, still holding the arm of his determined looking mother.

June looked up and spoke as she and Marge sat side by side at the large kitchen table, “Put it on speaker Jeeves.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Jeeves replied and they all heard the audible click.

“Marge?” Mikes voice came over the intercom speakers.

“I’m here Mike.” Marge responded.

“As am I.” June replied, “You are on speaker phone and you need to be informed that this conversation is being recorded.”

There was a pause and Mike’s voice was heard again, “I would like to speak with my wife alone if you don’t mind.”

“But I do mind.” June replied, “As her attorney, anything you wish to say to her you can and should say to me.”

“You’re her attorney?” Mike asked, the surprise causing his voice to raise slightly.

“Yes, I warned you I would hire the most bloodthirsty lawyer available, I just didn’t tell you it was me.” June replied, her voice dripping with an icy venom that made even Alice shudder. “I gave you her terms, do you wish to contest this divorce?”

“Shut up June!” Mike growled. “Marge, talk to me. It doesn’t have to end like this.”

“And just how should it end?” Marge replied as the tears started to fall. “Am I just supposed to roll over and take it?”

“Marge, I made a mistake, but let’s not throw our marriage away.” Mike replied in a quiet smooth voice that made June’s skin crawl. “Think of the girls.”

“I am.” Marge replied, “Amy is afraid of you and I’m pretty sure Emma hates you. I hope you’re proud of yourself.”

“What did they say?” Mike replied quickly and June smiled when she heard the tenseness in his voice.

“They told us everything.” Marge replied.

“Those little…Look Marge, we need to talk about this. If you are dead set on divorce, we need to come up with more equitable terms.”

“Alice, please come here.” June said as a reply.

“Who the hell is Alice?” Mike replied angrily.

“My investigator, and she has found some very interesting things.” June replied, “Now this information doesn’t ever have to see the light of day if you agree, here and now, to the previously stated terms. If not…”

“I don’t know what those brats told you, but its all lies. Amy never liked me, you know that. I don’t even think she’s mine!” Mike snarled, his wounded male ego getting the better of him. Alice walked in and calmly sat next to June.

“I’m waiting.” June said coldly.

“I’m not giving up everything just because of a few indiscretions.” Mike yelled. “We can split everything fifty-fifty.”

June nodded to Alice and she began to speak, “Mr. Carter, you are correct in one thing at least. What the girls told their mother was indeed incorrect. They said you had six affairs, rather extensive affairs. However, the number I have arrived at is seventeen, starting two months after you married Marge. You shouldn’t really have paid for those hotel rooms with your credit card. Also, you should never allow your paramours to use the telephone in the room, or their cell phone for that matter. They can be tracked and the tracking data is collected and stored.”

“Wha…what?” Mike stammered.

“Please Mr. Carter, this will go faster if you don not keep interrupting me. Now, I believe this number is a conservative estimate. I do have data that hints at several more indiscretions but since the data does not conclusively prove it, I hesitate to include it. However, Mrs. Johansson assures me that it meets the burden of proof in family court; I am skeptical but I am not the expert in that area. Now as for information on some of your business prac…”

“ENOUGH!” Mike screamed, cutting Alice off. “You’re bluffing! No way anyone could pull up that much up on another person so quickly.”

“I assure you sir, that I am quite skilled.” Alice replied.

“Shut up you sanctimonious bitch!” Mike replied. “Marge, you want a fight, fine! I’ll take the girls from you and you won’t see a cent. Bitch, I got some mud on you as well!”

“I assure you that there is nothing you could have that would make a bit of difference.” Alice replied.

“We’ll fucking see!” Mike snarled, his anger getting the best of him. “You want to know what I’ll do to those little bitches of yours, huh? I split them up and send them to boarding schools on opposite ends of the world. Fight me and you’ll never see them again, AND THE’LL NEVER SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN EITHER!” Mike yelled over phone, obviously forgetting that the call was being recorded.

“I think we have enough. We’ll see you in court Michael.” June replied with laughter in her voice. “You really should have spoken to an attorney before you made this call. Please disconnect Jeeves.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Jeeves replied and an audible click was heard.

June looked up at the ceiling, “I assume you were monitoring the call Max?” June replied wearily.

“Yes mom, this includes us as well.” Max replied unrepentantly.

“Its ok Max.” Marge said, her voice breaking. “I’m sorry girls, sorry you had to hear that.”

“We’re not Momma.” Amy’s quiet voice responded.

“Whatever you need, we’re here for you.” Emma added.

“Thank you girls, we’ll be right there, I…I just need a minute.” Marge cried softly as she wrapped June into a tight hug and sobbed on the small fierce woman’s shoulder, “Thank you, both of you.”

“If it is ok, I would like to be with Amy right now.” Alice interrupted softly as she stood.

“Go.” June said quietly as the woman she loved cried in her arms.

Alice quickly made her way back to the library and called Amy’s name. When Amy heard her she ran from Max’s arms and into hers. Alice looked up, saw Emma crying in his loving embrace, and returned Max’s sad smile; their loves needed them and they would give everything they had to comfort them.

Max didn’t know how long he and Alice held the sisters, before the two women returned. Max could tell by her red eyes and puffy face, that Marge had been crying hard. Max felt better when he saw her smile at him, he smiled back hoping it helped. He leaned in to Emma and whispered, “Mom’s here.” Emma turned and ran to her mother, getting there just after Amy. Both girls held on their mother like their lives depended on it, and maybe it did – maybe all their lives did. Alice stepped up behind June and gently wrapped her hands around her and rubbed her stomach. June turned her head around and smiled at her, as Alice kissed her neck.

Max sighed and stepped forward, “Come on guys, sit, we need to talk.”

June nodded, “He’s right.” She led Alice to the couch and Marge joined her with her daughters in tow. Max leaned on the fireplace mantle and sighed again, “Ok, we have to talk about the girls.” Max looked at Marge and June seriously, “We can’t let him have the girls, we can’t even let him see them; for obvious reasons. If we can’t solve this legally, well…well it could get ugly.”

“I don’t have a problem with that.” Alice replied coldly, “In fact I think a little ugliness is called for.”

“Alice…?” Amy asked quietly.

“I’m sorry Amy, I don’t want to scare you, to change how you think of me, but he hurt people I love and I think he should be punished for that.” Alice sighed and dropped her head, “No, that’s not true. He hurt you and now I want to hurt him.”

Amy hugged her tight, “Don’t worry, you can’t do anything to make me love you any less. If you need to, you go get him and I’ll cheer you on.”

“Why don’t we just let him have everything if he’ll agree to leave the girls alone, we don’t need the money or the house.” Max interrupted.

June looked at Marge, “If you agree, I’ll propose it.” June sighed, “But I don’t think he’ll go for that. He thinks the girls ratted him out and he wants to hurt them. He wants to hurt Marge because she stood up to him.”

Amy laughed nervously, “I didn’t know you were a lawyer! You were kinda scary!”

June kissed the small girl and smiled wickedly, “Guess you better not make me mad at you.”

“Me?” Amy giggled, “But I’m a little angel.”

“Mmmm hmmm.” June replied and tickled the little blonde until she collapsed on the couch giggling.

After the laughter died down, Marge gently touched Alice’s shoulder, “Is there anything you can do?”

“Depends on what you’re talking about.” Alice replied quietly, but with a scary smile on her face.

“Nothing violent.” Marge replied quickly as a chill ran down her spine. “He did give me Amy and Emma, and as much of a shit as he is, I do owe him for that at least.”

Alice nodded, “I think I can come up with something appropriate.”

Marge sighed and stood, “I feel dirty, I’m gonna take a shower.” She held her hand out to June, “Wash my back?”

June stood and smiled, “Love to.” Taking her hand, June walked with Marge out of the library, down the hall and to their room. June smiled as she turned Marge away from her and slowly unzipped her dress, stopping to kiss her way down her spine. Marge closed her eyes and moaned quietly as she enjoyed the feeling June’s light kisses. June slowly slipped the dress off her right shoulder kissing Marge’s pale skin, then did the same for the left side. Letting the dress fall to the floor, June undid the clasps on Marge’s bra, sliding her small hands down the red head’s arms as she pulled the garment from Marge’s body. June bent over and slid Marge’s panties down to her ankles and slowly ran her hands up Marge’s legs, causing the taller woman to gasp and tremble in delight.

Marge took a deep breath and turned to face her raven-haired love, kicking her dress and panties to the side of the large room. Marge smiled as she leaned in and kissed June’s lips as she grabbed the hem of the smaller woman’s t-shirt. As she pulled away, she lifted the shirt over June’s head and tossed it over to where her dress lay. Marge wrapped her arms around the smaller woman and lifted her off her feet. She carried her to the bed and sat her down, kissing her again. Marge kneeled between her feet and gently slipped June’s sandals off, tossing them over her shoulder and kissing each foot as she did so. She crawled between June’s legs, undid her belt and unbuttoned her jeans, and slid her pants and panties off together; dropping them in a pile at the foot of the bed. Marge crawled back between June’s legs and gave her several short quick licks, causing June to moan and jerk, “I thought we were gonna shower.”

“All in due time.” Marge giggled, “If you’re gonna be my lawyer, I need to give you your retainer.” June smiled and collapsed backwards onto the bed as Marge licked her again, ending with June’s button trapped between Marge’s lips. Marge then rubbed June’s clit with her nose as she pushed her tongue as deep into June as she could, trying to reach her g-spot. She couldn’t quite do it, but both women enjoyed the attempt immensely. June was soon gasping and trembling as her first orgasm swept through her. As she recovered she noticed that while Marge was licking her, she was sobbing quietly. June sat up and pulled her onto the bed and wrapped her arms around Marge. She didn’t say anything, there really wasn’t anything to say. June just held her lover and let her cry herself to sleep.

Max sat and watched the two women leave the library, then sat back and pulled Emma into his lap. “The bags are for you two.” He said with a smile. Amy smiled at Alice as she pulled her onto the floor and they tore into the bags. It took a few minutes to figure what was for who, but once they did Amy stripped them both and began dressing Alice. Alice had no idea what to so, if she needed clothes before, she just thought about it and she was dressed. She decided that the real world was going to take some getting used to and she was glad she had Amy to help her. As Amy was putting panties on Alice, Emma sat up and laughed, “Did you include her piercing?”

“Of course, she likes it.” Max replied with a smile.

Amy gave the little gold ring a flick with her tongue and Alice jerked. She looked down at Amy, “Wow, it never felt like that before!”

“Oh, there’s gonna be a lot of new things for you to experience and I can’t wait to show them all to you!” Amy replied happily as she stood and kissed Alice hard. Emma giggled and slid off Max’s lap and joined her sister kissing Alice. The girls laughed and began dressing Alice, much to her disappointment. “What’s wrong?” Amy asked as she noticed her expression.

“I thought you wanted to play.” Alice said softly, “I don’t understand why you are dressing me.”

“So we can show you how fun it is to undress you.” Emma laughed.

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