My daughter is into these actresses, whidch is to say she has fantacies, or at least I think she does. I think they are so fuckinhg sexy I wrote this story
It was the last day of shooting for the first season of Sam and Cat. Sam I am, in the show I mean, of course my name is Jeannette , and Cat is played by the sexy tease Ariana.

Okay, so I am bi, what the fuck, isn’t everybody these days. Being around Ariana, every day, all day was really getting to me. She is always hugging me pushing her tight little titties into mine and lightly cupping my ass. We share a trailer and many times she has left the bathroom door open when she showers. I mean what am I supposed to do, not look? The little bitch is an exhibitionist, with her preening in the nude. Leaning into the mirror as she puts her make-up on giving me sweet look at her tight pint pussy. I was determined to take things further. I was going to fuck Ariana Grande, and at the same time I was going to fuck her up. What can I say, it’s in my nature.

So its Friday night, the wrap-party is wrapping up and I come up behind Ariana and give her perfect little ass a slap and hiss in her ear "Meet me in the trailer in five minutes have something to tell you!"

I slipped into the trailer and already I could feel my pussy begin to moisten. I was wearing a tight pink skirt and a low cut top that showed off my firm little titties. I slipped out of my panties, and sat on the love seat opposite the door.

Ariana was right on time and my Friday night seduction could begin. Ariana came into the trailer and flashed that sexy smile of her and sat down next to me.
"What did you want to tell me Jay?" she asked. Jay was Ariana’s pet name for me. If anyone else would have called me that I would have punched them in the face but withy Ariana, well lets just say it turned me on.

"It's nighttime, we are alone. The curtains are drawn for the night and everyone is gone. So I can finally tell you that I am damn tiered of the way you have been teasing me and leading me on the entire time. And don’t say you dare play innocent with me, " I said then sighed. I noticed my hands were trembling.
Ariana put her arm around me. She kissed my cheek, my chin and my jawline. "I'm sorry."

"You don't need to be sorry, my Kitty (my nickname for Ariana). Because I'm going to give you a chance to decide, what you have really wanted all this time. To put it bluntly, are you a cunt tease, or are we going to fuck?"

Ariana, smiled and licked her lips. She sat on my lap, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. Her sweet soft tongue slid into my mouth where it said a happy hello.

"Mmmm, I've been waiting for weeks to do this," She said. "I’m sorry for teasing you Jay, and for making you want me, but it was only because I knew it would help with our on screen chemistry. I knew it would make the tension between us real." She said softly as her thin graceful fingers caressed my cheek.
"That's why you did it Kitten? So it could feed our acting. You are amazing! “I said truly astounded by her sound reasoning.

"I also teased you because I love it, and I could see you loved it too. It was a fun game, wasn’t it? " Ariana said in her breathy baby-talk voice.
"So we have our entire wardrobe for the sow in the trailer, why don’t you change into something that would turn me one," I said as I played with the dress hem.

"Anything you say Jay, I am yours now, " Ariana

"Okay. I want you to wear that tight pink cotton dress with the buttons. With not bra, of course. "

Ariana grinned and batted her eyes. "And what panties should I wear?"

I hated that word in every context except when my Kitten said it. Where it gave me tingles.

"Let’s go with the pale pink silk lace t-backs. They looked so soft when I saw you put them on the other day.

Ariana, skipped to the closet found her outfit and slid into the bathroom, this time closing the door lightly. I stroked my thighs in anticipation and lightly traced my already wet pussy lips with my fingertips.

The door opened with a flourish, "Ta-da! " as she stood there legs spread, her arms raised above her. She skipped to the love seat, "Do I look pretty mommy, " she said a sexy innocent grin on her face. She was playing young, and that excited me.

I pulled my Kitten onto my lap and slid my hand under her skirt.

"Kitten, you look so fucking good to mommy,” I said making my voice sound older..

I cupped her hot pussy with my whole hand. My middle finger lay perfectly along her slit. I could feel her dampness through the fabric, as I pinched her small cunt lips together and pinched them down hard onto her clit. Ariana maid a whining noise and tossed her long red hair back. Then I started to squeeze her entire mound moving her cunt lips back and forth against each other. Ariana's breathing speed up, and became deeper, rougher.

"Oh mommy, aren’t we being bad! I love the way you are touching my cunny, oh mommy don’t stop, " Ariana moaned.

With my free hand my free hand grabbed at my Kittens’ tits, as I rolled and pulled on her hard nipples through the thin fabric of her dress. Ariana hissed through her teeth then lurched forward.

"Look at me Kitten, Mommy is going to touch you baby, mommy is going to touch your slick little cunt okay? " I said as I gave my Kitty a fires look.
"Ohhh mommy I love it when you say cunt, yes touch it mommy, touch my dirty little cunt,” as she leaned forward and kissed me hard, thrusting her tongue deep into my mouth.

I slid my hand into the lace rubbed light circles around her clit. I would circle her clit then stroke down her wet lips. My fingers flashed down and back up. Ariana fucked my mouth with her tongue in time to my circles and strokes.

I felt that she could cum ant any moment. I didn’t want that, not yet so I stopped.

Ariana looked at me in amazement.

"Alright Kitten, time to got to dinner." I said, as if none of this had just happened.

"What the fuck, no! " Ariana groaned grasping at my hand, with aims to push them back in her dripping pussy.

I put on my fake stern voice again and said, "Young lady, do you really think this is the time to be saying no to me. You know that if sassed mommy you must be punished."

The precious angel actually looked stricken for a moment. But it was a testament to her acting ability that it was only a moment.

"You know I would never really sass to you right mommy?" she asked.

"I do indeed Kitten. And this is clearly not a real punishment. I obviously have something secret and sexy planned. Maybe I want you extra horny through dinner, just so it's that much hotter when we get back. Maybe it's so my little Kitten can act a little sluttier. Maybe it's not dinner time yet at all and I have a different surprise altogether. Are you going to just trust me?" I asked her.

Ariana got off my lap, and walked toward the door. She slipped on her opened the door and said, "I most certainly am mommy."

I grabbed the neckline of the dress in each hand and tore it. I roughly pinched her hard little nipples before I tore the dress in two and threw it to the floor. Ariana stood there naked but for panties and shoes in the open doorway. I closed the door.

Ariana looked shocked with a generous salting of scared and angry. "What the fuck Jay?"

I leaned forward, kissed her lips and said, "Trust." When I pulled back and looked in her eyes again the shock was still mostly there but the anger and fear were gone and there might have been a glitter of anticipation.

"As for 'what the fuck?' as you so crassly put it., well that’s where all this ends ."

"And you planned this all to surprise me?" she asked unfazed by her nakedness.

"No, I planned the weekend all for us." I said. "The plans I made to surprise you are just beginning." I tapped her shoe with my toe.

"Like get those off. Kittens don't wear shoes." She took the shoes off, putting them back by the door.

"And the panties." I said. "Kittens don't wear clothes." She blushed and took them down. I would guarantee, with all I learned of her from all the time we worked together on the show, I was certain that blush had nothing to do with nudity, which she loved when it was just us and everything to do with needing to be reminded that kittens didn't wear clothes.

I reached behind the couch cushion and took out a flat box I had hidden there. Like the box a bracelet might come in. I opened it saying, "What kittens wear, is pretty pink collars with bells on them." I took out the collar I'd gotten her. It was a real Ariana collar from a pet shop. It was pink leather, sewn with glittery thread with little flowers done in pink sequins and a little brass bell.

"Oh Jay. A collar." I could tell she meant to make it sound like she was exasperated and it came out sounding thrilled. "Hrmph, I mean," she began.
"I am well aware of what you mean." I said fastening it around her neck. She gave the bell one playful flick before schooling her face into a look of bland acceptance. "As you wish mommy."

"Good I'm glad my kitten feels that way. Because I've been waiting so long to have a pet to cuddle and play with and call my own." I led her over to the couch. "Now you curl up here on the couch and I'm gonna go and make you a snack. Because I've been waiting so long for a special kitten to play with I I am famished." I stroked and petted her.

"Such a good kitten. My kitten is the best kitten." She went in for a kiss and I turned my face. "No no, kitten, no kisses on the mouth."

She looked confused and maybe a little hurt and I put my mouth right next to her ear and whispered. "We're making up this game as we go along. I know we're both people in it for sure, and I know there is definitely going to be sexy times later. And maybe even some kissing on the mouth but not right now, because right now you're a kitty, even though you're a person too. Now lick my hand." I could see that last tiny bit of tension go out of her body. She knew what she needed to know. She knew what role I wanted to play and the rest was just acting.

She licked my hand with the tip of her pretty pink tongue, then she began to press her head against it. petting herself on my hand.

"Oh she's a good kitty, oh she's a smart kitty." I said petting her. She flipped on her back on the couch, arms and legs flopping to the sides.

"Oh does she want her tummy rubbed?" I said, but I was flying on autopilot. As soon as she flashed her sweet hairless pussy , with its thin pink outer lips and soft rounded mound, I was hypnotized. I had seen it from a distance but I had no defense for my Kitty’s cunt.

Luckily for play acting, my brain just skipped a beat and when she wiggled to show that yes she did want her tummy rubbed I was back in the driver's seat.
"Such a good, good girl." I said petting from breastbone to the top of her slit for the first two strokes. Then as I slowed my petting and took it from breastbone all the way over her to tailbone, I sat my weight back on my feet. Leaning over at the same time so my face was close to hers and I was looking in her eyes.
"My kitty is such a good perfect kitty. I love her so much and I'm so glad she's mine." I said it all slow and clear and directly into her sensual brown eyes so she knew how deeply I meant it.

I also hit the 'my' and the 'mine' extra strong because I was beginning to realize belonging to me was an important part of this little play we were acting out.
"Mmmm, you curl up kitten, mommy is going to make you a snack." She pulled her arms and legs in and curled up on her side.

I checked the thermostat on the way to the trailers kitchenette, and turned it up a few degrees. I found a box of Cracklin Oat Bran, which looked exactly like dry pet kibble. I put about half a cup in a shallow bowl with the same amount of milk.

I brought the bowl back to the couch. "Come on Kitty, dindin." Ariana sat up. "Kitties don't eat sitting up silly, it'd fall all down their fur." I placed the bowl down on the other end of the couch and Ariana crawled over and sniffed it.

"Normally kitties don't get to eat on the couch. But I love my kitty so much. If she's a good kitty and eats her kitty food. I won't make her eat it on the floor. " Ariana immediately put her face down and started eating the cereal.

"What a good girl." I said petting her. "Such a good kitty. Oh such a good kitty."

I let my hand drift along her back and then firmly squeeze her hard ass cheeks. I was amazed by how firm and round her ass was. I let my fingers trail along her inner thighs then lightly tickle her pussy while she ate.

"See that, kitty. When kitties are good they get treats." Ariana purred and whined lightly and shifted her weight opening her legs a bit and sinking back a bit so not only did her cunt open but my fingers slipped inside her cunt lips, just a little.

"Oh that is a good kitty. That's a slutty little kitty just like mommy likes. Can you show me how a slutty kitty eats?" I asked feeling Ariana’s juices coat my fingertips.

Willing to do anything to please me, suddenly Ariana's front half was exactly the same. Her long red hair swung to the side, next to the bowl out of the way. Her face in the bowl; happily, though slowly, cause we were playing, eating her Ariana food.

She lifted her perfect ass purring rolled her hips in circles as she began to grinds against my hand, trying to impale her cunt on my fingers. When I shifted them, she chased them with her wet pussy.

"Oh is my little Kitty in heat, does Kitty want mommy’s fingers inside her? Hiss if you do my good little kitty," I said.

Ariana, pushed her ass in the air and let out a wild, "Hissshhhyeaw! "

It was such a turn on to see Ariana , catlike, rolled her hips and how hungrily she thrust her cunt into the air seeking my fingers. I couldn’t take it anymore. I slapped her thighs making her part them wider then with an element of surprise I pushed my long tongue into my co-stars cunt. It was everything my fantasies had told me it would be, so tight and slick and her juices taste strawberries and Perrier .

"Oh fuck,” Ariana moaned, breaking character. I gave her ass a hard slap and she was again a kitten lapping at her milk and making high pitched whining sounds. My lips and cheeks were swimming in Ariana’s cunt juice and I was lapping it up. I pressed my nose into her small but engorged clit and she pushed back hard wanting the contact. I pulled away and with drawing my tongue from her pussy, traced her clit lightly with the tip of my tongue. I could hear her panting and this time when she pushed back I took my tongue away and slapped her ass.

I then slipped my middle finger into her dripping cunt and pressed two fingers to the sides of her clit. With each stroke I filled her tight pussy and tickled her stiff clit. Then to heighten her arousal, I spit on my Kitty’s ass hole and twisted my tongue inside. To her credit Ariana stayed in character, but sent out a yelp as she blew tiny bubbles in her milk. Even my Kitty’s ass tasted like heaven. I let my tongue rim her tight wrinkled hole then curling my tongue and making it stiff I began to tongue fuck Ariana’s hot little ass.

By the way Ariana cunt was churning I knew she was about to pop a cum cookie.

She had finished her food, and with her face in the milk bowel she made high pitched yelping sounds. I didn’t want to taste my Kitty’s cum, not just yet. I removed my finger from her pussy and my tongue from her ass.

"Oooh that's perfect." I exclaimed. Making my delight evident in my voice. "I'm so, so proud of you you ate your food and lapped up your milk . Are you mommy’s slutty little kitten in heat? Your cunny and ass tastes so sweet for such a slutty kitty-cat. Look at how it drips down your kitty thighs. Do you want to taste your juices Kitty? "

I asked already pressing two fingers into her trembling cunt. Ariana pushed back hard but I pulled them out and held them under her nose. She let her pinb k tongue tip lap at the juices while she purred and I pushed them inside her mouth, and began fucking her face.

"Now don’t bite mommy, be a good Kitty. Do you want me to put them back in your kitty cunt? " I hissed. I could see a fierce lust in Ariana’s eyes as she nodded and yowled as she hunched her perfect ass in the air again.

The noise she released, was a yowling screech of a rutting feline. After that knot was untied inside her though, she moved on to more human and, to my ear, far sexier noises. I looked along her beautiful small naked body.

I slapped her ass and buried two fingers deep into Ariana’s slippery cunt hole, her flesh pulling at my fingers with each thrust. My kitting pushed her ass upward to meet each thrust of my fingers; her arms and legs pulled as tightly in as possible, creating more tightness in her hot wet cunt. Her body was covered in sweat and seemed to vibrate as pushed my fingers in as far as they could go.

I locked my mouth over her throbbing clit and sucked hard as she began to whine, and moan. My fingers were flashing in and out of her tender cunt and I sucked her fleshy peanut-sized clit through my teeth and began to nibble on it.

I could tell that her sweet hot pussy was about to explode, and this time I wasn’t going to get in the way of her glorious cum.

My teeth latched on her clit and rode her as Ariana arched her back. Her cunt walls convulsed with such a force my fingers recoiled from her pussy as a gush of cum sprayed forth covering my face and hair. I quickly clamped my mouth over her pussy and took the next ejaculation of kitty cum down my throat. Ariana humped my face again and a third eruption filled my mouth and had me gasping as cum dripped over my chin and down my top.

I licked and kissed and sucked at her pussy for a long time. I consumed every last drop of deliciousness I could find. Ariana laid there her ass still propped up, as she panted and mewed. I took my mouth from her pussy and continued the game as if I hadn't given into my lust for her scent and flavor.

I stroked my hand along her back. "Such a good kitty, nice kitty. Her is a slutty kitty for mommy huh? Yes, you are. Mommy loves what a slutty kitty you can be." I sat on the couch and brought Ariana over to sit on my lap. Right before she sat I adjusted dress, because I wanted her sitting directly skin on skin. I cuddled her close stroking her. Stroking my fingertips down her back along her spine, over the back of her ribcage. Hugging her to me with one arm and petting and stroking her with the other.

"Such a good kitty. Such a good, good kitty." Happily I was able to reach the brush off the table without moving, and I began to brush Ariana's hair as I held her. Eventually I was just brushed and made comforting sounds. "Mmmmm." and, "Sshhh sshhh sshhh," with the occasional whispered, "Good kitty."
Eventually Ariana whispered, "I like this game, Jay."

"Call me Mommy." I said.

"Really?" Ariana asked. "Would you prefer Mistress?" I asked.

Ariana sighed and cuddled in against me, trying to rub her head against me while I tried to brush her hair. Which was just such a perfectly Ariana and perfectly Ariana thing to do, I couldn't tell her to be still. I brushed her hair and cuddled her for a few more minutes. "C'mon kitty, into the bedroom we go." She got up off my lap and began to crawl into the bedroom where we both had taken naps, but as yet not together.

I put on my best horrified gasp and when Ariana whipped around I said, "Kitty, how could you? You messy, messy kitty leaving your kitty juice all over mommy. I am shocked. You are a messy kitty. A messy, naughty kitty. A messy, naughty, dirty kitty. A messy, naughty, dirty, kitty with a messy, dirty cunt. And you got your cunt juice on mommy's clean leg."

I knew I would laugh soon so I had to make this short. "Well get back here right now." I said. Like I couldn't believe she wasn't back yet. She crawl ran back and then looked at me confused.

"Well lick it off!" I said. Again like this should be obvious.

"Really?" My little lover asked. Which really was the perfect thing to do, at least as far as playtime was concerned. Because suddenly I wasn't about to laugh anymore. I wasn't serious. But I was sure as hell back in play mode.

"If you are going to ask that every time you are given a command, you are going to be maddening to train. I assure you it isn't getting yummier the longer you leave it, but my patience is getting shorter." I said, giving her my best 'you are in for it' look.

Ariana crawled over and her lovely pink tongue licked its way up my calf and down my thigh. I shivered and stroked her head and neck while pressed her mouth to the wet spot and sucked it off my sensitive skin.

Although just to be certain she understood my attentions were of a 'I love you' variety and not a 'this is over now' variety I didn't let her turn around afterwards.
"And before you crawl away, kitty slut," I said, picking up the leash of her collar.

"Just to save us time. Any command you are given while wearing this. You needn't ask 'really?' You can just assume the answer is 'yes'."
"Maybe I won't take it off then." Ariana said.

"Did you say something, my pet?" I asked. "I said, 'Yes mommy.' No, wait, that's a lie. I said, 'Maybe I won't take it off then.' It's just we're having so much fun Jaa- mommy."

I patted her head. "I knew what you said. Since you lied to me and almost addressed me by my first name you must be punished. But since you told the truth, and I really like the reason why you lied... But it's still a lie. Obviously, you can't change my mind, but I'm curious. You lied for a beautiful reason. And you almost called me by my first name. which I love you to do and want you to do when we aren't playing. I love you: more than sunshine and root beer and the very breath in my body. Which means I also want to give you a reward. Looks like a challenge. Kneel in the corner facing the wall, and think about what you've done. I will be in in a moment with my decision. "

Ariana looked up at me and nodded, eyes already getting damp. If there was even a hair on my head that wasn't certain the shame was turning her on... But I was. And equally certain as soon as I delivered my silly teasing punishment and she knew there was never even a molecule of hard feelings between us; the whole thing, even the crying would become hot and would be remembered as this roller coaster of sensation. Unfortunately I couldn't give her the good payoff if I didn't allow her to doubt for a second. But it killed me.

I counted to one hundred. I already knew what her punishment was going to be. But I wanted to give her a moment to sit. Enough time to fret. Her punishment was going to be exactly what I planned for tonight anyway in honor of slut weekend. But I wouldn't tell her that. Not because I didn't think she'd go for it. I knew she would. But because then she'd need a different punishment. I went into the bedroom, went straight to my bed and lay down. I counted to fifteen to make sure she was staying in the corner until called. "My sweet kitten pet. You may join me on my bed."

Ariana crawled on her hands and knees into the bedroom and over to the bed and was in my arms. I held her tight as she cried for a moment she could cry at the drop of a hat, all actresses can. I wasn't worried. I was certain that it was just because everything was so intense and that she was enjoying herself.
Just to be totally safe I said. "The word is boysenberry. You get overwhelmed or scared or this starts to feel real. Even if you are just done. The word is boysenberry. You say boysenberry and I'm just Jay your costar on the hottest show on television.. The girl who thinks the sun rises out of your smile. And you are just Ariana the world's prettiest princess and we will just have a sexy sweaty crazy girlfriend's sweetheart weekend."

"No mommy, I'm having fun. It's scary crazy fun like the rides at a carnival where the workers have barely more fingers than teeth. But I like it, and I'm ready to be punished."

"Alright. Your crimes were not doing what you were told and not showing proper respect to me. So for the rest of tonight you will be my property." I touched my finger to her lips.

"If you start to interrupt me again I will slap you in the face."

Ariana looked at me with such naked terror. I sighed and gave her a four fingered tap on the cheek like one would give on the shoulder to someone they were trying to get their attention.

"That is a slap in the face. If you ever look at me again with that kind of fear in your eyes that will be the last time we play these games."

Ariana said, "Understood," and drop it.

"Tonight you will put yourself in my hands completely. I will dress you, style you, you will not question or comment. We will be going out to dinner. We are going to Miley Cyrus's favorite restaurant. Miley's friends are with her, or will have eaten by now. I will order for you. You will be my happy eager slut. You will refer to me as mommy. I will talk to you, and touch you how whatever the fuck way I want to. Do you understand? "

I looked hard into my new lover’s eyes, “If I wish to strip you down and have you walk naked down Sunset Boulevard on my arm, you will trust that I magically made Sunset Boulevard our private lover's lane. What you don't do, is you don't question me or refuse me anything. More than that, my love, my pet. You don't pause."

"Yes Mommy," she sighed.

"Good girl." I said.

"I could listen to you calling me a good girl for the rest of my life and still be thrilled by it." Ariana said smiling up at me from where she lay in my arms.
"Then I strongly suggest you continue to be one." I agreed.

"Good plan." Ariana smiled. "Mommy?"

"Yes my pet."

"I was thinking. That if this is going to be the part of the game where I'm wearing clothes and we're eating in a restaurant. Even if it's also the part where I'm still wearing my collar. And you're mommy and I'm your kitten and I'm not Ariana again yet. Could it also be the part of the game where we kiss?"
She said it so sweetly. I mean of course we were going to kiss, now. We were going to kiss anytime and every time I wasn't saying no, just to add a little difference to a moment. But she said it with such sweetness I had no choice but to kiss her thoroughly right there. Like ten minutes thoroughly. Maybe it would have gone longer if I'd had some cereal too, but as soon as I assured myself that my one true love had been thoroughly and entirely kissed. It was back to playing. I dressed my belle like the Friday night slut she was.

This meant wearing her best jacket and a silver silk tulle top with black bandeau bra beneath and black micro mini.
When I handed her the black lace thong I said, "This is to hold a small pad. As I know you are a messy kitten who has really enjoyed mommy’s attention. Since we are walking there you may wear this to the restaurant and wear it with a fresh one for the walk back. But if I touch you during dinner and find you are still wearing them, I will be very disappointed."

"Yes, mommy. Of course, mommy." Ariana answered, looking down. Then looking up at me through her eyelashes coyly.

"Good girl." I did her hair and makeup very dramatically. Not full whore. But certainly more nightclub then supper club. I dressed myself more businesslike but equally girly. I wanted to be the second prettiest girl there, after Ariana. I would never want to outshine my girl. My pride lay much more in having the prettiest girl on my arm than being her. Which I knew complemented my sweetheart's own style.

"Ready?" I asked, taking her hand. "I just need to visit the powder room." Ariana said. "Okay," I said. Not releasing her hand, waiting expectantly.
"Oh, sorry. mommy, may I use the restroom please?" She asked with a small, 'I'm so silly' smile.

"You most certainly may, my pet." I released her hand. The restaurant was three blocks down and one over. The air was chill, but not bad. Honestly in our outfits, the walk would be both warmer and more convenient to navigate than my motorcycle. When we arrived and I'd given Ariana permission to go to the ladies and take her thong off.

We were eating late enough there was no one around us but not so late the staff was rushing us out or the place seemed dead. We could hear the low murmur that said there were other people there. We just didn't see anyone who wasn't staff. I had my heart on connecting with Miley, but perhaps she was already clubbing.

Our waitress was a lovely Asian woman who was wearing a tiny black dress that showed off her hot, tight ass and perky little breasts. She informed us that her name was Jasmine. Both Ariana and I were checking her out as she led us to a booth in the back. She had straight jet black hair that fell down her as she showed us to a booth in the back corner. The booth had high walls which would be convenient. Both Ariana and I sat on the same side. Jasmine smiled at us as she gave us the menus.

I ordered Ariana a Cinderella and an iced tea for myself. I also ordered her the crab stuffed mushroom appetizer and I got the double smoked bacon. I had gone online and decided everything when I planned this. I had no intention of spending any part of this evening poring over menus but I took a brief moment to check out Jasmin s sexy legs.

I turned halfway in the booth bringing my leg up onto the cushion. Then just lifted Ariana’s narrow hips and sat her in my lap. Wrapping my arms around her, I brushed her lips with mine.

"You're such a good girl, my pet," letting my tongue tip trace her soft lips.

"I try to be, Mommy. I want to be so good for you. I want to make you proud." Ariana sighed.

"Making this show and lusting after you has been so hard," I said.

Ariana smiled. "Thank you. I've never been happier. It's almost like I've never been happy, in comparison. But I meant I have wanted you as much as you have wanted me. Tonight. This is fun. I'm not saying I'd want to do it all the time, but I might like it pretty often."

I kissed her as she talked. I kissed her cheek and along her jaw. When she finished licked her bottom lip with the tip of my tongue as I stroked the inside of her leg. I teased her. My hand moved higher on her thigh, a bit higher on each upstroke.

"Oh momma, go higher," she hissed unable to conceal lust.

I unceremoniously dumped Ariana from my lap as I stood. "You do not tell me what to do. The sooner you learn that lesson the happier I will allow you to be. Now I am going to address some business. You will sit here quietly and when I return, we will try again."

I walked up to the front and found Jasmine. "My girl and I are having a very special dinner." I said, glancing at her perfect titties.
I held five one hundred dollar bills between two fingers.

"That's lovely." Jasmine said softly as she glanced at the money she shifted her hips and licked her lips. "I want to punish her just a little; do you think you can help me with that?”

I put the bills in the palm of my hand and placed my hand on her hip, then moved my hand up over her tight little waist and cupped her small, firm breast.
She didn’t bat an eye, "I can fulfill any services you require Madame,” Jasmine said licking her lips.

"Bring champagne to our table. Pour me a glass, and then follow my lead. And see that we aren't disturbed " I said stuffing the bills between her lovely breasts.

"That will be no problem at all, Madame," I returned to the table. Ariana wasn't crying, but she was looking morose.
I sat down. "I'm sorry mommy, " Ariana sighed.

"You're still learning. But there are consequences, to learning and it may not be easy. " I said moving away from Ariana’s touch.
Jasmine arrived with the champagne and ice bucket.

"Here is the champagne you ordered Madame,” Jasmine said in a sultry voice. She showed me the bottle and popped the cork. She expertly poured the campaigned into a tall flute, bowing enough so that her low cut dress revealed two perfect breasts, and rock hard nipples. Jasmine set the flue in front of me and licked her lips.

"Would you like to taste Madame,” Jasmine whispered as she placed her hand on mine, the warmth of her hand was electric.

"No, Jasmine, I would like you to taste the champagne. I picked up the glass and crawled onto the table, spreading my legs in front of Jasmine as my mini-dress trailed up my thighs and my cunt was exposed.

I handed the glass back to Jasmine, “I want you to taste the champagne out of my cunt,. Do you think you can do that?"

"As you wish Madame,” Jasmine sighed, and placed one hand on the table as she leaned forward and kissed my thighs. She pushed my mini dress over my ass so I could spread my legs wider for her.

I looked over my shoulder at Ariana and her eyes were huge, yet there was no hurt in them, only lust. Already her hand was between her legs, and parting her puffy pink cunt lips.

Jasmine cupped my wet cunt and looked into my eyes as she let the cold champagne dribble over my pussy lips and onto her hand. I hissed to feel the cold bubbly enter my folds and lifted my ass from the table. At that instant Jasmine buried her tongue in my cunt.

"Oh mommy, this is so fucking hot. If this is my punishment, I love it," Ariana moaned.

I reached down and squeezed Ariana’s perfect tits while Jasmine worked her magic on my pussy.

Jasmin's quick tongue lapped up and down my slit and then entered my pussy as she tipped the glass and more champagne gurgled over my stiff clit. Jasmine plunged her tongue in and out of my cunt her and her long finger nails trapped my clit, and pinched hard. I bit my lip and moaned. The combination of the ice cold liquid and Jasmines hot quick tongue pumped in and out took me to the brink.

"Kitty take an ice from the bucket and rub it all over your clit. Oh cum with mommy Kitten, " I was breathing hard and struggled to get the words out.

"Oh yes mommy,” Ariana squealed, grabbed a handful of ice and began to grind it up and down on to her hot little cunt.

I could tell that all of this was turning Jasmine on. She poured some champagne into her mouth and instantly covered my clit with her lips swirling the bubbles back and forth over my clit as she pushed two fingers into my slick cunt. I reached down and pulled on that long lovely hair and rubbed my cunt over her face. She took my clit between her teeth and I exploded. My ass flew off the table as my sticky cream spewed from my cunt and all over Jasmine’s lovely face; she moaned and opened her mouth, taking the second volley of girl juice down her throat.

Ariana, seeing this, squealed and came hard, her cum instantly melted her fist full of ice, "Oh fuck, fuck mommy I am cumming, "she moaned, as she clasped my hand.

Jasmine kissed me hard, and I licked my own cum from her lips and face.

"Lift your dress you hot bitch I said to her. "Take off your heels and climb on the table. "

Jasmine deftly hoped on the table. I smiled, she wasn’t wearing panties either. I cupped my hand over wet shaved pussy. It was so small and slick.
"My kitty and I want to see you cum bitch, " I placed the champagne bottle between her legs.

“I think you know what to do you hot little bitch, " Jasmine gave me a wicked smile and lowered her cunt to the lip of the bottle.

"Oh fuck Madame, put it inside me. " Jasmine said with a whimper.

I tilted the bottle and twisted the neck slowly until the head of the bottle was inside Jasmine’s hot cunt.

Jasmine lowered her self slowly onto the bottle. Her breathing became heavy as she pulled up and lowered herself again. There was now three inches of the bottle neck inside her tight cunt and she looked at Ariana.

"I want her to suck my clit, her mouth is so fucking sexy, " Jasmine whimpered.

Ariana didn’t need my approval she leaned forward and let her tongue flick back and forth over Jasmine’s clit. The waitress closed her eyes and hissed as I turned the bottle allowing her to take another inch into her tight cunt. Her juices dripped down the bottle and onto my fingers which I licked clean. I was proud of Ariana as she slurped and licked on Jasmine’s tiny throbbing clit.

Jasmine trembled pushing the bottle in deeper, "Oh fuck yes lick and suck me just like that I am going to cum all over this fucking bottle…oh fuck yes, "
Jasmine’s thighs trembled and I watched as her cunt convulsed. I steadied the bottle as Jasmine came hard, and coated the bottle with her juices. I twisted the bottle and noticed her cum also flowed into the bottle. Ariana gave Jasmine’s clit a long suck and the lovely Asian waitress came again this time my tongue lapped up and down the bottle tasting her sweetness as she slowly lifted off the bottle.

"Oh fuck that was amazing, “she said as she gingerly stepped down from the table and lowered her dress.

I kissed Jasmine hard on the mouth so she could taste her own juices.

"This is the best service we have ever had, " I said grabbing Jasmine’s hard ass.

"Will there be anything else Madame, " Jasmine said grinning.

"Well, who’s to say, the night is young, " I said slipping my hand between the waitresses legs for another taste of her sweet cunt. .

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I have a 12 yr old daughter who is obsessed Jennette McCurdy. After reading this, I get kind of turned on when I watched Sam and Kat with her. Then she stared to cuddle and i totally felt up my own girls tight little ass...she didn't move away. Next time we watch the show I may start caressing her tight little cunt...mmm loved this story.

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