Story 578
I came out of the asteroids and headed towards the station. The huge station was constantly moving slowly along the edge of the belt. I slipped into the pattern and once I was inside the inner markers turned to head for my bay and the buyers waiting for me. I was new to prospecting but still made good money using a small converted cargo ship.

I let the three men look over the scan readings on my cargo before they bid. Two hours later the last of the large containers slipped out of the bay. I closed the airlocks and went to the huge bay office which was my home to order more containers. I stripped and tossed my clothes into the recycler before walking into the fresher and then the shower.

I dried off when I came out and put clean clothes on. It was still early by station time but that was the times I liked it. I walked out and locked the station entrance to the bay. The huge set of quarters I entered a little later only had a few young women or teenagers in the large front room. They were wearing sheer clothing or just stockings and breast supports.

One stood and walked to me with a sweet smile, “you are late today Miles.”

I smiled as I caught her and gave her a soft kiss, “I had work to do beautiful.”

I turned with her as she slipped an arm around my waist, “the usual?”

I grinned as we walked into the wide hall, “I have a usual?”

She grinned as she went past a couple of doors, “you like to lick us and then fuck in several positions until you empty your balls.”

I laughed and gave her a squeeze, “true.”

She turned us in at an empty door and closed it behind us, “first to pay and then we play.”

I let her go and pulled my comp as she stopped beside a dresser. She held hers out and I entered how much which was a few hundred credits. After we finished she grinned and moved towards the bed. I undressed and followed her and moved onto the bed as she laid back. I leaned down and began to lick through her berry tasting pussy and she sighed.

She wiggled and slowly lifted her hips as I kept licking her and then began to nibble. When I caught her clit and sucked hard she gasped and shuddered as she humped, “ooohhh!”

I squeezed it between my lips before using my tongue to tease it. She wiggled and squirmed and moaned as she tilted her hips and spread her legs more. She spasmed every couple of minutes and finally I stopped and moved up while she panted. I gave her a kiss as I slowly buried my cock, “nice flavor Georgia.”

She grinned and humped while her pussy squeezed, “thanks.”

I began to fuck her slowly with long strokes and she sighed and lifted her hips to meet each one. A minute and her pussy was wet and slippery and constantly massaging my cock. After several minutes I buried my cock to rub and grind and she jerked and shook, “mmmm!”

She hugged me as she struggled and I pulled back to fuck her firmly. She thrust up hard each time I pushed in. She knew I needed to cum and her pussy tried to help. It grasped and squeezed and tried to milk my cock. I fucked her hard and deep for a couple of minutes before shoving into her.

I kissed her and spewed and gushed a stream of cum. She screamed and jerked and spasmed while clutching me, “yyyeeesss!”

When I stopped spurting she sagged to the bed panting and I rolled. She grinned as she sat up and wiggled before starting to slid her slimy cunt back and forth. I fucked her eight times before I stopped and she sighed and laid beside me. She rubbed my chest with her head on my shoulder.

She finally rolled and moved off the bed, “come on cowboy, I will wash you.”

I smiled as I moved off the bed and followed her. This was something they had started doing after we finished. Before I left I gave her a kiss, “thanks Georgia.”

She smiled, “Naomi wants you next time.”

I grinned, “tell her to pack a lunch.”

She laughed as I walked out, using them might be expensive but trusting a woman could cost me a lot of pain. I returned to the bay and went to sleep and woke to my alarm. I ate breakfast as I looked over the general belt scans and the few claims from other prospectors. I checked my ship and loaded the new containers.

I separated from the station and turned to head away. I accelerated under the belt and turned to follow it before I slipped in. This was the dangerous part, watching and dodging the asteroids as I got close enough to do deep scans. I slowed even though a deep scan showed I did not really have anything.

There was something strange about the visual scan and I zoomed in. I jerked as I sat up and twisted and started checking any and all other asteroids around me. I moved the ship closer as I registered a claim and locked the grav tractors. I started several more scans and blinked at what I saw.

I started looking for a way out before I engaged the engines and began towing my find. I opened my comm after doing some research, “Glen station this is the Ginger.”

It was a moment before I was answered, “go Ginger.”

I was watching the scans as I turned and adjusted my path, “I have a find Glen. It is the remains of a structure on and in an asteroid. My scans show two million cubic meters of some type of atmosphere inside it. Could you notify the federation rep?”

It was a minute before they answered and I could finally see a clear path out, “Ginger the rep requests you leave a marker beacon.”

I snorted, “not likely Glen. I am towing it out and if they want to buy it they can meet me, otherwise I will contact a few collectors.”

I heard them chuckling before they answered, “switch on your ship beacon Ginger.”

I turned to flip a switch, “on and transmitting.”

I glanced at the scans as the ship and asteroid slipped out of the belt and into clear space. I started under the belt as I turned to arm and charge several very powerful mining lasers on my ship’s hull. I had learned a lesson right after I got here when belt pirates had destroyed another prospector’s ship and stolen his find.

An hour later I picked up two large ships running without ship identifiers. I checked around me as I opened the comm, “Glen this is Ginger I have two unidentified ships on scan and headed for me.”

“Leave the rock and get out of there kid!”

I growled, “I do not think so.”

A missile exploded in front of me a moment later as the comm screamed. I shifted and looked at the two ships as they used grav tractors on the asteroid. I turned to aim the lasers as they headed to each side of my ship. I double checked the aim before I fired the lasers. They were designed for deep core mining and to cut through huge metal rich asteroids.

The two ships had the normal screen but were not designed to stop a laser. The ships were sliced open from bow to stern and their reactors exploded. My comm returned as only debris floated where the two ships had been, “Glen this is Ginger. The two ships have been destroyed. You can let the system peace officers know so they can search for remains.”

It was a full minute before they answered, “we will pass the information along.”

It was several hours before I got the offer for the asteroid and did not hesitate to except. Of course the offer was subject to a check and tests. When I was finally clear of the belt I turned towards the station. An hour later I got the call and saw the federation cutter moving towards me. I shut down and waited and let the cutter dock at an airlock.

The four men that entered looked around as I led them to the bridge. All the stations had repeaters for the command chair but I took them to the scan station. I let them pull up the record of my initial scan and then the others. I touched the visual scan and one glanced at me before pulling up the record.

He hissed when he saw what I had and they all looked at it. The cutter had much better scan equipment and moved back to the asteroid. We got a clear read of the atmosphere gasses and the men seemed excited. Finally one transferred the very large payment before they went back aboard the cutter and a large tug came out from the station.

I returned to the station and my bay and docked. I refueled and did some maintenance before going to shower and change. When I walked into the crib there were a few more people and a teenager with yellow hair walked towards me, “just in time.”

I shook my head as I kept looking around, “I do not think so Mary.”

She frowned, “I am the best fuck in the house.”

I snorted as I pushed past her and walked towards another teenager. The short black haired girl spun when I caressed her hip. She grinned, “Miles!”

I pulled her close, “you having a party?”

She looked around, “for Mary but they are a little rough.”

I pulled her towards the hall, “well the next couple of hours are mine.”

Naomi grinned as she caught my hand and started walking faster, “I always enjoy your time.”

After she pulled me into a room she closed and locked the door. I pulled my comp as she sighed and held hers up. I paid and she grinned and began undressing as I took my clothes off and followed her onto the bed. I gave her a kiss and she almost turned her head away from me but did not.

I kissed down her body as she sighed and spread her legs, “you are a strange man.”

I captured her clit and sucked while wiggling my tongue. She squirmed and lifted her hips, “mmmm!”

I licked through her pussy and went back to her clit. I nibbled and sucked and licked through her slit again as she moaned and humped. I kept licking her for several minutes until she shuddered and jerked and finally moved up. She tilted her hips and spread her legs as I sank my cock into her, “aaaahhhh!”

I kissed her as I settled and then pulled back, “you always say that.”

She giggled as she shook me and I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. Each time I buried my cock I would rub and grind and press into her. After several minutes she jerked and spasmed as her pussy clenched, “yyyeeessss!”

Her pussy became slippery and kept grasping my cock as I used long strokes that almost pulled my cock out each time. I continued to fuck her and plant my cock as deep as I could. She wiggled and humped and clutched me as she yelled. I finally shoved into her and pushed as I pumped and gushed sperm.

She screamed as she convulsed while her pussy constantly tightened, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

When I was done I held her and rolled and helped her sit up. She grinned as she wiggled and then began thrusting back and forth. After eight times I stopped and she sighed and laid on me to catch her breath. She finally moved out of bed and turned to pull me after her towards the fresher and the shower.

She washed me and kept caressing me and when she was done she gave me a kiss, “Helen wants you next time.”

I held and caressed her hips, “just do not add Mary to the selection.”

She grinned, “we won’t.”

After I returned to the bay and my quarters I ate and laid back to think. The asteroid could have been part of a larger complex... I fell asleep and woke to my alarm before getting up. I dressed and headed to my ship and left the station. Since the station had been moving it was not far to the area where I had found the asteroid.

I began scanning for matching atmosphere as I moved over the belt. It was hours before I got a hit and I had passed over several metal rich asteroids. The asteroid I found was huge and deep in the center of the belt which is why no one had gone after it. I turned and drifted as I started searching for a way in.

I finally found it and used the thrusters to turn the ship before I accelerated down and into the belt. I wove through and around asteroids as I brought the grav tractors online. I had plotted a way in and out and barely slowed as I locked the tractors while I moved over the asteroid. I had come in from the top but turned and towed the asteroid after me towards the far side.

I armed my lasers and started a long in depth scan now that I was closer. The empty space inside the asteroid that still held atmosphere was huge and easily ten times the size of the last one. Once I was out of the belt I started up and then over and finally I registered a claim. It would still be a few hours before I reached the station but someone was watching the claim registration.

The comm opened, “Ginger this is Federation cutter Looker.”

I frowned as I continued to move. Looker had been the cutter the last buyers had used, “this is Ginger.”

“We see you have claimed a large asteroid. Would it be like the last one?”

I checked my proximity scans, “possibly.”

“May we inspect it with the intent to purchase if it is?”

I grinned, “I am on course back to the station with the asteroid in tow if you would like to meet me.”

“We will be there shortly.”

I sat back and relaxed but kept looking at the scans and only one ship was headed towards me. Like before they docked with my ship before we looked at the scans. That was when I learned the other asteroid had sealed doors to the interior. I used the tractor to rotate the asteroid and we all saw the large metal door that almost looked like a huge airlock.

That was enough, they started the bargaining and I used the size of the atmosphere compared to the first one as a starting point. When they left I was very rich and headed to the station while they called for a tug to move the asteroid. I docked and refueled and cleaned up before heading for the crib.

I was almost there when I saw the three men ahead move away from a wall. I slowed and glanced back to see three more following me and palmed a short wand from a thigh pocket. As I approached the three in front they spread out to block the way and the one in the middle snarled as he start pulling a pistol, “this is for...”

I turned my hand and touched a stud on the wand and the man had a surprised look as the sonic lance punched a hole through his chest. I shifted and turned as I brought my hand up while still walking and shot the one on the right in the head. The first man fell to the deck as the others finally began to react.

I brought my hand across my body and shot the third man twice in the chest before spinning. The three following had stopped but were still in range as I lifted and pointed the wand. I fired and the one on the right was hit through the left eye. I side stepped to my right as they lifted their weapons and fired.

They missed and I aimed at the one in the middle before touching the stud. A hole was sliced through his throat and he jerked as the last man spun and started running. I fired and he staggered as the lance barely caught the back of his legs before he was out of range. I looked around at the men dead or dying.

I finally used my comm, “this is Miles Steele. I was just attacked by men with weapons at junction... D23 level 9. Five are down and one is fleeing with an injury.”

“Stay there and a peace office will be there in a minute.”

It was more like a dozen peace officers and the men were wanted criminals and the sixth man was found on the next level down before he bled out. It was an hour before I could leave and continued to the crib. When I walked in it was quiet and only a couple of girls were out. I smiled as a bright blue haired girl in a nighty walked to me, “Helen.”

She pressed against me and gave me a kiss, “Naomi said you would be mine today.”

I turned her and slipped an arm around her waist, “that sounds like a plan.”

She grinned as she let me stir her towards the hall. In her room I paid her before I began to undress. She pulled her nighty off as she backed onto the bed, “did you hear what the station council is planning?”

I followed her onto the bed and gave her a kiss as I moved down, “no.”

She sighed as she spread her legs, “they are going to prohibit prostitution.”

I started licking through her pussy and she shivered and lifted her hips. I nibbled and licked and pushed my tongue into her. She shuddered and moaned and squirmed as I covered her clit and went to work. It was a couple of minutes before she jerked and spasmed as she rolled away.

I grinned as I moved up behind her and kissed her bare shoulder before lifting to push into her. She moaned and tilted her hips as she looked back. I slowly buried my cock and pressed as I settled and she grinned over her shoulder at me as her pussy clenched. I began to fuck her with nice long strokes and she sighed and squirmed.

A few minutes and she was shaking and her slippery pussy was constantly gripping my cock. A few more and I was fucking her firmly and pressing to get deeper and she began to grasp the bed and yell. She was kicking the bed and struggling when I shoved into her and gushed and began to pump strong spurts of sperm.

She jerked and spasmed as she screamed, “yyyeeeeesssss!”

I kept pushing as I spewed and when I was done I pulled out and laid beside her. She was panting and grinned as she turned and straddled me and slowly sat on my cock. By the time we were done I was tired and could have slept. Instead Helen pulled me into the fresher and washed me. When we came out and into the large common room everyone was talking.

I looked around as Helen went to see what was going on. I shook my head and started for the door. I was opening it when Georgia, Naomi and Helen caught me. Georgia turned me and pulled me to one side, “the council passed the law against prostitution.”

I looked at them, “what are you going to do?”

Naomi grinned as she rubbed my chest, “you are a lone prospector right?”

I narrowed my eyes, “yes.”

They grinned and Helen hugged my arm, “how would you like a crew?”

I blinked as I looked at her, “crew?”

Georgia pressed against me, “yeah. One or all of us can still fuck you and we can work for you.”

I thought about it and shook my head, “you would have to move into the bay office with me. I tend to go out at odd times and if...”

They laughed and Helen kissed me, “give us ten minutes.”

They ran off and I had time to think which almost made me leave. I did not really need attachments but I had come to look forward to being with one of the three girls. By the time we got to my bay there were a lot of angry miners and prospectors. The girls looked around the huge office before grinning as they settled in.

I took a minute before I went to the corner where I had set up my kitchen. The next thing I knew they were there helping. By the time we finished I was yawning and they grinned and helped clean up. I woke to Naomi half on me and turned my head to see Georgia and Helen. I was tempted but saw the time and started waking them.

We washed and dressed and I searched for and found extra evac suits. The girls were excited and I talked as I moved the ship and headed for the belt. When we returned every container was full of extremely rare ore worth a lot more than I had every thought to make. I had six buyers waiting and they took their time looking at the scans before they bid.

We unloaded the cargo, ordered more containers and did the maintenance and refueling. I led the girls into the office as they almost bounced. They washed me and Georgia pulled me out while Naomi and Helen washed. She dried me and herself before grinning as she pulled me to the bed. I grinned as I laid her back and knelt beside the bed while she spread her legs.

I licked through her pussy and captured her clit before I began to suck and nibble and tease it. She sighed and moaned as she lifted her hips. I kept licking her and teasing her clit and she began to pant and shudder before suddenly reaching down to pull me up. I followed as she turned on the bed and moved over her.

I kissed her as I pushed into her and buried my cock. She groaned and tilted her hips as I pulled back. I began to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts at first. She lifted her hips and humped as I kept fucking her. I used long strokes and after a couple of minutes she spasmed and started jerking.

Her pussy clenched and she clutched me and screamed, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I fucked her firmly and kissed her as she thrashed and bucked. It was another few minutes before I buried my cock and held and kissed her while pumping and spewing sperm. She hugged me tight and shook as her pussy massaged my cock while it filled her. When I was done she sighed and sagged to the bed.

I pulled out and was going to roll her over but she rolled out of bed. I hesitated but Naomi crossed the room and laid down to caress my chest, “do me from behind hard?”

I grinned and gave her a kiss before she turned onto her stomach and lifted her hips. I moved behind her as she spread her knees wide and slowly sank my cummy cock into her. She pushed back and I began to fuck her with long strokes. I held her hips as her pussy became slippery and then I fucked her hard and deep.

It was not long before she was grasping the covers and shuddering while her pussy clenched. She yelled and screamed and continued to push and shove back. After several minutes she was spasming and incoherent as I held her up and kept planting my cock. It was not much longer before I sank my cock into her and spewed and pumped cum.

She jerked and her pussy tightened to grasp my cock, “YYYEEESSSS!”

When I finished she laid forward and my cock came out. She panted and looked back with a grin. I rubbed her butt as I moved and laid beside her. She turned and gave me a kiss before she rolled away and off the bed. I looked at Helen as she grinned and climbed in, “can I get a ride cowboy?”

I grinned as I helped her straddle me and slowly sit on my cock. She sighed and shivered before smiling, “after working all day I really need this.”

She started to rub her pussy on me and roll her hips. She shivered and shuddered and began to twist and push down firmly. Her pussy kept grasping my cock each time she lifted or pulled forward. A few minutes of me feeling and kneading her breasts and she spasmed. She jerked back and forth as she wet me, “aaaahhhh!”

She bounced and kept shoving down onto my cock harder, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

When she almost fell I pulled her down and rolled before I began to fuck her with deep strokes. She wrapped her legs around me and clutched me as I continued to fuck her, “mmmm!”

I pressed and began to grind with each thrust and she started to convulse, “ooohhhh!”

It was a couple of minutes before I buried my cock and kissed her while pumping spurts of cum. She jerked and her pussy tightened when she felt the warm sperm, “YES!”

When I was done I rested and then slowly pulled out. She grinned as she rolled out of bed and Georgia climbed in. I fucked all three of them twice before they stopped and pulled me back to the fresher for another shower. We ate and I sat with them as they selected a vid to watch. When it was over I was pulled back to bed where they took turns with me again.

We have made a lot of credits since they came to live and work with me. It is like they are my good luck. After several years we quit and the girls picked a colony. Now I still get my daily relief and we get to walk on a beach or swim during the day.
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