Ell has had ebnough bullying and has went over the edgen She trues to commit suicide is kevin in time or does his love leave this world without knowing jevin want to marry her? read and find out!
Ell wakes up with Kevin's arm draped over her body. The covers were on floor and she looked over at Kevin. He had a boner. 'Fuck, is he ever limp?' she thought. He must be having a dream. She giggled hearing him talk in his sleep. That wakes him up and he turns to look at her. She giggles. "What were you dreaming about?" She asks. "How god damn beautiful you are." he says. " Well I must be really beautiful if i keep giving you a boner." she says. He smiles. "You are. You are so fucking sexy." he says pulling her in for a deep kiss. She finds her way into his mouth easily. "Make love to me." Ell says. "Ell you know and i know that i can't. I will hurt your sexy body more that it is. And i wouldn't want to ruin a beautiful fucking girl like you."" He says. She frowns,"please...? Do it for me. I need you so badly." she says.

"Okay. But not to hard baby." he says stripping. She watches. "Hey, your clothes off to. Mine are." He says. "I want to be able to see evey inch of you." She starts stripping, he helps her take her top off so she doesn't hurt herself more than she has to. He waits for her to make the first move. She waits for him to make the first move. No one moves they just look each other up and down. She giggles, "get over here, my naughty boy." He leans in and kisses her. "Lets make it quick." he says. She frowns until her starts softly thrusting into her, and then her expression changes to pleasure.

He goes gently but hard at the same time. He shoves in her sex and eventually feels her pussy pulsing and tighten on his cock, that sends him over the edge and he releases his seed in her sex. Her pussy pulses and she feels waves of pleasure rush through her. His hands are right on her hips careful not to toich her rib cage. He really wants to give them girls a talking to. They both stop cumming and he leans down kisses her and rolls over.

He gets dressed and helps her get dressed. She has to miss school until she heals so everyday he has to get her homework.One day he goes to get her homework and spots Amber and Crystal he tells his self keep walking but he can't bring his self to keep going. "Hey." he says acting normal. " what do you want you incest boy." Amber says. He grabs he wrist and pushes her up against the wall doing the same to Crystal. "Because of you guys Ell has broken ribs. She has to miss schook for two weeks and I'm getting pissed off that people keepmessing with my girl. Fuck we don't care that were dating and neither does our dad. We no longer see each other as brother and sister. we see each other as lovers. who cares if that's wrong that's what we want and the sooner you start excepting that for me and especially for Ell, the better you guys will be. so leave Ell around or you'll be dealing wit me understand?!" he lectures. They nod and he goes to get her homework.

"Oh my god i didn't mean to do that to ell we better leave her alone now." Crystal says. Amber glares at her. "He's going to hurt us." crystal says. "Oh please, he wont do shit. Hell get in trouble. Ell has got something coming to her." She says telling her friend her little plan.

Ell lays in bed waiting for Kevin. He's taking longer than usual. She worries. Then she hears the front door open and shut again.He walks in. "Just math. 10 problems. Are you in the mood?" he asks. She doesn't answer. She starts to cry. He comes over and hugs her. "Baby what's wrong?" He asks. "What would.... what would mommy think of me." she asks thinking of her mother.He thinks. This brings back memories of his mother. He's close to tears. "She love us no matter what we chose. " He says kissing her cheek. "Ill do your homework. you rest." he says. "But-" he cuts her off. "No buts missy." he says.. He sits down next to her as she tries to sleep. While sleeping, she tosses and turns. He wonders if she's thinking of mom. This is the first time he thought of his mom in awhile. He cries thinking of her. Ell is not fully asleep and hears Kevin. "Kevin baby, what's wrong?" She asks hugging him. He tells her. She says sorry for bringing it uo kisses him and lays back down. He finishes her homework and puts it in her folder.

He lays down next to hee, immediately getting a raging hard on, which is pressing in between her thighs and under her sweet pussy. She feels it humping it. He moans moving with her strokes. She moans softly, barely hearing anything. He cums squirting sperm all over her thighs, she cums feeling his warm sticky sperm on her thigh. She wipes it off.He sits there waiting for his breath to return to normal. "Ell?" He says. She doesn't answer for a long time, he thinks shes asleep and she says "yeah?" He jumps at the sound of her voice. "I handled everything at school for you."he says. She's fully awake now, sits uo, and turns to look at him. "What did you do?" she asks nervously. "I talked to Amber and her friend about everything and told them if they messed with you again then they'd be dealing with me." he says. " Kevin, you shouldn't have done that." she says frowning. "Why not?" he asks. "Its going to make everything a lot worse." she says. "Thays why I'm here." he said. They talk briefly and then get some sleep.

Three weeks later Ell is back in school. Amber is doing the morning announcements over the inercom and instead of the regualr announcements she says, " we would like everyone to know we have a special Incest student that just returned today and we would like to help her with her little incest problem. Ella white, should be ashamed." She says laughing. The principal comes over, "that's enough of that young lady, Ella please come to the office." she says as the intercom goes off. Everyone laughs and instead of going to the office she ditches school running as fast as she can home. She's done, she needs to leave.

She gets home and Kevins not there. He probably went to buy more pills, he mentioned that this morning. She wrote a note. The note said, ' Dear Kevin and dad, School was horrible. ai can't take Amber and Crystal any longer. I'm sorry. I love you very very very much Kevin and i am sorry to leave. I hope you will find the perfect woman one day, she will be really lucky to have a sweet handsome boy like you. Daddy, i love you very much to, thank you for understanding me and Kevin. Please helo him get through this awfuk time. I love you both with all my heart. I have a had a very happy and interesting life. Thank you, but I think its time for me to live with mommy now. Love you always, Ell!" she was bawling, her legs were weak, she could hardly breathe. She grabbed a knife and ran in the second bathroom where there was a bath tub and sat in it. No one would find her for awhile here.

She shook so badly. Its time to say goodbye.


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