More training for the girls
Daddy Aquires Lexi

The week before Kimberly visits
more training for the girls

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Chapter 12

Maggie and I finally went to bed after an evening of some incredible, imaginative, and intensely satisfying sex. Needless to say, we slept like babies all night long. When it was time for sexy Lexi to get up and get ready for school, I got her up and went to make her a hot breakfast, letting my lovely Maggie sleep. She did have an exciting night of firsts. She never had so many orgasms during one session. Ever. And I was glad that I was the one who gave them to her. I don’t ever want her to leave Lexi and me, and I’ll always want to give her something she won’t be able to experience anywhere else. That was my thinking anyway, egotistical or not.

Which reminded me, I had to make a trip to my favorite jewelry store, and then do some online research.

I got a call back from Kim, our hot high school student/waitress (see Chapter 7), telling me that she not only could come over that Friday night, but she rearranged her schedule at work so she could stay the whole weekend! After informing Lexi and Maggie, they were both incredibly excited to see her again, and were doubly excited when I told them that she could stay the entire weekend.

“God, Daddy,” our 13 year old sexpot daughter Lexi exclaimed, “I hope we don’t get dressed the whole weekend. I think Mom and I will be having our heads between Kim’s legs the whole time. I can’t wait to taste her.”

“I hope you and your mom won’t be the only ones, beautiful girl,” I answered.

After Lexi left for school and Maggie went to her Women’s Wear Shoppe, I did a quick check of my invest-ments, and did the online research that needed to be done. Afterwards, I headed downtown to the jewelry store. After some time there, and conversing with the store’s designer, I chose a design for a ring which incorporated the three birth stones of our family. I also started working on a list of the various subcontractors to build our new house. After making a couple of phone calls, I went to the gym to work out. Afterwards, I went home and took a shower and a nap. I had to keep my strength up, after all.

I had on some sweat pants and no shirt. I was also barefoot. I was not wearing underwear. I figured that when our hot and wet daughter got home, I wasn’t going to need it anyway.

Running from her bus into the apartment, sexy Lexi yelled “Daddy, I’m home! Where are you? I really do need you right now!”

“I’m in the bedroom, sweetheart. Don’t forget to lock the front door. We don’t want to be disturbed, do we?”

I called standing with my arms crossed, accentuating my biceps and shoulders, with my cock awakening and my sweat pants beginning to tent.

Lexi stopped cold in the doorway leading into the bedroom. She looked a bit surprised to see me standing there.
She stopped and openly admired me and settled her gaze at my crotch, watching my cock rise to the occasion and push my pants out.

“Before you get too distracted,” I instructed, “come in here and slowly take your clothes off for me.” To keep her motivated, I pulled my sweat pants down, with my now hard 8’ cock springing up. I kicked them aside. I put my hands behind my back (ala Lexi and her mom), and thrust my pelvis forward.

“It’s for you my darling daughter. It’s for you and your mom. Both of you can always have my hard cock whenever, wherever, and however you want it.” I softly informed our stunning 13 year old. “My cum is always for the two of you.”

Moaning and gazing at my rigid pole, Lexi unbuttoned her blouse, and let it fall to the floor, revealing her little bra which did nothing to hide her excited nipples. Next, she unfastened her jeans and slowly pulled them down and pushing them off of her feet exposing her soaked panties which was adhering to her drenched labia. I couldn’t believe it! The girl was soaked already! I couldn’t help but marvel how receptive and anxious she was to do our bidding. Reaching behind her, she unfastened her bra, and let it slide down her arms to join her blouse and jeans. Her breasts were still small, but her nipples were hard. Her panties were transparent with her juices. Putting her arms behind her back, she thrust her chest and excited nipples to me.

“I know they aren’t much now Daddy, but these will always be for you and Mommy. Both of you can have me as you wish whenever, wherever, and however you want. I’ll always belong to my parents who I love more than anything else in the whole world,” our slut-child averred.

Her poor English aside, as I admired our daughter’s naked body, my cock was getting harder as I was thinking that this young child was ours to do with as we pleased. “Turn around beautiful girl so your back is to me, and keeping your legs straight, pull your panties down, take them off, and toss them to me. And with your back to me, stay bent at the waist with your legs together. I want to look at and admire your soaked pussy.” I softly ordered. “Display yourself to me, sweetheart. Show me you belong to your mom and me.”

Of course, she did exactly as I told her. When she threw me her drenched panties, she looked over her shoulder with her hair in front of her eye in the enticing “come fuck me” pose, to see what I was going to do with her panties. My god! Her ass was perfect!

“Watch, beautiful girl.” I put the soaked crotch in my mouth and sucked her juices. “You taste delicious, Lexi. I think Kim is going to want to have her head between your legs all weekend too.” Lexi smiled, turned her back to me, and finished the execution of my order. Keeping her legs straight, she bent at the waist and grabbed her ankles, giving me the perfect view of her perfect ass, and an absolutely beautifully soaked, adolescent pussy needing to be fucked.

“Like this, Daddy? Is this how you want me? Can you see how wet I am for you? Can you see how much I need your cock? Mom and I agreed that we feel so empty when we don’t have your cock in us. Not just literally, either. There’s something missing in our lives when you aren’t connected to us. We agreed that we live for you, your kindness, your thoughtfulness, your guidance, your love, and of course, your cock, Daddy,” our child confessed. “Please, Daddy. Come and fuck me. Fuck your daughter who has promised her heart, mind, body, and soul to you.”

While our little lolita was still bent at the waist, I approached her beautiful butt and stopped. Bending my knees
a bit, my hard cock made contact with her lovely inviting cunt. While I was in position to give her a mind blowing fuck, it occurred to me to spread her butt cheeks to see if she was sticking to her training. Indeed she was.

“My beautiful daughter, I’m so impressed that you’re taking your anal training so seriously. What size butt plug are you wearing?” I asked. “Do you like it? How does it feel?”

“Thank you for noticing, Daddy. It’s the medium. And it is absolutely heaven. I can’t believe how good it feels, especially when I sit down.” she giggled. “I am SO looking forward to when you fuck mom and me in the butt this coming weekend. I promise that we’ll both be ready for your awesome cock. We’re going to start using the large ones tomorrow or the day after. After this weekend, you’ll be able to use any of our holes.”

“That’s my beautiful daughter. I am so proud of you and your mom. I really and truly think that you both are going to love the feelings of taking my cock up your butts.” I predicted.

Again, I had to bend my knees a bit to get just the circumcised head of my 8” into her.

“Oh, Daddy! Yes! Thank you! Thank you! Fuck your daughter!” Lexi moaned. “Give it to me!
Oh my god, Daddy! No! Don’t pull out! You’re not even in me yet,” she sobbed when I started to retreat.

I pulled the head of my cock out of her wet cunt and stood her up and tuned her around. Holding out my arms, “come to me, my beautiful, soaked one. Jump up on me.”

Realizing what I wanted, with a big smile, Lexi jumped up and wrapped her arms around my neck, and her legs around my waist. I put my hands under her luscious ass to lift and support her.

“Do it, sweetheart,” I huskily told my daughter. My god! I couldn’t wait to feel her tight pussy wrapped around my incredibly hard cock! “Take my cock and hold it to your beautiful pussy.”

Holding one arm around my neck, she reached down and grabbed my hardness and held it up. I slowly lowered her and we could feel my hard 8 inches slide into her soaked receptacle.

“Oh, Daddy! I can’t believe how good you feel when you’re inside me! I’m complete! Oh god, Daddy. Give it to me! I love you so much! Fuck me! Oh, please fuck me!” our incredibly hot and aroused daughter moaned.

Holding both of her arms around my neck, Lexi did her best to try and fuck herself on my hardness. I ended up helping her by lifting and lowering her onto my aching and hard shaft. My god in heaven! Her pussy never ceased to amaze me on how tight she is! Because I was supporting her with my hands holding her luscious ass, I found the plug stuck into her perfect butt and started to pull it part way out and shove it back in. Soon, I was fucking her with my cock and the plug. With her horniness and her seeming constant state of arousal, our 13 year old daughter was thoroughly enjoying herself.

“Daddy, you always come up with new and exciting ways to use me! I love you with my all my heart! God, you feel so good in me! I promise never to leave you and mom!” she exclaimed trying to hunch herself the best she could on my cock. With a look of concentration on her face and with both hands around my neck, she leaned her head back in ecstasy and started humping me for all she was worth.

“Fuck me, Daddy! Oh god, I love it when you fuck me! I was made to be here for you! I was made for you and mom to use me how you want!” our horny and soaked daughter moaned. “God! I live for the both of you!

Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she chanted gasping. “I’m getting close, Daddy!”

Letting her do most of the work, I rammed the butt plug in and out of her perfect ass, driving our young lolita mad with lust.

“Don’t cum yet, Daddy! I’m so close! God, I can’t believe the things you do to me! I love it!” Lexi gasped, hunching on my cock, fucking herself to what I could tell would be an incredible cum! Concentrating hard, our slut-child was working herself into a frenzy trying to cum! Her head thrown back, hair flying, moaning, whimpering, and gasping, in other words, behaving like the orgasming fuck-slut we were training her to be!

“I’m getting close, my horny girl! I’m going to give you a big load!” I announced to my little Lexi.

“Not yet, Daddy! I’m getting there, but don’t cum yet! God! I live for this! Daddy, I’m almost there! It’s going to be a big one, I can tell!” answered my lovely young slut, gasping.

Her incredibly tight, velvety shaft gripped my cock and I realized with awe, worked it like a pro! I couldn’t believe how incredible it felt!

Imagine in your mind’s eye a 13 year old, 5’ nothing, 80 pound slut daughter with almost waist length dark wavy hair straddling her standing daddy with his hard 8” giving her all she’s dreamed of, humping madly, with him fucking her ass with a butt plug. She has her head tilted back in pure pleasure as he’s pumping his cock in her saturated, tight pussy with him experiencing the same, both not wanting the feeling to end!

“Daddy, I’m going to cum!” Lexi moaned frantically. “Fuck me, Daddyyyyy! I’M GOING TO CUM! DADDYYYYYYEEEEEE!” Lexi screamed, leaning with her head back pumping with abandon!

With her lovely pussy pulsating around my cock, and feeling her juices gushing on my balls and running down my leg, I came buckets in her adolescent cunt!

I yelled along with her unloading an unending stream of cum into her young body!

With her juices and my cum leaking out of her and running down my legs, I had an overwhelming sense of satisfaction (pun intended) in giving our daughter something she wasn’t going to be able to get anywhere else.

With our sexy Lexi still in my arms, I slowly backed up until my legs hit the leather couch and sat down, with us still joined. I took the butt plug out of her perfect ass, and set it on the lamp table. My semi-hard cock still in her, Lexi started grinding her pelvis into me again.

Looking at me with her big, innocent but sultry brown eyes with love, lust, and adoration, “Daddy, I need more. I need to cum again! You do this to me! I can’t get enough of you! Your incredible cock, and your precious cum! You’re still hard, Daddy. Fuck me again. Please fuck me again. I need it!” she moaned beginning to bounce up and down and rotating her hips on my newly-hardening pole.

Looking at each other in the eyes, and my daughter getting more turned on, (as I was), she put her mouth on mine and invaded my mouth with her tongue. Bouncing up and down, with her hands around my neck, she threw her head back and started fucking me with abandon! With her puffy nipples pointing at me, I took hold of each and pinched and twisted.

“Oh god, Daddy! You’re hurting me, but it feels so good! Hurt my nipples, Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me! Hurt me! It’s incredible!” our beautiful slut-child was moaning and babbling, pumping with abandon! “I don’t believe it, but I’m going to cum again already! I’m going to cum, Daddy!”

I pinched her nipples harder, just enough to give her a little more pain.

“Oh my god, yessssss! I’m yours, Daddy! I’m yours and mom’s! Do with me what you will! I’ll do anything for you! Just don’t ever stop fucking me! FUCK ME, DADDYYYYYEEEEE!!” Lexi screamed, spraying her cum all over my lap!

In the doorway was our delectable Maggie with her skirt around her waist, fucking herself with 2 or 3 fingers of one hand and rubbing her clit with the other! “May I join you?” she moaned. “I’m glad I left work early.”

She stopped pleasuring herself long enough to take off her clothes, leaving her stockings, garters, and “fuck me” heels on. Her pussy glistened as she sensuously walked into the bedroom. I could see her juices running down her thighs.

“I’ve already cum once in our daughter, sweetheart. I’m thinking that she could use a cleaning and another cum.” I suggested.

“Mommy! I’m so glad you’re home!” Lexi claimed as I lifted her off my still hard cock. Lowering herself to the floor, she laid on her back and spread her legs and brought her knees up for her mother. Displaying her holes for us, “come, Mommy. Lick Daddy’s cum from my pussy. Make me cum again! I need to cum again!”

With sexy Lexi holding her pussy open for her mother, needing to cum again, Maggie began tending to the child’s pussy with vigor. No building up, no foreplay, she dove right in!

“Oh my god, Mom! Yes! Do it! Lick me! Make me cum in your mouth!” the hot adolescent moaned.

Applying herself to the task, Maggie tilted Lexi’s legs back as far as she could to be able to give the child’s asshole the attention it needed. Putting her nose in the youngster’s pussy, her mom started to lick and insert her tongue into her ass. Spearing her ass as far as she could, Maggie was tongue fucking our daughter for all she was worth!

Reaching down to pull her cheeks apart, our young fuck-slut sighed, “Mom, you know just what to do with me. Who would have figured that this would feel so good? Lick my butt hole, Mommy! God, I love the things you and Daddy do to me!”

Trying to catch her breath, Maggie raised her mouth to our daughter’s dripping snatch. My cum was seeping out along with her secretions. Watching the hot, stimulating action between mother and daughter, my cock kept its hardness. Maggie was kneeling with her head between Lexi’s legs and her ass in the air. Spreading her legs and shaking her butt at me, with her juices running down her thighs, she got her message across.

Being the considerate fuck-mate and father that I was, of course I was going to give her what she needed. Kneeling on the carpet with her head between our daughter’s legs and her ass in the air, I had no choice but to give our fuck-mate what she needed! I bent my legs just a bit and lined my steel rod to her soaked, glistening slit. Placing the circumcised head at her entrance, I pushed just a bit.

Lifting her cum-soaked face and turning to me Maggie moaned, “Give it to me, my love. Please fuck me. I’ve

been thinking of this all day. I need your cock. Your cum is so delicious coming out of our daughter. Fuck me! Give me what I need!”

I slowly shoved my hard cock into my beautiful Maggie. Watching her eyes roll in the back of her head, she turned and continued to devour our sexy Lexi to cum again! I reached around to the front of Maggie and found her hard and protruding clit slippery with her juices. Rubbing her clit and fucking her as hard and fast as I could, I could tell that Maggie was getting close.

With her head between Lexi’s outstretched legs, Maggie started to moan and then squeal in what was a mind-blowing cum! Her whole body shook and gyrated, her pussy gushed her juices all over my cock, balls, and legs, but she never removed her mouth from our daughter’s soaked cunt!

“Mommy, I’m going to cum!” Lexi moaned. “Don’t stop Mommy! EAT ME! LICK ME! I’M CUMMING IN YOUR MOUTH, MOM! I’M SQUIRTING! DRINK IT MOM! SWALLOW IT ALL!” our little lolita came and came hard!

Maggie lifted her dripping face and you could tell that not all of Lexi’s cum made it down her throat. Her face was soaked from her hair to her chin, running down her breasts, and dripping off her nipples! Talk about enticing! I couldn’t believe how hot and horny my two women were! And depraved! I loved it. And apparently, so did they! Both of my girls were becoming the wanton, uninhibited sluts I wanted them to be. And judging by what they kept telling me, they were working at it!

I hadn’t cum yet, so I flipped Maggie over onto her back, and she automatically spread her legs wide for me. Spreading her labia, “Come on, my love. Fuck me! Give me your cum! I need for you to fuck me so bad! Give me what I need!”

I lined my cock to the entrance of her soaked cunt, and shoved. My cock slipped in without the slightest hindrance, and her pussy tightened around it. I began pumping like a mad man, needing to cum as badly as she did! I reached down and began to stroke her hard clit again, hoping that I was going to get another cum out of her before I did!

“Oh god yes!” Maggie moaned. “I’ve needed this all day! Fuck me, my love! Give me your incredible cock! I love you so much! Fuck me! Make me cum again!”

To be honest, I was beginning to get tired. But I kept up my pace to give her what she craved. I was getting close myself. With me rubbing her clit, Maggie was beginning to have a nice big cum! As she was pumping her hips meeting mine, her hand dropped between her legs and took over the erotic work of rubbing her own clit!

I leaned down and took a nipple in my mouth and started to suck and nibble. Using just slight pressure, I bit to give her a little pain to see what she would do, and continued madly pumping my rigid and soaked pole in and out of her.

“Oh! My love! Yessss! I feel it! Give it to me! Fuck me! Harder! I’m so close! Oh my god, I’m cumming! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Don’t stop! I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!” my love cried out, her cum gushing and soaking my balls, with her slick pussy pulsating around my member!

Feeling her cum on me, I let go, giving Maggie all I could! I pumped rope after rope into her, and kept my cock imbedded just enjoying the tight and warm embrace. Shortly after, I gently lowered myself on top of her and supporting most of my weight on my arms, just relaxed and enjoyed the closeness.

Kissing her with all of the love I could and looking into her gorgeous green eyes, “I love you more than you’ll ever know my darling. Don’t ever leave Lexi and me. We both need you so badly!” I softly informed my love.

“Lexi, come over here and clean your mother’s pussy. Lick my cum out of her, and make sure she cums again!” I ordered our daughter. She had to learn that this will be one of her required jobs.

“Okay, Daddy. Thank you for letting me get your cum out of Mommy. And I want her to cum in my mouth!

She’s so delicious!” our daughter replied getting her head into position between her mother’s wide spread legs.

The rest of the week was one of very little sex, but a lot of studying on Lexi’s and her mom’s part. I worked on the plans for our new house. There was also more training for their introduction to satisfying their need for butt fucking. I was beginning to believe my girls that they didn’t feel complete unless all of their holes were available to me.

That Friday, I received a text message from Kim letting me know that she would be at our apartment by 7. She asked me what she should bring for a change of clothing. At first, I thought she should just bring a toothbrush, but I thought all of us could go out for a nice dinner Saturday night. So I told her to bring a nice enticing outfit for an evening out. Underwear was optional.

When Friday evening came, Lexi was dressed in a loose fitting, sleeveless ‘wife beater’ T-shirt with no bra and a short skirt, with no panties. I told her that although her pussy was absolutely gorgeous, she may want to think of putting on her thong, and before she took it off, show Kim her sexy ass with the back of the thong running between her beautiful cheeks. This will get the both of them even more turned on, I thought.

“Besides, I want her to see how soaked your pussy can get. That will turn her on too.” I told the child.

“Oh, Daddy. Sometimes I get so embarrassed as to how wet I get, but I can’t help it, especially when you’re in the room.” our sexy Lexi admitted.

It was such a nice compliment. “Don’t be, my lovely daughter. Your mom told you how much of an asset that is, and with Kimberly seeing how ready you are to be used, she’ll know that your pussy will be hers as much as it is your mom’s and mine. I’m very proud of you and how you keep yourself accessible to us.” I softly informed her, tilting her chin up for her to look in my eyes. I bent over and put my mouth on hers and gave our daughter a tongue dueling kiss that left her gasping.

“You look absolutely delicious, sweetheart. Kimberly will love having you. But remember, tonight will be mostly for her. I want her to make sure she has a memorable time, and that she will always want more. And if she wants more, we will be the ones to give it to her. I’m really looking forward to fucking her. You won’t be jealous will you?” I asked.

“Oh my god, no Daddy. We’ve told her how incredible your cock is, so it’s only right that she experiences it like mom and me.” Lexi told me looking at me with her eyes wide.

“Excellent, my love.” I answered. “She should be here very soon.”

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