when Kevin beats jack up and kills him does he go to far and sacrafice theur relatioship? read and find out.
Ell woke up in her lovers arms. He had one more day with her.... maybe she could concince him to stay home and not go back to college. She looked over and he was asleep. She got up quietly and went to take a shower.

Kevin woke up and rolled on the oppisite on the bed finding he was alone. He heard the water running. He got uo to go take a shower with his lover. He opened the door quietly. He saw her roundly shaoed hear ass through the glass. She was washing her body. He opened the shower door,shut it, and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Its about time you joined me." she says jokingly. "You shouldve woke me." he says. "You look like you needed rest and you look so soind and peaceful. So i let you decide that." she says. "I've been meaning to talk to you. Her eyes change to sad looking. "What's wrong,baby?" he asks concerningly."it's just tomorrow you have to leave. and i am going to be so sad and lonely again without you. i am going to ache ll over and miss your soft gentle touch. I'm going to miss your kiss, your body against mine, I'm going to miss you. please think about dropping out of college and staying with me." she says her voice trembling. he knows tears are close by.

He looks into her eyes, "I'm going to miss you to. I'm going to miss Everything about you. you body with me body, but i don't think dad would accept me to drop out." He says frowning. He looks at her, she's not smiling but she's not frowning either.

She thinks for a long time, " but its not about what dad wants, its about what you want,and i want. well actually just you because i can make your decisions for you. but you dont always have to do what daddy wants." she says. " Its not about just him. when I'm older i am going to need a job for money and if-" She cut him off in mid sentence giving a deep loving passionate kiss. H Their tongues taste each othe for like the milliongth time ever.

His cock erects. She feels it get hard and press against her stomach. She takes it in her hand stroking it.he moans. She strokes him faster and harder. His hips bucked matching her strokes. He cums squirting it all over her stomach. She had pleased him and hoped hed change his mind now. They got out and got dressed. their dad has already left for work. They ate breakfast. They sat down to watch T.V. They sat on the sofa chair. Thoughts whirrled through their heads, leaving the deperately wanting love. "Make love to me." Ell whispered in Kevins ear. He starts stripping along with her. She gazed in his his eyes. He watched her every move.She drops to her knees without being asked and takes him in her mouth. Sucking and licking his shaft. She plays with his balls and licks his nuts. He moans "awe yes Ell. you know how i like it!" She sucks him harder and faster. "I'm uhg..... cumming!" he grunts breathlessly. "Do it baby, do it. cum in my mouth. Do it!" she begged as he humped her mouth in and out.

He cums shooting loads of cum down her throat. He takes down all he has. She stuck her tongue out and dragged it up his tummy. He chuckles. "That tickles, baby." he says laughing. "Do you like it? do you want me to stop?" she asks looking up at him. "No, no don't stop. you just have never don't that and it took me by surprise. It sends chills through my body. And i think its so sexy.' he says. She goes up and down on him with her tongue. He laughs.

She comes up and gives him a deep kiss. "Fuck me, no teasing just straight on fuck. i need you so badly!" she says. He lays her on the floor and holds hiself up over her. She spreads her legs and the head of his cock parts her pussy lips. It rubs against her G-spot and she gives out a great wail of pleasure. "Fuck me! do it! please fuck me! i need you baby!"she wails. He thrusts into her hard. He slams into her, She comes and comes and comes. He shoots his load into her hot depths. He falls on top of her breathlessly. They get dressed and eat lunch.

Its in the middle of the night and Ell wakes up beside Ke
Kevin both fully nude from a horrible dream. She cries and sobs. She feels Kevin fulk erect cock pressing against her ass. She can't be fully aroused when she has all these horrible thoughts going through her mind. She lays back her breathing returns
normal. She lays down and wraps her arms around Kevin. She can't get fully aroused by all the bad thoughts. He's told her he is going to college. Tears streaked her face. She tried she block the horrible visions but they stay. She closes her eyes shut tight. Kevin moves Ell keeps her eyes closes tight, thinking he was still asleep.

Kevin opens his eyes. He sees Ell's tear streaked face. He puts his arm on her shoulder, "baby, what's wrong??" he asks concerned. Her eyes stay shut. He shakes her and she opens them. "I'm just confused and worried." she says. He kisses her make his cocks fully erect. They are now facing each other and his cock pokes her pussy as if saying let me in there. They talk for awhile untik finally making love.

The next day his dad tells him goodbye and his sister lover girl cries so many times he can't keep track. Why he even cries. There is so much tears that day and when he finally has to leave their dad has to hold Ell back and when Kevin leaves he feels guilty sad and lonely all at the same time missing his lover.

Kevin stops at a coffee shop in town and sees Jack. He's not looking to good. Jack came over. "Hey man. " Kevin ignores him. "I just wanted to say, I loved shoving my cock deep inside your sisters hot little pussy!" he said laughing. Kevin went over the edge and went balistic! He beat him up! He punched his nose. His nose busts! And he breaks his neck killing him. The cops came.and handcuff him and put him in the back if the car. He knows he will be on the news and he knows Ell might see him on the T.V so he doesn't care he was backing up for his girl!!!

Ell sits on the couch and turns on the T.V. The news shows and Kevins face comes on the screen! Her dad is at work so she watches it alone in sadness! " Seventeen year old Kevin Baker, started beating uo Jack White in the coffee shop. He mustve snapoed because he brike his neck and Jack White passed away. He says he was saving his lover which has not been talked to yet. If you Ella White, please come forwrad for questioning." the screen saud as her picture flashed across the screen. She feels like she's dying, its hard to breath she lays on the floor sobbing, crying a thousand tears a time!



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