Story 576
The gang mostly called me a kid or punk or a few other names. I had been around the leaders most of my life. I learned a lot and heard more while around them. I learned from the best thieves and started when I was thirteen. I knew the feds watched and listened to the leaders all the time. There was Mr Gino, big Pete, Sammy, George and Mike.

Mr Gino was the boss and the others his lieutenants. He was the one to teach me the rules. Like never touch a cop, or never do anything around family. Family was the term they used for wives or girlfriends and children. Not once has the cops caught me or even come close. They only knew me from recordings or from watching the leaders.

My first run in with one of the lieutenants came when I was sixteen. I had stolen an entire semi loaded with large TVs. I had two helpers and we had turned most of the load over to a fence. He was supposed to pay me the next day but began to avoid me instead. It took three days to find him in a warehouse he sometimes used.

His guard tried to keep me out and I used a cut down bat and knocked him out. The fence was with a thief who was selling another truckload of something. I walked around the trailer and he turned and his face went white. I waved the club, “you owe me fifty grand.”

He started backing up, “you are making a mistake, I am protected.”

I lashed out and hit one hand with the club and he screamed while the other man turned and ran, “I am going to break every bone in your hands and then I will start on your legs.”

He was trying to back away, “wait! Big Pete... he took your money.”

I looked at him carefully, “why would he take the money?”

He cleared his throat, “he said you were a punk and just took it.”

I nodded and reached out to tap his chest, “steal from me again and I will cut off your hands.”

I spun and walked out and drove across town to the club. I did not care if the feds were listening or watching. I walked into the club and across the room towards Mr Gino. They were laughing and grinning and when I reached the table I acted. The club came around and down onto one of big Pete’s hands.

He screamed as I shifted and smashed the club across his face, “you stole from me asshole.”

I looked at Mr Gino and his guards with their guns out, “your rule is not to steal from anyone else in the association.”

I turned and slugged Pete, “I am taking fifty grand out of your ass.”

I brought the club down on the wrist of his other hand as it brought a pistol out. He screamed as the bones broke and I slugged him again. Mr Gino stood, “enough kid.”

I looked at him, “he stole fifty grand.”

He waved the guards back, “he made a mistake.”

I looked at Pete before looking at him, “I have people I have to pay plus your cut.”

He smiled and turned to Sammy, “give the kid the money.”

I looked at Pete as he glared, “next time I will take the hands.”

Of course it was a couple of weeks before one of them asked me to do something and things went back to normal. Well except for Pete, he hated me and made constant remarks or comments. Two years went past and I turned eighteen. Mike had a job for me driving a big truck loaded with weapons.

I changed the route and at the last minute contacted the person for a new meeting place to deliver the weapons. He was happy with his weapons and I headed back with a suitcase full of money. It was three days down and three days back. I was going to celebrate with my girlfriend when I got back but she was not answering.

The tiny office I walked into had Mr Gina as well as the others. Mike frowned when I crossed and set the suitcase on the desk and he opened it, “no trouble?”

I shook my head and he looked at Pete before pulling money out and tossing it to me. I caught it and turned to head out and Pete laughed, “going to see your girlfriend?”

I did not like the way he said it and turned, “yes.”

His grin was nasty, “I have her working in Joey’s place. She was a good fuck.”

I froze in shock as they all laughed and the bodyguards opened jackets and touched pistols, Joey’s place was a whorehouse. I gritted my teeth and spun and walked out and they laughed harder. I made a call to check before I went home. I sat for a long time before I decided to act and then began to plan.

After that I slipped out and went to work and did a lot of running around. It was evening before I knocked on the door to the room the feds were using to watch Mr Gino. I left the large package with ledgers and several other things like a couple of weapons used in hits. I also left the location of over two dozen bodies.

I gave them drug stash houses, drug labs and five vehicle theft operations and the whorehouses. I also gave the names of the dozen cops and feds that had been paid. I used the hidden entrance into Pete’s building. I was wearing a single black set of overalls with weighted gloves and a black silk mask and a head and face covering.

I was carrying a taser wand, a metal bat, a pair of pliers and duck tape. I checked the time as I stood beside the front doors. Pete walked in and I moved, I used the taser and held it for several seconds while he jerked. When he fell I knelt and searched him and took the pistol. I used the tape on his mouth and pulled him down the hall and into an empty apartment.

I grabbed a wrist and turned him before stepping on his other wrist, “you broke the rule about touching family.”

I used the end of the bat and began pounding it on his fingers and then the hand while he screamed into the tape. When I finished I bent to grab the wrist as I moved my foot and turned him before stepping on his other wrist. I smashed all the fingers and the hand and then cut his belt and yanked his pants down.

I used the pliers to crush his balls and he fainted from the pain. I slapped him awake before I began using the bat to break his legs from the knees down and then his hips. After that I worked on the arms and shoulders and then his face and jaw. I was careful not to kill him and pulled his cell phone and dialed 911 and dropped it on him.

I yanked the tape off and left. I caught Mr Gino in the club by using his secret exit. He was in his office which was sound proof and covered the screams. I took his stash of money which was in a large case. I used his office phone to dial 911 before I slipped out. After him it was Sammy and then George and then Mike.

That was when I found out the weapons job had been a set up and I had avoided the trap. After Mike I headed across town to the family bank, well... money house. I used the taser on the two men guarding it and stole everything. Next was a counting house for the drug operation. After that it was a large penthouse and Joey and I left him in the same shape as Pete.

My next stop was the whorehouse where I beat the two guards and then I began visiting enforcers. I went to Mr Gino’s house and found his backup stash and then went to each of his lieutenants to steal theirs. I had made my point and drove out to a company I knew of and slipped in. I burned everything I was wearing and had used as well as melting the bat, pliers and taser.

I showered several times before putting on new clothes and leaving. No one in the gang really knew where I lived but I knew it would not be long before they found out. I packed and walked out and drove away and across the state. The small town only had a few thousand people in it. I had come here a few times over the years.

My father had been from here and left me a few hundred acres just outside of town. The news about the gang was all over the radio. The feds and the police had arrested them in the hospital. They had found the bodies and then made dozens of arrests across the city. I began cleaning the old house and uncovered the furniture.

I unloaded all the money I had taken and took it down to the basement. It had what they called a root cellar but the door was actually hidden. I slept for a day after I was done and then returned the rental truck. I bought an old used jeep and went home and began trying to fix it up and decide what to do with my life.

It was a week before the feds found me. I was painting the inside of the house. I turned when I heard the door open and shifted as I put my left hand in the small of my back, “who are you?”

One had almost pulled his weapon but the other smiled as he held up a badge, “FBI.”

I glanced from him to the other one before letting the new taser wand go. I turned back to what I was doing, “what do you want?”

The one that had spoken chuckled, “for you to be a witness against your former bosses.”

I snorted, “you do not need me. If I was on the stand they would say it was hearsay and it would not be allowed. You have everything you need.”

He moved around to see my face, “they broke the rule about touching family. Now they have put a contract out on you.”

I snorted, “in a month they will be dead.”

The other one moved closer, “by you?”

I glanced at him before I returned to painting, “you need to listen and keep your mouth closed.”

The other one shook his head, “why?”

I paused as I kept working, “they are helpless and all their enforcers are in the same boat. The other gangs will not let them cut a deal to inform on them.”

I shrugged as I moved the paint and started again, “plus there is all the areas that are open and the other gangs will want to spread out and take over.”

He nodded and turned to look out the open door. He looked at me a minute later, “we need you to confirm you gave us the package.”

I snorted and then smiled as I kept working, “what package? I do not know anything about it.”

He shook his head, “that will not work. The police want to speak to you about two dozen cases of armed assault that left men maimed. We can offer you a deal.”

I looked at him, “I have proof it was not me.”

He blinked, “really?”

I went back to painting, “I have video surveillance that will prove I was home during the time of the incidents.”

I used a free hand to pull a card and held it out, “the company keeps the recordings for a month before deleting it.”

He took the card and sighed, “you are not making this easy kid.”

I looked at him and gritted my teeth, “my name is Angel, not kid. As far as I am concerned they did it to themselves and can rot in hell.”

He grinned, “in that case we will leave but do not think we will go far.”

I nodded as they turned for the door. I turned to watch them and thought of the weapons I had transported. I cleared my throat, “I might have information about a shipment of stolen military weapons headed to the middle east.”

They turned and I shrugged, “this is third hand information. A cargo ship is registered to Portugal and is sailing out of Charleston tomorrow. Two men are going to be passengers and there will be a container. The number was 867539 but I do not know if they changed it. The next port of call was supposed to be Syria.”

They looked at each other before nodding and leaving. I returned to what I was doing as I thought about them. I should have asked how they had found me. It was the next day when the news broke about Mr Gino, Pete, Sammy, George and Mike. Someone had slipped them poison in their IV and they had died.

In the afternoon the news about them stopped because of a major arrest in Charleston harbor. I finished the house and had all the furniture donated. I went to the only furniture store in town with a small bag of cash and bought all new furniture for each room. I drove to another town and used a prepaid cell to make several calls.

When I got home it was in time for the store to deliver the new furniture. We put everything where I wanted it and I gave the four men a tip. I locked the door as I started to leave and stopped when Kit stepped out of her car. She had been my girlfriend before everything had happened.

I looked at her and she looked down, “can we talk?”

She was the only one that knew about this house. I gritted my teeth, “what is there to talk about? You took his money to spread your legs.”

She looked at me and bit her lip, “I... he was a gangster and...”

She blushed and looked down, “you know I am a horny bitch.”

I growled and she shrugged, “he might have threatened but it made my pussy wet. I let the idea that he was forcing me be an excuse.”

She looked at me, “I made them use condoms.”

She took a step, “please Angel? You can use me like a whore.”

I snorted and then shook my head, “get in the house and strip.”

Kit grinned as she began to strip on her way to the door. I looked around before turning to unlock and open the door and followed her in and closed the door. Seeing her naked made me want to fuck her, before she had only let me do her a few times. I pushed her through the house and into my bedroom and let her go and started to undress.

She walked to the bed and turned before sitting and spreading her legs. When I was naked I walked to her and pushed her back before I looked at her cunt. I bent to lift and spread her legs and pushed my cock into her. She grunted and tilted her hips as I buried my cock. I held her legs as I pulled back and began to fuck her with deep thrusts.

I continued to fuck her and she wiggled and sighed and then began to moan. A few minutes and she was shuddering and jerking while her slippery pussy kept tightening. She struggled and began to howl as she bucked, “oooohhhh!”

I kept fucking her hard and deep and began to plant my cock and try to push deeper. She twisted and writhed around as I shoved into her and held her waist. My cock was throbbing and began to pump cum and Kit screamed as her cunt clenched, “YES!”

I held her as I spewed and spurted and when I was done I pulled out. I rolled her over before shoving back into her slimy hole. I fucked her several times before I stopped. I rubbed her slimy cunt as I sat beside her on the bed, “now you can get dressed so we can go eat.”

She grinned as she looked at me, “dinner sounds good.”

Even after more than a decade I still hear things and have the feds pay me a visit just because. The surveillance only showed that I did not leave my apartment or the building by normal means. The gangs that took over Mr Gino’s territory had gotten my message loud and clear. As for Kit, I still use her like a whore and she loves it every time.
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