when kevin brings a girl home from college every thing turns into disaster. can kenvin fix it? well read to find out!
Kevin was beating Jack up and he was bleeding like crazy,. Fearing he might die Ell grabs Kevins arm and pulls him away. "Okay thats enough your going to kill him." she said. He reluctantly gave into her left the park and they went home. "Should we tell dad?" Ell asked. " I'm not sure." he says. " I don't think we should because dad will go crazy and want to go to court and besides my man handled everything nicely." she sais. He rubs her cheek not knowing it was her bruised one and she winces in pain. " sorry are you alright? he asked pulling his hand away. "Yeah its fine." she says. She lays her head on his shoulder and falls asleep.

When they arrive at home Kevin carries Ell to her own room and he goes to his and she still remains silently asleep. Ell woke up around 2:00 in the morning, she wanted to fell Kevins warm body next to hers. Then there's a guy standing by her closet. He's holding a gun saying "i told you not to tell" over and over but he's not bloody. She panics thinking its real but its all a big dream.

Kevin is sleeping soundly, then he hears a scream. He jumps up and runs for Ells room. He can't miss that scream from nowhere and if Jack is in there he will kill him this time. He ran in and all he found was Ell on the bed sobbing. No one was with her and then he knew she had a nightmare and was just dreaming. He sat beside her wrapping his arms around her small slender body. She kept sobbing.

" Its okay baby, its Kevin. Are you okay?" he asked trying to comfort her. She didn't answer she keot crying. He helped her stand but she refused to put her feet on the ground fearing Jack would be under there and grab her feet. Kevin checke multiple times and said no one was
there but she still refused to stan up. So, he picked her u
p and she gripped onto her for her life. She wasn't crying
anymore but she began to whimper when we passed her closet. So he hurried to leave the room.

He went to hus room and layed her on the bed. He tried to talk to her but she wouldn't say anything about it, so he thought she was trying to forget it. He layed her
down and layed the covers on her then he climbed under them with her. She layed next to his warm body which aroused her sexually. His cock was pressed between her ass and it was fully erect, but henever touched her or
mentioned he wanted sex. She pushed her ass back further against his cock. He was sexually aroused now, but did not want to ask until she wanted to do it again
She pushed further back but he ignored it thinking she was trying to get comfortable. He fell asleep quickly. She turned over and looked at him and saw he was sleeping. The thought of being awake alone frightened her, so she pulled his pants and boxers down slowly without waking him. It was soft and half erect now, but every time she rubbed his shaft it would get harder.

Kevin woke up and knew before he saw that Ell was jacking him off. He grunted knowing she wanted it. She rubbed faster and harder with each stroke. She squeezed it harder and he moaned in great pleasure he was having. He was about to

cum and she could tell the way his cock wou he was about to come. So she brought him to her mouth. He tried to hold
Back as long as possible but feeling her soft warm lips and wet tongue he exploded his cum down her throat. He accidentally pulled out and some ran over her chin. She wiped it away and layed beside him. " Are you okay?" he asked her. Her memories flood back. " Got damn you Kevin!" she yelled. He was confused. " What'd i do?" he said. "I had wanted to jack you off because it helped my mindc clear off of everything and now you brought it all back to memory!" she said closing her eyes. "I'm sorry babe, i didn't mean to i-" He said her cutting him off. "Just stop." she said. He looked sad. She kissed him in a long kiss. She stradeled him and she dunk onto his cock her sopping we t pussy became wetter and wetter.

He smiled knowing she has forgiven him. He plyed with her nipples while she rode him quickly building up a orgasm. She moaned in delight and her orgasm came. She felt waves of pleasure from deep inside her. "Uhg." she moaned. He grunted hus cock twitching. She squeezed his cock in her pussy and his load exploded in his baby sister. She shuddered with another orgasm washing over her. She trembled and he knew she was loosing her strength so he helped keep her from falling.

Kevin helped her stay up, that's one good thing otherwise shed be falling every time. Her body trembled and shook violently. At first Kevin thought she was having a seizure or something. He watched her shake and shudder. He never let her go afraid shed get hurt but she never stop shaking. He lifted her and layed her beside him and waited for her to stop shaking. She didn't for awhile and then she finally did. But she was very weary. Her eyes were closing, he didn't know what was happening, he though lt he did this but she was just tired. " Did i hurt you?" he asked. No reply. He shook her. She still didn't get up.

He panicked. " Get up." he said shaking her. She started to wake up. "Don't ever do that again! " He yelled. She looked at him. "Do what? sleep?" she asked. " scare me like you did!" He said. He was crying. She was confused but hugged him. "What is it baby?" she asked. " I.... i thought i did something you shook for at least a good five to ten minutes when i asked if i hurt you, you didn't answer. when i shook you, you didn't wake up. i thought you left me." he explains. " Oh baby. I'm sorry i scared you, no you did not hurt me. Don't worry about me." she said. " Yes, i have to! you are mine and if anything happens to you it would be my fault. if you go i go. " He says. " Awee. I will be more cautious." she said kissing hus cheek. She stood up but fell instantly. He helped her get back in bed. "My legs are weak..." she says. " I think its because of me shaking and stufd. i need some rest. will you stay with me?" she asked. " Of course!" he said. His cock was again in between her ass it aroused her but she knew she needed erest. It aroused him ti. His cock grew hard. But he wanted her to rest. She turned around and held his hand. she fell asleep and he went to make breakfast for them.

She woke up, sadly alone. She feels alone in this workd. Like nobidy cares. she thinks. Wyen he goes off to college he will find the lady he always wanted somebody he actually loves and he will leave this world with her and move away. He will leave just like her mother did. Her mother had said tothem " i will never leave you guys! I promise." then she passed away and she remembers Kevins voice " i will never ever leave you. you are my one and only. I promise." she panicked he will find someone and leave this world like her mom. She starts to cry thinking of her mother and that horrible feeling she will now have forever.

She hears him come in. " What's wrong?" he asks. She ignores him even though she knows he hasn't done it. " Did i do something? are you hurting somewhere?" "Yes." she says. "Where?" he asks. "My hear. I have a horrible horrible feeling that will haunt me as long as were together." she says. "What?" he asks. She told him everything she was thinking of and asked if that would ever happen. " I will have to go to college but i will only go fo a year. And no i will never ever find someone else. i promise. you are mine and i love you !" he says kissing her. Her hand reaches down his pants. he stops her. "No not yet. you still might be weak." he says crawling in behing her. His cock grows from behind touching her pussy. "Stop teasing me." she says. He moves back further. "Sorry." she realizes she like it there. She moves back and pulls him closer.

A few months later. Ells back in school. Kevins in college. She feels alone. She feels like he's found someone else forever. She get bullied at school and nobody helps her but Kevin would she knows he would. It was the weekend and they hadn't had sex in months. and he was finally coming to visit this weekend.

It was Friday and he was on his way. He was staying until Sunday. She was so excited her and her dad were waiting for him. "Daddy do you think i will always be Kevin ms girl?" she asks her dad." I don't know. is he tired of you.?" he asks jokingly. She can't help but to cry."what's wrong?" he asks seeing hurt on her face. "What if he finds someone better and leaves me! I will die without him! daddy i love him. " She says spilling her heat for Kevin. They. They talk for awhile anf they hear a knock on the dorr. Kevin walks in with another girl!

He looks at Ell and sees the hurt in her eyes. She's about to cry. She runs upstairs and a bedroom door banged shut. His dad hugs him.and says "who's this? a girlfriend?" The girl laughs. "I'm kristen and no I'm not his girlfriend I'm his friend. I

can't go home because my parents are passed and he invited me to come stay hear. " She said. He nodded and introduced himself.

" Was that your sister that ran away?"she asks curiously. "Yeah her names ella but we call her Ell." he says. He feels ashamed he should have known that he cant make love to his sister with her here and he should have known how she would feel. "Why is she mad?" she asked. "I think ill find out. dad shoe kristen the guest bedroom and you can put your stuff there." he says walking upstairs as they go the other direction.

He knocks and he hears sobs. "Hey beautiful open up." he says. She doesn't. " You lied to me. you promised id be your one and only! you promised! and you lied!!! l" she cried. "Ell baby you are my one and and her are not dating." he says. "I don't care! Fo away. you never loved me!" she cried. He sits by her door. The dad comes and sits by him. a"will she talk to you?" he asked. "No, she will never forgive me. i never meant for this to hapoen honestly!" he sqys. "I understand son. give her time." he says and walks away. Its dinner they call down Ell but she doesn't come. "What's wrong with you sister?" Kristen asked. "I domnt know. she's just upset about something." he says. They eat and talk about college. When they all settle for he'd Kristen went to the guest room downstairs andhis dad went to his rook also downstairs. He went to hir room down the hall from his sister/lover. He layed in bed not being able to sleep. He misses her body. He hasn't had her body for a month or two and no body for that matter.

Ell lay awake. Missing Kevins body. Missing his erection grow between her ass. Missing his kiss and touch. She wasnted him do badly her hear ached.

Kevin got up and walked down the hall. He turned her knob slowly. It opened. He climbed in bed behind her. She listend and waited but nothing came out. He wrapped his arms around her. "I've missed you so much i ached. I need your body pleasee. let me fuck you " he said. she sat. "Please... I've missed you and I've known you missed me to.." he says. tears are streaking down her face. "Babyy, I'm begging you. please!" he said begging. She felt his erection growing hard against her ass. He thought she was asleep. "Baby, please." he begged. She was driving him nuts. He was about to turn her over and started ucking her. She lay there silent. He waited. Nothing. silent.He didn't know what else to say. " I love you please forgivee me! i promose i won't ever hurt you again!" He saud spilling his heart out ti her. She turned over and kissed him. "Your erection is turning me onn!" she says. He chuckles. "I love you ajd i forgive you! noww fuckk mee!" Hthey started stripping.

He rolled over on her. He inserted her. She was so wet! I guess i turned her on. He thrusted deel and easy not trying to hurt her. She had her orgasm quickly and it wasn't like before. She wraped her legs around him and thrust her hips towards his. He came fast and hard. She shuddered shaking to bed. They kissed. He rolled over laying besides her. His cock growed again when she touched him. Then the fun started again. They wanted as much as they could get that weekend.


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