Ell gets mad at kevin fir telling her not to show love in public then gets bullied at school can he fix them? Their dad comes home with them having sex
It was the day their father came back and they were cleaning the house. They had school the next day this was the last day of their spring Break. They had sex that morning, but they kinda hurried for fearing thei father would catch them. They had a two story house. The dads bedroom was downstairs and Ells and Kevins rooms were upstairs.They finished cleaning the house as thrir dad pulled up. "Dads home!" she hollered to Kevin and ran outside. "Hi daddy!" Ell yelled running and giving her dad a hug. "Hey darling." he said hugging her and Kevin. "Hiw was everything?"he asked. "Good" they said in unison.

It was three in the morning and Ell was wanting Kevin's cock so much. She checked on her dad and he was sleeping so she snuck in Kevin's bedroom. She opened his door and closed it quietly. she didn't know if he was sleeping or not but he was quiet. She got in bed with him and he didn't move or say anything, so she was thinking he was asleep. His body was so warm under the cover and that made her wet and it aroused her more. She got turned on feeling his body heat. She kissed his cheek and put her arm around him. He woke up and turned. "Baby, can you not sleep?" he asked wrapping her in his arms. "Yeah. I'm not sleeping tonight." She said. "Your so warm." she whispered. "Are you turned on?" he asked chuckling. "Yes and so are you!" she said feeling his cock go hard.She pulled his sweatpants down along with his boxers and sat on him. It sunk in deep and easily. "Your so wet." he said. "How long have you been wanting me?" she thought "all night!" she said starting to hump his erect cock. "Have you uhg slep at all tonight?" he asked. "No." she answered. he grabbed her hips and helped her move up and down on his hard erect cock."aren't you tired?" he asked. her eyes were closed but she still answered him. "Ahh no." she said. "Wo-" she cut him off and planted a kiss on his lips.

"Shh! your distracting me." she said. "Sorry babe." he said. she didn't answer she was lost in her own world of fantasies. Her eyed closed shut. Body slamming against his. Hair flying. Ass slapping his thighs. She began to shake. He held her up and he thrusted deeper into her. "Uhh." she moaned. He started grunting and as he felt girl cum he came hiself. He shot loads of cum into his baby sisters pussy. "Ahh yes!" she whispered. Then she collapsed on top of him. Sweaty body on sweaty body. She rolled over and layed her head on his chest. "Do you love me now?" she asked. "I always have." he said.

Kevin woke up first from a knock in his door. "Time for school." he said. Good thing he never opens the doors because Ell never went in her room again last night and she was laying her naked. He pinched her nipple and she woke up immediately. He laughed. She slapped him. "Dont do that!" she giggled. "Okay shh! be quiet!" he said. He peeked out and no one was there so Ell snuck back to her room and got ready for school.

When they are ready they eat breakfast and Kevin gave Ell a ride to school in his car. They sat in silence for awhile. " Whags on your mind?" Ell asked. "Well we can not tell anybody about us because they think of us as brother and sister because we are and they wikl tell dad and you pretty much know the story right?" he asks. "Yeah." she says."good." he pulls into the parking lot. Ell leans in to kiss him just as her lips touch his he pushes her away. "No not at school we can't show love for each other here Ell." he says sternly. " Why do we have to hide our feelings?? its what we want!" she says angrily. she gets out the car and slams the door. She doesn't say bye she just goes to her locker.

He messed up again! why can't he do anything right!? He walks to his locker hoping shell foget it by the end of the day.

Ell walked passed Amber and Crystal the really mean popular girls who thought they owned everyone. "Look its Ell!" Amber smirked. Crystal laughed. " Why are you ignoring us?!" Amber said pushing her to the wall. "Because i ignore mean people like you!" Ell said. She pushed them off her.By the end if the day she hadn't forgotten about this morning with Kevin or Amber and Crystal. Amber walked up and grabbed her shoulder. "This is for thus morning." Amber said and slapped her in the face hard. Then walked away laughing. Ell had a red handprnt on her left cheek.

Ell passed Kevins locker saying nothing. sh he thought again she was nad but then he say she was crying. He grabbed his things and ran up to her. "What's the matter Ell?" he asked concerningly. She ignored him and then saw the handprint on her cheek. "Who slapped you?" he asked turning her face toward him so he could see better. "No one. I'm fine. just stoo Kevin." she said pushing his hand away. He knew she was mad about this morning. "I'm sorry about this morning okay. now please tell me who slapped you so i can go kick their ass." he said. " I don't need your help." she said walking away he followed her.

"Oh look its Ells brother Kevin to the rescue and she's a cry baby! haha!" Amber said. "You hit her didn't you" Kevin said walking up to her. She looked scared. "Kevin lets just go!" ell said. "Yeah Kevin go!" amber said. "Ever lay a hand on her again ill reoort you." he said walking away. Ell got in the car. Once he started driving he asked "why are you mad?" She lookes at him. "Well for one i am not a baby i can handle myself. Two you act like i can't love you. what's the point of being together if we can't show it?" she said. "Okay. because we will get in huge trouble and two you are a baby your my baby and if anyone ever hurts you or says anything mean you come to me and ill kick their ass. understand? " He asked she nodded. "This morning dad told me he was working until 4:00 in the morning and he's at work right now. want to make up for the bad things i did today?" he asked. He rested his hand on my thigh. "Sure." she said kissing his cheek. They got home and checked to make sure theur dad was gone he was he left a note saying he was working till 4 in the morning so they raced upstaurs.

They got to his room and locked the door. They started taking each others clothes off.Ell bent on her knees and started sucking Kevin off. He moaned. "Mmm baby" he said.She stopped right as he was about to cum. "Why'd you stop? I was about to cum." he complained. She pushed him on the bed and climbed on his cock riding it hard. He as usual grabbed her hips and helpes her out. Her ass smacked his thighs which turned him on. He came very soon since Ell had stopped sucking him. He came whick made her came and she became weak. She fell over but Kevin caught her at the right second holding her up. She moaned and fell on top of him.

They heard a door slam. "I'm home!" Their dad called.



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