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After they had made love once again Ell realizes this will have to end soon. But she can loose her one and only. She starts to cry. "What's wrong babe?" Kevin asks lifting her chib uo to look her in the eye. "This will all have to end soon and i can't loose you. i know it sounds crazy but i really do love you and i can't live without you. I don't want it to stop. i don't want us to stop." she explains with tears streaking down her face."now baby, we better enjoy what we can get while we can get it." he says. "But when he comes back it will be over." she says. He hugs her. "No i won't let that happen. i promise ill never leave you or ket you go baby. Your my one and only." She smiles." really?!" She says. "Yes!" he replies.
She hugs him and he wioes her tears away. She kisses him and since her hand is laying on his cock,she fills him get hard."someone's a bad boy." she teases. she pulls his sweats down and boxers down. He's fully erect now. She takes him in her mouth. She begins licking his shaft. "Uhg" he grunts. "Baby that....uhg feels good uhg." He says trying to catch his breath. "Are you being a bad boy?" she jokes. "Come on baby climb on." he says. she gets on top of him and begings riding him. Her hair flies back as she humps him hard and fast. He grabd her hips and helps her lifts her pussy up and slams it back down. Her ass slaps his thighs and her eyes are closed and she begins to shake the whole bed. She almost looses her balance from her orgasm so Kevin holds her up, but she doesn't stop riding Kevin. She keeps going until he cums. He comes hard. Ell cums again and she looses her balance and collapses on top of him oit of breath.

He rolls over and lays beside him. Then it hits Kevin. "We need to put you on the pill or i neee to wear a condom otherwise i might get you pregnant." he says. "Okay. but enough talk. I'm tired." She says wrapping her arm around him. He kissed her forehead and they fall asleep.

Kevin woke up first finding Ell still asleep on him. He didn't want to wake her but he really had to go to the bathroom. He pulled out from under her and she mumbled something he couldn't understand. He went to the bathroom and when he came back she was awake. "Hey morning." He said. "Hi." She replied. He lays back beside hee. "Tired?" He askes. "Yes!" she says laughing. "Too tired for sex?" he asks. "Is someone horny? Or a bad boy?" she said jokingly. He chuckles. " Both." He says. Ell laughs."okay. Lets get started." she said. "Ill do you first." he says. She lays on the bed and spreads her legs. She's already wet.

He kisses her pussy and she giggles. Hestarts shoving two fingers deep inside her. She moans softly. He figers her while sucking,licking, and nibbling her clit. He rubs her G-spot and she moans loudly and shakes the whole bed. He doesn't stop. "Okay, stop Kevin stop, please stop!" she begs. he stops, he might have went a little to far. But she doesn't seem mad instead she giggles. He leans over and kisses her. He starts sucking and licking her nipples, he feels them get hard. He shoves his cock in her pussy. She moans. He grunts and thrusts harder. He grabs her hips and rams into her. She bucks her hips with his motions.

She stops. He sees pain in her face so he slows down his pace. The pain goes away returned my moans. She lwraps her legs around his waist leans up and kisses him. "Its okay baby. it feels much better." she says leaning back down. She knows that Kevin knew he hurt her and that's why he slowed down. She came shaking the bed. He was about to cum but pulled out so he wouldn't get her pregnant. She came up opened her mouth and took every drop of his cum.

She smiles in pleasure. "Come on get dressed we've got to get that pill or condom because i know you love it when i cum inside you and i could tell you were a litrle disappointed when i pulled out.." he says handing her clothes. Ell blushed. That was true she was a littke disappointed. They git dressed,ate breakfast and went to town. we stopped at a pharmacy asking if they sold birth conrol pills,they did. they had to fill out a paper form and they lied on most of it. They payed for the pills and went on their way home. In the car Ell leaned over and kissed Kevin. He pushed her away. "Not in the car,alright?" He said in a stern voice ont meaning to sound so mad. Ell looked away,he couldnt tell if she was crying or not he tried to keep his eyes on the road. "Hey Ell.... are you mad?" he asked touching her thigh.

Ell was a little upset he sounded really mad at her. "Why did you say it like that?" she asked wiping her tears away before turning to him. "I know it sounded mean but I didn't mean for it to sound mean." he says. She pushes his hand away from her thigh. He looked at her concerned wondering if she was mad at him."are you mad at me baby??" he asks. "No. Just thinking." she answers. "What about." he asks. "I'm afraid." she says. "Why? are you afraid dad will find out?" he asks. "No, I'm afraid that you will leave me for another girl. what if you find someone you like and leave me for her? i will be gone without you " she says. "I promise i will never leave you for anyone else!" he says smiling at her.

They get home and Ell jumps in the shower while Kevin is making lunch. Kevin gets undressed, and sneaks in the bathroom quietly. He opens the door slowly and throws his arms around Ell and closes the door. His cock is fully erect in between her ass. "Is my baby being a bad boy!" she jokes. "Yes he is and he needs you so badly." he says kissing her neck. She becomes wet. "Did you take a pill?" he asks. "Yes." she says. she turns around. "Are you addicted to me? " She asks jokingly playing around with him. "Fuck yes!" he answers. They both laugh. He licks her nipples. He grabs her by the waist and lifts her up. His cock parts her pussy and slips in.

He thrusts into her, ramming every inch of his cock in her pussy. She moans loudly."awe Kevin,fuckk mee!" she begs. He kisses her. He feels his groins boiling. "I'm.... uhg....Cumming!" he grunts. Then Ell feels a ward sticky balst shoot into her. She comes her legs giving out. Kevin holds her up,making sure she doesn't fall. They finish with a kiss,shut the water off,get out and dry each other. Then they went down to eat lunch.

Around midnight, they finish watching a movie. "I'm exhausted!" Ell said. "Not to exhausted foe my cock are you?" he asks chuckling. "Your such a bad boy and i love it."


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