when Ell asks her brother if he loves her more than a sister, he says no and sge gets angry. will she forgive him? read and find out!
Ell woke up in her brothers arms. He was awake. "Morning sunshine." He said kissing her forehead. She smiled. "Morning." She said. "Kevin do you think badly of me for liking my own brother in the wrong way?" She looked him in the eyes. He answered immediately and truthfully. " Of course not! as a matter of fact i kinda think of you in that way to. It may be wrong but your se sexy i just couldnt help myself and you got me aroused on the couch." He explained. She thought for a second. "Do you love me?" He thought for awhile. "Well, what kind of way?" he asked knowing exactly what way she meant. "I already know you love me as a sister brother kind of way already but do you love me like mommy loved dad?" she asked. thinking of her mother made her want to cry. He thought for a moment again. "Its to early to tell...." he said looking into her eyes. She was confused. "How come?"Ell asked. "Well, its only been one day.... and how could i possibly love you in one day?" He saw the sadness in her eyes and face and wished immediately he hadn't said that or chosen those words. "So your saying you dont love me?/ her voice trembled in a way where your about to cry. A tear streaked down her face. He instantly hugged her. "Now don't go thinking i domt love you. i do but juat as a brother for now." he said wiping her tears and kissing her lips. She pulled away. He knows she's mad immediately and know he's meesed everything up. She got uo. "If you don't love me ill find someone who does.!" she said crying now. she ran down the hall and heard her bedroom door slam shut.

He was angry at himslef for hurting her feelings. He got dressed and went to talk to her. He stopped at her door and heard sobbing. He knocked. "Go away!" she yelled. "Ell, baby, I'm sorry. please can we just talk?" he asked. "No, you don't love me. I can't be in love with someone who doesn't love me! now please leave!" she said. He left and went to make breakfas t. Maybe that would calme her down. He made her favorite, chocolate chip pancakes, toast and strawberries. After it was finished he put it on a try and went up to her room. He put it by the door and knocked. "Please forgive me baby! I'm sorry!" I said almost wanting to cry.She didn't answer. "Please.....?" he askes begging her. "No!" she said. He left again. He ast lunch and dinner and she didn't come out for either and she hasn't even touched her breakfast or went to the bathroom. He took the tray downstairs and left it on the counter.

He really messed everything up, big time.He was going to wait rill night. Eventually she would come to go to the bathroom or get something to eat. He would wait for her then. He tried once more but the response was the same. Around 10:00 she opened her door and he had his door a crack ready to grab her. She walked by to go to the bathroom and he opened his door and grabbed her arm. "Let me go!" she cried. she trued to wiggle frr but Kevin was much stronger than Ell. "Let me_" he cut her off and kissed her. She kissed him back. Their tongues danced with each other. They started taking each others clothes off. "We need a shower don't we?" Kevin asked. "Yes, yes we do." she giggled.

They walked down the hall still kissing. Kevin turned the shower on and they got in. He pressed her against the wall and started sucking her nipples. She giggled. "That tickles." she exclaimed. He switched to the next nipple.She also giggled on that one to. "Fuck me, i need you!" Ell said. He nodded. He lifted her up and pressed her against the wall. His cock spreaded her pussy lips ahd she slid down easily because it was wet and slippery from the water.

He thrusted hard and deep. Her orgasms were rising and she moaned in pleasure. "It feels soo uhg good." she moaned again. He felt him cumming inside her. She smiled and came again. When they finished, they got out and dried each other.

Then Kevin went to make her some food because she was starving. She ate quickly. They sat up in his room watching t.v. He broke the silence. " Are you still mad at me?" She thought for a moment. "I'm not quite sure yet. Should i be?" she asked. " Well i mean i kinda guess you should but i really wish and hope your not..." he replied. She kissed him. They tore off each others clothes ready for more fun. She began sucking his now half erect cock. She even played with his balls and he moaned. " Awe, Ell." he moaned. He came. She got all of it down. She pushed him on the bed. She sat on his cock and it sunk deep within her. She began slowky riding it. He played with her nipples and she moaned loudly. "Uhg.....that feels..... uhg...good!" she said

She began moving faster and harder. Their sweaty bodies grind together. He came hard and let his cum fill her up. She came as soon as he realeased his cum into her. She collapsed on top of him. "You were great!" she said kissing his cheek. "You were too." he said playing with her hair."so now twll me are you still mad at me?" Kevin asked.

"How can i be mad at such an amazing lover. no i am not mad. i love you Kevin..." she said kissing him. He just smiled not knowing. what to say. Ell rolles over and layed her head on his chest.She did not know that soon their little 'game' would have to end when their father got home because he would definitely not alow this. But for now they better enjoy what they got. He rolled over on her and they began making love once again.

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