a rare day off
Max woke covered in females and decided it was a nice way to wake up. He smiled as he felt Amy snuggle under his chin and knew she was awake. “Hey sweetie, how you doing?”

“Fine.” Amy responded with a happy sigh.

“So what do you want to do today?” Max asked wondering what she would come up with. He had spent the last several weeks in the virtual world enjoying Amy’s imagination. They had spent a lot of time at the lake they had picnicked at the first day, but Amy had come up with some extremely inventive adventures after that. They had hiked in the mountains, swam in all seven seas, caravanned across the Sahara…But Max’s favorite had to be the day aboard the pirate ship. He had blinked in and immediately felt the ground under him heave, knocking him to his butt, much to the delight of the girls. She had even created a pirate crew to sail the ship for her. She had no idea what that entailed, but it didn’t matter, it wasn’t like they could sink.

Amy liked the lake the best though and they spent their nights there. She and Alice had created a little cottage to sleep in; there was no actual need for a roof over their heads, but Amy felt more comfortable sleeping indoors. The sound of rain on the little cottage’s roof brought Max’s thoughts back to the present, “Is that rain?”

“Yep.” Amy replied giggling, “Guess we’ll just have to stay in bed.”

“Mmmmm, snow would have been better.” Max replied.

Amy popped up and smiled brightly, “Oh no! We’re snowed in!”

Max turned his head and chuckled softly as he saw the fat white flakes falling past the window. He closed his eyes and the fireplace burst into flames. “There, we wouldn’t want to freeze!” Amy laughed and snuggled back under Max’s arms.

“What’s going on?” Emma asked with a yawn as she stretched sleepily. Max smiled to himself, as much time as the sisters spent together, their personalities were wildly different: Amy woke with a smile while Emma fought off sleep, Amy was a ball of fire while Emma was much more reserved. If it wasn’t for their amazing blue eyes, Max would have a hard time believing they were sisters. His Mom said that each girl got one of Marge’s personality extremes. Marge could be completely wild and spontaneous, or shy and reserved; it just depended on her mood and who she was with. Emma stretched again and looked out the window and laughed, “Is it snowing?”

Amy giggled, “Yep, we’re snowed in. Might have to eat each other!”

Alice giggled, “I know who I’m starting with…” Amy screamed as she felt Alice’s hands on her hips, flipping her over. Alice giggled as she slipped between Amy’s legs and gave the young girl a long slow lick, “Mmmm, delicious!”

Max laughed and rolled out of the bed, “Enjoy your breakfast, we’ll be back soon.”

“O…ok…” Amy gasped. Max smiled and pulled a giggling Emma to him before they blinked out.

Max opened his eyes and looked down at Emma’s smiling face. Emma’s beautiful blue eyes widened and she rolled away from him. “Gotta pee…” was all she said as she ran to the bathroom.

Max groaned as he got up to follow her, “I wish you wouldn’t have said that!” Max walked slowly into the bathroom, the stress of the last three weeks weighing him down. He was averaging only three and four hours of sleep a night. Between the project he was working on, monitoring Amy’s progress in the pod, and keeping her and Alice company; Max was exhausted. He knew he looked terrible, he was losing weight and had dark circles under his eyes. He stepped into the bathroom and saw Emma smiling at him as she unabashedly relieved herself. He sighed as she smiled sweetly and stuck her tongue out, she was putting on a brave face but he knew she was almost as tired as he was.. He shook his head and stepped into the shower with a little chuckle.

“Hey!” Emma exclaimed indignantly, “You can’t pee in there! I shower in there!”

“Mmm hmmm.” Max replied as he turned on the water and relieved himself. Emma stepped in behind him and wrapped her arms around his chest as he continued to urinate.

“Boys are so gross!” She said with a laugh.

“We certainly are!” Max replied with a chuckle, “That’s why we like girls so much.”

Emma laughed and gave him a squeeze, “What does that mean?”

Max finished then turned, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her tenderly before he answered, “I have no idea.”

Emma threw her head back laughing, “God! You’re so weird!”

“I guess that’s better than being creepy.” Max replied, still joking with her.

“Oh Max baby, you’re not creepy.” Emma said sweetly, then laughed, “You’re ccrreeeeeeeeppyyyy!”

“My mistake…” Max whispered as he began kissing her face, then moved to her lips as she began to moan in pleasure.

As Max started kissing her neck, Emma panted, “You know what we haven’t done in a while?”


“We…oh god…we haven’t made love in a while.” Emma panted.

“Really, I seem to remember making love to you last night.” Max replied and leaned down and began kissing her small breasts.

“No…I mean yeah…I mean out here.” Emma panted.

“I think we should take care of that right now…” Max whispered as he dropped to his knees. Emma giggled as he kissed between her legs, using his hands to slowly and gently force her thighs apart. Emma moaned as he leaned in and began licking her opening and curling his tongue around her clit. Emma held on to his shoulders as her legs began to shake and her moaning became louder.

“Max…oh god Max…” She panted as she looked down at him, “Max…oh Max stop…I wa…want you…now!” Max nodded and stood, picking her up as he did, his hands under her cute little butt. She wrapped her legs and arms around his body and slowly slid downwards, letting him gently enter her. Emma gasped as their pelvises met and she looked into Max’s green eyes with a sad smile. Max’s eyes didn’t seem to sparkle like they used to, she knew he was being borne down by the stress he was feeling, and it broke her heart. She sighed and moaned as she thrust herself against Max. “Yes oh YES!!!” Emma shook and trembled in his arms as the first waves of her orgasm rolled over her. Once she came down she grabbed Max’s face, “Lay down Max, let me make you feel as good as you make me feel…” Max nodded, let her down, and laid on the shower floor. Emma smiled at him as she straddled his waist and slid back, impaling herself on him again, “My turn baby…you just lay back and let me do this for you.”

“Come here…” Max whispered as he pulled her down into a kiss, they gasped into each other’s mouth as she began to slam herself down onto him. She pushed back up with her hands on his chest and began riding him almost violently. She was no longer in the mood to be gentle, she was going to rip Max’s orgasm from him, she wanted it and she wanted it now. “Jeez Emma, ugh take it easy…you’ll hurt …oh crap…your ugh…yourself…”

“I’m…fine…” Emma grunted, taking her fear, worries, and frustrations out on his body, “Cum with me…CUM WITH ME!!! OH SHIT YEAH!!!” Max thrust up to meet her and exploded into her, he couldn’t remember the last time he had cum so hard. He kept shooting into her and with every spurt she screamed her pleasure for the world to hear. Finally Emma fell to his chest exhausted and stretched up to kiss Max. They both opened their eyes and smiled at each other when they heard the clapping at the shower door.

“Your girls are soooo loud.” June laughed, bumping shoulders with a laughing Marge.

“How long have you two been standing there?” A blushing Emma asked, her head still buried in Max’s chest.

“Long enough.” Replied a laughing Marge, “And may I say – bravo!”

“Oh god…” Emma groaned.

June and Marge laughed as they turned to leave. Marge stopped at the bathroom door and turned still laughing, “Get cleaned up and come down to breakfast.”

Max started to sit up, but Emma tapped his chest, “Stop Max.”

“Something wrong?” he asked, laying back down.

“No…um, can we just stay here a bit…you know, just hold me…” Emma said in a sad, tired voice.


She sighed as she snuggled into Max, “I just want you for a while, here in the real world.”

“You don’t like the virtual world?” Max asked, a little confused, “I didn’t know…”

“Oh Max, its fun and all, but its not real.” Emma replied, “I need you here in the real world Max. I need you to really hold me, in the real world - not in some computer thingy.”

“Emma?” Max and Emma turned when they heard Amy’s voice.

“Oh Amy…Alice… I’m sorry…” Emma started.

“Shhh!” Amy said, “I understand, I miss it too.”

“Why don’t you two take some time for yourselves.” Alice said with a small smile, “You two have spent every day and every night with us…you both must be exhausted.” Amy nodded and wrapped her arms around Alice.

“Thank you guys, I’m sorry…I just…” Emma stammered as she began to cry.

“Emma, you’ve done so much for me.” Amy interrupted, “Do something for you, its ok really.” She gave her sister a bright smile, “Have fun!” and she and Alice blinked out.

Max could feel Emma sob and let her cry for a little while before he interrupted her, “Let’s get washed and get something to eat. Ok?” Emma nodded and stood.

“You let me spoil you today, ok? You need to relax as much as I do.” She said, still crying, and wrapped Max in a tight embrace, “I do love you, you know.”

“I know.” Max replied, “I love you too, we all do.” Emma and Max tenderly washed each other, and soon Emma was smiling again. After their shower, they dressed in bathrobes and Emma sat on their bed while Max brushed her long red hair until it shone brightly. They didn’t notice June and Marge enter the room, they’d come to see what was taking their children so long. They stood in the doorway holding each other, just watching Max brush Emma’s hair. They knew their children, especially Max, were exhausted. They could see it in their silence and their bent shoulders. Marge and June knew that Max was spreading himself too thin and his health was suffering. They also knew nothing they could say or do would stop him, he was doing this for Amy.

When Max finished brushing Emma’s hair, she leaned back into him with her eyes closed, “Just hold me for a while.” Max nodded and wrapped his arms around her. Marge and June looked at each other and backed out of the room, this wasn’t the time to interrupt them. Emma sighed happily, feeling some of the weight lifted off her shoulders as she relaxed in Max’s arms. A few minutes later Emma sighed contentedly, “Max, can we stay like this forever?”

Max laughed softly, “That might pose a few problems, but I’m game.”

Emma giggled, “Come on silly, I better feed you before you starve to death.”

“I am pretty weak.” Max said with a pitiful whine, “You may have to carry me.” Emma laughed, turned, and pulled Max down on top of her. “We’ll never get to breakfast this way.” Emma just smiled and kissed him. Max pulled her to him and rolled so she was on top. Max was amazed at how light she felt, “How much weight have you lost?”

Emma shrugged, “I don’t know, but we both look a little thin…Max you look so tired...”

Max sighed, “There’s a lot to do.”

“I know Amy needs us, and so does Alice.” Emma replied, her smile faltering a little, “But you need to rest. You won’t do anyone any good if you drop.”

“It won’t be much longer…I’ll be ok…” Max sighed and Emma could hear the exhaustion and worry in his voice. She had never seen him look so haggard, not even after the dog attack.

“Max, you have to take better care of yourself.” Emma interrupted as she gently caressed his cheek with her fingertips. “We need you, all of us.”

“What?” Max asked, obviously confused.

Emma gave Max a worried little smile, “Max, haven’t you figured it out yet?” He looked at her with confusion in his face. She took his face in her hands and continued, “For such a smart boy, you can be so stupid sometimes. Max, we worry about you, tell you what we think, and yell at you when you do something stupid. That’s because we love you, but you’re the one in charge. You look out for us, take care of us, even save us when we need it.”


“No buts Max.” Emma said and kissed him, “That’s just the way it is.” Max sighed, suddenly feeling tired down to his bones. Emma, noticing his worried expression, continued. “Its not as bad as all that!” Max sighed and she saw a tear slowly roll down his cheek. Wiping it away, she whispered, “I’m sorry Max, I didn’t mean to pile more crap on your shoulders. I’m just…Oh Max, let us help you.”

“I’m ok, please don’t worry.” Max replied.

Emma sighed and laid back onto his chest and snuggled into his shoulder, “Ok Max, ok.” She began to rub his chest softly, “Go to sleep Max, let’s get some rest – we both need it.” Max sighed and softly rubbed her shoulders. Emma noticed his hand moving slower and slower, until it stopped and she heard his breathing even out as sleep claimed him. Emma lay on his chest, quietly sobbing as she watched the boy she loved slowly burning himself out.

Amy turned from the display screen that showed a crying Emma snuggled into a sleeping Max, and hugged Alice tightly as tears ran freely from her eyes. She and Alice sat in the same bed, in the same little cottage, that Amy had woken up in a few hours ago, cradled in Max’s arms. The snow was still falling outside as she cried in Alice’s arms, “Oh Alice, what do I do?”

“He needs rest, needs to stay in the real world for a few days at least.” Alice replied as she held the small girl. Alice had debated showing Amy this, but if they were to help Max, it would require all of them.

“I didn’t know…I’ve been so selfish…” Amy cried, the pain and guilt obvious in her voice.

“Amy, it’s not your fault. He hid it from you and me both.” Alice said softly, trying to comfort her distraught friend. “If Emma hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have known either.”

Neither girl moved when they heard Emma whisper, “Did she see?”

Alice nodded before finally turning to the young redhead, “You look pretty tired too.” Emma just nodded, “You keep him company out there and we’ll be fine in here.”

Amy disentangled herself from Alice and rolled off the bed, leaping into Emma’s arms, “I’m so sorry, can you ever forgive me?”

“Oh sweetie, there’s nothing to forgive.” Emma replied, holding her sister tightly.

“Oh Emma, I’ve been so selfish.” Amy cried, “I should have known how hard it would be for you guys, spending so much time in here…” Amy leaned back a looked at Emma’s tired eyes with her tear filled eyes, “You stay with Max tonight, I’ll be fine, I have Alice with me.”

Emma laughed softly, “I’m coming back tonight, I need you more than you need me. The same is true for Max.”

Amy stretched and kissed Emma passionately, “I love you so much sis, now go take care of our man.” Emma smiled weakly and nodded, just before blinking out.

Max woke several hours later and his stomach complained noisily, reminding him it had been over a day since he’d eaten. Emma was still cuddled up, laying on his chest, and Max could hear her giggle softly as she asked, “Wow, that was loud.”

“Mmmm, I think my stomach is losing patience with me.” Max replied, “You must be just as hungry.”

“Mmmm hmmm, let’s go find some food.” Emma said as she levered herself off of his chest. Max suddenly felt sad as Emma rolled out of his arms, he loved holding her and it was almost worth starving to death. Emma looked down at him and smiled, “Come on silly, I’m starving!” Max nodded and slowly crawled out of bed. They helped each other dress then headed, arm in arm, to the kitchen.

Marge looked up and smiled as the kids walked in, “I was wondering when you two would make an appearance.”

“Need breakfast.” Max replied as his stomach growled loudly.

“Wow!” June laughed, “But don’t you mean lunch?”

“What?” Emma asked confused.

“Its two in the afternoon sweetie.” Marge replied laughing. “Any requests?”

“Anything is fine.” Max replied quietly as he sat heavily in a chair, pulling Emma down onto his lap. June watched her son with worry as he pulled Emma into his chest and promptly fell asleep.

“He’s so tired…” June whispered, “How long can he keep this up?”

“It stops now.” Emma replied, “I talked to Amy and Alice, we’ll still sleep in the machine, but we’re not spending all our time in there.”

“Good.” Marge replied as she and June began pulling fruit and cold cuts out of the fridge, “You both look done in.” Emma nodded, she did, in deed, feel exhausted. “Come on, hop down and let’s get you too fed, you both look like scarecrows.”

Emma shook her head, “I’m gonna stay right here, I need him and he needs me…” She kissed Max lightly as Marge placed a plate in front of them, “Wake up sweetie, you have to eat.” Max’s eyes opened and he smiled at Emma, kissing her back. The mothers smiled as they watched Emma and Max feed each other as they traded kisses. June knew as long as Max had Amy and Emma, he’d be able to endure; and as long as the girls had him, they would endure as well.

Marge exhaled in relief, as she saw the same thing as June, “So what are you two planning for today.”

“I think we’ll take a day or two off from the virtual world, although I still want to spend the night with Amy. I’m sure Emma does too.” Max replied as popped a piece of apple into a smiling Emma’s mouth as she nodded her agreement. “Maybe we can all watch a movie in the library.”

“That sounds nice.” Emma replied.

“I was planning on making lasagna tonight, why don’t we eat in the library – like a picnic.” June added.

“That sounds wonderful.” Marge replied. Max and Emma continued to feed each other for the next half hour, when they both decided they’d had enough. Max stifled a yawn and Marge told Emma to take him back to bed. “I’ll come get you when dinner is ready, a little more sleep will do you both some good.” Max nodded and stood, picking Emma up and cradling her in his arms.

“Put me down Max!” Exclaimed a giggling Emma.

“Nope I like you in my arms.“ Max replied with a smile as he turned and headed from the kitchen, “Besides, you’re light as a feather.” June and Marge smiled as they watched a laughing Max carry a laughing Emma from the room.

Marge turned and hugged June, “He seems better already,” June nodded and kissed the taller women tenderly. Marge moaned quietly as she kissed June back, “Perhaps we should go to bed for a little bit ourselves…”

“But I’m not sleepy.” June teased.

“Mmmm, I didn’t say anything about sleeping.” Marge replied seductively.

“Why Mrs. Carter, what ever could you have in mind?” June replied giggling as she took Marge’s hand and literally dragged her from the room and down the hall.

As they entered their bedroom, Marge pulled June into a tight embrace and gave her a deep hard kiss, “Mmmm, I think I might like a little snack…”

June giggled and continued with the teasing, “Oh my, should we go back to the kitchen…”

“Oh no no no…” Marge whispered as she began unbuttoning June’s blouse, “I was thinking you could be my snack…”

June giggled as Marge slipped her blouse off and unfastened June’s bra, “Oh my Mrs. Carter, are you a cannibal?” Marge giggled as she pulled her own t-shirt off and unbuttoned her jeans. June leaned in and sucked on one of Marge’s erect nipples, eliciting a small moan from her. Marge dropped her pants and panties in one swift movement, stepping out of them, and then pulled June’s skirt down. The two women smiled at each other as the stood together, arms around each other’s naked bodies. They kissed again and June led Marge to the bed.

June tried to lay Marge on the bed, but she shook her head with a smile, “Uh uh, me first…” June giggled merrily as Marge picked her up and tossed the small woman onto the bed and dove after her. They lay together, kissing passionately as their hands caressed each other’s soft skin. “God June, you’re so sexy…so beautiful…mmm…so wonderful…”

June giggled as Marge began kissing her way down her small body, “Mmm, I’m fond of you too!”

Marge smiled evilly as she slowly descended between June’s legs, “Oh my, this looks so tasty…” and she gave June a long lick, causing her to gasp and giggle. Soon Marge’s licks, nibbles, and tender nips had June moaning and writhing in pleasure. “God you taste so good…”

“Oh Marge…god so good…oh…oh…OH…GOD!!!” June began screaming as Marge quickly brought June to her first orgasm. It wasn’t a big one but her next one built upon it and rocked her just a few minutes later. “GOD MARGE I LOVE YOU!!!” The pretty red head laughed and let up not a bit as she continued to lick, probe, and caress June’s opening with her tongue. As she felt June near the edge again, Marge pulled her cute little clit into her mouth and sucked hard. She laughed happily as June came hard and splashed Marge’s face with her nectar. June looked down at her lover and growled, “Come here!” pulling her up into another passionate kiss. Tasting her own juices on Marge’s lips nearly caused June to cum again. “Oh my god, you drive me crazy!” She growled as they kissed again. Marge shrieked and giggled as June rolled her on her back and began lightly kissing her neck.

“Oh yes…so nice…” Marge whispered as she shivered in delight. June knew Marge’s body well and kissed and licked all of her sensitive areas on her way down to Marge’s sex. Once there, June covered her entire mound with her mouth and sucked on Marge’s clit as she drove her tongue into Marge as far as it would go. “Damn…” the trembling red head gasped, “That’s nice…” June quickly began licking and kissing her lover, bringing on Marge’s first orgasm in short order. Marge moaned and gasped then screamed June’s name as June shoved two fingers into her, pumping rapidly as Marge came again. June slowed down and decided to let Marge’s sexual tension build, planning to make her cum hard. It took nearly fifteen minutes before Marge began begging as June brought her the threshold then stepped back. “God…please…please…I can’t…oh god…take…it…” Marge gasped, causing June to smile. She started sucking and licking Marge’s clit as she slowly pumped her fingers into her. As Marge neared release, June pulled her fingers out of her vagina and plunged her soaking index finger up to the second knuckle into Marge’s ass. “HOLY SHIT…OOOHHHHH DAAAAAMN!!!” Marge screamed as a huge orgasm slammed into her, taking over a minute to subside. Marge collapsed into the pillows, unable to catch her breath. Marge didn’t pass out, but her vision did narrow and all she could hear was her own pounding heart.

As June crawled up and kissed her panting lover, she smiled wickedly, “You like that?”

“Holy crap, I thought I was having a heart attack I came so hard.” Marge giggled.

“Come on, we need a shower before we start dinner.” June said with a smile. She looked up and continued, “Jeeves, can you send the spiders to our room? We kinda made a mess.”

“My pleasure Miss.” Jeeves replied.

“Thanx Jeeves.” June replied giggling as she pulled Marge out of the bed and the both headed to the shower. As they stepped in, June wrapped her lover in a tight embrace, “God I love you!”

“I love you too sweetie, you do the most wonderful things to me.” Marge replied as she held tightly to her little, dark-haired lover.

Max stirred in his sleep as he heard Marge’s scream, followed by Emma’s quiet giggling, “What the hell was that?”

“Mom.” Emma laughed, “And she says me and Amy are loud!”

“Holy crap, you sure she’s ok?” Max asked with a small smile, “Should we check on her?”

Emma laughed as she rolled off Max and out of the bed, “You know, I think we should.”

Max laughed and followed her, “Yep, better safe than sorry.” They ran down the stairs and into their mothers’ bedroom and saw the spiders cleaning up the wreck of a bed. “Damn!” Max whispered as he and Emma giggled at the sight. Hearing the shower running, they quickly entered the bathroom and saw Marge and June in a tight embrace, sharing a passionate kiss. Smiling at each other, the quietly entered the shower and stepped behind each other’s parent and began kissing their necks.

June looked over Marge’s shoulder and smiled at her son, “Hi sweetie.”

Max returned June’s smile and replied, “I believe we have some unfinished business.”

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