This a series story that I am trying it is a fantasy oneit is about a divoriced dad and hius eighteen year old daughs laptop and what he finds on it plus many other costomes as well.
My Naughty daughter's Laptop

My name is John I am a computer repair tech I work from home.
My height is about 5' 8” brown hair hazel eyes weight about 185 .
I drink on social occasions, my wife divorced me four years ago .

She also left behind our daughter Megan .
One day she told me she was filing for divorce she said any more.

Our daughter is a very is beautiful young woman of eighteen.
She is 5'6" brown hair hazel eyes wears braces & glasses really nice 36c breasts .
She is eighteen now and finishing high school this June .

Megan's friend Samantha lives right next door , they been friends all their life .
Samantha ( Sam ) is also eighteen and goes to the same school with Megan .
she stands about 5'4" blond hair blue eyes and 34c boobs and a nice tight butt.

Megan will soon be graduating high school my how the yeas pass by .
I purchased her a laptop for her fourteenth birthday she was excited to get it.

I am amazed at what I find on these laptops wholly smoke .
In all the years I have repaired laptops and PC's I seen everything .
One day my daughter cam to me Daddy, My laptop is so slow it does not work properly.

Well honey I told her dad will get on it Ill try to have it ready by the time you come home .
She went off to school got her keys and her pack and off she went to school.
I picked up her laptop and scanned it for any virus that maybe hidden.

I did a search for porn dam I could not believe my eyes my daughter watched a lot .

I now know why my daughter's running slow, all the staying up late nights .after I went to bed .

She looked at a lot of porn and pictures I then began thinking these thoughts.
I will try to save what ever I could put it on a is on CD then totally wipe the laptop clean.
Maybe it would be a better if I just replaced the hard drive.

This laptop has a web cam with microphone.
I am installing a ghost viewer this way I could spy on that she is up too .

I loaded the new windows seven plus the ghost software I wanted done now.
I am so glad I could get this up and running again that was easy .
The time was about ten am, I had other customers laptop's to finish, up.
I then hears a knock on the shop office door.

Hello there Samantha why aren’t you in school to day I asked her ? .
I have a doctors appointment at 1 pm this afternoon so I stopped by here first.
I wanted to stop by to see if you could take a look at my laptop it's broken.

Bob do you think you might be able to fix it ? lets see I will say this I will certainly try .
The neighbors daughter is eighteen also and goes to school with my daughter .
she stands about 5'4" blond hair blue eyes and 34c boobs and a nice tight butt.

Where is Meg ? “Oh”shes off to school already darn I needed to talk to her .
what seems to be your trouble? I will be honest I am not sure if I should say .
Please Amanda don't worry your safe here what ever we say stays here alright .

Please sir just do what ever you have to to please get it fixed .
She then left my office walked out the door got in her car and go to her appointment.
I replaced the hard drive rather than take the time to try and fix it .

I thought later on it at a later date when I have spare time I like to see what is on there .
I am kind of a saver when it comes to the hard drives because sometimes they can be

saved .I finished Amanda's and my daughters now were all set for this day .
I will go out and get a bite to eat, I work from home it is better than a store .
I called out for food delivery service it will be here in less than an hour .

Now I can relax and take a peek too see how naughty Amanda really is.
I placed it on my reader ,I got the shock of my life I saw there wholly cow.

What I saw was naked pics of her taken by the web cam.
Dam she is spread wide “ wow ! “shes hot .
She has a very nice clean shaven pink pussy I would love to see it in person .

I relaxed ate my lunch now It is almost three pm I hear a a knock on the door ,
Come in it is open , hello Amanda is my laptop ready ? ,Why yes it is .
Please come in and sit down I have some bad news and some good news for you.

I am sorry but I could not could not save too much that was on your hard drive.
I had to replace it there was too many Virus on there to be saved .
what I could save in on this disk ,your school work and family pictures etc.

I had some very naught stuff on there as well did you save it? , here is the disk .
I handed her a disc this this is all that could be saved alright thanks.
what will I do if my parents find out ?, they will ground me take my car keys away .

about what your porn pics or looking at videos you were watching yes.

I told you once before not to worry they won't I am not going to say anything .
Thank you bob your welcome maria .
She gives me a hug and kiss on the cheek what is my cost to fix my lap top no charge.

You are like family and your mom and dad will be pleased that it's fixed .
I feel very guilty I have no money for payment could we just work out something .
like what ? well a blow job for instance ?, I told you no money is needed your like family.

I want to suck your cock ! . I have had the hots for you ever scene I was sixteen .
well alright just once lets go to my bedroom she starts to take her cloths off.

I can’t get pregnant so cum all you want inside me,I 'm on the pill .
I used a dildo in my pussy but not as good as a nice hard cock .

My mom got me on the pill when i was fourteen she caught me masturbating in the tub .
I 'm eighteen and finishing high school in a few months June .
I was developing early see she showed me her tits nice with big puffy pink areolas .

My gosh this girl was hot shaven pussy ooh i could smell her sweetness .
Finally she got me hard I laid her on her back , then took my hard cock in my hand rubbed it between on her pink folds.

My dick stated to enter into her as she bit her bottom lip i pushed deeper insider her.

I asked are you alright? . She nodded her head yes as I pounded her tight pussy .

She began to raise her buttocks meeting my every thrust .
She began Moaning very loudly with pleasure aah god I'm gonna cum bob.
Oh yes ooh fuck me fuck my tight pussy ooh "Oh god, I’m cumming!" .

She finished her orgasm I pulled out and splattered my cum all over her tits and face next time your going to cum in my hot pussy I told you I'm on the pill.

We should shower before my daughter gets home. as we walked past my daughters room it was empty well we showered got dressed I gave her her laptop,
she went home a happy camper.

It was not long after she left that my daughter cam home Hello daddy hi honey.
how was you day wonderful that’s good daddy .

How was yours sweetheart good daddy is my lap top fixed yes honey here you go the hard drive was bad lots of naughty things on three virus I had to install a new one Thank you.
She does not realize I installed a ghost card this I can monitor her when shes on line .

I just want to make sure that shes alright , I want to be able to see her .
I am a dad who cares I am just making sure shes is alright .
I love her and shes a wonderful daughter I'm proud.

Later on that evening when I was a sleep I thought I heard soft moans coming from my daughters room . I'm a light sleeper so I hear everything I thought my daughter was sleeping .

I got up and went to check on her our halls are plush carpet covered .
This makes it very quiet in the house I stopped at her door I noticed it was open a bit.

I peeked in there she was naked on her bed head tilted back eyes closed legs spread .
She was sliding her hair brush handle in and out of her pussy .
She used the other hand to rubs her slit she was watching porn on her laptop .

I watched for a few moments I could tell she was ready to orgasm her body tensed up.
Her bottom rose upwards legs went wider and higher in the air and then screamed out . I could not believe what I was hearing this coming from my daughters mouth .

Daddy I'm cumming ah !!, I flung open the door did you call me honey ? Daddy !! .
She let go of the hair brush still in her dripping pussy ,then tried to cover herself up .

Hello honey I walked over to the bed what are we watching ? .
I'm sorry daddy I was being bad I lifted the covers what don't you finish honey?.
I will help you I got between them took my tongue then started on her licking her .

She could not believe what I was doing I took the hair brush out.
Slowly I inserted a finger curved the tip upwards to her G-Spot, Yes daddy ooh yes . daddy that feels so good I'm cumming daddy I'm cumming ooh fuck yeah .
Please do me daddy please fuck my tight pussy .

I saved my self just for you are you sure honey yes daddy I have never been more sure.
I got up from licking her wet pussy , I then took my cock in hand then began rubbing the tip between her folds .

I rested the tip at the entrance to her vagina she raised them spread her legs wide .

Daddy go for it fuck me stick tour dick deep in my tight pussy, I did as she asked me.
Pushing in slow and deep she was wet so wet that it made it easy going in her tight hole.
She started “ Screaming Loudly Oh Daddy” it feels so good oh fuck yes .

Darling your so tight I know daddy ooh I’m gonna cum fuck me daddy that’s it .
She raised her hips and started bucking upwards I started pushing down deeper.
I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock I want to feel your cum deep in me daddy . Please daddy don't worry just cum inside I get pregnant I'm on the pill .

To Be Continued

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