first day in a new world
Max blinked in and laughed as he saw Amy dancing around barefoot in a field of thick green grass at the edge of a small lake. She had a happily barking Mia in her arms and he thought she looked lovelier than ever in a bright yellow sundress. He smiled happily when he felt and arm go around his waist and heard Alice’s voice, “Is that really Mia?” Max nodded and Alice kissed him, “How?”

“I made a helmet to map his brain function, The Library helped.” Max replied, justifiably proud of himself. He turned to Alice and kissed her back, “Nice construct, by the way.”

Alice laughed, “Not mine.”

“Amy?” Max asked astonished as he looked around and laughed when he saw a bird fly overhead.

“Yes, she really has an eye for detail.” Alice replied. They turned when they heard Amy call out Max’s name.

She ran up and set Mia down before wrapping Max in a tight embrace, “This is so awesome, I can’t believe you got Mia in here.”

“She do ok with the transition?” Max asked.

“She was a little confused at first, but once she saw Amy…well you saw.” Emma replied as she walked up. “That was a nice surprise Max, thank you.”

Amy nodded and squeezed him harder, “God, I love you so much.”

Max laughed, “I love you too sweetie. So what do you have planned for our first day?”

“Picnic, I’m starving!” Amy replied giggling, “You guys got breakfast and I didn’t.”

“You do know your only hungry because you think you are, you don’t need to eat here.” Alice replied laughing.

“I know, but I also know I can eat as much as I want and never get fat!” Amy replied with an evil grin.

“What?” Marge interrupted, “Is that true Max?” Max nodded and a huge smile crossed Marge’s face, “Oh man, I’m never leaving!” Max and Amy laughed, he was overjoyed that Marge and June, not to mention Mia, were adapting to the virtual world so effortlessly.

“Well what are we waiting for?” June exclaimed, “Let’s eat!”

Emma laughed and kissed her sister’s neck, “Whose turn to cook?”

“Put me down Max.” Amy said excitedly, “I have a meal to make.” Max laughed and set the blond haired girl on her feet. Amy ran towards the lake and her dress shimmered and morphed into a purple ermine robe. She was also suddenly wearing a pointed hat and holding a wand, “ABRACADABRA!” she yelled and waved her wand with a great flourish. A long banquette table appeared, covered with cakes and cookies of all kinds. Max shook his head and laughed as Marge and June groaned and looked at each other.

“Figures!” Emma said with a laugh as she took off after her sister. June took Marge’s hand as they walked down to the water’s edge to join the girls.

“We’re gonna have a hell of a time getting her to go home.” Max laughed as he felt Alice’s arm go around his waist once more.

“She’s your girlfriend.” Alice replied as they started walking down to the lake.

“Yours too.” Max replied with a smile. Alice stopped and Max turned to face her, “What’s wrong?”

“Mine too?” Alice asked quietly.

“Of course. What is it, don’t you like her?” Max asked quietly.

“Yes, she’s absolutely wonderful, I adore her.” Alice responded quickly, “But…”

“You worried that she’ll feel weird because you’re a machine and she’s human?” Max asked. Alice nodded with a worried look on her face, “You really think that matters to her? How has she treated you so far?” Alice suddenly smiled and took off running towards Amy.

She grabbed the young blond and kissed her passionately as Amy giggled and kissed back. As Alice broke the kiss, she blushed and looked down, “Amy?”

Amy’s smile instantly vanished as she hugged Alice tightly, “What’s wrong?”

“Um…Max said…I…” Alice took a deep breath and looked into Amy’s worried eyes. Max was amazed at how human Alice’s responses and affectations had become. After a few seconds of staring at the concerned girl, Alice just blurted her question out, “Am I your girlfriend…I mean like Emma and Max?”

Amy smiled and kissed Alice’s lips again, “Of course you are silly.”

Alice smiled brightly and giggled as Emma joined the hug and kissed her cheek, “Silly girl, don’t you know how much we love you?”

“I do now.” Alice replied as her tears began to fall.

“Hey, no crying now.” Emma said gently, “It’s a picnic, no crying at picnics!”

“Oh hush Emma.” June replied, “You go ahead and cry if you want Alice.” Alice nodded and buried her head into Amy’s shoulder as a worried Amy looked at Max.

“Happy tears.” Max simply replied, much to Amy’s relief. She smiled and snuggled into Alice as Max kissed Alice’s neck and whispered into her ear, “Told you.”

Emma rubbed Alice’s back as she quietly asked, “Want a cookie?” Everyone, including Alice began laughing so hard they fell to the soft grass. Amy stuffed herself with cake and cookies, smiling and giggling the whole time. Even Marge and June ignored their motherly instincts and gorged themselves on sweets.

“This could be addictive.” Marge giggled as crumbs fell from her smiling mouth. Max smiled and nodded as he tossed a cookie to Mia and it transformed into a small steak in midair. Mia barked and snatched the treat and rolled on the ground happily as she growled and gnawed at it, much to Amy’s delight.

Amy looked at Max with a mischievous smile and an evil glint in her eyes, “SKINNY DIP!” She jumped to her feet and ran to the water, her clothes dissolving into a fine smoke that drifted away on the light breeze.

“Damn, she’s really good in here.” Max said with a proud smile. Alice smiled and nodded as her clothes wavered and disappeared it a puff of colored smoke. Max laughed, “Show off!” Alice laughed merrily and took off running to join Amy who was already splashing happily in the lake. Max shook his head and took off after Alice. When he reached the lake he dove in with his clothes on, when he surfaced he was naked. Amy and Alice immediately tackled him and he fell back into the water laughing as the two girls landed on him. He stood holding both girls and laughed when a naked Emma slammed into them, knocking them all back into the warm water.

Amy got up and waded to the shore and called to June and her mother, “Momma, Miss June, come on in; the water’s perfect.” The two women laughed and stood. They began to strip in the normal fashion as they walked to the water’s edge; once they were naked, they waded in up to June’s waist and hugged each other. Amy smiled and joined their embrace, “This is so great!”

“I’m so glad your happy sweetie, but pace yourself.” Marge said with a smile, “You’re gonna be in here a long time.”

“I know, but you guys will be here with me a lot and Alice will be here all the time.” Amy replied happily, “And even Mia. I was so sad about her, afraid she’d forget me or be sad without me – but Max fixed that too!” Amy leaned around Marge and June and asked, “Who’s that?”

Both women turned and saw a tall balding man wearing what looked a lot like a tuxedo, holding a black telephone on a silver platter. June turned towards Max, “Honey?” Max turned and saw the figure on the shore and began walking towards him with a confused look on his face.

The man smiled and spoke, “Sir, there is a phone call for Miss Marge.”

Max started laughing as he approached the man, “Oh my god! Jeeves, is that you?”

“Yes sir.” Jeeves replied with a small smile, “Do you like my avatar? I saw it in an old movie. I hope Miss Amy likes it.”

“She’s gonna love it.” Max replied then nodded at the phone, “Who is it?”

“Miss Marge’s husband.”

Marge heard Jeeves and a sour look crossed her face, “Tell him I’ll call him back later – much later.”

Jeeves nodded and began speaking to the empty air, “Miss Marge is indisposed and can not come to the phone.” Jeeves pause then continued,” No sir, I am the butler.” This last statement caused Amy to giggle. “I’m sorry you feel that way, but I can not force her to the phone.” Jeeves sighed, “Because I’m the butler, not her father.” Jeeves sighed again and rolled his eyes, causing Amy to giggle again, “I will inform her of your wish, however sir, I can not guarantee her wishes will coincide with yours. I have your number and will pass that along as well. Good day to you!”

Marge walked up and hugged Jeeves, “I’m sorry about that.”

Jeeves hugged her back, in an almost fatherly way, “A most disagreeable man.”

Marge laughed sadly, “Yes, yes he is. Thank you for getting rid of him.”

“My pleasure Miss.” Jeeves replied, “Please do not let this ruin your day.”

Marge smiled and broke the embrace, “I won’t.” Marge smiled and giggled quietly, “Why don’t you join us.”

“Nothing would please me more, but I’m afraid I’m otherwise occupied.” Jeeves replied and blinked out.

June walked up behind Marge and wrapped her arms around her, “You ok?”

Marge sighed and turned so she could kiss June, “Mmmm, I am now.” Marge and June walked out of the water and lay in the grass, continuing to kiss. Max walked up and knelt next to the two women.

“Do you guys want some privacy?” Max asked quietly. June nodded with a small smile. Max returned her smile, “Just call my name when you want to come back.” And the two women blinked out.

June and Marge gasped swinging their heads around as they took in their surroundings, then began laughing as they lay in a huge bed on silk sheets. June looked around at the red walls and red candles dimly lighting the room, “Wow, that’s a lot of red!”

“Where the hell did he come up with this?” Marge laughed, “It looks like a whorehouse.”

June laughed even harder, “I think I need to have a little talk with my son.” She pulled Marge tighter and kissed her again, “Later.”

“Much later…” Marge whispered as she returned June’s kisses.

Max laid down and smiled as he relaxed for the first time in days, he felt truly happy now that Amy’s treatment had started and everything was going so well. His eyes were closed, but he knew Emma’s touch when he felt her lay down and rest her head on his shoulder. Max instinctively wrapped his arm around her and pulled her tighter into his body. She moaned happily and rubbed his chest absentmindedly, just happy to be held by her man, “You did good Max.”

“This is all Amy, I’m along for the ride just like you.” Max replied softly.

“No Max, this is all you.” Emma replied, “You saved her life – again. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I don’t know what I’d do without her. I get frightened just thinking about it.”

“I know how you feel.” Max replied, his eyes starting to well up, “I can’t loose you two, I just can’t.”

Emma stretched up and kissed his cheek, “You won’t.”

Amy and Alice knelt down next to them and Amy, seeing Max’s face, caressed his face with her small hand, “Hey, why so serious?”

Max smiled up at her, “No reason.”

“Good, because we have some unfinished business.” Amy said, causing Alice to giggle.

“And what would that be?” Emma asked with a little laugh, “As if I had to ask.”

“Not me!” Amy responded as she nodded to Alice, “Her.”

“Is my sister corrupting you?” Emma asked giggling.

Alice blushed as she smiled, “I certainly hope so.” Amy started laughing happily as she jumped on Alice, pushing her to the ground.

“Better hurry Max, before I wear her out.” Amy giggled as she began covering Alice’s neck and chest with kisses. Alice’s breathing began to become faster and deeper. Her eyes got wide, this was new and different to her. Since she became aware, things felt different to her, more intense.

“Is this safe?” Emma asked, “I mean she’s running Amy’s body.”

“Not really, the pod does all the actual work, Alice just monitors in case something happens.” Max replied. “I’m also in the loop. My integrated systems can alert me if I need to intervene.”

Emma looked over Max’s chest and smiled, “Looks like you may have to wait a bit.”

Max turned his head and laughed as he saw Amy kissing her way down Alice’s body. Alice was moaning, these feelings were definitely new to her. She had been programmed for sexual encounters, but now that she no longer used preset responses and generated her own, she also generated her own feelings and emotions. Max could see the wonder and true happiness on her face. It was something she never truly experienced as a machine, but now that she was alive a whole new world was open to her. And it looked like Amy was determined to show her as much of that new world as possible, as she slowly worked her way down Alice’s body. She settled between Alice’s legs and looked up at the wide eyed girl smiling, “You’re gonna really like this!” Amy literally dove between Alice’s legs and began licking her gently at first, but quickly built up the pace as Alice became lost in her own little world of pleasure. Amy licked her opening from bottom to top, then sucked her clit into her mouth, purposely scraping it gently with her teeth. Alice jumped in response as she sucked nonexistent air into her nonexistent lungs, crying out with a soft whine. Amy smiled, she was determined to give Alice an orgasm if it took all day.

Luckily it wasn’t going to take anywhere near that long. Alice cried out, “Oh Amy…something…oh Amy, what’s happening…” Amy smiled as she saw Alice stiffen and her eyes pop open. Her orgasm only lasted for ten or fifteen seconds, but it looked fairly intense. When Alice relaxed Amy looked up with a huge smile on her face, which instantly faded when she saw Alice’s tears.

Amy quickly crawled up to her head and kissed her gently, “Are you ok?”

“I…never…I don’t…know what happened…” Alice stammered through her tears.

“Was it bad?” Amy asked with concern.

Alice locked eyes with the little blond, “No, no, it was…was…wonderful.” Alice wrapped Amy in a tight hug as she continued to cry, “Thank you.”

Emma was confused, “Hasn’t she had sex before?”

“Not like she is now.” Max replied. Seeing Emma’s confused look he tried to explain further, “She woke up, became self-aware. She is basically alive.”


“Not sure. Her reactions and responses were stored in a huge database, she would calculate the best response and use that, now she’s generating her own responses. Her code has changed in ways I don’t understand.” Max said quietly. “She’s thinking on her own, she’s alive.”

“That’s so cool.” Emma replied with a smile. She started kissing Max and soon both were becoming excited, “Max?”


“I want to play!” Emma said with a smile, imitating her sister. Max smiled and their kissing became more heated. He began to massage the nerves in her neck as he gently sucked her lower lip into his mouth. She had always loved that, from the first kiss they shared on they swing a lifetime ago. Emma sighed happily and rolled onto Max and began to slide her body down his and she kissed his chest lightly. Max gasped as Emma finally reached her destination. Emma looked up from between his legs and giggled, “Oh my, look what I found…” Still giggling she took him into her mouth and pushed down hard. Max moaned as he felt her lips slide down his erection and popped his head up when he realized she wasn’t stopping. Her eyes met his as her lips reached his pelvis.

“Holy crap!” Max wheezed. Emma giggled, pleased at how much pleasure she was giving him and the vibrations made Max groan again. He turned his head and saw a smiling Amy holding a smiling Alice, both were giggling as they watched Emma take all of Max into her throat.

Emma lifted off of Max and his erection left her mouth with an audible pop as she sucked his swollen head as hard as she could. Max jumped and groaned again as Emma straddled his legs and sat down hard, diving him all the way into herself with one powerful push. “You just lay back and relax, my turn to play.” She whispered as she smiled at him. Max just nodded, not even trying to find his voice. “Oh god Max, this feels so good…” Emma added as she began to gyrate her hips, not actually lifting up. She leaned forward and kissed him hard as she started rubbing her clit against his pelvis. It didn’t take long for her first orgasm to sneak up on her. She began to shake and moan as her movement became faster and faster. Emma was rapidly losing her coordination and Max reached up and wrapped his strong hands around her small waist. A few moment later and Emma stopped even trying to ride Max as she just shook and trembled with pleasure. Max started thrusting into her the best he could from his position, trying to extend her orgasm.

Max groaned and jerked when he unexpectedly felt Amy’s small hands on his scrotum. He opened his eyes and watched as a smiling Alice licked and sucked Emma’s nipples. She groaned and screwed up her face as her body shook and spasmed through another orgasm. Max knew he was close, Amy massaging and kissing his balls wasn’t helping his stamina. He fought hard to hold back but he felt the telltale tightness in his groin and gasped as he exploded into Emma, “Oh god Emma…”

Emma’s eyes popped wide open as her next orgasm washed over her on the heels of her last one, seemingly with no separation. She could feel Max twitch as he erupted inside her, his warmth spread throughout her body and she collapsed onto his chest. As Max softly caressed her hair, she could feel another type of warmth spread through her chest. “Oh god Max, I love you so much…” she whispered as she relaxed in his arms and sleep slowly claimed her. Alice and Amy snuggled into Max on either side and Alice shut down most of her processes and just enjoyed being close to Max as Amy followed her sister into sleep. Max sighed and sought out Marge and his mother’s signals, when he found them he realized they were both asleep as well. He smiled and retrieved their avatars, watching as they slowly formed next to Amy and unconsciously hugged each other tighter as they continued to sleep. Max felt truly relaxed and let sleep claim him as well.

Max woke as he felt a hand gently brush the hair from his forehead, “Sir, sir please wake up sir.”


“Yes sir, we have a problem at the house.” Jeeves replied, Max could swear he sounded worried. Max’s eyes opened immediately as a cold ball of fear formed in the pit of his stomach.

“What is it?”

“It’s Mia sir.”

Max was really worried now. ‘Oh god, please tell me the helmet didn’t hurt the little puppy, Emma and Amy would never forgive me!’ Max took a deep breath to try and control his panic. “Is she ok?”

“Oh yes sir, just fine.” Jeeves replied, “Its what she did to you sir.” Max just looked at Jeeves and it suddenly dawned on him how long they’d been here. He closed his eyes and co-opted the library cameras, yep there was Mia on his lap – his soaking wet lap! Max slid back into the virtual world and saw the pained look on Jeeves’ face and began to laugh uncontrollably. The girl’s were awaked by his loud laughs and they watched as he patted a confused looking Jeeves.

“What’s going on?” A sleepy sounding Amy asked.

“Your dog did it again!” Max replied as he smiled at her the let his head fall back to the soft green grass as he succumb to another round of laughter.

Amy sighed, exasperated she was getting no answers from Max, “Jeeves?” Jeeves sighed as he stood and pointed to the air above his right shoulder and a small shimmering disturbance appeared. The disturbance quickly took shape and soon they were all looking at a large display screen with a picture of Mia on Max’s wet lap. The girls began laughing uncontrollably as they rolled in the grass. The noise had disturbed Mia, who sat staring at the strange humans until she saw Amy rolling on the grass. Mia jumped up and bounded over to her human, she was as strange as the rest but she was hers. As Mia jumped on the small blonde, barking happily, Amy scooped her up and hugged and kissed the small dog, “Oh Mia…”

Max lifted his head to watch them as tears of laughter ran down his cheeks, “Amy your dog is evil – just like her mommy!” Amy just smiled back at him as she happily hugged her puppy.

Max looked at the sky and could see the gathering dusk, “We should probably head back…” He stopped when he saw Amy’s expression change. He got up, walked over, and pulled Amy and Mia up in a loose embrace, “We’ll be back soon.”

“I know, it’s just…” She started and paused as she looked at Max, “It’s been such a wonderful day, I don’t want it to end.”

Max kissed her back, “I know, but I need to get everyone fed and some of us need a shower.” He laughed and kissed the top of Mia’s head, “Me and Emma will be back tonight, but this has been a long trip for our parents.”

Amy nodded, “Its ok, I’ll still have Alice to play with.” Alice hugged her with a smile.

Everyone kissed and hugged Amy, then Marge stepped up and engulfed her daughter into a tight hug, “You be good and don’t hurt Alice! I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I love you mommy.” Amy replied in a quiet sad voice.

“Amy?” Marge asked with concern when she heard the exhaustion in her baby’s voice.

“I fine, just tired.” Amy replied with a small smile. Marge gave a worried frown to Max.

“She’s fine, it’s been a long day. Building and maintaining this construct is tiring and she’s been running all out most of the day. She still needs rest, even in here.” Max replied with a calm smile. Marge nodded and felt better. “Ok guys time to go.” Max said as Marge and June blinked out. He looked at Emma as he gave Amy one last hug, “See you on the other side.” And blinked out.

Amy gently set Mia on the ground, “Be good for Max sweetie.” A small tear ran down her face as the puppy blinked out. Emma came over and hugged her sister. Amy sighed, “Your gonna come back tonight aren’t you? I don’t think I can sleep without you and Max.”

“Its ok, we’ll be back before you know it.” Emma replied, holding her sister tight, “And I need you just as much as you need me, so of course I’ll be back.” Amy smiled as Emma stepped back and blinked out.

Alice embraced Amy lightly as she smiled down at the little blonde, “Come on, it’s my turn to play with you.” Amy giggled and let Alice lead her to a bed that had just popped into existence a few yards away.

Emma opened her eyes as she heard her mother and June laughing uncontrollably as Mia yipped happily at their feet. She turned her head and saw Max stepping out of his wet pants with a sour look on his face. He turned to her and gave her a pained smile, “Its cold and smelly…” Emma started laughing so hard, she toppled right over onto a wet spot. Realizing what she was feeling, she gave a small scream and jumped up, still laughing. “Serves you right!” Max replied with a chuckle as he went over and scooped Mia up into his arms. He looked back over to a laughing Emma with a smile, “Can I interest you in a shower?”

Emma walked over and kissed her boyfriend on the cheek and replied sweetly, “I think I can be persuaded.” June and Marge smiled as they watched Max leave the room, Mia in his left arm and his right wrapped tightly around Emma.

June turned to Marge and lightly wrapped her arms around her, “Mmmm, the important question is: can you be persuaded?”

Marge leaned down and kissed June’s lips lightly before whispering, “I thought you’d never ask.”

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