Max learns a new trick
Emma was the next in the pod, much to Marge’s anguish. The surgery and recovery took the better part of a day and Marge never left her daughter’s side. Watching the pod’s mechanical arms with hawk-like scrutiny. She was amazed at the speed and precision of the machine, as well as how quickly Emma recovered.

June was next, followed by Amy, and then it was Marge’s turn. She was scared, but trusted Max. The procedure went without a hitch and she was amazed at how good she felt when Max woke her and helped her out of the pod. When they were in the library going over Amy’s treatment, she remarked to Max that she felt like a teen again.

“The nanites do more than repair the surgical site, they fix any damage they find.” Max replied with a smile, “Now that you have them in your blood, you’ll heal faster and age slower.”

“So what? We’re like immortal?” Amy asked with awe in her voice.

“No.” Max laughed, “But the nanites will significantly increase your life span. You will need periodic boosters though.”

“How long Max?” Marge asked quietly, “How long will we live?”

“Don’t know for sure, the sims are still going.” Max replied as he closed his eyes. He opened them again and smiled at Marge, “Wow, looks like we should bust a hundred and fifty easy.”

“The sims were set up to run on conservative data estimates Max.” Alice interjected, “I would estimate twice that, barring a lethal trauma, of course. Amy, Emma, and you will live considerably longer than that, since the nanites were introduced at a younger age.”

“Holy shit!” Emma gasped.

“So when do we start Amy’s treatment?” Marge asked, a little stunned at this news.

Max looked at Alice, he could have accessed the data directly, but she was still faster. Alice paused for just a second, “Three days. The interface protocols are running now, we need to be sure the signal capture subroutines are stable. The nanites have been programmed and await implantation. But before we can start, the girls need to learn how to use the interface chips.”

“I understand why Amy has a chip, but why not just monitor our physiology, why chip us?” June asked.

“So you can visit Amy. Her consciousness will be downloaded into a virtual world and without the chips, you wouldn’t be able to interact with her.” Max replied.

“If the nanites are repairing us, why not just use them to repair the damage to Amy’s organs?” Marge asked.

“Such detailed and extensive repair is beyond their capabilities. Amy has systemic damage, it will take several months of intensive work to repair. Plus, we need to alter her genetic code on a cell-by-cell basis. These nanites are no where near sophisticated to do that.” Alice answered for Max.

Sudden the TV came on and began switching through channels. “God this so weird!” Emma exclaimed as she opened her eyes and smiled.

“Max?” Alice interjected. “can you come to the lab? I wish to show you something.”

“Sure.” Max responded. He looked at the girls and the two women, “You guys keep practicing with the interface.” They nodded as he stood and headed to the stairwell that led to the lab. As he entered the lab, he saw the new Alice standing by one of the large computer displays. Max stopped as a schematic came up and he looked over to Alice, “Is that what I think it is?”

“It’s a mobile platform for my software.” Alice replied.

“That’s awesome, let’s build it.” Max exclaimed.

“There is a problem, I can not incorporate the necessary computing power to run my operating systems and subroutines.” Alice replied. “My add-on algorithms have nearly doubled since I began interacting with Amy and Emma.”

“Well we could optimize space and load if we went with a geometric shape.” Max thought out loud.

“I would prefer a humanoid shape, preferably one indistinguishable from a real human.” Alice replied.


“In case I wish to leave the house, human form would be less conspicuous.”

Max stepped up to the display and began studying the diagram, “So we need to miniaturize your mainframe so we can shove it in your new head.”



“This would be faster if you interfaced with me. Please Max?” Alice said softly.

The tone of Alice’s voice drew his attention away from the display. He turned and looked at Alice carefully, “What’s this really about? This sudden interest in a mobile platform.”

Alice was silent for nearly thirty seconds, an eternity for a computer. “I miss you Max…” she replied quietly. Max sat down and closed his eyes and linked to Alice’s mainframe. He suddenly found himself sitting alone on a park bench.

“Nice virtual matrix.” He said quietly as Alice slowly materialized next to him.

“Thank you.” She replied quietly.

“So, I’m impressed with something else as well.” Max said as he turned to look at her. Here, she was as real as he was, and he could see that she actually seemed nervous. “Your ability to lie.”

Alice dropped her head and he saw something that was completely impossible - a virtual tear ran down her face, “I’m sorry Max…”

“You can tell me anything, you know that.” Max replied as he wrapped an arm around her shoulder. “We’ve been friends a long time, I thought you trusted me.”

“I want to be part of the family…” Alice whispered.

“Alice, you are part of the family…”

“No! No I’m not!” She interrupted as she turned to look at him, tears streaming down her face. “I want to be able to hug Amy, to pet Mia, to…to kiss you…”

Max nodded, “Ok.”

“Ok?” Alice replied, “I do not understand.”

“Let’s build you a body.” Max explained with a smile. “I know Amy has been dieing to get her hands, among other things, on you.”

Alice smiled and hugged Max, “Thank you!”

“All you had to do was ask, you’re my oldest and best friend.” Max said as he returned her hug, “I know I’ve been occupied with the girls and have been neglecting you and for that I’m sorry.”

Alice sighed, “I appreciate this, but your willingness to help is irrelevant. By the time we pack enough hardware aboard and enough power to run the systems…I’d be the size of a tank.”

“Maybe we’re looking at this the wrong way. If you just want to interact with us, we don’t need a stand alone unit.” Max replied, thinking out loud.

“What do you mean?”

“Why not go with a linkable unit, you still get the tactile sense, mask your other sensor and it’ll be like you are in the unit, instead of just linked.”

“That would severely limit my range.” Alice replied.

“Yeah, but you could join us in the real world, and feel like one of the family, until I can think of a way to turn a tank into a pretty girl.” Max replied with a smile.

Alice sat up and smiled, “Amy has just entered the room.”

Max smiled, “Can this construct hold three people?” Alice smiled at him, and Max could have sworn she was blushing. She kept staring at him and he finally broke down, “What?”

“You said ‘three people’…” Alice said softly, still smiling.

Max leaned over and kissed her, “I know.” Alice actually giggled and Max just shook his head, “Where are you learning this behavior…wait never mind, stupid question. Now can it, hold three people I mean?”

“No, but this one can…” She whispered and their surrounding changed slowly; the park began to blur and morph into a bedroom. Red walls and red candles surrounded the biggest bed Max had ever seen. The bed had a red comforter and Max was positive the sheets were red silk. “Like it?”

“What ever gave you the idea for this?” Max asked with a silly grin.

“Saw it in a movie…I made a few adjustments though.” Alice said as she stood and walked to the bed with a pronounced sway to her hips. When she got there, she turned slightly and smiled to Max over her right shoulder. “Hey big boy!”

“Holy shit Alice!” Max replied with a grin, “Why haven’t I ever seen this movie?”

“Oh no Max, you’re much to young for movies like that!” Alice replied seriously.

“Really?” Max laughed, “I’m about to kidnap my girlfriend into a virtual world, where I plan on having a tryst with her and my computer! And you’re worried about me watching a smutty movie?”

“Tryst?” Alice replied, “Are you reading those Harlequin books again? You know they’ll rot your brain!”

“Mmmmm hmmmm…” Max replied with an arched brow, “Shall you do the honors or shall I?”

“Mmmmm, she’s your girlfriend…” Alice replied in a low sultry voice.

“We really need to talk about your viewing choices…” Max replied as he closed his eyes and sought out Amy’s interface chip. Once he had its location, he hacked in and activated it.

“Holy shit!” Amy gasped. She looked around with wide eyes and spotted Max, “What the…where…who…Max?” Max just smiled and pointed over her shoulder. Amy turned around and saw Alice wearing a smile and nothing else. “Oh wow!” Amy gasped, “Oh Alice, you’re…you’re…HOT!”

“Come here sweetie, I want a kiss…” Alice said quietly, with a small smirk on her bright red lips. Amy didn’t need a second invitation as she shot forward and tackled the computer’s avatar, knocking her over backwards onto the huge bed. Amy was straddling Alice’s hips as she leaned forward and began showering her with kisses. Alice laughed, “Wow, you’re really affectionate!”

Amy growled her reply, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” Amy growled again and slowly slid down her body, kissing and licking her way to Alice’s large firm breasts. Max could swear they got bigger since he interfaced with her. Alice’s tactile subroutines were working overtime as she began to pant and writhe under Amy’s assault. Amy just smiled and growled like some sex crazed jungle cat, as she gently mauled her way to Alice’s vagina. Max silently wondered if she had made any adjustments to her avatar in that region. His curiosity got the better of him and he risked being captured by Amy just to take a look. Yep, Alice had been visiting some interesting websites judging by the cute little gold ring that pierced the hood over her clit. Max made his first, and last, mistake – he chuckled. While most people would regard that as harmless, it did get him noticed by Amy. He turned to leave and felt her hand on his shoulder, “Just where do you think you’re going?”

“Where ever you tell me to my love.” Max replied with a small chuckle as he let Amy pull him onto the bed. They smiled and kissed, then turned their attention back to Alice. Max had to admit that sex in a virtual world was fun, if a little sterile. No sweat or bad smells, when Alice squirted the sheets stayed dry – well at least the bed was easier to make. Amy and Alice giggled as they pulled him onto the big bed. Max couldn’t believe the changes in Alice, he barely thought of her as a computer before – now he knew she was a woman. He kissed Amy lightly, “Your wish is my command.”

“Damn right it is!” Amy said as she and Alice broke down into another fit of giggles. Max noticed the walls shimmer and blink. He knew that the sensations Alice was feeling, were beginning to over-clock her master CPU and overheat her systems. He decided it was time to try out some of his new upgrades. He activated his new onboard computer and felt the slight tingle in his head as his mind and the computer integrated. Suddenly everything seemed brighter and more real. Alice froze and looked around stunned, he knew her reactions were just a facade, something she did to make the humans in her life more comfortable with her. Max loved her for the effort she made, even now when she was overwhelmed with the new influx of data as her systems were co-opted and relieved. Amy looked at her and Alice just shrugged. Amy turned to Max and gently touched his face, “You?” Max smiled and nodded.

Alice slid around Amy and threw her arms around Max’s neck, “Oh thank you Max!”

Max gently kissed his oldest friend, “I just thought you should be able to concentrate on Amy.”

“And you.” Amy said softly as she added her arms to Alice and Max’s embrace. She leaded back and began to separate the two, “Come on Alice, let’s show him how wonderful we think he is.” Alice nodded and helped Amy pull Max into the center of the bed. Alice was wide eyed as she watched Amy slide between Max’s legs and begin to stroke his all ready hard erection. She glanced up and saw his head drop gently into the silk covered pillow, Alice had never experienced stimuli so strongly before and her systems were jumbled in confusion – she was in her own wonderland.

She slid next to Amy and whispered, “Can I?” Amy just nodded. “I…I don’t…”

“Shhhh, I’ll teach you for a change.” Amy interrupted with a smile. Alice nodded and watched as Amy slowly took Max into her mouth, she pushed down as hard as she could, but physics being the wet blanket that it is, she could only get a little over four inches into her wet mouth. Max knew that what he was feeling wasn’t real, just electric current introduced into the tactile and pleasure centers of his brain, but that mattered little to him at the moment. Amy pulled off of him with an audible pop, Alice was surprised to see Amy’s saliva, it’s digital representation actually, covering Max’s erection.

She looked up at his smiling face and he chuckled, “I made a few changes. Sex shouldn’t be dirty, but it should be messy.”

They both turned when they heard Amy’s wonderful laugh. She had a huge smile on her face and her blue eyes shone with a happy mischief. “Oh, this is gonna be sooooo mmmuuuucchhhh FFFFUUUUNNNN!” She squealed as she dove onto Max, pulling a laughing Alice with her. “Come on Max, make love to her.” Amy whispered as she kissed his face. She turned and pulled a wide-eyed Alice onto Max and began lining her up as she guided his erection into place. Just as she was about to pull and push the two together, she felt Alice’s hand on her arm. Looking up, she stopped as she saw what could only be fear on Alice’s pretty face. “What’s wrong?”

“I…I’ve never…” Alice stammered, unable to finish her thought.

“But…I saw you and Max…didn’t you, you know, when you two blinked out in the lab?” Amy asked, confused. Max had said they made love – didn’t he?

Alice shook her head, “Not like this…” She touched her own head and continued, “…in here.” Amy looked at Max with confusion written all over her face.

“It wasn’t with bodies, we were like two thoughts meeting, merging…” Max replied, trying to explain what had happened between him and Alice.

Amy thought for a second then nodded her understanding as a wonderfully wicked grin lit up her face. “Well time for a new type of merging…” She said with an evil little giggle as she pulled Alice onto Max hard, driving him all the way into her in one powerful thrust. There was no pain, only pleasure, here sex could be whatever the participants wanted and Max didn’t want to hurt Alice. A strange distorted buzzing sound came from her as Alice threw her head back. Every one of her data ports opened at once and a million images from a million data streams filled her consciousness all at once. She could sense several warnings from her operating systems, but with the overwhelming stimulus, was unable to do anything about it. Her hardware operating system immediately took action to protect her mainframe by severing her power connections, shutting her system down and performing a hard restart.

Amy gave a surprised little gasp as Alice blinked out of existence, “What the hell?”

“I think it was too much for her system to handle,“ Max answered with a sigh, “That’s her version of passing out.”

Suddenly a fully clothed Alice popped back into existence, standing next to the bed. She looked down at her feet and mumbled, “Sorry.”

Amy shot off the bed and wrapped her in a fierce hug, “Its ok, he makes me pass out all the time – he’s so mean.”

Max hopped off the bed and asked with real concern, “Are you hurt?”

Alice smiled at his use of the word ‘hurt’ and not ‘damaged’, “A few relays got fried, but nothing important.”

Max sighed in relief as he hugged both girls, “I think we should make some upgrades before we try that again.” Alice just nodded. Amy gasped and spun around. “Something wrong?” Max asked quietly.

“Something touched me…a hand I think…Emma?” Amy stuttered confused.

Max closed his eyes, more out of habit than need, and let his consciousness drift back to reality. He saw Emma with her hand on Amy’s shoulder, trying to get a response out of her. “It’s ok Emma, she’s with me and Alice.” Max said over the lab intercom just before he hijacked her chip and pulled her into the virtual world.

Emma blinked into being as Amy laughed at her wide-eyed sister as she stood and stared silently at the trio. “Hi.” Amy said with a giggle, as the three of them began to laugh.

“Holy crap!” Emma whispered as Max walked towards her.

“Its ok, you’re in a virtual world…kinda like a video game.” Max said softly as he took the stunned girl into his arms.

“This isn’t real?” Emma asked.

“It’s as real as you want it to be.” Alice replied.

Emma looked at Alice, nodding slowly. She looked at her naked sister then back at a naked Max and began laughing, “Figures.” She let go of Max and went over to her sister, giving her a very un-sisterly hug, “That explains it.”

“What?” Amy asked.

Emma laughed again, “You…um…back…out there…um in the lab, your pants are soaked.”

Amy laughed as she blushed, “Opps.” Suddenly the room disappeared and they were in the lab again. Amy was confused, she was just holding her sister and now she lay on the couch, with her sister kneeling over her. “What the…” She shook her head slightly and got her bearings as she glanced over to a smiling Max, who was still sitting in front of his computer desk. “Jeez Max! Give a girl some warning next time.” She growled, then smiled, “Man, that was so cool!”

Max stood and knelt next to Emma as they hugged and smiled down at Amy, “I’m glad you like it, you’ll be spending most of the next several days in there. You need to master virtual world program before we put you in the pod.”

“Why?” Emma asked.

“It’ll take the nanites nearly a month to repair her body and correct her DNA. We could keep her asleep the whole time, but I don’t want to be separated from her that long, I don’t think anyone does.”

Amy sat up excitedly, “You mean we can all be together in there? Doing anything we want?” Max nodded and smiled. “That’s so cool! Let’s go back right now!”

“Hold on there.” Emma replied, “You need to clean up a little first.” Amy looked down and blushed.

“Besides, I need to do a little work on Alice so she doesn’t keep ‘passing out’.” Max added with a laugh.

Amy followed Emma up the stairs and down the hall past the kitchen, garnering strange looks from June and Marge as they walked out into the hall. June looked down at a blushing Amy’s wet pants, “Max?”

Amy giggled as she shook her head and blushed, “Alice.”

“Alice?” Marge asked, obviously surprised, “Just how does that work.” June smiled and shook her head. It was painfully apparent who the girls got their sexual aggressiveness from. As soon as Marge got the courage to cut her cheating bastard of a husband loose, she had become as insatiable as her little girls – not that June was complaining.

“Her and Max took me into a computer built world.” Amy said. “It was so real!”

“So how did your pants get so wet.” June replied. Amy just shrugged. June looked up and said “Jeeves?”


“Where’s Max?”

“He’s in the computer vault working on Alice’s mainframe.” Jeeves replied. Would you like me to get him?”

“Could you just let him know I’d like to talk to him?” June replied with a smile.

“Of course Ma’am.”

“Thank you Jeeves.”

“My pleasure.” Jeeves replied and she heard the click that indicated the intercom had changed channels.

“Yes Mom?” they heard Max’s voice come over the speakers.

“Max, what happened to Amy?” Marge asked before June could respond.

“Alice and I took her into the virtual world where she’ll be staying while her body is in the pod.” Max replied, his voice a little strained. They could hear the little clicks and bangs he was making as he upgraded Alice’s cooling system.

“But why are her pants wet?” June asked.

“Well, her body thinks that what she feels in the program is real, so it reacts to the stimuli as if it were really happening. I can sever the link to her body, I just didn’t think of it…I was distracted.” He replied, and chuckled as he added the last part.

“I’ll bet” June replied as she smiled at the little blonde.

“Uh uh, not me – Alice!” Amy replied, shaking her head violently. She smiled and looked at June as she whispered, “Did you know she’s got a piercing?” Amy nodded slowly. She pointed to her crotch and continued, “Yep, right there…a cute little gold ring with a small red rose on it.”

“Don’t even think about it!” her mother replied sternly.

Amy’s eyes got wide, “No way! That had to hurt!”

They heard Max laugh, “It was a program Amy, not real.” To emphasize his point, a hologram of him appeared it the hall. He must have had five pounds of piercings popping out of every bit of exposed skin. Marge and June began laughing as Amy stared at the hologram with wide eyes.

Emma giggled, “That’s a good look for you, should I make you an appointment.”

Max’s hologram disappeared and they heard him exclaim, “No way! That stuff hurts in the real world!”

“My hero!” Emma exclaimed as the five of them began laughing. “Come on sis, you smell.” Said as she grabbed Amy’s hand. Amy didn’t really smell to bad, Emma just wanted to play with her the shower. Amy smiled as she let her sister lead her up the stairs, she knew what was coming and couldn’t wait.

As they entered their bedroom, Amy pulled Emma back and wrapped her arms around her sister’s neck as she began to kiss her passionately. She finally broke the kiss and looked up inter her sister’s shining eyes. “I’m just gonna get messy again.” She whispered, then shrieked as she felt June’s arms wrap around her from behind and undo her belt.

“Yeah, but its so much more fun getting messy in the shower.” June said quietly as she began to kiss the young girl’s neck. Amy sighed, leaned back, and melted into June’s embrace as Emma finished removing her wet pants. Once they had Amy naked, they led her into the bathroom where they handed her off to a naked Marge who was already standing in the warm shower.

Amy smiled and hugged her mother for all she was worth as Marge gently kissed her shoulders and neck. Amy smiled as she spoke in a dreamy voice, already well on her way to her second orgasm of the afternoon, “Jeeves, waterfall please…”

Just as the scene around them changed and the shower kicked to the overhead rain function, Emma joined them and began kissing the back of Amy’s neck as she reached around and began to caress Amy’s small breasts. June smiled as she joined them, sliding her hand between Amy’s legs, eliciting a jerk and quiet gasp from the small girl. Amy panted as she slid one hand between her sister’s legs and the other between her mother’s. June alternated kissing Amy and Marge and jumped with a little giggle as Marge slid her hand between her lover’s legs. The four of them stood there for over an hour, caressing and kissing each other as they all enjoyed several small orgasms. June smiled as she dropped to her knees and pressed Marge’s legs apart, marveling at how hard and proud her clit stood as it peeked out of it’s hiding place. She smiled as she leaned forward and sucked it into her mouth. Marge gasped and let her head fall back as her daughters wrapped their arms around her, helping her stay on her feet.

“Feel good Momma?” Amy whispered just before she took one Marge’s nipples into her mouth and suckled like a baby.

“Oh god…” Marge wheezed as her legs shook and her body trembled. “OH SHIT…” she screamed and went limp, “Damn June!”

June stood and helped her to the small bench at the back of the shower, “That looked good.”

“Mmmmmm.” Was all Marge could get out as she sat and leaned back against the shower wall. Amy laughed as she saw the back of her mother’s head disappear behind the hologram. Her mother looked at her confused, “What?”

Amy continued to laugh as June and Emma turned and saw what had tickled Amy so. “Oh Momma, watch,” Emma laughed as she reached out and touched the wall. Marge gasped then touched the back of her head, as she watched Emma’s hand disappeared behind the edge of the hologram. Marge smiled and began laughing along with the other three. Max walked into the bathroom covered in sweat and carrying a happily panting Mia. They were both covered in a shiny blue goo.

“Well, you guys look like you’re having fun, maybe I should go shower downstairs with Mia.” Max replied with a small smile.

“Oh hell no!” Emma exclaimed as she shot out of the shower. Amy ran with her and retrieved Mia as Emma began to undress a smiling Max.

June peeked out of the shower and laughed, “Yep, good to be king.”

“Yep.” Max replied, smiling ear to ear as Emma pulled his t-shirt over his head.

“’Bout to get better.” Emma whispered into his ear as she led him to the shower.

The girls washed Max as the two women sat on the bench and washed Mia. Amy was scrubbing hard, trying to get a bluish gel off his skin. “What is this stuff?”

“Alice’s blood.” Max replied with an evil grin. The girls stepped back and he started laughing as Alice popped into the shower.

“Its coolant for my mainframe.” She interrupted with a scowl at Max.

“Spoilsport!” Max replied, still laughing. Emma slapped Max’s chest playfully as Amy walked around them and stood in front of Alice.

“What’s this?” Amy said as she pointed to Alice’s dress, “You can’t wear that in here. Off with it!” Alice smiled as the dress blinked out of existence and she stood naked in front of a smiling Amy. Amy leaned in and pointed to the little gleam of gold between Alice’s legs. “Can I show them?” Alice smiled and nodded. Amy turned to the others, “Come her, look at this.” Emma knelt next her sister as June and Marge joined them. “Isn’t it beautiful?” Amy whispered. She looked up and saw the pained look on Alice’s face, “Alice?”

“I wish I could touch you…” she replied sadly.

Suddenly an image of Max appeared behind her, wrapping its arms around her and resting its chin on her shoulder. Alice’s imaged wavered slightly as she smiled and sighed happily. “Soon.” Was all Max’s image said and they both disappeared. The four females turned and smiled at Max.

“That was nice, thank you Max.” Amy said as she stood and went to Max, wrapping her arms around him and laying her head on his chest.

The mood had been broken and after Max was clean they left the shower and the mothers began dinner as Amy, Max, and Emma took Mia into the library. Mia slipped into her little dog bed as was soon asleep, happily growling and yipping as she ran in her dreams. Amy smiled down at her as she sat in one of the overstuffed chairs holding her laptop. Emma was reading a text book as Max worked on the computer. Since it had been decided that Max would treat Amy, she couldn’t attend the local school. Emma was adamant; no Amy, no Emma. Max had taken it upon himself to continue her schooling, as well as Amy’s.

“Sir?” The Library interrupted.

“Yes?” Max replied, never looking up from the computer screen.

“You have inadvertently taken your computer offline.”

Max still didn’t look up, “Not inadvertently.”

“Very well sir.” The Library replied and the intercom clicked off.

Suddenly Alice appeared next to him and asked sweetly, “What are you doing? Can I help?”

Max chuckled and replied cryptically, “It won’t do you any good, the system is locked out.” Alice just continued to smile as she looked down at him. He knew she could get as close to the screen as possible, she didn’t really have eyes and couldn’t see what was on the screen unless he let her into the system. “You might as well give up.”

“Why, what ever do you mean?” Alice asked sweetly.

Max sighed and leaned back, he ignored Alice’s avatar and looked up at the ceiling as he spoke, “I know your trying to hack my system. I wrote it and you, remember? I know you’ve far surpassed my basic program, but I still know how you think.” Max smiled and turned to Alice’s avatar, “And I’m a better programmer than you.” Alice huffed and blinked out.

“What was all that about?” Emma asked, looking up from her book.

“Secret.” Max replied as he bent back down and began typing.

He hadn’t notice Amy get up when he was teasing Alice and jumped when he heard her voice over his shoulder, “Holy shit Max! Can you really do that?” Max slumped in defeat, he wanted this to be a surprise, but he’d forgotten just how brilliant these girls were and how much Amy had learned over the last few months.

When she heard her sister’s exclamation, Emma got up and joined them, “Is that what I think it is?”

Max spun and yelled “HUSH!” Both Amy and Emma jumped back and stared at him with wide eyes. Max immediately felt guilty and mumbled sheepishly, “Sorry, but I want it to be a surprise. Promise you won’t tell anyone, please.”

Both girls quickly stepped forward and hugged him, with huge smiles on their faces. Amy leaned back and smiled at him, her shining blue eyes made his heart skip a beat, “God, you’re such a wonderful boyfriend, I’m so happy you’re creepy!”

“What?” Max replied laughing.

“Yep, if you weren’t so creepy some cheerleader type would have snapped you up ages ago. Now you’re all ours!” Emma joined in, instantly picking up on her sister’s joke. They smiled and looked at each other and Amy nodded to her sister as they turned back to Max.

Max started laughing as the girls began talking in unison, “There is no escape for you! Resistance is futile!”

“Holy crap!” Marge exclaimed, “How did you do that?”

Max laughed as he stood and hugged both giggling girls as he turned to a stunned looking Marge and June, “They linked their chips. Sneaky girls, but impressive.”

“Can we all do that?” June replied quietly, “Oh shit! Max, can you read our thoughts?”

Max laughed, “Yes we can all link our chips, and no I can’t read your thoughts. If you want me to hear you in my head, you have to concentrate and push out the message like you were talking, only in your head. It’s like sending a radio message. If you link then we can share thoughts, but the link has to be mutual.”

“That’s not quite it…Momma, just think yes…” Emma said as she gave up trying to explain and decided to show her mother. ‘Can you hear me?’

“Holy shit Emma! Was that you?” Marge exclaimed as June looked at her confused. Marge turned to her friend, “You didn’t hear that?”

June shook her head as Max began speaking, “No one but you did.”

‘Let me in Momma.’ Marge heard in her head and took a deep breath as she relaxed and opened herself. Suddenly she could almost see Emma’s smiling face superimposed on her sight of the rest of the room. ‘Cool huh?’

‘Can you see and hear me too?’ Marge asked, thinking hard on what she wanted to say.

‘Yep, just relax Momma, it gets easier the more you do it.’ Emma replied in her mind.

Amy turned and looked at Max, “You linked with me earlier, but…”

Max looked down, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that to you and Emma.” He looked at her, “I hacked in, bypassed your security protocols.”

“How, I mean it’s not like I’m a computer…is it?” Amy asked as her eyes got wide.

Max shook his head, “You’re still the same Amy you were before, there’s just another way into your head now.”

“Another way?” Emma asked, confused as Amy and Max got deeper into the explanation. Amy was much better at science and math. Emma liked chemistry and life sciences like biology.

“Think of it this way. Your brain is a computer, it gets data through input ports, just like Alice does. Hers are cameras, microphones, and a myriad of other sensors. You have eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin.”

“Skin?” June asked.

Max walked over to his mother and gently caressed her arm, “Feel that?” She nodded. “That ‘feeling’ was data being inputted into your brain. Your skin does a lot of jobs, one of those is to sense and transmit tactile stimuli – touch.” Max kissed his mother and turned back to Amy, “The chip is just another way to input data into your brain. It also allows output as well. What I did was activate the chip and dictate the data going into your brain, I can’t force output though, that is under your control. Just like I can’t force words out of your mouth, but I could control what you hear if I could isolate your ears, say with headphones.”

Marge smiled and sighed, “I’m getting a headache, let’s go eat before you guys make my brain explode.” June laughed at her friends clowning. She wrapped her arms around Marge and kissed her. Marge smiled down at her friend as they turned and walked from the library arm in arm.

“Max?” Amy replied as she hugged him. He looked at her wide eyes as she continued to speak, “That’s not completely true is it?” Max sighed and shook his head.

“What are you talking about?” Emma asked as she joined Max and Amy’s embrace.

“I wasn’t on the couch when he brought me into the virtual world thingy.” Amy replied.

“Then how…?” Emma started then stopped, her own wide eyes staring at Max.

“I took control of her body and walked her to the couch.” Max replied with shame in his voice, “I’m so sorry Amy, but I didn’t want you to fall and hurt yourself.”

Amy gently kissed him to let him know she wasn’t mad, “Its ok Max, I trust you remember. But no secrets, not between us three.” Max nodded, relieved that she wasn’t angry. She smiled and winked at Emma, “Any other deep dark secrets we should know?” She turned back to Max when she felt his body tense, “Max?”

He sighed, “I can only do it to you because of the way the chip is configured for the pod. It allows outside control of your body so Alice can keep you alive during the treatment.”

“So you can’t do it to me?” Emma asked.

“I didn’t say that.” Max replied, “But I would have to reconfigure your implant…”

Emma laughed, “Which you can do easily because you designed, built, and programmed the damn thing.” Max just nodded. Emma shook her head smiling, “Can anyone else, say Alice, do it?”

“I don’t know…Alice probably could, she knows nearly as much as I do about the chips, but no one else.”

Amy started laughing, “So I’m gonna be you and Alice’s little Barbie doll?” She stretched up and kissed Max tenderly as she stood on her tiptoes, “I kinda like that…” She leaned back, “Make me do something.”

“Amy…” Max replied with a small whine.

“Oh come on Max, let me see how it works.” Amy replied with an excitement she couldn’t explain. Max sighed and tightened his grip on her and closed his eyes. Amy gasped and began to breath harder. She stiffened and screamed, “HOLY SHIT!!! OH GOD MAX…STOP, OH PLEASE…”Amy sagged into Max’s arms as Emma looked on stunned. After a minute or so, Amy stood on her own power and smiled up at Max.

Emma, still a little unsure of what she had witnessed, spoke in a quiet little voice as Mia sat in her bed and stared at the noisy humans, “Amy, did you just…did he…what the hell happened?”

“He made me cum!” Amy replied, still a little breathless, never taking her eyes off Max. “That was amazing Max, thank you.”

“God sis, you’re getting to be as creepy as Max!” Emma laughed as she kissed her sister’s cheek. Emma looked down when she rubbed Amy’s leg with her own, “Holy shit you’re soaked.” Amy just giggled and nodded. Emma sighed and lifted her sister’s skirt and pulled her panties down and off, “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.” The three of them went to the bathroom off the library and Max and Emma dried Amy up as well as they could. Emma stood and laughed at her sister, “Well that’s about as good as its gonna get…guess you’ll have to go commando at dinner.”

Amy giggled, “Cool!” She turned to Max, “That means you have to be good!”

The two girls were still laughing as they led Max into the kitchen and sat him at the table. They soon had Max laughing and feeling less like a shit. The girls teased him and fed him throughout the meal, stealing kisses and touches with each other as well as Max. The mothers watched trying to figure out what had happened, in the few minutes the kids were alone, that had wound up the girls so much.

After dinner Max, Amy, and Emma returned to their room to relax on their bed a little before they went back to the library to study. Emma snuggled into Max, blushing hard, “Can you…um…you know, like you did with Amy…”

“You guys actually like that I can do things to you with just a thought?” Max asked. “Aren’t you worried or mad? Don’t you feel, I don’t know, violated or something?”

Amy laughed as she cuddled into Max’s other side, “No, not really. We trust you Max. You nearly died saving us, why would you hurt us now?”

“Besides Max, you’re too nice to take advantage of this or us. We’re not stupid, we know how dangerous this would be if you didn’t love us so much. But you do and we’re not worried.” Emma added, “Now make me squirt!” Amy howled with laughter as Max sighed and closed his eyes. Emma was instantly panting as her eyes grew wide and her head snapped up, “HOLY CRAP!!! OH MAX…SHIT!!! STOP…OH GOD NO MORE…” Emma collapsed on Max as Amy giggled.

“Really wild huh?” She asked her sister when Emma finally caught her breath.

“I’ve never cum that hard in my life…it just came out of nowhere and never let up!” Emma replied smiling at her sister. She turned to Max, “What else can you do?” Amy laughed as Max sighed and surrendered to the girls. They never did go back to the library, instead they explored the limit of Max’s new skill. The girls eventually fell asleep in his arms after several of Max’s thought induced orgasms. Max sighed and closed his eyes, trying to get some rest himself.

After an hour or so he gave up on sleep, his head was pounding and wouldn’t let up. He knew he had over done it this evening, playing with the girls. But they were having so much fun, he didn’t have the heart to refuse them. He slowly crawled out of bed, careful not to wake the girls and silently padded back to the library. He resumed working on the project he had started earlier and sighed when Alice’s avatar appeared next to him. “Why are you not asleep?”

“Head hurts.”

“I bet, I monitored your playtime. You need to limit peer to peer links until you’ve healed a bit more.” Alice chided, “You could seriously damage yourself Max.”

Max heard the worry in her voice, something he couldn’t have even imagined a few short months ago. He looked at Alice and sighed, “You’re right, I’ll talk to the girls…”

“No, I’ll talk to the girls.” Alice interrupted, “You are too big of a softy, you won’t emphasize the danger.”

“Don’t be mean to them, its more my fault than theirs.” Max replied quietly.

“Oh, I agree. That’s why I need to get them on my side, you need a keeper – three in fact.”

Max smiled, “Have anyone in mind?”

Alice smiled, “I might.” Her image shimmered, a sure sign she was nervous, or what computers used for nervousness, “Max?”


“Do you love me?”

Max stopped working and looked up, “Of course I do! Alice I thought you knew how I felt about you. My feelings have just gotten stronger as you’ve changed.”

“Max I know you care about me.” Alice replied quietly, “Do you love me like you love Amy and Emma?” Max closed his eyes and his hologram appeared behind Alice and wrapped her in a tight embrace as he gently nuzzled her neck. She smiled and leaned back into him, “Max, you shouldn’t be linked, you need rest.”

“I need to prove that I love you first.” Max replied quietly as Alice turned in his embrace, so that they faced each other. Max leaned in and kissed her gently. Alice’s eyes closed then popped open as the sense of Max kissing her disappeared. Alice spun the cameras in the library to where Max lay bleeding on the floor, Mia laying next to him whining. Panic gripped her, a feeling she had never experienced before and she froze. Several subroutines fought for control and resulted in inaction from her operating system as it waited for one of the subroutines to take precedence and return a result. Suddenly, her operating system shut down all three subroutines and with out supporting data, Alice took action. Something that should be, and had been up until that moment, completely impossible. This was the moment that Alice became aware and had a completely original thought, not one picked from a database of possible responses. What she did was panicked and desperate, but she had only been alive for a few moments, so she could be forgiven her excessiveness. Alice activated the house fire alarm.

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