one line not crossed
Sometime the following morning, Max woke up to find Amy, Emma, and June draped over him. Amy was on his chest and he was still inside her. The previous day was a little hazy, but he did seem to remember the little hellcat had raped him sometime in the night. He smiled to himself as he slowly began pumping in and out, an inch or so at a time. He looked up to see Marge asleep in a chair next to his bed. He began to pump into Amy a little faster as she began moaning softly in her sleep. He closed his eyes and began to concentrate on how Amy felt, both inside and out.

The rocking of the bed woke Emma who looked over and saw what Max was doing, and rolled her eyes. She began to gently rub circles on Amy’s back with her fingertips and Amy began to moan even louder. Her moans of pleasure soon woke June and Marge. Both women smiled, relieved that Max was obviously recovered and had passed the storm without any obvious damage. Now that Amy was the only one still asleep, Max decided to be more vigorous. Amy suddenly opened her eyes as her first orgasm ripped through her, “SHIT!” she screamed through clenched teeth. He shook for nearly a minute, holding her eyes tightly shut as she was trying to wake while her mind and body was being assaulted with intense pleasure. Finally she lifted off Max and looked at him with a silly grin on her face, “Better, huh?”

“Much.” Max replied with just as silly of a grin on his face. “Morning, by the way.”

“Mmmm, morning.” She replied, “But you better let me up or it’s gonna get real messy.”

Max pulled her up and let her crawl off the bed. “Blue frosted glass door.” He said pointing to the bathroom.

Emma crawled onto Max and pushed down hard, driving him to the hilt in one swift motion. “HOLY CRAP THAT”S GOOD!” she screamed as the breath was forced from her. She began to rock back and forth, rubbing her self on him fast and hard while he was buried as deep as he could go. “Oh god Max, you scared me so bad.”

“I’m sorry, I…” Max started.

“Shhh, its done and over.” Emma interrupted him, “I understand and I’m not scolding you, I’m just telling you I was scared – still am!” Max nodded, understanding and sharing her fear. Emma kissed him lightly and smiled as she growled at him, “Hold tight lover boy, cause I’m gonna rape the shit outta you!”

“Oh help, help…” Max replied with a huge smile on his face, causing his mother to giggle hysterically. “Oh nice Mom! I’m assaulted and you giggle.”

“Oh, poor baby!” June laughed as she swatted Emma’s butt, “Should I stop her?”

“NO!...I mean, I’ll take one for the team, wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt.”

“Oh, my brave boy!” June giggled even harder as a giggling Amy crawled on her and began kissing her breasts.

Emma missed most of the banter as her orgasm broke over her and she gushed over Max’s pelvis and stomach. Her orgasm was enough to send him over the edge and he grunted as he emptied himself into her. “God, that’s a wonderful way to start the day!”

Amy looked over at her sister and giggled as she nodded her head emphatically. Amy crawled over until she was laying over Max and his mother. She smiled and kissed him, “Hey, I heard you were kissing strange holograms.”

“No, just the cute ones.” Max smiled.

“Just how do you kiss a hologram?” Emma asked as she snuggled into his chest. Max smiled and closed his eyes, trying out his new interface chip. It was amazing, so fast and the data was so crisp and flew through his head. Suddenly a hologram of him appeared next to Alice. “Like this.”

Max turned fast and kissed Alice hard, or as hard as one hologram can kiss another. The women sat transfixed by the sight they were seeing and they jumped when they heard the cooling fans on Alice’s mainframe kick in. Marge looked over and her interface board was lit up like a Christmas tree. Max broke the kiss and Alice did a very un-computer like thing – she moaned. Max’s eyes popped open and his hologram disappeared as his gaze snapped over to Alice. “Did you just moan?” he asked astonished.

“You bet she did!” Amy laughed, “That was one hot kiss!”

“I couldn’t have moaned, it must have been an audio artifact.” Alice responded. Max didn’t bother to close his eyes again, he simply concentrated on his hologram. He appeared next to Alice again and quickly kissed her. Using his wireless connection, he began aligning her data ports, a digital version of the sensual pressure point massages he used on the girls. Alice began moaning and her projection flickered several times before Max broke the kiss. “Max?” she said in a quiet voice. Max was sure he heard fear and confusion in her voice, two emotions she was not programmed to feel. “Max, what is happening to me?”

“I think you’re evolving, becoming more human like.” Max replied. “How do you feel?”

“I don’t know, it’s all so strange. I am not programmed for the algorithms, I should not be correlating this data. It beyond my core protocols.” Alice responded as her hologram slowly changed. The little Alice slowly morphed into a beautiful raven-haired young woman.

“Holy crap Alice!” Emma exclaimed, “You’re beautiful.”

Max smiled, “Hello my beautiful Alice.” Max’s hologram kissed the new Alice lightly on her dark red lips. “You’re alive, really alive!”

Amy pumped her fist in the air as she laughed like a maniac, “Alice, you’re a real girl now! Emma we got a new sister.”

Emma giggled, “Happy birthday sis.” Emma giggled and kissed her little sister, “Ok, get up and get me a sandwich.”

“What?” Amy laughed.

Emma giggled, “You’re not the baby anymore so I don’t have to be nice!”

“Mmaaaxxxxxx!” Amy whined, “Emmy’s being mean to me!”

Max whispered into Amy’s ear and she smiled wickedly as she quickly turned and latched on to one of Emma’s breast as Max pulled Emma up and latched on to the other. Emma moaned and laughed in glee. While the real Max was teasing Emma with Amy, the Hologram Max was holding and gently kissing a happily moaning Alice. June laughed, “Well that’s one way to keep all his women happy, just make duplicates of himself.”

“Max?” Alice asked quietly.

“Hmmm?” his hologram responded.

“Can we make love?” Alice asked, stopping everyone in their track as they waited for Max’s answer. His hologram smiled and he and Alice disappeared for nearly five minutes. The whole time the girls badgered Max as to what was going on, he merely smiled and closed his eyes. Suddenly Alice and Max reappeared and Alice sighed, “I guess so!”

“Oh, you gotta teach us how to do that!” Amy exclaimed, “Cause I’m getting some of that pretty kitty.”

Alice smiled at Amy and nodded, “I think I would like that very much!”

“Ok you perverts, Max needs his rest and we could all stand with a little sleep.” Marge said as she started scooting everyone out of the pods bed. “You stay behind Max, I want to examine you.”

“Don’t you trust the pod?” Max asked.

“No, I do not!” Marge answered, when she saw the look on Max’s face she continued, “So humor me.”

“Yes Momma Marge!” Max said with a grin.

“Wow, I can’t believe you’re still calling me Momma, after what you did to me the other day!” Max just smiled and blushed. “Ok, get up and…” She stopped as she saw Max hesitate. “Really? You’re gonna be shy? That’s so cute!” Marge continued with a grin. Max blushed and stood so she could look at him. She was taking her time and checking every inch of his body. She was not happy with the amount of scarring she saw, but she had to admit the incisions had been expertly done and most of the scars would fade with time. Having satisfied herself that the surgery had gone as planned, and that he was healing faster than should be possible, Marge began to trace the scars gently with her fingertip. She looked Max in the eyes and leaned in slowly, Max smiled slightly and finished closing the gap, gently meeting her lips with his. “Oh Max…” She whispered, “We shouldn’t…you need your rest…and it feels wrong somehow…”

“Emma? Amy? June?” Max said out loud.

“Max? Is everything ok?” Emma replied with worry in her voice, “Where’s Momma? Do you want us to come back?”

“Whoa sweetie!” Max laughed, “Everything is fine and your mother is right here. In fact, I think she wants a little alone time with me, but is afraid you girls would object.”

June moaned in the background as Emma responded, “I don’t, and I’m pretty sure Amy doesn’t since she’s eating June like a Mommy flavored taco!”

“And she’s tasty too!” Amy added.

“Back to work little girl!” June growled, “Almost there! OH SHIT! OH…GO GET HIM SWEETIE! OH AMMMMMYYYYYYYYY!”

“See? If you want to spend some time alone, no one will have a problem with it.” Max said as he wrapped Marge in a gentle embrace. “I love Amy and Emma, but I love you and Mom too.”

“But they’ll always come first.” Marge replied, a little sadness in her voice. “I wish I could’ve found a man like you.”

“You still can. You are still a young beautiful vibrant woman. Any man would be lucky to share your love. I know I feel privileged that you love me enough to share yourself and your girls with me. I mean, you’ve entrusted the three most important things in your life to me.”

“I would gladly give everything to you Max.” Marge whispered as she melted into his embrace, “You’re like no one I’ve ever met.”

Max leaned back so he could look into her eyes, “Don’t you love my mother?”

“With all my heart, and if I ever find another man, she would have to be part of the deal. “Marge replied with emotion, “I could never let her go. She’s part of me now. But it’s different than with a man.”

“Well , if everyone agrees, I have no problem with things as they are now.” Max said softly, as he brushed a lock of her unruly red hair out of her face. “I can promise that I will never neglect or abandon you. And you and Mom would always be free to move on if you felt the need, knowing you would always be welcome back.”

Marge shook her head as her tears began to fall, “You’re giving me everything, what do you get?”

“Your happiness. That’s all I want, you to be happy.” Max replied as he gently wiped her tears away.

“Max?” Marge asked softly, “Would you make love to me? You know, soft and gentle.” Max nodded as kissed her slowly, but with passion. He picked her up and walked from the Lab. “Where…?”

“To your bed.” Max replied, “I want to show you how much you are loved.” Marge smiled and snuggled into Max’s chest, letting his strong arm envelop her. Max carried her through the house and to her room, he entered, and gently sat her on the bed. He slowly undressed her, kissing each part of her body as he uncovered it. When she was naked, he knelt between her legs and as he started kissing her thighs, she stopped him.

“Max! I need a shower, I’m all sweaty and…” She started. Max just smiled at her and licked her pussy from bottom to top, stopping with her clit in his mouth. “God…” She snarled.

“Do you want to shower first?” Max smiled. She looked at him, torn. She wanted to be clean for him, but she didn’t want to stop. Max smiled and picked her up as he stood, “We can still have fun in the shower and then you’ll be more comfortable.” Marge was happy he had made the decision for her. She understood how Amy could happily surrender herself to him, all it took was trust and they all trusted him. They knew he would only do what was right for them, he would never use or hurt them. Marge knew the trust went both ways, he’d entrusted her with his life without a second thought. Marge was overwhelmed at how fast this had happened, two months ago, they’d been strangers and she had thought he was creepy and scary. Now she couldn’t imagine her life any other way. “What are you thinking about?” Max asked as he saw the far away look in her eyes.

“You.” Was all she said as they entered the shower.

“Me?” Max said with a laugh.

She giggled, “Well, about the first time I met you.”

“Ahhhh, the creepy little boy laying in the grass, who scared you just a bit.” Max responded. “Let me see…you either thought there was something wrong in my head, or…hmmmm…serial killer?” The look on her face let him know he’d hit the bull’s-eye. “Serial killer huh?”

“How the hell…” Marge started, then stopped, realizing she had just confirmed his guess. “I’m sorry Max, I didn’t know you then…”

“I get that a lot.” Max said with a grin.

Sensing he thought the whole thing was funny, she decided to play along, “What, the serial killer thing?”

Max actually laughed, “That and the ‘I didn’t know you then’ line.” Seeing her confusion, he continued, “Emmy said the very same thing about calling me creepy and retarded.” Marge smiled and blushed. “You know, the only one of your family that had a good first impression of me was Amy. Maybe I should be worried about her.”

“You gotta admit Max, you kind were kind of cold and emotionless, and the way you stared at us…like you wanted to eat us.” Marge replied with a little shudder.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it. When I saw Emma’s blue eyes and red hair…well, I thought there couldn’t be anything so beautiful in the entire world. Then I turned and saw you!” Max replied with a far away look of his own. “I learned to play it cool early, keep people at a distance. It hurts less that way when they turn on you.”

“Then why did you and Emma get so close so fast?”

“I don’t know, but it was her, not me. When she smiled at me…” Max started, at a loss for words, “Then we kissed, and it was like I found a part of me I didn’t even know was missing.”

Marge giggled, “You know, me and your Mom saw that first kiss.”

“Oh shit! Why didn’t you say anything!” Max asked.

“What the hell were we supposed to say?” Marge asked, “Hey kids, we saw you kiss and when Emma had that orgasm…well it made us wet!”

“What?” Max asked wide-eyed.

“That’s right,” Marge giggled, “seeing you guys kiss made our panties wet. Max, I’d kill to be kissed like that!”

Max leaned into her, locating the pressure points along her right breast and the back of her neck. He gently grazed her lip as he began to massage the nerves gently, slowly building pressure. As she moaned he leaned in and captured her lower lip in his, and gently licked it. She moaned slightly as he leaned in and probed her open mouth with his tongue. He could feel her tremble as their tongues met and he curled his around hers. He sucked her tongue into his mouth as she went from trembling to shaking, sucking gently on it. Releasing her tongue, he pressed his lips to hers and gently sucked the air out of her mouth, causing a gentle tug in her chest as her knees buckled and he felt a hot splash on his legs.

Max caught her in his arms before she could fall and looked down at his leg. Even with the shower going, he could see the waxy sheen caused by her ejaculation before it was washed away. He smiled and imitated Amy, “There she blows!”

“Holy shit Max!” Marge whispered breathlessly as she tried to stand on her shaky legs. She followed his gaze and asked, “Did I just squirt?” Max nodded proudly as she started giggling, “I’ve never done that before!”

“I’m glad I was your first.” Max replied with a grin.

“Oh, we’re doing that again, just as often as I can get away with it!” Marge replied as she finally got her legs under her and pressed her body into his. Suddenly they heard clapping and cheering, as well as the odd bark, over the intercom. Marge groaned and buried her head into Max’s neck. “Oh god.” She groaned, “I’m so embarrassed!”

“Oh, nothing to be embarrassed about, that was super hot!” Amy’s exuberant voice came over the intercom. “Did I see you squirt Momma?”

Marge looked up at the ceiling, “Yes!”

“Does this mean Max has six girlfriends now?” Amy shot back.

“Six?” Max asked confused.

Emma laughed, “She’s including Mia and Alice.”

“Oh no!” Max laughed, “There aren’t many lines I wont cross, but the species line is one of them. Sorry Mia.”

Mia barked as Amy could be heard talking to her, “Don’t worry Mia, we’ll get you a boyfriend of your own. Max is just a nerd anyway!”

“I am not just a nerd!” Max retorted as he raised his nose in the air, “I’m their king!”

“Ok your majesty, take my Mommy to bed and treat her right!” Amy replied, “And don’t worry about your girlfriend Mommy, she’s gonna be real busy!”

Marge and Max laughed as they heard June’s voice, “Ok now girls, hey…um…can we talk about this.” Amy and Emma could be heard growling in the background.

Max and Marge washed each other with much more touching than was technically required. But they did manage to get clean and had a wonderful time doing it. They dried each other off and Max carried Marge back to the bed, gently laying her on her back, before he crawled between her legs, “Now…Where were we?”

Max dropped his head and kissed her inner thighs, stomach, and hips, anything but where she wanted him to go. Sensing her growing frustration, Max relented and lightly licked her lips, then sucked her little button into his mouth causing her to jerk and gasp. Again he began lightly teasing her lips with just enough pressure that she could feel him. “You teasing bastard!” she growled. He looked up at her and grinned, then suddenly pushed his tongue into her as far as it would go. “YEEESSSSSS!” she screamed and he laughed, the vibration causing her to moan loudly. He continued his slow torture until her sexual tension was ready to drive her insane, then he attacked her little button. Sucking it hard as his tongue twirled it in circles. This was enough to send her over the edge, and she thrashed and bucked so hard, she nearly dislodged him from his perch. Max wrapped his arms tightly around her thighs and resumed mauling her clit. She screamed and thrashed as orgasm after orgasm washed over her. After several minutes she tried to twist away, but Max had he pinned in place, “Pl…please…Ma…Max…no…mo…more!’ she stammered as she became light headed and hyperventilated. Max relented and she collapsed on the bed, covered in sweat and shaking like she was freezing.

“You ok?” Max asked with a laugh.

“Oh god…” she groaned. He crawled up her body and kissed her gently as she slowly recovered. “Oh Max, please…I need you, oh please.” She begged, a need from deep inside her causing her to beg and cry. Max was a little concerned, this was not the reaction he had expected. He knew what she wanted and he was determined to give her all of himself. He slowly entered her and kissed her gently at the same time. Max used slow gently thrusts as he kissed her lips, face, and neck. She continued to cry but she returned his gentle kisses. “Please love me.” She begged.

“I do love you.” Max replied as he kissed her tears away. He continued his gentle thrusts and felt her body begin to tremble again. Periodically she would shake and moan as a slow gentle wave of pleasure filled her mind and body. Max continued for nearly fifteen minutes before he began to feel the familiar tingle. “I’m gonna cum…”

“Oh yes please, let me feel it.” She gasped. Max held off as long as he could, but he was well past the point of no return. She began to shake again so he let go and they achieved their last orgasm together. Marge’s eyes opened wide as she realized what was happening, “Oh yes, cum with me!” As she felt Max’s warmth fill her, she relaxed and let her self sink into the warm peaceful feeling that followed her orgasm. ‘Is this what love feels like?’ She thought to herself as she started crying again.

“That was amazing!” Max whispered as he kissed her tears away. “Please tell me you’re ok.”

“Oh yes Max.” She replied, smiling through her tears. “Is this what it’s supposed to feel like?”

Suddenly the bed shook as three naked females jumped on them and began kissing and hugging them. “Yes, that is what love feels like. This is what it’s supposed to be.” June whispered.

“God, that was so beautiful Momma.” Emma added. “Do we look like that?”

“Every time silly.” Amy responded. “You and Max are so beautiful together, just like that. Sometimes I’m jealous.”

“Oh Amy, don’t you know, you and Max are the same.” June replied.

“I wonder if has anything to do with Max?” Emma asked no one in particular.

“Nope!” Amy giggled, “It’s all us!”

Max groaned, “Well at least Mia doesn’t pick on me!” Just then Mia barked and growled playfully. “Really?”

“Poor Max!” Marge giggled, causing the rest of the women to giggle hysterically.

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