starting to get going now....
“MAX! MAX, WAKE UP!” Amy shouted as she pushed on him. Max peeked out of half closed eyes and grabbed Amy and rolled over, pinning her to the bed. “Let me go.” Amy complained, and then giggled, “Unless you’re going to play with me.”

“Oh my god!” Emma groaned, “Are you two at it again?” Max winked at a smiling Amy, who nodded back with a mischievous grin on her face. The two of them crawled over and Max settled between Emma’s legs as Amy latched on to one of her nipples. Max leaned in and gently licked Emma’s opening from bottom to top, ending by giving her little button a quick flick. “HOLY CRAP!” Emma screamed as her body jerked under Max and Amy. Amy laughed happily as her sister’s eyes got wide, “Oh god Max…” Max just smiled and kept nibbling her small lips as they protruded slightly. He gently slipped a finger into her until he felt her maidenhood. He curled his finger and gently massaged the upper wall of her vagina. Emma’s breathing became ragged as she moaned louder. As he massaged her insides he returned to her little button and gently sucked into his mouth as he quickly flicked with his tongue.

Amy went from kissing her erect nipples to kissing her open mouth. Emma responded by returning Amy’s kisses as she moaned into her younger sister’s mouth. Amy straddled her sister’s stomach as she began to get serious about her kisses. Max looked up and saw Amy’s small bottom and couldn’t resist gently massaging her from behind as he continued his assault on Emma. Soon both girls were moaning, softly at first but getting louder by the second. Amy laughed as she heard Mia grumble and then leave the room to find somewhere quieter to sleep. Emma laughed with her sister, and then suddenly stopped as her body became rigid. She silently screamed as her orgasm built, then suddenly added sound as Max pushed her over the top. Max kept going to prolong her pleasure as long as possible as Emma squirted mouthful after mouthful of her cum. Max licked and swallowed as fast as he could but still ended up soaked. After nearly a minute of screaming, Emma twisted to escape Max’s exquisite torture.

Understanding that she had reached her limit, he crawled forward so he could concentrate on Amy. She nearly fell off Emma when he stuck his tongue into her vagina as far as it would go. He moved his hand under her so he could gently rub her little button as he lightly followed the outline of her pink little lips with his tongue. She was already close and this sent her over the top as she squirted on Emma’s stomach. Emma moaned, “Oh god Amy, that feels so awesome.”

After Amy had come down from her high, she slowly sank into her sister’s chest, “Hold me, please hold me…” Emma gently wrapped her sister in her arms and pulled a gasping Amy into her breasts.

Max crawled up next to his two loves and lay down as he gently caressed their skin, leaving goose bumps in his finger’s wake. “Morning.”

Emma laughed, “That’s it, just ‘morning’?” Amy lifted her head and growled as she crawled over and settled between Max’s legs. “Get him girl!” Emma laughed as Amy took him into her mouth. Emma screamed and laughed as Max pulled her up and onto his face and began his morning torture all over again. Max used all his powers of concentration to keep working on Emma as Amy sent waves of pleasure through his body. Max began combining pressure point massage with his oral massage between her legs. It wasn’t long before she flew over the edge again and tried to drown him. Max never slowed and kept her pleasure building until her mind rebelled and she let out a scream that came from deep in her soul, and then went limp. Max wasn’t far behind and mumbled a word of warning to Amy, who ignored it. She made a little squeak as he shot into her mouth. It had been a long time since he had cum and he made up for it. Amy tried to swallow, but so much came so fast she soon gave up and just let it pour out of her mouth as she continued to suck on him.

“Amy?” Max groaned. Amy laughed as she looked up and saw Max holding up her unconscious sister by her waist. Emma was slumped over sideways, her eyes half open as her mouth hung slack. “Little help?”

“Ohhhh that must’ve been a good one!” Amy said as she crawled up and helped Max lay her on his stomach.

They both turned when they heard June mutter “Wow!” June started laughing, “I think you guys need a shower.”

“Yeah, these girls are messy,“ Replied Max, who was literally soaked in love.

Marge started laughing as she pointed to Amy whose chin and breasts were covered in, and dripping with, Max’s discharge. “They’re not the only ones. We may have to get you guys rubber sheets before you ruin the mattress.”

“It might be too late!” June giggled. “I think I’m jealous.”

“I know what you mean, we’re good, but damn!” Marge added.

Amy smiled and moaned, “Wanna take him for a spin?”

“Amy!” Max exclaimed.

Emma raised her head, “Holy crap, what happened?”

Marge laughed, “Your sister just offered to borrow us your boyfriend.”

“Oh. You should.” Emma replied as she dropped back onto Max’s stomach. “He’s really good.”

“Hey!” Max interjected.

“Hush,” Emma said in a breathless voice, “This is girl talk. We’ll let you know what we decide.”

“Now wait a god damn minute!” Max exclaimed as the girls began giggling hysterically.

Amy kissed her sister’s back as she continued to giggle, “He’s so easy!” Emma just nodded and giggled even harder.

“Wait! What?” Max said confused.

Marge laughed, “I think your loves are teasing you.”

Max exhaled, and groaned, “That’s so mean.”

“What? Would it be so horrible?” June asked, sounding a little hurt. Marge had to turn around to hide her smile.

Max turned to look at his mother with wide-eyes, “Um, no…I mean…um…oh shit!”

The girls started laughing so hard they were crying, “Oh god Max, you’re killing me!” Emma gasped as Marge held onto the doorframe so she wouldn’t fall. Max almost passed out in relief as his mother smiled and winked at him.

“You guys are so mean to me.” He whined softly.

Amy crawled over her sister so she could kiss Max. “Sorry sweetie, but you’re just so easy we can’t help it. Forgive us?” she said sweetly as she pouted and batted her eyes at him.

“Oh come on now, that’s not fair!” Max whined again.

Marge began laughing all over again, “Oh my god, he’s so whipped!”

Amy giggled, “We’ll make it up to you in the shower, promise!”

“Humph, somebody better come wash me!” Max replied as he tried his hand at pouting.

“All right you goofs, get cleaned up. It’s time for breakfast.” June interrupted as she took Marge’s hand and led her out.

“Hey! Where’s Mia?” Amy asked looking around.

“She’s in the kitchen, eating. I think Emma scared her.” Marge laughed from the hallway.

“Hey! It’s not my fault!” Emma complained, “Max made me do it!”

Max pushed Emma and Amy off him, stood up, scooped both girls up as they squealed in delight, and carried them to the bathroom. Max set the girls down and they took turns relieving themselves as Max got the shower going. He relieved himself as the girls got in the shower giggling. Max stepped in to find them kissing under the spray. He stopped and enjoyed the sight before him as Amy glanced over, “I think someone likes what he sees.”

“Oh, very much.” He said as he stepped over and hugged both of them. The girls began kissing him and Emma dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth. Max and Amy began kissing as Max reached down and began massaging her, eliciting soft moans from her lips. Max groaned, causing Emma to smile, pleased she could give him some of the wonderful feelings he so freely gave her. Max quite often exhausted the girls before they could return the favor and never complained that he got left out. But Emma wasn’t going to let that happen this morning.

She knew that Max deserved more then they gave him, but he never asked and being young girls, they sometimes took him for granted. She knew this and it sometimes made her feel guilty. She wanted to give him more of herself, but he wouldn’t, saying they weren’t ready for that. She was pretty sure that her mother had something to do with his reluctance. In her limited experience, boys just didn’t say no to an offer like that. She would have to have a talk with her mother. She knew Amy also wanted to take the next step. Emma knew she was kind of young, but felt that since there was a chance she might not get much older that her age shouldn’t be a consideration.

She heard Max groan something and she had a good idea what it was. Her suspicions were shortly confirmed and she smiled as she felt his knees shake as he erupted into her mouth. She slid a hand up her sister’s leg and met Max’s hand, helping to get Amy off so they could get back to the proper business of a shower. She just finished up and stood as Max dropped to his knees so he could get to Amy, when Mia trotted into the shower and barked happily. Emma laughed, “Look sweetie, your daddy is eating your Mommy like a girl flavored taco.” This caused Max to laugh between Amy’s legs and the strange vibration she felt sent her over the edge as she shook and leaned over Max’s shoulder.

The three of them quickly recovered and Amy washed Max as Emma washed Mia. The puppy was really beginning to like showers, especially all the attention she got. Max washed Amy while Emma played with Mia, then she and her sister swapped. Emma smiled as she let Max wash her, enjoying his gentle touch. Once everyone was clean, dried, and dressed, the four of them headed down to breakfast.

While they were sitting at the table, everyone’s eyes glued to Max as he sat there lost in thought. Finally Emma couldn’t take it anymore, “Max!”


“Holy crap Max!” Emma exclaimed, “Are you gonna tell us or not?”

“What?” Max replied as he slowly looked around the table.

Amy got up and sat in Max’s lap, her face a mixture of fear and anticipation, “Can you fix me?”

Max took a deep breath and let it out slowly, “I told you I would Amy, and I will.”

“That’s it?” Marge exclaimed, “Please Max, don’t shut us out. We have to know!”

“Ok, I’m not quite there yet. I have a few tests yet to do, but me and Alice have an idea, a good one.” Max replied. “It will be difficult, long, and painful. The difficult and long part I can’t change. But I’m working on the painful part. Won’t do much good to fix Amy if the pain kills her.”

“How bad is it really.” Amy asked worried.

“Bad, but we can overcome it.” Max replied with a smile.

“Why didn’t any of the doctors she’s seen before bring this treatment up?” Marge asked.

“Several reasons: It will be insanely expensive, it’s not really legal, the technology to do it didn’t exist before last night, and the pain component was always the sticking point.”

“How is she supposed to stand the pain?” June asked.

“Easy, we remove her conscious mind from her body.” Max said as he played with his food.

“And put it where?” Marge asked.

“In a computer.” Max responded.

“You’re gonna download me into a computer like in some bad sci-fi movie?” Amy asked stunned, “Is that possible?”

Max smiled, “Ok, I can see you want the whole thing.” The four of them nodded slowly. “Ok, here it is, gross parts and all. First thing we’re going to do is install a computer interface module in her skull. It will hijack the signals coming to and from her brain. A computer that’s being constructed now will simulate her body, so her brain will think everything is normal. Alice will play the part of her brain and run Amy’s body. Alice doesn’t care about pain, so she won’t be overwhelmed by pain signals. Next we’ll inject a few billion nanites, microscopic bio-robots that will literally rewrite Amy’s genetic code removing the errors that caused her diabetes in the first place. At the same time they will be repairing the damage to her body on a cellular level. Alice will also control this using protocols we’ve developed from Emma and Marge’s DNA. Once everything is completed, we reconnect her body with her brain. Easy huh?”

“Has any of this ever been tried before?” Marge asked stunned.

“Nope. We’re running sims now, and we’ll run a live test with a lab rat to make sure the sims are accurate. But no one has done this before because the only person who has the tech necessary to pull it off is me, not to mention some of it we invented last night. We still have to upgrade the nanites, but that shouldn’t be a problem.”

“So you have been hoarding this stuff. How many people have died because you kept this to yourself?” Emma asked, shocked that the boy she loved could be so cold and uncaring.

“Well not really. Until I found out Amy was so sick, I never had much interest in medicine, so it never occurred to me to do this until last night.” Max replied. “Once we prove it works, I’ll offer the tech to anyone who wants it. This is all stuff I designed for other applications. In fact the interface was so I could program the computers faster. Even the automated surgical bay was designed and built just so I could install the module in my head.”

“You did surgery on your brain!” June exclaimed horrified.

“No, not really. Alice monitored the surgery, but the surgical pod is automated. The sensors are imbedded in the bone and the control box is in my sinus.”

“That’s what those weird artifacts on your x-rays were!” Marge suddenly realized. “And the strange cells in your blood? Were they the nanites?”

“Yep, probably why I survived that damn dog. Also probably why I reacted so strongly to the synthetic vaccine.” Max replied. “But it all worked out. They were minor unforeseen problems.”

“Ok, so what’s illegal about this?” June asked.

“Well, I’ll be performing gene manipulation, that’s illegal in the U.S., but I don’t care.” Max said simply.

“You said it would be really expensive.” Amy asked quietly. “How much will all this cost?”

“Irrelevant.” Max replied.

“What do you mean by that?” Amy pushed.

“It doesn’t matter. I would spend every cent we had to save you, and I think our family would agree.” Max replied, not wanting to answer the question.

“Damn right!” Emma exclaimed, “There is nothing we wouldn’t do to save you!”

“Please Max.” Amy begged quietly.

Max sighed, “Just under a billion dollars. In fact I’ve already spent most of that already.”

“Holy crap Max!” Amy said.

“It doesn’t matter. I’d still do this if it cost ten times that.” Max replied as he wrapped his arms around her.

“Emma’s right, there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do, or spend, to save you.” June replied. “I’m just so thankful we have Max, because I don’t think there’s anyone else on the planet that could pull this off.”

Max looked up at the faces seated around him and Amy, “I’m glad to hear that, because Alice will need everyone’s help to pull off her part.”

“Of course we’ll help!” Emma exclaimed. “I can’t believe you even thought you had to ask!”

“You might want to hear me out before you jump in with both feet.” Max replied.

“Don’t need to, I’m in!” Emma responded.

“Me too.” June added.

“You know I’m in. She’s my baby for god’s sake!” Marge said forcefully. “Just tell us what we have to do?”

“Alice will need instant access to neurological signals. Since we have no such database it will have to be done in real time.” Max explained. “That means I will have to install an interface chip in each of you.”

“Whoa, hold on Max!” Amy interrupted. “You have to cut everyone’s head open and put one of your computer thingies in them?” Max nodded. Amy looked horrified, as she continued, “Isn’t that dangerous?”

“Well there’s always a risk when doing surgery, but it’s not significant. I mean, I’ve done it on myself.” Max replied.

“No, no, no!” Amy said as she shook her head violently. “I’m not putting my family at risk just to save my life. I couldn’t live with myself if any of you got hurt because of me! No, we’re calling this off!”

“Not your call sweetie.” Emma said quietly. “I’m sorry and I understand how you feel, I’d feel the same. But I’m doing this with or without your permission.” She turned to her mother with a look of determination in her eyes, “And Momma, I love you, but I don’t care what you say either. The only one who can stop me is Max, and I know he won’t”

“Not to worry, I’ll be right beside you Emma.” Marge replied.

“Me too.” Added June.

“But why would you take such a chance?” Amy asked miserably.

“BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU STUPID!” Emma yelled. “God damn it Amy! You are so special to us, we would gladly die to save you, now shut up because this is gonna happen.”

Amy started crying and buried her head in Max’s shoulder, “I love you guys so much. Max?”

“Yeah sweetie?”

Amy leaned back and bored into his eyes with her tear filled eyes, “Don’t fuck up!”

Suddenly Alice’s voice was heard over the intercom, “Don’t worry Amy, I’ll be there to make sure he doesn’t ‘fuck up’.”

Amy laughed sadly, “First piece of good news I’ve heard all day.”

“Max?” Emma asked. “Is there anything else you need to take care of?”

“Mmmmm, yeah I have a few things to check on before I try the live test.” Max responded. “Oh and Marge, I could use your help tomorrow night.”

“Just let me know when.”

“Alice or Jeeves will contact you.” Max replied and Marge nodded.

“Ok then.” Emma interrupted, “Amy, grab Mia and everyone, except Max, follow me.”

“Where we going?” June asked.

“To the other house.” Emma answered as she looked at Max.

“Why?” Amy asked.

“Because this is private and I just figured how Max always seems to know what’s going on.” Emma replied as everyone looked at Max. “That little chip thing in his head lets him monitor the entire house. He can see what’s happening in every room, whenever he wants.” Emma looked directly into Max’s eyes, “Tell me I’m wrong.”

“Um, I should go check on…um…something…ahhh…” Max stammered as he turned every shade of red.

“Max?” June said with a little edge in her voice. “Have you been peeping on the women of this house?”

Max laughed, “Now why would I have to? You guys are regularly walking around nude!”

“Well there is that…” Amy giggled.

“Seriously Max, are you spying on us?” June asked.

“No, I actually don’t monitor the house unless there’s something going on.” Max replied. “And the computers will code lock any information they feel to be of a personal nature, requiring the permission of those involved before they will release that data.”

“Ok, I’m trusting you Max.” June replied, feeling a little better. She’d never known Max to intentionally deceive her.

“So we’re going to the other house so he can’t spy on us?” Amy asked Emma.

“Mmm hmm, I’m hoping it’s beyond his range.” Emma replied. “Is it Max?”

“Hmmmm, well…” Max replied.

“It isn’t is it?” Marge replied, “Oh my god Max! You bugged my house!”

“No, no. But the external house sensors have been upgraded since the attack. The house has a one mile range now.” Max replied quickly. “Look I promise I’ll give you your privacy. In fact, Alice, if I try and spy on the girls, you have my permission to rat me out.”

“Understood. Emma, I will inform you immediately of any nefarious actions taken by Max.”

Amy giggled, “Well since we can’t outrun our cyber boyfriend anyway, I say we just stay here. Go away Max.”

Max smiled and gave the four of them a kiss and scooped up Mia, before leaving the room, “Think I’ll take a nap with the only girl in the house who loves me.”

“Poor baby.” Emma laughed. “We’ll be up in a little bit.” Max laughed and used Mia’s paw to wave bye-bye, then turned and headed to the girls’ room. His bed was still a wreck. He was tired so he asked Alice to do something for him.

“Ok Mom, I have something I want to talk to you about and I know you’re not gonna like it.” Emma said as Amy sat next to her sister, showing a united front. “We want to make love with Max, but he won’t do it. No mater what we try he won’t budge and I’m pretty sure it’s because of a promise he made to you.”

“Good, you guys are still too young, plus neither of you are on birth control.” Marge replied.

“Actually, we’re both on birth control. We’ve both had the depvo shot about a month ago. Bones helped us get it.” Emma replied. “As for being too young, I don’t think I am. And while Amy might be,” Emma took a deep breath to steady herself before she could continue, “there’s a chance she may not get much older.”

“Momma, I don’t wanna die a virgin, please Momma.” Amy begged.

“I’m not saying it’s ok, and I’m not happy you went behind my back for birth control.” Marge replied, “But how do you see this happening?”

“Me and Amy want to do this like we do everything, together with Max.” Emma replied. “We love each other…no we’re in love with each other, and I know that’s not supposed to happen between sisters but it did and that’s that.”

“So you would be there for each other?” Marge asked quietly. Amy and Emma both nodded.

Marge looked at June who said, “It’s your call and I’ll support whatever you decide. But you know Max would treat them right.”

Marge nodded and sighed, “And just when would you do this?”

“If you agree, right now.” Amy replied with a tear in her eye. “I love Max and I want to make love to him as soon and as often as I can before I go under.” Her breath caught briefly in her throat as she tried to continue, “Momma, I’m scared.”

Marge stood and went to her daughters and hugged them both. She stood and sighed quietly, “Come on everyone, let’s go talk to Max.” The girls jumped up and kissed their mother. “Don’t thank me yet, he may still decide not to do it.”

“Oh he’ll do it, trust me.” June said with an edge of determination in her voice. “I’ll see to that.”

The two women and the two, hopefully, soon to be women, quietly walked up the stairs and into Max’s room. He wasn’t there, but there was something on Max’s bed. It was at least two foot high and three feet long, with eight legs. What it looked like was a giant metal spider. The spider detected the four as they entered the room and turned to look at them, making a clicking sound. All four females screamed at the top of their lungs and scrambled to escape the room. Hearing the screams, Max and Mia came flying out of the girl’s room. Seeing the terror in their eyes, Max ran over and grabbed his mother, “What is it? What’s wrong?”

Marge grabbed Max and held him tight, “Th…there’s…there’s…something in…in your …room!”

Max let her go and stepped to his door and looked in. June stepped forward and whispered, “Be careful Max!”

Max looked back and nodded, “Jeeves, scan my room.”

“I detect two maintenance drones and a small canine, Mia I presume.” Jeeves responded.

Max sighed and walked into the room, “Girls come on in, it’s safe.” The women refused to move and Max came out with a happy Mia in his arms, “It’s ok, really. They’re just robots.”


“Ems, I’m sorry.” Max replied quietly as he put Mia down, “I didn’t mean to scare anyone.”

Emma ran to him crying and wrapped her arms around him tightly, “God damn you Max, you’re lucky I love you or I’d kill you right now!”

Amy began laughing and sat down next to Mia. June and Marge looked at her like she was nuts. Amy scooped up the puppy and giggled, “Well little Mia, one thing about living here – there’s never a dull moment!” Marge and June started giggling as well and sat down next to a giggling Amy, and began petting Mia as well.

Emma was still too shaken to laugh, but she was calming quickly. “God you are so creepy!” she growled as she held him tightly, still shaking, “I mean who builds giant spiders for maids!”

“Sorry sweetie.” Max replied with a chuckle as he kissed her face and neck. Emma relaxed and moaned quietly, “They’re actually maintenance druids.”

“Why are they in your bedroom.” Marge asked, still giggling as she looked up from petting Mia.

“Well since I literally have to rebuild my bed every morning, I thought I’d retrain a couple for housekeeping duties.” Max replied still kissing Emma as she quietly moaned.

Emma suddenly opened her eyes and pushed back. Max tried to go with her and kiss her again, “No, now stop it…Max behave!” Emma stammered as she extracted her self from Max’s embrace. He looked a little hurt but let her go. She stepped back and took a deep breath to get control of herself. ‘Damn can he kiss!’ she thought. “Momma wants to talk to you.”

Marge looked up to Max, “Max? Do you love my girls?”

“Of course I do.” Max replied a little stunned by the question, “I thought you all knew that already. What’s this about?”

“I’ll ask the questions.” Marge replied, “Where do you see this going?”

“I don’t think I understand the question.” Max replied confused.

“You, Amy, and Emma. What do you see your future as? Not next week, but twenty or thirty years from now.” Marge asked seriously.

Max looked from her to his mother. She smiled and slowly stood up, wrapping him in a motherly hug, she said, “It’s ok Max, just tell us what’s in your heart.”

Max looked at Marge over his mother’s shoulder, “Do you remember the couple we got Mia from? That’s what I see.”

June kissed his cheek and smiled. Giving him a wink, she stepped to the side just as Emma and Amy slammed into him. Emma looked up at him and Max felt his soul being swallowed by her bright blue eyes. “Oh Max, do you really mean that?”

“I want to love and laugh and live with you two until we’re so old and grey, we forget where we left our teeth.” Max replied as he gently kissed Emma, then Amy.

“Max?” Marge said as she stood with Mia in her arms. “That promise you made me? I think we can forget that now. Me, June, and Mia are gonna do the dishes or something. I think Amy and Emma have plans for you.”

“Marge, are you sure?” Max asked.

“She’s sure, she’s sure.” Amy responded quickly and began pulling Max to the girl’s room. “You’re gonna need to send your spiders to our room later.” She added with a wicked smile.

Emma giggled, “Got any more? You might need them.”

Marge and June laughed as they descended down the stairs carrying Mia. June scruffled the puppy’s ears and glanced over at Marge, “Dishes?”

“Well I couldn’t tell them I was gonna screw your brains out, now could I.” Marge giggled, “It would set a bad example.”

Emma and Amy began stripping Max and each other. Everyone was naked by the time they reached the bathroom. Amy and Emma started to pull Max to the shower and looked back confused when he stopped them. Max nodded towards the bathtub. “The hot water will help relax you, it’ll make it easier.”

Emma giggled, “Another book?”

“Mmm hmmm.”

“I really liked the last one.” Amy giggled as she and Emma started teasing Max as he began filling the oversized tub.

Max chuckled, “You couldn’t wear me down, so you went to mommy?”

“Damn right, you’re like damn monk or something.” Emma laughed, “Who ever heard of a boy turning down not one, but two eager girls?”

Max got serious for a second, “You guys know it wasn’t anything bad about you, right? I made a promise to your mother.”

“Shhh,” Emma hushed Max and gently kissed him, “we know. We know you and Mom love us and were just trying to protect us…but it’s time now.”

Max turned the tap off and stepped into the hot water and sat down, “So who is first?”

“We’re not doing in the tub are we?” Amy asked.

“No, a hot soak will help you relax and let you enjoy your first time more.” Max replied quietly, “I want to make sure you remember this fondly.”

“Oh we will.” Emma replied as she stepped into the tub and sat on Max’s lap, “I’m sure of that.” Emma held out her hand to Amy. “Every time we’re together is memorable.”

As Amy sat on Emma’s lap, she sighed, “Oh Max, this feels so nice.” Max chuckled and flipped a switch next to him, and the girls squealed and laughed as the water jets kicked on. “That’s so cool!” Amy exclaimed as she stood, turned, and straddled Emma’s lap. Amy giggled as she leaned forward and began kissing her sister. Max began nibbling Emma’s neck as he massaged her sides. Soon Emma began moaning softly as she kissed Amy with every bit of love she felt for her sister and Max. Amy started crying as she kissed Emma.

“Amy?” Emma asked quietly as she noticed the tears in Emma’s eyes.

“I’m ok, really. I just can’t help it.” Amy said, as she cried, “Please don’t be angry.”

“Oh Amy, we’re not mad.” Max said gently. “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

“Oh hell no!” Amy exclaimed, “You WILL make love with me today Maxwell Johansson, or I swear to god I will rape the shit out of you!”

“Well that’s pretty definite.” Emma laughed and hugged her sister tightly.

“Damn right it is.” Amy exclaimed and the three of them started giggling.

Emma kissed her again, “If you want to be emotional, you go right ahead.” Amy smiled at her sister and kissed her again as Emma giggled, “Boys!”

“Right?” Amy responded and scrunched her nose up at Max.

Max looked down into the bubbling water dramatically, “We better be careful little buddy, sounds like we’re on thin ice!”

Both girls leaned into Max and laughed. Amy looked up at him, “I love you Max, but you are so weird!”

Laughing, Max responded, “I guess that’s better than creepy.”

Emma groaned, “I’ll never hear the end of that, will I?”

Amy laughed, “Nope. Just remember Max, I never called you creepy, so I’m your favorite right?”

“Oh nice sis, “Emma laughed as she squeezed her giggling sister, “just toss me under the bus!”

All three of them jumped when they heard a bump in the girl’s bedroom. “What the hell was that?” Emma asked nervously.

Max closed his eyes and his voice came over the intercom, “Hi Mom, Miss Marge. What chya doin?”

Amy looked at Emma with wide eyes, “Ok, that’s creepy.”

“See!” Emma laughed. “Crrreeeepppppyyyyy!”

Max’s voice came over the intercom again. “Mmmmmoooommmm! The girls called me creepy again.”

The bathroom door opened and Marge and June peeked in as June spoke, “Well stop using the house to talk to them!”

Max still sat motionless, with his eyes closed as his voice filled the room again, “You don’t think this is creepy, do you Miss Marge.”

“Oh hell yeah, that’s way creepy, and kinda cool.” Marge laughed.

Max opened his eyes and said, “Fine.”

Emma screamed, startled by Max’s voice in her ear, and swatted his arm, “Dammit Max! That’s not funny!” Amy and their mothers began laughing as Emma gave them each and evil look, then smiled, “Oh shut up, you guys.” She leaned back into Max’s chest as she held Amy, “Max, you’re so mean, I don’t know why I love you so much.”

“Because I can do this…” Max said as he began massaging the pressure points on her sides, by her small breasts.

Emma closed her eyes and sighed as she collapsed farther back into Max’s chest and whispered, “Oh god Max, that’s so wonderful…”

Marge elbowed June, “How does he do that?” June just shrugged. Then Marge noticed something, “Hey, why doesn’t our tub have bubbles?”

June laughed, “It does.”

“Really?” Marge asked and June nodded. “Ok, bye guys, we’re gonna take a bath. We left something in your room, so enjoy and we’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Momma, it’s only ten in the morning.” Amy laughed.

“Well you wanted to stay in bed all day yesterday. Just do it today.” Marge smiled and she and June backed out and closed the door.

The three of them soaked in the tub for another twenty minutes then took a long shower. Max had both girls gasping and begging for mercy by the time they finished. Both girls’ legs were so wobbly, they had to lean on Max to get to the bedroom. When they stepped into their bedroom, the girls gasped and teared up. Their mothers had transformed the room into a romantic little hideaway with candles everywhere. Vanilla and spice filled the air as the candlelight caused shimmering patterns on the walls.

“Max, take my sister to bed and make her a woman.” Amy said as she walked over and pulled the comforter down. Max picked a smiling Emma up and carried her to the bed and gently laid her down. Amy and Max climbed in with her and began caressing and kissing her. Emma sighed and twitched, Max had already given her several orgasms in the tub and she was oversensitive already. She quickly began to tremble again as Max climbed between her legs and slowly entered her as Amy kept kissing and caressing her as she reminded her sister to relax.

Max felt her maidenhood and stopped, looked deeply into her eyes and asked, “Are you sure about this?”

Emma looked into Max’s green eyes and could actually see the love there, “Max, please make me a woman, make love to me and make me yours.” Max nodded, kissed her, and pushed through the barrier that separated her girlhood from her womanhood. Emma gasped and tensed causing Max to freeze. Emma opened her eyes and smiled, “That wasn’t so bad. Go a little more, but slowly.” Max nodded and pushed a little deeper and stopped. “Oh god Max, your so big…go slow…ok more…” Max pushed in until he felt himself bump into something and Emma gasped. Max stopped and looked down, there was about an inch or so of him still outside of her. “Oh Max, that’s all of me there is! Oh my god…it feels so good.”

“Tell me when you’re ready.” Max said and looked at Amy, who was watching with wide-eyed awe. Emma started to rock her hips, slowly at first but quickly building speed. Amy smiled when she saw her sister’s face and reached down between Max and Emma, slowly rubbing her little clit. Emma started shaking and thrashing her head back and forth.

“Oh god…give me all of it Max, deeper please!” Emma gasped. And Max pushed into her hard until their pelvises met. “OH SHIT! YES! FUCK ME!”

Amy giggled, “You heard her, fuck her!”

Max smiled and nodded and began pulling nearly out and forcefully pushing all the way into her. He was using a fast powerful stroke and Emma gave a happy little scream every time he pushed into her. “OH GOD MAX! I LOVE YOOOOOUUUUU!” she screamed as she began gushing around his erection. Max could feel and hear the increased wetness and it spurred him on. He barely controlled himself, but refused to let himself go completely for fear of hurting her. Max was getting close, but he wanted her to cum again, so he slowed. The change of tempo set her off again and she screamed as loud as she could, causing Amy to jerk and fall back. As Max felt his orgasm building, he quickened his pace and Emma just kept cumming and screaming loudly. Finally there, Max pushed in deep and shot load after load into her. Feeling the warmth flood her set her off one last time. “MMMMAAAAAAXXXXXXXXX!” Max pulled her tight to him and rolled over and let her rest on his chest. Her hair was wild and plastered to her face. She was covered in sweat and her own juices as she lay on him trying to catch her breath.

Amy gently caressed her back and quietly asked, “Are you ok?”

“Oh god yes. Oh Amy, it was wonderful.” Emma whispered. “I can’t believe how awesome that was. If I’d known, I’d have raped you the first day I met you!” Emma squirmed and whispered, “Max?”


“Are you still hard?” Emma asked as she looked into his eyes. Max just smiled as Emma pushed herself a little higher, “Didn’t you come? I could have sworn…”

“I did.” Max responded, “But you feel so nice…what can I say?”

Amy giggled, “Are you going to do her again?”

“No, it’s your turn…unless…” Max said quietly as he caressed Amy’s face. He grunted quietly as Emma pulled off of him and their combined excretions plopped onto his stomach.

“Opps.” Emma giggled. “Told you we’d need your new maids.”

“Come on, let’s clean up a bit.” Max said as he hopped up and carried Emma to the bathroom. Amy followed and turned on the shower. Max stepped in with Emma still in his arms.

“Put me down lover, I’m ok.” Emma smiled. As her feet touched the shower floor, she stretched up a gently kissed Max, “Thank you for being so patient and gentle. You made it so special.” Max smiled and kissed her again. “Please do that for Amy.” Max nodded and closed his eyes for a second.

Amy grabbed him around the waist, “Max? I wanna do something different. Is that ok?”

“What ever you want Amy.” Max replied, “This is for you.”

“Weren’t you a virgin Max?” Emma asked.

Max smiled and chuckled, “Yeah, but I’m a guy. It would have been special for me if we did in an alley on broken glass.”

“Oh, so romantic!” Emma joked. She looked over to her sister, “So what do you want to do? Please tell me doesn’t involve broken glass!”

Amy just rolled her eyes, “No, um…I hope you don’t think it’s weird…”

“Me? Think you’re weird?” Max replied, “Never!”

“Oh well…ok here it is.” Amy replied, “I want to do here in the shower, with the overhead rain thingy on.”

“Floor’s kinda hard…” Max started.

“Not for me.” Amy smiled, “I wanna be on top.”

“Ok, that’s not bad.” Max replied, “I won’t have to worry about hurting you since you’ll be in charge.”

“That’s good cause I want Emma sitting on your face so I can play with her boobies.” Amy blushed and giggled.

“Oh, I like that!” Emma said with a huge grin on her face.

Max laughed, “I kinda like that too. It sounds like a lot of fun.”

Max started to wash Emma when she stepped back, “Oh wait! I almost forgot…” She ducked out of the shower and they heard in the cabinet. A few moments later she popped back in with a box and handed it to Max, “I got it on the internet. I thought you might like it.”

“What’s that?” Amy asked.

Max started reading the box, “Strawberry flavored douche…Sweet, I like strawberries!”

Emma laughed and spread her legs, “Care to do the honors?”

“Sure, but I’ve never done this before.” Max replied.

Amy laughed, “Perfect! This a day for firsts.”

Max shrugged and smiled, Amy had a point. He read the instructions on the box, it seemed simple enough. He inserted the nozzle and squeezed. Emma screamed bloody murder and Max pulled the douche out of her and held her around the waist. “Oh god Emma…” She opened her eyes and winked at him, “Son-of-a…you scared the hell out of me.”

“Sorry…” Emma replied, not really sorry at all.

“Hey!” Amy yelled, and they both looked at her as she held Max’s now soft dick. “You broke him!” Emma and Max laughed hysterically at Amy’s pouty face. “Go ahead and laugh, but it better still work!”

“You better give it a test drive to make sure.” Emma laughed. Amy smiled and began stroking and licking Max. Now that his heart rate was back to something like normal, he quickly responded to Amy. She leaned back after a minute or so and looked at Max’s erection and pumped her fist in victory. Amy suddenly stood up and ran out of the shower and into the bedroom.

“Excuse ME Mister Spider!” they heard her exclaim. She came running back in and looked at Max, “Rude little spiders, aren’t they?”

“Well they’re not really programmed to interact with humans.” Max responded, “Where’d you go anyway?”

“I’m supposed to get your measurements.” Amy replied as she held up a sewing tape measure. “Alice asked. I think she’s got a crush on you.”

“Amy, she’s very human like, but she’s a program. She can’t have a crush.” Max explained.

“Yeah what ever, she’s got the hots for you.” Amy responded. “Now hold still.” Amy stroked him a few times then measured, “Hmmmm.” Then she wrapped it around him. “Well, Well…” She muttered. “Ok, all done.”

She stood and began trading kisses with Max and Emma, when suddenly the intercom came on, “Well? How big is it?”

“Momma?” Emma laughed.

“Um…yeah…um Alice keeps asking, so just tell the poor girl already!” Marge muttered.

“Alice huh?” Amy laughed.

“Oh come on, quick before June gets back.” Marge replied.

“Fine, he’s just under ten inches long and about five inches around.” Amy replied with a laugh, “Be sure to let Alice know!”

The three of them began to laugh hysterically when they heard June, “What’s five in…Oh my god! Marge, you perv!”

“But June baby, I just wanted to make sure everything was straight, you know for posterity!” Marge replied giggling. “It was straight right Amy? Amy?”

“Jeeves, block this room and the bedroom as soon as the drones are done.” Max laughed.

“Of course Max.” Jeeves replied.

“Spoil spor…” they heard Marge yell just before Jeeves terminated the connection.

“I think its mom who has the hots for you.” Emma said with a little worry.

“I just think she’s being silly.” Max replied, “You know how strange her sense of humor is.”

“I don’t know…” Emma said softly, then looked into Max’s eyes, “Max, I know you like Momma, but you wouldn’t…um…oh hell. Max would you rather be with Mom then us?”

“What? What the hell are you talking about?” Amy exclaimed, Max just stood there stunned.

“Well mom is so pretty and she’s a grown woman and we’re well, let’s face it Amy, we’re kinda skinny and we have like no boobs and…Max? You wouldn’t leave us would you? I mean you said you’d be with us like forever and…” Finally Emma ran out of steam.

Max stepped to Emma and wrapped an arm around her as he held his other arm for Amy. Amy came over and tucked herself into Max’s embrace, “She has a point Max. I bet Momma would let you play with her if you wanted.”

“I don’t want, I want you two. And so what if your mom is beautiful, so are you guys.” Max responded, treading carefully.

“Oh Max, you’re so sweet. But I have eyes, I mean look at me.” Amy replied, “I mean really, I’m skinny, I got knobby knees, and my chest is flatter than yours.”

“And mines not much bigger.” Emma added.

“Ok, I’m gonna say this once and then I never want to hear this from you guys again!” Max said emphatically, “I don’t want or not want anyone because of big boobs or little ones. I want you two because you’re Amy and Emma. It is Amy and Emma I love with all my heart, not boobs or legs or anything else. I love Amy and Emma, no one else and I want no one else!” Max felt the girls press themselves into his body hard. He just held them and let them gain control of their emotions.

“Wow!” Emma finally broke the silence, “That was a heck of a speech.”

“I meant every word.” Max whispered.

“I’m sorry Max, I just don’t want to lose you and I guess I’m feeling a bit self conscious.” Emma replied. “I’m not sure why. You just showed me how much you love me.”

Amy hugged her sister, “You’re so beautiful sis, don’t feel that way.” Amy interrupted. “I’m the little girl here, and I know Max loves me for me, and not because he loves my sister. So you have nothing to worry about.”

Emma kissed her sister again and turned to Max, “Lay down, someone needs you.” Max nodded, switched the water in the shower to the overhead rain function, and lay down on the tile floor of the shower. Max closed his eyes and linked into the house, ‘Jeeves? Did Mom and Marge watch me and Emma?’

‘Yes sir’ Jeeves replied silently, ‘your mother assured me it would be alright. I apologize if a boundary was crossed.’

‘No, it’s ok. I was just wondering if you could get video of Amy and me with the shower’s holoprojector activated.’ Max replied.

‘Of course.’

‘Are Mom and Marge still in there room?’

‘Yes sir.’

‘Ok. Please load the waterfall program.’ Suddenly the walls of the shower shimmered and trees and flowers replaced the tile. ‘Go ahead and start recording and pipe a live feed into Mom’s room. It’s only fair, if they got to see Emma, then they should get to see Amy.’

“Man, I can’t believe he blocked us.” Marge said dejectedly. Just then the TV came on and showed a picture of Max, Amy, and Emma standing next to a waterfall. Max lay down on his back as a light rain fell. “What the…is that a recording?”

“No, I don’t think so…Jeeves? Is this a live feed?” June asked.

“Yes Ma’am, Max activated the shower’s holoprojector.” Jeeves responded. “He wanted Marge to see Amy’s first time as well.”

Marge smiled and kissed June excitedly, “I’m really beginning to like that boy of yours.” The women leaned against the headboard, as they held each other in a light embrace, and watched as Amy was about to become a woman.

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