ehh, girls got a dog now...
“Max! Max! Wake up Max!” Max opened his eyes slowly and saw Amy’s smiling face and groaned. “Come on Max!” Amy laughed as she shook him and hopped off the bed and ran into the bathroom.

“Max get up, she driving me nuts.” Emma said sleepily.

“She’s your sister.” Max groaned.

“She’s your girlfriend.” Emma countered as she rolled into Max and snuggled.

Amy popped out of the bathroom, “Hey! Are you guys gonna spend all day in bed?”

“Sounds good to me.” Emma said with a yawn. “Why don’t you come over here and cuddle with us. Amy smiled and hopped onto the bed and started kissing Emma’s face. Emma started giggling causing Max to reluctantly open his eyes. He smiled when he saw the two sisters locked in an embrace, kissing each other passionately. “Oh Amy, that was nice.” Emma exclaimed breathlessly as the girls separated.

“Thanx.” Amy responded with way to much energy in her huge grin. She smiled and crawled over a giggling Emma so she could get to Max. “Kiss me Max. Please?” Max smiled and pulled her onto his body, he began caressing her naked body looking for the landmarks that would let him know where her pressure points were. He almost had her body memorized and now did this more out of habit than need. He began kissing her as he massaged her nerve plexuses, sending pleasure signals to her brain so fast that it couldn’t decipher them and began overloading the pleasure centers. Amy began shaking as wonderful feelings began to fill her small body. Her breathing quickened and she began trembling as her orgasm began. Max felt her start and decided to just keep massaging her to see how long he could make it last. After about ten minutes, her arms hung limply at her side and her lips hung slack as Max kissed her face. He could feel her splashing her pleasure on his chest and stomach. Finally Amy’s tortured mind could take no more and snapped off. Max stopped when he felt her dead weight drop onto his chest.

“Amy?” he asked quietly.

Emma looked over and touched her sister on the back, “Amy? You ok?” After getting no response she sat up and looked at Max, “What did you do to her?”

“I don’t know, she just sort of went limp and…” Max shrugged. “She’s breathing ok. I think she’s just asleep.”

Emma shrugged, lay down, and snuggled into Max and Amy with a yawn. “At least she’s quiet.” She replied as she closed her eyes and dropped off to sleep.

Emma could have sworn she just closed her eyes when she felt a hand gently shake her shoulder, “Wake up baby, it’s time for breakfast.” Her mother said softly.

“Mmmmm” was all Emma said as she stretched like a cat.

Marge laughed at her sleepy frazzled haired daughter. “Long night?” Emma just smiled and nodded. “Me too.” They both giggled. Marge looked over to Amy, fast asleep on Max’s chest and smiled, then she got a whiff of sex and laughed, “Already?”

“Mmmm hmmmm.” Emma said with a small smile as she stretched again. “She was too happy so Max knocked her out.”

“What?” Marge asked a little shocked. “Just how did he do that?”

“He kissed her and it was so good she passed out.” Emma giggled and pulled her sister off Max. “See.”

Amy moaned sleepily, opened her eyes, and smiled at her mother, “Hi Mommy.”

Marge looked at her and smiled, then looked over at Max and saw he was soaked. She reached over and wiped her hand on Max’s chest and smelled it. It wasn’t pee, so she tasted it and her eyes got wide. She looked over at Amy, “Did all of this come out of you?”

Amy blushed, “It wasn’t my fault, Max made me do it!” then she giggled, “But it felt really good.”

“I’ll bet.” Marge said with a smile, “Why don’t you two wash poor Max and we can get some food in him. Oh, have you checked your sugars yet?”

“Yep, I did it before Max got me.” Amy said.

“You did it?” Marge asked incredulously.

Amy nodded happily, “Max taught me how to do it so it doesn’t hurt.”

Marge looked over to Emma who nodded and smiled, “She’s been doing it for a few days now.”

Marge leaned over and hugged Amy, “I’m so proud of you!”

Amy hugged her mother back, “Max says it won’t be long before I can give myself the shot too. But I’m still scared, besides I like it when Max does it. He gives me kisses.”

“He gives you kisses anyway silly.” Emma replied laughing. Amy just giggled and leaned over to kiss her sister. Emma laughed happily and hugged her sister tightly, “I love you Amy.”

“I love you too Emmy.” Amy replied happily. The three of them turned and looked at Max and the smiles faded from their faces. He had his eyes closed tightly and was sweating; all the color had drained from his face. “Max?” Amy asked quietly, “Are you ok?”

Max opened his eyes and looked at Amy with a small smile that looked more like a grimace. He tried to speak but all that came out was a groan. Marge instantly realized something was terribly wrong and ran around the bed so she could get better access to him. She touched his forehead checking for a temperature and he was cool and clammy. She checked his pulse and gasped when she realized how fast it was. “Max? Does your shoulder hurt a lot?” He nodded, still unable to speak through the haze of pain. “Ok sweetie, I’ll be right back. Girls hold him, comfort him, he’s in a lot of pain.” The girls nodded and went to either side of him and gently held him. He turned his head into Emma’s shoulder and she could feel his tears on her skin. She caressed his back as her own tears fell down her face.

Amy kissed his cheek as her tears mixed with his, “It’ll be ok Max. Momma will make it better.” Amy felt desperate; she couldn’t stand to see Max in such pain so she started massaging his neck and back like he did to her. She felt for the bumps under the skin in his neck like he did her. She found what she was looking for, so she pushed her fingers gently into the muscles. Max sighed and relaxed a little into Emma’s arms.

Emma felt the difference in Max instantly and looked at her sister, “What did you do?”

“I just massaged him like he does me when he gives me my shot.” Amy said with wide eyes. She had no idea what she was doing and was amazed that it was helping.

“Well don’t stop, its working.” Emma replied as she smiled at her sister.

Marge quickly reentered the room with June hot on her heels. They both stopped when they saw Amy gently massaging Max’s neck and shoulder with a look of pure concentration on her face. Marge stopped and looked at Emma with a question on her lips. Emma just shrugged and smiled through her tears. Marge nodded and stepped forward and gave Max a shot. “That’s should help some,” she said as she touched Amy’s shoulder, “Keep going baby, the shot will take a few minutes to work.”

Shortly Max sighed and relaxed even more into Emma’s arms. Amy felt the change in her hands and sighed as she lay on the bed so Max was between her and her sister. June stepped around Marge and watched as the two naked girls caressed and kissed Max, trying to comfort him. She smiled at the love they were showing and knew her boy would be ok. “Come on, let’s let them be. They can eat later, this is more important.”

Marge nodded and looked at Emma, “When he’s up to it, have him take these.” Marge placed a paper cup with several pills in it on the nightstand then followed June out of the room.

As they started down the stairs June turned to Marge, “What happened, what was wrong with him?”

“Nothing really. Max is so strong and so tough, we tend to forget he just had his shoulder rebuilt only month ago.” Marge said softly. “He’s so eager to please the girls…well I think he did too much last night and he paid for it this morning.” Marge sighed then laughed, “We need to talk to the girls, especially Amy. Her love and enthusiasm for Max might just kill him.”

“I don’t want them to think we’re scolding them…” June said quietly, “They love each other so much, I think if we just sit them down and explain it to them.” June stopped speaking and just shrugged.

“Max isn’t gonna like us going behind his back…” Marge said.

“Tough. He won’t say anything because he loves them so much and doesn’t want them worrying.” June said with determination in her voice. “I’m gonna get him to take care of himself if I have to put him over my knee…”

“Oh, I’d like to see that!” Marge joked. She went over and hugged her friend and new lover, “We’ll get the girls on board and between the four of us we’ll make him behave.” June smiled and hugged her back tightly. Marge rubbed her back and smiled, “Don’t worry my love, the worst is over, he’ll be fine. This morning was just a bump in the road.”

“Thank you. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” June said with tears in her eyes, “You saved Max…hell you saved me! I can’t tell you how much I love you. What will I do if you leave me?”

“Oh June, you don’t have to worry about that. I love you too.” Marge replied, “I’m not going anywhere.”

“What are we gonna do about Mike?” June asked as her tears soaked Marge’s shoulder.

Marge sighed, “The truth? I don’t want to hide how we feel, but we have to be careful until the divorce is final.”

“He’s gonna blow a gasket.” June sighed, “What do we tell him about the kids?”

“Lets see how he handles us first.” Marge said with a little laugh.

“When will he be back?”

“Next Wednesday, eight days. That’s what he told me, but now…” Marge replied. “Lets not think about it now, I just want to be with you, to love you.”

“But what happens if he freaks?” June asked with worry.

“June, I told you I’m not going anywhere, I need you. It would break my heart if I lost you. I don’t think I could survive without you anymore.” Marge sighed.

“I’m so sorry Marge, I didn’t want…” June broke down crying.

“Shhhh.” Marge stopped walking as she laid her head on Junes shoulder. That’s where the kids found them an hour later when the girls pulled Max out of bed in search of food.

“Momma?” Amy asked, “Is everything ok?”

“Yeah, we’re just a little worried.” Marge said.

“About what?” Amy asked. “I thought you said Max was ok.”

Emma wrapped her arms around sister, “About Daddy…About us…About Mommy and Miss June…”

Amy sighed and leaned back into her sister, “I love Daddy, but I love Max more and I belong with Max. I know we’re young, but this can’t be…can’t be…” Amy struggled, not having the words to express herself.

“It’s not what it can’t be, it’s what it is.” Emma replied softly as she held her sister, “It’s love and we were lucky to find Max.”

Max walked up and wrapped them both in his arms. “No…I’m the lucky one. I’ve…we’ve…” Max corrected as he looked at his mother in Marge’s arms, “we’ve been alone for so long…”

“Not anymore.” Marge said with determination in her voice. She pulled June to her feet and into a hug. “Max, June…We are here now and we’re here to stay. Mike can either get on board or not, I really don’t care what he thinks anymore. I’m not gonna walk on eggshells and I’m not gonna worry about it right now. It’s Amy’s birthday and we’re gonna have some fun as a family, because that’s what we are now – a family!”

Amy and Emma smiled and went to hug their mother and June. Max sighed and looked at the two women and two girls with worry. ‘Well, if it explodes it explodes. I’m gonna enjoy it while it lasts.’ Max thought and gave his mother a wink and a smile. “Ok, I need food after being beaten to a pulp by two certain young ladies.”

Amy giggled, “Your own fault for reading that silly book, I thought I was gonna die…but it felt sooo good.” Amy gave a small shiver and a quiet moan as she remembered what Max had done to her.

Marge laughed, “Are you kidding me? Baby? Did you just…um…you know…”

Amy blushed, “Just a little one…”

Marge giggled and looked at June, “We definitely got to borrow that book.” June giggled and nodded emphatically. Both women looked at Max.

He smiled and headed towards the library, “Be right back…”

Marge laughed, “Are you serious? You really read a book?” Max shrugged with a silly grin on his face and disappeared down the hallway.

The women walked into the kitchen with the girls right behind them and started reheating breakfast. June looked at what they had cooked, “Looks like the eggs are ok, we can just nuke them. Throw the pancakes into the toaster oven…”

“It’ll be fine Miss June.” Amy said as she hugged June. “But we should still scold Max for knocking me out this morning. I never even got to tell them breakfast was ready.”

June laughed, “You sure about that?”

“Well maybe not scold him too much…” She replied blushing with a small smile. Marge and Emma giggled as June hugged the young girl.

Max walked into the kitchen and handed Marge several books, “There’s a few more on female psychology and anatomy, but being women you probably know what you’re thinking and where all your parts are.”

“You read all these books just so you could…what?” Marge asked.

“I wanted to know how to make Amy and Emma happy.” Max said. “I figured I should study a few different views and techniques so if one didn’t work I’d have something to fall back on.”

Emma looked at Max a little confused, “You did all this just so you could make me feel good?” Max blushed and nodded. Emma walked forward and wrapped Max in a gentle embrace and gently and slowly kissed Max. It wasn’t a sexual kiss; it was a kiss of pure and deep love. Amy joined her sister and tip toed so she could give Max a kiss as well. Amy was not her exuberant self. She hugged Max gently like Emma had and put all her heart into the kiss. She didn’t understand exactly what Max had done, but she realized it was something special and he had done it just for her and Emma.

Marge put the books Max had given her on the table and walked over to him and gave him a hug that wasn’t strictly motherly, “Max, you are a wonder.”

June laughed and swatted Marge on the butt, she shrieked and jumped while still in Max’s arms, “I’ll get breakfast served, you have a lot of homework to do!”

Marge turned and wrapped her arms around June from behind. “I didn’t hear you complaining last night.” She whispered as she kissed June’s neck and nibbled on her earlobes.

June moaned and gasped as she tried to speak. “I have no complaints, but I want to pass out too.”

“Mmmmm, I love a challenge.” Marge said in a low and sexy voice. The girls started cheering and whistling.

Max shook his head and laughed. Everyone looked at him with questions on their lips. It was Amy, of course, who jumped in first, “What?”

“Really?” Max asked with a smile, “I’m standing in my kitchen holding two naked nymphs while the woman I just gave half a dozen sex manuals two molests my mother. You don’t think that’s a little surreal?”

Amy looked at him strangely, “What does ‘surreal’ mean?”

“Unbelievable.” June replied.

“It’s believable, “Amy replied with a smile, “and did you just call me a nympho?”

“No a nymph, like a beautiful princess fairy.” Max replied and gave her a kiss.

“Hmmm, ok that’s better than a slut.” Amy replied.

June knelt down in front of her, “A nympho isn’t necessarily a slut, it’s just someone who like sex a lot.”

“Oh.” Amy said with a smile, “I’ll be a nympho fairy princess then, ‘cause I like sex with Max and Ems a lot.” Everyone started laughing as Emma and Max kissed her smiling face.

“We like having sex with you a lot as well.” Max replied. “And do you know why?”

Amy frowned and thought for a few seconds. Suddenly a bright smile crossed her face as she turned and kissed her sister, then turned and kissed Max, “Because we love each other.” Max smiled and kissed her again.

Marge looked at June and both women smiled. It amazed them that a girl as young as Amy actually understood the love she felt for Max and Emma, that it was different than what she felt for her mother and father. It did concern Marge that she was so in love with her sister, but Emma had been there for her sister her whole life. When Amy was sick and couldn’t go to school, Emma was her only friend. When she was in the hospital, Emma was there every day and often slept there and went to school straight from the hospital. Emma spent so much time with her sister that she didn’t make many friends until Amy was well enough to go to school as well. And one thing Emma required of a friend was that they accepted Amy as well. Marge wasn’t really surprised that Amy and Emma fell in love, it was always there just waiting for something, a catalyst of some sort. And Max’s unconditional love for both girls fanned the flame of their love for each other. As for the bisexual component, well she couldn’t really complain about that now could she?

The three kids hugged each other, just enjoying the touch of each other’s skin. Marge still held June from behind as the two women watched the children hold each other. Amy, still in an embrace with Max and Emma finally broke the magic, “Are we gonna eat or go back to bed?”

“Are you gonna spend your whole birthday in bed?” Marge asked.

“If I can talk Max and Emy into it…maybe…” Amy giggled.

“Definitely the nympho fairy princess.” Marge said giggling. “As much as you want to ravish Max and Emy, I think you should get some food in you.”

“I don’t want to ravish them, I want Max to ravish me…make me go to sleep again Max.” Amy giggled.

“Tell you what, food, medicine, then nighty night.” Max replied. “But to be fair, we need to make Ems go sleepy bye first.”

“Oh boy, can I help?” Amy asked excitedly.

Emma leaned around Max and kissed the back of Amy’s neck. “Of course, I always want you to help. I love when you touch me.” Amy smiled and squirmed out of Max’s arms so she could grab her sister. Amy wrapped her arms around Emma and begin kissing and caressing her. As Amy started kissing her sister’s breasts, Emma’s breath caught in her throat and she began to quietly moan, “Oh Amy, that feels so good…”

Marge and June laughed and separated the two girls, “Ok you two, enough of that. Time for breakfast and then you can go play.” Amy giggled and sat at the table as Emma walked over on shaky legs and sat next to her sister.

Amy giggled and reached under the table to touch her sister. Emma squeaked and jumped. Max took pity on Emma, so he stepped behind Amy, leaned forward and began caressing her small nipples as he kissed and licked her neck. He began sucking one of her earlobes as he traced his fingers lightly along Amy’s chest. Amy leaned back and moaned. Max winked at Emma, and she giggled, as Max began manipulating Amy’s nerve plexi on her sides near her breasts. She jerked and began to tremble as her breathing started coming in short, fast, ragged pants. Max knew her reactions well and knew she was close. He leaned a little farther forward, reached down between her legs, and gently rubbed her little button. Amy screamed and bucked in the chair as Max felt her squirt over his hand and wrist. Max smiled as he brought his hand up and licked his fingers as he gently caressed her nipple with his other hand. Amy leaned back and closed her eyes enjoying the warm feelings that flooded her body.

“Jesus Christ.” Marge hissed, “How the hell did you do that? Is that in the books?”

Max smiled and shook his head, “Nope, I have some secrets still.”

“Oh that’s mean, showing me something like that and not sharing.” Marge said with a pouty frown.

“Perhaps, when you are ready grasshopper.” Max replied as he stood up. As his hand left her body, Amy gave a little whine.

June laughed, “You’re an insatiable little thing aren’t you.”

“I can’t help it!” Amy gasped, “It feels ssssoooo gooooooood.”

Max kissed her cheek, “I’m glad you enjoyed it. Now eat.” He turned and walked towards the kitchen door.

“Where are you going?” Marge asked.

“Get a towel, our little princess is a messy girl.” Max laughed. Emma started giggling.

June and Marge looked under the table and both women gasped in surprise when they saw the puddle on the floor and Amy’s wet legs. Marge popped out from under the table, “Does this happen every time?”

Emma popped a piece of sausage in her mouth and nodded, “Almost.”

“Did he make you do that to?” June asked.

“Mmmm hmmm, couple of times, why?” Emma asked as she continued to eat.

Max walked in and saw the look the women were giving him and he stopped, “What?” The women just kept staring at him, “Ok, ok, I know I shouldn’t of done that to her at the table. I’m sorry.” He walked over to Amy and began cleaning her up, then wiped up the puddle on the floor.

As he got up, Amy wrapped her arms around him and kissed him, “Thank you Max. I love you.”

“My pleasure birthday girl.” Max said as he kissed her again. “Now get some food in you before you get sick.”

“Ok, I am feeling a little tired.”

Marge laughed, “I bet. Max can you get her some more juice and a bottle of water. I’m sure she’s a little dehydrated.”

“Sure.” Max replied as he headed for the fridge. He poured the juice and opened the water, setting it on the table for her.

Amy smiled, “Thanx Max.”

“You’re welcome.” Max said cheerfully, he really liked doing things for the girls. Both he and Emma doted on Amy and didn’t mind because she was always pleasant and polite. As Max sat he looked at the food on his plate and winced.

“Max?” June asked, seeing the look on his face. “You ok?”

“Yeah, just not really hungry I guess.” Max replied.

“Max, you have to eat.” Marge replied. “You have to eat or your body won’t heal.”

“I know, but food just…I just don’t feel good I guess.”

“Sweetie, I know the meds make you a little nauseous, and take your apatite away.” Marge said quietly, “But you gotta eat baby.”

“I’ll try.” Max said with a smile. He looked up and saw the worried faces and sighed, “I’m sorry, please don’t worry. I’m ok, really.”

Amy got up, grabbed her plate and walked over to Max. She put her plate next to his and climbed into his lap. Taking the fork from his hand, she speared a piece of sausage and held it to his lips. “Open.” Was all she said. Max did as he was told and Amy smiled sweetly as she popped the food into his mouth. “Good boy.” The women smiled as they watched the small blond girl feed Max. Amy looked around at the smiling faces, “What? If he won’t eat on his own, then I’ll feed him. Emma can feed him lunch.”

“I think that’s a wonderful idea.” June said smiling. “Max can be a very stubborn boy.”

Max sighed, “So you guys are gonna treat me like a little baby?”

Emma, who had been watching the interaction with a great deal of amusement, got up and went to Max and Amy, kissing her sister first, then Max. “Yes. If you’re gonna act like a baby, we’re gonna treat you like one. And we’re gonna have a lot fun doing it, huh sis?”

Amy nodded with a smile then held up the fork again, “Open.” Max sighed and opened his mouth as she continued to feed him.

Emma giggled, “Oh Max, we’re just teasing you. But we do love and worry about you, besides it looks like fun feeding you.”

Amy giggled, “It is.” She looked at her sister and smiled, “Open.” Emma giggled and opened her mouth and Amy popped a piece of fruit in, “Good girl!”

The women watched the three of them play and feed each other and realized Amy had gotten Max to eat most of his food. June smiled as she thought again how good these three were together. Then turned and looked at Marge and smiled. If Mike couldn’t accept this new reality, well fuck him! She would be happy if her family consisted only of the people sitting at this table. She just hoped Marge felt the same way.

After breakfast was cleared and the dishes done, the moms sent the kids up to shower and dress. As Marge shoed them up the stairs she yelled after them, “Shower and dress only! Amy!”

“What?” Amy whined.

“You heard me, give poor Max a break.” Marge replied with a laugh, “You guys can molest him after we get back.”

“Where we going?” Emma asked.

“Never you mind, just dress comfortable.”

“I’m comfortable now.” Amy teased then ran up the stairs giggling.

Marge walked into June’s room laughing, “I swear that girl has gone insane.”

“Amy?” June asked with a smile.

Marge nodded, “She’s always been a little wired, but she’s gone wild since the three of them became an item.”

“She’s happy.” June replied.

“I know.” Marge replied as she gave June a hug, “It’s wonderful. Max is the best thing that’s happened to those two, especially Amy.”

“I’m glad.” June replied as she gave Marge a little kiss.

“Me too. Amy’s never really made any friends of her own. Emma took her under her wing and was her only real friend until Max. Even Emma never really had many friends because she refused to leave Amy behind, and would spend all her free time with her when she was sick.” Marge continued.

“He’s a good boy and he understands what it’s like to be alone.” June said sadly, “The kids think he’s weird because he’s so smart. The girls have been really good for him as well. He’s always been a little…well you know.”

Marge nodded and smiled, “Come on, let’s get dressed before Amy drives Emma and Max nuts.”

“Let’s just hope their getting dressed and not crawling all over each other like a box of puppies.” Both women laughed and kissed one last time before they headed for the shower together.

Max walked out of his shower to see Emma and Amy sitting naked on his bed. Emma was brushing Amy’s hair as the two girls talked and giggled. They both stopped and stared at Max for a few seconds before they broke out in giggles. Max just smiled and shook his head. They were obviously up to no good and he was quite sure it involved him. “Something I should know.”

“Nope.” Amy replied as she hopped off the bed and gave him a peck on the cheek. She slapped him playfully on the butt and gave him a light shove towards Emma, “Go kiss your girlfriend.”

Max walked over and cradled Emma’s head in his hands. “An offer I can’t refuse.” He whispered to her as he met her in a passionate kiss.

Amy walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around him. “No, no. Momma said none of that now.” She giggled as she began gently caressing his stomach and chest. Her hands stopped and she rested her forehead on his back when she felt the scars the dog had given him. “I love you Max, I really do…” she said quietly, with a catch in her throat.

Emma reached up and caressed her sister’s arms, trying to comfort her as Max looked over his shoulder, “I love you too sweetie.”

“No, I mean I really love you Max.” Amy continued with a sob in her voice. “Emma has been so good to me, but you love me because I’m me.”

“Amy?” Emma asked, concerned at her sister’s sudden change of emotion.

“I love you too Emma. You could have been so popular if not for me. I know you lost a lot of friends because you had to drag me around with you…”

“Now you stop that right now!” Emma scolded her sister. Max was missing something here, but he didn’t know what it was. He intelligently decided to keep his mouth shut and let Emma handle it. Emma stood and went around Max and took her sister into her arms, “I didn’t have to drag you anywhere. I spend time with you because I love you and love spending time with you. You are my first best friend and the hell with anyone who can’t accept that, I don’t want them for a friend anyway!”

Amy wrapped her sister in a tight hug as the tears finally began falling, “Oh thank you Emma. I love you so much. I’m so glad you’re my sister and my friend.”

“And girlfriend.” Max added, “Because I’ve seen you two in the middle of some very un-sisterly kisses.”

Emma turned to Max with a scowl on her face, “You got a problem with that?”

Max shook his head and smiled, “Nope, I think it’s wonderful.”

“Ok then.” Emma responded with the scowl still on her face.

Max smiled and blew her a kiss, “Love ya, mean it!”

Emma held the scowl for another few seconds, and then a smile slowly crept across her face. “Oh shut up!” she laughed.

Max walked over and began caressing Amy’s back as she snuggled into Emma, “Better?”

Amy nodded, “I’m sorry…”

Max gently kissed the back of her neck, “For what? Being in love? In that case I’m sorry twice over.”

Amy turned and kissed Max with a smile on her face, “You’re so weird.”

Emma pulled her sister back to the bed, “Who do you want to give your shot?”

Amy looked shyly at her sister, “Is it ok if Max does it?” Emma smiled and nodded and Amy turned to Max and held out her arms.

Max went to her and gave her a big bear hug as Emma readied the syringe. Max took it and with one hand pressed her nerve plexi and the other positioned the needle, “Ready?” Amy nodded and smiled as Max leaned in and kissed her as he set the needle and depressed the syringe. He continued to kiss her for a few seconds as he withdrew the needle. “Wow!” he gasped. “I’m not sure who likes this better, me or you.”

“You do silly, cause I’m so hot.” Amy giggled.

“Ok hottie, lets get you across the hall so we can get you dressed.” Emma laughed as she pulled her sister off the bed and led her next door.

An hour later the girls came skipping down the stairs and out the front door. They found Max on the porch swing and sat down next to him. Both girls snuggled into him as he put his arms around them and slowly rocked. A few minutes later June and Marge walked out and smiled at the children. Amy hopped up and grabbed her mother’s hand, “Where we going?”

“Ahhhh, that’s a secret.” Marge replied with a smile.

Amy frowned, and then suddenly brightened, “Jeeves? Where are we going?”

Marge turned towards the front door, “Don’t you dare tell her!” She looked down at her daughter, “That was sneaky.”

Amy just shrugged, “Worth a shot…” and she stretched up and kissed her mother. “Forgive me?”

Marge laughed, “Oh you poor boy Max.”

“What?” Max asked looking around in confusion.

“Never mind.” Emma said sweetly as she hugged him. “It’s a girl thing.”

Max just sighed in defeat, “Fine.” He stepped off the porch and scooped Amy up as he took Emma’s hand.

Marge turned to June, “Wow, he really is a genius!” Both women dissolved into giggles as they held on to each other for support.

They played and joked on the drive, kids in the back and adults up front. After about an hour they pulled into a farm and parked near a big red barn. Everyone piled out and an older couple that stood arm in arm met them. Max watched them and wondered if that would be him, Emma, and Amy some day. The old woman stepped forward and smiled down at Amy, “You must be the birthday girl.” Amy smiled and nodded shyly as she held Max’s hand tightly. “Well come on then, there’s someone who wants to meet you.”

The five of them followed the older couple into the barn and the old man went into a stall and came out holding a small golden retriever puppy. A large dog with a sweet looking face followed him. Amy initially cringed and stepped behind Max. He leaned over and whispered something in her ear. Amy looked at him with obvious fear in her eyes. Still shaking she looked over at her sister who smiled and nodded.

The old woman looked at Marge with a question in her eyes. Marge sighed, “She and Emma were attacked by a rabid dog, Max there saved them. That’s where he got the scars.

The old man stopped and the Golden looked up at her master with confusion in her eyes. She sensed Amy’s fear and lay at her master’s feet. The old woman walked over to Amy, “Bella there wouldn’t hurt a fly, would you like to meet her?”

Max could feel her tremble in fear as she held his hand. He bent down and picked her up and she wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him. “I’m here Amy. Ok?”

Amy nodded, swallowing hard as she looked at the old woman. “Ok.” She said in a small scared voice.

The old woman smiled and turned to the dog, “Here Bella.” The dog stood slowly and approached Amy with her head down and her tail wagging. Max kneeled with Amy still in his arms, so she could pet the dog. Amy tentatively reached out and gently petted the dog’s head, a slow smile creeping onto her face. Bella sensing her relax, leaned over and licked her face. Amy gave a little wide-eyed squeak and started giggling. The old woman smiled, “She likes you.” Amy crawled out of Max’s arms and wrapped the dog in a hug. The old man set the puppy down and it scampered over to Bella and Amy. It crawled into Amy’s lap and began licking her hand as Amy giggled and smiled, petting the dog and the puppy.

Emma stepped into Max’s arms, kissed his cheek, and whispered, “Thank you.” Max just smiled as he held Emma and watched Amy play with the puppy and it’s mother. Marge and June stood back and watched with tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces.

The old man walked up and put a hand on Max’s shoulder, “You’re the boy that killed that rabid mastiff barehanded, ain’t you son?” Max looked at him and nodded. “These the two girls you saved?”

“Yes sir, we are.” Emma said proudly as she held him tighter.

The old man nodded, “You did good son. Hell of a thing to be bit by a rabid dog.”

“They’re worth it and more.” Max replied as he leaned down and kissed a beaming Emma.

“You hold on to this one.” The old woman added.

“Yes Ma’am, just as hard as I can.” Emma responded.

“Guess you been corralled boy.” The old man laughed.

“Yes sir,” Max laughed, “and I couldn’t be happier.”

“Hope it works out as well for you youngins as it did for me and mine.” The old man added as he leaned over and gently kissed the old woman on the lips.

“Oh Bob!” the old woman scolded as she smiled brightly. She walked over and knelt down next to Amy, “Bella likes you, I think she’d be very happy if you took care of her little girl.”

“I’d like that.” Amy replied as she leaned over and hugged Bella again. Speaking to the dog, she said, “I promise to take good care of your baby and I promise I’ll love her as much as you do.”

The old man started for the house and called to Bella. Bella ran after her master then stopped and looked back for a moment before she turned and followed the old man into the house. The old woman rubbed the puppy’s ears as Amy picked her up and cuddled her to her chest. Amy looked at the old woman, “Thank you.”

“Oh sweetie, I should be thanking you. I know she’ll have a good home.”

June talked with the old woman for few minutes, shook her hand, and turned toward the car. “Ok guys, time to get this little one home.”

Max, Amy, and Emma sat in the back and played with the puppy as she was happily exploring the backseat. She periodically licked and cuddled with the girls. June looked into the backseat, “So what are you going to name her?”

“I don’t know.” Amy replied happily, “She’s so cute.”

“Why don’t you name her Mia, “Max offered, “It’s Hindi for beautiful.”

Amy smiled, “That’s perfect.” She leaned over and kissed Max. “Mia…do you like that?”

About half way home, Mia hopped into Max’s lap and promptly peed on him. Emma howled with laughter as Max hung his head. Amy scooped Mia up and looked at Max, “Oh my god! I’m so sorry Max…bad Mia…” Amy looked horrified, then started giggling, “I’m so…sorry Max…I…I can’t help…lp….it!”

Max just shook his head and smiled, “It’s ok. She’s just a baby after all.”

“You ok, honey?” His mother giggled.

“Yeah, I’ll live.” Max replied with a chuckle, “Could we hurry home, this is a little uncomfortable.”

June giggled, “I was talking to Mia.”

“We’ll be home in about twenty minutes.” Marge replied with a smile on her face.

“Wonderful…” Max sighed as he reached out scuffled Mia’s ears.

They arrived at the house within the promised twenty minutes and Max went upstairs to shower and changes. As he was standing in the shower, just enjoying the hot water cascading on his sore body, when he felt Emma’s soft hand begin to lightly trace the scars on his side. “Thank you for being there for her Max.” she said softly as her fingers traced over the angry red lines on his side and shoulder. “She used to love dogs before…um…thank you for giving that back to her.”

Max turned and wrapped Emma up in a soft embrace as he bent and kissed her gently, “I really didn’t do much…”

“Yes you did, and the fact that you don’t realize how much just makes it all the more special. Makes you all the more special.” Emma replied. “And if anyone says different, I’ll kick their ass! That includes you!”

Max laughed and straightened as he gave Emma a mock salute, “Yes sir, Ma’am!”

“Ok then.” Emma said as she giggled and melted into Max’s arms.

They turned when they heard Amy yell, “Mia, come her girl…oh now where…oh there you are!” Max and Emma laughed happily as Mia scampered into the shower, quickly followed by a giggling Amy. “Hi!” Amy greeted them happily.

“Well hello to you.” Max responded, “I take it our showers are foursomes now.”

“Well she’s stinky.” Amy replied as she sat cross-legged on the floor of the shower, hugging Mia. Max smiled, grabbed the shampoo, knelt down next Amy, and began washing Mia. Mia barked and wagged her tail as the three of them washed her.

“She really is cute.” Emma laughed. She turned her head and looked at her smiling sister, “I guess you like your present.”

Amy smiled and nodded happily as she looked at Max, “How old do dogs get Max?”

“Um, I’m not sure…Jeeves? What’s the average lifespan for a Golden Retriever?” Max asked as he and Mia played tug-of-war with a washcloth.

“Stand-by please” Jeeves responded. Several minutes later Jeeves continued, “According to several sites and forums, ten to twelve years. It is not uncommon for this breed to reach fifteen.”

“So long?” Amy asked quietly.

“What’s wrong Amy, don’t you like her enough for that?” Emma asked playfully.

Amy looked over to her sister with a shocked expression, “No, no that’s not it. I absolutely love her. I’d love if she could be with me for that long, longer even!” Amy looked down at Mia’s happy face and giggled when the puppy shook. Amy looked from Emma to Max and back again before she continued speaking, “Um…you guys would take her if something happened to me, wouldn’t you? I mean you would keep her and take good care of her?”

Emma reached out and pulled her sister into a tight, loving embrace, “Of course, we’d never give up Mia! But why would you even worry about that? You are not going anywhere!”

Amy took a deep breath and let it out slowly as she fought tears. “Please don’t hate me…” she said in a quiet miserable voice.

“Amy! You’re scaring me…” Emma replied quietly. “What’s going on?”

Max gently took the young girl’s face in his hands, “How sick are you?” Amy looked up at him and the defeat in her eyes told him everything. A single tear slowly rolled down his cheek and mixed with the shower’s spray before it fell. Max swallowed hard and continued, “How long?”

“Um…I…” Amy stopped as she began to cry uncontrollably. Max looked scared and Emma was crying as hard as her sister. She still didn’t fully understand, but she knew it was bad. Even Mia began to whine, her new pack was troubled and she didn’t know what to do, so she simply snuggled into Emma and Amy.

“Max, I believe I can be of some assistance.” Jeeves offered quietly. “I have a recording that will explain everything. Miss Amy, I need your permission to play it.”

“Pl…please.” Amy stuttered.

Jeeves began the playback and Max recognized Amy’s voice and remembered the conversation from the first night they were here: “See, it never hurts to be polite. That’s what Mommy says.” Amy said.

“Oh my god! She’s so cute!” June exclaimed. “It’s really great how close she and Emma are.”

“Yeah, Emma’s been a god send, what with Amy being so sick.” Marge replied quietly.

“It’s more then just diabetes isn’t it?” June replied.

“She contracted it young and it was misdiagnosed. She’s had some kidney damage and things were pretty bad for a while.” Marge answered quietly. “We have to watch her closely, she’s pretty fragile. She’s been through so much; I don’t think she’d be the happy girl she is today if not for Emma. She watches her at school and home and… They’re always together.”

“How bad is she?” June asked.

They heard Marge begin to cry and the sound of a chair scaring across the kitchen floor. Marge cried for a few minutes then mumbled, “Sorry.”

“It’s ok, I didn’t mean to pry.” Max’s mother responded.

“No, it’s ok. The doctors say that she suffered significant organ damage that will significantly shorten her life.” Marge continued as she continued to sob. “They seem to think that she’ll began to suffer body wide organ failure.”

“How long does she have?”

Marge laughed quietly, “They gave her two or three years, that was eight years ago.”

“Does she know? Does Emma?”

“Amy does, couldn’t really hide it from her.”

“So Emma doesn’t know?”

“No, Amy didn’t want to tell her. She didn’t want her to be sad all the time. Mike agreed, but I wanted to tell her. We decided to let Amy decide.” Marge answered, “Please don’t tell Max, I don’t want him changing towards her. They seem to get along so well, I don’t want to ruin that.” And the playback ended.

The only sound for several minutes was Amy and Emma’s sobs as they held each other. Max reached down and picked up Mia when the puppy bumped his knee and cried. He held his small furry bundle to his check. “It’s ok little one, it’s ok…” He whispered as his tears silently rolled down his face.

Amy hugged her sister tightly as she finally spoke, “Pl..please…do…don’t hate….m….me.”

Emma jerked as if she’d been struck. “I don’t hate you, I love you and always will.” She answered her sister in a soft comforting voice. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want to make you sad…I loved us being friends…” Amy replied miserably. She turned in her sister’s arms and looked at Max, “Max?”

Hearing her voice broke Max’s trance and he turned to look at the two crying girls, “You are not going to die, do you understand me?” The two looked at him wide eyed as he continued, “I love you too much to let you go, I refuse to let you go!” He turned and strode out of the shower still holding Mia. The two girls looked at each other and scrambled to follow him. Max walked out of his room and looked up. “JEEVES! WHERE ARE MOM AND MARGE!” he yelled.

“They are on the front porch sir.” Jeeves answered immediately.

Max nodded and quickly descended the stairs with the girls in hot pursuit. They were a little frightened, they had never seen Max quite like this before. Max stepped out onto the porch, completely naked with Mia still in his arms.

“Oh!” Marge gasped and giggled when she saw the naked and dripping Max come out the front door.

“Jesus Max!” June exclaimed. “Put some cloths on, what if someone sees you!”

“I don’t care.” He replied then turned to Marge, “I need Amy’s medical records – all of them. Can you do that for me?” Marge looked at him stunned and numbly nodded her head. “How soon can you get them?”

“Um I have all of it in our house…” She answered quietly, “Why do you need them?”

“To save Amy’s life.” Was all Max said as he turned and handed a squirming Mia to Emma. He turned and scooped up a naked Amy into his arms. She said nothing as she looked into Max’s determined face, he returned her look and said, “I’ll go to hell itself to save you – you WILL NOT DIE! I FORBID IT!”

“Max…” Marge started.

“NO!” Max yelled, then continued in a softer voice as tears began falling from his eyes once again, “She won’t die, I won’t let her.”

“It’s not up to you Max.” His mother interrupted quietly.

“It is this time!” Max replied as he turned and began walking through the house with Amy in his arms and the other three following. He went down the stairwell to the Dungeon and down the hall, past Alice’s room to the very end. He stopped in front of a stainless steel door, “Alice, please open the Lab.” He continued inside as the doors opened. Amy gasped from Max’s arms and Max smiled and surveyed his private world. The other three women stopped behind him with wide-eyed awe as they took in the scene before them.

The room was nearly as big as the Library and all stainless steel and glass. There were machines everywhere, and computers like none of the women had ever seen. Being a nurse, Marge recognized some of the equipment, but it all looked strange. In the middle of all this technology stood a smiling Alice in a pink dress. Marge stepped past Max and Amy and whispered, “Max, what is this place.”

“This is my inner sanctum. This is where I do the impossible.” Max said with a smile on his face, “This is where I’m going to save my beautiful Amy.”

“Max?” June whispered, “Can you really do it?”

“Watch me Mom, just watch me.” Max replied quietly as he stepped into the room. “Alice, bring up the specks for the nanites and fire up the MRI. Oh, and the gene sequencer as well. We’re gonna cure diabetes and make medical history.”

“Max, where did all this come from?” June asked as he gently placed Amy on a exam table.

“Some I bought and modified, some I built, and some was Dad’s” Max replied, feeling better now that he was actively working to save the love of his and Emma’s lives.

“How could you afford all this?” Marge asked.

Max laughed quietly, “Jeeves, what is our present worth in U.S. dollars?”

“Miss Marge, Miss Emma, Miss June? Will the three of you please be seated?” Jeeves asked.

The three looked at him questioningly. Max nodded, “You probably should do what he says.”

Jeeves continued as the three women sat, “Max do you wish total worth or liquid assets only?”

“Might as well give ‘em the big gun Jeeves.” Max replied with a wink to Amy.

“Yes sir.” Jeeves said. Emma was a little shocked, Jeeves rarely referred to Max as ‘sir’. “As of this morning sir, Tech International has assets totaling twelve billion six hundred thirty-one million nine hundred twenty-eight thousand one hundred sixty-two dollars and ninety- one cents.”

“Tech International?” June asked quietly, “That’s your Dad’s company.”

“Yes, and its worth a wee bit more than it used to be.” Max replied with a smile, “Continue Jeeves.”

“Yes sir. Max’s personal holdings and liquid assets, as of this morning, total 2 billion one hundred eleven million eighty-seven thousand three hundred four dollars and six cents.”

Amy squealed, “You’re like super rich!”

“We are all like super rich.” Max replied as he kissed her, “We’re family, so what is mine is yours, all of yours.” Max turned and looked at the three sitting women, “Please keep this to yourself. If it becomes general knowledge, my life, our lives, will become unbearable.”

The three women nodded numbly and jumped when Mia barked. Amy laughed, “That’s right girl, you’re the richest puppy in the world.”

Max turned and kissed Amy’s nose, “Silly.” Amy giggled and smiled as Max winked at her, “Ready?”

“Will it hurt?” Amy asked with a little worry, but not much because she trusted Max. If he said he could save her, then he would.

Max feigned shock, “Now would I hurt my beautiful girlfriend?” Amy smiled and shook her head. “Ok, just lie still, this will take about a half hour.”

“Ok.” Was all she said as Max kissed her again and stepped back.

“Alice, initiate MRI, Full body sequence.” Max said and the table slid into the wall and a low hum was heard throughout the room.

“Hey, cool. There’s a TV in here!” Amy exclaimed.

He turned and looked at Emma and Marge, “I need some blood.”

“What?” Emma asked, still a little stunned by the numbers Jeeves had recited.

“I need your blood, you and your Mom’s.” Max repeated.

Emma began laughing as Max gave her a quizzical look, “That’s sooooo crrrreeeeepppyyyyyy!”

“Emma!” Marge scolded.

“Oh come on Mom! Your telling me ‘I need your blood…’ isn’t all creepy?” Emma responded, pantomiming Dracula as she repeated what Max said.

“Yeah, ok. I gotta admit Max, that was pretty creepy.” Marge laughed.

“What? It’s not like I’m gonna drink it!” Max replied with an evil grin, “Well, not all of it!”

“Ugh! Max, that’s so gross!” Emma laughed.

“Come on you two, I’ll be gentle.” Max said seriously. Marge, Emma, and even he and June gave blood. After Amy was done, he took her blood as well. The girls went and got dressed as Marge and June watched Max work the rest of the day setting up tests and reviewing results. He would sit for hours, motionless with his eyes closed. Sometime around noon, Amy and Emma brought everyone lunch, and Max some cloths. They watched as he went from motionless to swearing and throwing papers and films, to dancing and laughing like a maniac. Even June had to admit he was sort of creepy when he was like this. Around ten the girls and mothers took Mia upstairs to feed and walk the puppy. Sometime after midnight, Max opened his eyes, stood, and quietly asked, “Alice?”

“Yes Max, I concur. It will be slow and expensive, but it can be done. We have never used that many nanites before though or for such detailed repairs. The nanites we have are insufficient for the stated purpose. Also there may be some unexpected side effects.”

“We’ll need to redesign the ones we use for Amy. But go ahead and set up a limited time test with our present model, same numbers though.” Max replied. “I’m going to bed, my head is killing me.”

“What will we use for the test run?” Alice inquired.

“Not what, who.” Max replied, exhaustion in his voice. “Also I need a main frame cerebral interface prepped for implant.”

“Wireless?” Alice asked.

“No, dual channel. In fact prep four.” Max replied, “And one of the new multi-channel control interfaces for me. I’m gonna need a lot more time under and faster data transfer then my present interface can handle.”

“Fabrication will require twenty hours. Surgical will require ten hours to fine tune the implants and prep the surgical bay. Estimates are subject to change of plus or minus one hour each.”

“Alice? Can you create three constructs, same parameters as Bones?”


“Get with Emma, Marge, and June to see what they what them to be.” Max replied as he stood and stretched. “I will be the first surgery. Prep the nanites to be introduced just prior to surgery for a twenty-four hour healing cycle. I’ll go first late tonight. Keep this data between you and me. We’ll use standard urinary extraction and recycle to remove the excess nanites. Also, pull the schematics for system upgrade Max 1.22.”

“Are you sure?” Alice asked, “That will nearly triple your surgical time.”

“Yeah, since I’m gonna be flooded with nanites anyway, might as well kill two birds with one stone. Plus, I need to up the pain levels and that should do nicely.” Max sighed. “So no pain killers.”

“That will be risky.” Alice replied, “There should be a medic present, may I suggest we ask Marge to monitor the test.”

“I’ll talk to her, thanx Alice.” Max replied as he left the lab, “How long until prep is complete?”

“Parameters set and programming has begun. Total revised prep time will be thirty-six hours” Alice replied. “You should get some rest Max.”

‘Thirty-six hours…” Max repeated, “Go ahead and set my surgery up for ten pm, day after tomorrow.”

“Again, may I recommend rest?” Alice said, urging Max to quit for the night. She knew he had already over extended himself, being linked into her mainframe much longer then he should have. He would be lucky if he hadn’t suffered some minor cerebral trauma.

“Yeah. First I need to go break the good news.” Max replied.

“And the bad.” Alice added, causing Max’s smile to fade.

“Jeeves? Where is everyone?” Max asked as he stepped out of the lab and began walking to the stairs.

“Marge and your mother are asleep in your mother’s room. Amy and Emma are asleep in your room, along with Mia.” Jeeves replied.

“Ok, I guess I can wait until morning to tell them.”

“Yes sir. Is it good news?”

“Yes and no.” Max replied quietly.

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