Choose your own Horror: A Farmhouse is invaded by a sadistic rapist. The family is held hostage and tortured.
Dwayne ripped off Becky's top, "six fucking rolls of fat under your tits? Six fucking rolls? You are one fat fucking piggy bitch!'

He took his Glock 7 and silencer off the table. He pointed his weapon at Colleen, who was crawling to away from the dining room table. He slowly removed the silencer, the farmhouse was nice and secluded, he didn't need it any more, and besides, the bang would only add to the family's terror.

"Don't you go no where," he said as he pointed the gun at Colleen and pulled the trigger. He missed; the round went through the floor inches from her head. Malcolm howled at the sound of the gunshot. He made a mental note to let it back in the house, once he had a little more fun. It was cold outside, even for a German Shepard.

"You got real lucky, bitch," he said as he grabbed a handful of Colleen's blonde hair and pulled her back over to her family. "Now you try to leave again and maybe next time I won't miss." He forced the fifteen-year-old on her stomach as he cuffed he ankles together.

He turned and faced the mother. "Now here's the deal, you fat piggy bitch, your girl there made a mess of my cock when I busted her cherry. Got her fucking blood all over it. Now I'm going to need you to clean it off. I'm going to need you pretty little girl's virginity off my cock. So I'm going to take your gag out."

Dwayne chambered a round and pointed his Glock at the eleven-year-old ginger, still wearing her cute little pajamas. "Now I promise you, if you say a single word, I'm going to blow Caitlin away. I'm going to put a 9mm round into that pretty little head of hers. And if you bite, I'm going to kill your entire fucking family, and make you watch."

He grinned as he squatted down so he could look Becky in her tear-filled blue eyes. "You understand me?"

Becky nodded.

"Not one fucking word or little Caitlin gets it. Clear?"

Becky nodded.

"That's a good piggy," Dwayne removed Becky's gag and then slowly dragged his blood-covered cock across the fat bitch's face. "Suck it now, or little Caitlin dies."

Dwayne moaned as Becky closed her mouth around his long flaccid member. "You know how to suck. All fat bitched know how to blow. That's the only way you get any." He grabbed Becky's head with his free hand to guide the mother's head up and down on his cock. "Use your tongue more, that's a good bitch, that's a good piggy." He rolled his eyes back and took in a long, deep breath as Becky teased the tip of his cock with her tongue. "You're making me hard again little...."

He pushed Becky off his cock as he eyed James. "Well look at that," he said as he walked over to the father. "How long have you been sporting that boner?"

Dwayne pointed the gun at Caitlin again, "This doesn't mean you can talk, Becky."

"Not a bad size for a white Irish guy, how long ago it get all hard on you, daddy? Was it when your wife was sucking my big black cock? Or was it when you were watching me rape your daughter?" Dwayne walked back over to Becky and shoved the gag back in her mouth, "It had to be the daughter. She has a body on her. One of the best fucks I've had in a long time. You like them young, Daddy? Never mind, don't answer that."

Dwayne sighed and set his gun down on the table. "My cock's all clean, my cum is dripping out of your little girl. I need a break. You people need a break. I'll be back in a bit."

Dwayne pulled his boxers and jeans on and left the family alone in the dining room. He wanted them to have a break. He wanted them to take a moment to let everything seep in. But most of all, he wanted them to stare at the gun he had left on the table in front of them. They weren't going anywhere. The only one with any mobility, the only family member that wasn't tied to a chair, and with her ankles bound together and her hands bound behind her back, she wasn't going to do much even if she managed to get the gun.

No, Dwayne just needed a break so they'd think he was sloppy. He wanted them to focus on that one little hope for freedom, just so he could shatter it by killing them all. Well, maybe all but one. He hadn't decided who he was going to let live yet. But he liked to let one linger on, knowing that her entire life was taken away.

He pulled his hoodie over his head, and walked out back. "Malcolm!" He yelled and smiled a warm, loving, smile as his best friend on earth bounded through the field to him. He knelt down and scratched the dog behind its ears, "who's a good boy, who's my little baby?"

Malcom rolled onto his back and his tail beat the frosted grass like a drum. "You big baby," Dwayne said as he rubbed the dog's belly. "Come on, let's get you some water and a nice nummy treat."

Dwayne sighed and looked up at the stars, if it wasn't for the cold, it would be a beautiful night. Not that the cold was really all that bad. He was used to the bitter Michigan winters and this didn't exactly rate in the same category, but it was still, regretfully, too cold to walk outside naked. He hated having to get dressed halfway through his game to fetch Malcolm.

He gave the sky one last look as he held the back door open for his dog. "You and I been through a lot together Malcolm," he said as he filled a bowl with water and searched for a treat. The bastards had two dogs and fed them cheap treats. "I'll make it up to you later, Malcolm, I promise," he said as he threw his baby a cheap Milkbone knock-off.

"And a treat for me," he said as he popped open another beer, lit a cigarette, and walked back into the dining room. "Stay," he said to Malcolm as he pulled the door closed behind him.

"Ooops, that could have been bad," Dwayne said as he picked up his pistol and shoved it in his jeans. He sat back on the table, smoked his cigarette, drank his beer, and looked over the family.

"It looks like you lost your heard-on, dad." Dwayne said as he snuffed the cigarette out on the table and instantly lit another. "We'll fix that, you must have a serious case of blue-balls going."

Dwayne smiled as he looked over to the little redhead girl. "Little Caitlin," He stood up and walked over to the youngest daughter. "Now I know you're a virgin." He said as he untied her hands and legs and helped her up to her feet.

"Now I'm going to go a little easy on you, because you're young." He said as he took the gag out of the little girl's mouth. "But if you make me mad, I'm going to kill your mommy and daddy. Understand?"

Caitlin nodded. "Yes sir."

"Oh, I like you." Dwayne said as he knelt down to Caitlin's eye level. "Do you know why I let you go, honey?" He asked in his nicest tone as he stroked his pistol over Caitlin's cheek.

She nodded, doing her best to fight off her tears.

"Why, honey?"

The eleven-year-old stuttered as she fought to speak. "B-b-because you want to hurt me too."

"Because I want to hurt you too. You are just too much, Kitty. That's what your parent's call you, right?"

Caitlin nodded.

"Now you're right. I'm not going to lie to you. But how much you get hurt depends on how good you are. It really hurt your big sister when I put my cock in her private place." Dwayne gently grabbed the waist of Caitlin's pink pajama's and pulled them down to her ankles.

Caitlin let out a little scream when Dwayne pulled her panties down to her ankles. She was breathing heavy, her little body trembled with fear as Dwayne guided her pajama bottoms and panties off he feet, and then slid them across the dining room floor.

She jumped and screamed again, when Dwayne grabbed her between her legs and ran his fingers over her little bald pussy. "You're doing good, Caitlin. You're letting me touch that private place that you're not supposed to let anyone touch."

He pulled Caitlin's shirt over her head and she screamed again, in fear, as he pulled her close and clamped his lips over one of the puffy pink nipples on her flat chest. She froze with fear as he licked his way down her body.

Dwayne looked over to her father and smiled.

To be continued....What do you want to happen next?

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