Choose your own Horror: A Farmhouse is invaded by a sadistic rapist. The family is held hostage and tortured.
"You are one fat piggy bitch," Dwayne said as he pulled Becky, the mother, into the dining room of the small farmhouse. The legs of the chair scratched the hardwood floors as he pulled her through the little door separating the living room from the dining room and he wondered, briefly, if a scratched floor was a concern of her, given the circumstances.

He laughed when he thought of it. Could the fat bitch really be so sure that everything was going to turn out OK that she was looking into the future enough to concern herself about scratches on the floor? He'd never know. It was a shame. Questions like these were enough to make him want to remove the gags, but then they could talk to one another, they could communicate better, they could reassure their daughters that everything was going to be OK. What fun would that be?

He liked them mute. Well, relatively mute. "Mmmm-mmmm-mmmm," wasn't exactly a reassuring statement. If anything, it let everyone else know that you had a red ball gag shoved in your mouth. A red ball gag didn't do much to help ease and comfort your children. It didn't let them hear that mommy and daddy loved them. When you had a red ball gag shoved in your mouth your children couldn't hear you say those three magic words: "I love you."

But then, they also wouldn't allow Dwayne to get an honest, thought out, and well articulated answer as to if the fat white cunt was concerned about the scratches he had made on her hardwood floors as he dragged her family one-by-one back into the dining rooms.

His demon sometimes had irritating whims. It wasn't that long ago that it had him take all the dining room chairs into the living room and arrange the family in front of the TV. Now his demon was making him bring the chairs and their occupants back into the dining room. He wished his demon would make up its mind.

No, fuck it; let it have its fun. When the demon had fun, Dwayne had fun.

"Mmmm-mmmm-mmmm," Becky said when she saw how he had tied Colleen, her eldest daughter up to the kitchen table. Her wrists bound together pulled tight above her head, her legs spread apart, bent over the edges of the table, and bound together underneath.

"Mmmm-mmmm-mmmm," Colleen replied. She was doing the splits, her long legs were spread wide open so that her family could get a nice long look at her hairy pussy. The position she was in, it couldn't have been comfortable, Dwayne was almost positive about that. For starters, he was uncomfortable tying her to the table like that, she was putting up a hell of a fight; he had to smack her around a bit. For a fifteen-year-old white bitch, she had strong leg muscles. He really had to work to get her into that position and he knew for a fact her couldn't have been able to spread his legs like that.

Dwayne was proud of it. He had displayed the pretty little blonde bitch nicely. Then he had brought the family together again at the far end of the table. He made sure to put little Caitlin in the middle, right between her fat-ass naked father and her fat ass piggy mother. He doubted little Caitlin, little Kitty, had ever seen a naked man before, and now she got to see two. Good for her. She even got to compare, big Black cock and little white Irish-Catholic cock. When she got older, when she reached dating age, if she lived through all of this, he'd be curious to find out letting her see the two manhood's side-by-side influenced her taste in men at all.

"Where was I?" Dwayne asked as he clapped his hands together. "Right, my bad, I was about to clean up that dirty pussy of yours Colleen."

Dwayne worked the shaving cream onto his surgically gloved hand and rubbed it into the mess of soft blonde pubic hair between the teen's legs. "You're a crier Colleen, I like that. Has anyone ever touched you down there before? Are you a virgin? I might let you off easy if you tell me the truth?"

He took a step back and pulled his gloves off. "Are you a virgin Colleen?" He asked as the threw them in the trash and snapped on another pair. "I'll check you know."

Colleen nodded.

Dwayne smiled. "Now are you really a virgin or are you just saying that because mommy and daddy are watching?"

Colleen nodded again.

"I don't know if I believe you," He put a little bowl of water on the table and took a straight razor out of his play kit.

"Have you ever let a boy touch your dirty little cunt before" Dwayne asked as he yanked the blonde's head back and held the knife to her throat.

She shook her head. She was crying. Her petite teenaged body was trembling with fear and that fear was feeding the demon. It was making Dwayne strong.

He grabbed her breast and touched the flat of the straight razor against her nipple, so she could feel the cold steel. "Should I cut off your nipples?" He teased, he wasn't going to cut her up, at least not yet, at least not until he got tired of raping her. But Colleen didn't know that.

"Lucky I let you use the bathroom first, you almost pissed yourself like your filthy little sister."

He put his hand on her flat stomach and looked her in the eye. "Hold still, you wouldn't want me to slip and cut your clit off." He grinned as he slowly, meticulously shaved her pubic hair away. "See I think little white bitches should have perfect, hairless little pussies. It makes it look clean. It's an esthetic thing, a product of the pornography I read, but I enjoy it, so I'm not going to fuck you until it's as bald as a little girl's."

He shaved away the last of her downy blonde pubic hair and rinsed off the remainder of the shaving cream. "Nice and smooth and clean," he said as he ran his hand over the fifteen-year-old's bald pussy. "That's the type of pussy I like to fu--"

Dwayne's eyes popped open, "you were telling the truth." He spread the teen's lips open and gently pushed a finger in. He loved the noises of humiliation and shame the petite Catholic girl was making as he probed and explored her little virgin pussy.

"I have good news, your daughter isn't a liar. She's still a virgin. I can feel her hymen...right here." He spread her little bald pussy open and explored it whit his big Black fingers, "but she won't be for long. I'm going to take your little girls virginity, because her mommy is just too fucking fat to fuck."

Dwayne cut the ropes that bound Colleen's legs under the tables. "I'm going to stick my big Black cock into your little white princess." He pulled her to the end of the table and held the trembling teen in his arms as he suckled her ear. He cuffed her hands back behind her back. He held her in front of her family as he ran his hands up and down her tight little body.

"I bet these are new," he said as he grabbed her breasts with both hands and mauled them in big Black hands. "White breasts. Nice pink nipples," he pinched her nipples and twisted them cruelly. Her soft, sobbing body rubbed against his as she tried to twist out of his arms.

"Little white pussy," he turned Colleen to face her mother as he molested her little virgin lips. "I'm the first man to touch her there, mommy." One of his hands grabbed a breast as his fingers fondled her little hole. He pushed her to her knees. Inches from her mother. He reached forward, grabbed her mother's panties, and ripped them off the fat piggy bitch.

He pushed Colleen's face between her mother's legs. "She's too fat to fuck," he lifted the teen's waist and then took a moment to lick his way over her shoulders.

He teased her little virgin pussy with the bulbous tip of his fourteen-inch cock. He wiggled his waist a little, just so his demon could get the rhythm. He thrust forward. He grunted as the girl screamed. He moaned with pleasure as his cock shattered her hymen. He twisted, and he pushed, and he ground his way into her until he was ball deep.

"Ohhhhh!" Dwayne sighed with relief when he had finally worked his entire length deep inside of her. She was almost too tight; he really had to work to force his big Black cock inside of her. "She was almost too tight," Dwayne said as he grinned from the mother to the father, "I really had to work to impale the bitch with my cock." He hoped they could see him grinning through the ski mask.

"She was a virgin, but she was tighter than a virgin, if you know what I mean." He gave her another hard thrust, to drive home the point. "Ohhh," He gave her another thrust and then worked his way into a slow rhythm. "I have to hand it to you, mom, don't mind if I call you that do you? I mean my cock is all up in your daughter's cunt, we are practically family."

He wrapped his hand in Colleen's blonde hair and yanked her head up so her parents could get a good look at her tear-streamed face. "Mom dad, you raised this one right." He ground his cock in side of her, just to switch things up a little. "Not only did she save her virginity for me, but she's got just about the tightest little white pussy I've ever fucked." He grabbed her breasts as he slowly pumped himself in and out of her little white hole.

"I fucked a lot of little white bitches. Does that worry you? Maybe the Nigger's going to give you little princess HIV? Maybe he's going to get her pregnant? Would that be OK? You'd still love it if it was half, Black, wouldn't you? Of course you would, you're good Catholics. You wouldn't abort my baby just because it was Black and a product of rape. Would you?"

He pushed Colleen all the to the ground and laid on top of her. He wanted better leverage. "You're a good fuck Colleen," He licked some of the teen's tears away, then yanked her head back and ploughed his cock into her.

He picked up the pace. He ignored Colleen's screams as he thrust himself into her little virgin pussy as hard and as fast as he could. "Fucking bitch! Fucking worthless white fucking whore! You like that bitch? You like my big Nigger cock in you? You like my big fifty-two-year-old cock ripping your apart! You're so fucking tight! Fucking virgin, fucking white fucking cunt! Take it! Bitch! Take it!"

Dwayne threw his head back ad moaned as he shot his load into the little virgin white bitch. "Now I've worked with better, but not many," he said as he pushed himself up and pulled his bloody cock out of her. She curled into a sobbing ball on the floor.

"What's next?" Dwayne asked as he clapped his hands.

To be continued....What do you want to happen next?

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