Daddy Surprises Maggie and Lexi
Daddy Aquires Lexi

Daddy surprises Maggie and Lexi

I would like to thank an excellent writer on this site for inspiring me and editing some of my stories. When you read my tales, I would like for you to be naked and masturbate, alone or with a significant other. My purpose is to make you cum, and cum hard.

Chapter 11

Now with the three of us sleeping in the same bed, and taking advantage of each willing individual, each night we all fell asleep exhausted. But each night, we got a good night’s rest. There was something about waking up every morning with two beautiful naked women sleeping on both sides of me. If they want to fuck each other, it is nothing for one of them to crawl over me to get to the other.

This past weekend, I introduced the idea of anal sex to both girls, and gave them each a slim vibrator that can easily slip up their butt, plus a set of three butt plugs, small, medium, and large. I informed Maggie that I would like for them to easily accept the largest one by this coming weekend. I also told her that I was going to get in touch with Kim, the waitress from the restaurant who witnessed the stimulation of our daughter to celebrate her 13th birthday (see Chapter 7), and who, in her extremely horny state, gave us quite a show on how she pleasures herself.

Being Monday, Maggie and I got our luscious daughter up and off to school, and then she went to her Women’s Wear Shop. Once they were gone, I headed for the real estate office which I had engaged to find the perfect building site for the house I wanted to build to fit our new lifestyle. On my way downtown, I placed a call to Kimberly, and left a message on her voicemail indicating that we would like for her to come and visit this next weekend, and that we were all looking forward to seeing her again. She should give me a call as to whether she can make it or not, and let us know when.

I met the real estate agent just outside of town at the site of the sale property which turned out to be a small farm. The farm was about 240 acres of which 40 of them were wooded which was located on a small rise above the tillable acres. And there was even an access road to the woods! The price was for everything, lock, stock, and barrel including all of the outbuildings and the house. It seems that the farmer was deeply in debt with his bank, and he put his farm up for sale to try and sell it before the bank foreclosed. As many farmers are these days, he was asset rich and cash poor.

I told the agent that I was interested and over the next week, I had her do some discrete investigating to see how precarious his financial position was. When she told me of his situation, I computed how much I could pay for the entire acreage, for him to pay off his debts and to put the rest away for investment purposes for his retirement. As he was middle aged, he still had time to accumulate quite a nest egg. I also figured out how much I could rent the land to the farmer who sold it to me and make an annual payment on the loan. Because of my financial condition, I got the loan for a ridiculously low interest rate. I also decided he could still live in his house rent free if he paid for the utilities and upkeep. Any upkeep on the outbuildings I would pay for. I wanted to keep everything in excellent condition so I’d be able to get top dollar for them when I decided to split the farm off and sell it. The farmer and his wife almost wept at my proposal. Needless to say, they were happy with it.

With the lot and land decided on, and the particulars agreed, when the girls were gone, I hurried to get my thoughts on paper on the house’s design. By the time of the closing and getting a good feel for the lay of the lot, I was ready to get quotes for the various aspects of construction. I would be the general contractor.

Although neither one of my girls complained about the living facilities, I knew that they thought given our newfound lifestyle, we were going to need a larger place. That’s why when our 13 year old daughter Lexi came home from school, she was thinking that she needed a good fuck. Instead, we did her homework, much to her horny disappointment, and I told her that I had a surprise for her and her mom when she got home from work.

By the time our Maggie got home, Lexi was frantic with need. It was hard for her to concentrate on her school work in her aroused state. Sitting in her chair rubbing her legs together, I could detect the odor of my wet and wanton child. But it was still light enough for us to take a drive to the other side of town to its outskirts. Before we left, I pulled out my draft designs and elevations of what I had in mind for our new house. To say that both my girls were thunderstruck would be an extreme understatement. They had no idea I was even thinking of this!

Lexi begged her mom to get in the backseat with her for our 20 minute trip. When we started, Lexi pulled off her jeans and soaked panties and laid down spreading her legs for her mom.

“Mommy, please make me cum! Daddy wouldn’t fuck me when I got home from school! I need to cum so bad, I think I’m going crazy, I need to cum so much!” our child moaned reaching between her legs and spreading her soaked labia. “Mom, eat meeeee, please! I need to cum in your mouth!”

Gazing at our child’s soaked pussy with want, I could see Maggie in the rear view mirror licking her lips.
“I’ve been thinking of this soaked, little pussy all day,” Maggie said aloud. “I’ve wanted to taste it so badly; I couldn’t concentrate and got so horny. I actually went into the women’s restroom and rubbed my clit until I came. I haven’t done that in so long. Do you see what you do to me, beautiful girl? I think your daddy has turned us into sluts. His sluts.”

“I wouldn’t want to be anybody else’s slut, Mom. Daddy has turned us into the sluts we are today, and I wouldn’t give that up for anything in the world. It’s made our family closer and more loving than any other. Now, please eat meee, Mom! Make me cum!” our hot daughter begged, digging her heels into the seat lifting her delicious cunt to get it closer to her mom’s mouth.

Moaning, Maggie lowered her head out of sight from the rear view mirror, but I could tell by our lolita’s reaction, contact had been made between young, succulent, engorged, soaked pussy and her mom’s mouth and tongue.

“Oh god, Mommy! Thank you! Your tongue feels so good! Make me cum, pleeeeaase! Lick my clit! Make me cum!” sobbed our young daughter spreading her legs as far as she could, pumping madly, and holding her mother’s head to her drenched cunt.

“Mom, don’t stop! I’m going to cum already! I needed to be fucked so badly when I got home, and Daddy tortured me by making me do my homework! God, I’m going to cum! Oh fuck, I’m going to cum so hard! DON’T STOP LICKING ME! OH SHIT! AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHEEEEE! I’M SQUIRTING IN YOUR MOUTH! DRINK MY CUM, MOM! screamed the hot and horny child. “Oh shit, Mom. Please stop now! My clit is so sensitive!”

“Sorry to spoil the party ladies, but we’re here!” I announced with a hard and painful cock trying to get out of my jeans.

Lexi sat up and gave her mother a tongue searching kiss, and licked her juices off of her mother’s face. As nobody was at the site we were looking at, Lexi got out of the car and pulled her panties and jeans back on.

“Thanks, Mom. I really needed that.” she said as she looked at her mom with admiration and awe and unabashed love.

Getting out, Maggie looked around and couldn’t believe how quiet and serene the area was. “David, I finished the job on your daughter that you should have done. Now, it’s my turn.” Lifting her skirt, she was wearing her nylons and garters, but absolutely no underthings. She was as clean shaven and smooth as the day she was born. Her pussy was swollen and soaked, with her juices running down her thighs. With her skirt around her waist, she leaned over the trunk of the car and spread her legs.

“Come on, my love. Fuck me! Pleeeease fuck me! Your girls can’t live without your incredible cock! Give it to me! With our daughter cumming in my mouth, I’m so hot to cum myself! Pleeease, fuck me!” Maggie was begging.

“Lexi, undo my pants and get my cock out. I’m going to fuck your mother. We’re going to need your help.” I instructed.

Our little lolita almost dove for my zipper! Unfastening my pants and lowering my zipper, she pulled my pants completely down! Sticking my cock in her mouth, she made sure my cock was at its hardest to fuck her mother.

“Okay, Daddy, get closer to Mom so I can guide your cock into her.” she instructed pulling me by my hardness.

“God, hurry David! I need to feel it in me! I need it so much! Fuck me!” Maggie moaned spreading her legs more.

Approaching my stunning fuck mate, Lexi lined my cock with her mother’s soaked cunt. With the head at the entrance, our daughter pushed my butt slipping my incredibly hard cock effortlessly into her mother.


Listening to our daughter enjoy her pussy getting eaten, and her mother licking it, and the moans coming from the back seat, I got as hard as I’ve ever been. I needed to cum as much as Maggie!

Now dressed, Lexi ducked under her mother to get between her legs and at her engorged clit. Latching onto her pussy and clit, our daughter started to lick like mad in an effort to help me to get her mother to cum! With my 8” of hard, circumcised cock and our daughter’s frantic ministrations, not to mention Maggie’s exceptionally horny state, it didn’t take long for her to reach her peak!

Grabbing hold of her hips, I started to fuck our beautiful Maggie with all the force and energy I could muster. Her pussy was so wet, it was so warm and slippery, it was heaven! Judging by Maggie’s reactions, I knew that it was every good for her as it was for me.


Holding herself with one arm onto the trunk of the car, she reached between her legs with her other hand and savagely shoved our daughter’s face into her soaked cunt! Pumping back to meet my thrusts, when I withdrew, she pumped her hips forward for better contact with Lexi’s tongue and sucking mouth!

“Oh my fucking god, THIS IS ABSOLUTE HEAVEN! LICK ME LEXI! I’M SO CLOSE! DRINK MY CUM MY HORNY DAUGHTER!” my wanton uninhibited woman screamed. “FUCK ME, DAVID! GOD, I NEED THIS!”
Cumming hard, Maggie’s body was jerking and shaking, milking the cum out of me!

“ARRRGGGHHHH,” I moaned. “This is soooo good. Feel me squirt my love! Feel my cum!” as I unleashed roper after rope of shots into her sodden cunt.

Not sated, Maggie kept pumping her hips on my softening cock, and almost cried when I pulled out of her.

“Lexi, lick your mom’s pussy, and get my cum out of her! It’s yours, all you can get! And make sure she cums again!” I ordered our daughter.

“God, Daddy, yes! I need your cum! Give it to me, Mom!” the horny youngster told Maggie shortly before she latched her mouth to her mother’s swollen pussy again.

Pumping madly, wanting to cum again, Maggie stood up and grabbing our daughter’s head with both hands and shoved her face into her drenched slit. With her head thrown back and gyrating madly into Lexi’s mouth, Maggie was the personification of the horniest and most wanton of sluts working with only one thing on her mind. To cum again!

“Come on, Lexi! Get your daddy’s cum out of my cunt! Suck my pussy! Lick up my juices and cum! Come on, girl! Lick my clit! Make me cum hard!” my darling Maggie moaned gyrating her hips madly holding our daughter’s head, trying to push her face into her soaked snatch.

Rubbing her drenched pussy all over our daughter’s face, Maggie was pumping and undulating her hips to get the most contact with Lexi’s mouth and tongue!

“Oh god, don’t stop my love!” Maggie moaned. “I’m going to cum again! It’s going to be a big one! Eat me Lexi! Lick my slit! Drink my juices and your daddy’s cum! Oh my fucking god! I’M CUMMING! AGAIN!
AAAAARRRRRRREEEEHHHHHEEEE!” With her head thrown back, she was quite the horny, wanton slut to watch! Pumping like a woman possessed, squirting cum into our daughter’s willing mouth, and Lexi swallowing all that she could! I couldn’t believe it! Both of my women were beginning to squirt! I loved it.

“My god! I needed that so much!” Maggie moaned, leaning against the trunk of the car.

After she licked her mother clean of all of her juices, Lexi stood up and helped her mom pull her skirt back down. Maggie then leaned over and put her mouth over our daughter’s and both girls held each other with a pussy-soaking, cock-hardening kiss.

I knew I had to break it up, or it was going to escalate into a full blown fuckfest. “Okay, ladies, now that we’re good for the next hour or so, let me show you around our new building site.” I joked.

Walking around the property, I explained what I had initially looked for. Because of the layout of the property
and the income from the ground rent, I told them that we’re also going to help the farmer with his operations,

but didn’t elaborate. They were quite impressed with the isolation of the site, yet reasonably close to town. I also told them that I chose this spot because I didn’t want Lexi to change schools, and that it was closer to Maggie’s work.

Forty acres of trees is a lot of trees. I showed them the proposed building site where no full-grown trees would have to come down, just some scrub trees to clear enough space for our new house and swimming pool.

“Swimming pool Daddy? Does this mean that we can swim naked?” asked our hot little girl. “Will you swim naked with us, Daddy?”

“You know I will my little horny one.” I answered. “That’ll give me more of an opportunity to use my beautiful women.”

Looking at each other and taking each other’s hand, they both looked up at me.

“We will always be available for you my love.” answered Maggie. “You can use us in any way you want. We can’t live without you and your incredible cock, can we sweetheart?”

“I wouldn’t want to, mom. You both mean the world to me, and I’d die if anything happened to either of you,” our little lolita averred. “I hope we’ll always be together. Forever.”

“That is our intent too, sweetheart,” I answered. “This is why I want this new house. It’ll be our sanctuary away from everybody and everything. Nobody will bother us.”

“Shall we go, ladies? We’ll stop at the Chinese restaurant on our way home. Is that alright?” I suggested.

“Oh yes, Daddy! That’d be great! What a great idea!” Lexi gushed.

When we got to the restaurant, we chose a booth where the girls could sit at one side and me on the other. Lexi slid in first, then Maggie. They sat close, holding hands. Seeing them interact and what a good role model Maggie was for Lexi, I knew that I would have to do something to make this more permanent. At dinner, we had a pleasant conversation as a family would have, mostly about the new house.

“How many bedrooms?” Three. “How many bathrooms?” Two or three. “We’ll also have a nice, big kitchen and family room. We’re also going to have a library/study and an “auxiliary room,” I informed the girls.

“What’s an auxiliary room, Daddy?” Lexi asked along with her big and beautiful brown expressive eyes.

God, just looking at her made my heart melt. “You’ll find out when it’s done, sweetheart.” I answered with an inquisitive look from Maggie.

We got back in time for Lexi’s bedtime, so she changed into her T-shirt (mine, actually) and went to bed. Maggie and I went in to say good night with toe curling kisses. “Good night, beautiful girl. We’ll be in shortly. Sleep tight,” I softly told her.

Sitting back down together on the couch, Maggie looked at me with such love and adoration. “David, this whole family thing has made me the happiest woman on earth. I would never have guessed that I would find such an understanding, generous and loving man. I didn’t know any existed.”

Maggie was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met and looking into her stunning green eyes, told her so. “My darling Maggie. My most beautiful ‘little girl.’ I love you more than I’ve ever loved anybody. I’ll always be the man and daddy you want. I’ll always want you to be mine and Lexi’s.”

Leaning in toward each other, we pressed our lips together and slowly opened our mouths to each other’s exploring tongue. Afterwards, looking each other in the eyes, I could see that Maggie was beginning to tear up.

“What’s wrong, my love?” I quietly asked. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“My darling David, I’ve just never been so happy in my life. I can honestly say that I have never loved anyone as much as I love you and Lexi. You two have become my whole world, and my reason for living. Every time I’m with you both, I grow to love you so much more, if that’s possible.” she softly answered, stroking my cheek. “Acceptance into your family has been a dream come true for me. God, I was so lonely, searching for I don’t know what. But it seems that even though I had no idea what I was looking for, I found it with you and your daughter. You’ve given my life meaning.”

Pressing her mouth onto mine again, she laid on top of me beginning to rub my cock in my jeans, pushing her tongue in as far as she could, almost like she was staking a claim. When we finished with that incredible kiss, I told her to stand up. Showing a bit of surprise, she got up off of me and stood by the couch looking down at me.

“What is it my love? What can I do for you?” she whispered.

“Don’t move, little one,” I instructed, setting the tone. I rose from the couch and looking Maggie in the eye, slowly stripped. By the time I was completely naked, my cock was standing proudly its 8 hard inches. I laid back down and wrapped my right hand around my jutting appendage and slowly stroked. Our beautiful and heavenly stacked fuck goddess gazed longingly at my hardness, and I noticed her breathing had quickened. Good lord, this woman was so damn beautiful and wanton and uninhibited, and it turns out, so eager to please,
I constantly asked myself what did I do to deserve finding her?

Slowly stroking my incredibly hard cock, “Strip for me, my love. Take off your clothes for me. Slowly. Show me your body. Show me what belongs to me.” I softly ordered. “You do you belong to me, don’t you?” I quietly asked.

Looking into my eyes, Maggie slowly started unbuttoning her blouse. “Yes, my darling. I belong to you. I’m yours to do with whatever you wish. I know now that I was put on this earth for you. I’m here for you to use as you see fit.” Slowly taking her blouse off, she let it slowly slide down her arms to fall on the floor. Turning so her back was to me, she started undoing the button on her jeans. She pulled down the zipper, and turning her head, gazing into my eyes, keeping her legs straight, she bent at the waist to let them fall to the floor too. Effortlessly, she stepped out of them, and just stood in front of me in her bra and (I noticed) her soaked panties which had become transparent and adhered to her labia, and her 3 inch “fuck me” heels, which accentuated her stunning legs. Turning back to face me, the clasp for her bra was in front which she unfastened, and dropping her arms slightly behind her, let her bra slide down her arms to join her jeans and her blouse. Arching her back, she offered me her succulent, gravity defying, 38 D’s, with her hard, protruding nipples. “These are yours too, my darling. To do with whatever you please.” Turning back around and keeping her legs straight, she bent at the waist and lowered her drenched panties. At this angle, she was showing me her soaked and swollen pussy with her juices running down her thighs. Gracefully she stepped out of them.

Naked now, with just her sexy shoes on, with me admiring her flawless ass, Maggie stood up and glancing at me over her shoulder with her hair in front of her eye, she gave me the ‘come fuck me’ look. “My body is yours my darling. There is nothing I won’t do for you. I’m here for you to love and use. Do you see how wet I am for you? You do that to me, just by being in the same room.” Still with her back to me, she bent at the waist and reached around to spread her perfect cheeks to show me that she had a “training aid” inserted!

Looking around at me, “This weekend, my ass will be fully prepared to accept your cock, my love,” she softly told me in the most seductive manner.

Rearranging myself on the couch, my head was laying on the edge. I was still slowly stroking my cock. “Now come here little one. Stand over my face, and feed me your cunt and juices. I want you to cum in my mouth and on my face. I want you to soak me,” I instructed my insatiable fuck mate. “And I won’t stop when you cum just once. I’ll decide when to stop. Do you have a problem with that?”

“No, my love. I told you that I’m yours to do with as you please. Just remember to think of my and Lexi’s needs when you do use us. We will always love you and do your bidding.” Maggie answered gazing at my hardness with lust and need. Straddling my head, she lowered her drenched pussy onto my mouth with a heavy moan.

I latched on to her lovely butt cheeks, and started to lick her saturated slit. I was amazed at how quickly she got so wet. Obviously, she was getting trained as much as our daughter. Leaning forward, she placed one hand on the back of the couch to support herself and replaced my hand with hers and started to stroke my pole.

“Oh my god, Daddy,” she moaned as I started to run my tongue up her drenched pussy. “My heart, mind, body, and soul are yours. I will always be yours. Don’t ever stop loving me, Daddy. Eat me. Nobody has turned me on like you do. I’ve never needed anybody as much as I need you. I will always love you, as long as I live. Eat me, my love. Suck my clit.”

Listening to my loving and horny mate, I doubled my efforts and stuffed my tongue as far as I could into her soaked snatch, trying to gather her juices. I also found the dildo in her beautiful and firm ass and started to fuck her with it. Surprisingly, it didn’t take long.

“Daddy, don’t stop! I’m going to cum! God! It’s going to be a big one! I love it when you lick me! I’m cumming, my Daddy! AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHEE! Don’t stop! I need to cum again!!” she announced, soaking my face, pumping madly! I managed to swallow half of her output, and not to be robbed, I rubbed her gushing pussy all over the rest of my face! I reveled in it! Because I was upside down, I exhaled strongly to get her cum out of my nose, and I could feel her deposit dripping into my hair!

I didn’t stop. I latched onto her engorged clit and licked.

“Daddy, I’m going to cum again!” Maggie moaned, pumping and rubbing her cummy pussy and clit all over my face!

“Oh god! Here I cum again! AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH!” Maggie moaned loudly squirting even more, but she still must have gushed a gallon! My mouth filled with her ejaculate, and drenched my face!

I still didn’t stop. Still latched onto her clit, I licked like mad. I fucked her ass with the dildo like a man possessed! I wanted her to cum again! I wanted to let Maggie know that she would never be able to find anybody who could love her like I do. I wanted her to know that there is absolutely nobody who could get her to cum like I did. I would always want her to come back for more.

“Daddy, my clit is so sensitive! Please stop!” Maggie moaned. But she couldn’t stop! My horny ‘little girl’ kept pumping. She tried to keep finding my mouth and tongue with her clit!

She may have had a sensitive clit, but she made no effort to stop pumping. She definitely wanted to cum again! Needless to say, I renewed my efforts. My face was soaked from my chin to my hair, I didn’t want to stop either!

“I know you want more, little girl! Cum on me again! Give it to me! Do it! Cum!” I ordered my luscious lover. “Give me more!”

“Daddy! I’m cumming again! AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH! I’m squirting in your mouth, Daddy!
Drink my cum! Oh my god! This is incredible! Oh, shit! Please, Daddy! I can’t take anymore! Please Daddy, stop!” Our fuckmate moaned. My mouth wasn’t the only place she squirted! She covered the rest of my head and my upper chest too!

Maggie leaned forward and engulfed my rock hard cock with her mouth! Stroking with renewed efforts,
I knew she wanted me to cum in her mouth! But if I was going to get soaked, I had a better idea.

“Little girl, I want you to straddle me and fuck me! I want my cock in your cunt! Come here and get on. Shove my cock inside you! It’s what you’re here for! You will always be here for me to use! You were born for me to fuck and love! Come here and fuck me!”

“Oh my god, Daddy, yessss! I live for your cock and your love! I’m yours to use as you want!” Maggie moaned, now straddling me, lowering her lush and succulent pussy and slowly engulfed my cock! With my rod now firmly into her tight and hot cunt, Maggie started to rotate her sweet ass with the dildo still in it!
Sitting up straight, she got the full length of my hardness into her, and started to bounce up and down!

“Daddy, please don’t ever stop loving me! Just always use me!” moaned our hot and horny Maggie.

“Lean back little girl,” I quietly ordered my ‘little one.’ Unashamedly while she was pumping her pussy on my cock, I reached out and began to tease her clit with my thumb.

“Daddy, I can’t believe you’re going to make me cum again! I’m so close! Keep playing with my clit, Daddy! God, fuck me! Your cock is heaven on earth! I think Lexi and I are addicted to it! I’m cumming, Daddy! Don’t stop! AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHEEE!!” Maggie screamed bouncing madly on me.

I felt her squirting on my balls, and leaning back to get the full length of my cock, she squirted onto my stomach as well! “I’m cumming too little one! Don’t stop fucking me! I’m cumming! AAAARRRRRRGGGGHHH!”
I almost yelled, pumping and gushing my cum into her sopping cunt.

With my deflating cock still inside her, Maggie leaned forward and lay on top of me. Gasping for breath, “Thank you so much, Daddy. I’ve never cum so much in my life! You made it all possible! I’m the luckiest girl on the planet because you love me so much! You can always fuck me, Daddy. Anytime, anywhere, anyhow you wish.”

“I know, little one. How about we go to bed now? We should sleep rather well tonight. I want you in my arms all night long,” I informed my ‘little girl.’

Picking up our clothes, I wondered aloud, “And how is our horny and wanton daughter coming along with her training my little one?” I asked. “Will she be able to take my cock this weekend?”

Straightening up, “I’m making sure she sticks to her training, darling. She’ll be ready for you. From our conversations, I’m sure she’s going to love your cock in her ass. If she’s anything like me, she won’t be able to get enough. Is Kim coming over this weekend?”

“I left a message for her, and expect a call back very soon. I imagine that she’s trying to rearrange her schedule.” I answered. “If she can make it this weekend, I’m sure we’ll be able to keep her entertained.”

“Are you comfortable with how we’re training our sexy Lexi?” I asked. “She’s becoming our fuck and cum slut, and she’s loving it. Is this how you wanted to be with your daddy?”

“Oh god, yes!” Maggie gushed. “David, you’ve made my wish come true! This is the family I’ve always dreamed of! This is the way a family should be! Our loving each other like we do is the epitome of family love! Lexi loves us so much that she’ll do absolutely anything we ask of her. And as far as our beautiful daughter becoming our fuck and cum slut, that is what she was placed on this earth for! And she’s even told me as much. I’m beginning to wonder just how submissive she can become. Obviously, she’s going to need much more training.”

“I’ve often wondered that myself, my horny little one.” I didn’t mention that I was beginning to wonder just how submissive she was becoming, as well as Lexi. “I didn’t tell you, but that will be the purpose of the ‘auxiliary room.’ We’ll be able to continue Lexi’s training there.”

Getting to our bedroom, I crawled into bed while Maggie went into our bathroom and got a warm, damp washcloth to wipe (what was left of) her cum off of me. She managed to lick most of it off of my face, chest, stomach and cock and balls. I rose and got a cool washcloth and ran it over her lush body to cool her down and to get her relaxed. Afterwards, we wrapped our arms around each other and fell into a satisfied, deep slumber

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