The Little Fort, Part 1 : The Day It All Began...
The Little Fort, Part 1 : The Day It All Began..

Hey, i'm Vanessa Rodes. I'm not the most experienced writer, but hopefully in your opinion I am! I try my best on stories, and i'll try my best on this one. This is my first story on this site, and I hope it take off. Enjoy!

Hello, i'm Victoria. I'm a twenty-one-year-old who loves reading, and I have always been that little girl in the backround. I have only had two friends, Olivia and Katherine. They both have been my friends since 2nd grade, and have stayed until this day.

It was a Summer day, Olivia and I were on vacation together in Florida. We were both city girls, and have never experienced a coastal area like it. We were both going through puberty, and when we were both hot, we were both "hot"! Olivia and I were ten so we went on teen websites, thinking it was okay. We'd talk to each other 24/7 on those sites, and still do even together. Anyways, we were both under a palm tree, my dark skin not shimmering like her lighter skin.

"So, you and Shuan, how is that going? Did you guys kiss yet?" I asked looking forward, Olivia doing the same. She replied with a no and a pout.

"We're only ten, why would we kiss! It won't last anyways, there are rumors saying he likes you not me." She said becoming even sadder. I tried to comfort her by putting my arm around her, shaking her in a friendly way.

"It's okay, it'll last you guys seem like soul mates. Besides, I don't like him, he's yours girl so keep him!" I said smiling. She smiled two seconds after not trying to resist.

"You're the bestest friend I could ever have!" She said hugging me. As she hugged me I felt tingles through my body. I have always felt I was ment for a girl, that maybe I shouldn't be dating guys, that I should be Olivia's lover. I was jealous of Shuan because he was with my best friend, but as her best friend I tried to keep it a secret, but deep deep down I just wanted to kill him for Olivia, I ... I loved her.

Olivia and I heard my moms car pull up, and we ran through the backdoor.

"Hey mom, what's that?" I asked walking up to the counter. She was just now putting down the bags, and I could see that it said "Fun Fort" On the front.

"Oh my gosh mom, is that a fun fort! Olivia and I have always wanted it!" I said holding Olivia's hand, bouncing up and down.

"Yes, wanna go try it out before it gets dark?" She said handing us the bag. Olivia grabbed the bag and said thanks, then we ran out the door.

We put up the fort as the instructions said. Olivia and I went inside and talked until dawn.

"So....Olivia have you ever kissed a girl?" I said nervously.She looked at me weirdly, but got closer than we have ever been.

"You love me don't you." She said smiling. She leaned in closer to my face, and we just stared at each other for about 20 seconds. What happened next happened quickly. Olivia leaned in, putting her hand on my cheek. I did the same as her, putting my hand on her cheek. The very tip of our noses touched, we closed our eyes....and we kissed. It was a passionate kiss, a kiss with no tongue but I felt wonderful, like I was me when I kissed Olivia, a lesbian I would say. We started to grab on to each other. We put our arms around each other, and Olivia sat on me with her legs open. I stuck my tongue inside of her mouth. She was a little surprised at first, but followed what I was doing and she put her tongue in my mouth. We kissed, feeling each others backs. I slowly slid my hand through her shirt, but that's when it stopped there. She pushed me away. I had a sort of sad disappointed look on my face, but I understood she didn't want to go that far. We cleaned up and went back inside for lunch.

Chapter 2 : Six year later...

Six years later.. I was walking down the hallway, it was the first day of sophomore year. I didn't know anybody at this school. My freshman year was at a different school. I looked around to see if I knew anybody from a long time ago, until I heard my name from down the hall. Olivia moved to Australia, and that was the last thing I knew.

"Victoria, Victoria!" A voice called from afar.

I started to become nervous, everyone was looking at me. I pulled a strand of hair behind my ear and looked back. It was Katherine, my friend from 4th grade.

"Victoria, hey, remember me!" Katherine yelled running up towards me.

I looked back and puled her to the locker room. We had some sexual experience, alot of sexual experience. She took her bookbag off and kiss me, with tongue and all. She started feeling my breasts that were pin hard. We kept our eyes closed as we undressed each other. She stuck her tongue down so low that I started to gag a little. We could here girls outside gagging in disgust but we didn't care. Katherine pulled my shirt above my head, unbuckled my bra and started to suck my boobs. I reached down to where her pussy was and squeezed it hard. She moaned and groaned. I pulled down her pants and her panties and went to work. I slapped her ass and teased her by flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue. We both moaned and groaned, breathing harder and harder. What happened was quick, fast, crazy! I couldn't believe I was doing this in school. Then everything slowed down. The janitor knocked down the door, hitting me in the head, and that's the last thing I remember. The next thing I knew was I was in the ambulance, with Olivia standing next to me, sucking my left tit.

"Hey babe" Olivia said....

Hope you enjoyed, and make sure you check in for part 2. Please give some feedback, and maybe some ideas! Bye!

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