Something nice that grows hopefully
Chapter 1:

Ryder slunked home and tried to hide his bruises as he entered his house, after school Henry, the school bully, beat him up. Ryder was 15, medium height and good looking, he lived with his mother, as his father died in an elevator accident that took 4 other lives.

“What took you so long to get home?” Ryder’s mother, Eve called to him from the couch, she was in her dressing gown, as she was on a months worth of holidays and she was still a bit depressed from the death of her husband.
“Um...forgot my homework” Ryder lied to her, he pulled an ice pack from the fridge and wrapped it in a tea-towl and put it on his eye.
“What the fuck happened to you? Jesus did someone hurt my baby?” Eve came into the kitchen and she was shocked to see her son hurt.
“I’m fine” Ryder explained, but his mother grabbed his face and looked at the damage and forced him to sit.

Eve leant forward and Ryder’s eyes darted down to see her cleavage, she wasn’t wearing a bra and he could see the veins in her tits. Ryder flinched as his face hurt, as his mother touched it with the cold ice and tried to make the swelling go down.
Ryder looked down her nighty again, and he saw a bit of her left nipple and he felt his cock stir in his pants. Eve had a nice 32 C - cup and was very curvy and attractive for a 37 year old woman.
“You don’t mind me sitting while I put the ice on your face?” Eve asked, he shook his head and she sat down in front of him. Eve’s nighty went up her thighs and Ryder’s eyes darted down and he saw she was wearing pink panties, his cock stirred again and this time Eve noticed and she felt a little awkward but turned on as well.
“Right your face is looking a little better. How about you take a shower mostly cold for your face” Eve told him, Ryder got up and his cock made a tent in his pants, Eve smiled as she saw it and watched as he shuffled to the bathroom.

The water poured on Ryder’s face, he was naked and his ribs hurt, but the water felt nice. Ryder closed his eyes and let the water pour on his face, he heard the door open and squeak, he was curious as to why it opened and he opened his eyes to see the shadow of his mother behind the shower curtain.
“Mum....what are you doing?” Ryder asked, he let the water pour down his back and waited for her to reply.
“I...I wanted to see...if you need anything” Eve uttered, she was nervous and knew what she was about to do, bad...if they were to get caught.
“I don’t understand” Ryder told her, his cock was erect and he felt it pulsating.
Eve didn’t reply and she pulled the curtain back, Ryder put his hand over his cock and his face was turning red, Eve looked at her son and she got wet.
“Wha....” Eve put her finger on his lips and looked in his eyes. Ryder watched as she leaned up and kissed his bruised eye, making him wince, then she kissed her way down to his bruised ribs.
Eve’s lips were soft and Ryder’s cock was stiff as a board, she kissed his ribs and put her hands on his stomach as she did, his breathing was quick and nervous.
“Want me to relieve some pressure from your cock?” Eve asked, she looked up at him, and Ryder couldn’t believe what was happening, he simply nodded.

Ryder looked down and watched, as his mother climbed into the shower with him, nighty and all, and wrapped her soft lips around his cock and began to suck, causing him to moan and put his wet hands on her head.
“Oh fuck......Damn” Ryder moaned, the water was beginning to make him shiver, so he turned it off and felt a little slap on his ass, and his mother glared at him for moving.
“Sorry” Eve’s eyes lightened and she sucked and jerked him harder, the bathroom echoed with Ryder moaning and Eve’s big long gulps of his cock.
“I’m cumming....GHHRNNN” Ryder didn’t last long, as Eve cupped his balls and deepthroated his cock. Ryder shot 4 loads into her mouth and Eve swallowed them, licked her lips and stood up.
“Come with me” Eve said in a quiet voice, Ryder followed her out of the shower, his feet were still wet and her nighty was dripping as well.

Ryder was pushed on the bed, not his bed, but his mothers queen bed and he pulled one of the pillows down to his head.
“I love you baby, since your father died, you and I are the only ones left and our love is strong. Now I want to show you how much mummy loves you” Eve told him, she reached up under her nighty and pulled her panties down and stepped out of them.
“Can I see you naked?” Ryder asked, his cock was standing strong and it wiggled as he spoke.
“Not yet. When we get hot and heavy you can see me in all my glory” Eve told him, she got on the bed and began crawling towards him.
Eve kissed her sons legs, and teased his cock with her lips, then kissed his ribs and then kissed his lips. Ryder slid his tongue into her mouth and he felt her hands go on his cock and guide it into her wet cunt.

“Oh fuck baby....oh shit that feels good” Eve moaned, as she pulled away from the kiss and put her hands on his bruised ribs and rode her son. Eve’s nighty covered their groins, but Ryder could hear how wet his mother was and how his balls slapped against her.
“Yes...fuck....” Ryder groaned, he raised his hands up and squeezed her tits through her nighty, Eve grabbed his right hand and began to suck his fingers, just like she did to his cock.
“Mmmmhhhh” Eve beamed down at her son, she grabbed her own left tit with her left hand and squeezed through her nighty.
Eve stopped sucking his fingers and put her hands down on his waist, touching the edge of her nighty and digging her nails into his skin. Eve leant down and kissed her son, her hips bucked wildly as she did so, slowly going up and down on the length of his cock. Ryders hands went down on her hips, Eve sat up and her hands slowly lowered, flinching with each thrust from her hips, and went to her nighty and pulled it off.

Ryder watched as his mothers tits bounced, and Eve threw her nighty on the floor and felt her sons hands go on her stomach and squeeze her tits.
“Fuck me baby.....oh...OH....OH” Eve cried out, her hands went to her hair and pulled a little, Ryder pinched her nipples, causing her to squeal a little.
“Fuck...mum....oh....OH...I’m about to.....” Ryder wasn’t able to finish what he was saying, when Eve put her finger on his lips and looked down at him.
“Me...too...just...just....CUM IN ME” Eve screamed and she gushed over his cock and Ryders cock spurtered in her cunt.

Eve stayed perfectly still for a couple of seconds, her body was tingling and her heart was pounding, Ryders eyes were spotting and his heart was pounding just as hard. Eve leant down and kissed her son on the lips, then her head fell on his shoulder and they stayed quiet for a few minutes.
“That....was amazing” Ryder finally said, he trailed his fingers up and down her arm.
“Oh good, you enjoyed. I was worried, with me being your mum and all, you wouldn’t find me desirable” Eve admitted to her son, her tits were pressed into his chest and her hair was a mess.
“Are you kidding? I always think you’re beautiful. I’ve wanked myself to sleep thinking about you. I remember peeking in on you as you were getting into the shower once” Ryder told her, she slapped him playfully then kissed him.
“Dirty boy. You know what, I’m thirsty. How about you get me a drink and then we can fuck again” Eve told him, she rolled off her son and her tits jiggled as her head hit the bed.

Ryder went to the fridge and looked around for a little while, till he found two bottles of Mountain Dew. Ryder pulled them from the fridge and he turned around to see his mothers friend, Karla, standing at the screen door and looking at him in all his glory.
“ hi...I” Ryder stuttered, he looked down and tried to cover his cock, it was still erect and dripping with cum. Before Karla could say anything or open the door, Eve came into the kitchen, naked and she put her arms around Ryder and kissed him as passionatley as she could.
“Mmmm.....mum...we have a visitor” Ryder pulled away from this kiss, even though he didn’t want to. Eve turned around and screamed in horror at what her friend had witnessed.
“Karla...I” Eve tried to explain, but her brain wasn’t working and cum was leaking out of her cunt and down her leg.
“Eve...I knew you were grieving and a horny bitch, but I didn’t know you were going to go this way” Karla entered the house and she closed the door so no one else could see. Eve and Karla had been friends for years, and only Karla was able to talk to Eve the way she did.

Eve and Ryder stood naked in front of Karla, and she sat down and grinned, her eyes twinkled and Eve knew she was up to something.
“So I take it, you both just finished getting dirty.” Karla suggested. Eve and Ryder nodded.
Karla got up and she took a few steps towards them, she looked at Ryder up and down, then at Eve up and down. Karla got down on her knees and slid her fingers in Eves cunt, she licked all the cum out of her and Eve was surprised as what was happening.
“Oh Fuck....Karla” Eve moaned, she grabbed Ryders cock to gain balance and he enjoyed watching his mothers friend go down on her.
“Where are my manners. Ryder is left out.” Karla stopped, she stood up and began to take her clothes off.

Karla was 42, single, blonde, curvy and she had 32 - C cups, her nipples stood out more than Eve’s and she was shaven as well. Once Karla was naked, she sat on the table and spread her legs, her cunt was dripping and she bit her bottom lip.
“Eve I want you to lick my cunt and Ryder, I want you to fuck your mother” Karla demanded, she leant back on the table, her tits jiggled and she put her hands on her hips.
Eve giggled as she bent over and put her hands on the table and began to flick her tongue over Karla’s cunt, making her squeal in excitement. Ryder put his hands on his mothers hips, and he grabbed his cock and placed it firmly between his mothers legs and slid it into her dripping cunt.
“Oh fuck Eve.....yes, tongue fuck me” Karla moaned, her hands grabbed and squeezed her own tits, pulling her nipples as she did so. Eve moaned into Karla’s cunt as she licked her out, while Ryder was thrusting in and out of his mother, he smacked her ass and thrusted harder and harder.
“Oh baby, fuck my cunt...fuck me hard” Eve turned around and looked at her son, as he thrusted inside her, Karla growled and grabbed her hair and shoved her back in her soaking cunt and kept her steady.
“Tongue fuck my cunt” Karla screamed, as Eve started licking faster, her tongue going all the way up and teasing her clit. Karlas body spazzed with every tongue flick on her clit, Eve leaned down further and raised her leg up on the table, Ryders cock went further into her and she felt his balls slap on her clit.
“Move. Ryder stop fucking your mum and give me your cock” Karla pushed Eve’s face from her cunt and she pouted, but moved and Ryders cock flopped out of his mothers cunt and it was dripping with her juices.

Karla slunked down off the table, got on her knees and grabbed Ryders cock, she put it in her mouth and moaned as she sucked it. Eve pulled a chair out, sat down and began to finger herself, her fingers glistened from her drenched cunt and she was moaning and thrusting her hips as she did so.
“You like....that? You like your cock being sucked?” Karla asked, deepthroating it, till her eyes watered.
“Fuck...yes.....I’m about to cum” Ryder moaned, his cock pulsated in her mouth and her eyes fluttered.
“Cum in my mouth you dirty bastard” Karla purred and she jerked him hard and sucked. Ryder put his hands on her head and he jizzed in her mouth, 2 hot loads that she swallowed, Eve cried out as she gushed all over her hands and the chair.

“So how long has this been going on for?” Karla asked, they were all in the kitchen and lying on the floor.
“An hour before you showed up. But I have been wanting to do it for a long time” Eve admitted, she winked at her son and he blew her a kiss.
“Where did you get the bruises from? Your mum like to beat you?” Karla asked jokingly.
“Nah, school bully Henry Pilton beat me up before I came home” Ryder told her, he winced as she poked his bruised rib.
“Pilton? That’s my sisters kid. He’s always nice when I visit. Little bastard and you poor baby” Karla cooed, she crawled towards him and kissed his bruised ribs.
Eve crawled towards them and kissed her sons face, his bruised eye and then his lips, their tongues met and played with each other.

“Mmmmhhh” Ryder was surprised to feel Karla climb on top of his cock and began fucking him, Eve pulled away and watched, as her friend bounced up and down on her sons cock.
“Eat me” Eve whispered to her son and she climbed on his face and squatted over him and giggled, Ryders tongue flicked in and out of her cunt and was teasing her clit.
“” Karla bounced up and down, her tits hit her chest and her hair was going everywhere.
“Fuck yeah” Eve agreed with her friend, before leaning forward and sucking Karlas tits, she held it still and flicked her tongue over her nipple.
Ryder thrusted his hips into Karla, his balls slapped her ass and he put his hands up to his mothers pussy and fingered her deep as he tongue fucked her.
“Oh baby....YES BABY” Eve cried, Ryder was getting her sweet spot and she was very sensitive. Karla gritted her teeth and put her hands on Ryders stomach and thrusted harder into him, she then grabbed Eves hair and pulled her in to kiss her. Karla and Eve moaned into each others mouths, as their tongues danced together, Ryder picked up the pace with his cock and Karla pulled away and cried out in pleasure.
“Fuck....IM CUMMING!!” Karla screamed, she put her hands on his stomach and she exploded, her body shook and her heart was pounding, before she flopped herself off his cock, it was still erect and dripping with Karlas cum.
“Ohh yes....please” Eve moaned and she leant down and sucked her sons cock, bobbing her head up and down, licking her friends cunt juices off it and moaning as Ryders tongue was teasing her clit.
“I’m cumming baby....I’M CUMMING” Eve cried and she gushed on his face and Ryder moaned and she put her mouth over his cock and he shot in her mouth 1 large hot goop.

Ryder was puffed out and breathing heavily, Eve was licking her lips next to him and Karla was trying to slow her breathing down.
“This has been so much fun....I have an idea for you to get back at Henry...I should go, when I have worked out all the kinks I’ll call you guys. I don’t want to go, but I have work in the morning and I was supposed to go an hour ago” Karla struggled to get to her feet, she grabbed her clothes and put them on slowly.
Once Karla was all dressed, she kissed Eve and then she kissed Ryder, then walked out and drove off.

To be continued

(What does Karla have planned?)

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