Story 566
After humans reached space we found many things we did not expect. Other races and worlds and many lost legends. Like the Shining Ones or the worlds of chaos and darkness. Orcs and ogres and other dark people who only lived to destroy. The Shining Ones had visited earth many millennian ago and were the Sidhe or elves.

With them were their brothers or cousins the Dark Elves. Those we thought the same as them until much later when they had learned to travel in space like us. They used humans that were greedy and corrupt and killed them when they were ready. Now they were called the Dark and all empires and systems of man feared them.

They always claimed it was rogues but everyone suspected the whole race. I lived in Kilkinny and was sixteen. I was more into physical things but when the Dark fleet attacked I was studying military arts in a university. I was using a neural net and when I came out of the class I heard the warnings.

The cities were already being evacuated since the Dark were known to take thousands of prisoners. The technician was missing as I looked around the library. I looked at the net in my hand and for the first time I could remember I used my head. I turned to start dialing up military classes and then complete martial arts classes as well as the complete Dark language.

When I was finished I adjusted the sim time and laid back and took a breath before putting the net on. It was hours before I sat up and held my throbbing head. I left everything as I walked out. I had a plan, well the start of a plan. Mostly the city was abandoned as I took a large transport to the old fleet armory.

I picked weapons and equipment before leaving. My next stop was the fleet ammo storage area. I could not believe they had just walked away from everything. The system fleet ships were still fighting but they were losing and it was only a matter of time. I began setting up in the city in a huge semi circle around the edge of the starport.

I slipped an earbud in after looting a large electronics store for a few more things I needed. The Dark were jamming all star comms but a single courier ship had managed to escape and jump out. My first position was on top of a lift house on a tall building beside the port. I was hidden and had spread thousands of inert spider mines through and on top of the building.

It was dark when the warships swept over the city and the cargo ships and freighters landed. Transports and fighters and drone soldiers were unloaded before they headed into the city. That was when I went to work and waited my chance. I held a fleet sniper rifle and started searching for targets.

Each transport that landed had a dozen drone soldiers. Of course they also had to have a Dark soldier to control them. I had a wide cone and began to pick targets. I started with a Dark soldier and squeezed the trigger. The static round cracked as it went through the protective body screen and the soldier’s head exploded.

I put a round into the control circuit of each of the drone soldiers while they were frozen. I moved to another transport and fired and kept doing it until I had taken out over a dozen transport teams. I moved back and used the trap door down into the lift shaft. I used a grav belt and dropped all the way to the sub basement.

I used a tunnel and moved away at a trot. When I came up it was in an old building inside the port. I glanced out to see a dozen transports at the building I had just left. I pulled a tiny remote and touched a switch. I knew inside the building all the spider mines had just become active and several small exterior missile pods had been armed.

Explosions shook the building as I watched the remote lock on each transport before the small missiles flashed away. The transports were ripped apart and I grinned as I looked at a couple of remote vid feeds of the starport. Three cruisers were lifting and turned to speed into the city as shields flared.

I pulled another remote and waited as the building I had been in was destroyed. The cruisers hovered and I touched a switch. A dozen hyper mini cannons began firing static rounds that impacted on the cruisers shields. I waited as the cruisers began to fire at the cannons before finally touching another button on the remote.

The cannons were not really a threat to the cruisers but they did bring down the shields. The six large kinetic missiles impacted and then another six as the cruisers vanished and exploded. I touched a button and the launchers shut down. I turned and moved towards the other side of the building.

I spun as the door opened and slapped the rifle aside as I slid in and jabbed. The strike hit the Dark soldier in the throat and I spun him and yanked him in front of me. The three drone soldiers following him fired and his body jerked while I staggered from the impact on my body screen. The drones froze before there were pops inside them that destroyed them.

I looked at the Dark solder and let him go before kneeling. I pulled the belt and leg holster off and put them on after hiding mine. I took his harness and the silver rifle he had been carrying and looked outside. The drones had self destructed because they had shot the soldier. The command ship had landed and officers were dropping down in a lift.

The ship was huge, it almost looked like an old Galaxy class dreadnought. I took the soldier’s black cloak and put it on before I took a breath and headed for the lift. The officers were still coming and going as I reached the lift and stepped on. Luckily they were not paying attention and no one else got on to go back up.

I stepped off and to the side as several more officers came out. They ignored me as they took the lift and dropped. I grinned as I walking into the ship and headed for engineering. First it was a bit of tampering with the reactor feed program. After I was done I slipped into the AI core room and thought before I began to create a program.

When I was done I left and used the smaller corridors to reach the admiral’s quarters or the army commander since they were Dark soldiers. I walked up to a soldier beside the hatch as he turned his head. I struck with a sonic cutter and caught him when he started to fall. I looked both ways before I used his hand on the hatch access plate.

The hatch slid aside and I shifted his body and pulled him in. Two girls turned and stared with wide eyes. They were sidhe and pale and extremely beautiful and one looked at another door. I closed the hatch and lowered the body. I moved towards the door while watching them but they did not speak and remained quiet.

A tall cruel Dark officer stepped out holding a short bloody whip and I slashed with the cutter. He grasped his throat as blood gushed out and I struck again and stabbed the cutter through his ear. He dropped and I moved away after looking into the fresher to see a naked human female in a pool of blood.

I went to the two Dark girls as they looked down. I tilted their head to see the barbed collars they wore. I growled and was tempted to remove them. I looked around to find the dark veiled cloaks they had to wear. I pulled them to the cloaks and had them put them on. I led them out using the nasty leashes and headed straight for the lift.

With their commander dead I needed to get off the ship before the program I planted began. I had a group of officers looking at us as I pulled the hood of the cloak further over my face. We were walking away from the ship when one called to me. I stopped and was bringing the riffle up as I turned and that was when the first part of the program began.

The huge ship launched every missile it had at the other ships in their fleet before it was suddenly streaking straight up. I spun and pulled the girls after me as every officer began yelling into comms. I did not bother telling them I had shut the grav compensators off so everyone aboard the dreadnought was just paste.

Of course the destroyers and cruisers that were at the port had been ripped apart too. I went into the old building and ignored the body as I pulled the girls after me to get my weapons. I led them down and started walking down a tunnel and stopped when we were a couple of kilometers away. I turned to the first girl and pulled up my knife.

She was trembling as I tilted her head to the side to see the collar as I spoke sidhe, “my name is Blade.”

She did not say anything as I worked on the collar before it finally opened. I carefully pulled it off and threw it away before touching her cheek, “what are you called?”

She looked down, “Mist master.”

I turned to the other girl and began working on her collar. Once it was off I tossed it and made her look at me. She looked down, “Shade master.”

I smiled, “Mist and Shade.”

I turned to start walking and looked back, “come.”

They followed me down the tunnel until I reached a marked set of stairs. I began climbing and ignored the doors as I went all the way to the roof. I looked out cautiously before pulling them after me to the roof engineering room. I closed the door and moved to one wall filled with small vid monitors.

I touched a switch and watched them come alive with images of chaos in the starport. What I was looking for was the undamaged ships, cargo ships and the single huge liner or slave transport. One by one I locked targets into each vid monitor. I looked at the girls before flipping switches on a long bar.

I touched one at the end and all the hidden and inert missiles I had planted came alive. Their targeting systems uploaded and locked and then they all fired. I grinned as all the cargo ships and the liner were shredded as well as a few undamaged cruisers. I turned and gestured and led the girls out and back down.

I did not go to the tunnel I slipped out a side door and moved to the large park. We crossed it as we continued to move away from the port and once we came out we crossed to a luxury apartment building. In the penthouse I went into the kitchen and started making a meal. The girls hesitated before moving to help me.

After we ate I led them into the huge master bedroom fresher. I stripped and waited as they undressed and gritted my teeth at the scars I saw. I pulled them both into the shower and washed them gently while they looked at me strangely. I dried them and pulled them out and into the bedroom.

I shut the lights off and helped them into the huge bed before climbing in and laying back. I shifted and closed my eyes, it was a couple of minutes before Mist turned to snuggle against me with Shade turning to hold her. I sighed and relaxed and blinked when I woke to Mist moving over me.

I glanced at the dark window before reaching up to touch Mist, “something wrong?”

She shifted and sat up, “I need sex master.”

I looked at Shade as she moved closer before pulling Mist down so I could see her eyes, “you do not have to.”

She looked away and bit her lip and I caressed her hips, “my name is Blade not master.”

I pushed her up and she looked at me as I tried to lift her. She moved and I positioned my cock and slowly pulled her down. She wiggled and squirmed as her very tight pussy was stretched. Once she had my cock in her she sat still and waited. I smiled as I held her hips, “twist and rub back and forth and roll your hips.”

She shifted and wiggled and squirmed as she started to do what I told her. A minute and she was thrusting back and forth and rolling her hips. Her pussy became slippery and she sighed softly as she shivered. I reached up to feel her firm breasts and began to knead and play with them.

When I tugged on the nipples she jerked and spasmed as her pussy clenched, “ooohhhh!”

She shook and had a look of surprise on her face before she began to convulse. She wet me as her pussy constantly grasped and massaged my cock. She twisted and jerked and kept shoving down to impale herself. I pulled her down and rolled before I kissed her and started to rub and grind and press.

She clung to me and wailed in my mouth as she kept shaking. I finally sank all the way into her before I gushed a huge stream of cum. She gasped and jerked while her pussy tightened, “aaahhhh!”

I pumped and spewed and spurted until I was done and settled while she continued to pant. I gave her another kiss, “thank you Mist.”

She looked at me and smiled as her pussy squeezed. I pulled out and looked at Shade and she moved closer and touched my shoulder, “please master?”

I smiled, “only if you call me by my name.”

She looked into my eyes, “please Blade?”

I smiled as I moved towards and then over her. She laid back and spread her legs and I slowly forced my cock into her. I settled and kissed her and rolled and helped her sit up. She looked at me for a moment before she smiled and tentatively rubbed her pussy on me. She wiggled and then began to rock and thrust back and forth.

A sigh escaped as she shivered and her pussy tightened. She rolled her hips and then began to rock back and forth. Each time she pushed back she would push hard so my cock would press against the back of her pussy. She started to breath hard and shudder while her slippery pussy constantly tightened.

It was not long before she was erratically rubbing on me hard and shaking. When she fell I caught her and rolled before I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She lifted her hips and humped up each time I pushed into her. I continued to fuck her and she hugged me and wrapped her legs around me.

She spasmed and shook while her pussy clenched, “ooohhhh!”

I smiled and gave her a kiss as I kept using nice deep strokes. Each time she came she would cling to me and jerk while I kissed her to quiet her. I finally buried my cock as she squirmed and grunted while gushing and pumping very large spurts of cum. She jerked and shuddered as she looked at me with wide eyes.

When I was done I settled and gave her another kiss. She smiled and gave me a hug, “thank you mast... Blade.”

I pulled out and moved off the bed, “I would love to do that for a few hours but we need to wash and eat before leaving.”

They followed me to the fresher where we took another shower and I took a few extra minutes to wash and clean their pussies. In the master bedroom I found a couple of dark long full dresses that would cover the girls. I dressed and put my weapon harness on before grinning as I slipped the Dark weapon harness onto Mist.

I gave Shade the silver rifle and showed her how to use it before I led them to the kitchen. After we had eaten we climbed the stairs down and I glanced out. I used my thermal glasses before I started around the park. It was a few hours before we reached the building I wanted. Again we climbed the stairs in the dark and stepped out on the roof.

I led the girls to the maintenance room and closed the door before turning on the wall of small monitors. I only had one more salvo of missiles as I looked out at the carnage and ruin. I smiled at the few warships that were undamaged. They were loading loot and Dark soldiers that were still alive.

I began to lock the passive targeting systems before I brought the missiles systems online. I froze as I heard something and quickly shut almost all the monitors off. I had three still on and used a remote to turn the cameras. A transport was above the building and several drone soldiers were dropping onto the roof.

I smiled and flipped a switch before locking the targeting systems on a rack of anti tank missiles and pressing a button. On a roof a kilometer away three missiles streaked out. The transport was ripped apart and crashed down and into a corner of the building. It shook us and the girls gasped and then I touched a remote.

The entire roof was covered with tiny spider mines and within seconds the drones which had become frozen began to explode. I turned to switch on the monitors again and double checked the missile locks. I touched a button and a dozen large missiles woke up looked at the targets and launched.

I turned to shut the spider mines down before pulling the girls after me, “now it is time to flee.”

I had a grav belt but it would not hold three so I pulled the girls back to the stairs. Once we reached the sub basement I started down a dark tunnel. We only had to go a few kilometers before we climbed up and walked out of a building. I glanced towards the red glow at the starport and turned away.

I led the girls down the dark streets and through several alleys before we reached a ground transport. I helped them in and went around to climb in before starting it. I left all the lights off as I drove away and headed out of the city. In the back was a tent and a pallet of meals as well as a rifle with a couple of cases of ammo.

The road I took had debris and abandoned vehicles everywhere. It was a couple of hours before I slowed and checked a tiny sat map. I turned off the road and carefully drove into a dark forest. Thirty minutes later we came out beside a fast moving stream. I started to follow it and the sun was coming up when I found the cave like overhang.

It was across the stream and up a steep bank but large enough to fit the vehicle. I manage to cross the stream and back the vehicle up the bank and under the overhang before the sun was fully up. I set up the tent behind the vehicle and pulled the two girls out. I grinned as I led them out and into the fresh air.

They looked around while slowly moving to the stream where I was. I looked at the brightly colored fish and smiled at them. I set up a broad spectrum comm and we spent to day watching the stream and relaxing. As it grew dark we ate and then climbed into the tent. Shade touched my chest in the dark, “Blade?”

We had undressed and I had inflated the tent floor so it was comfortable. I smiled, “you need sex?”

She caressed my chest, “yes master.”

I turned and moved over her before I began kissing down her body. She sighed as she laid back and spread her legs. I felt her pussy before I began to lick through it and gently nibble on her clit. She moaned and shuddered as she kept lifting her hips. It was awhile before she spasmed and jerked and I stopped.

I moved up and kissed her as I sank my cock into her. I settled and gave her a kiss and waited as her tight pussy kept squeezing. She wiggled and squirmed and I pulled back as I began to fuck her slowly with long strokes. She humped and sighed and slowly put her arms around me. After several minutes I buried my cock and shifted and turned before helping her sit up.

She wiggled and shifted before she began to rub her pussy on me. She was breathing hard and started to lift and rock forward before pushing down and back hard. It was not long before she began to moan and spasm while her pussy tightened, “ooohhh!”

I felt her breasts and rubbed the nipples as she thrust back and forth almost desperately. She was shaking while her slippery pussy constantly clenched. It was awhile before I grunted and shuddered as I held her and spewed and began pumping spurts of cum. Shade jerked and spasmed and screamed, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

She fell on me as I kept pumping more sperm into her and she continued to shudder. When I was done I sighed and relaxed and began to rub her back and caress her. After a minute she relaxed and turned her head to look at me, “thank you master.”

I hugged her, “Blade.”

She lifted her hips, “thank you master Blade.”

I turned to let her lay back on the bed and Mist touched my shoulder, “Blade?”

I smiled as I turned to her and moved over her and gave her a kiss, “you want sex.”

She nodded, “yes master.”

I began kissing down her body, “not master just Blade.”

She spread her legs and sighed as I opened her pussy and licked through it. She tilted her hips as I continued to lick her pussy and push my tongue into her. I started nibbling on her inner lips before sucking on her clit and wiggling my tongue. She moaned and humped and shuddered as I kept teasing her clit.

After several minutes she spasmed and tried to cover her pussy. I grinned as I moved up and over her and gave her a kiss while slowly sinking my cock into her. She wiggled and lifted her hips as I buried my cock and settled. I kept kissing her and pulled back to start to fuck her. I started slowly with long strokes.

Her tight pussy began to grasp and squeeze as she put her arms around me. After a little while she was shaking and her pussy was slippery. I continued to fuck her and bury my cock with each thrust. She began to moan louder and her humping had changed to firm thrusts. I fucked her hard and deep suddenly and kept it up for a couple of minutes.

She lifted and spread her legs as she spasmed and wailed while clutching me. Her pussy was constantly clenching and grasping my cock. I slowed and went back to fucking her with long strokes as she panted and shuddered. A few minutes and she began to stiffen so I fucked her hard again.

She howled and clung to me as she bucked and struggled, “aaaahhhhh!”

After a couple of minutes I buried my cock and began to grind and rub and press. She kept shaking and wiggled while her almost slimy pussy squeezed. I could almost feel my balls churning and began to fuck her firmly again. She thrashed and shook as she hugged me and a minute later I pushed into her and kissed her while I spewed sperm.

She jerked and writhed around when she felt the warm cum, “yyyeeessss!”

When I was done I relaxed as she panted and finally pulled out and turned to Shade. I fucked them for awhile before letting them hold me as they slept. It was two days before we heard anything on the comm, it was an open message from the fleet. They had captured the port and said we could return to the city.

After what I had done and been through my desire for the military was over. When I told what I had done and been debriefed the planet gave me a very large reward. The fleet was able to board the dreadnought and stop it which gave them a lot more intel. In fact they got an extreme amount of data from most of the damaged or destroyed ships.

The two girls had stayed with me the whole time. As soon as I could I bought us passage off Kilkinny and to a distant colony that was mostly forest. I had a job as a forester before we even reach the colony. After two decades the girls have almost become normal. They are open and loving partners that still enjoy sex every night.
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