The final chapter
My sexy Sister-The later years. Pt3

This is the concluding part of a true story of consensual sex between teen siblings and their friends. If you have issues with family love, incest or young sex you should stop reading now.

I have disabled comments except for registered members of the site due to the amount of ‘Kik me’ idiots and spammers bombarding the site and destroying the feedback section. If you like the story, please rate it positively. I respectfully suggest you read the previous parts of this story before this one as it will explain a lot. If you want to share experiences or just chat, PM me.

My sister, Linda, took every opportunity to remind me that we had a ‘date’ with Jim, but living in a house full of family as teenagers had severe restrictions. The only way we could give any relief to our raging sexual urges was to have quick sneaky trysts either late at night (very risky) or during the very few times we had the house to ourselves. Those times were few and far between.

It was during one such morning, the house was empty for about an hour and moments after the last person had departed, the door burst open and Lin came into my room.

“Hey sexy bro, fancy a blowjob”? she said breezily while at the same time grinning and opening her silky dressing gown exposing her pert and very firm tits.

She stood over me cupping her tits and pinching the nipples which hardened and became erect.

“Would you like to play with these?” she teased.

I quickly responded by grabbing her arm and pulling her into bed beside me.

“Come here you sexy bitch, I want to eat you” I growled and she squealed in mock horror.

I rolled on top of her kissing her lovely face and driving my tongue into her willing mouth,her arms snaked around me and her legs opened, revealing her naked, shaved and very wet pussy to my gaze.

“We don’t have much time, so get inside me big guy, I’m really horny” she demanded as she gripped and pumped my fully erect cock.

She guided me to her wet entrance, slipped the tip up and down her wet heat to lube herself and then, gripping my hips and sliding forward, she impaled herself on the hard shaft.

It felt like sinking into heaven after the enforced abstinence.

“Oohhhhhh, I missed you” she purred, ”I’ve played with my puss every day since last time but nothing feels like you” and then she kissed me deeply as our bodies ground together in a familiar erotic dance.

I placed my hand on her beautiful firm tits, gentle squeezing upwards on her erect nipples as her legs wrapped around my thrusting hips.

Her kisses became intense, her hand frantic as she dug her nails into my back and shoulders.

“OOhhhh that’s what I was missing, fuck me harder” she crooned as she ground her erect hard clit against me.

My cock was now thrusting at full speed into her beautiful tight cunt and I felt that familiar change in her rhythm that said she was close. Her pussy muscles tightened gripping my shaft in ecstasy.

We didn’t last much longer, she broke the kiss, gasped “Ohhmyfuckinggoooddd” as she gripped me tightly and came her brains out. The intensity of her cumming brought me to the boil also and I joined my lovely sister in a sweaty, wet and gorgeous orgasm, pumping my pent-up juice deep into her hot cunt in long spurts.

We collapsed down into each others arms, sweaty and spent kissing and hugging and as always, loving each other.

“I hope you haven’t forgotten your promise” she whispered as we came down.

“About us and Jim?” I enquired

“Of course about us and Jim” she replied, slapping me playfully. “When are we going to get a chance to make it happen? I’d really love to try it” she finished.

“Ok, leave it with me” I replied, not really knowing how I was going to make it happen but not wishing to disappoint her either.

“Ok then, let’s not waste time she said as she slid down the bed and sucked my cock into her hot mouth………………………………

The answer came quite unexpectedly a few days later when Jim called me and asked if I wanted to go to stay in his uncles’ mobile home 50 miles away down by the sea. He wanted us to make a weekend of it, riding there on our motorcycles. He was only too willing to insist as he knew what we’d get up to for the weekend If Linda came with us.

I asked Lin and of course she was only too happy to make the trip, we had no problem convincing our folks who were only too happy to get some peace and quite for a few days while their innocent kids explored the world.

What harm could they do?

So, the following weekend we collected our stuff got on the bikes and off we went.

Lin rode behind me and teased me all the way there, pushing her firm tits into my back and rubbing my cock through my jeans whenever she thought no one was looking. This resulted in my cock being tortured for 2 hours in tight jeans with no escape. I shouted back at her that she was in big trouble when we got there.

We arrived a little after 6 in the evening and after the usual allocation of beds and putting stuff away in the fridge, Lin allocated tasks.

“Brian, get the beers and Jim get the BBQ going” she ordered as she started to prepare the steaks and salads.

I waited until she was busy at the sink and her hands were wet. I slipped up behind her, my hands finding her tits, squeezing her rapidly hardening nipples and grinding my semi-hard cock into her lovely ass.

“ You’re so gonna get fucked later, you sneaky bitch. I’ll teach you to tease me for 2 hours.” I whispered into her ear.

She responded by pushing back hard against me, “bring it on babe” she giggled back.

Dinner went off easily and we kicked back and enjoyed the usual banter and a few beers and then Jim coughed politely.

“If you guys want to be together alone tonight I’ll understand” he said in a sheepish voice.

Lin and I exchanged amused glances.

“Don’t be a dork Jim, I want us all to have fun this weekend, that’s if it’s OK with you and you haven’t changed sides of course” Linda finished with a cheeky grin.

Jim was shy and his face coloured, but Lin saved him further embarrassment by going over to him and sliding her arms around him, giving him a sexy passionate kiss. While in the embrace, she slid her hand down to the front of his shorts and gripped his obvious hard-on squeezing it and leaving him in no uncertainty as to what she meant.

I was sitting there laughing at Jim’s sheepishness and Lin’s obvious command of the situation but found the sight of my sister kissing my friend and his arousal a big turn on.

I’m not a bit gay, but I had learned to give up on being jealous, it was more fun to watch
knowing that I was part of the fun. Lin could be such a slut and I loved to watch.

As she disengaged from Jim, I pulled her into my lap and gave her a passionate kiss of my own, “don’t forget me” I said playfully.

“Come on boys, let’s go somewhere more private to continue this conversation” she invited.

We hurriedly went inside and locked the door. Lin took both men by the hand and led us into the bedroom. On arrival she started shedding her clothes and not to be outdone, we also stripped off in record time.

We watched captivated as she stripped down to her very sexy underwear, a across between dental floss and net curtains.

Her beautiful, firm teenage body was slowly uncovered and by the time she was finished, and her shaved pussy came into view, both me and Jim were dry-mouthed, aroused and fully hard.

“Come here Jim, lick me” she purred as she spread her long lovely legs exposing her slick pink inner lips. Jim did as requested, lapping at her dripping cunt like a man possessed, driving his tongue deep into Lin causing her to roll her eyes back and shiver.

I positioned my cock beside her head, inviting her to suck me into her hot mouth. She was quick on the uptake and as she slipped her lips over the head of my cock, her eyes met mine.

Pulling back, she mouthed “Love you” to me soundlessly. I replied back in kind and pushed forward once more burying my shaft in her hot mouth.

I really did love my sister, she was then (and still is) the sexiest woman I’ve ever known.

I pumped my lovely sister’s mouth as Jim sucked her clit and lips, drinking her copious fluids and my hands held her head, stroking her hair.

Within a few minutes, Lin was starting to grind hard into Jim’s face.

“Now, I want a cock inside me, who’s first ?” Lin asked and I didn’t mind giving Jim first place.
Jim lay down on the bed on his back and Lin straddled his hips, (her favourite position) gripping his cock with her small hand and doing her favourite thing, sliding the cockhead along her small wet slit, something she knows I love to watch.

He closed his eyes and growled as she slowly worked the cockhead into her tight cunt. I saw the opportunity and got some baby oil and quickly applied it to my throbbing shaft. (I was starting to like the feel of oil on my cock).

Lin slipped all the way down Jim’s cock and threw her lovely head back. “Oh I do love you guys playing with me, you’re both every girls dream” she sighed as she took all of Jim’s length to the hilt.

I waited until she had established a steady deep rhythm and then I slipped onto the bed behind her.

“Are you ready for your dream fuck Sis ?” I asked.

“Oh yes please Bro” she invited and I positioned myself over Jim’s legs, sliding my oiled cock in between her ass cheeks.

The tip of my cock slipped in against her ass and the oil lubed her nicely. I continued sliding up and down along her ass slowly increasing the pressure until her ass opened and I started to enter her. She squealed and I froze, afraid that I might have pushed too hard.

“ No, don’t stop, give me more of him” she demanded and I again pushed into her tight entrance. Once the tip had passed her entrance I paused to allow her to relax and then slipped the remaining length all the way in until my balls connected with her ass.

Jim had stopped all movement until now and once I was fully inside he once again started to move.

We started a rhythm of pumping into her timing it so that both cocks met at the top together. It was the first time I had ever felt this sensation (not the last) and it was amazing.

I could feel his cock through the thin wall between us. It was the most erotic feeling I’ve ever experienced, the two cocks sliding against each other stretching Lin’s tight holes to capacity.

This was true for him also because within a very few minutes he stiffened and grunted, “Oh Fuckkkkkk, cummmmuing” as he exploded into Lin’s pussy.

I could feel his cock pumping against mine as both shafts were deep inside Lin’s body and the feeling of him cumming inside her but against my length set me off and I started to lose it also.

“Ohhhfuckkkkkkkinghell” Lin screamed out loud and she rode the two of us like a woman possessed, grinding her clit against Jim and her ass against me.

She came like a bomb spraying Jim with her squirts and the sensation of him cumming, her squirting and pushing down hard on my cock had the inevitable result, I held her hips tight, pulled her hard to me and buried myself deep into her tight ass.

I erupted a gallon of cum into her, spurting and pumping. She screamed and came again and again as the two cocks pushed into her tight holes filling her with cream. She must have cum at least four times continuously.

Then she did something really weird.

She started crying.

She was sobbing like a baby as I pulled out of her and took her into my arms hugging her, really concerned by the turn of events.

“What’s wrong Sis” I asked full of worry.

Finally, she managed to stop sobbing and whimpered.

“I don’t know, I came so powerfully that I couldn’t stop and was blown away, next thing I know I’m crying” she sniffed.

“It’s Ok sweetie” I said settling her between me and Jim and we both held her tight.

“I’m fine now, it’s a girl thing, I didn’t mean to ruin the moment” she said quietly.

“Can you go back inside me?” she asked in a small voice .I immediately cleaned my cock and after applying fresh oil I slipped into her hot pussy from behind and started a nice rocking motion burying myself to the balls in her well lubed and very slippery cunt.

“That’s better Bro, makes me feel like a woman again” she whispered smiling.

Jim, feeling left out, got in front and she scooted down the bed cupping his balls and started licking him from balls to tip and back again. I knew how good Lin’s oral skills were and was fascinated to watch her in action as she once again stepped up the pace.

I love watching a girl giving head, especially a girl as beautiful as Lin. It’s so erotic watching a horny, sexually experienced woman who loves sex, doing great sex.

Lin pumped her small hand up and down the length of Jim’s straining cock, her mouth sucking and tongue dancing all around the top. I watched, sliding my own now fully hardened cock deep into my sister’s newly awakened pussy, feeling her tighten and squeeze the throbbing shaft as it filled her.

Lin’s relentless skills finally overcame Jim’s staying power and with a huge groan he gripped Lin’s head, she deep throated him and he pumped his cum deep down into the back of her willing throat with a loud groan.

The sight of his pumping shaft and the feel of her contractions around my cock brought me to my second huge cum of the night and I emptied my balls deep into Lin’s quivering cunt.

She was very quick to follow, releasing Jim’s cock she cried out and pushed down hard taking every inch she could get.

“OOOOhhhhhhhggoooodddd” she squealed as she squirted all over me.

We collapsed in a heap I each others arms and fell asleep.

I was wakened about an hour later by Lin’s hand stroking my soft cock as she held me from behind.

“You’re the best brother and lover in the world” she whispered.

“Love you too Sis” I whispered back and I turning around, I slipped my hardening cock back into her and we rocked against each other kissing passionately arms wrapped around each other.

Jim, now awake, just watched and said “I really envy you guys, you’re so close, thanks for letting me join in with you”

“You’re welcome, now let me finish off big brother and we’ll all get some sleep” she giggled.

The final cum of the night was more subdued, we held each other tight, kissing softly and came together, her convulsing pussy sucking the last of my cum deep into her.

We did have a great weekend, though Jim never got into Lin's ass. She told me later the week after that she didn’t want Jim’s to take her ass as she sort of wanted to keep that special between us. So he never got there with Lin.

Sadly it was our last weekend with Jim. Soon after, he met a girl from a town 35 miles north of our hometown and moved in with her there. We never got the chance to party again.

Lin met and married a guy, had a 2 lovely daughters with him but after 15 years together, they parted badly and divorced.

I married, badly as it turned out, had a daughter, and ended up divorced also but that was only the beginning of where my recent adventures began.

Lin and me are still occasionally lovers now and are still having some fantastic sexy fun with each other and our beautiful girls.

But that’s another story……………………………………

I hope you enjoyed my stories and I hope you had as much fun reading them as I had recalling them.

Remember, love in all it’s forms, is all there is.

Love and best wishes, Brian. X


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