Fantasy no one was really raped
As this boy was licking and kissing my Moccasins; still telling me how great it to have had his fantasy for filled. I realize that I had lost control of myself. And was relieved I wouldn’t be going to jail for Rape. As I stood there my cock was getting hard again. I looked down at this boy who seemed to be enjoying his work. He was on his keens and elbows, His hands were wrapped around my heels, his head bowed low as he licked and kissed my Moccasins. I steadied his body, it was thin and close to pale white, His back was smooth that went down to a cute ass. Not a bubble butt, but a nice round soft looking globe. While I didn’t have a good view of it; I could imaging his anus hole was still beat red from the pounding I just gave it; still wide open with my cum oozing out, sliding down to his balls. The only hair I could see on his whole body was the patch in his crotch and on his head; which was shoulder length, dirty blond, puffed out shaggy looking. Just passed his ass I could see the soft sole of those beautiful white Moccasins, toes curl beneath his heels. Just knowing that inside those Moccasins his toes were swimming in his own Jizz caused my cock to throb.

I told him to start doing the same to my cock. He raised his head’ his right hand wrapped around the base of my throbbing manhood as his left hand gently played with my balls; his mouth open and his tough swirled around the head of my dick, stopping only to give it a big wet kiss. Wow! I said; you’re a real submissive cum swallowing cocksucker. He looked up with a smile and said; yes sir I get off pleasing my Master. It was the first time I had a chance to get a good look at his face. For a boy; he had the most amazing blue bedroom eyes, with just the right shaped eyebrows; his face was somewhat round with smooth soft skin. I thought to myself, if done up right this boy could pass as a sexy girl. He ran his tough down the side of my shaft, back up to the head licking the pool of precum from my pee hole then kissing it and licked down the other side. My dick couldn’t get any harder. In my entire life I have never been as sexual excited as I was right then. See the sole of his Moccasins curled up behind him, watching him work my rock hard cock was driving me crazy; it could get any better. I asked; so who is your Master now? He looked up and replied; I was hoping you would be sir. That blow my mind as my cock swelled even more. I placed my hand in his soft hair as I pulled his head in my hips thruster forward till my cock head was down his throat. My manhood was so thick and long (A full 9 inches aim sure) he had trouble opening his mouth wide enough to except it. I could feel his teeth drag over it as I force it down hit throat and held it there. He coughs and gagged a couple of time, but he was a pro and soon had it under control as I held fast. This pussy boy’s throat was as tight as his ass. I wiggle my hips just a little and I loved how good it made the head of my cock felt. As I eased my grip and slowly slide my dick out; he warped hand around my shaft holding it tight to his lips and fallowed then off my cock. He palmed the head to lubricate it and my shaft as he rested his mouth, as he did that I though to myself; this pussy boy is good at his trade. I then said; I aim going to cover your face with my sperm, branding you as my property. With a bid grin and a soft voice he said; Oh! Thank you sir; I will work hard to please you sir. With that he kissed the tip of my dick and slowly slid it over his wet lips and back into his mouth. Using his keens he rocked his whole body forward and back, keep his hand wrapped around my hard shaft, tight to his lips and each time his hand reached the cock head it hit all the right places, It was a combined hand job and blow job and the best I every had, I wonder where this boy learned to give such great head, He started to suck with each out stroke. He then popped my cock out of his mouth and started to rub the head up and down his cheek, as his hand milked precum from it. Rubbing it up one cheek, across his forehead down the other cheek, across his chin and under his nose before popping it back into his mouth and working it again. I watch my dick slide in and out of his sweet young mouth as he sucked it. Again he popped out of his mouth and rubbed all over his face, while saying; Oh! Master you cock is throbbing so I can feel you heat beat through it, Aim I please you Master; as he went back to sucking my cock? That submissive statement nearly cause me to lost it, I place a hand on his head forcing him to work me faster. I was close to exploring and told him so. He took my cock out, keeping his chin near the tip tipping back just enough to prevent over shots and closing his eyes, His hand now frequently pumped my hot hard cock. The first load of white creamy cum rocked out it landing on one side of his forehead and roped down to his chin, before the next shot out he shifted a little and it hit center forehead roping down the nose over his lips to the chin with the next landing beside that one. Another slight shrift and two more loads of white goop pooled over his eyes lids. He save the last of it for his mouth, wide open tough out three more wades of my Man chowder went straight in. He swallows it down, licking my cock clean, milking the last salty warm sperm into his pussy mouth. I tip his head back to smear my load all over his face. It glistens in the sun; the milky whiteness covers his skin. Looking down at his cum cover face saying; you belong to me now and your slave name will be Pussy boy your ass is now my cunt. As he replies; Yes Master, thank you Master, strings of Jizz span between his lips as he spoke.

I wasn’t done with my new cunt just yet; I wanted his pussy boy ass one more time. I made him stand and help me shake the dirt from the blanket and spread it out again. I told him to step on the corner and wipe the sole of his Moccasins clean. Telling him to lie on is back with feet high in the air, as he does I place a keen on ether side of his ass, holding his feet together. I said; this time I’ll let you lube my new cunt while pussy boy makes Master hard again. He drool spit into both hands, reaches between his legs, one to my cock the other to his sweet tight hole. Gently he tugs at my penis while rubbing his hole letting a finger slip in and out. As sexual excited as this kid had made me, I knew I had another stiffy in me maybe more. Whit dick hard Pussy boy guided it to his hole; I though about being more gentle with him, but then dropped my hips down hard and fast. All I heard was arrr! Thank you Master. I pulled his feet to my face rubbing the soles all over, they still had that new leather smell, and the soles show little wears still almost clean. I have a really bad soft sole foot fetishes made all the better with my hard cock deep inside this sex pod wearing cum filled Moccasins in my face was driving me wild. I grabbed pussy’s hands and pin them down over his head as I hump him hard and fast, yelling; curl your toes and massager my face cunt. As I hammer away on him he was moaning with pleasure saying; Oh! Yes mater ride me hard sir do you little cunt good mater please, Oh! How he knew how to stroke my donate male ego. I went into over drive and fuck him like a wild man. Sweat dripping off my body as my cock went in and out like a jackhammer. His dick was now hard and he looked like he was going to pass out as he moaned louder saying Oh my God Master I think aim going to cum, may I master please may pussy boy cum please sir. I was so enthroned with the soft sole Moccasins in my face and the great feeling of fucking him I almost didn’t hear him. Now breathless all I could muster was a yes. Soon ropes of Jizz blasted from his young cock landing on his chest and stomach. I was not even near climax and kept slam his cunt hole as hard as I could. So much sweat had drain from my pores and dripped down that Pussy boy now glisten in the warm summer sun, the cum; now dried in his face as I kept up my assault on his ass. It seem like an hour had gone by and my body could take no more, My beat red sore dick explored inside my tight cunt, filling it to the brim, exhausted with cock still inside him I clapped on top of my Pussy boy. We laid there in a heap soaking up the now hot Sun.
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