Another story about Simon, that signs my name [ Milker ] to other people's stories and leaves his shitty little comments
I was out drinking one night and to be honest I was horny. Not horny like your thinking but horny for the taste of someone's [ anyone's ] pale yellow pee. I was beyond horny for it, I was craving it by then and I knew where I could find it, so I parked my car, started hitchhikng and got into the 1st car that stopped for me.

Right away the driver an old black man around 60 years old started asking me the same old questions. What's your name? Did you go to school around here Simon? Do you have a girl friend and does she satisfy you sexually in all the ways that you need to be satisfied Simon?

I hated it, when they asked me all those stupid questions but I guess they were nervous or embarrassed about needing to pick a boy up for sex and that was their way of easing into it or whatever.

Anyway, the whole time he was asking me the questions, he was gently rubbing himself and by the time he had finished talking to me he had a boner and you could see how big it was through his pants.

He caught me peeking down at it and whispered, " You like it " and before I could answer him, he reached over, took ahold of my hand and put it on it. I was in shock, nobody had ever done that to me before and I couldn't move my hand away from it. I couldn't believe it as he held my hand there and got me to feel just how big it really was. It had to be at least 8 or 9 inches long and hard as a rock

When he saw that I wasn't afraid of it or whatever, he slowly took his hand away and whispered, " That's it, feel it Simon, feel how big it is, you like it don't you?" I was totally embarrassed as he got me to admit it and I heard myself whimpering and saying " Uh huh, uh huh. "

The next thing I knew, he was undoing his pants and taking it out, as we sat there at a red light.

" What are you doing, are you crazy, put it away."

" Why, haven't you ever sucked one, maybe even a black one?"

" Oh Nooo, Please don't make me say it."

" Why, you like [ The Cock ] don't you?"

I was so embarrassed that I couldn't answer him. Nobody had ever tried to pin me down to liking it [ The Cock ] like that and I didn't know how to handle it.

" Say it Simon, say," " I want to suck your cock, your black cock."

" Nooo."

All of a sudden he reached over, pulled me down to it, right there at the red light and whispered, " Suck it Simon, suck it " over and over. I tried to pull away from him but he was stronger than me and held me down there like that until he felt my warm soft tongue licking at his little pee hole.

" Oh Fuck, That's it, That's it, come-on, come-on, you know you want to."

He was right, I did want it and there was no way that I could deny it anymore, so without even worrying about what he thought of me, I started circling the big head, with my warm pink tongue.

" Agghhhh, Agghhhhhhhhh, Oh shit yes, lick it baby, lick it." " Work it with that little tongue of yours." " You like that dick don't you baby?" " Was it a black man that turned you on to [ The Dick ] the first time or was it another white boy?"

Hearing him saying that did something to me and once again I lost it and slipped my open mouth down over the end of it.

" Oh Fuckkk, Do it, Do it baby, Suck mah dick and make it happy."

I couldn't believe how much foreskin he had, as it rolled back and forth over the swollen head every time I raised up and down on it. I love to lick and suck and even chew on a boy or man's foreskin, mostly because of how warm and soft it is but also because it always tastes like their pee, a taste and smell that I've been drawn to every since I was little.

He wasn't in any hurry to cum, I knew this because he wasn't moving it in my mouth at all. He was just sitting there driving along and looking down at the young white boy. The young white boy that for some strange reason had a need to suck on his old black cock.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore and as I raised- up off of it I whispered, " Pee, pee, Please pee for me, Please."

" Huh, pee, you want my pee and not my cum?" " Oh shit, Your a Pee Freak aren't you baby?"

Once again I was way to embarrassed to answer him.

" I'll pee for you baby but then you have to suck it and make me cum,ok?"

I didn't want his cum, I wanted and needed his pee but by then I didn't care what I had to do to get it and the next thing I knew, I heard myself whispering and whimpering, " Uh huh, Uh huh, I'll suck it, I promise. "

And no sooner had I said it, than I heard him saying, " Don't move, just keep your lips closed tight around it and don't move, so it doesn't get on the car seat "and as soon as he finished saying that he let out a long low moan " Aggghhhhhhhhhhhh " and all at once I could feel his warm oily pee starting to flow gently across my tongue, gently at first but building up to a heavy flow, filling my mouth until I had to swallow and then the only sounds coming from the car were the little Gulp...gulp, Gulp...gulp, Gulping sounds that I was making on it, as he filled my belly full of his warm salty pee.

The whole time I was trying to swallow all of it, he was looking down at me and calling me names. Names that embarrassed me and made me feel dirty for needing to do something like that.

When he finally finished peeing, I wanted to quit but he would have none of that, as he took ahold of it and whispered, " Now finish it off " and I did.

It was less than a minute, before he moaned real loud and I could feel his warm dick as it started to jerk and then squirt...Once..."Agghhh", Twice...squirt..." Agghhh," and then 2 more times, squirt...squirt..."Agghhh...Agghhh," as it left its [ White Candy ] on my tongue and he moaned real loud, " There's Your Reward Baby, Now Eat it " and I did.

Neither of us said a word as he dropped me off at my house and drove away.

I knew that he would be back and he was 3 nights later. I was just going to bed and I heard a knock at the door and when I opened the door, he was standing there looking at me and saying, " I've really gotta pee baby, can I use your bathroom?" And without even giving it a second thought, I let him in, closed the door and followed him into the bathroom.
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