Lexi and Maggie begin their training
Daddy Aquires Lexi

Lexi and Maggie begin their training

I would like to thank an excellent writer on this site for inspiring me and editing some of my stories. When you read my tales, I would like for you to be naked and masturbate, alone or with a significant other. My purpose is to make you cum, and cum hard.

Chapter 10

After our strenuous workout with one of the videos I bought at the adult store, we showered and rested for the rest of the afternoon. I curled up with a good book, and Maggie and Lexi went to her Womens Wear shop to see how things were going for the day. I couldn’t help but think how close the girls were becoming, to the point that they couldn’t keep their hands off each other, and they seemed inseparable. One could see that Lexi was smitten with Maggie, as to how she always looked at her with such love and adoration.

With each trip being made to the apartment, Maggie seemed to have brought more belongings to the point that the closet was full in the spare bedroom (which I used as a home office), and you could see the small but feminine touches being made throughout the place. With almost all of her clothes now at my and Lexi’s, Maggie was spending more and more nights with us until she finally put her furniture in storage and formally moved in. Because I had a king sized bed, we all 3 slept together. Naked. Accessable. And ever so wet, hard, and willing.

Since Lexi and I knew that our Maggie was going to stay in our lives, I had been working on a basic design footprint for the new house I wanted to build to fit our newfound lifestyle. It was at this time I received a call from the real estate firm I had engaged to find a building site. As I instructed them not to call me unless they had met all of the criteria I listed, I was looking forward to the site inspection. I made an appointment for the next day after Lexi went to school and Maggie went to work. I didn’t say anything to either of the girls yet, as I wanted everything to be in place perfectly before I surprised them.

When the girls got home from Maggie’s shop, they got in the door, turned to each other, and wrapped their arms around each other and put their open mouths together with tongues searching and probing. Both lowered their hands to each other’s butt and held on and squeezed the cheeks, pulling each other closer. Breaking off their kiss, they both went into Lexi’s room holding hands and whispering to each other and giggling.

A few minutes later, emerging from my young daughter’s bedroom, they were wearing their robes. “David, we want you to watch us. Watch what we do with each other,” Maggie said looking at me with a sultry and lustful look. “Are you ready sweetheart?” she asked the youngster.

“Oh god, Mommy. Yes! I can’t wait!” moaned our little girl. I could distinctly smell the arousal of the girls, and that started a reaction in my pants.

“Okay honey. Drop your robe! Let your daddy see what we have for him!” Maggie instructed.

After dropping their robes on the floor and standing facing me, all I saw were two drop dead gorgeous females standing with their hands behind their back, arching their backs in what seemed to me to be an offering of their tits and nipples. Maggie of course, as an early 30-something, had fully formed 38D breasts that defied gravity and whose nipples stood out hard and proud. Our little daughter, who just turned 13, her breasts were still growing, but her nipples were nice and pronounced on her small body. I couldn’t help but notice how her boobs were getting larger in less than a year. Standing with their legs slightly apart, one couldn’t help but notice that both pussies were bare and smooth. Not to mention wet.

That’s when I heard a very faint buzzing. “Okay sweetheart. Just like we rehearsed in your room. Are you ready? NOW!!” my beautiful and built Maggie ordered.

Quickly turning around, both girls bent slightly at the waist, reached behind her, and spread her butt cheeks!

That’s when I saw where the buzzing was coming from. Both girls had the small thin vibrator up their lovely butts, and judging from the amount of girl juice running down their thighs, they loved the idea and how the vibes felt in their asses.

Jesus H. Christ! These two would do absolutely anything to turn me and themselves on! Since Maggie and I had worked together to give Lexi her introduction to sex, our home was a constant fuckfest! I stared in awe at the sight before me! Both girls were now beginning to pump their hips simulating the motions of being fucked!

Beginning to moan and pumping their hips more, both turned to each other, and not being able to refrain any longer, and with desperate looks of lust, wrapped their arms around each other and brought their mouths together with searching tongues. Holding on to each other’s cheeks they pressed themselves together rubbing their bodies together in search of more!

Reaching around, each latched on to the thin vibe in the other’s ass and started to work it in and out. Slowly at first, then faster. Breaking their kiss, they leaned their heads back in ecstasy and started to breathe more quickly and moaning, gasping, and gyrating. “Now, sweetheart! Just like we talked about! I have to have you now!” Maggie moaned.

Still fucking each other with the vibes, both girls lowered themselves to the carpeted floor, and arranged themselves in a hot 69! Working the vibes in and out of each other’s ass, each brought her mouth to the slit and clit of the other! Of course, by this time, my cock was as hard as iron and I pulled my clothes off and sat back down on the couch slowly stroking my 8 inches!

Both were licking each other like it was their last meal! They were frantically fucking the other with the small vibes working each other to a great cum! Moaning and gasping, Lexi told Maggie, “I’m almost there Mommy! Cum with me! I want to taste your cum! Cum in my mouth! I need it! Squirt on my face! I love you so much Mom! Cum for me! Cum!”

Resuming her mad licking, Lexi was bringing our Maggie to the brink! “Sweetheart, don’t stop! It’s going to be a big load for you! I’m going to cum in you and on you! Take my cum, my darling girl! AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHEEEEE!!” Maggie screamed. “FUCK MEEEE IN THE ASSSS! GOD! IT FEELS SO GOOOOOD! DON’T STOP! I’M CUMMING AGAIN! I LOVE BEING FUCKED IN THE ASS! IT FEEEELS WONDERFUL! ARRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHEEEEEEE!!”

I could see the cum gushing out of Maggie’s soaked cunt into our child’s mouth! Lexi pressed her mouth onto the squirting pussy to get as much cum as she could! I could see her throat swallowing all that Maggie could give her! Turning them over, Lexi spread her legs as wide as she could, and Maggie was working hard fucking Lexi in the ass with the vibrator! Maggie was munching on our little girl’s clit to get her to cum hard!

“Mommy, I’m almost there! I’m going to cum for you my darling mother! EAT ME! FUCK MEEEE! THIS FEELS SO DAMN GOOD, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I’M GOING TO CUM! DRINK MY CUM, MOMMY!

Shortly after Lexi’s big cum, lifting her soaking face, Maggie was dripping with Lexi’s cum! I dove off the couch and started to lick Maggie’s face to get all of our daughter’s cum I could! Lexi was lying on the floor catching her breath, while my hard cock was dangling above her head. Of course, not one to let an opportunity slip past, our darling daughter engulfed just about my entire length! My god in heaven, it felt so good with my cock in the mouth of a young, adolescent girl and stroking it to get me to cum! Maggie laid down on the floor and spread her legs showing me her saturated cunt with the vibe still going strong in her ass!

“Look what your daughter and I have for you!” she said holding up the third small vibrator! “Watch me, David! Watch how I get the little cock ready for your asshole!”

Working the vibe up and down her soaked slit, she got it nice and wet! I noticed that she still had the small vibe embedded in her asshole! “Do you want this in your lovely ass, my love? You want to feel how good it is to be fucked by the women who love you more than anything in the world?”

Lexi stopped working my cock over with her mouth and pulling my hips down, brought her tongue to my ass and started to lick my cheeks, moaning while she was doing it! Spreading my cheeks, our daughter licked around my rosebud, and at my urging, finally speared her tongue into my asshole!

“Oh fuck, that feels so good my darling daughter! Lick my asshole! Tongue fuck my asshole!” I moaned, not believing how good this was. I lowered my head onto my arms, keeping my butt elevated to give my ladies unfettered access!

“Okay, Mommy. Daddy’s ready for his first anal fuck!” Lexi said briefly pulling her tongue out of my ass, but putting it right back.

“Sweetheart, pull your daddy’s cheeks apart so we can fuck him! That’s right. Can you pull them apart more? My, look at his beautiful asshole! It just seems to want something thrust in there doesn’t it?” Maggie was taunting me!

“Stop screwing around and fuck me!” I moaned. “Just fuck me!”

“Teehee,” our youngster giggled. “He’s beginning to sound like us, isn’t he Mommy? Now he knows what it’s like, the need to be fucked. The need to feel a cock in him! Give it to him, Mommy! Give it to him! Fuck daddy!”

While our daughter held my cheeks apart, Maggie slowly pushed the slim vibe up my ass! Oh my fucking god! It felt so good! Needless to say, it didn’t take long to put the whole length in. It seemed that my ass just opened up!

“My goodness, little one. Look how your daddy has taken this little cock! His ass just sucked it in and seems to want more! Shall we fuck him? Do you want to fuck him and I’ll suck his cock or do you want to suck him?” Maggie asked making sure I heard every word.

“Let me give Daddy his first anal fuck, please Mommy! I’ll fuck him and you can suck his cock. But don’t swallow his cum. Will you share it with me?” asked our lolita. My god! I couldn’t believe what a cum slut she was becoming! But I loved it!

“Of course I will, darling girl.” answered the lustful Maggie. “But I’ll have to kiss you to give it to you. I’m sure you won’t mind, will you my love?”

“I want you to so bad, Mom. My god! I can’t believe how much I love you and Daddy!” our Lexi moaned slowly fucking me with the vibrator.

Laying my head on the floor, I assumed the job of up holding my cheeks apart when Maggie moved toward my hard cock.

With Maggie swallowing most of my hard 8 inches and stroking my cock, and our lovely, horny daughter beginning to drive the small vibe in my butt faster and faster, I could feel the beginning of what was going to be a monumental cum. Not wanting the incredible feelings to end, I put it off as long as I could! But both girls were working hard to get me to blow into Maggie’s beautiful mouth! It was so hard not to.

Pushing back to get more vibe in my butt, and thrusting forward to get more of my cock down Maggie’s throat, I had a great fucking motion that the outcome was not going to be long in coming, (pun intended). I could not believe how wonderful this felt! Especially with two stunning and horny females working to get me to cum! I couldn’t believe how much I needed this!

“Oh shit! Keep fucking me sweetheart! I moaned, holding my butt cheeks apart as far as I could. “Maggie, your mouth feels so good around my cock! It won’t be long now! I love both of you so much!”

“I’m almost there, my darling girls! Don’t stop! Shit, it’s going to be a strong one! ‘I’M CUMMING, OH MY GOD, I’M CUMMING! TAKE MY CUM SWEETHEART! SUCK MY COCK AND TAKE IT! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH! GOD, I NEED THIS! FUCK ME, LEXI! I’M CUMMING SO HARD!”

“Remember, Mommy. Don’t swallow Daddy’s gift!” Lexi reminded what was now her mother. “I need some of Daddy’s cum! It seems I can’t live without it!”

Lexi laid down just beneath her mother and opened her mouth. Maggie leaned over and opened her mouth just enough to align the cum drool with our child’s open mouth. When the young girl had her mouth full of her daddy’s nectar, Maggie closed hers and swallowed. Lexi sat up and opened her mouth to show her mother and daddy her prize. She then closed her mouth and swallowed, with her body giving an involuntary shudder.

“Neither of us can live without your daddy’s cum, sweetheart,” Maggie averred. “To be honest, I think we need it to live. It’s our sustenance. It’s our ambrosia. It is definitely the food of the gods. Did you just cum again honey?”

Spreading her legs, Lexi moaned, “I couldn’t help it! Mommy, look how wet I am! Daddy’s cumming got me so worked up, I need to be fucked again! Daddy, pleeeeeeease! I need your cock! Please fuck meeeee!”

“You’re not the only one, beautiful girl. I need to be fucked too!” Maggie acknowledged. “Your daddy’s out of the picture for a short while. What’ll we do?” Spreading her legs with her hard nipples protruding, “Look how soaked I am!”

Witnessing their dilemma, I staggered as I got up and retrieved the appropriate tool for their needs.

“Here girls. Come closer to each other and spread your legs. Get your pussies close,” I said holding up the double headed vibrator. “After I get each end inside your pussies, get close enough to rub your clits together.”

Attaching the double vibe together, I inserted one end into what was becoming our slut-child. Maggie, seeing what I was doing, scooted closer and spread her legs more to give me access to her soaked cunt. Inserting the second end into my sex goddess, I turned on both vibes and sat back and watched.

That seemed to turn the girls on even more. Scootching closer now, they made contact with their clits. Lying on their backs with legs entwined, they started to gyrate their pussies together, working themselves up to an even greater frenzy! Sitting up a bit, Maggie grabbed Lexi’s hands from between her legs. Both girls were now holding on to each other, rubbing clits frantically!

“Oh, my darling girl! Isn’t this wonderful? Isn’t Daddy considerate to get us this? Look how we’re fucking each other!” Maggie moaned. “We can do this all the time now! I love you so much, Lexi! I’ll be the best mommy for you! I promise!”

“You already are, Mommy! My god, you feel so good! Daddy is so smart to keep thinking of these things for us!” our daughter gasped. “Thank you, Daddy! I love you both so much! Fuck me, Mommy! Fuck meeee!”

“Are you close yet, my horny girl?” the sexy woman asked. “I’m getting close to cumming!”

It was so damn hot watching two horny, uninhibited girls one, a young prepubescent child, and the other, a young 30 ish built-like-a-brick-shithouse woman, both of whom who were placed on this earth to fuck! Unashamedly, grinding their pussies and clits together for my viewing pleasure (not to mention theirs), they were working toward a huge cum!

“Keep rubbing my clit with yours, Mommy,” our hot, wet, and horny daughter moaned. “I’m getting so close too. Don’t stop, Mom! Oh god, this is incredible! I’m cumming Mommy! I’m cumming again! AAAAARRRRRGGGGGEEEEE! OH, FUCK ME MOMMY!” Lexi screamed, grinding her hips with abandon, holding on to her mother’s arms her little tits shaking and her nipples so hard!

Cumming hard, the young girl gushed her cum out of her soaked cunt onto the vibrator and her mother’s pussy!

Feeling the torrent of cum on her, Maggie came just as hard! “I can feel you cum on my pussy my horny child! I’m so close. Don’t stop! FUCK YOUR MOTHER, LEXI! FUCK MEEEEE! I’M CUMMING, SWEETHEART! I’M CUMMING! DON’T STOP FUCKING MEEEEE!” AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGG! DON’T STOP! Pumping her hips like mad, Maggie was squirting her cum onto the groin and stomach and asshole of our daughter!

Watching two uninhibited girls fuck each other, my cock was back up to hardest state! I dropped down and started licking Maggie’s cum from every part of Lexi I could reach with my tongue!

I picked my daughter up and wrapped my arms under her tight little butt. While I was standing, she instinctively opened her legs and wrapped them around me, and reached down for my hard cock! Slowly lowering her, her soaked cunt engulfed my pole. Not moving, I wanted to see how she would react to this new position. Sure enough, with her fingers entwined around my neck, and her head tilted back in rapture, my darling little girl started slowly humping my cock making sure it was all in, and then started to fuck me quicker until she couldn’t control herself!

“Oh god, Daddy! You fuck me so gooood! I adore your incredible cock!” Lexi moaned.

Trying to be a bit lighthearted and through gritted teeth, I answered, “You mean I fuck you so well don’t you, sweetheart?”

“Whatever, Daddy! Just don’t stop! I can’t believe I’m going to cum again! Fuck me, Daddy! Just fuck me!”

“Um, you’re doing the fucking, sweetheart.” I held her tight and spoke quietly in her ear. “Cum for your daddy! Cum for me! I want to feel you squirt your cum all over my cock and balls! DO IT! CUM FOR ME, MY CHILD! CUM FOR ME!”

With Maggie laying on the floor with her legs obscenely spread, rubbing her clit and finger fucking her drenched cunt, the vibe in her ass was still going strong!

“Look at your mother, Lexi. Look how hot she is and wanting to cum again! She needs to cum again, just like you! DO IT, LEXI! CUM FOR YOUR MOTHER AND ME! CUM FOR US!” I encouraged her.

Rising, Maggie stood up and wrapped her arms around us, reaching behind and under the frantically pumping child! Getting a grip on the slender vibe in the youngster’s ass, she started to fuck her with it as Lexi was fucking herself on my hard cock!

“Mommy, what are you doing to me?” our little lolita gasped. “It feels so good! I can’t believe I’m being fucked by two cocks at once! This is incredible! Please don’t stop! I’m getting so close!”

“Mom, Daddy, how can I cum so much? What are you two doing to me? I love you both so much, just don’t ever stop making me cum!” she moaned while frantically pumping herself on my cock with her mother stroking the vibe in her butt. “GOD, I’M GOING TO CUM AGAIN! I LOVE IT WHEN YOU BOTH ARE FUCKING ME! THIS IS INCREDIBLE!! AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH! I’M CUMMING AGAIN!”

She was shaking uncontrollably! I knew she was having a mind-blowing orgasm when I could feel her squirt all over the middle of my entire body! Her cum was running down my legs, while she was still madly fucking me, trying to get the most out it! Our young lolita finally stopped gyrating and just collapsed with my cock and me holding her up.

I walked over to the couch and lifting her off of my hard cock, lovingly laid her down, where she curled up and closed her eyes. I pulled the vibrator out of her luscious ass and turned it off. I threw an afghan over her, and let her rest.

Meanwhile, her mother started to lick up and down my legs trying to get as much of Lexi’s cum as possible. There was something incredibly erotic seeing a beautiful, naked, horny, stacked woman on the floor licking her way up your body. Working her way up, Maggie eventually got my cock in her mouth sucking all of the juices off, still strumming her clit. As I didn’t think that I was going to be able to cum again soon, much to Maggie’s disappointment, I pulled my cock from her mouth, and lifted her up.

“David, I’m going crazy watching you and Lexi fuck! I need to cum again! Please fuck me. I know you didn’t cum when you fucked Lexi. Fuck me, David! Pleeeease fuck me!”

Positioning her over an arm of the couch, she was bent at the waist and spread her legs to give me complete access to her soaked cunt. And the vibe was still buzzing in her butt!

Sliding my cock with one push into the wettest pussy I’ve ever experienced, I held it in place and felt the vibrator in her ass.

“Oh god! Yessss! Thank you so much my darling! Give it to me! Fuck meee! I love and need you so much! You’re everything I’ve ever wanted in a man! And it helps that you have the most magnificent cock in the world and know how to use it!” My wanton woman moaned feeling my cock fill her.

Working it slowly in and out, my Maggie was almost delirious with her fuck-lust. “MY GOD, DAVID! COME ON! FUCK ME HARD AND FAST! I NEED IT! I KNOW YOU WON’T CUM FOR AWHILE, SO FUCK ME LIKE I SHOULD BE FUCKED! MAKE ME CUM! I NEED TO CUM AGAIN! DO IT! FUCK MEEEE!” Moaning, she continued her encouragement. “Make me your slut, sweetheart. Like we’re making our sexy Lexi! You can always fuck us. We’ll be your sluts! Always.”

Increasing the speed of my thrusts, judging by her moans and gasps, I knew it was what Maggie needed. Thrusting back into me, my steely cock was giving her what she craved. Her hand found its way between her legs to her clit. The vibe was still going strong in her ass. Rubbing furiously and fucking back at me, I knew she wasn’t going to last long. I was confident that my uninhibited fuck mate was going to cum long before I did. And she did!

Panting and moaning, she was fucking back at me with abandon! Hard! Cumming hard, Maggie squirted her cum all over the arm of the couch!

I hadn’t cum yet, but didn’t have to, so I kept fucking my wanton mate until she came again! This time, she not only squirted on the couch, but copious quantities were running down her legs! God! This woman was insatiable! I could see why I loved her so much!

Breathless, Maggie had collapsed on the arm of the couch in an effort to recover. Not having cum yet, I kept pumping into her soaked cunt trying to get off! Reaching a hand between her legs while she was laying on the arm, she started to stroke her clit yet again! Working up a sweat, I fucked my greatest love with a lust I didn’t know I had! I had to cum! I just had to! I fucked and fucked her until I could feel the beginnings of a good, hard orgasm!

“Cum for me, my darling! Cum in me! Let me feel it! God, your cock feels so good!” Maggie was gasping and moaning.

“Oh my god, my love! I’m going to cum again!” I moaned pumping for all I was worth. “I didn’t know I had any left! Here it comes, sweetheart! Take it! OHHHHHHHHH!” This one wasn’t as strong as the previous ones, and it was more low key. Even though I did have a good orgasm, it hurt. Really. You men know what it’s like to cum more than a few times in a short amount of time. It gets to hurt! But being the big, brave man I am, I managed to hide it, and Maggie didn’t noticed.

I collapsed on my Maggie, and she just laid on the soaked arm of the couch, exhausted. I rose just enough to slowly remove the vibrator from her succulent ass and turned it off.

“Thank you, my darling. I needed that so much! Good god! What a day! Let’s put sexy Lexi to bed and go to bed ourselves.” My sex goddess suggested.

I was so beat, I almost didn’t make it to the bedroom with our naked daughter in my arms. Maggie went into the bathroom and got a warm, damp washcloth, and wiped our afternoon and evening of hot sex off the child.

I was completely naked, and laid down on my back beside Lexi. Maggie got another warm washcloth and wiped me off too. Last, she did herself, and got most of the cum out of her pussy and off her thighs.

Before drifting off, I informed my incredibly beautiful fuck mate that by the end of the week, I would like for her and Lexi to become adapted to the larger butt plugs, as I would like to fuck them both in the ass the next weekend. Would she have any objections?

“Remember what I told you, my love. We’re becoming sluts. Your sluts. We will do anything you want with us! Just don’t forget our needs too. We both love you more than anything else in the world, and will do anything for you!” My darling quietly reminded me. “Just never, ever leave us. I think we would die if we ever lost you.”

I remembered hearing that before. “Good night, sweetheart. Dream of how much I love the both of you and remember that you two are my whole world,” I whispered before we fell into a deep, deep sleep.


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