This is My First Story...I hope everyone enjoys it. Daddy goes out for the night!
This story is completely ficticious.
Dads Night Out

Jason was a simple man, he has worked in at a warehouse distribution center for over 10yrs now. He has a wife (Sandra) and a daughter (Krystal) who he loves very much. Sandra is 42 and is a part time real estate agent. Krystal is 13 and is boy crazy as most girls are at that age and she gets decent grades so Jason and Sandra are pretty relaxed on letting her stay over her friends for the weekend.

Last weekend as usual on most Fridays Krystal wanted to go to her friend Amandas and stay the night. Sandra and Jason made a deal with her if she would clean her grandparents house on Saturday she could go to her friends. Its 6pm and Jason just pulls into the drive way and goes into the house, hangs his coat and hears Krystal playing music on her radio upstairs. He goes upstairs.

He Knocks at her bedroom door and she replies "come in dad"
Hey sweetness what are you doing home? I thought you would have been gone to Amandas by now.

Her mom is about to be here she says, what do you have planned tonight dad?
Mr. Jenkins my boss invited me to a party at his house, rumors going around that there could be an expansion at the company and they might need a new head of operations.

So your going to go kiss ass at some snooty party? That is not like you she says.
I know Jason replies, but it would be nice to make some big money for once. Hey where is your mother I thought she would be home by now.
There's a note on the fridge for you dad from mom.
(Horn Honks outside)

Oh I gotta run dad, Krystal grabs her bag and kisses her dad on the cheek and says "here dad mom gave me the keys to grandma and grandpas house but I don't want to lose the keys at Amandas, so could you please hold them for me till tomorrow ok? bye daddy I will see you tomorrow love you.
Jason puts the keys in his pocket and makes his way downstairs and finds the note, it says that Sandra isn't going to be home till late so go out to eat or have a drink. He thinks well might as well go enjoy the party. He gets ready and heads outside to his car and drives to the party.

Mr. Jenkins house is packed with people, Jason is in shock that his boss is having such a killer party. Jason walks in and makes his way to the living room. He hears his name being called over by Mr. Jenkins sitting on a couch smoking a big cigar. Mr. Jenkins tells him to have a seat and that he just sent his butler for some more drinks.

Jason talks with Mr. Jenkins and a 4 of his associates for almost 2 hours, drinking whiskey and laughing. Jason is having a good time and he didn't expect this to go this well. They talk about family, about money, Jenkins amazing house and his partners are loving Jason like he was one of there old friends. He offers Jason and the business partners a tour of the house. They all oblige and follow Mr. Jenkins

He shows them the pool, the 5 bathrooms, the massive kitchen, his garage, and the biggest master bedroom Jason has ever seen. He stops at a door and says "Now this is one of my favorite parts of the den" They walk in to find 3 flat screen TVS, billiards table, jukebox with massive stereo, and a bar, so of course they go up to the bar and get more drinks.

Mr. Jenkins treated everyone so nice and cool, Jason started to really relax and have an awesome time. The party died down and every one left except for Jason, Mr. Jenkins and his 4 associates. His butler walked in and he locked the door behind him and was carrying a weird looking box. Jenkins sat the box down on the table and opened it. He asked them if they really liked to party and then chopped up a line of coke and snorted it right out of the box. Jason was nervous but also pretty drunk. Jenkins asked Jason if he wanted to do some and Jason said sure and snorted a line. An hour passed and they were drinking more and laughing and so lit on the cocaine.

Mr. Jenkins said "hey I need to show all of you the greatest addition to the house". On the left side of the den there was a door with 2 locks on it and a small sliding window at the top. Nobody really paid any attention to the door before Jenkins decided to walk over to it and slide open the little window and looked inside

He turned around and said this gentlemen this is my dark room. He asked them to each walk up to the door and look inside the little window. The associates went and each one kind of snickered a little and then Jason. He looked in and he saw a girl facing the opposite direction tied to a chair with her ass up with just her panties on. One of the associates asked "whos the slut?" Mr. Jenkins said "I don't know I just pay some guy named Ricky and he always makes sure there's one in there when I need one"

Jason he said, You want to go first? Your one of my right hand men at the north branch warehouse and I know I come off as an ass but I got a lot of shit to deal with running multiple warehouses but yours is always has steady numbers and is always up kept so I think you should get first go round with her.

Jason said....Lets do another line and a shot of whiskey. They all laughed

After that Mr. Jenkins opened the door and said have fun, the single light went very dim when the door closed behind him as Jason approached the girl. It had been awhile since Jason had seen a hot young girl like this, great legs and ass. She was gagged and tied as he made his way over to her. He smacked her ass and rubbed her back and pulled her hair. He smacked it again harder.

The girl moaned, Jason undid his pants and pulled out his cock and rubbed it on her panties. Then he pulled her panties down to her ankles and then spit on her pussy and then spit on his dick. He grabbed the base of his dick and pushed into the girls little pussy, raping her, splitting her into, making her whine and moan. Jason never felt so alive. He grabbed her hips and pounded the girls cunt harder and faster, he could feel her getting tighter. She started to shake and her moans were loud as she came all over his dick. Jason felt her orgasm and felt his cock start to throb harder as he grunted and cussed at the girl calling her a slut. He pulled her hair back hard as his balls tighten. He yells FUCK!!! and he pumps her hard his cock on the verge of exploding. He then lets out a grunt so loud as his cock shoots load after load inside her, pushing all the way in filling her tummy up. He almost collapses, he gets his footing as he pulls out of the girl, cum pours out of her and onto the floor.

Goddamn that was good. He reaches down and takes the girls panties off of her ankles and Jason says he is going to keep them for a souvenir. He puts them in his pocket and walks out the door.

Mr. Jenkins tells him to keep up the good work and one day even he could have a dark room in his house. Jenkins tells everyone he is next and he goes in and he starts slapping her ass senseless, yelling and then he starts raping her.

Each associate got a turn. They talked a bit in the den after and then Jason shook there hands and started to head home.

The next day.

Jason awoke with a bad hangover. He makes his way to the kitchen he pours some orange juice and then kisses his wife on the cheek and says good morning honey. The front door opens and closes as Krystal comes in, she walks by the kitchen and says hi and is limping a bit. Jason asks her what happened to you Krystal? She said at Amandas last night they were sliding down the stairs on cardboard and she ended up getting hurt but she explains she is fine and she tells them shes gotta go clean up her grandparents house like she promised and makes her way upstairs.

She remembers she gave the keys to her dad and she don't want to yell so she figures there in his pants pocket and he always leaves his pants by the bed.

Sandra says she is going outside to water the garden and clean up the porch. Jason looks at his phone and reads a couple texts from Jenkins as he sips some coffee.

Daddy...Krystal says softly as she gets to the kitchen.

Yes baby what is it? he replies.
She smiles and pulls the panties from behind her back and says daddy...
Do you still want these as a souvenir...
Because there one of my favorite pairs.

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2014-03-08 01:16:43
Not really enjoyable. Besides the usual punctuation errors, it seems....well....rushed somehow. If she was willing, why was she bound and gagged? If she was being raped, why not be angry at her dad? Why not confront him?

Too many questions and not a lot of answers.

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