A young couple finds themselves... in the Twilight Zone!
Author’s Note: I do not own or claim the Twilight Zone, or the paragraph directly succeeding this one. I am simply using it as a glorified framing device. The stories that follow are original works of fiction; any relation to real world people or situations is purely coincidental.

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.

Yet the Twilight Zone is far more than the tales of the weird, of the horrible, or of the frightening. Man’s imagination is his greatest gift, yet this place, among so many others, stands testament to the other bend of man’s imagination. The perverted, the sexual, the dark fantasies we hide, they too have their place.

What follows are a multitude of stories, some simple and short, other long and complex, where men and women of all age and size enter this particular portion of the Twilight Zone. Read on, and may your tastes be met.

After all, you must prepare yourself, should you ever find yourself

In the Twilight Zone.


Alex woke up, smiling, in the arms of the person he loved most.

He grinned wider as he pushed against his partner, Sam, expecting the feeling of her warm, soft skin and beautiful tits against his back. You can imagine his surprise when he instead felt the brush of harder skin, and a suspiciously large and hard object poking into his ass.

“What the fuck!” Alex screamed, jumping out of the bed, awakening his partner in the process. Immediately he fell over, off balance due to the odd weight on his chest. His screams only heightened as he looked down, seeing two heaving mounds sitting on his chest.

He quickly fumbled around his body, realizing that it was definitely no longer his natural form. Although it was oddly familiar, his panic at that moment didn’t quite allow that to sink in. Desperatley, he reached for where his dick should hang – and yelped loudly as a finger brushed against a clean shaven pussy.

“The fuck are you screaming about?” the man on the bed groggily muttered as he slowly awoke. Alex looked over just in time to see the grogginess drain from his face as he seemed to come to a sudden realization

“WHY THE FUCK DO I HAVE MORNING WOOD!?” the man screamed, his hands flying over his body. Alex stared at her for a second, as the features of this odd man’s body began to set in. The blonde hair, the bright green eyes, the shape of his mouth – all those things seemed to strike the poor confused Alex at once, provoking a name to come unbidden to his lips.

“Sam?” The man’s face shot up, staring at him hard.

“Yeah that’s my name but how do you… wait a second. Alex?”

Blood began to rush to Alex’s face as he mumbled, “Yeah…” It came out much cuter than he intended.

Immediately, the man who was apparently his former girlfriend collapsed to the bed, clutching his stomach as he laughed.

“No fucking way! You’re adorable!” Alex’s blush deepened, but he couldn’t resist running across the room to look in the mirror.

Holy shit.

He was hot.

Long, lustrous black hair dropped down to the middle of his back, with shocks of pale white highlights through it. His skin was beautiful, blemish free and clean, especially on the two gorgeous, perky breasts growing from his chest. Alex had no knowledge to guess his size, but they looked bigger than his girlfriend’s C-cups. Or at least, the tits she had last night. The bounced with every motion, and seemed to defy gravity with how pert they were.

Working his way down the reflection, his eyes caught on how perfectly shaped his thighs were, and he couldn’t help but turn slightly to see his beautiful, tight ass, which seemed to defy gravity just as much as his tits. His body seemed to retain much of the fitness he had as a man, a product of his years of swimming, and was pleasantly trim and tight, which combined with his perfect ass and breasts to give him an amazing hourglass figure.

Finally, his eyes made their way between his legs. Instead of his thick cock, his pride and joy, there was a cleanly shaven pussy, tight enough to highlight his lips and clit, both of which were moistening as he stared at his body.

His new found pussy only began to grow wetter as he caught the reflection of the man behind him, the man who claimed to be Sam, his girlfriend of sorts, and his submissive. She didn’t look the part anymore. Sam was a petite girl before – a runner, and it carried over just as much as his swimming. Her entire body was tight, wired muscle, with just enough flesh to make her look attractive rather than skeletal – the body of a man who lifted just as much as he ran. The golden blonde hair she kept so closely trimmed near her shoulder reached the same general area, but instead gave him a much more rough, wild look, an effect aided by the dusting of hair growing in on her face.

Sam hugged him from behind, meeting his eyes in the mirror, and he felt that distinctively hard shape pressing against his back. “I feel like I should be panicking, but… I don’t know. It just feels, like, right, somehow.”

Alex felt the same. It wasn’t exactly every day that he woke up in the body of a teenage bombshell, with his formerly submissive girlfriend displaying much more confidence and swagger in her new form. He should be panicking. He should be shaking with fear.

But instead, he was shaking with desire. Even as he tried to convince himself it was just form seeing his new shape, a little voice inside him argued against that. You know why you’re turned on. You are just loving being held so possessively. And you can feel how big that cock pressing into your back is.

Alex was shocked for a second. No! I’m not gay!

You’re right. You’re perfectly straight. And it just so happens, right now that means you want that big cock pressing somewhere else!

Alex immediately shut that voice ahead. No. No, I like girls. I like tight asses, and boobs, and having a wet cunt on my cock. My big… hard… cock… impaled in the cunt of a girl just like this. Hearing her scream… His eyes drifted to his pussy, becoming obviously hot and wet. Images flashed through his mind of that pussy being pushed open by a cock… a big one. Like the one pressing into his back. All he’d have to do is bend forward just a little… NO.

No. I’m straight. I do the fucking, noone else.

Suddenly, he was broken out of his thoughts by the figure hugging him speaking up. “We should go back to bed.”

“Ye… yeah. Maybe this is all a dream and we’ll wake up, and everything will be normal.” Alex was too caught up in hoping Sam didn’t notice that state of his pussy that he didn’t even notice the conflicted look that crossed his lovers face.

As they laid down, Sam groaned. “Dammit, how do you guys deal with this shit!? I’m so hard, it’s killing me!”

Alex knew he shouldn’t say anything. It was a bad idea. Yet that same little voice in his head seemed to be the one speaking as he suddenly blurted “Usually I just jack off if I have nothing better to do with it.”

An evil grin appeared on the face of the transformed girl as she laid down. “Yeah? You mean… like this?” Slowly, she started rubbing her hand along the length of her cock. “Oh holy shit, that does feel great!”

“Uh… y-yeah. Just l-like that.” In truth, Alex was quickly losing himself in the haze of lust swirling in his head. That’s even bigger than mine was… It looks so good… Why do I want to taste it so bad? As Alex continued to fight his losing battle, Sam got more into it, rubbing faster, brushing her cocks head occasionally, and laid her head back, closing her eyes as the pressure built.

Suddenly, she felt a new sensation, as a tight, warm sensation embraced her cock’s head. Sam opened her eyes to see Alex, eyes closed, begin to swallow the massive head. Sam moaned louder. “Not such a big man anymore, are you?”

Immediately, Alex popped up, wide eyed. “What? No shut up… I just… um – fell.” Alex, beginning to blush, knew what an impossible and lame excuse it was, and Sam obviously did too.

The grin on the transformed man’s face got wider. “You know, I think it’s time for some role reversal. You always loved being in charge of your little pet. Now that you’re the little one, I think I’m going to enjoy a pet of my own.

Alex fell back, terrified. “No, stop saying things like that!” the gorgeous figure shouted, trying to cover the surge of lust that came as Sam spoke.

“I don’t think so. Why don’t we see just how wired that body is?” Sam grabbed Alex’s head, pushing it towards his cock. “Now suck my cock.” Alex instinctively opened his mouth, admitting the large member. He knew he shouldn’t do this… but despite that thought, and the fact that Alex had never even touched a cock besides his own before today, he found his mouth moving automatically. He quickly swallowed inch after inch of Sam’s monster. God, what is this thing? 10 inches? That thought only caused Alex’s cunt to swell more, soaking with juices in hopes of something more.

Am I really this submissive? Is this just something that came with the body? Or was this deep down all along? Alex wondered about this at first, before his mind was drowned out in a haze of lust. He worked the massive cock in his mouth for over fifteen minutes, spitting, licking, stroking sucking and taking it as deep as he could, before Sam suddenly pulled it out.

“I’m going to paint you white, you little bitch!” Sam shouted as the newfound dom’s cock began to jerk, pulsing with the load aching to get out. The transformed stud nearly roared as he experienced his first male orgasm – and what an orgasm it was!

This ropes of cum fired from his massive cock, jerking as jet after jet flew from its engorged head. Alex quickly found his eyes stuck close as the massive load covered his face in second, and he could feel it quickly cover his beautiful tits and upper body. By the time Sam stopped, breathing heavily, Alex’s entire body was covered in her sticky product.

Alex brought one hand up to wipe the cum from his face. Staring at it, he thought to himself How gross. even as he brought his finger to his mouth and licked them clean. Had he been watching, he probably would’ve been even more turned on at the image of the girl, so covered in cum, moaning to herself as she scooped more and more of Sam’s seed into his mouth.

The cum was oddly sweet, far more so than his ever was, and he soon found himself looking up from his knees at the powerful man standing before him, and sheepishly muttering, “Thank you.”

Immediately, Sam was on him, lifting his from the ground easily and kissing him roughly. “She smiled at him and asked the saem words he had so many times before, in a previous life. “Thank you what?”

Alex looked down even more awkwardly before saying slowly, “Thank you… master.” Suddenly he found himself thrown onto the bed, his hands pinned above his head, as Sam eased down. Alex’s eyes widened once more, feeling her still very hard cock head nudge at his opening.

As the head slipped in and Sam lined up, Alex’s last thought as a man came to him.

No wait. I’m a guy.

Then she was lost on a sea of pleasure, bouncing on waves of pain, as Sam pounded into him.

“FUCK YES! GIVE IT TO ME MASTER! FUCK ME HARDER, POUND MY FUCKIN CUNT! TREAT ME LIKE A LITTLE BITCH, LIKE YOUR PERSONAL TOY, LIKE I DESERVE TO BE!” Any traces of Alex, the swimmer, the dominant man, were lost to Alex, the nympho who lived only to serve her Master, as she experienced the greatest pleasure of her new life when she looked at the chiseled face above her and saw the pleasure etched onto her Master’s face.

Alex’s eyes rolled back in her head and her tongue hung out in pure pleasure as she felt herself being so perfectly filled, used solely for her new Master’s pleasure. Was she even capable of thought at that moment, she would’ve wondered why she ever wanted to be in charge.

The two lovers fucked for the rest of the day, and long into the night. By the end, Alex was just a broken thing, soaked in sweat, spit and cum, panting as she jerked a final load from her Master’s amazing cock.

Then the two collapsed, dead to the world.

“Oh fuck you!” Alex shouted, laughing as he pulled the complex wired and sensors of off him.

“You did, quite a bit!” Shot back the gorgeous girl next to him as she did the same.

The two lovers laughed as they left the virtual reality chamber. This unique form of pleasure had brought them together so much, allowed them to live out each other’s fantasies. And it just so happened Alex lost the coin toss that week.

“So, enjoy being the girl for once?” Sam taunted.

“Maybe I did. I suppose you’ll find out next week.” Alex winked at the girl and pulled back, dodging her incoming punch.

The two walked away, happier for their experience.

In the Twilight Zone.

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