A secret group of fathers join together for a common purpose: to show off their boys.
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A secret group of fathers join together for a common purpose: to show off their boys.


The F.U.C.K Hotel

It is early in the morning. Renan knelt on the side of his sons bed, shaking Benny's little body, "Hey, buddy. Little guy." Renan tried to gently wake up his 7 year old son. "Remember what we talked about? How we were going to 'The Place'?"
Benny's eyes opened up a crack, his voice groggy, "Oh, yeah. I forgot."
"Come on. Lets go. I packed everything for you." Renan removed the plush Power Rangers cover from his body and lifted him. Benny wore a Monsters Inc. shirt and loose Pokemon shorts. There were no underwear under his shorts, just a thin fabric separating him from the world. His shorts curved into his perfect butt. He continued sleeping on Renan's manly-ish shoulders. Renan collected their bags and walked out to the car. No one in the neighborhood was awake yet, the sun wasn't even out. The time is about 2a.m. The air is cool, but tolerable. Renan placed Benny in the back seat and all of their bags in the trunk of the van. Benny's legs opened as he sat, asleep. His head hung over his shoulder, his loose shorts exposed his bent legs, all the way down to the edge of his crotch. Renan pet his sons beautiful light brown hair and grabbed his professional camera. His sons loose shorts slightly revealed just a bit of Benny's ball sac. Renan adjusted the angle to get the perfect shot and took the first picture of the week. He shut the car door and got into the drivers seat.

He was kind of nervous for the weekend. This week is going to be his first time joining the group: Fathers Underground Celebration of their Kids. Or, F.U.C.K. (You could also say F.U.C.T.K if you want to be a douche.) He found out about the group when he met another dad at the playground restroom. This guy was taking pictures with his phone of his naked son peeing. That dad was very surprised he was caught, but lucky for that father Renan was interested in what he was doing. Renan invited the man to his house and they talked for a long time while the boys played. Renan interrogated Jose, the dad, about the naked picture taking. Eventually, he extrapolated information on this club. Usually not many new fathers join the group, but because of Jose's stupidity at the park, he had no choice but to invite Renan. Renan underwent the rigorous application process, paid the dues and became accepted.

Jose had no transportation to this meeting, his car was recently stolen, so Renan had to pick him up. He lived in Los Angeles, not too far from where Renan lived. When he arrived, Jose sat waiting outside his apartment with his bags and his son.
"Hey, Jose. You have everything?" Renan said. Jose had his son Daniel over his shoulders and squeezed his ass as he spoke. "Yeah. Let me put Daniel in the car, yeah? He's still sleeping."
"Put him next to Benny, he's sleeping too."
Jose brought Daniel inside the car and sat him next to Benny.
"Ay, you know what? I'm gonna take off his pants, and you can take a picture of the two boys."
"Don't you think someone might see?"
"Nah, it's early, no one is awake."
"I'll just take a picture of him like this."
"It'll be hotter with him in his underwear. I made sure they're tight so they hold his cock fucken awesome. Come on, get your camera." So Jose slowly took off Daniel's pants, but Daniel kept squirming. "Shhh, it's ok, papi. You'll be comfortable like this, mijo." Daniel had on plain white underwear, and a muscle shirt. Jose started to rub Daniels crotch and slowly made his son grow a boner. It was abnormally big for a kid his age. "Yeah...there you go, mijo. Grow that boner. Oh, yeah. Fucken awesome." Jose slid Daniels penis through the underwear pee-hole and continued rubbing his sons penis. Renan brought the camera over. "Ok, I think that's good enough," Renan said, trying to hurry this up. The boys were leaning against each other, Daniel's head resting on Benny's shoulder.
"You know I'm jealous." Renan said, "Your son is, what? 7? Benny is 7 too, but your son has a much bigger penis. That's a big bulge."
"Yeah, man. Runs in the family." Jose chuckled, holding his own crotch. "I'm sure your son has a nice cock too. My son is bigger though. You have a big dick?"
"Me? No. I'm just an average Joe."
While Renan set up for the shot, Jose said, "Wait." He grabbed Daniels hand and softly placed it in Benny's shorts, on his penis. This made Renan a little uneasy, but he allowed it because the boys looked beautiful. Daniel with his boner, Benny with his body.
Renan adjusted the camera again. "Although," Renan said, "My son is hotter." And Renan snapped a picture. "Alright, put the rest of your stuff in the van and lets take off."


The car ride was a long one. They had to go to a secret location in the mountain area, secluded from everything, about 5 hours away. Renan's curiosity made him question the mechanics of the meeting.

"So we get in the building. What happens?"
"Oh, ok. Let me break this down. The opening ceremony is in the big conference room. All the kids are dressed to impress. So make him look hot. The Chief will say some opening words, and we break from there. Just make a good impression. The group likes you already, cause like you said in your application, your a professional photographer. That's good. Most guys take shitty pics with their shitty phones, but since we got you now, the boys will look hotter than ever. This one time, man some guy--"

"Jose, get back on the subject please."
"Yeah, yeah. Ok, so. Make sure your son is just hot you know? Theres gonna be a lot of down time for the boys to play with eachother, get to know eachother. But we have things called 'Main Events'. Man, those are awesome. They're different every year, but we have one they keep doing. You actually qualify for it. We don't usually get many guys to enter their kids."

"And what is that?"
"It's called 'Fresh Play'. Basically, if your up for it, its where a kid who has never had sex before is recorded doing it with another kid who has had sex before. Some guys just wanna show off their boys body so they save their sons till their 'ripe' or till their comfortable with the idea. This year, there is only one guy who for sure put his sons name in. I think his kid is like 9 or 10."
"Sex? Hm. I don't know if I want Benny to have sex. He doens't even know what that is."
"Oh, man, you have the perfect player! When they try to figure it out, agh! So fucken hot it makes me jizz my pants. Fuck! Ay, you mind if I jerk off?"
"Jerk off?...." Jose nodded. "Um....sure. Just don't attract attention." So Jose took out his penis through his Dickies shorts and started to rigourously rub one out. He definitely did pass down some good genes because he had a hard 10 inch cock. Renan awkwardly continued to drive as Jose began to climax. "Oh, don't cum, I think I have some napkins..." And Jose started to cum all over himself on his chest, quite the load.

"Fucken shit. Fucken awesome. Don't worry, dude. I'm not gonna ruin your car." Jose said as Renan passed him some napkins. Jose wiped most of it off, but wiped some from his chest onto his finger. He turned back to the boys, and leaned over to put some of it into Daniels mouth. Daniel sucked the semen down. He gave Daniel some more, cleaned himself up, and put his monster away. "Thanks man."

"I'm guessing Daniel has done it." Renan said.
"Yeah, last year."
"When he was 6? How does that even work?"
"They can get boners and suck each other. And the other kid is usually old enough to have a big boner. Daniel got fucked by a 11 year old last year. But if you don't like that, you don't have to. But, haven't you ever gave Benny a hard on?"
"No, I don't usually touch him. I just observe his beauty and take pictures of his undisturbed grace. Look in my camera's gallery."
Jose grabbed the camera and looked though it. There were elegant pictures of Benny taking a shower. Of Benny playing naked around the house. Of Benny when he's sleeping in underwear. They looked professional and epic in a sense. Jose saw the last two pics that Renan took this morning.

"Man these are awesome pictures. They're fucken beautiful. Almost not even sexy're like..."
"Yeah. Almost like that. These are the shit, man. I can't fucken wait for you to take pictures of the other kids."


They arrived to an abandoned hotel that is away from everything. Nothing near it for miles. Their required guest cards were shown to the guards and were allowed to make their way in the building.

"It works like a real hotel. Check in and drop your stuff off." Jose said. "Thanks for the ride man." Jose carried Daniel away and some guys helped him carry his stuff.
Renan brought up Benny, who was still sleeping. Two other men who worked for the hotel assisted him with his bags.

"Your son is beautiful." One man said.
"He looks adorable in those shorts. Is he wearing underwear?"
"No, I didn't put any on him." Renan said with a small chuckle.
"Can I touch his ass?"
"Uhhhhhhh, no. Benny doesn't really get touched. . ."
"Man, it looks so juicy...I'll just wait for Main Event 3."
"What's Main Event Thr--"
"Well this is your room, here is your key." The other man said interupting, looking at the other bellboy with slight anger. "Get acquainted, dress up your boy , or dress him down,and promptly make your way down for the opening party at 8:30. Everything is complementary, so feel free to absolutely indulge while your here at the F.U.C.K Hotel."

"Thank you."

The men left and Renan placed Benny on the bed. Once all of his bags were inside, he took a minute to look at the room. It looked very classy, but still had that abandoned feel to it. Clean, but rustic. The door washed, but rusted. The dresser chipped, but had a small flat screen. The bed was the only thing that looked new. One white and fluffy bed. The new morning sun glistened through the patio doorway and illuminated the room. Benny was beautifully spread out on the bed. Renan got out his camera again. His son resting like a soft leaf on a tropical beach. Waves of arousal washed over Renan as he sought for the perfect shot. He emulated Jose a bit. He gently took off Benny's shirt, and pulled his shorts down, but stopped just before his privates were exposed. Renan truly felt he had the most gorgeous boy on the planet. He took the picture.

Although, not long after, he realized he wanted to do a little more. He went back and perched over Benny's sleeping body. He saw the shorts were just above Benny's boyhood. Renan wanted to resist, but before he knew it, he brought the shorts further down, revealing the glorious package he helped create. Renan hesitantly brought his hand to the package and began to touch it. Divinely smooth, tear-jerkingly wonderful. He played with it's beauty for a while and it began to harden. A surprise. Renan has never done this before, but he was enjoying every precious moment. His breathing became heavy, his concsious became guilty, but as the man said, this is the place to indulge. So, Renan began to rub Benny's penis like Jose did to his son. Renan instantly grew an erection himself and began to slightly sweat. He continued to so gently jerk Benny off for quite some time.

The time came to 7:50. Renan needed to wake up Benny and prompt him about what to do. He allowed Bennys boner to deflate and brought his shorts back up.

"Little buddy. Hey, Benny." He tenderly said. "We're here. I got a bowl of cereal for you. Come on, wake up. We need to talk."
"Mmmmmmm. Ugh. Okay."
Benny rubbed his eyes, and stretched his body. Renan decided to take pictures of Benny's morning routine. Benny got up and stretched some more, his shorts just above his penis, again. Click.
"This place is nice." He said. "Where is the restroom?...Oh, there it is." Benny went to the toilet and pulled his shorts down a little to go pee. Click. "More pictures?"
"You have so many already."
"I just love you, thats all."
"Do you want me to be naked again?"

Benny took off his shorts and stood there like a mini Greek marble statue. Perfectly chisled. Perfectly proportioned. Perfectly colored. Perfectly made. Click.

While Benny ate his cereal, Renan explained what was going to happen.
"This place, Benny, this place is all about you. All about you and other boys. You'll get to play with them and have fun and do new things. This is all about making you look special."
"Wow. Really? All about me?"
"And other boys too. Everyone is going to be showing how beautiful they are, and Benny, you are the most beautiful thing I know. So I'm going to put something simple on you, and all you have to do for the next week is have fun. Talk to the boys, play, and maybe....sometimes you might have to be....have to be naked."
"...Naked?.... In front of other people?"
"Yeah, but that's ok. They just want to see how beautiful you are." Renan started rubbing Benny's inner thighs and chest, avoiding his crotch. "I want to share you with everyone and everyone is going to love you. It's ok."
"I don't want to be naked in front of other people."

"We'll take baby steps, ok? But we're going to have to try new things. For now, you'll just wear this." Renan showed Benny a pair of small light blue underwear that had a black waitband and pink stitching around the waist and crotch. He also showed a slick black necklace that had a silver flame hanging from hit. "We're going to comb your hair nice and classy, and you'll look great."


The conference room was filled with fathers and their special boys. Some were single parents, some brought their child in secret, some had more than one child. Every boy was specially dressed to show off their sexy body. Boys from all around the world were here, black, white, Asian, Mexican, but all English speakers. Their ages ranged from 5 to 17. No 18 year olds allowed, unless he had a son for the Hotel. Every boy was in special attire: Speedos, underwear, shorts with no underwear, G-strings, and transparent fabrics. All the focus was on their bodies and bulges. Who is bigger? Who is more muscular? But the biggest question was, "Who is more beautiful?" The fathers were mainly in professional wear, but kept pointing to their attractive sons. All year the boys worked on their bodies to get tight, tan, and sexy. Warm air filled with young musk and excitement drove some boys to boners. Everyone stood, excited.

Everyone spoke to each other. The people were a tight knit community that were happy to see each other again for the first time in a year. Renan and Benny felt left out until one of the men noticed them and walked over.
"Hello. You two must be new. My name is Nielson and this is my son, Fernie." Nielson is a big and strong-looking black man. He is shaved, handsome, and carried confidence well. Fernie is a 12 year old boy, wearing a red speedo that held a very, very large package for a boy his age. He is as an absolutely beautiful boy. Renan thought he was almost as beautiful as Benny. Almost.
"Hi, I'm Fernie." He extended his friendly hand out to Benny.
"Hi. . .I'm Benny." He said shyly, covering his crotch with one hand.
"Oh, no need to be shy. We are all here to have a good time. This is all about fun. Isn't, it Fernie?"
"Yup. Hey want to meet other boys, Benny? Come on." Fernie took Benny by the hand and went off into the crowd.
"Hey, wait--"
"Haha. It's ok. Fernie will take care of him. Your son is more than safe here. We make sure to take care of all our beautiful boys."

"Oh. . .Ok. . .So. . .How long have you been coming here? How did you even find out about this place?"
"I'm actually the son of the founder of the F.U.C.K Hotel and the current Chief."
"Really?!" Renan said very surprised.
"Why is everyone always so surprised? Can a black man not be the head of a large successful---"

"No, no. I didn't mean it like that, I was just surprised the first person I talk to is....the Chief."
"I'm just busting your balls man. HAHA. Welcome to the Hotel. We are glad to have you. You have no idea how hard it is to find a professional photographer who is into this kind of stuff... I understand the circumstance of your joining is rather, idiotic. Jose isn't our brightest member. But he keeps paying so we keep him coming. Lucky for him that you weren't someone else that would have exposed us. Haha. Plus his son has a very large dick for a kid his age. We anticipate a lot for his future."
"If Jose's son didn't have a big penis, you wouldn't have Jose come back?"

"Huh...." Renan felt a bit pressure not to mess up anything at the Hotel. "I was wondering...why is the bill so high? $30k is a lot of money."
"Hey, thats how you weed people out. That's why every boy here is the very best looking. Plus, that pays for everything. Food, lights, water, but most importantly. . .secrecy. I have connections that allow me to ensure that anyone who isn't invited doesn't come. Including the authorities."
"Wow. Powerful man."
"Yeah, well." Neilson checks his watch. "Oh. If you will excuse me. I have to make the welcoming speech. Actually, come with me. Be towards the front so you can see exactly how liberal we are."

Renan followed and found Benny talking to some other boys. A group of chiseled and crafted boys wearing elegant clothing, all around the age of 11. Benny was laughing and having a good time. Neilson called Fernie to him and they both made their way up the platform.
"Benny, come on. Let's watch the welcoming speech." Renan said. Benny hopped over and stood in front of Renan. Neilson stood tall on the stage and Fernie stood just to the left of him.
"Hello there, F.U.C.K members of 2013!" Neilson said in a loud and booming voice. Everyone cheered. There must have been 300 people in the large room, more than half of them boys. Slowly, they quieted. "This is going to be the 22nd annual meeting." Cheers from the room. "Yes, we love to come together and show off and Celebrate our beautiful boys, their skills and personality. We also love the liberal pleasure we can indulge in here. You will experience a freedom here that you will not find anywhere else than in a F.U.C.K Hotel. I'd like to exhibit that now. Fernie, if you'll please." Fernie brought himself in to the front of his father and got to his knees. Neilson raised his hands up, and Fernie unzipped his fathers pants, brought out his fathers penis and began sucking. Again, the room bursted in cheers. Some men behind Renan said, "How absurd. This place is for boys. The Chief should be sucking Fernies dick." Some purists.

Benny tugged at Renan's shirt. "Daddy, what is he doing?"
Renan couldn't believe it. He didn't know what to tell Benny. "Uhhhh....remember how I said we are going to get to try new things? Well, sometimes guys like to put the penis of other guys in their mouths and suck."
"Even boys to their daddies?"
Renan was nervous. "Uhhh...sometimes." Benny gave a small frightened stare to his fathers crotch, then beamed his eyes back to Fernie's work.

"There are just a few rules before we begin." Neilson continued with his right hand on top of his sons head. "First. There is absolutely...NO harming of any child, even your own, either psychologically or physically. Second... NO touching of a child without the fathers permission, which means a strict 'Look don't Touch' rule. must keep everything a secret. If one wrong person finds will be terminated. Not only from the club, but from your life. It doesn't matter if your a single parent, we have done it before and will do it again if necessary." The room had a 'yes-of-course-we-know-this' energy to it. "But lastly, and just as important: Please. Have fun! Enjoy! And let's make this week the best week ever had in the F.U.C.K Hotel!" Applause from the room. Fernie popped the penis out of his mouth and placed it back into his fathers pants. He rose and they left the stage.

Another man walked on and said, "Events are posted on the billboards around the hotel. Stations of play are available. Always remember the hotel motto: Fathers, have fun. Boys, have more!" With that the whole room began to slowly disperse for breakfast.
Renen found one of the billboards that had a list of all the events and play areas.

Day One (Theme - Sexy): Welcome and Breafest at 8:30; Sex Class at 9:30; Picnic Lunch at 12:30; Father's Only Mixer and Boys Only Mixer at 3:30; Dance at 6:00.

Day Two (Theme - Tough Boys): Breakfast at 8:30; Guess How Big at 9:30; Lunch at 12:30; Sports Relay at 3:30; Main Event 1: Sexy Wrestling Contest at 6:00.

Day Three (Theme - Artistic): Breakfast at 8:30; Sex Class 2 at 9:30; Lunch at 12:30; Eternalizing the Moment (Pics) at 3:30; Main Event 2: Fresh Play at 6:00.

Day Four (Theme - Brave Boys): Breakfast at 8:30; Art of Naked War Play at 9:30; Suna Relaxation and Pool Party at 3:30; Main Event 3: In Dads We Trust at 6:00.

Day Five (Theme - Free Balling): Breakfast at 8:30; Board Game Tournament at 9:30; Lunch at 12:30; Sun Bathing at 3:30; Main Event 4: Sweet Glaze at 6:00.

Day Six (Theme - Cum): Breakfast at 8:30; Main Even 5: Cum/Orgasm Contest all day.

Day Seven (Theme - No Regrets): Final Breakfast at 8:30; Fashion Show at 10; Final Indulgences at 12:30; Awards at 6:00. Check out, Final Goodbyes, and Departure at 10pm.

Renan felt way in over his head. This was a lot of touching and fucking he didn't want to subject Benny to. But then he looked into all of the beautiful boys. The crowds of boys all seemed excited, laughing and having a good time. Some of them have been coming for a few years, some their whole lives and they all seemed perfectly normal. Maybe, he thought, maybe it would be ok for Benny to be included. Maybe it'll be ok to indulge in the F.U.C.K Hotel.

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