True Incest Story
My Incest Memoirs-True Stories Part 3

The summer after I turned 14, Leo’s mom, Aunt Ann, asked my mom if I could come to the city and spend a couple weeks with them. Since Uncle Floyd was working six days a week, he really needed his Sundays to rest up. She had told Leo that she’d pay us to scrape and paint the house. The wooden fence needed some repair and a new paint job, too.

Leo still had two days left of his school year so it was just myself and Aunt Ann at home on Monday morning. Right after breakfast, she pulled on the back of my hair and told me, “Donnie Lee, I’m going to send you down the street to your cousin, Sue. Her beauty shop is closed on Mondays but I’ll bet she can trim you up at home.”

Sue was nineteen and had studied cosmetology while she was still in high school. She was, actually, Leo’s cousin on his daddy’s side, but all of us kids considered each other as being related. She was just a little chubby, with a great set of tits and she was kinda cute.

“So, Donnie, how do you want this cut?”

She was barefoot and wearing a light robe, tied loosely, which presented this horny 14yr. old with a good view of awesome cleavage.

“I don’t really care, Aunt Ann just wants some of it cut off. Can you just give me a burr?”

“Sure. Let me get my other clippers.”

When she returned to the kitchen, where I sat in a chair with a large towel around my neck, the robe was looser than before. As she moved around me, the low opening kept getting a little wider, exposing more flesh as it worked open all the way to her belt.

“How can I cut your hair if you won’t hold your head still?”

“I can’t help it. You really look nice today, Sue.”

“Oh? I look nice? Hmmmm, you mean these look nice?”

I almost fell out of my chair when she caught both sides of her lapel and pulled the robe apart, proudly displaying the most magnificent breasts I had ever seen. They were bigger, the nipples were darker and longer, and her skin was absolutely flawless. I’m sure she was smiling at the effect those tits were having on me, but I couldn’t see the smile… all I saw were TITS!

“You like them?”

“Oh my fu… my God yes I like them. I’ve never seen any as beautiful as those.”

“You almost said ‘fuck’ didn’t you, Donnie boy?”

“Fuck, yes I did.”

She stepped back a little and dropped the robe to the floor. I’m sure I heard my dick screaming for freedom, from its confinement.

“You like this, too?”

I couldn’t make up my mind to look at her bushy pussy mound or her boobs; my head was bobbing up and down like a dashboard doll.

“Yeah, I like it a lot. I’d like to eat that,” I pointed toward her cunt, “suck on those, and fuck you over and over. So there…”

Like I said, I was sitting in a chair. Sue stepped back up to me and hugged me, her jugs snuggled against my face. I wasted no time in scooping one of those delicious nipples into my mouth. My hands weren’t as big as I’d liked; they just couldn’t hold all that titty meat at once. Sue moaned as I switched to the other nipple. Suddenly, I felt one hand on the back of my head, another rubbing up and down the front of my jeans.

Wasting no more time, I pushed her back and raised up, just enough to get my pants down. I sat back down with my cock standing straight in the air. She moved forward and straddled my legs. Seconds later, we were fucking like teenagers… which we were.

I was so hot that I busted my first load in less than two minutes but, at 14, my dick never softened. Sue kept rocking, pumping her wet cylinder on my piston, “Well, that didn’t take long. Can you keep it up for me?”
“God, Sue… your tits are fantastic. I can keep fucking you all day. I fucked Jodi’s friend five times one afternoon and she didn’t have much tits. Your pussy is tighter, too.”

“Well, I’ve got to tell you… your cock is bigger than Leo’s; that’s for damn sure. You feel really good inside me.”

“Yeah, it’s always been bigger than his. Hey.. you been fucking him, too?”

Her breathing was beginning to get irregular and heavier, “Yes.. oh yes, right there… yeah, Leo gets some every time he comes for a haircut… Oh God yesssss… oh, mmmmmm… I’ve been screwing him since he was eleven… Ohhhhhh, shitttttt.. It’s cumming now, it’s cumming now.. Ahhhh.. I’m cumminggggg!!”

She bounced so hard that her head dropped and she banged her chin on the top of my head, biting her tongue, SHIT! Goddamm it! I bit my Goddamm tongue.” Her cunt was still working on my shaft, but much easier, now, “Fuck, that’s what happens when I get fucking carried away. Now I gotta stop and get this bleeding stopped. I’ll be right back.”

I heard a slight ‘pop’ when she lifted herself off my cock. She disappeared into the hallway, heading for the bathroom I assumed. My wet sword was staring at me, wondering where its sheath had gone. I grasped it and slowly slid my hand up and down, keeping it comfortable for the few minutes Sue was out of sight. When she returned, she asked me to stand behind her as she positioned herself, knees in the chair, boobs over the back of it.

When she was set, she patted her butt, indicating for me to enter her from the back. I slid back into her pussy and pumped her hard for about five minutes. Just as she was coming down from her second orgasm, my balls tightened and I could feel cum making its journey up and out. I blasted her insides for, what seemed like, ten minutes.

We rested for a few minutes, giving Sue time to regain her balance and finish cutting my hair. When she was done, we had another round in her bed, where we discussed the possibility of a double penetration with Leo in her ass, me in her cunt.

Sue told me that she had sworn Leo to secrecy years before; if he ever told anyone about fucking her, he’d never be allowed to touch her again. He even kept the secret from me, and I told him about every girl I saw, touched or screwed.

Aunt Ann smiled at me and told me I was much more handsome with my hair cut short, and asked me if Sue had been nice to me.

“Yeah, I guess she was pretty nice. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her. We had a good visit and she told me that it was about time for Leo to get a haircut, too. She invited me to come back with Leo so we could talk some more.”

“Sure, sweetie, he has his last day tomorrow, so he can get his cut on Wednesday evening if she can get to him.”

Wednesday was a hot day and cutoff shorts were the dress of the day. Aunt Ann told us that she and Aunt Rose, Sue’s mom, would be gone shopping and to a movie. Sue was going to bring her scissors and clippers down to us and for us to be sure to clean up the hair and any other mess we might make. She smiled and winked as she turned the door knob to leave, “Have fun, boys.”

Sue dropped her things on the small table inside the front door, “Get naked, boys, we only have about three hours and I have to clip Leo during part of that time.”

Four minutes after she had closed the front door, my cock was in Sue’s mouth and Leo was fucking her ass. Her ass got two loads that day, her mouth got two, also. Her fantastic pussy got five.

The hair was swept before Aunt Ann and Aunt Rose got home, but Sue and were in the shower, cleaning up the last of the ‘mess’.
Not long after that wonderful day in the city, Sue moved to Texas where she enrolled in college and eventually got married. I’ve never seen her since then……….. dammit.

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