Amber discovers herself. This is only my third story so go easy on me :)
Central South Carolina, USA
January 2009

-Based on a True Story-

Length: 4,821 Words

The piercing sound of Amber’s alarm clock disrupted her dream like a kick in the face. She smacked the annoying clock into snooze mode, but once more, seven minutes later, the exact same piercing noise resumed to rattled Amber’s head. She slowly lifted herself into an upright sitting position and silenced the retched clock. Upon coming to her senses, she remembered why she was waking up at the ungodly hour of six o’clock a.m.; it was the first day…the first Monday back to school after the winter break.

Amber dragged her limp body across her cold room and prepared for her first day back at school. She walked into the bathroom and turned on the lights. She was blinded by the light’s penetrating force. Everything was blurry and she had difficulty seeing. By the time she had finished brushing her teeth, her vision was substantially better. She stripped herself bare of her nightly clothing and gazed at her beautiful, young body in the mirror. At age thirteen, Amber was somewhat pleased with her changing body, unlike many of her peers, who were uneasy of the process of puberty. She was slim with a flat stomach, she had nicely shaped, yet small, breasts, of which were continuing to grow and develop. Furthermore, she had a patch of dark hair growing between her legs opposite of her excellently shaped ass.

Amber stepped into the shower and let the warm, soothing water run over her smooth body. She stood for a few moments enjoying the heat of the refreshing water before she began to bathe herself. She washed her shoulder-length blond hair as well as the rest of her body. She took a fresh razor to the stubble on her legs and under her arms as she subconsciously thought about her day ahead.

School was a bitter-sweet thing for Amber. She didn’t always like going, but she knew that it was something she had to do. She was rather intelligent and she enjoyed learning about new things. On the other hand, she really enjoyed sleeping in on non-school days. Also, school was a chance for her to hang out with some friends. Amber wasn’t the most popular girl in school, but she was often an eye-catcher. Her fantastic body paralleled with her flawless skin and her pearly white teeth, which often caught the eyes of both boys and girls alike. She had a decent number of friends. Amber was unsure of her sexuality, and in reality, she didn’t think or care too much about it. She was equally attracted to girls as she was to guys.

Amber was reserved in public, but she was an insatiable little girl at home. For fear of being called a slut, a whore, or any other degrading name, she was well dressed and well refined. However, alone at home, in the privacy of her own bedroom, Amber was a completely different girl. Masturbation was a common place thing; it was something she almost always did in the mornings before going to school, and in the evenings before going to sleep. And, it would often include the usage of pornography.

Amber stepped out of the shower and dried herself. Before returning to her room, Amber decided to embark upon one of her daily routines. She opened the bathroom door and quietly strode down the hallway, wrapped only in her yellow towel. She peered around the corner to see if she could see her mother. She couldn’t. She peered into the garage to see if her mother’s car was there. It wasn’t.

Amber was often home alone in the mornings, but she always made sure. She was an only child and her mother was a police officer at the local municipal precinct. God only knew where her father was.

Amber, still undressed, returned to her room and sat in the chair in front of her computer. The cool leather chair pressed up against her bare body. “The bus comes in 45 minutes,” she thought to herself. She pulled up one of her favorite ‘adult’ websites and began to gaze at the beautiful images she saw.

She pandered through some videos of both men and women in the nude. She was fascinated by many of the people portrayed on the computer: some of the women had small breasts, some larger breasts. Some were thin and some were chubby. Some of the men had large dicks and some had small ones.

The more videos Amber watched, the hornier she became. Eventually she came across a video of a cute brunette fingering herself on a couch. After a few moments of watching the video, Amber’s insatiable pussy was begging for attention. She propped her legs onto the desk and tried to mimic the exact movements of the hot brunette on the screen. Amber, in tandem with the porn star, played with the outer edges of her clit and then moved inward. Amber delved her right hand inside herself and felt the wetness and warmth of her young, tender pussy. Her left hand was free, allowing her to caress her breasts and nipples.

She was home alone; she didn’t need to worry about keeping quite. She allowed the sounds of her juices to fill the room. She watched as the brunette was evidently getting close to an orgasm. The brunette spread her legs wider and began moaning softly under her breath. Amber did the same. She vocalized soft and staggered moans, of which increased as she drew herself closer to climax.

Amber now focused less on the porn video and more on herself. She fingered herself faster and faster, only stopping occasionally to smell her fingers. She glanced downward at her alluring pussy, which by this point was saturated. She felt the familiar, yet astonishing pleasure growing in the depths of her body. The feeling grew stronger and stronger.

She could feel it getting closer – it was building and becoming intense. Suddenly, as if a dam had burst, the pleasure spread throughout her body like a mighty tidal wave. She threw her head backward over the back of the chair. Her knees swung back and forth and her left hand grasped the leather chair as if it were going to escape. She let out one sharp squeal. Her body was seized by the pleasure and was no longer under her control.

The pleasure slowly died away and she sat catching her breath in the leather chair. The chair was no longer cool to the touch; it had now become slightly damp from both Amber’s female juices and sweat, and warmth from the heat of her skin. She pulled her shiny fingers out of her exhausted pussy and wiped them on her towel. She regained her breath and sat for a few moments enjoying the exhilarating feeling that comes after an orgasm.

She stood up and got dressed: a pair of tight blue jeans and a white t-shirt. She quickly made up her hair and continued about her morning routine. Amber grabbed her book-bag and her purse and headed into the living room. She turned on the morning news and went in the kitchen to make herself a bowl of cereal.

Several news stories played as Amber was preparing her breakfast. “President Bush has only two weeks left,” Amber heard from the TV while pouring cereal into a bowl, not caring in the slightest.

“10-12 inches of snow expected for central South Carolina on Tuesday,” Amber heard while pouring milk. Her head shot up and she was suddenly excited.

South Carolina has snowplows and salt trucks, but since it doesn’t snow more than five or six times a year, there’s not nearly enough equipment to cope with the demand of an entire foot of snow. “School would surely be closed tomorrow!” She thought to herself.

Amber excitedly leapt for joy and did a small dance like a child who had just won a prize. She glanced up at the wall clock and noticed that she was quickly running out of time. She rushed to eat her cereal and turned the TV off. She couldn’t wait to tell her friend, Sherry, who only lived three houses down, about the snow. Snow was always enjoyable for Amber. Snowmen, snowballs, no school, etc. She simply enjoyed playing in it. Also, it looked beautiful to her.

Amber scarfed down her breakfast, gathered her things and rushed out the door. She walked two blocks to the bus stop where Sherry was already standing. Amber arrived at the bus stop and the school bus arrived shortly thereafter. The two girls were the first two on the bus and they sat together in the same seat near the back.

Amber and Sherry had been friends for as long as they could remember. They went to the same elementary school together and now the same middle school, and they were going to go to the same high school the following year. They always rode the bus and sat next to each other, and they often hung out with each other every chance they got at school.

Sherry was slightly taller than Amber. Sherry had black hair, which beautifully paralleled her tan skin. She was thin, she had a beautifully shaped ass and she had perfect A cup breasts that were noticeably larger by the month. While they had never engaged in anything sexual, Amber’s sexual curiosity was perpetual. For about a year she had been having random, lustful thoughts about Sherry. She would fanaticize images of Sherry partially in the nude or completely in the nude.

Amber couldn’t help but think that she was weird for thinking those types of thoughts. She tried to ignore them, but she couldn’t. She was still a bit unsure of her own sexuality, let alone Sherry’s. She didn’t want or know how to address her internal issues, so she simply tried her best to bury them.

Amber was glancing downward at the curvature of Sherry’s breasts until she broke out of her daze. “Did you hear it’s supposed to snow one foot tomorrow?” asked Amber

“No,” replied Sherry. “Are you sure?”

“Yes! That’s what the news man said this morning! I heard it!” exclaimed Amber

“Will they close school?” questioned Sherry.

“They’d be damned if they didn’t,” said Amber.

“I guess you’re right,” replied Sherry.

The girls went through the school day excited about the snow day on the following day.

[-----22 hours later-----]

Amber awoke as chills were running along her spine. She glanced at the clock, which read “9:00 a.m.” in big bright red letters. She sprung out of her bed like a spring and ran to the window. The dark room was penetrated with light when Amber ripped the curtains open. The snow-laden ground gave a brilliant patina that was uncommon for any South Carolinian native to see. The snow lie flat and heavy upon everything under the sky, untouched by human hand.

Amber quickly dressed herself. She grabbed a coat, a hat, a scarf and some gloves and ran outside. She threw the front door open and stepped onto the porch. She carefully walked down the three steps and onto the inclined driveway, and stopped midway down the driveway and looked around her. The snow accumulated on everything it touched: tree branches, cars, mailboxes, trash bins, fences, railings, and most obviously, the ground. She looked up at the snowflakes that were still falling from high in the sky.

Suddenly, like a prick of a needle, she felt a cool, sharp feeling on her right check. Startled, Amber took a step back. Her foot slipped from under her and she fell right on her ass.

Amber lie on her back staring upward at the silver sky. She heard a devilish laugh coming from somewhere nearby. She looked to her right and saw Sherry standing their laughing so hard that she was unable to properly breathe.

“Fuck you! You hit me with a snowball!” shouted Amber

“That was funny, you have to admit,” Sherry barely said under the force of her laughter.

“Where did you come from?” shouted Amber.

“I saw you come out of your house so I hid behind this bush!” Sherry replied.

Amber stood to her feet, grabbed the largest amount of snow her hands were capable of holding, and chucked the entire ball at Sherry’s face. Before long, the girls were in a full blown snowball fight. They gathered their ammunition from all around them. Whenever one seemed to have the upper hand in the fight, the other would regain strength. This went on for nearly twenty minutes.

They found unique places to hide. At one point Sherry was hiding behind a neighbors car while cannons of snowballs were raining down on her. Sherry took aim one last time and hit Amber directly in the nose. “Okay! Okay! Okay! OKAY!” Amber shouted, feeling numb in the face. “I have snow in places I should not have snow! No more snowballs! Let’s make a snowman!”

Sherry agreed. Amber leant down and started with just a small bit of snow. She rolled it…and rolled it…and rolled it until she had a huge white ball that was more than half her height. Then, she began rolling the torso with the same technique. Amber rolled a huge ball of snow, only slightly smaller than the first.

As she went to pick it up, she realized that the ball of sticky snow was indeed too heavy for her to lift. She tried, but was unsuccessful in moving it upward. “Help me, Sherry!” shouted Amber. Sherry attempted to help Amber, but as they lifted the ball a few inches off the ground, the ball exploded between their hands, and snow went everywhere.

“Ahh! Dammit!” shouted Amber. Sherry laughed heavily. “Why are you laughing! It’s not funny!” Amber said trying to contain her own laugh.

“Let’s go inside. I’m cold as Hell,” suggested Amber.

“You do know that Hell is not supposed to be cold,” Sherry said sarcastically.

“Shut up! It’s an expression.”

“It’s a stupid expression,” Sherry jokingly replied.

“Oh, yeah, sure it is. That’s coming from someone named after a type of alcohol,” Amber said, chuckling under her breath.

“So what? You’re named after tree sap,” Sherry retaliated.

“Oh, whatever…let’s just go inside,” said Amber after losing the ‘joke battle,’

Amber invited Sherry into the house. The snow-covered yard no longer looked beautiful, flat and pristine; it now looked as if wild animals carelessly trampled through the snow, distorting its beauty.

Amber entered through the front door and Sherry followed. Amber quickly took off her winter clothing as the snow that had escaped from the frosty outside was now cold water against her body. Sherry likewise removed her snow clothing. Sherry now wore a light blue t-shirt with jeans that were wet from the snow from the bottom to midway up her shins. Amber wore a red t-shirt and jeans were slightly wet at the ankles.

“Is your mom home?” asked Sherry as her teeth chattered together?

“No, she’s at work” Amber replied.

“I’m getting some hot chocolate,” exclaimed Sherry. Sherry knew exactly where to find everything in the house. She had been in Amber’s house more than she had been in her own grandmother’s house.

Sherry made Amber and her some hot chocolate. Amber put the mug to her lips, and as the frothy deliciousness ran down her throat and into her empty stomach, her pink nose returned to its normal color, and a soothing feeling overcame her shivering body.

“That’s good,” proclaimed Amber. Sherry smiled, showing her pearly teeth.

Amber again found herself glancing down at Sherry’s breasts. She tried to clear her mind, but these thoughts were not letting her have her own way.

“I wish it’d snow more often,” Sherry remarked.

“Yeah, I hope we don’t…” said Amber, interrupted by Sherry dropping a silver spoon onto the hard kitchen floor. Sherry bent down to pick up the spoon, which reveled the top portion of her ass-cheeks to Amber’s view. Amber wouldn’t normally be turned on by just the view of someone’s ass, but this time it seemed different. She had an urge to see more. Sherry reached behind herself and pulled her loose pants up to cover herself.

“I hope we don’t have school again tomorrow,” Amber said, finishing her sentence, trying to act innocent.

“Let’s get on YouTube,” said Sherry. “Yeah,” agreed Amber.

This was a common quell of boredom for the girls. They would often get on the Internet and watch videos of the latest music videos, comedy scenes, or anything else that the Internet had to offer. Amber walked into her room and booted up the computer. She opened YouTube and opened a popular video.

“I’ll be right back,” Sherry said as the video was starting.

Amber saw Sherry go into the bathroom and thought nothing of it. Less than 60 seconds later, Sherry came out without her jeans on – she wore her blue t-shirt and the only thing worn on the lower half of her body were a bright pink pair of panties.

Amber looked up and saw Sherry. “What are you doing?” Amber quickly asked. Sherry replied, “My jean legs are wet and I didn’t want to go home and get another pair. They kept making my ankles cold.”

“Do you want to borrow a pair of pants?” asked Amber.

“No, I’ll be okay.”

Amber had a mix of emotions and thoughts. She was slightly surprised and confused, but she was also becoming aroused. Sherry sat on the bed and acted as if nothing was different, but Amber was still in amazement. She’d never seen Sherry this revealed before, and she couldn’t help but stare downward and the unexplored territory. Sherry’s legs were smoother than the finest jazz. Her thighs and ass were perfectly built. Amber was even able to see a few dark hair peering from around the edges of the bright pink panties.

Amber suddenly snapped out of her enchanted daze. She realized that Sherry knew she was staring.

“What?” Sherry asked.

“Oh, nothing,” asserted Amber.

In the tension-filled room, The girls returned to the computer screen, but all Amber could think about was Sherry. She felt an attractiveness that was deeper than before. Not only were Amber’s thoughts filled with lust, they were now filled with a want for more than just imagination. She tried to take her mind off of it, but she simply couldn’t.

She felt that familiar feeling regain consciousness between her legs. She questioned her emotions in her mind. “Could I really be this attracted to another girl? Is this weird?” Her mind was racing and she didn’t know what to do. “Does Sherry feel the same way? What if she doesn’t and she thinks I’m a weirdo?” All of this was taking place in Amber’s head and was unknown to Sherry.

“Would you be alright if I took off my jeans too, Sherry? They’re wet too.” Amber nervously and uncontrollably spouted aloud.

“I don’t mind,” Sherry responded. Amber stood and slipped her jeans down to her ankles and then pulled each leg off one at a time. She now stood in her red shirt and dark purple panties. The tension in the room was higher than ever. There were now two thirteen-year-old girls in panties. Amber noticed that Sherry’s eyes were glued to her waist now.

Amber returned to the computer chair and sat on one side as Sherry sat on the other. Amber’s heart was racing. She’d never revealed herself this much with Sherry before…with any one before, for that matter.

The video on the computer had ended. “I have another funny website,” mentioned Sherry. Amber gave a slight nod and Sherry began typing in the website name. However, another website auto filled. Amber immediately froze when she saw this. It was Amber’s ‘favorite’ site that she would venture to when those curious feelings overtook her when she was alone.

Sherry looked up and saw the name. She knew that it was something suspicious. Out of sheer curiosity, she pressed enter, and a site with several different clickable videos of nude men and woman appeared on the screen. Amber silently panicked and her face turned the color of her shirt.

“Ha, what is this?” laughed Sherry. “You watch porn?”

Amber sat embarrassed trying to conjure something to say. “N…N…No,” she stuttered.

“Then why is this on your computer?” Sherry curiously asked.

“Maybe I went there by accident one time,” Amber silently said.

“That’s actually kind of hot,” exclaimed Sherry smiling as she clicked on one of the videos. “I watch porn sometimes too.”

Amber’s attitude changed in a heartbeat. More thoughts raced through her head “Sherry thought it was hot and not weird?”

Sherry paused the video and looked at Amber, smiling. They gazed into the sparkle each other’s eyes. Then, suddenly, the smile faded, and the immense amount of tension could no longer contain itself. They closed their eyes and their lips drew closer and closer as if they were pulled by some supernal force. Their lips met with a newly kindled passion. A tingling feeling shot throughout Amber’s body as a shimmering flame was born. Their eyes widened and they quickly pulled away from each other.

They were both speechless. They stared at each other again. Amber looked for any sign of regret or remorse upon Sherry’s face, but her countenance showed that she only aspired for more. They leant forward again; their lips pressed against one another. Amber felt the heat of another girl upon her face for the first time. They kissed for what seemed like endless hours. Without warning, Amber felt a soft hand upon her throbbing pussy. That hand slowly went inside her panties and into her wetness. It was a bewitching feeling.

Sherry pulled away from Amber, stood up and walked toward the bed. She beckoned Amber to follow. Amber lie on the bed as Sherry pulled her blue t-shirt off, exposing her nearly perfect breasts. They were beautifully rounded; they were topped with hardened nipples of a light brown color. Amber had seen women nude on the computer before, but this was different - this was a visceral feeling.

Only the aroma of desire filled the room – there was nothing to be said. Amber gazed at Sherry’s magnificent breasts and then pandered her eyes downward over Sherry’s flat stomach and down to the thighs, where she then noticed that Sherry’s bright pink panties were no longer there.

Amber stared at Sherry’s unveiled pussy. It’s pink glory was cloaked with a patch of black hair. Sherry was beautiful – she was arresting.

Amber couldn’t believe what was going on. Both her heart and her mind were racing faster than two sports cars around a track. Sherry leant toward Amber and pulled her red shirt off. Sherry placed her warm hands on Amber’s breasts and caressed them. Sherry kissed Amber on the lips once more, then on the neck, on her left breast, on her stomach, and finally on her right thigh. Sherry ran her hands along Amber’s flat stomach and smooth thighs until finally, Amber felt the warm hand move onto the most sensitive area of her body.

Amber felt her bones melt as Sherry inserted two fingers inside her. It was an unfamiliar feeling, but a welcoming one. Sherry’s fingers wiggled back and forth and in and out. Amber’s legs were open wide. Her hands were cupped on her own breasts, which intensified the feeling of pleasure.

Sherry’s fingers moved faster and faster. Amber closed her eyes as the feeling of pleasure began to spread throughout her body and would soon take over it. She could hear her own juices smacking with each thrust of the fingers.

There wasn’t a bit of this Amber regretted. She lifted her knees up slightly while Sherry continued to vigorously pumper her fingers in and out. Amber knew it was getting closer. She didn’t know how much longer her body could contain it. Her heart rate rose and her hips began to moved. She could hardly breathe and she was becoming incapable of remaining still. Blood was rushing through her veins faster than a jet propelled plane.

The wall of pleasure grew…and grew…and grew until Amber’s entire body then suddenly undertook a chain of uncontrollable spasms. She took an enormous gasp of air just as her body began to buckle. Her toes waved in the air and her hands clasped her hair in need of something to hold on to. Her whole body from head to toe tingled with pleasure, and a feeling of intense happiness came over her.

Three words quickly left Amber’s mouth “Oh, my God!” Sherry giggled.

Amber breathed a moan of relief. Regaining her breath, she opened her eyes and saw Sherry’s face hovering above her. Amber smiled and Sherry smiled back.

“C'était super,” uttered Amber.

“Look at this,” exclaimed Sherry, holing her fingers up to the light.

“Yep, that’ me,” Amber asserted. Sherry’s fingers were coated with Amber’s joy. Sherry slowly tasted her fingers, licking the tip first, testing to see if she’d be utterly disgusted. She wasn’t, however, as she inserted both fingers entirely into her mouth.

Sherry sat for a few seconds, contemplating the taste of Amber’s nectar, as if she were a judge at a baking competition.

“It’s salty,” Sherry professed!

“Eww!” shouted Amber, laughing.

Amber’s laugh died and a few seconds passed in silence.

“I love you…” Amber expressed, breaking the silence.

Sherry, after having lain next to Amber, kissed Amber on the cheek. “I love you too.” Amber turned and stared into Sherry’s gorgeous eyes, once more. Amber slowly moved her hand across Sherry’s smooth body. She cusped her hands around Sherry’s breasts and tickled her flat, tan tummy.

Amber slowly descended her hand into Sherry’s crop of black curly hair. Amber inserted her fingers into Sherry’s wetness. The sticky warmth surrounded Amber’s fingers in Sherry’s tight pussy. This was an odd feeling for Amber, but she was enjoying it. Sherry closed her eyes. Amber simultaneously caressed one of Sherry’s nipples while she fingered her soaking pussy.

“Mmmmm,” Sherry moaned. Sherry’s pussy flowed like a raging river. Amber fingered faster and faster. She could feel Sherry’s fast heartbeat through her breasts.

“Yeah,” Sherry softly murmured. “Oh, yeah!” Sherry’s hairs were now soaked with her juices, and Amber knew that she must have been getting close.

“Mmmm,” Sherry softly moaned.”

Amber’s hand was becoming tired, but that wasn’t going to stop her. She pumped her fingers furiously in and out. Sherry’s tight pussy pulsated around Amber’s fingers.

Sherry softly moaned again. Her face began to squint. Sherry’s hands gripped the bed sheets beneath her. Her knees quivered and her breaths were deep and heavy. Suddenly, Sherry exhaled a moan filled with pleasure, louder than the ones prior. Her head dug backwards into the pillow. Her breasts rose high in the air and her hips sank deeper into the bed. Amber diligently endeavored to keep up with Sherry’s swift body movements.

“Fuck!” Sherry exclaimed! “Oh, my God!”

Sherry’s breaths slowed and her body movements quelled; Amber continued to wiggle her fingers around, but she slowed the tempo.

Sherry looked downward and saw her soaked pubes surrounding Amber’s cute little fingers. Amber slowly slid her fingers out and they, like Sherry’s before, were shiny with female enjoyment.

“Taste it,” Sherry muttered.

“Are you sure?” Amber questioned.

“Just do it. It’s weird, but do it,” urged Sherry.

Amber stuck the slimy fingerers into her mouth. It tasted sour and salty at the same time, but it wasn’t repulsive.

Sherry smiled. “See?”

Amber smiled back as she lie beside Sherry.

The room was silent, but it smelled of sex. The girls lie on their back with their heads turned toward one another.

“Okay, what’s next?” asked Sherry.

“We could clean up,” replied Amber.

“What do you mean?” questioned Sherry.

“I mean we can take a shower…if that’s alright with you,” Amber suggested.

“Together? That’d be fun,” replied Sherry.

Amber stood up and went into the bathroom. She allowed the warm water run. Sherry followed her in a few seconds later. Amber stepped in first and allowed the water to wet her hair. Sherry stepped in and wrapped her arms around Amber’s body.

Amber felt an intense feeling of relaxation: not just because she had just had the best orgasm of her life, and not because she was under the warmth of the water; it was because she knew more about herself than ever before. She was no longer unsure about her life and she was happy. She no longer thought herself as weird.

Amber gazed down at Sherry’s shiny, wet skin, then looked her in the eyes, and gave her one last kiss on the lips.

Amber whispered in her ear, “Do you have anything to do tomorrow?”

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