Sharnie sells herself to save her daddy
This story contains scenes of violence and sexual activity with a young teenage girl. If you might be upset by these scenes please do not read this story. It is of course a work of complete fiction, no characters or situation is to be taken as being based on any real people.

The sound of raised voices woke Sharine, shouts coming from downstairs. She rubbed her eyes to wipe the grogginess from her head. Swinging her legs round she climbed out of the bed and walked quietly towards the stairs. Halfway down them she could see what was happening. By the door to the sitting room she saw a man standing, holding a metal baseball bat. In the room her dad was on his knees, clutching his stomach. Another man was standing over him, his one hand clenched in a tight fist. Two other men stood watching.

“You really should have paid us when you had the chance.” The one man was saying to Sharnie’s father.

“I just need another week and I’ll have your money.” Her dad said, as the mountain of a man stood over him dragged him too his feet.

“Too late.” The first man said and the mountain slammed his fist into her dad’s stomach. He grunted and spat out something that looked a lot like blood.

“Daddy!” Sharnie screamed as her dad collapsed to the floor. Instantly she was the focus of attention. All four of the strangers looking up at her.

“No, Sharnie, no.” She heard her dad say in a strangled gasp.

“Hello, Sharnie is it.” The man who she guessed must be the leader of the four said.

“What are you doing to my dad.” She demanded to know.

“Well, your dad owes me and my associates a large amount of money. And he has just informed me that he can not pay us.”

“I said, give me a week.” Her dad gasped from the floor.

“A week will be too late, and where are you going to get this money from.” The man said, when her dad did not reply he smiled. “At a guess you hope to win the money from another series of gambles. From the way your luck has been the last few weeks I don’t expect to see our money.”

“I will have it, just give me the time.”

“I’m sorry you are already over two weeks late paying us. We are not going to allow you another week to get even more into debt.” He nodded to the man standing over Sharnie’s dad who raised his fist.

“Wait, please.” Sharnie shouted just before the man punched her dad again. The leader looked up at her.

“For what.” He said.

“Is there some other way to repay the money.” She replied, he looked up at her. His companion giving her a look of disturbing interest. Which gave her a sickening idea of one why they would be interested in.

“What do you have to offer us then.” The leader said, his face also showing interest in her. She swallowed as she glanced between them.

“Me.” She said.

“No, no way.” Her dad said sharply.

“You really are not in a position to say no to anything at the moment.” The leader said to him before looking back up at Sharnie. “What do you mean by that.” He said to her.

“I’ll be yours for the night if you cancel his debts and leave him alone.”

“Ours all night.” The man said, she nodded. “To do what we want with?”

“As long as you don’t hurt me then yes.”

“Define hurt.” The other man said sharply. Sharnie swallowed again at the obvious excitement in his voice.

“No hitting, you can’t injure me.”

“But if we are a bit rough then that’s ok.” She nodded.

“No, please she’s only a girl.” Her dad said.

“Dad, what do you think was going to happen after they had finished with you.” Sharnie said to him. “At least this way it’s my decision.”

“Smart girl you’ve got there.” The leader said, “let me see what my compatriots say about your offer.” He turned to look at the man next too him, who instantly nodded with obvious delight. “Thought you’d say yes.” The leader said, next he looked at the mountain stood over her dad. He shook his head slowly. “And that’s not a surprise either, you’d prefer to keep beating on him I guess.” The mountain nodded. The leader shrugged and looked over at the guy with the baseball. He took a few seconds to think, then finally nodded.

“Well, two for and one against so far. Who am I to go against the majority. We accept your offer, you will be ours to use as we want for the night and we will forget your daddy’s debt. “

“No, I won’t let you, not to my little girl.” Her dad said, struggling to get to his feet. The mountain pushed him back down, growling at him as he did.

“If I were you my friend I would lay still.” The leader said, “my associate would like nothing better than to pummel you.” As to emphasis his leaders words the mountain lifted his fist ready to punch Sharnie’s dad in the face.

“Daddy, stop fighting please. It’ll be ok.” Sharnie said to him. Her dad looked over at her then slumped in defeat.

“Smart man.” Said the assistant as her dad agreed with his action. “One question, before you go and put something a little more sexy on.” The assistant continued looking up at Sharnie. “You’re daddy called you his little girl, just how old are you.”

“I’m fourteen.” Sharnie replied, not mentioning that her birthday had been two weeks ago. At that the assistants eyes lit up even more.

“Nice.” Was all he said. Sharnie turned and headed up the stairs. She heard baseball guy follow her. He stopped by her door, keeping an eye on her she guessed. For a few seconds she was embarrassed about undressing with him watching. Which was stupid, she decided after all in a short while all four of them were going to not only see her naked they were going to be fucking her. Stripping out of her pyjamas she opened her closet and pulled out a short skirt and top which she quickly put on. The skirt came less than halfway down her thighs. It was pleated with a light blue plaid design. The top was a white crop top that she had badgered her dad for. He had finally agreed but only after she had agreed to never wear it with the buttons undone. As she put in on she only fastened the bottom two buttons. Sorry dad, but it’s for a good cause, she thought as she did. Next she put on a little make up. Picking her most vibrant red lipstick along with some light blue powder on her eyes, along with mascara to define her eyelashes. A quick brush of her hair and she was ready. She slid her feet into her one pair of high heeled shoes; red four inch mules. It was ironic that the last time she wore them she got fucked as well. Only that time was so different, it had been a one time thing. This time she was letting four men use her, to effectively rape her. A shiver of fear ran down her back, but she took a deep breath in and headed back down stairs.

As she came into view she heard the assistant give a low wolf whistle, she hid her smile from them. She knew what they were seeing. She had been told a number of times how pretty she was. Her face was small, round with piercing blue eyes a small perfect mouth. The only flaw being her nose that was slightly crooked. Her long straw blonde hair haloed her face, falling down to rest on her shoulders. She had a small, petite figure. Not skinny, but it fitted her small frame well. Long lithe legs leading to a cute ass, or so she had been told. The crop top came to just above her navel and with the top buttons undone it showed off her nice cleavage. Not big, but round and shapely breasts.

Slowly she walked down the stairs feeling their eyes on her all the time. The hunger in their looks both thrilled and scared her. She was not certain she was up for the intensity she saw in those looks. Then she saw he dad on the floor. His face already puffing up from where he had been punched. A trickle of blood on his chin. She steeled herself and turned to look at them.

“I’m not doing this here, not in front of my dad.” She said quickly, the leader of the four nodded.

“Fine, we can go back to our office.” He said and walked over to her, put his hand on her arm and led her out the door. The other three followed, as they did Sharnie heard the assistant speaking to her dad.

“Don’t try and call the cops, otherwise your little girl will get seriously hurt.” He said, Sharnie shuddered at the treat in the words. She was led to a large car, the leader opened the front door and she climbed in. They all got in and the assistant started the car and pulled out. The journey to their office was short, which was both a blessing and a curse. It meant that she did not have a long time to worry, but also meant that she had to face up to her offer quickly. The office itself was in a old building. She was led through a small reception style room with a single desk into a larger back room. There were two large desks at one end of the room. At the other was a sofa and two chairs along with a large plasma TV, a large rug covered the bare floor boards. The leader led her to stand in the middle of the rug, then stepped back. Sharnie stood in the middle of the four of them, unsure what to do now. She had never been in this situation before.

“On your knees.” The assistant told her, Sharnie sank to the floor. He walked forwards quickly undoing his trousers. “I’m gonna fuck that pretty mouth of yours girl.” He told her, Sharnie swallowed hard. A blow job, this she was ok with having been giving them since she was twelve. He reached down to cup her head with his hand as he guided his cock to her mouth. She opened her lips and slid them over him. Without warning he pushed forwards hard, holding her head still, forcing his cock right down her throat. She gagged on him, choking as his cock filled her mouth. “Swallow it bitch.” He snarled as he held her head still. She gagged, retched and felt herself about to throw up. He pulled back quickly allowing her to swallow and take a deep breath in.

“Come on, take it deep you little slut.” He said grabbing her hair and pulling her face towards him. She gasped and felt him pushing his cock into her mouth again. He thrust into her mouth, driving his cock deep down her throat. Pressing her face into his groin. Sharnie gagged on him, breathing rapidly through her nose. He thrust in and out, driving his cock to the back of her throat. “Suck on it girl.” She vaguely heard him say over the sound of her own gags and breathing. She tried, but it was hard as he rammed down her throat. After what seemed like ages, but was probably only a minute or two one of the others spoke up.

“Hey don’t hog her, I want to feel that mouth on my cock.” She was released, quickly she sucked in air through her mouth. Then she was twisted to face the mountain, he pulled her face towards his cock. Forcing himself into her mouth, Sharnie felt him pushing deep into her mouth. He did not choke her, but did push deeper than she liked. Holding her head with his hands he pushed her mouth up and down him. Forcing his cock deep into her mouth. “Suck on me you little slut.” He snapped, digging his fingers into her scalp. Sharnie sucked as hard as she could, he gave a soft groan as she did. “That’s it girl, suck on me like a good whore.” Sharnie wanted to shout that she wasn’t a whore. Then realised that effectively she was. She was paying off her daddy’s debt with her body. Tears welled up in her eyes at the thought.

Then she was pulled off the mountain. Dragged round to face the baseball guy. He waved his cock in her face, slapping her cheeks with it.

“Come on bitch, my turn. Lets feel you swallowing my cock.” He said in a harsh voice as he pushed his cock against her lips. Sharnie opened her mouth and felt him pushing into her mouth. She forced her mouth down him as he pushed forwards. Until he was as far in her as she could take. She gagged again, fighting to breath through her nose. Tears rolled down her face, a mix of shame and her eyes watering from gagging. He pulled back, then pushed forwards again. Thrusting his cock into her mouth. His hands gripping the side of her face to hold her still. Sharnie gasped hard for breath each time he pulled out of her mouth. Just before he drove himself back into her mouth. Choking her as he pushed hard into her. For about a minute he thrust in and out of her mouth. Then the assistant again yanked her towards him, pulling her by her hair.

“I’m gonna fuck your mouth till I cum down your throat girl.” He told her in clipped harsh words. She gasped at the viciousness in his words and the look in his eyes. Grabbing her hair in both hands he pushed his cock against her mouth. She swallowed hard then opened her lips. Instantly he forced himself totally into her mouth. She gagged on him as he pressed to the back of her throat. Holding her still he pushed in to her mouth for several seconds. Sharnie felt herself becoming light headed as she could not breath properly. Then he pulled back, she gasped in air. Through eyes blurred with tears she saw his cock covered by her spit. Which dripped down onto her chin and chest.

“Poor girl can’t take it.” Baseball guy said.

“Tough cos I ain’t stopping till I cum.” The assistant said and thrust into her mouth again. Starting up a vicious rhythm, he began to drive his cock in and out of her mouth. “Suck on me slut.” He snapped, she tried to obey. Sucking as well as she could between gagging each time he rammed to the back of her throat. “That’s it girl, suck like the whore you are.” He said slamming into her mouth. Sharnie found herself getting used to the feel, to the timing of his thrusts. She was able to suck air in between his thrusts. She even began to start sucking more on him. She found if she held her head at a slight angle it stopped him choking her with his cock. Nothing could stop her gagging when he push hard to the back of her throat however.

As he fucked her face she felt hands on her hips, pulling them up. Lifting her up so she was stood, bent over forwards. Her skirt was lifted up over her hips. She felt hands running over the back of her thighs and buttocks. Then a hard cock brushed against her buttocks. A second later it was rammed hard into her pussy. Sharnie squealed around the cock in her mouth as the man behind her began to slam into her hard. Fucking her with deep, sharp thrusts that pushed her forwards onto the cock in her mouth. The two men fucked her hard. One ramming into her pussy with full strength. The other thrusting his cock down her throat. Sharnie was caught between them, unable to do more than mew around the cock in her mouth. Her pussy pummelled from behind, each thrust driving fully into her. The cock stretching her, filling her.

“Oh fuck yes.” The assistant said suddenly, holding his throbbing cock in her mouth. Her mouth filled sharply with his cum, she gave a shocked squeal then gagged then swallowed desperately as he pumped his cum down her throat. At the moment he came she had realised that none of them were wearing condoms. She had no protection, what if she got pregnant. It was too late to say now that she wanted them to wear condoms. The assistant pulled back as he finished cumming. Leaving Sharnie to the mercy of whoever was fucking her.

Glancing back she saw it was the leader of the four. He rammed into her hard, his teeth clenching into an almost angry snarl as he fucked her. Reaching up he grabbed her hair in one hand, yanking it back. With his other hand he gripped her neck, holding her bent over. His thrusts were hard, fast, driving his cock deep into her. Threatening to push her over. She rested one hand on her knee the other she reached up to grab his arm. Holding on to keep her balance. He grunted as he rammed in and out with a punishing force.

“God.” Sharnie gasped, it was too hard, too rough. She gasped with each thrust, her body rocked with the impact. He was being so rough it was almost painful. Her pussy stretched to it’s limit by the pounding he was giving her. “Please oh please.” Sharnie begged, not certain what she was begging for. If he heard her or not she did not know. However a few seconds later he gave a low groan of pleasure. Sharnie gasped as for the first time in her life she felt a guy cumming in her. Jet of hot sperm pumping into her pussy. He held himself inside her until he had cum totally before yanking himself out her sharply. Suddenly released her knees buckled and she sank to the floor. Only to be grabbed almost instantly.

Flipped onto her back she was pushed to the floor by the baseball guy. He ran his hands up her legs and over her stomach to paw at her breasts through her top. Then he fumbled at the buttons to undo the top.

“Let’s see your little body girl.” He said in a hissing voice. Yanking at the top he almost tore it in removing it. Sharnie heard his murmur of pleasure when he looked down at her naked breasts. Reaching up he pawed roughly at them. Digging his fingers into the small mounds of flesh. She felt his cock, hard against her thigh. Quickly he shifted between her legs. Sharnie had a moment to prepare before he slammed hard into her.

“Shit!.” He shouted as he rammed into her. “So tight,” he said and began to fuck her hard. His hands on her hips pulling her into his thrusts. Sharnie groaned and gasped loudly with his thrusts as his cock filled her. Ramming in with the same lack of concern for her needs as his boss. A hand reached down to grab one breast, twisting it sharply. Sharnie grunted and looked up at the mountain who was twisting her breasts.

“Umm nice tits you’ve got bitch.” He said in a harsh tone as he twisted her other breast, making her gasp sharply. He grabbed a handful of her hair, twisting her head round towards him. “Suck on my cock.” He ordered, pushing his cock against her face. Sharnie forced her mouth open and felt him push inside. Holding her hair tight he pushed her mouth up and down him. Making her suck on him, forcing her to take him deep into her mouth. Sharnie sucked on him hard, fighting not to gag as he filled her mouth. Her grunts and gasps as the baseball guy slammed into her were muffled by mountain’s cock in her mouth. The two men using her for their own needs, not caring if she enjoyed it or not.

Strangely Sharnie found that deep down she was enjoying it. Some dark part of her revelled in the way she was being used. To these men she was just a piece of meat to be used, fucked. That idea was turning her on. She used her arousal to help her. Relaxing her jaw and neck so she could suck easier on the mountain’s cock as he thrust into her mouth. Pushing up against the baseball guys thrusts. Her mews of pleasure hidden by the cock jammed into her mouth. Whether it was just that she was enjoying it, or that these two were less able to control themselves was not certain. However it seemed a lot quicker when she felt baseball guy cumming. Pumping himself into her pussy. A few seconds later her mouth was filled as the mountain came as well. Sharnie swallowed in reflex to avoid choking on his cum. He deliberately pulled out before he had finished so some of his cum pumped onto her face.

Before she had even time to wipe the cum of her face she was again grabbed. This time by the assistant, he twisted her over pulling her up onto her knees. Yanking her skirt down he flung it away then positioned himself against her pussy. With a hard, forceful thrust he entered her. Pounding her hard, slamming himself in to her. Sharnie squealed at the force of his thrusts. He reached down to grab her wrists. Twisting her arms up behind her as he rammed in and out in rough hard thrusts. Sharnie had no control in the position she was in. Her arms pinned behind her as he fucked her. His cock hard and rammed deep into her each time he entered her.

Then the leader moved to in front of her. He pressed his cock against her lips. Gripping her head with his hands. She opened her mouth and he pushed inside. Sharnie sucked hard on him as he entered her mouth, then gagged as he pushed deep into her throat. He held his cock in her mouth for a few seconds. Sharnie gagged, choked then began to retch on him. Pulling back he gave her a moment to recover before pushing back into her mouth.

“That’s it slut, swallow my cock.” He snarled as he pushed right into her mouth again. “Hold it there girl.” He said holding his cock right in her throat again. Sharnie felt her eyes watering as she gagged on him. Just before she was sick he pulled out. She gasped hard, swallowing against the need to throw up. Gripping her head tight he began to thrust into her mouth. Driving his cock deep into her throat. Sharnie gagged each time, fighting not to be sick. Behind her his assistant continued to pound at her pussy. Ramming himself into her hard. Even under this vicious, abusive assault Sharnie found herself aroused. That dark part of her taking over, letting the two men use her like this.

The pair continued to fuck her. The leader thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth hard and fast. Pushing it down her throat each time, making her gag. His assistant ramming up into her, driving himself as deep into her young body as he could. She gasped hard, even with the cock pushed down her throat. Sharnie could not believe how aroused this was actually making her. The sheer dirtiness of the situation was getting her hot. She was being used, taken, god they were as good as raping her. Yet she was getting off on it, what kind of slut was she. About a minute or two later she found out. Her orgasm almost caught her by surprise, erupting out of her seemingly from nowhere. She squealed around the leader’s cock as she felt herself peak.

“Fuck me, I think she’s cumming.” She heard the assistant gasp as she did just that. Her body shattering into a massive orgasm. Shuddering with the waves of pleasure that shoot through her from her groin. In the middle of her orgasm she felt the two men also cum. Her mouth and pussy filled by their sperm. She gagged on the cum in her mouth, for a second unable to swallow because of the power of her orgasm. Then she swallowed, even as she felt some of the cum drip down her chin. Her pussy was filled with it, she could feel her thighs were sticky as it was dripping out of her. The two men emptied themselves into her before pulling out of her. They released her and she collapsed to the floor gasping after her powerful orgasm. Reaching up she wiped the cum off her chin, licking her fingers clean.

“God, the little slut actually came.” The assistant said in obvious amazement. Sharnie lay on the rug, to exhausted to move. For the moment it seemed the four were as exhausted as none of them grabbed her for a few minutes. Which gave her chance to recover a little from the treatment they had given her. Never in her life had she been fucked that hard, for that long. Her pussy and jaws ached from overuse. She was shaking a mix of the repeated fucking along with her orgasm. And, what was that about. The four of them had been using her, fuck they were as good as raping her. Yet, she had got off on it, had cum during their assault on her. What kind of slut did that make her that she came while being abused like that. She was unable to reason it out in any other way, she was a little slut like the assistant had said.

When one of them finally grabbed her she willingly let him drag her up to her knees. She saw it was the leader of the four. He pressed his cock against her mouth and she opened her lips. This time he did not force it down her throat, inside just pushed it deep into her mouth.

“Lick it, girl.” He said, “cover it in your spit. You’re gonna need it.” Sharnie looked up at him in confusion.

“Why am I going to need it?” She asked with a sudden fear.

“So when I fuck your ass you’ve got some lube to make it easier.” Fuck her ass!

“No, no way!” Sharnie gasped and pulled away, scrambling backwards away from him. She clambered to her feet to run, just as she was grabbed from behind. Kicking and lashing out she fought against the grip on her. In her struggles she saw that it was the mountain who held her. There was nothing she could do to break his hold. He flung her against the nearest chair. The air left her body in a whoosh as he slammed her stomach first into the side of the chair. Before she could move the leader grabbed her hair, pinning her down over the chair.

“You agreed to us doing anything we wanted to you girl.” He snarled in her face. “I’m going to fuck that tight little ass hard whether you want me too or not.” Sharnie gasped, trying to draw in a breath. He yanked her head up by her hair allowing her to get her breath. Then pulled her face back down towards his cock. “Last chance to put some lubrication on me. Lick my cock, spit on it bitch cos it’s going in your ass in a minute.

“Please no, don’t. You can fuck my mouth, gag me I don’t mind, fuck my pussy till I scream. Please just don’t do that.” She begged, he laughed in her face.

“I’ve done that you little slut. Now I want to do you ass. Looks like we’re doing this dry.” He said, Sharnie felt her eyes widen in fear. She quickly covered his cock with her mouth. Licking it all over, spitting on it. She heard his laugh and felt a shiver run through her. Before she was ready he pulled away. Twisting her round so she was knelt in front of the chair he bent her forwards, pressing her face into the chair cushion. She had to turn her face to breath, which also meant she could see him as he moved behind her. She watched, frozen in fear as he guided his cock to her ass hole. Pressed himself against it and slowly pushed forwards. She gasped at the feel of him forcing her open. Sharp pain began to flash from her ass. Then he stopped, unable to push inside her.

“Please don’t.” Sharnie said as she felt him tense, his grip on her head and hip tighten. With a single forceful thrust he was in her. A scream tore from her throat as fire exploded in her ass. Pain flashed through her and she thrashed under him to try and push him out. He held her down, pinning her as he pushed his whole cock inside her.

“Fuck me she’s got a tight ass.” He said with a gasp as he held himself inside her. He held her down waiting out her attempts to fight him off. It took Sharnie a minute to realise she was not getting any where with struggling.

“Please don’t, oh please stop.” She begged, even though she knew it would mean nothing to him.

“Stop, no girl I’ve only just begun.” He said as he pulled back. She attempted to steel herself, to no avail. As he thrust back in the pain flashed through her, she screamed harshly. “That’s it girl scream for me.” He said with a vicious laugh as he began to thrust in and out. Scream she did, shrill cries each time he entered her. His cock filled her ass totally, stretching her each time he entered her. It felt like he was tearing at her. She clawed at the sofa cushion, tears running down her cheeks at the pain. He held her pinned down, thrusting in and out hard.

“Oh god unn oh god.” Sharnie screamed as he continued to fuck her ass. After a minute or so she began to tire, her screams becoming whimpers as the constant assault on her ass continued. Strangely as she did the pain seemed to subside, a little. It still hurt but not to the extent it had when he started. Now she began to feel something other than just the shooting fire coming from her ass. She could feel his one hand running over his back. The chair pushing into her thighs each time he rammed into her. Warm liquid trickled down her legs. She wondered what it was, guessed that it might be blood. Making herself relax she lay on the chair as he thrust in and out.

As if he sensed her relaxing he suddenly increased the power of his thrusts. Ramming in full force to her ass. She squealed loudly at the sharp feel. It hurt but just not as much. He filled her totally as he fucked her ass.

“Oh fuck.” Sharnie cried out as he rammed in again and again. “Please, please.” She begged not sure what she was begging for. He pulled back on her hair, dragging her head up. She felt his breath on her neck as he leaned forwards.

“Yes slut, you like this. You want my cum in your ass don’t you.” He snarled into her ear. His cum, god he was going to cum in her ass. That would end this, she hoped.

“Yes, cum in me please.” She gasped between thrusts. He laughed and rammed up into her hard making her cry out. His thrusts grew harder, rougher. Slamming his cock into her body with rapid movements. “Oh god, fuck oh unnnn god.” Sharnie squealed as the power of his movements grew harder and faster.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum in you little slut. Going to fill your tight ass with my cum.” He grunted to her as his thrusts grew wild. She was slammed into the chair by his movements. He pushed up into her as hard and far as he could. Driving his cock up inside her. Then he came, pumping into her ass. Sharnie gasped hard at the heat of his cum inside her. He held himself buried in her ass until he had emptied every drop of cum in her then pulled back. Sharnie gasped for breath and collapsed onto the chair. A few seconds later she felt hands lifting her up.

“My turn for that tight ass whore.” The assistant said, Sharnie gasped in horror at the realisation that they would each want to take turns fucking her ass.

“Hey, wait before you all use up her ass I’ve yet to fuck her cunt.” The mountain said, reaching out to grab her arm and try to pull her away. The assistant pulled her back against him.

“Maybe we can do both.” He said after a moment. Sharnie blinked in confusion, how could they do both. Mountain man also looked blank for a moment then he realised what his associate meant and smiled, it did not fill Sharnie with hope.

“Oh yes, that sounds like a good idea.” Mountain said, still smiling. He released her arm and the assistant dragged her towards the sofa. He sat down in the middle and smiled up at her, a smile that did not reach his eyes.

“Right you little slut, I want you to ride my cock with your ass.” Sharnie looked down in horror. Ride him, her ass still burnt from the leader and now she was supposed to ride this guy. “Come on, I ain’t waiting for long. Get that ass on my cock slut.” He snarled to her when she did nothing. Sharnie did not need him to say that she had no choice. She had to do it, or they would make her do it. She moved to straddle his thighs but he stopped her. “No, turn round I want to watch your ass as you fuck my cock with it.” Sharnie took a deep breath in and turned to face away from him. She crouched down on him, he guided his cock against her ass. “Umm that’s it, take my cock in your ass girl.” He said as she sank lower on him. She gasped as she felt his cock pushing into her ass. Froze in place simply unable to make herself take him. He gave her no choice, grabbing her hips he pulled her down on him.

“GOD!” Sharnie squealed as his cock slammed into her ass. Pain flashed through her and she gasped for breath. Her sight blurred for a moment. He left her still for a few seconds. Then he began to thrust in and out of her from beneath her.

“Oh girl what a sight. My cock in your little ass.” He said with a deep moan. Sharnie gasped as she felt him pushing into her. There was pain but much less than with his leader. It was almost bearable, almost. Then she felt someone moving in front of her. Looking up she saw the mountain kneeling in front of her. He pushed her back so she was laying on the other man. Sharnie watched in shock as he guided himself to her pussy. She realised what the pair of them had meant at that moment.

“Oh god, you can’t be going to…” She never finished the sentence as he thrust into her pussy hard. She gasped loudly as she felt both cocks pushing into her. The two of them thrusting in and out. Filling her pussy and ass. Driving themselves hard into her. The sensations were too much, too overwhelming for her. She felt dizzy, out of control as the pair fucked her.

“Oh my god.” She gasped as her body was pushed harder and further than she thought it could take. Mountain rammed into her, then pulled back. Just as the assistant thrust up into her ass. As he pulled back the mountain slammed in again. Repeatedly filling her in turn, pussy, ass, pussy, ass. Sharnie gasped loudly unable to process the feeling in her body. She felt one of them pawing at her breasts, twisting her nipples hard. Her head was arched back, resting on the assistants shoulder as the pair took her. Wild thrusts up into her, pounding her small frame mercilessly. She groaned, gasped and squealed at the overwhelming sensations.

“Oh god no.” She gasped as she sensed herself peaking again. “God I can’t…” She breathed as she reached breaking point. She was not going to… then she was cumming. Squealing loudly as her body betrayed her and erupted into an orgasm. She shuddered as ripples of pleasure flashed through her from the two cocks inside her. The two men grunted in surprise and feeling as she came around them.

“Oh fuck.” She heard mountain gasp.

“The bitch is cumming again.” The assistant gasped. Moments later he was cumming inside her. She faintly heard him groaning as he pushed into her to empty himself in her ass. The sensation almost sent her over again, she groaned and gasped as her orgasm ran through her. Just as it was ending mountain rammed in harder and harder then came himself.

“Oh fuck!” Sharnie squealed as the feel of his cum extended her orgasm. Shuddering as she felt his cum erupt into her body. Filling her with his sperm. She gasped as the final waves of her orgasm rippled through her. The mountain pulled out of her once he had cum. Pulling her forwards off the assistant. Sharnie pitched forwards, her legs too shaky to hold her up. She gasped hard for breath, then gave a cry as she was yanked up onto her knees.

A cock rammed into her ass hard, and she squealed in a mix of pain and pleasure. A quick glance told her that it was baseball guy behind her. He rammed in hard, driving his cock deep into her ass. Sharnie cried out, her body so sensitive after her orgasm that she was caught up in a wild mix of sensations. The rug felt rough against her naked breasts. The cock was so hard inside her, driving deep into her ass. Her pussy was warm, wet. She could feel cum sticking to her thighs. Sweat pooled in between her shoulders as the baseball guy slammed into her. She cried out, squeals of feeling. Her arms out stretched clawing at the rug with her fingers. He grabbed her hair, pulling back hard. She hissed and arched her back up. His thrusts drove his cock deep into her ass.

Now there was no pain, no pleasure, just sensation. Pure sensation that left her breathless, unable to fight or resist as he rammed in and out. Her body rocking with each thrust into her. She felt a hand rubbing at her clit, it took her a few seconds to realise it was hers. When she did she groaned as she rubbed at herself. Fingering her clitoris in the way she knew would get her off. Baseball guy rammed in and out hard and fast. Driving his cock into her with all his strength. Sharnie rubbed hard at her clit, suddenly wanting to cum with him in her. On top of her previous orgasm it did not take her long. With a wild squeal she came again, shuddering at the waves of pleasure spreading through her body.

“Oh yes girl cum for me.” He said as she exploded into her orgasm. She barely heard him, as she mewed at the pleasure blasting through her. The feel of his continued pounding against in her ass simply added to her orgasm. She arched back, crying out as the waves peaked then dropping forwards again, gasping hard. He stopped her from sinking to the floor, his hand still in her hair. His thrusts kept coming into her. Hard, deep, driving his cock into her ass. Ramming in and out with forceful thrusts.

“Fuck me, shit. Fuck me!” He grunted from behind, ramming up into her. Sharnie was rocked hard with each thrust. Her small frame shuddering under his assault. She felt his thrust growing wilder, faster.

“Oh god, cum in me please.” She gasped not sure if she was pleading or urging for him to come. He rammed in again and again. Each time sending her rocking forwards, only to be yanked back by her hair. “Please god, cum.” Now she was pleading as his continued pounding threatened to hurt her.

“Fuck me, yes, fucking yes.” He gasped sharply, “here it comes whore.” He added then he was cumming inside her. Groaning as he pushed himself as deep as possible. Sharnie gasped loudly as she felt his cum pumping into her ass. It filled her, she could feel it dripping down her ass as it leaked out. He emptied himself into her then pulled out, letting her drop forwards to the floor. She sank onto her side, gasping desperately for breath. It felt like she had run a marathon, her body was like jelly. She hoped that maybe they were finished with her, some hope.

Only moments after baseball guy finished she was pulled up again. Half carried and half dragged to the sofa. Where the assistant was again sat waiting for her. She was pushed onto his lap, felt him guiding her on to him. With a hard thrust up he rammed his cock into her pussy. Driving it hard and deep inside her. She felt someone moving behind her. As she was bent forwards she realised what they were about to do to her again. Then a cock was thrust hard into her ass, at the same time as the assistant thrust up into her pussy.

“FUCKKKKK!” Sharnie squealed at the force of both cock ramming into her together.

“Yes you little bitch take our cocks in you.” She heard the leader snarl from behind her. He and his assistant began to ram into her hard and fast. Driving their cock into her pussy and ass. She squealed and moaned at the sheer force of their thrusts into her. She could not breath properly, could not draw in a breath. Her body pounded by the two men fucking her. Then her head was yanked round, and a third cock was pushed into her mouth. Looking up she saw that it was the mountain who was fucking her mouth. He pushed his cock deep into her mouth, sliding her lips along him. On simple instinct she began to suck on him. Her body on pure autopilot now, beyond any rational control. The three men taking her with their cocks. Using her like wild animals, and she took it all.

Sucking hard on the mountain as he pushed into her throat she began to ride the assistant. Matching her movements to his thrusts as much as she could. Her deep squeals of feeling were muffled by the cock she was sucking on. Even to her they sounded animalistic. The three men fucked her hard, driving into her ass, pussy and mouth. Ramming up into her body with full force. Pushing down her throat making her gag. Again the overwhelming sensations grew stronger and stronger. Sharnie knew where this was heading now, did not even try to fight it. She let the waves of feeling grown, the heat building inside her as she was rammed into. Ass, pussy, mouth, again, again, again. Hard, fast, driving their cocks into her body.

“OH GODDD!” She screamed around the mountain’s cock as her body exploded again. Pleasure blasted through her, so hard it was almost pain. She was racked by the feeling, torn and shattered. It was too much to bear and she screamed at the sensations. The three men kept up the repeated assault on her. Ramming themselves into her hard and deep. Adding to her sensation, driving it further on.

“God, oh god.” She panted, desperate for this to end now. Suddenly the leader pulled out of her ass, groaning loudly. She felt his cum splash onto her back as he came. She gasped in surprise, wondering why he had not cum in her ass this time. About half a minute later mountain man did the same. Pulling out and emptying his cum onto her face, covering it in his sperm. No only the assistant was ramming into her, his thrusts hard and wild. Then he dragged her off him, pushing her down to her knees between his legs. Groaning it rubbed at his cock, aiming it at her face. She gasped as his cum splashed onto her, over her eyes and into her hair. When he had emptied himself onto her he looked down at her with a smile.

“Now that’s a nice sight, a well fucked slut covered in cum.” He said with a soft laugh. Sharnie knelt in front of him, sensing the other men looking at her. She could feel the cum, sticky on her face and back. Her hair was matted and twisted from the many times that had yanked on it. Her legs were sticky with a mix of sweat, their cum, her own juices and blood. She had nothing left to give, it took all her strength to not simply collapse in a heap in front of them.

The leader grabbed her top and skirt, throwing them at her. She looked up at him in surprise.

“Get dressed, it’s over.” He said to her. Looking round she saw the other three had sank into the chairs and sofa. All of them looked as exhausted as she felt. Slowly, with shaky hands she dressed. She felt dirty, covered in their cum. But sensed that they were not going to let her clean herself off until she got home. Once she was dressed the leader took her home. When he reached her house he looked over at her.

“Christ, how did you manage to do that. You took all four of us until we had to stop.” Sharnie shrugged, she had no idea how she had done it. He let her out and she staggered up the path to her door. Her dad opened it before she reached it and lifted her into his arms, carrying her into the house.

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry. I’ll never gamble again I promise.” He said, sobbing at the state she was in.

“You’d better not, I don’t know if I’d be willing to pay for you again.” Sharnie told him, but deep down she wondered if that were true. Part of her she knew would willingly go through all that again. “I just want to shower and go to bed dad.” She said before he could say anything else, he nodded and helped her upstairs.

After cleaning off all the gunk on her body she clambered into bed. Too tired to even bother putting her pyjamas back on. Laying on her bed she looked up at the ceiling. She heard her dad as he went into his room. Images flashed across her mind, mixed with remembered sensations. Her body ached all over, she was sore in places she knew she should not be. Yet, as she remembered what had happened to her that night she found her fingers on her clit. Rubbing at herself until she came again. Finally she sank into a sleep filled with dreams of being used and fucked and liking it.

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