Capture Girl Scout face a continuing ordeal
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(Girl Scout Lisa was kidnapped and subjected to terrible horrors both by street hoods
and the police who were supposed to help her. She was befriended by Maddy
who had nursed her back to health and arranging her return home. Maddy betrayed her
and she has been sold to Russian criminal types who use her for their soccer games)

--- The Next Day ----

Naked but hooded Lisa was pulled out of the car. She was outside but couldn’t see
a thing with the hood over her head. She stumbled along as she was led by a rope barefoot through
a field. She could hear men laughing, talking in a foreign language, Russian?

Her hands were untied and retied behind her back. There was laughing all around her.
Disoriented she tried to walk, but where? She tried to ask questions but her voice was muffled.

THUUUD. Lisa screamed as something hit her in the thigh. What was that? It felt like a ball.
What is going on. She heard laughter and then the sounds of balls being kicked.
A ball hit her in the back, then on her butt. She tried to run but fell.
More balls hit her now at closer range. She buried her head trying to protect herself as
balls pummeled her from all sides.

Lisa couldn’t see but the soccer team surrounded her using her as target practice.
A hand grabbed her by the hood. “Get the fuck up now or I’ll kick the shit out of you.”
A ball hit her square on her breasts from close range. She turned to run but hands
grabbed her on both sides.

Lisa’s hood was pulled off. All around her were soccer players in uniforms laughing.
“American Whore. Fucking slut. Bitch. Cunt.”

“Hang her from the goal. Free kicks. “

“NOOOO” Lisa dropped to the ground and curled up. “No More. Stop.”
The men stood around her laughing. A terrifying looking Russian, with
Tatoo’s and short cut hair knelt down beside Lisa. He pulled her head up by
the hair and put his knife to her throat. “I gonna cut your throat bitch.”
“Fucking kneel, lift your head up and open your mouth. “
“Keep it that way or I will be holding your head in my hand.”

Lisa knelt in the dirt. The teen was shivered in fear in the cold morning air.
She was surrounded by fearsome looking men.
All were immigrants from Russia fleeing for their crimes in their home country.

The man who threatened her with his knife had his cock out. Lisa closed her eyes and
bowed her head. Bitch, look at me, I told you what would happen.”
Lisa looked up. “That’s better, now open your little bitch mouth.”
“Open your fucking mouth.” Crying, on her knees the little teen bitch opened her
mouth looking pleadingly at this terrible man.

She could hear the laughter around her. The yellow stream started slowly but quickly
gained strength hitting Lisa on her chest and making its way to her head as the Russian
improved his aim. The piss stung as it hit her eyes. Some went into her mouth while the
rest drained down her face and then her body. “Swallow it SWALLOW.” Yelled the Russian.

While she felt his piss hitting her face she felt another stream hitting the back of her head .
“Bend you face back.” Lisa’s face back, she was hit with streams of piss from all sides as the dozen
men took turns.

“Piss Whore.” “Pig.” “Whore.” They yelled insults at her in English and Russian.
The piss steamed in the cool air but cooled quickly and Lisa shivered. She lowered her head shaking.
Enraged her Russian captor grabbed her hair, pulling her head back. He forced her mouth open as two men crouched aiming the yellow stream into her mouth. Choking and gagging Lisa began gasping for air as the men laughed.

Lisa lay on the ground retching as they gathered around her. The men grabbed her arms and legs and
pushed her face into the pool of dirt and piss on the ground. They ground her face into the piss mud and the dragged her body through the mess.

“String her up. String her up.” The men screamed. They dragged helpless Lisa by her legs to the soccer goal. Ropes were tied to her ankles and thrown over the top of the goal and she was hoisted up, legs spread, head down hanging toward the field from the soccer goal.

Lisa screamed in Horror. She could feel the man’s knife blade running across her thighs and then on her pussy. Even in her condition the cold steel running up and down her pussy lips made her howl in fear.
He penetrated her with the handle of the knife, slowly fucking her up to the hilt. Laughing he yelled down to her. “How would you like me to fuck you with the other end.”

He stepped back and the rest of the men lined up with soccer balls. Each man took a turn kicking at the
Bitch hanging from the goal. A ball whizzed by her. The next one scored hit to her belly. Suddenly they were coming from all angles. She almost passed out as one hit square in the face.

Lisa struggled to look around. The blood rushed to her head. She struggled to stay conscious.
The men had retrieved their balls. The lined up. She realized now they had just practiced. Now they were going to have a contest kicking the ball at her.

Lisa could see the man lining up a kick. Lisa twisted but the first ball hit her square in the groin.
The range was so close now they could not miss and the impact was jarring. The next hit her in between her legs. The next hit her breasts. Slowly bruises began to appear. There was cheering and laughing as the Men were betting, yelling .

“ThummmPPPP” Lisa hit the ground sprawling with the men around her. The contest was over. The man with the knife cut the ropes off her ankles. “Get the fuck up. Stand up.” Lisa struggle to her feet dizzy from her ordeals.


Lisa looked confused. “This you chance to get away. Run you little ASS off.”
Lisa didn’t believe they would let her get away but she had little choice. With great effort she started to
run. Dirty, bruised soaked with piss and covered with dirt the teen began running. Naked and dazed she made a dash away from the field.

“RUN BITCH RUN. She heard them yell

To Be Continued.

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