A social worker picks up a girl on a dusty road...and can't resist her.
It was the only road back to town.

Slowly, Kelly drove her compact car over the loose gravel. As the washboard wobbled her gut, she regretted the tuna sandwich she had devoured for lunch.

She straightened her shoulders, and smoothed her blond hair behind her ears. Kelly could feel sweat gather between her ample breasts and wished she hadn’t put on a bra today. She was glad that she had shorts on even though they weren’t exactly professional dress code.

The road demanded her concentration. Its repeated loops around the swamps, lakes, and rocks made the trip back to town last over an hour. She swallowed hard and ran her tongue along the fissures of her lips; gray particles had settled on dashboard, teeth, and throat,

When she approached a rare straight stretch, by the Half-moon Lake railway intersection, she saw a solitary figure emerge from the forest. On this deserted road, life forms of any kind startled her. Squinting into the August haze, she lifted her foot from the gas pedal. It was a young girl heading toward railroad.

Kelly knew that locals sometimes flagged down the train, to catch rides into town, even though it passed by only once a day. As she got closer, she noticed the girl was wearing tattered jean shorts and a dirty tank top. The girl stopped to watch Kelly.
Kelly blinked, to clear her dusty eyes. It worked, for a few seconds. Then she realized she knew the native girl. She lived on a reserve not far away. Her name was Lucy and she was no more than thirteen, but her lovely body defied her young years. Kelly noticed that Lucy’s skin was covered with a fine sheen of sweat that made her tight brown tummy glisten in the sun. Lucy looked up when Kelly stopped the car and waved her hands to clear the clouds of dust, and smiled at Kelly.

Kelly rolled down the window. “Are you headed into town?”

An absurd question, she realized, before she finished it.

“Yeah, I was going to catch the train,” Lucy said softly.

Kelly looked into the girls beautiful brown eyes and felt something stir inside her, “When does it come?”

“In another two hours,” Lucy said, kicking at the gravel on the road.

“I can give you a ride,” looking directly at the hard nubs of Lucy’s nipples under her dusty, tight, tank top.

“Okay, it’s so damn hot,” said Lucy flashing her lovely smile again.
Lucy closed the door and Kelly could feel the heat radiating from the girl’s body. She glanced at the soft curves of the girl’s thighs and tummy, the lovely brown tones of her skin

When she could spare her attention from the curves on the road, Kelly checked Lucy’s lovely young body. Lucy’s eyes were closed, and she slumped against the car door, her legs were spread, so Kelly could see the deep camel-toe in the crotch of her skin tight shorts. Kelly felt her pussy tingle, this young girl had awoken something hot and wanting within her. But she was so young, so vulnerable,

On a series of winding corners, Lucy’s leg flopped against Kelly’s. The touch of thigh on thigh was electric to Kelly, and she pushed her leg against Lucy’s. Lucy opened her eyes and smiled again at Kelly, but did not move her leg away.

To Kelly’s surprise, Lucy looked at her, wet her full lips and spoke softly, “Are you the social worker?”

“Yes,” said Kelly feeling the young girl’s body heat enter her own body.

“I seen you before,” Lucy said leaning forward, allowing Kelly a good view of her firm, perky breasts.

“I come out once a week,” said Kelly feeling a flushed and a bit out of control.
“You took away my Aunt Mary’s, daughter, Kyla last month,” Lucy said in a soft almost sensual tone.

“Yes,” Kelly paused, “yes I did. I…” Kelly was interrupted.

“You don’t need to explain, I knew Mary was pimping Kyla out, even though she was only twelve. It’s a good thing, what you did.”

“Well, uh, thank you,” Kelly said haltingly.

“Yeah, Kyla would come to me sometimes, like run away, and I would comfort her. She is a real sweetie. Such a tight lil body, no wonder Aunt Mary got top dollar. Yeah and Kyla she got a magic tongue, know what I mean,” said Lucy softly, as her finger tips traced Kelly’s bare shoulder.

Despite the grinding air conditioner, the car grew closer, hotter, almost chewable.

“You get yourself a piece of hot lil Kyla, did you?” hissed Lucy, her mouth now close to Kelly’s ear. “Cause I know first-hand that she lick cunt like a rabid pussy-cat,” Lucy said softly as she pressed her small tits into Kelly’s arm.

Kelly rounded the wide curve and jammed on the brakes steering the car to the side of the road,

Kelly was breathing hard, and could slowly feel herself lose control. She stared intently into Lucy’s brown eyes, “Yeah, I fucked the little Kyla. I took her home with me and put her in a shower, covered her sweet brown body with baby oil and finger fucked her hot little cunt until she sprayed her hot cum all over me. I made her lap it up before I pushed her face into my cunt and told her to eat my cunt. You are right Lucy, the little slut is amazing.”

Kelly, took Lucy’s face in her hands and kissed her hard forcing her tongue into her open mouth and then sucking the girl’s tongue into her own mouth. Kelly moaned as Lucy grabbed at her tits through her shirt and then undid the buttons and quickly freed her breasts from her lacy bra. Immediately Lucy pulled and twisted Kelly’s hard nipples making the blonde moan into the girl’s mouth.

Lucy broke off the kiss and latched her mouth onto Kelly’s breast. In turn Kelly lifted Lucy’s tank top and squeezed and played with the girl’s tight little boobs. Taking her nipples between her fingers Kelly pinched them hard, which made Lucy bite down on her nipple.

“Aghh, damn you are a hot little bitch aren’t you, “Kelly groaned letting her hands move over the Lucy’s tummy, so tight yet soft. Then she slapped one hand onto the crotch of the young girl’s shorts, pressing her middle finger up and down the cunt slit that grew damp under her touch.”
Lucy rotated her hips grinding her pussy into Kelly’s hand. “Oh yeah, fuck you are so beautiful. Do you want my lil brown cunt lady, you want to taste me, you want to eat me good.”

“Yes, I do, I want to eat you until you spray my face with your sweet girl cum…” said Kelly unbuttoning Lucy’s shorts and pushing them down her narrow hips, “Spread for me you hot little bitch,” Kelly screamed over the loud air-conditioned.

Lucy pushed her shorts of and rolled over on her back spreading her legs wide. Kelly leaned forward and lifting her breast to the thin lips of Lucy’s cunt pressed her long hard nipple inside, sliding it up and down Lucy’s slit. Lucy watched as Kelly maneuvered her nipple back and forth over the small nub of her clit.

Lucy’s eyes grew wide and she moaned as Kelly replaced her nipple with her long-curved tongue. The tip of the blonde’s tongue flicked back and forth over Lucy’s throbbing clit. The girl tossed her head against the side window, and groaned, “Eat me, eat my cunt you beautiful bitch!

Kelly couldn’t get enough of Lucy’s slick, musky cunt and flashed her tongue up and down the length of her cunt before burying it deep into her tight pussy. Lucy screamed and began to hump her hips upward, pushing Kelly’s tongue deeper into herself.

Closing her mouth on the small cunt Kelly’s tongue alternated between flicking her clit and pressing it as deep as she could into her fleshy cunt hole.

Lucy’s thighs were beginning to tremble and Kelly knew that the girl was about to pop, she vacuumed Lucy’s throbbing clit into her mouth and then pushed her middle finger deep into the lovely brown girl’s cunt. It was too much for Lucy—her whole body erupted, as she th4rust her cunt in the air and screamed “Eat my fucking cum bitch!”

At that instant Kelly withdrew her fingers and clamped her mouth over Lucy’s sweet cunt in time to capture the first squirt of creamy girl jizz. Kelly pinched Lucy’s engorged clit hard and instantly another wave of cum spurted from the young girls cunt, filling Kelly’s mouth until she couldn’t hold it all and it dripped from her lips and down her chin.

Sweat poured off Lucy’s body, and Kelly leaned forward and licked the sheen from the bottom of the girl’s perfect little breasts.

“Would you like to see Kyla?” Kelly asked as she gasped for breath.

“Fuck, yeah.” Lucy said catching her breath.

“Good. It would be a total turn on for me to watch you kissing cousin’s fuck. I might even have a few of my lady friends by to watch you.”

“Sounds like fun to me,” said Lucy with a big wide grin.

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