Fictional Theater Play
Cumming to a Theater Near You….

1. Preface
2. Opposites Attract as the Same Repels
3. Dabbling with Desire
4. Locomotive of Lust
5. Revelation of Kink
6. Preparations for Perversion
7. Sentinel Sal
8. Sexual Indecision
9. Ascent to Hell to Dive into Heaven
10. Maze of Lust
11. A Turn for the Better
12. Slut to Desperate Filthy Whore
13. Slow Stroll to Cumageddon
14. Lotion of the Masses
15. Personal Time
16. Show Time
17. Who’s Protecting Who?
18. Cast Down to the Masses
19. All for One and One for All
20. Cumditch
21. Panicked Involvement
22. Ten Paces to Lecherous Abandon
23. Any Port in a Storm
24. Undeniable Insatiable Appetite
25. Occupied Indifference
26. Wasted Efforts to Discovery
27. Eve’s Garden
28. Truth being More Terrible then Fiction
29. The Cumming of Eve
30. Postscript, Lyrics to Reflect Upon


Having worked for a number of years at numerous Adult Theaters and arcades in many capacities, I thought it might be fun to write something fictional based upon my knowledge of them. In the day my primary employment came in the form of a “Show Booth” performer. Usually working out a deal to let me use the various types of booths no longer utilized (usually a stage room surrounded by quarter booths, and then the private 1 on 1 booths some with glass partitions and phones, and a few with no partition).

Additional work came in the form of a theater performer. Essentially during intermissions held every couple of hours I would dance and strip upon the stage, perform erotic shows most of it a lot of masturbation both with and without toys. During the movie however I would circulate through the lean audiences lightening the loads of patrons and naturally also their wallets. It was a good time also to encourage those less exhibitionist inclined to visit the show-booths and finally there was the arcade to draw customers from.

Quarter or “token” booths at that time, it never failed to drop a few jaws when I’d walk through the arcade as men cruised through it. A simple thing really, cruise the arcade yourself, slip into a booth (that didn’t have a glory hole), kick back and smoke a cigarette as the movie played and after five minutes pull your panties to your knees and walk out.

ALWAYS there would be a crowd of men around the booth, and as you’d step out pulling up your panties your skirt raising to do so in all of five seconds if that one of the men would ask what brought you there. Informing them you were just taking a break from working the show booths, instantly the stampede would begin. I literally could not get back and ready fast enough, ever.

Things have changed however from what I have heard having not been back since 1995, the internet as you’d suspect playing a large part in that.

Very few “xXx Live Nude Girl” show booths remain. The arcades instead of having 5-7 different film loops running in each booth in those older (which actually made it fun), 20+ channel VCR/DVD feeds in those newer now have massive amounts of digital offerings. Lastly us gals “working” the theaters are no longer welcome be they on stage or in the audience.

That said, theaters now even have “couples only” areas for a bit of exhibitionist play, some couples even engaging the few single males in attendance, and sometimes, rare times, a single female tests her limits. Oh that always happened to one degree or another over the years yet now with porn so available on the internet it takes a special breed of man, couple or woman to visit these often decaying venues, and when they do it is for a good reason.

So what say we imagine a bit of pure fiction…or is it? While we’re at it lets make our “perfect world” safe STD wise without restriction, excessive, over the top and while we’re at it what the hell, let’s just make it plain nasty.

Opposites Attract as the Same Repels:

Kay to date had lived a typical life, a life that to date had evolved into a predictable pattern from hour to hour, day to day, week to week and even each year now seemed to be no different then the last. For some time she had felt it. She had recognized how time seemed to slip away as she lived in a perpetual limbo of normalcy and as each week passed, each day, each minute and each second Kay could actually feel how she would never get it back.

Her husband ten years her senior had evolved into a broken record as well. Monday through Thursday meaning long hours he chose to take on at work simply to feel productive. Friday they’d have dinner out then early to bed, Saturday he’d work some more and at eight that night they’d watch a single rented movie with him falling fast asleep. Sunday meant church, and if Kay was lucky, the kind of lucky that hints at once a month need it or not, that evening they might engage in an all too familiar typical round of sex.

Oh, Kay would cum to be sure. They’d strip then David would almost mechanically go down on her, she’d cum and if he felt the urge himself he might simply climb on top and 30 seconds later the deed was done. Then it was time for TV as even before the 11:00 news he’d be fast asleep simply to repeat the week again, and again, and again, and again.

The real kicker came when David though embarrassed had confessed he just didn’t have the urge for sex anymore. Yes he loved her, no he didn’t have someone on the side and worst of all he was okay with it. In fact, he actually kind of liked it as it simply firmed up the routine of his life just all that much more. Worst of all, as David had gladly embraced his loss of libido actually even calling it “liberating”, Kay in contrast had just begun to bloom her sex drive radically peaking.

Kay tried everything to rekindle the fire in their relationship. Finding a store catering to “dancers” or more true to the point strippers, she had literally gasped when she looked in the fitting room mirror at what she saw. Flirty was one thing, seductive another, risqué not even fair as the two outfits she had selected one she would term as slutty, the other making her look downright like some desperate filthy whore so with that in mind, she bought them both.

Nothing, crickets and dead air. Oh David understood her intentions yet as far as he was concerned sex just wasn’t something he wanted in his life any longer though he would stay dutiful and generous always insuring that if Kay had to have it he’d be there for her. Once a month whether she needed it or not.

Kay could remember the day clearly looking in the full length mirror wondering if it was her body that he was repulsed by. She still had the face of a late 20-something at 37. Still had slim firm arms and legs without a single dimple of cellulite upon them. Her belly flat, waist narrow and bottom firm from daily exercise yet best of all were her breasts. Largish when young they had simply grown as she aged to a disproportionate size. Kay had always dutifully wore the best fitting of bras however, and they still sat like some over developed teenager’s though her nipples had thickened and seemed to extend much farther then she remembered.

As to body hair she not a lick. Kay a couple years ago had every strand lased clean during numerous costly appointments. Everything in fact in that once her pits and legs had been finished she couldn’t resist her bikini line and over time “just a little bit more” had turned into take all of it off. Soft and smooth as though born that way not a single bump or stray hair left to be found.

That very same bikini line or more so what it hid had however experienced some recent changes. Whether some hormone imbalance or what she didn’t know yet her clit once the size of her pinky tip had easily doubled in size and when excited would swell to almost the size of her thumb. She had wondered when her inner lips would begin to show more as they did when most women aged. Instead the opposite had happened, her outer lips fat and puffy as though constantly aroused, and if she thought about it hard enough just the sensation of them rubbing against her clit would cause her to shiver.

The worst or perhaps the best of it however came from within. The rare if ever sex, constant kegals almost a bad habit now had made her vagina tighter then it had ever been. Worst of all however was how wet she would get. Kay had never experienced problems getting wet, in fact, Kay if anything would become almost too wet as even the slightest arousal would actually cause her to drip the flow so plentiful.

After years of two and three panty days she had actually looked forward to a bit of drying out from aging. However be it her now almost constant sexual frustration or perhaps some other physical “problem” she didn’t know about, it was as though a dam had been broken. Even the most sedate of naughty thoughts would have her sopping and what had once been a drip now had turned into a flow as when she was excited there would be a constant dribble or more single stream of wetness flowing from her.

So much in fact that when she’d masturbate it would “goosh” out of her as she called it like squeezing the water out of a plastic bottle. When she’d cum she’d flood. Not so much squirt thin and non-lubricating as others would call it, more like a cup of wetness had been dumped out of her all at once. Slick, thick, hot and as she’d come to learn just having to find out for herself, very sweet with just the right amount of spice.

“Why now” she thought as she looked in the mirror. “Why now do I feel this way and has my body changed as David becomes comfortable being some celibate workaholic monk.” Yes they both were changing, just simply in opposite directions.

No longer struggling with the financial scramblings of youth found Kay every increasingly sitting before her PC performing search after search for answers to her and David’s new found sexual afflictions. Oh there were countless possible solutions offered to treat the body, yet nothing reasonable to either inspire a dwindling desire or quell a rampant lust. Worst of all, there was a plethora of opportunities and options to sate any sexual hunger so as options to fix had dwindled to nothing, so those to feed them became the focus.

To date that she knew of neither Kay nor David had ever hid anything from each other. Just as David had become a broken record of comfortable abstinence however, Kay had become one as well like some perverse search engine as nightly she fumbled to re-inspire David’s desire. Nightly she’d tell him about every new kink, fetish and perversion she’d encounter during her daily searches upon the web. Pester him to look at this picture, that site, this story or that movie.

David was patient as he always had been, supportive of all things, anything really Kay had interest in. Supportive that is right up to the point that it demanded too much of a sacrifice to what he desired out of life as was only fair, so with that as he patronizingly smiled and nodded offered Kay up a suggestion. “What say you look into all of this that interests you? I trust you Kay, you’ll never betray my heart and I want you to enjoy your mind and body.”

Dabbling with Desire:

Though David’s comment and the subsequent discussion had been much more involved Kay was left stunned by what David had at first hinted at and then flat out explained. It was not at all what she had wanted hoping to rekindle the fire in David’s loins. She wanted them both to explore her growing desires together not on her own. She wanted David that was her goal but David had made it clear. He wanted Kay as well, just no longer in “that way” and to that end not wanting to limit her passions and more so trusting her he spoke bluntly.

“Kay look, we’ve gone round and round. I love you, want to be with you forever and know you’ll never betray that. Do anything you need to enjoy life as you wish it. But, I do have two conditions. Never risk involving your heart, and never, ever involve me in it. To grow old with you is all I want for me, yet I want you to be happy.”

Kay was floored, so stunned in fact that her own blossoming sex drive just that quickly came to a screeching halt, for all of about a week. When Kay could take no more of it she was right back to her net surfing. Soon however pushing keys and moving a mouse while rubbing out one orgasm after another sitting there at her PC began to lose its luster, and Kay slowly shifted from simple voyeurism to taking a more active role actually participating.

Participating on forums quickly became old as folks would hammer away time and again with their own personally narrow fetish or kink. She tried writing stories to pen down her wants, quickly however that proved to not be her forte in that the plots, reasons and logic were inconsequential to her, the few stories becoming little more then varied described ribald sex acts.

Chat proved out as fruitless as the forums just simply in real time. Worse still, many of the people there wanted to build relationships and used it as nothing more then a way to hook up yet on a much too personal level for her tastes. Even the forums had turned as such regarding the relationship building aspect. Who she was and their previous web interaction known to each, so even a one time “planned” encounter seemed just all to personal to her.

Eventually Kay tried making her exploration more singular and personal. Numerous sex toys, dildos and vibrators purchased, and though they served their purposes well enough what was lacking was the interaction with another person all till the day came she discovered web camming.

It was a revelation. Not only could she interact with another through chat yet when goaded and pressed to show this or that, do that or the other Kay discovered her own proclivity for showing off. For the couple of weeks it lasted in her opinion it was awesome. Quickly clothes teasingly shed would become none at all while showing off her most intimate of parts always met with raving approval. When she’d rub one out for all to see even making use of those toys she had spent so much on, to say her cam was becoming a focal point for many would be an understatement.

Sadly as seems to always happen soon men and even a few women had begun to try and cull her from the crowd. Kay would gladly masturbate herself to a screaming orgasm for the entire world to see yet then the PM’s would come for some 1 on 1 cam time. That didn’t bother her too much right up until she realized they had pressed her directly asking “Kay” if she would like to go to PM and that to her was simply just too personal just because they had used her name.

Most of all however Kay had ever so slowly realized that she wanted some real contact with people. She wanted to feel their touch, their mouths, let them do all to her they desired as she’d get all she wanted in return yet again there was that nagging problem. It was all too personal. The very idea of clandestine meetings in seedy hotels though thrilling, down deep inside simply felt to her like establishing a relationship even if only based upon sex. Worse still it would mean some interaction before hand proving that out and the whole 1 on 1 thing in the end simply felt too personal and intimate.

Kay wanted sex, sex base and raw yet only for sex sake. In fact the more she thought about it she didn’t even want to know their names or they hers. Anonymous, spontaneous and random, better still among other people, hell lots of people really to feed her growing exhibitionist lusts. The only trouble was how, and as uncommitted as casual sex might sound, it was funny how it always proved out otherwise.

Locomotive of Lust:

Having narrowed down what she wanted, how she wanted it and most of all what conditions had to be met to keep it casual Kay finally turned off her PC thinking back to her youth deciding to dive in and make this thing happen. First came cruising bars. Simple enough, walk in, order a drink and no matter who he was let the first guy that hit on you pick you up. Instantly Kay was uncomfortable with it in that they all wanted to talk and flirt to test the waters of Kay's interests as simply their greeting had her recoiling, “Hi I’m Tom, what’s your name?”

One hotel, two car back seats and one alley wall later Kay realized that the old ways were the wrong way. It was bad enough that it took so long from that initial greeting till they would be having sex, yet in the process she'd have to give them her name, and always when it was said and done came the question. “How can I see you again?”

It became clear to Kay that men simply didn’t get it. Contrary to most other people Kay just wanted to be fucked. Don’t talk to me, don’t ask my name, don’t ask about my history or my life. Just fuck me and go away and since men didn’t get it she realized that she’d have to be the one to make it happen. Back to the bars Kay went. It was simple she thought, just walk up to some guy, any guy and whisper in his ear “let me suck your cock” and that would be it. Nope.

Most were shocked, some were in relationships, many wanted to know why them, who she was and so on and although it took two bathroom blow jobs and one quick fuck to realize it, hooking up with men who were not also only there for quick anonymous sex just simply wasn’t going to pan out.

Returning to her PC Kay began her all too familiar net surfing once again. A single swinger’s dance later proved out a total flop. Total in the regard that personal relationships were what made such couples so stable. Next came the gang bang groups mostly in that somewhere along the way Kay decided that more then one other at the same time would keep folks at a distance. Oh sure, Kay got her sex in spades that night twelve men in all each took multiple turns but immediately after they’d want to talk, get to know her and worst of all find out how they could hook up with her again.

No matter what she tried and no matter the venue Kay just could not find the right combination to fit her ever more defined wants and needs. Kay wanted sex, lots of it. She didn’t care if it was a bunch of people all at one time or playing the locomotive at the head of a very long train but she was positive her vision of sexual perfection would require more then one. Women or men she didn’t care, they could poke and prod and fill her in any hole over and over that all would be fine. Further she wanted to be watched, heck they could praise her or scorn her she didn’t care, she just wanted to know others had seen her, this stranger Kay being so base.

What she didn’t want however was getting to know them, they her, and even discovering the smallest fragment of information about the other even down to learning their name. Setting up meetings or going to organized events wouldn’t fly, Kay even at one point trying to play street-walker one night so desperate. That only netted her terrified looks and orders to get out of their cars when she’d ask for no money, and the couple that followed through had to spoil it like all others asking how they could find her again.

The worst of it all however was Kay’s mounting frustration. Yes her own, but more so how it was beginning to do one of the things David had asked of her not to do, involve him. Time and again Kay would leave the house giddy with excitement only to come back hours later frustrated, filthy and surly. She knew it wasn’t David’s fault, Kay was just simply in a bad mood from her most recent disappointment. As she frantically tried more and more to satisfy her need for absolutely anonymous sex, it meant just that many more nights of her huffing and puffing around grumpy…..and then she found it.

Revelation of Kink:

Sitting there in front of the PC one night naked, munching on an apple and grumbling Kay was jumping from link to link and website to website finding little hints and clues that she thought might slowly be leading her to something. Nothing more then various small discussion groups at first, Kay stumbled upon discussions of an old time type of venue known as Adult Theaters and Arcades yet frankly at first it simply made no sense.

Why would anyone in their right mind go and stand in some box to watch porn, more so some large theater? The concept was absurd, ridiculous to the n’th degree in her opinion. Oh sure, she could understand why years ago before video tape, DVD’s and the internet yet why now a days wouldn’t the person want to masturbate?

As she investigated further Kay quickly discovered that to a great degree now a days WAS the point. The very idea of masturbating with so many people so close around you just outside the door. Looking into it further it wasn’t just in the arcade area these people were doing this yet also in the theater itself right in plain sight of others, and as she dug even deeper she discovered it was even so much more in that not only were they masturbating, many were having sex with one another.

Not just any sex mind you. Anonymous sex. Sex without discussion, sex without names or even a hello or thank you. People were not only engaging in sex with one other person, they were having sex with multiple people and it could be as anonymous as a hole in a wall to as public as being surrounded in the middle of the theater. There was a problem however. If it was just men that attended such things, and people were having sex with the people there, then surely they must all be gay, right?

Wrong. Oh sure, gay men would frequent such places yet more often then not the men were straight although some were let’s just say flexible having done away with worrying was it a man or woman on the other side of the wall yet simply a “mouth” as they’d put it in most cases.

Kay’s mind was reeling with the possibilities. What if she could dress as a guy and sneak into such a place, how much more anonymous could it get then her in a disguise? Planning and scheming Kay read on while she worked out how she could make this happen yet suddenly she found something that made all of her plans absolutely pointless. Women, certain women, a special type of woman were known to frequent such places too.

Kay was floored yet there it was. This woman or that would go with their husbands to the arcades and theaters and not only engage in sex with each other yet also other people. Sometimes even lots of people, a whole lot of people. Sitting there naked behind her PC as the screen illuminated her nude form, Kay just sat there motionless swallowing the very last bits of her apple. Jaw slack, eyes bugged and chest slowly rising and falling as she stared at the various photos of men surrounding a single woman waiting their turn. In others she’d be covered in cum with every hole filled.

No one knew anyone else, more importantly no one cared. They were all there to do one thing and one thing only, to cum be it by their own hand or by another’s. Suddenly Kay’s eyes fluttered then squinted and finally bugged. As half of her brain was trying to figure out how to get David to take her without involving him something of a Catch 22, the other half was reading about what went on there and she couldn’t believe what she had just read yet there it was. That woman was there alone as a single.

Kay couldn’t believe it yet there it was in black and white. This woman, and that woman had gone to such a place alone, had sex with numerous men safely and anonymously with no strings attached. Kay still couldn’t believe it suddenly sitting up and leaning forward causing her hips to roll reading it up close as she dropped the core of her apple. Leaning in even closer reading how this one woman had taken on twenty men Kay’s swollen clit mashed to the hardwood chairs seat making her eyes roll up as she shuddered then and there cumming.

Shaking violently Kay literally slipped of the chair not having realized the massive puddle of wetness that had formed under her. Pulling herself up she researched most of the night planning discovering a serious problem. Every single one of these old venues left within any reasonable distance from her were in the city. Not just in the city, yet the worst parts of it. The parts that had been long ago given up as ruin, decayed and beyond run down and as is often the case the most dangerous parts of.

Preparations for Perversion:

Weighing her need against the risk took Kay all of roughly a split second. If such a place existed only in the bowels of Hell itself she simply had to get there and to that end spent the very next morning getting ready for her foray into cold indiscriminate anonymous sexual interaction. There would be no more waiting or planning, this was it and come hell or high water she was going to do this thing, kind of.

Kind of in the regard that when suddenly faced with her own idea of heaven hidden away in some inner city hell Kay found herself second guessing her rash decision. Simply getting there scared her more then anything. The idea of stopping for a light instantly putting thoughts of swarms of murdering raping car-jackers enveloping her car. Then there was the walk from the car to inside. What if she was attacked, dragged off, beaten, robbed and raped. Finally what if she made it inside and they wouldn’t let her stay being a woman perhaps thinking she was some crazed crack whore trying to get out of the cold and make a buck?

Kind of in the regard that she didn’t care about all of the above as in her mind it was worth the risk, yet as she vacillated back and forth she came up with a plan to thwart any potential threat. Racing to her closet there on the floor was the bag containing her two dresses, two pairs of shoes, a pair thigh high hose and a single pair of miniscule panties. Selecting the “slutty” dress as she would never be caught dead in public in the “desperate filthy whore” one. Further choosing the not so ridiculous heels the others virtually impossible to walk in, the hose and panties and placed them all in another bag rushing off to quickly shower.

Now quick is a relative term in that quick ain’t so quick when you rub out two orgasms trying to simply get clean. Each second Kay began moving faster and faster as she dried her short hair, lotioned up her body frantically and once she had outlined her eyes and darkened her lashes with make up decided to forget the rest as she simply could wait no longer.

Kay then raced to the mud room donning the clothes she hung there to typically work in the garden. A baggy pair of wore out jeans, old boots, a wore out t-shirt of David’s, baggy hooded gray sweat jacket and a beat up jean one over it. With that Kay tore through the house again hitting “print” to generate a map still shown on her PC in passing, wrote a quick note to David telling him she’d be home late and raced upstairs to grab her bag of clothes.

Kay was almost a blur as she bolted through the house snatching up the map and an apple for energy in passing. Out to David’s old pick-up he used for hunting and off to the city she raced doing all she could to not get a ticket as that would simply delay her all that much more. It was close to fifty miles to the city and her destination yet to Kay the last half of that seemed to her as though she was deep into it.

Driving on the highway was bad enough, yet the second she stopped at the end of the off-ramp to Kay’s insulated sensibilities she thought she was in some urban hell from the two abandoned factories looming over either side of narrow crumbling road blotting out the sun. Instantly Kay questioned this as she wouldn’t even crack her window to toss out the now browning apple core.

Quickly Kay slipped on one of David’s hunting caps and pulled her hood far forward on her head. Everyone knew car-jackers only did so with women and Kay had actually begun to tremble as she drove the final 15 miles to the nearest theater on her map. What was odd to her however was the city itself. Much of it seemed abandoned even this far out as suburb after suburb had progressively been built farther and farther out leaving the old city behind. Abandoned factories turned into blocks of boarded up stores, then even larger more dilapidated factories once again, and so it went mile after mile.

At the single turn Kay had to make she was by then visibly shaking. It’s never what you can see that often scares you yet that which you don’t and so your imagination runs wild. What she didn’t see was much traffic. Odd to her, yet such a massive place she assumed would be packed with cars. All toll however she may have only passed ten of them, each with music blaring through their closed windows so loud that she could even hear it.

Odder still to Kay, there were no people. Friday just after noon she never stopped to think that folks might just be at work, and those that didn’t simply stayed up late making their rising even later. As the few vehicles and people she had seen quickly dwindled to none the structures shifted from boarded up to empty hulks, collapsing ruins and burnt out skeletons of steel, brick and concrete.

Fearing she would seem out of place Kay switched on her own stereo, the old tape of David’s within it suddenly playing some song from the 1970’s called “Hotel California.” It was odd how the desert sung about so bleak and devoid of life hinted at the desolation of this concrete jungle. The long mournful song suggesting a place to avoid and the vice like excesses within but before the final verse was belted out just like in the song up in the distance Kay saw a shimmering light as she switched off the radio never hearing the musical tale’s conclusion.

A very old and massive marquee made up of countless bulbs filling in the large vertical letters and boarder read nothing more then “GARDEN” as below it in much smaller horizontal script it read “of Eden Theater”. Amongst the ruins it looked like an oasis of light and color. Once closer however it was obvious however that the building had long ago fallen into disrepair, old paint peeling down to even older shabby brick. Large picture windows boarded over with garish signage announcing “xXx, Live Nude Girls, Adult Films, 18+, Adult Books, Video Arcade, Peep Shows and so on, the second and third floor windows even more foreboding. Devoid of light or background perhaps painted black from within they made the building seem dead and abandoned above the first floor.

As the building itself warned of wasted lives and decaying spirit for all who entered, Kay found herself seriously debating even stopping. The bright lights and colors, bold brash and unashamed text however worked as intended causing Kay to slowly turn in though as she did Kay was struck with a sudden surge of disappointment yet also security. The small dirt side lot was absolutely empty, Kay not realizing that many of the patrons parked in the larger lot hidden behind the structure to then sneak around front and then slip inside.

Kay could hear her heart beating in her ears being so afraid yet also excited. She could barely breathe and was trembling with both concern and anticipation. It took Kay five minutes to work up the nerve to leave the truck busy looking all around it for the murderous gangs she just knew were hiding, lurking and waiting to ambush her the second she got out. Once out her head jerking this way and that to try and spot anyone sneaking up on her as she hid the keys behind the front bumper and slowly, cautiously walked to the door her bag of clothes in hand.

It was as though the world had come to a stop she imagined as she stood by the door debating on going through it. It felt as though the eyes of the world were upon her waiting to see if she would really go inside as her hand lit upon the cold aluminum handle. Shaking so hard wondering if she could even muster the strength to pull the heavy door open, Kay turned her head looking over the buildings across the street.

Cold gray overcast sky behind them as dark clouds swirled made Kay shake her head no refusing suddenly too afraid to enter, and just as she began to release the handle far away in the distance she saw a flash of lightning. Four seconds later just like some mission bell came the boom of thunder making Kay jump, reflexively pulling the door open wide. Just like that from deep down inside herself her decision had been made for her, the door now open Kay at the threshold, and a single step later Kay had passed through it.

Sentinel Sal:

Kay’s feet felt like lead as she clutched the bag with both hands holding it tight to her chest. Pulling the hood of her inner jacket as far forward as it would go to hide her face Kay then had to pass through a second door due to her nerves feeling twice as heavy as the first had. Eyes wide as she looked dead ahead, the wall there covered with hundreds of dildos of countless sizes, colors and shapes.

A railing there stopped her cold, Kay however unable to unlock her gaze began slowly side stepping left not even realizing her hip was rocking out of the way the phallic shaped arm of a turnstile as she passed through it. Still transfixed she would have kept on going except suddenly a sharp sneering voice barked out behind her. “Hey buddy, two bucks!”

Kay wheeled around to a sight out of some cheesy 1970’s disco horror B-movie. The counter top was as high as her chest, thick plexiglass above it with a shallow steel trough to slip money through and a grill for the counter-person to speak through. Behind it there stood “Sal” as the cheap black and gold lettered nameplate stated, and if the name had read “Sleazy Sal”, it could not have been more appropriate.

Standing high above her Sal made for some retro disco nightmare. Thin save for his pot belly, his black very sparse was hair slicked back with so much grease it shined from his dramatically receded and thin hairline. Pointed face and long nose like a rat shading the pencil thin mustache above his lip. A cigarette with an inch long ash clutched in the corner of his mouth as yellow teeth and a single gold one glinted out from between thin lips as he ground and smacked away at a piece of gum. A garish silk disco shirt open to his belly and four heavy gold chains around his scrawny neck accentuated with the largest Adam’s Apple she had ever seen.

Sal for lack of a better word simply looked obscene. He looked the part in spades from his nicotine stained fingers to the thick black hair covering his chest looking as though glossy with oil. As he drew on the cigarette while popping and grinding away at the gum in the back of his mouth he said it again with a sneer. “Two bucks buddy or get out, no bums allowed.”

Kay was shaking as she reached into her pocket and withdrew a $20.00 bill slipping it through the trough. Instantly she dropped her gaze lower to hide her face afraid she’d be discovered, yet as she stood there waiting for her change to be slipped back it never came. Finally afraid to speak just knowing Sal was sizing her up Kay began to turn and walk off. Sal deliberately letting her take two steps before shouting out to her, “hey buddy, get back here” and Kay just knew she had been caught.

“So do you want a ticket for the movie or what?” To Kay though just her imagination his words sounding more and more like some slimy snake seeming to hiss. Not knowing what to do Kay just simply nodded as Sal slowly slipped a tiny stub of a ticket through. Taking it Kay slowly turned once more as Sal waited for her to take two steps once again stated sharply “hey buddy, you want your change or not?”

Again Kay turned back around as her trembling hand reached up to the slot. Slow or cruel hard to say, yet Kay again stood there for the longest time and just as she began to shift her weight debating on just bolting Sal spoke up once again. “So do you want tokens for the arcade or not?” Kay just nodding as again after a long pause forty brass tokens fell into the tray for her to scoop out. Filling her pockets Kay stuck her hand back to the slot to wait for her change, and with that Sal cued her in that he was all too familiar with her type.

“What? Admission, movie and $10 in tokens, that’s twenty bucks, and no thumbing through the magazines, buy em or get out, and no jerking off on the floor, use the tissues. Well? Get moving, you’re holding up the line!” Kay glancing back beginning to move inside she noted absolutely no one behind her.

Sexual Indecision:

Kay wandered around the bookstore area for the longest time trying to look like she had come there to buy something not just go to the theater. Fearing Sal’s warning she wouldn’t even get near the magazines. Most had her wide eyed anyway as it seemed every perversion imaginable was represented yet even more so made deliberately vulgar and base in its presentation. “Flopping Jugs, Prego Enema Milk Maids, Double Cock Sucking Sluts, Fisted and Rammed” being some of the milder titles all with bad explicit glossy photography for the covers.

Then there was the S&M gear, the lubes, vibrators and cheap tacky lingerie. The dildos themselves frightening, sizes that were better suited to Elephants, colors from flesh tone to threatening and shapes ranging from lifelike cocks, surreal and plugs, even one shaped like a statue of Jesus and another the size and shape of a man’s forearm and fist.

As Kay slowly wandered about and a surprising number of men came and went she could feel Sal’s eyes constantly upon her. She had passed the archway that led to the arcade and theater roughly ten times already, and as she passed it once more debating on just running for home Sal made her decision for her.

“Hey buddy! Are you gonna buy something or just get your dick hard looking at it all?” Kay jumped at Sal’s hissing question just about leaping through the archway. Looking down the long dark hallway with a sign above it stating “Theater”, the figures looming in the shadows made her panic, and Kay turned to her left and began a slow climb up the narrow steep stairwell to the arcade.

Ascent to Hell to Dive into Heaven:

As Kay slowly scaled the stairs that felt like two stories worth not just one before she had even reached the top numerous sensations began to hit her all at once and grew stronger and stronger with each step.

First was the heat. Hard to control old steam radiators no doubt used throughout the ancient building. Each step up deceptive as you normally descended into the heat of hell yet it was intense enough that already she was feeling overheated. Then there was the sound. Men walking about on old short cut theater carpeting and hardwood floors. Add to that the constant and overlapping “oh, oH, Oh, OH I’m cumming!” Grunts, moans, dialog and cheesy music from a hundred low budget porn movies seeping from the booths.

Each step it also grew darker as the bright greenish hued florescent lights from the bookstore could not claw its way up, the only illumination at the top of the stairs being a dim red neon sign stating “Arcade.” The most obvious aspect of it all however was the smell. It smelled so strong of men one would think they were in an old unclean locker room. Not just men, yet that smell men get when they’re not really sweaty from work or nerves just simply unwashed. Add to that a heavy smell of testosterone which actually has a distinct flavoring of its own, and finally one she would come to fully understand.

Old dried men’s cum. Not a days worth, or even a years. Forty years worth blasted upon the floors, walls, soaking the carpeting and staining the worn hardwood floors. Worse still it was only amplified by the smell of strong bleach and cleaning products. Not as though they were used to wash it off and clean, just simply slapped over it and left there like some half assed attempt to state it’s clean, masking the smells of base masculine release.

To top it all off was forty years of cigarette smoke varnishing everything. Smells like solvent being poppers, and every type of cologne the cheaper the better known to man having saturated everything. It was as though Sal himself had slithered his way over every surface, and as Kay reached the top and the light all but seemed to vanish as her eyes adjusted, the arid heat, sounds of base sex and smells hit her like a hammer.

…and Kay realized she was sopping wet.

Maze of Lust:

As Kay’s eyes adjusted she slowly began to work her way down the narrow hall. So dark she could barely see save for the sparse dim light fixtures overhead and the illuminated signage on the newer booths. The carpeting in this area seemed newer, the ten or so black Formica covered booths unscathed and most of the booths actually seemed to be open their LCD touch screens flashing images of nude starlets beckoning to all to enter.

Except for the rare man passing by seeming almost anxious to leave the short stretch of hall seemed deserted. At the end of it the hallway t-boned turning pitch black each way or so it seemed, Kay squinting so hard to see down each she never noticed the placard pointing right for “Gay”, left for “Straight” slowly turning right as it just seemed that much brighter.

No more then ten paces down that narrow hall Kay had to turn right again finding her way almost blocked. There seemed to be men everywhere milling around the narrow hall. Taking a deep breath and pulling her hood forward again Kay noted how much older this section seemed. Back lit plastic advertisements on the walls, the first couple of booths open showing older CRT’s and ten digit touch button selectors. The sound had definitely changed as well. No more squeals, lustful verbage and moans from women, just the sound of bare skin slapping together and deep men’s voices in raunchy tones filling the air from the movies.

Perhaps nerves or possibly just one of those tunes you can’t get out of your head yet Kay began silently singing to herself the lyrics midway in the song she was listening to in the truck. “Her mind is Tiffany-twisted, she got the Mercedes Benz, uh. She got a lot of pretty, pretty boys she calls friends. How they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat. Some dance to remember, some dance to forget….”

The next pair of booths however held a surprise. One closed and a voice within grunting out “Oh yeah, suck it, suck my cock, the one across from it had the door open however, the man’s thick cock in his hands as he lazily stroked it looking out at Kay as though inviting her in. Kay was afraid to pause there simply to turn around so pressed on into the crowd. Slowly weaving her way through the men she inadvertently slipped between a small crowd that had gathered around an open booth.

Inside were two men one clearly forcefully fucking the other deep in his ass. Kay was mesmerized as she watched the one behind slowly pull out then firmly thrust back into the others bottom over and over. The man being firmly fucked held tight by his hips as he panted and grunted with his face pressed tight to the CRT. Just then Kay felt a large hand very gently yet fully begin groping her own ass as another from the opposite side started slipping up her thigh to her crotch and she heard a voice whisper in her ear “like that little guy?”

Just then the guy fucking the other turned and looked directly at her. Though hidden within the shadows of her hood her feminine features evident no doubt misconstrued as young, as the man slammed away he smirked at her and mouthed out “wanna be next?” Kay instantly pulled out of the crowd that neither tried to hinder or pursue her. It surprised her yet it was obvious, to simply pull away meant no thank you and those offering would not waste their time with other greener pastures available.

As Kay would slip past one man and then the next it suddenly struck her how much smaller she was and how much if her ruse was working she probably looked like some small young man. It also seemed each person she would pass in the narrow hallway seemed to touch her somehow. Perhaps the back of their hand over her crotch, their crotch rubbed past her bottom, their chest slid over her arm. None of it some molesters groping more done as a question, that question being “are you looking for company?”

Kay noticed that to keep moving meant those brief touches would be all their was. To linger any amount of time hinting at potential interest, and so the touch would linger then slowly explore cautiously asking and suggesting. As Kay made it to the end of that hall as she began to turn right she was stopped it being nothing more then a shallow 4’ deep alcove already filled with one man sucking the cocks of two others. A hand upon each he would stroke each rod while sucking one and then the other, his eyes peeking out between them calling to her to open her fly and add a third cock to be serviced.

Turning around and heading left after just two paces the area opened up. Men just seemed to be standing there moving from one person to the next as this person or that would walk down one hall or the other and others would arrive. Many had their shirts off, and quite a few had their cocks out slowly stroking them as though preparing for what might come.

A sudden squeeze to Kay’s ass surprised her enough that she dropped her bag of clothes. Not even thinking, as she bent forward to pick it up and when she tilted up her gaze there before her were two cocks lazily being pulled upon. Her jaw falling slack at the sight, unmoving frozen like a deer in headlights slowly one of the men stepped forward his cock just an inch from her lips.

Accidental to be sure, yet that moment someone squeezing past behind her found Kay being shoved just enough that the cock before her slipped to just past her lips. Eyes bugging just as Kay thought to pull away a large soft hand lit upon the back of her hat and hood covered head and she couldn’t help herself allowing the man to press his cock deeper into her mouth as she ever so slowly collapsed to her knees.

She didn’t know what made her do it, in fact she knew what she was doing was wrong as this man thought she was one as well. That said the second he began to slowly rock back and forth gently cradling her head, Kay set the bag to between her knees and reached up with both hands and began to voraciously suck and slather over his cock.

It was so blunt and direct. No words spoken before hand and no concern for how she looked, what she liked or who she was. At that moment she realized to this man she was nothing more then a hot wet mouth and smallish soft hands. As she tasted his copious salty pre-cum coat her tongue and veiny shaft slip deeper into her mouth, Kay sucked his cock as though ravenous and needy refusing to be denied what would follow.

It took no more then perhaps a minute when suddenly she felt his grip firm to her head and he froze then slightly thrust as the first, second then third ropy blasts of his semen jetted into her mouth. Her strokes unintentionally perfectly timed to aid in the vast expulsion, her mouth filled so quickly she had no choice but to swallow as the cock within her maw throbbed, pulsed and spewed its thick hot contents over tongue and tooth.

When he had finished, finished as though he was done unconcerned for her desire to continue on, unceremoniously the still pulsing cock was withdrawn from her mouth and he stepped aside without a word spoken. Kay kept waiting for it however. The questions, the name exchange, the query as to how he could meet with her again yet it never came. What did come however was a new cock brashly positioned in front of her lips, and as Kay paused waiting for what she hoped to avoid, she found instead what she wanted as that second cock slipped deep into her mouth.

In all of five minutes Kay had three loads of hot spunk unabashedly pumped down her throat. When all said and done not a single one had even gone so far as to offer her a hand to rise up upon let alone speak a word of assumed familiarity, question of identity, or even thanks. This reeking, loud, dark hell was without question Kay’s heaven and again lyrics from that song slipped into her head singing out “And I was thinking to myself, This could be Heaven or this could be Hell.”

As Kay rose up and nudged her way through the crowd turning down the perpendicular hall her mouth thick with the thick flavor of semen, she noticed how her face felt flush and hot, her skin damp though the air was so dry yet most of all how her thighs were cool and wet in the baggy jeans. A hand to her crotch confirmed it. Proved openly how wet she was as the crotch and down the inseam of her jeans was so wet and darkened one might assume she had pissed herself.

A Turn for the Better:

The smells were stronger now as she moved deeper into the labyrinth of the arcade yet instead of being offensive they had slowly turned to smelling simply right. It should smell like this, it needed to. Old smoke, old wood and old cum as the sticky carpeting almost feeling damp in its tackiness gave way to spongy well wore hardwood. Kay could stand it no longer.

As the outside of the booths clearly became older and more worn each turn and the screens she could see shifted from newer CRT’s to those older run off video tape and eventually to scratched, scuffed and yellowed back lit projection screens. Touch tone style key pads eventually surrendered to seven position dials, the sound of wore film clicking and flickering behind it and Kay knew she simply no matter where she was at had to cum.

By this time Kay had no idea where she was in the maze of booths that filled the second floor. She realized however from the poster quality advertising beside each door regarding what they held within that she had to be in one of the oldest sections. A single step down onto a short landing a booth on either side, Kay turned entering the booth to her left unable to take the next step down to the next and its pair of booths so in need, that moment to a point where no matter what or where now was the time.

Though the other patrons were few and far between in this ancient section of the peep arcade the three men milling about down each direction of the hall never the less concerned her. Not so much that she feared she would be bothered or harassed, simply that this much older area seemed the perfect place for more violent crimes. Slipping through the door as discreetly as possible, Kay slid the bolt locking the door not realizing she was advertising that someone was within as the signage on the door opposite the latch shifted from “OPEN” to “OCCUPIED.”

Small and cramped the old plywood box reeked of arid over heated air, old cigarette smoke, and countless men’s sweat and dried cum. The tiny shelf of a seat in the corner ignored, found Kay looking to the steel framed plastic screen. Below it a simple small rotary knob, and beside that a slot with old signage stating “25 cents for 2 minutes.” Remembering the tokens Kay dropped one through the slot. Instantly the screen flickered to life as a whir of running film from a projector behind hummed and clicked away.

Upon it were two women ravenously lapping at each others twats. Massive amounts of pubic hair framing each others mouths as the two soft bodies writhed and grappled. Turning the knob again found a woman sucking a hairy man’s cock, the next a couple doggy style as their massive bushes slammed into one another. At position No.4 however not really caring about the movies Kay however froze and stared. There was a large breasted single woman surrounded by a number of hairy men, all of their bodies soft, massive bushes framing their genitals and all of the men wore black socks.

While slamming her cunt up and down upon one man’s cock as he lay there the woman took turns sucking first this man’s then the next, and the next as each man would be serviced for a few seconds then step out of the way for the next in line. The film was base, raw and grainy. The colors faded and yellowed from age, dim from the low watt bulb used to last and not cook and destroy the film.

It was as though Kay had done this a thousand times before. So hot in there she slipped off her two jackets and hat dropping them on the seat letting her bag fall to the floor, and brazenly undid the button and zipper on her jeans sliding them down to her knees and just as she began sawing away at her cunt it suddenly happened. The screen clicked off going dark.

Kay didn’t give two hoots really about the antiquated movie yet somehow it in this place it just seemed right, almost even seeming necessary as she cursed at the stoppage and had to turn to fumble through her jackets for more coins. Four dropped in this time Kay immediately went back at it. Her fingers plowing through her flush and swollen folds so slick and hot that even the inner parts of her thighs were wet and glistening. Focussing upon her clit fanning it in ever tightening urgent circles as she watched the movie, suddenly she was distracted again by something she hadn’t noticed when she entered.

A brief flicker of light perhaps chest high beside the screen had caught her eye. Only then did she notice the perhaps 3” diameter hole that had been slowly picked away at through the dark stained plywood. It made her wonder though didn’t really concern her in fact the idea was intriguing. What if someone was peeking in at her as she rubbed her cunt? So very slowly Kay began to lean forward.

The booth was cramped Kay having to step back till her heels stopped at the back walls edge adjacent to the booth that was just one more step down off the landing she had turned in from. At first she didn’t think about it as she set her hands to the cum streaked wall in front of her on either side of the hole. As she bent down further to look through it she didn't even notice how her bottoms cheeks flattened and spread pressing to the wall behind, yet more so how her plump nether lips found no such pressure.

It was tight enough in there that Kay had to set her cheek to the filthy stained wall smelling of old dry cum just to slip her eye in line with the hole and peer in. All she saw was what looked like a pair of jeans though the hole, just then however she was startled. Not from what she saw in front of her, yet what she suddenly felt from behind.

Kay hadn’t even noticed the similar sized hole that had long ago been picked through the wall behind her. As her bare bottom and cunt had pressed to it however, her bottom’s cheeks flattening had pulled her pussy wide. Kay’s swollen nether lips bulging just into it, her vagina inline with its bottom and her anus to its top. What startled Kay was a single touch. A finger dragged up from just below her clit all the way to her anus and then back down again. Sopping wet it literally dripping down her inner thighs the finger had not stopped there however as it slid back down and without warning sank deep into Kay’s vagina.

Kay was stunned trying to pull forward finding no room to do so. Pushing back further though sinking the digit deeper gave her the room however to pull her cheek from the wall and turn her head and just as she began to rise up something else happened. So wet a second finger was added this one slipping easily deep into her bottom. Kay’s eyes bugging wide as her mouth shot open and that split second chain of events could not have been synchronized any better if planned between the three booths.

It was like clockwork. A finger deep in her cunt twisting and probing made her turn her head. A second finger rudely sunk deep in her ass forcing her jaw open wide and just then from the opposite booth a thick cock already coated with pre-cum slipped through the hole in front of her and deep into her mouth. So deep in fact she was just on the verge of gagging and just as she swallowed to try and wrench herself away, Kay instead found herself driving forward.

A second finger was added to the first deep in her cunt now filling her with three digits. The swallow taking the length of the cock down her throat with ease as her face mashed to the filthy cum covered wall and suddenly the cock in her mouth began thrusting in yet never fully back out. Worse still, Kay felt the fingers in her pussy and ass begin alternately thrusting into her as well. Most of all the holes limited how much the violating cock and fingers could move in any direction other then back out, and Kay found herself trapped like a pig on a spit.

As the cock in her mouth kept lunging and thrusting her tongue awash with its copious pre-cum, in a single jerk the fingers inside her were yanked free. As Kay pushed back to pry her mouth off the cock in her mouth instantly a long cock sank into her fully, deep into her twat. Driving and lunging into her each cock from either end found Kay bouncing back and forth between the walls all of a half inch as they both drove and sank fully into her over and over.

The real surprise came though when the cock plundering her cunt slid back just a little too far. On his next thrust in its tip slipping up Kay’s slick ditch till it finally found passage slipping in a single thrust all its length into her ass. Now Kay actually loved anal sex though David in all their years had only accommodated her twice. It was simply the surprise that had Kay driving forward sinking the other cock deep back down her throat and with a cock now plundering her bottom, Kay was not only trapped yet also helpless to resist.

Instantly it struck her. The cold sweat that would turn hot as you’d feel every bit of fight and energy sapped from you, and as Kay surrendered to what was happening no way to pry herself free, the cock in her mouth pulled back slightly swelling and throbbing just as it began to pulse. The man came like he hadn’t in ten years. Each jet of his cum filling her mouth so fully Kay was forced to swallow the bitter salty bleach down. It was shocking how much he came in her as his cock throbbed and lurched, swelling each pump as it would gush out over her tongue filling her till it reached the roof of her mouth.

The cock plowing away in her ass so deeply however caused Kay to not even fight it. She simply gave in and did exactly what she knew she was supposed to do, what she was meant to do. To be a cum ditch for needy cocks to keep the floor clean. Kay had so given into it that by the time the one in her mouth had been withdrawn leaving its last spurt of acrid cum filling it, Kay simply remained there with the load sitting on her tongue.

The cock in her ass suddenly slammed deeper however Kay instantly shocked by the lunge. Feeling it surge up its hot load deep into her bowels leaving her vulnerable to the fresh hard cock that slipped through the hole in front of her into her cum filled mouth. As the one in her ass pumped her full of thick ropey surges of hot cum, the one in her mouth began plundering away, the cum already filling it foaming from the effort till she swallowed it to make room for more.

Shattered Kay still didn’t move having a chance to drop to her knees as the cock in her mouth slipped in and out so when she felt the tip of a fresh cock trace her folds from behind, all she could think to do was part her feet wider as an exceedingly thick tool of flesh sank deep into her cunt.

Trapped again Kay could only think of one thing to do as she caught the woman in the movie out of the corner of her eye being covered with cum, and with that she pulled her right hand from the filthy wall setting it firm to her clitoris. Seconds later silently roaring out her first of two orgasms behind the cock plunging into her mouth, and before she would be freed from the two glory holes of lust, Kay would take three loads total down her gullet, two in her ass, and one deep inside her cunnie.

Slut to Desperate Filthy Whore:

There came a moment when Kay found all of her wanton holes suddenly devoid of cock. More so empty for long enough that she slowly sank to the filthy cum covered floor smelling of cheap bleach and cleaners curling up there upon it. Kay was so shattered that when eventually a fourth cock slipped through the hole for her to suck it she took so long to reach up to it that it was simply pulled away, it was then and there that Kay realized she had not been violated. Kay had gotten exactly what she had been wanting and the more she thought about it wanted more.

No conversation, no winks, no smiles. Kay had just been unceremoniously fucked unable to even participate except to provide open holes as willing cum receptacles. She loved this, it was exactly what she had needed, exactly what she had wanted and no matter what it took she had to have more. Not more tomorrow, or the next day. Kay had to have more of this now as she had 20 years of backlogged anonymous fucks to make up for.

Pulling herself up her ebbing cunt and ass grinding to the filthy semen soiled floor, Kay pulled off her old t-shirt letting her heavy breasts swing free. She then slipped out of her boots and pulled off her jeans emptying the bag behind her then filling it with all she had just removed including the hat and jean jacket saving the t-shirt to clean up with and the gray hoodie to carry her coins in.

At first Kay thought to carry the bulky bag with her, just then however she noted one of the black painted ceiling tiles was missing and decided she’d stash the bag up there getting it later. Standing up Kay gave it a solid heave right through the hole. Expecting it to land on the adjacent tile she instead heard a terrible sound. The bag must have bounced off some ducting and fallen to the floor pin balling its way down the wall at the back of the booth obviously falling between the walls.

Kay’s jaw dropped in shock yet then slowly drew up into a wicked smirk. “Like burning your ship” she thought to herself as she reached down and tried to clean up her cum covered mouth, cunnie and ass with the t-shirt as best she could. Turning round Kay reached down to her “slut wear” but quickly ended up looking confused. There were no panties or hose, no high heels that would make walking easy, just the impossible heels too steep and tall to be able to walk in and a sliver of red fabric.

Worst of all however was the dress, the fabric so much less then she remembered and as she raised it up spreading it out to look at it Kay gasped horrified. She had grabbed the wrong bag in her rush, this was the “Filthy Whore Dress” she swore for good reason she would never wear out in public.

Kay was mortified. She expected to be thought of as easy, slutty even perhaps. Hell she even intended on getting buck naked in front of these men all while they stood there dressed with only their cocks out leering at her. Yet this dress literally screamed a desperate and wanton whore. Nothing more then a cum ditch, a woman that had no standards, morals, or limitations and was so blatant about it that she’d advertise it.

She couldn’t wear the now cum and pussy juice covered t-shirt being too short anyway even if it was not so filthy. The jacket exactly the same Kay quickly debating putting on the dress and the jacket using the t-shirt as a skirt or shorts maybe and just simply leaving. The more she thought about it however she just couldn’t bring herself to leave. Kay needed this desperately and so decided if this was the cost of it, then so be it.

Tossing the t-shirt over the wall, then the heels which would be worthless to her anyway Kay trembling slowly pulled on the dress. It was blatant and vulgar almost reminiscent of Wanda Von Kreesus’s outfit of Penthouse’s “Oh Wicked Wanda” fame. Narrow strips at the shoulders it was split right down the middle so low that even just the very top of her hood could be seen. Worse still the split was so wide stretching over her sizable breasts that to just keep them inside it allowed the inner edges of her areolas to show and form fit her bulbous mounds so well it practically looked painted on.

The strip of material left for the skirt in the front was at best two inches from the split to the hem. If she did not raise her arms or even take in a deep breath her puffy nether lips would just barely remain out of view, yet if she did her vulva and all its swollen dripping glory would become rudely exposed. Her back was open fully the dress draping a good three inches below the top of the crack of her ass showing it clearly. Worse still the round bottom edges of her butt cheeks could be seen, and if she bent over even slightly? Well, you figure it out.

This would be it, no option. Kay would look the part she wanted to play, a desperate needy filthy whore looking to be fucked, a cum-ditch for any and all who would approach her. Hands, holes and tits meant to be used as men needed. With that Kay picked up her gray sweat jacket and slowly slid the bolt open on the door taking a deep breath, and as she stepped out she had no idea as to what degree her fantasy was about to become a reality.

Slow Stroll to Cumageddon:

As Kay exited the booth even the roasting dry air of the hall felt and smelled refreshing. Cooler then in the booth and ever so slightly circulating, as the air soothed her now barefoot she suddenly realized that the old wore hardwood floor actually felt damp and spongy under foot, even sticky. Simply because she had not traveled that way yet Kay continued down the next step and down the hall toward its far end. Kay however clearly didn’t realize what was waiting for her.

Sal had been at this game for most of his life. 35 years perhaps as he had watched every single type of pervert, sex fiend, satyr and nymphomaniac come and go in a never ending parade of lust and perversion. Not only were they people that wanted such diversions as most people really did, yet they were so wanton they were willing to even risk being seen walking into this spunk bathed shit hole. It may sound like nothing yet even in this day and age it could ruin a man’s reputation in normal society, and a woman’s? As Sal would say, “fa-gedda-boud-dit.”

Sal had not been fooled as he had learned long ago how to size up the patronage. He knew exactly what Kay was here for, heck after all, he’d not let just anyone bring in some bag they could steal stuff in. Sal however was also a good citizen to the community he had thrust himself fully into, and being such a good citizen meant informing the other members of the community that one of their own, a new member was in need, Kay. As after all, Sal was only doing this to help her….*Hissssss*

As Kay bolted into the arcade instantly Sal was on the phone. He phoned a friend who phoned another who texted another who put out a mass email and text alert. “ORANGE flag at the Garden of Eden!!! A hot one!” Meaning, a single woman had just entered the premises most likely for sex, get here now. Of the perhaps 3,000 messages sent well over 75% of them were to people just liking to imagine such possibilities yet would never actually act. Of that 25% left who might actually make use of it, only 10% were close enough to get there in a reasonable time frame, and of that 10% only 6% had the time.

Finally, of that 6% only 4% would make any effort yet more importantly, only 3% were actually going to try or were on their way. A poor showing for poor old Kay even if all of that 3% were able to make it there in time. A paltry 3% of 3,000, and that’s 90 lustful men to you or I all hoping for an easy piece of no complications ass, and not one of the ninety had yet made it.

Though some of the booths were occupied on either side of the hall, Kay did not see another soul as she slowly padded down the narrow dark hallway in her bare feet upon filthy sticky floors. One foot lazily set down in front of the other Kay had no idea of the site she made. Slick inner thighs sliding over one another as her toes would touch the floor first then roll back upon soft delicate heels. The gentle walk unintentionally forcing her hips in to a slow lazy yet seductive and suggestive roll.

Her breasts imperceptibly rising and falling with each of her shallow breaths, however they would more dramatically sway with each step and twist of her hips, the dark areolas inner edges slipping slowly further and farther out and exposed with each swing of her heavy pendulous orbs. Lips ever so slightly parted and swollen below her modest nose, her nostrils flared in excitement gave testament to Kay’s inner desires. The mystery however was her intent. Softened heavy eyes camouflaged by short dark tussled locks dangling low in front of them and framing her face.

The tease of it all however to be found midway down below. Upon firm toned legs her bottom’s cheeks seemed to be rolling almost over one another to suddenly be hidden just an inch above by the hem of her short dress. Just as taunting the weaving crevice of her bottom as it would sway each step like a hypnotic cobra, the naked vision of what lay between then cruelly hidden away from view.

Crueler still was in front far below her full breasts and flat, firm belly, below the gentle rise of her mons leading to feminine paradise. Just the beginnings of the folds flanking her clitoral hood were visible as so close below her hem each step would ever so briefly expose this swollen and slick outer nether lip and then the other never quite ever giving a complete view of her smooth hairless cunnie.

As Kay rounded the corner to glide down the perpendicular hall the two men considering which booth to enter froze at her visage. Her head ever so slightly tilted downward only adding to her sultry expression as old wore hardwood gave way to almost damp feeling carpeting in the dry heat of the second floor. Though the men stood frozen Kay continued her leisurely stroll. Passing the first his unmoving hand simply in the way hanging at his side grazed up her inner thigh softly brushing over her slick folds to then sweep away as she passed leaving her sweet dew upon his fingertips.

The second as she slipped by with his back to the wall of doors stood staring at her full breasts as they continued their sway, rise and fall. The narrow material having worked to the sides even more so as only the full thick hard buds of her nipples restrained it from pulling away all together. Stunned and frozen as she approached yet hypnotized as she passed. The rolling and weaving valley between her bottoms cheeks as said like some swaying cobra enticing them both to follow as she rounded the next turn.

The next row of booths found five men there all clustered around an open one, inside a transvestite blowing a rather large dicked man. Kay didn’t even think about it wanting to see whatever it was and be titillated as well. She above most here more then likely had earned this. Not so much due to having done without as lord knows men have it worse in that regard, yet due to the fact she was a female, and though everyone might claim that adult venues were an equal opportunity enjoyer, fact of the matter was it was not. Even those thrilled today at her participation very likely come tomorrow would paint Kay with a much different brush.

“Fuck em” Kay thought, “think all that you want that you’re using me for your sexual jollies. Truth be told, I’m using all of you for mine or tell me where you can go to be fawned over by as many women.” Her thinking may sound bitter yet frankly it was nothing short of a declaration of her own personal sexual liberation as after all, she was here to fuck them or more true, they fuck her.

Slipping past the men in front of them as what would it matter at 5’-5 ½” she’d not be blocking their view, she just briefly noticed that three were stroking their own cocks as the other two and now those that had followed her looked on all crammed in around the narrow open door. It took no more then a few seconds as she felt the pinky of each man flanking her hesitantly brush her outer thigh. Just as softly the one behind her moved up gently pressing his chest to her shoulders and the two on the outer edges turned ever so slightly eyes wide at Kay’s taunting form before them.

The brush of the pinkies to her outer thighs ever so slowly testing, asking, slowly began to slip toward the tops of her thighs then back. Kay’s initial response was blunt and simple as she ever so casually parted her feet slightly wider and swayed just enough to hook first one and then the opposite pinky with her inner thigh. As she did she could feel it, the man behind her who had been slowly stroking his semi-hard cock just barely traced its slick pre-cum covered tip over her mid spine and when she leaned her shoulders more soundly to his chest felt it throb and swell against her.

A moment later the pinkies on either side tested further slowly slipping in as though accidental and then up just brushing her plump nether lips. Again and again they checked in the same fashion not believing their luck, as the man behind began softly rubbing the hardening head of his cock up and down her spine as he slowly stroked it. Kay that moment put all doubts to rest as she moved her arms out, her left hand finding a clothed penis, her right a hard exposed one.

Instantly the pinkies found company as the ring, middle then index fingers of each man to her side set fully yet softly to her outer labia prodding then probing as they jousted for position to touch every inch of her pussy. Like two battling armies tentatively testing the enemy’s lines, as a pinky would press to her clit the other would sweep in to grapple with it for the prize. A middle finger pulling her folds wide so the other would race across to drive them open further, and as one index finger would plunge into her depths so the other would join it briefly as the first would suddenly retreat.

Back and forth it went all while the cock’s head to her mid-spine now hard was dragged up and down it as a hand ever more urgent pulled and stroked at its length. It was then that two new suitors added their offerings to Kay’s pleasure. First one and then the other of the two men flanking the others reaching in tracing down from her collarbones to her protruding breasts.

As no complaint came past a moan from Kay signaling more, hesitantly the material covering her breasts was pulled to the side setting them free. Trembling fingers grazing, then squeezing her nipples as they softly pulled and tweaked them to finally envelope her heaving mounds as much as they were able. Seeing her relent to the affections of strangers easily the two that had followed insisted upon taking their chance as well.

Reaching in from behind they each traced up the back of her thighs to her bottom, and slipping the dress up began kneading Kay’s bottom’s cheeks fully. Kay however was no passive spectator in this as her small right hand tried to wrap around the exposed cock it had found lazily stroking it. The heel of her left hand on the cloth encased other found the base of the root as she slipped her finger tips down one side as her thumb pressed and ground to it’s opposite.

In no time Kay was writhing. Thick masculine digits plowing through her folds, mashing and pressing her clitoris while others squeezed and spread her bottom’s cheeks and still others mauled her breasts twisting and pulling at her hard erect nipples. It was then as she wrung the cocks in her hands that she felt it, a trifecta of ejaculatory perfection.

Lotion of the Masses:

Her right hand twisting around and stroking the cock in her right hand just loose enough to slip easily found Kay’s left in contrast pressing and firmly tracing the flaring head of the other shielded by the man’s pants. Like a jolt it hit her as she suddenly loosed a low guttural moan, shuddering violently cumming as the work to her cunnie, nipples and bottom coordinated perfectly.

In that instant what really counted to her happened as she felt the cock head pressing to her spine freeze. A split second later came the reward as surge upon surge of hot cum gushed out over her mid back along her spine. In that same instant no doubt inspired by her own quivering orgasm, the cock in her right hand began to swell, and just as it did her fingers wrapped over its tip they were flooded with thick hot cum. Perfect in that as the one to her back and in her right hand seemed to ejaculate together, at the same time she felt the one in her left lurch and strain against the fabric as a growing patch of warm wetness stained the fabric.

Quick to recover Kay without warning backed through the men to the opposite wall of doors. Those that had cum pulling back without a word, yet Kay made it clear through action no soldier would be left behind as she for all to see painted her exposed breasts with the cum in her right hand as she slipped the dress off her shoulders with the left. Having drug her sweat jacket in with one foot and her dress on the floor with the other, she knew the messy result of what was coming protecting them and leaving the quarter booth door wide open she made her intentions clear to all.

Sitting on the seat in the booth Kay set her left foot high by its hinged jam as the right she set to the wall on the opposite side, her cunnie splaying wide like some pink flower opening and blooming against caramel tanned skin. Eyes never leaving the other men, she reached into her jacket and extracted two tokens slipping them in the slot. A couple of selections later of the many available she found it, a woman below many men all jacking off on her and as she beamed wide at what she had found she extended her hands coaxing the first of the men to enter.

Between her wide spread legs flanking the door the first man stepped through as Kay found herself eye level with his already hard and throbbing cock. Reaching up to take it with both hands, she could already feel the cum on her back running down her spine and over her tailbone to her anus, and without any hesitation she grasped the fresh offering, aiming its tip toward her already soiled breasts.

With one hand urgently yet deftly massaging his balls softly pulling upon them and stroking over the egg shaped orbs contained within, she worked the shaft for only a second finding too much friction. Continuing to kneed his large sack, Kay anxiously reached down to her own cunt scooping up an inspiring amount of her own lubricating wetness wickedly grinning at her suitor and reached for his cock once more.

Returning that hand to his cock however now slickened Kay stroked and pulled with obvious urgency and within just a few seconds now glistening from her wetness the angry red tipped cock blasted out long streams of white spunk across her neck, then breasts and belly. Like clockwork as the fourth stepped back out in stepped the fifth.

He needed no coaxing, no soothing, no slick encouragement. Standing there between her thighs already frantically frigging his shaft, almost instantly his cock erupted spewing its hot snow colored seed over her cunt and inner thighs. Kay’s eyes rolling up as she cooed, loving the feeling of the hot thick cum raining down on her.

So it went for the next stepping up his load loosed over her breasts once again. The seventh however had other ideas stepping in between her cum streaked thighs as he reached out to her with a large hand cradling the back of her head and gently pulled. Kay did not fight nor struggle, she did not turn away or complain. Instead she simply bent forward immediately sinking the firm rod deep in her mouth as both hands stroked up and down its length in time with the bobbing motion of her head.

Just like the rest this man was not here to tease, to convince Kay of his endurance, or try and seduce her with his skills upon her. No he was here to cum, and though Kay at first thought when he did she would pull his cock free and add to the glazing of her breasts, as his first pulse surged up so Kay sucked down. Timing her strokes with his lurching surges, the sensation so intense for the man that he bellowed out his believed orgasmic victory loudly as Kay slowly when he was through leaned back, smirked wickedly, then swallowed.

Kay was a mess covered in cum both front and back, high and low. She was actually able to catch the last five seconds of the movie before the screen went black as she wiped her hands on her shoulders and reached down picking up her sweat jacket and still clean dress. Kay had considered cleaning up with the tissues supplied outside of the booth yet it struck her that she wasn’t quite through up here before descending to the theater.

With that thought in mind she began her seductive walk naked down the hall of doors turning down the next. Not as crowded as the previous, the three men standing there were stunned as Kay began opening this door then the next looking at the moment more like a glazed doughnut then a clean sexual woman.

It was odd, Kay would open this door and peer in, then open the opposite across the hall. Again and again she repeated the process as though for some inexplicable reason none of the booths be they too clean or too dirty had met with her approval. Finally roughly her eighth look-see, Kay just nodded once and stepped inside leaving the door wide open.

As one might suspect within seconds the men had quickly milled down to in front of the wide open door. Already Kay had a video playing, a woman kneeling before two men switching back and forth sucking one cock then back to the other. What made it obvious however was Kay herself. There kneeling on the soiled cum streaked floor, her breasts pressed tight to an equally filthy wall adding to the semen there yet her lips and open mouth were just an inch away from the large glory hole cut in it.

In no time the adjacent booth was occupied as the first cock passed through the opening and right into Kay’s soft waiting mouth. As she sucked and slathered away at it the other two men looked on both extracting their tools from the confines of their britches stroking away as Kay feverishly worked at the first. Patience and men do not go hand in hand however for as Kay blew the first cock a second man stepped up tapping her on the shoulder with his no doubt intending to steal her attentions away.

Kay had other intentions however. As she suckled away and stroked with one hand the first cock to pass through the hole into her hot and willing maw, she reached up with her other hand and began jerking off the second offering it surprisingly quickly cumming. Without warning the second suddenly thrust toward her and swelled. Kay thought to pull away from the first and generously take the second’s burden down her gullet, yet before she had even begun to pull back the second spurted his spunk over the side of her jaw and her neck.

Kay didn’t miss a beat however. As the second pulled away she fixed both hands to the cock slipping through the hole and began sucking it with fury. The third however had other plans and as Kay worked and suckled she felt him saddle in close squatting down beside her and as one large hand began plundering the folds of her cunnie, so the other began outlining and finally probing the pucker of her bottom.

The cock in her mouth Kay was driving down upon over and over unrelenting in her quest to draw the vile semen from it. Her hands twisting in opposite directions pulling back only to the edge of its flaring head, the balance never retreated past her lips and abruptly surged out so much thick cum that Kay almost choked freezing for but a brief second before milking out its vast gift.

The man brashly rubbing her sopping soiled cunt and bottom must have noticed what had just happened in that the second the supplying tool was withdrawn from the hole his hands slipped up to Kay’s underarms continuing to lift her up to standing in a single fluid motion. Kay knew what he wanted his probing to her slick twat and anus all to focussed and obvious. The man however as direct as he had been being no rapist still needed her approval for such activity, yet Kay to suit her own need for simplicity would not make him ask.

Slipping off his hands Kay did not speak a word nor even grant him the slightest glance. She simply reached down setting her clothes upon the seat, turned to face the back wall and as she sat her hands high upon it stepped back and parted her feet wide. When the man was not instantly upon her Kay made it all even clearer. Leaning forward to press her cheek to the smoke varnished wall Kay slowly rolled her hips up and to make it even more blatant she made her own intentions bluntly known.

Reaching back behind her to her bottom’s cheeks Kay’s fingers slowly dug in dimpling the firm flesh. Slowly they pulled the smooth mounds wide as her fingers began creeping ever pulling toward her anus and cunnie. When her middle fingers reaching her perineum that delicate sensitive spot between her vagina and anus, Kay continued her pull as her index fingers pulled her labia wide open exposing the ebbing passage of her cunt, and her ring fingers stretched her cum and wetness soiled pucker.

Kay could hear his belt unbuckle, hear his zipper descend and even heard his heavy boots step up onto the plywood floor between her own bare feet. It was then however that she felt it, the tip of a thick cock being run up and down her lubricated valley. Impatient however, upon the third teasing trace as the bulbous head reached her vagina Kay decisively pushed back impaling herself on the thickening veiny rod.

The man needed no further confirmation as he began slamming his cock into Kay’s depths with enough force that she had to release her cheeks and set her palms back to the wall. Reaching around her mauling her tits he then pulled upon her thick long nipples so hard that her breasts tented all of the way to the wall and she could feel the rough filthy plywood scrape over the swollen and sensitive tips. For whatever the reason Kay decided that at this moment she did not want to cum yet be it the angle or perhaps just the size and shape of the defiling cock within her, Kay had to fight the rapidly building urgency with all of her being.

Like a monster leaping out at you in the dark suddenly Kay’s orgasm hit her like a truck. The girthy cock driving up deep into her, as it pulled out its swollen angry tip the size of a plum raked harshly over her g-spot demanding Kay grip hard with her cunt. Like a fire hose she gushed all over the man pounding into her, his balls awash in the thinner perfumed liquid from that spongy gland. So hot and vast in volume, as much as he tried to hold back himself that gush inspired his own orgasm. Just a single lunge more found him abruptly yanking his cock out of her, and in that he had his own kinks and desires set the tip of his filling hose to her anus.

Kay could feel him cumming. Feel the swell of his cock as it extended ever so slightly just barely opening the pucker of her ass as then a powerful jet of hot spunk blasted into her filling her anal crypt. Still lurching from her own orgasm, whether just a strong shudder or her demand for him to cum inside her unknown, yet Kay drove back upon his pulsing rod sinking it deep into her ass as he sprayed out three more helpings of his scalding cum.

Kay collapsed against the wall panting and shaking her knees on the verge of buckling. Slowly the man withdrew his still pulsing cock from her rectal depths as he released her nipples, and just like that he was gone. Kay stood there like that the longest time. The booth’s door wide open, cum dripping off her everywhere as her own wetness graced her inner thighs and the heavy loads within her bottom slowly ebbed out and down the back of them while Kay just trembled and gasped.

Whether no one had the courage to approach her or she had not been seen she would never know. Finally working up the strength Kay pushed off the wall taking up her clothes, trod through the globs of cum upon the floor and walked out into the hallway finding it empty.

Slowly Kay pressed on nude through the maze of arcade booths an absolute wreck. Her walk was at this moment feeble and clumsy. Her posture speaking more of exhaustion from supreme satisfaction and as she drug her feet she could not tell which was stickier, the biology experiment of the carpeting, or the globs of cum that had squished up between each and every one of her toes.

The maze of short halls and doors seemed to go on forever. Occasional neon and back-lit plastic signage, posters of porn stars in the middle of varied sex acts, all lit up by what had to be the dimmest overhead light bulbs ever of those that worked. Kay would on occasion pass this single guy or group of as they came and went from the booths though all would make way be it from the filth of other men covering her or her shattered gate she did not know.

Eventually Kay found something she hadn’t expected most likely from the buildings older days and uses. A men’s bathroom at the end of a hall at a turn, yet to the right perhaps five paces away down a believed short dead end hallway a women’s bathroom on one side and a lone old quarter booth across from it. Kay needed a break and if she had any intentions of putting back on the miniscule red dress she would need to clean up, so into the bathroom she went.

Personal Time:

Kay couldn’t believe it, what a sanctuary or so she felt. Typical of perhaps a 1940’s era bathroom it was obvious perhaps due to its location that it had been some time since it had been used or cleaned. A standard toilet, large sink and counter with a long mirror and another full length one upon the wall, it oddly contained a number of complimentary brushes and combs, toiletries, soaps, lotions and powders that years ago were somewhat standard fare.

Oddly it also held a tall stack of freshly laundered cloth towels though the top one just like everything else in this bathroom was covered in dust. Oh it was all clean, just simply dusty from the lack of use. Kay taking a minute to wipe off the counter and toilet seat of their dust also made it a point to begin running the water in the sink simply to get the rust out.

It was only then when she turned to toss that towel in the hamper that she realized her current state. Her mouth’s lips were attractively swollen and her mascara had run giving her “raccoon eyes”. Her hair was a tussled mess, yet that was simply the best of it. Her breasts were flush from the harsh squeezing, more so her nipples were hard and dramatically erect and engorged and if that wasn’t bad enough, her clit looked almost twice its normal size as did her puffy outer nether lips.

The worst of it however was how filthy she was. The soles of her feet were pitch black noting that clearly and though she would clean them for some reason she was very attracted to the look. Her knees were filthy and for that matter so were her palms. In kind her entire body glistened from sweat both from the excessive heat of the second floor and worse still the booths yet also from all of the exertion, the proof of which covering her fully.

Kay’s inner legs from her twat to ankle were totally sopped with her wetness. More so it covered much of her bottom and even her abdomen though she had no idea how it got there. Then came the men’s cum. To say she looked like a glazed doughnut would have been an understatement. Kay was covered with it a thin glaze covering most of her from her cheeks to her feet, hands to mid forearm, and mid back to her heels. Added to that the thick massive globs and long streaks that had all begun to dry so stuck to her.

There were streaks across her nose, lips and cheeks. Kay’s breasts and neck so covered it looked as though she had been splattered with paint. Her belly and thighs almost worse still, and it literally covered her cunt and bottom in large sticky splotches. You could even see where it had squeezed up between her fingers and even her toes from walking through it, and in her mind never had the word “cum-ditch” earned more justification.

Kay beamed with a wicked smirk. She liked it, no she loved it. She liked looking so filthy and trashy, she loved the consistency of it so thick and almost sticky in parts yet slick and still runny in others. Instead of being repulsed the entire time she stared at herself she smoothed and spread around the proof of her lusts, and just the time her hands reached her twat to spread it around and through her plump folds a thought struck her. There was so much more in her cunt, bowels and belly.

Kay had to yank her hands away from her twat afraid if she kept touching herself just the thought of all of the cum inside and on her would make her orgasm right then and there. Oh she wanted to cum more to be sure, yet whether thinking she might use up her orgasms or perhaps wear herself out finally feeling satisfied having wasted them on masturbation instead of sex, Kay decided to restrain herself till later.

Poking about in the drawers under the counter Kay surprisingly found a couple of very old disposable douches from the yellowing of the packaging and artwork stating “Summer’s Eve” most likely from the early 70’s. She took her time allowing her vagina and bowel to void all of the leaking cum then insured she was clean using both of the douches. Initially she considered not. The idea of keeping it all inside her and then adding to the loads really suited her better, yet intending to start fresh, fresh she would be.

Once Kay set to the task of bathing it took her easily a half hour. Every inch of her it seemed was covered in sweat, men’s cum and her wetness and that just the fresh mix as the cum, smoke and cleaners used over all the years on the carpeting and walls was ten times worse in trying to remove. Kay even washed out her hair simply drying and combing it after which made it fluff up just all that much more and after washing out her mouth with the old Listerine there, she slipped on her dress and took a long look in the mirror.

“My Gawd” she thought, “what a filthy slut, a cum-ditch” as the real impact of the dress had never really struck her before. Kay couldn’t believe all that did show, what didn’t, yet more so what was just a breath away from being fully exposed. More so her unintentional expression and posture screamed lustful if not outright lecherous. Her clothing, attitude and demeanor falling just short of her standing there naked screaming out “fuck me.”

Taking a clean towel with her and adding to it a damp wash cloth Kay finally opened the door. At first she had intended on walking straight down to the theater if she could ever get out of this maze of booths, yet as she looked across the narrow hall from the bathroom she felt a strong urge to enter that ancient lone quarter booth, and in the two steps it would take to reach it, she had done so.

It was almost odd as you could tell this booth was somehow special. Just like the oldest ones she had encountered you could tell it had been used for decades yet in contrast had been well cared for by the patrons. It was obvious that this booth was still used by some from the relatively fresh tissues in the small wastebasket yet everything within it seemed undamaged and unmarred though clearly aged. That said it hinted that only certain customers had found let alone used it as though some private secluded sanctuary of the perverse elite.

Kay didn’t know why she thought of it, didn’t know why she in fact wanted it, yet she was hit with an idea that was not the result of unintentional inspiration yet deliberate intention. She wanted her cunt and even her thighs wet when she’d walk into the theater. With that thought in mind Kay fished around in her jacket until she found her stack of tokens. Separating four of them, she hid the rest in the back corner of the booth under the seat stuffing her jacket in the waste bin so she’d not have it to fall back on slipping her tiny ticket stub into her dress over her breast, and with that she dropped the four coins in the slot and waited.

Nothing just flickering light and sound the film loop clearly broken. Turning the knob she found the same, then again, then passed over the fourth to the fifth and last finding dead air. Finally Kay turned it back to the forth and suddenly the screen came to life as she leaned back against the wall and spread her legs beginning to lazily rub her clit.

The colors faded, no sound, the film itself dark and foreboding. A single woman sat in a theater seat as was evident from the light flickering overhead as it streaked its way to the screen out of view. First one man drew near brashly beginning to fondle her breasts as she sat there beginning to writhe. Then another as he began to fondle her legs and on up to her cunnie, then another and another soon all of them naked just wearing black socks as every hand, foot, orifice and crevice of the woman was filled with cocks.

It was obscene, it was amazing, and to Kay it was beautiful. Her own hands were rubbing and fanning her cunnie and clit frantically that just as the camera began to pan in for a close-up Kay had to yank her hands away lest she cum. Slowly the camera panned into the woman just as the man in her mouth pulled back and blasted his spunk all over her tits. The woman turning her head facing the camera as her face took up the entire screen, a wanton lustful look upon her face as suddenly the screen went black.

If the sound of the projector had not stopped and the soft flicker of light not suddenly been still Kay would have thought the movie was still running and it actually took her a full ten seconds to realize that it had. What confused her was the woman’s face just as needy and lecherous was still filling he screen. She now though had shorter hair, a slightly smaller nose and a bit more of a pout to her mouth yet there she was still staring out at Kay.

Kay then realized the film had indeed stopped and what she was looking at was her own reflection in the glass and with nothing touching her dripping cunt, Kay came violently. It took her a moment to compose herself the task of making herself wet a job well done as even her thighs were glistening once more. Taking up the towels Kay slowly moved out of the booth taking that film as a very good omen, this all her destiny. Slowly she walked down the hall not disturbed by the film and vision of herself yet inspired and expected to have to search long to find her way out.

Within perhaps twenty paces Kay noted a sign on the wall to her left that said “Straight” pointing the way to where she had just come from, and “Gay” if she continued on as she turned to her right looking down another hall of newer booths and there it was, the stairway to below. In no time Kay had descended the stairs and turned down the hall to the theater that seemed to slope downward. Near its end she took the wet washcloth and cleaned off her feet once more and dried them with the other dropping the wet one there where she stood.

Rounding another corner she could hear behind the wall a movie playing as a woman moaned out her ecstasy and just as she looked up there at the end of the downward sloping hallway were two massive men each holding large flashlights and wearing t-shirts that said “SECURITY” on them. The first to notice Kay as she seductively glided down the hall instantly exclaimed “oh my gawd” as his jaw dropped the other adding “holy shit” when he had.

They stood there frozen like that until Kay walked up to them with a wicked smirk on her face reaching in over her breast much of her inner areolas exposed and extended out the tiny ticket. As though waking from a trance one of them took the ticket as the other blurted out “miss, are you sure you want to go in there, have you ever been in an adult theater before?” Kay just shook her head no responding yet stated how much she really did want to go in there.

For whatever the reason both men seemed nervous for her, yet when Kay began to press through them the one who spoke did so again. “Listen miss, there are a lot of men in there right now, really horny men, men who have their, uh, penises exposed, are you sure?” Just the look on her face when he said “penises exposed” gave him his answer, so with that he laid out some rules she needed to know.

“There is a private railed off area just for couples and single women, no single men were allowed in there unless you invite them. The men are not allowed to crowd you, to make requests of you, to touch you or even really say anything to you unless you want them to. There is nothing we can do about them looking or even masturbating while they do. If you go out into general seating know they will move close and try to get you to have sex with them but that’s your call, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Finally, if you have any trouble at all come get us, and if you can’t get to us just shout, we’ll be right there.”

Kay really hadn’t thought about all of that as it was really her intention anyway. However it was nice to know though in truth the safety of it all just encouraged her that much more. With that shaking his head the man offered her his arm telling her that he would walk her in and give her a tour, yet past that it was up to her. That and it was not too late to change her mind. Kay just beamed taking his arm lightly with one hand, and with that they went through the door.

Show Time:

Though it was said before its worth noting again what the men saw as Kay strolled in with the security guard her hand lightly resting on his forearm. Her thighs now slick and nipples hard and straining the material, Kay made for quite a sight as she was escorted the long way through the theater.

Kay could not see another soul as she slowly padded in her bare feet upon filthy sticky carpeting down the narrow dark aisle her eyes still adjusting to the light. One foot lazily set down in front of the other Kay had no idea of the site she made. Slick inner thighs sliding over one another as her toes would touch the floor first then roll back upon soft delicate heels. The gentle walk unintentionally forcing her hips in to a slow lazy yet seductive suggestive roll.

Her breasts almost imperceptibly rising and falling with each shallow breath as they would more dramatically sway with each step and twist of her hips, the dark areolas inner edges slipping slowly further and farther out and exposed with each swing of her heavy pendulous orbs. Lips ever so slightly parted and swollen below her modest nose, nostrils flared in excitement gave testament to her desire. The mystery however her intent in that her softened and heavy eyes were camouflaged by short dark tussled locks framing her face and dangling in front of them.

The tease of it all however midway down below. Upon firm toned legs her bottom’s cheeks seemed to be rolling almost over one another to suddenly be hidden just an inch above by the hem of her dress. Just as taunting the weaving crevice of her bottom as it would sway each step like a hypnotic cobra, the naked vision of what lay between then hidden from view.

Crueler still was in front far below her full breasts and flat, firm belly, below the gentle rise of her mons leading to feminine paradise. Just the beginnings of the folds flanking her clitoral hood visible as so close below each step would ever so briefly expose this swollen and slick outer nether lip and then the other never quite ever giving a complete view of her smooth hairless cunnie.

The men within stared at her full breasts as they continued their sway, rise and fall. The narrow material having worked to the sides even more so as only the full thick hard buds of her nipples restrained it from pulling away all together. Stunned and frozen as she approached they were hypnotized as she passed. The rolling and weaving valley between her bottoms cheeks as said like some swaying cobra enticing them to follow yet all kept their place simply watching Kay go by like some meal of fresh meat held out to simply tease the Tigers.

Kay could barely see anything as she was slowly escorted down the far left aisle, the security guard thoughtful enough to pause at the few steps they encountered in that much of it was more like a ramp. All Kay at first could visibly make out was the main screen and varied illuminated signage for direction to exits, rest rooms and so on.

Upon the massive screen a typical blowjob and bukkake scene. A single woman on her knees as roughly fifteen men received head from her one after another and then when they had stroked themselves to orgasm, moved back in close and blasted their load upon her face. Oddly the security guys had been necessary to calm the patrons down when the roughly eight men in the massive theater threw a fit at the rude interruption of their film.

For whatever the reason, a little more then a couple hours ago the film running had been stopped in the middle of it leaving nothing but dead air on the screen. Accidentally the theater lights had been kicked on then flashed off, and a different genre of disassociated shorts had begun.

The theme? Gang bangs, trains, cum baths, bukkake and so on. Nonstop they had run, most no more then fifteen minutes, no lead in, no plot. Just suddenly some new gal on the screen as numerous men made use of every digit, swelling, crevice and hole and when the last man had cum the gal having semen coating every surface of her and flooding out of every orifice, then suddenly a new scene of similar content would begin.

Kay’s eyes slowly adjusting she noted just how old and massive the theater was. Just like any movie house before multi-cinemas all became the rage. A large stage under the screen no doubt for other types of live performances such as plays, public meetings and the like. The seating was classic theater, cloth seats plush and thick, though these were the top end version allowing them to recline slightly.

Easily there had to be over 750 seats or more perhaps 30 seats wide and 25 rows worth. The walls covered with hardwood paneling low and heavy fabric curtains above to absorb sound, the aisles carpeted yet the seating painted concrete. The theater built deep into the ground Kay noticed that though it was still hot in here it was definitely more humid. Even the carpeting under her bare feet felt damp, though she debated as to whether it was from the humidity or perhaps something else.

The smell of the place was just like upstairs without the dry over heated wood smell now replaced with mildew. Old smoke, the scent of men and perhaps four decades of unrestrained sex though much more subdued. At the bottom of the aisle near the movie screen they turned to pass in front of it. Looking up through the theater Kay noted perhaps 30-40 men illuminated by the movie, most having risen to their feet standing there staring directly at her.

Oddly the theater now a days typically only contained less then 20 patrons at any one time, usually just single digits. Today for some reason a number of men had decided to come watch the show due in no small part to Sal’s “helpful” phone call. Perhaps nerves about to panic or perhaps just anticipation, Kay got the distinct impression that she looked like a lamb being led to slaughter so tightened her grip to the guards arm ever so slightly.

Moving all of the way past the screen walking up the far aisle along the opposite side of the theater, Kay could see what she assumed was their final destination far in the back of the theater. More importantly the aisles that split the sections parallel to the screen, one half way down through the seating, the other by the back wall where they could have easily walked to get there much quicker. It made Kay wonder why the guard had taken this route in that being a tour he had said nothing.

Fixing her eyes on the back area to steady her nerves Kay debated as to why they had walked the way they had. Perhaps the guard wanted it known to all that they were being attentive to her as a warning. Then again perhaps he just wanted to show her off a little in that for the moment she was with him. Whatever his reason one thing was clear to her. The security guard had just paraded her entirely through this place to insure that everyone saw her, and as they reached the back wall and the railed in couples seating she realized it had worked in that every single eye in the theater was directed at her.

Again that song from in the car she just couldn’t get out of her head struck her once more. A later verse though all too appropriate being “and in the master's chambers, they gathered for the feast, they stab it with their steely knives, but they just can't kill the beast.” Kay imagined “they” being the men and naturally the feast was Kay herself. Yet no matter how many of the men’s cocks she was stabbed with, her lust, the beast could never be killed.

Who’s Protecting Who?:

Leading Kay to the railed in couple’s area she instantly noted the difference. Three rows of two plush leather couches instead of the standard seating filling the alcove seeming couples area far in the back. The guard had been a gentleman all the way there walking Kay to the middle row of couches then all the way to the inner wall helping her sit. Looking her over once more mumbling “damn girl, you’re to smokin for here” as he began to walk away he reminded her, “if you need me just call, and I’ll come running.”

She could hear him as he passed the men near the railing telling them harshly “don’t block the aisle, and don’t pester her or you’ll be tossed.” The men just mumbling and milling around and Kay felt something that did not set all that well with her. She did not feel sexy, desired, protected or special. Being brought back here she felt secluded, cut off, or more true to the point excluded.

Worse still, where he had guided her she found herself just short enough that she could only see half of the screen behind the first row of large couches. Even worse then that, in that she had come here to be seen, all she could see of the men was their heads from their nose up and knew in the end if lucky, that’s all they could see of her. “This is bull crap” Kay muttered harshly suddenly rising up and moving with a deep pout to the first row of couches.

Instantly the situation was better. Not only could she see the screen yet she could now see most of the theater fully. The seating was much better here though she noticed the couch was a tad more slimy. The couch sat no more then perhaps two and a half feet at best away from the railing. The railing itself was fixed firm into the concrete, well worn and most of the chrome rubbed off the top rung which at best was 30 inches high the bottom rung perhaps half the distance lower.

Best of all however Kay could see the men nearby and they could all easily see her, so with that thought in mind she slouched back into the massive couch and began watching the movie now of some girl getting gang banged by seven men. It took mere seconds for Kay to begin fidgeting. First pulling her legs up on the couch, then trying to stretch out upon it and as she’d move this way or that she’d note that every single twitch she made brought sideways glances of anticipation.

Kay knew what all the men wanted to see and do as she herself was not here to simply tease. That said the thought of simply diving in still scared her a little, so with that thought in mind she decided to begin upping the ante a step at a time.

Ceasing her fidgeting Kay stood the simple act alone causing a stir from the men near the railing. Turning her back to the theater Kay slowly bent over at the waist using her towel to scrub down the seat, her dress so short that it instantly slipped up fully exposing her bottom.

More to the point, with her thighs close together it had squeezed her nether lips out from between them. Puffy and full as they glistened with her heavily flowing wetness, the motion of scrubbing the couch alone making her bottom and cunt sway with each circular swipe. When finally most of the men were blatantly looking at her Kay parted her feet wide rolling her hips up and as her cunnie seemed to open and bloom like a full dew covered orchid, Kay could hear the audible gasps and groans from the men looking her over from behind.

Turning back around Kay could not help herself. She had meant to wait a bit yet even she was more anxious then the men who looked on. Seeing so many men simply standing there staring at her as most rubbed their cock’s through their pants and even a number had pulled them out stroking them freely forcing her hand. With that Kay crossed her arms in front of her grasping the hem of her dress and in a single fluid motion had pulled it over her head standing there buck naked.

Sitting back on the edge of the couch finding the men just that much more focussed and intense found Kay provoking them just that much more. She made herself a promise however, one of those little tests or milestones people often set to try and make themselves feel as though fate would make a decision for them. Just like most people however Kay deliberately set the mark low, and if it happened then and only then would she go out onto the main floor.

Putting her feet up upon the top rail Kay made it a point to extend them all of perhaps three inches past. Parting her legs wide just slightly bending her knees as her left hand found her breasts sensuously kneading them, pinching and twisting her nipples, her right hand slipped down her belly to her splayed wide cunt and ever so slowly she began masturbating.

For all of two minutes she tried to seem as though she was just watching the movie. In no time however her eyes were clearly focussed upon all of the cocks being stroked in front of her. Her gaze just making the men work them that much harder, their leers to her driving her own efforts in kind. In the end it took all of a minute at best for her condition to happen.

First the outside of a hand brushed over her foot and with nothing more then a smile and a flaring of her toes it became a full on fondle working into a massage. In no time both were being worked with equal vigor and as Kay moaned and softly writhed just the tiniest of stretches toward the men’s other hands filled with their cocks insured that her condition or promise would happen.

Almost instantly Kay could feel the men press the undersides of their hot tools against the bottoms of her feet as she continued to fan away at her cunt. Toes curling over their throbbing heads instantly inspiring them to grind to her soles, their hands worked both her feet and their cocks together. Kay had no idea how much she would love the feeling though the recent memory of the puddles of cum squishing up between her toes made her shudder as she quickly found out.

Like bottles of hot lotion were both squeezed at once Kay could feel the men’s cocks blast copious floods of semen under and between her digits. Each pump the men would stroke up more while pulling on her feet in kind. It was all like some obscene foot massage as she could feel each pulse jetting the thick cum up under and between sensitive toes. Kay could not believe how wonderful the sensation of thick hot cum felt jetting upon an area of her body typically left unattended yet as much as it had inspired the men it definitely had an affect on Kay.

Though she had clearly made it happen by the men cumming where they had it forced her hand in that she had promised herself if someone would cum there then anyone and everyone could cum anywhere upon her. That realization alone made her plunge three fingers deep into her vagina as she suddenly arched her back high shaking violently. Loudly roaring out a crushing orgasm, the die had been cast. Kay would throw herself fully into all this theater had to offer and to do so would offer her all to the theater.

Cast Down to the Masses:

Still trembling, her eyes languid and panting heavily found Kay laboriously dragging her legs from the railing as she withdrew her fingers from slick folds slowly rising. The men’s anticipation as to what Kay might do had them all inching closer yet her sudden grip to the railing to steady herself as she took in a deep breath caused them almost to surge. A second later Kay had already turned taking up her dress and towel moving to the mid-row of the couple’s area. The muttering and sighs behind her announcing the men’s clear disappointment impatient and expecting the usual.

Taking another long deep breath as she felt how wet her cunnie was, she focussed upon how gummy it was between her toes as out of view from the men Kay dropped her dress and towel upon the second couch where she had first been sat down. Slowly Kay made her way naked to the back railing. Nervous to be sure though more excited then anything had Kay hesitating at first at the top of the long aisle by the far wall, her head lowered, slumping, arms crossed over her breasts, her thighs tight so indecisive.

When Kay fully embraced what she was about to do however it was like a butterfly filling its wings as she seemed to bloom then and there for everyone to see. Slowly drawing her shoulders back as her spine straightened and head raised, it was as though her heavy breasts swelled and grew out of her lean form seeming to double their size. As each breath caused her full orbs to seductively rise and fall, and they were accentuated all the more by her taunt belly and narrow waist.

Parting her feet slightly as her legs firmed only framed her core. Like spider webs bridging her inner thighs the glistening strands of wetness between them had not yet broken. Just then a heavy silvery drop began to fall from her cunnie, catching each web adding to the long dribble of nectar that finally broke as it passed her knees. Kay would wait no longer though in contrast the large group of men watching seemed as though they were willing to wait forever.

With a wickedly seductive smirk upon her lips Kay began her slow sultry walk down the long aisle. Nude, her head high and breasts swaying, her stride unintentionally forcing her hips into an almost lewd and seductive roll. Not a single man hindered her way all seeming to part letting her pass to stroll gladly down into their domain. Oh to be sure many began to follow, yet not a single man rushed her, called out or even gestured doing the wisest thing at such a fragile time. Allowing Kay to make the first moves.

Half way down the long aisle Kay glanced down the perpendicular walkway splitting the theater into two sections of seating perhaps fifteen rows down continuing on. Having thought to sit on the front row, Kay however suddenly paused causing the forty or so men converging on her assumed destination to stop and wait for her decision. Something had caught Kay’s eye, her abrupt turn causing some near to back away as she walked back up the aisle to the perpendicular one mid theater.

Turning down that row just confirmed what she had seen. A low wall perhaps as high as the railing of the couple’s area flanked either side. Halfway down that aisle however there was an opening on both sides. The lower rows of seats were split by an aisle running directly down the theater’s middle. The upper wall however found an opening perhaps four feet wide. A seat placed directly at its center, a seat clearly having been used many times for exactly what she had in mind.

Clearly in that as she walked directly to it she could see that the arms had been removed from the next two seats either side. Looking down she could see where the metal had clearly been broken off far below the cushions, the cushions wore and the seats clearly broken not sitting up. Turning round Kay looked at the screen standing dead center of the theater as the men slowly converged upon her. She could see them drawing near and would insure that everyone understood her intentions.

Sitting upon the middle seat made by the five it took little effort for Kay the springs so wore to press the back rearward. With that she set her feet to either side of the wide opening her cunt brazenly spread to the screen as the men grew nearer still slowly converging on her location. Kay simply reaching down placing her fingertips to her mons on either side of her clit, slowly and deliberately pulling her folds open.

All for One and One for All:

Kay refused to look at any nearing her to offer aide to any seeking acceptance, approval or an invitation. She could make it no clearer. Kay was here to be used by them and in kind use the men to her own lustful ends. Sultry eyes glaring at the screen in front of her from behind dark tussled locks as her breasts rose and fell in bated breaths of anticipation, Kay watched the lone woman in the film being roughly fucked airtight as even more men stood around her masturbating.

“Perfect” Kay thought not even realizing that she was so wet a puddle had formed on the edge of the seat slowly ebbing and dripping to the floor in long silvery threads, yet she would not give a single one of the men surrounding her satisfaction with even a glance. Slowly the men drew near as a soft murmur of comments and compliments began overpowering the film. Even the men soon standing directly in front of her blocking her view she said nothing to, as slowly, so very gently it all finally began to unfold.

First a man sat down directly to her left right beside her his clothed hip pressing to hers bare. Then a man to her right and ever so slightly she could feel men’s pants touching first one and then her other shoulder standing in the row behind. Still Kay did nothing though her view of the screen was blocked now replaced by five men, each lazily stroking their cocks or rubbing their bulges within their pants as they all looked on commenting upon every part of her body.

Her breathing so shallow as her heart hammered Kay felt that any second she was going to pass out in that It seemed to take them forever yet finally it happened. First a hand from one of the men in front of her softly began to fondle her left foot and ankle. Then another had hesitantly grasped onto her right, and as she spread her legs even further rolling them outward she was rewarded further still.

First one hand slipping down over her shoulder hesitantly found her left breast as almost instantly another from a different man mimicked it to her right. Fondling, gripping and squeezing them, her nipples pulled and gently twisted as the men sitting to either side of her cautiously set their palms to her thighs slowly slipping lower in ever widening circles. Panting so hard that she was almost hyperventilating, as first one then the other’s hand at her thighs finally slipped low enough to brush her cunnie with their pinkies, Kay’s breathing all but stopped as she loosed a deep moan of welcome to all.

Every touch remained tentative and cautious however, all until Kay’s own fingers slipped from her mons and slowly slid out into the laps of the men on either side of her. Like a zombie Kay sat frozen even as her calves, breasts and finally cunnie were gently teased, all till she found what she sought in those receptive laps to either side. Hard throbbing cocks exposed and hot from surging blood. Their heads slick with pre-cum, their veins pulsing and bulging begging for relief.

Finally she could breathe again as her lithe fingers slowly wrapped around the stiff tools and their owners fingers began to plow and pull through her slick folds. Kay had barely begun stroking them when the man directly in front of her brashly stepped up between her legs cock in hand, the urgency in his jerking all too telling that he was close to cumming.

He did not ask or even hint at to fuck her or even reach for any part of Kay in fact. He just stood there with a pained expression that alone begged for her permission which she’d not give. Instead it was found via Kay just glaring at the throbbing cock before her as she in a clear, loud and dusky tone announced just this one time for any and all to hear, “no limits, anyone.”

That was all it took as in a split second Kay’s sternum was awash in the man’s cum who stood before her. Kay just beamed wide as her head fell back upon the seat edge having not even yet felt the last blast from that cock before something tapped her cheek. Turning her head Kay found another cock in hand aimed for her lips, and as she opened her mouth it deftly slipping inside both of her hands were suddenly flooded over in cum.

At that moment one might think absolute chaos would ensue. Kay would be pulled this way then that, twisted and yanked, the scene unfolding more like a pack of Hyenas ravaging some carcass. Instead it all seemed to flow like some carefully choreographed dance. Unlike some fumbling orgy or gang-bang wherein each person felt obligated to work to their counters orgasm, here each person simply concentrated on their own no doubt understanding in doing so, Kay would as well.

Without need for it to be said, Kay was there to have as much cum as possible pumped into and on her by all there in attendance. In kind each man was simply there to aid in that end, not to fuck her into mindless oblivion, rub, touch tease or lick her into countless orgasms. Each man was simply there to use her body to cum in and upon. A cum-ditch in the perfect sense of the word, Kay’s body the place to put it to keep the floor clean.

That mindset made the whole scene flow and undulate, most men stepping up so close to cumming that Kay simply had to be there having no need to work each cock, coax, beg and inspire it into unleashing its pent up load of thick cum. More so once each man had cum there was no lingering as they’d empty their balls and then step back making room for the next and as the event flowed and escalated, so did the offerings made to Kay.

Kay’s hands had barely reached her belly to wipe themselves clean upon it before the cock in her mouth erupted deep within it. Sucking greedily to take in and down every drop pumped out upon her lapping tongue, she suddenly felt a second cock flood over her other shoulder and down her breasts as a third set itself firmly to the entrance to her core.

As Kay sucked in the last jet of cum into her mouth feeling the fifth hot load cascade down her breasts the thick cock at her cunt insistently pushed deep and as it began urgently thrusting away inside of her, plunging into her tight wet cunt from front to back. The man at her one shoulder had silently moved away and another had stepped up, and as the cock in her mouth was withdrawn, so her head was rolled to the opposite side instantly finding another to replace it.

A new cock deep in her mouth as another ravaged her depths, Kay felt both of her hands lifted high and to her sides to new cocks waiting there, hard, throbbing and ready to cum both men standing. Her cunt, mouth and now both hands occupied Kay discovered these men knew she needed more. To the back of her knee between her thigh and calve another slick cock was thrust and her other foot was ground to a large set of balls and cock though there was still more room.

Feeling a seventh cock rub and wipe from her ear down her neck to her breast and back again, just as the one deep in her cunt thrust in deep unleashing his massive load within her, so the two in her hands exploded painting her breasts and belly in hot snowy streaks. If the cock within her cunt had not been enough already sending Kay over the edge, the two painting her breasts surely had. As she shook violently cumming groaning loudly around the cock in her mouth, it only inspired those behind her knee, under foot, upon her neck and deep in her mouth to loose their seed as well.

Lost in her own orgasm it was only amplified by the new load shot deep into her mouth. Making it even more intense were those hot blasts under foot to her toes, and over her neck and deep behind her knee. She could feel each gush and as each man in turn slowly pulled away once they had emptied into and on her all they had to offer, Kay collapsed there on the seat trembling, writhing and cooing.

As the men repositioned some pulling away as others moved in, the first found a man wanting something more as Kay found herself softly lifted, and a new man slipped in behind her setting her back down high upon his abdomen. He had heard the words, Kay having made it absolutely clear. “No limits” so with that thought in mind grasping her bottom he lifted her up once more, and when he sat her down Kay found a long cock slip easily into her well lubricated bottom.

Kay gasped at the sensation as she felt the long searing cock slip deep up into her bowel. That gasp cut short however as her head was turned once more and another cock was slipped deep into her mouth, his salty pre-cum immediately flooding over her tongue as a third cock joined the pair in using her.

The third man clearly had no qualms about her breasts being covered in cum, in fact he relished it. Clearly having removed his pants Kay clearly felt a heavy cock and balls suddenly grind to her chest, her slick cum covered breasts pulled tight around it as he gently began thrusting up between them. Again Kay felt her hands pulled to her sides finding a man either side with a willing cock waiting. The cock in her bottom undulating, in her mouth pumping and between her breasts thrusting, Kay gripped each firm tool tight with her slick digits stroking and pulling, the cum covering her hands like some vile lubricant.

As the five cocks plundered Kay so a sixth would join them. Legs held high and wide she felt a massive cock enter her cunt already made tight by the long cock deep in her ass. The cock was so large it made her freeze in shock, yet as it began hammering away dragging in and out of her slick cunt its entire length the second Kay felt a seventh cock blast its hot load over her full breasts that were being mashed together.

She couldn’t help it as once more her body stiffened and shook and she yelled out around the cock deep in her throat. Kay’s own orgasm inspiring the others as instantly her neck from the one between her breasts, her fingers wrapped around two more, the one deep in her mouth and finally those sunk deep in her bowel and twat all unleashed their substantial torrents of cum covering and filling her.

Kay had begun to shake continuously now as wave after wave of her own orgasms crest and flowed over her like surf like the torrents of cum splashing on and into her. Helpless and limp, as the men repositioned the man deep in her ass stayed put his cock still hard and pulsing. Again another cock found her mouth as a third was added to the other two, plunging deep into her sopped and soupy cunnie. Her hands as well finding two more in need and as the one in her cunt and mouth thrust and pumped until they emptied their balls within her, so the two in her hands dumped their hot gushes of seed fully covering her belly.


As the men slowly pulled out of Kay even the cock deep in her bottom slowly withdrawn, Kay shuddering with post orgasmic waves simply lay there sitting in the chair leaning back as vast amounts of cum ebbed from every orifice and covered every bit of her torso. If Kay had done a count including the two to her toes up by the couples area, she would have realized that twenty-five massive loads had been dumped on and within her. That twenty-five just here within the theater not even counting the nineteen loads she had lightened in the arcade.

Perhaps due to she was just such a cummy mess now, or perhaps just because during such times the action seems to surge then relax much like waves of surf washing upon a shore yet Kay found herself briefly simply surrounded yet alone. Laying there panting almost immediately another would sooth her loneliness in a new way. A man stepping up between her legs she found her ankles gently grasped then raised as her soles were pressed together a thick lubricated cock between them thrusting toward her face.

Laying there like some great frog Kay loved the scene and sensations playing out right before her. The angry red cock pumping in and out between her soles over her as just then two more cocks were made available on either side of it. Reaching out with cum filled hands taking them firmly and beginning to pull, and in all of a minute her neck to her cunnie was awash once more as three more men came upon her.

Kay couldn’t help herself with so much cum covering her that she began to slather it all over her body like some rich lotion. Up from her chest to over her neck and cheeks. Down over bulbous heaving breasts to her firm belly smoothing it over her abdomen, mons and thighs. To Kay it was heaven, a heaven long desired and now finally found but as her hands squeegeed the thick sticky cum over every inch of her front she suddenly discovered a problem.

Hands slipping low to her cunt she assumed there would be much more there. Disappointed at what she found Kay also realized her back though sticky from sweat and effort was devoid of her desire. So with that thought in mind as the crowd of men looked on, Kay set out to rectify the problem.

Painfully slow so spent from the perhaps hour at best before, Kay slowly stood up almost collapsing as she weaved yet finally turned round facing the back of the theater. Once turned Kay slowly crawled upon the seats before her. One knee to each of the seats that had flanked her own, her heavy breasts dangling over the mid-seat’s back as her elbows rest upon its edge.

The pose was so glaringly obvious, Kay’s ebbing cunt and inflamed bottom exposed fully behind as her mouth opened slightly clearly begging to be fed more. The mess of her front now hidden away instantly encouraging even the most shy and hygienic to step up and sooth their libidos as the restrained yet crowded gang-bang slipped into an orderly double-train.

Without any discussion or planning from her pose the use of her just made sense. The men simply from their positioning having formed two lines, one along the low wall flanking the aisle, the other behind the row of seats that Kay kneeled upon. Like clockwork a man would step up and dependant upon the line he was in either slip his cock into her mouth or deep into her cunt or bottom. A few well executed strokes later cumming within or on her and then would unceremoniously pull away in the direction opposite of the line as the next would step up and it would all begin again.

Kay was in heaven mostly in the regard that with only two cocks to consider at a time it allowed her to enjoy it just that much more. Each moment it was the same. A man would step up behind her and with his cock already rigid and easily slip it deep inside her slick and already seasoned cunnie. Grasping her hips the man would pound away at a tempo insured to make him cum quick as Kay would reach back between her legs and gently pull on and massage his balls.

As the one in her cunnie thrust away, so another man would also step up to her all too receptive mouth. Best of all Kay could use her right hand as she sucked away feverishly, the use of her hands easily expediting the men’s orgasms twice as fast few lasting over a minute. Then it would happen. As each pumped and thrust away one cock slipping in and out of her mouth as her tongue would spin round it and lips would suckle, the other lunging and pushing into her sloppy cunt over and again, one or the other would begin to cum.

It was strange really whether just being courteous to whomever was to be next or perhaps just wanting to prove their release, yet roughly half of the men would pull out of her and cum on her back, bottom or cunnie, those in her mouth upon her cheeks or over her neck and shoulders. At that point without a word said the man would simply slip away as the next man in line took his place and it would all begin again.

It seemed too quick however, most not lasting more then a minute and the lines of men so well organized that in roughly twenty minutes Kay had been double teamed fourteen times. Twenty-eight fresh hot loads of thick cum inside or upon her, four of those delivered deeply within her bottom, Kay herself having four solid orgasms in the process. Then just like that, nothing, just Kay there all alone her back and bottom now as covered in cum as her front as large globs ebbed from her cunt, bottom and lips.

Kay remained like that for a couple minutes. Trembling, cum slipping down her body as she panted slowly gathering her strength form the grateful ordeal. Eventually she slowly slid her tired knees from the cushions as upon wobbly legs she stood on the floor, and though fifty-one men had used her at best only four remained in the theater not a single one interested in what she had to offer.

It was perfect Kay thought as she staggered and stumbled up the long ramp back to the couple’s area. She was covered in cum from her cheek bones down to her toes, her hands smoothing and mixing the loads feeling them and rubbing them in as she softly muttered to herself over and over with wicked satisfaction, “cum-ditch.”

Alone but not lonely. Sore, tired and tender yet fully satisfied like one might be after a long day of physical labor. It had been so perfect, the finest sexual experience of her life making her feel fulfilled, having purpose and most of all finally feeling satisfied to an exhaustive end, the joy that filled Kay was indescribable.

Reaching the couples area Kay lazily with her towel left there began wiping as much of the cum off of her as was possible. There was so much cum however that it pretty much ended up just getting all swiped down her body to her feet and as Kay bent over to wipe that off she reconsidered leaving her feet and toes from her ankles down drenched in rich thick semen.

“So erotic” Kay thought as she looked at her cum covered feet actually becoming anxious to masturbate as she’d drive home in the truck just thinking about them. So with that Kay dropped the sopping towel and turned to the couch looking for her dress as suddenly reality smacked her soundly in that it was no where to be found, meaning Kay would have to walk out of here naked.

Panicked Involvement:

Kay’s eyes were wide as she stood there instantly beginning to panic. David had been absolutely clear, do not involve him in any form. What if she was arrested outside or during her drive home for being naked. Imagine the scandal, “woman found covered in seventy five men’s semen from DNA tests.” Even if she made it home she still had to make it inside the house without any or all of their neighbors seeing her. The dress would have been bad enough, yet totally naked was simply too much.

Kay almost ran through the theater until she encountered the security guards once again at its entrance. Instantly such a mess and so ravaged looking they were concerned something bad had happened, yet as Kay eased their fears she stated her own desperately needing her dress. Neither could help her not having seen it, more so when they offered to go buy her one of the slutty outfits sold up front, Kay instantly realized that all of her money and identification was in her jeans. Worst of all it only then also struck her, the truck was almost out of gas.

Instantly Kay bolted up the ramps of the long halls realizing she had to retrieve her bag of clothes, dress be damned. Reaching the steps to the arcade she just about ran up them and down the hall yet once to its end she paused trying to remember how to get to the booth in this maze of halls. Just then remembering her sweat jacket.

Bolting left to the ancient booth by the women’s bathroom Kay’s jaw dropped in horror at what she didn’t find. The basket still half full with old tissues having remained there for lord knows how long, her jacket however was gone whether taken as some trophy or by some bum she had no idea. Even her tokens were still in place though Kay was quickly debating whether or not there would be a next time her fear already tarnishing a perfect afternoon.

Backing out of the booth Kay also realized that to try and take the path back to the other booth with her bag by retracing her steps in reverse was a sure fire way to get lost in the maze of halls. With that thought in mind she hurriedly walked back to the beginning once more by the signage pointing the way to “gay or straight”, and taking a deep breath began her tour of the maze once again.

Kay didn’t know why, perhaps simply the panic of not finding her clothes or possibly the fear of strolling once more through the maze though now nude, yet deep in her gut she could feel those nervous butterflies begin to flutter. Backing to the wall Kay took in a deep breath pressing to her abdomen to sooth the nervous feeling. “No wait, that can’t be right” she instantly thought in that she was pressing firm to her mons not her belly, no doubt all of the harsh fucking had simply left her cunnie buzzy and churning.

Another firm press and Kay jumped. She could feel it, her g-spot swollen and needy, all the harsh fucking having taunted and teased the spongy gland yet not once had it been relieved after all of the action had made it swollen. Worse still she also realized her clit was easily triple its normal size so swollen and tender. So tender in fact that when she touched it she jumped realizing that simply to mash it or rub it would set her off once again in orgasmic waves of ecstasy.

Kay couldn’t believe it, not only was her cunt feeling needy her swollen breasts and hardened nipples had that all too familiar itchy tingle about them. “Just put it out of your mind, you’re just tender from all the sex” Kay kept thinking to herself. Sadly however the harder she tried to ignore the uncontrollable physical sensations, what had started as well earned sensitivity quickly escalated into her actually making herself horny.

Kay felt like some insatiable wanton slut but even shaming herself just made her want what she wanted to avoid even more so. Taking a deep breath Kay consoled herself with the fact that she only had to walk through the gay section to get to her clothes. With that thought in mind, naked, her body feeling aroused and feeling each step more and more as though she was actually becoming horny, Kay aimed herself down the hall and just simply walked.

Ten Paces to Lecherous Abandon:

Any other time or circumstance not one lick of what Kay was experiencing would have even been noticed by her, yet this moment, naked and exposed expecting to be forced to run a gauntlet of horny men had every nerve of her body screaming out every single sensation both real and imagined. It was as though her body was demanding the exact opposite of what Kay thought she wanted it to feel. Naturally though however, what Kay consciously thought she wanted and what she deep down in her subconscious really did were two different things as her “ego and id” fought for dominance.

From the top of her head to the soles of her feet her physical body alone screamed out that it was alive, excited and wanted to be touched, ravaged and fucked. Her hair felt like it was standing on end, each and every strand connected to its own nerve as every bounce and sway would send a million shivers from her scalp to her soles. Her face felt flush and warm as though aglow with life just pleading to be touched, but the worst assaults to Kay’s control of her mind from her neck up would come from her other senses.

Already she could clearly hear the moans, whines and squeals of the women in the movies being fucked and cumming giving way to the deep resonant and almost bestial grunts and vulgarities of just men. The sounds alone so telling, sweaty abdomens slamming against slick bottoms sounding much like that of dropping a soaked towel upon a hardwood floor over and over. Add to that the deep grunts and moans, the harsh sounds of men encouraging one another like “yeah, fuck it, fuck that ass, fuck it hard” and it instantly forced images in Kay’s head.

Images like that of vast throngs of men muscled, sweaty and crammed into tight quarters humping, sucking and thrusting in a frantic search for relief. Naturally after what Kay had just experienced her mind then further elaborated and fantasized as she could see herself thrust into the middle of the humping masses as all eyes turned to her to find their relief.

A thousandth of a second image and fantasy that Kay could pass off as just that, yet instantly the sounds became all too real as the real men down the next hall could be heard, and worse still was the smell. Along with the scents of old smoke, overheated dry air, forty years of testosterone laden sweat and old cum came that of the new. The smell of men was thick, men damp with the sweat of lust and need as their pre-cum and cum intermingled and battled making a unique smell all its own.

It was more real however then just some distant smell carried upon some random breeze in that Kay could smell it strongest upon her, and as she raised her hand to her nose and sniffed it made her eyes roll back as her body instantly shuddered. Her hand smelled of men’s sweat, of their cocks, their cum and added to that mix was the scent of her own sweat and ebbing slick cunt. Not just one man mind you but so many they could not be counted yet in the center of it all was the scent of her alone the only female.

Not just one hand but both of them, the smell covering her arm and in fact her whole body so strong that when she cupped her hands over her nose she actually swooned and stumbled due to the intensity of it. Worse still in that single breath she could almost feel her cum filled cunt suddenly become wet. The image was not just in some fantasy, it had just happened and it had been real.

On top of the smell she could taste it thick and strong within her mouth. The taste of cock, many of them and their varied flavors of musky genital sweat, pre-cum, and ultimately their thick rich cum that had pumped over and over into her mouth. Cum that had flooded over her tongue in massive surges, blasted over her teeth, inner cheeks and roof then been stirred up and added to by another cock, and another, then another.

Not only could she smell and taste the scents of men upon her, she could also feel it. Her skin almost crawled from the slick oily feeling of old sweat and cum, a feeling not all that dissimilar then the greasy sweat that would cover you after being in a jet and all of that recycled air. It was worse then that however as though all of the fluids and scents of every man she had just rutted with and herself had all merged into a slick yet tacky grease that covered her from her head to her toes.

Not only did her skin crawl yet it was covered in goose-bumps of arousal that every waft of air sent into a shiver. Worse then the goose-bumps though were her nipples. Thickened, hard and erect, so swollen that even her areolas had extended all atop swollen tender breasts that each step made swing and bounce pulling at and tugging at the oversensitive tissue. Down exhausted abs though still flat Kay imagined they now had just the slightest swell to them from so much cum filling her belly yet down below that was the real nightmare.

Her clit was so swollen that it literally protruded past her mons like some tiny dick. Easily triple its normal length and width as flanking it on either side were her horrifically swollen and exaggerated outer nether lips. Even while standing there Kay could not believe how much her cunt seemed to extend out forward from her body. As she parted her feet to try and see, a single probing touch to her labia caused her to shudder, that same poking prod to her clit however made her knees buckle as from that one touch she was just a second away from cumming.

Looking and probing Kay then felt and saw something that horrified her. Her knees turned out to try and see her cunt suddenly a massive glob of cum easily the size of a golf ball pushed its way through her nether lips and fell with a splat to the floor. It was not that however that horrified her yet more where it had made her look. There flanking either side of the large glob of cum were her cum covered feet a flaring wiggle of her toes proving out just how much as the goop had filled the spaces in between them as though they were webbed.

That moment her mouth agape, stunned at the vision as her head reeled from the scents, tastes and sensations Kay had not even thought how her index fingers had had slipped close to her clit to see it as a single word passed her lips. “Cum-ditch.” Instantly Kay buckled as she dropped to a deep squat about to fall, her body shaking violently in thunderous waves of pleasure riding the crest of the wave just before cumming.

Instantly Kay yanked her hands away as she staggered to rise up and continue her walk. The trouble was however all that she had recognized, felt and imagined had just taken place in a single step. In the nine more to follow before she would make the turn all of those sounds, scents, tastes, sensations yet most of all imagined visions would be amplified ten times each step. Every swing of her leg forcing her labia to squash and pull at her clitoris as her breasts would sway and heave, each footstep would find her cum covered feet sticking to the floor as the cum would goosh up from between her toes.

Those ten steps taken in perhaps all of twenty seconds seemed to amp up her desire a billion times. Kay could barely make it to the end of the hall, and then she turned and realized she would not make it to her clothes unscathed. If Kay’s desire of earlier throughout the day was a blowtorch, it was now a fully erupting volcano as Kay looked down the hall filled with men and voiced openly “Aw shit, I’m so fucked,” swallowing then pressing on.

Any Port in a Storm:

Whether how she really spontaneously felt or having simply worked herself up instead really didn’t matter as naked, exposed and so unimaginably aroused she could barely function Kay now had to press through the crowds of men, the only saving grace being it was the “Gay” section.

Surely she thought these men would be flatly disgusted by her more then anything which clearly some of them were but the problem were those not quite so discerning. Not only did you have the gay men that still appreciated the image and brazen audacity of Kay’s situation, yet then you also had truly bisexual men.

To make it even worse there were those men who fancied themselves as straight but on occasion liked to enjoy the relaxed benefits of other men instead of having to grapple with the typical moralities of women. Worst of all however were those men who were just curious and passing through and still others that push come to shove might let other men inspire their own arousal in that “no woman would ever come to such a place.”

Any sailor might say “any port in a storm,” songwriters “love the one you’re with,” and the more base of men simply “a hand is a hand as a mouth is a mouth.” In any case the “Gay” section was no guaranteed easy passage for a nude woman especially one that looked like Kay and worst of all in her condition. This would be the easiest route however she felt to try and get back to her bag of clothes, so trying to concentrate on her goal and ignoring all of the men Kay just dropped her gaze low and walked on.

Instantly Kay had to begin to slowly weave through the crowd of men milling about the hallway. Worse still whether real or imagined, it felt like every crotch or bottom she passed would be rubbed against her, every hand dragged over her hip, abdomen or ass, and every elbow and shoulder would grind and mash to her massive breasts.

Kay had been wise however not making eye contact with anyone in that she would have froze and to stand still in such a place instantly made you a target. What she didn’t realize however was just how many of the men had actually noticed her. Some would pull away giving her room, still others would just freeze making her slip around them and as she worked deeper into the crowd very quickly some had even decided to see if this woman who had made herself deliberately nude and vulnerable had done so for a reason.

At a particularly crowded point roughly halfway down the short hall the worst thing possible happened. Four men blocking the way as they all rubbed each others crotches, two of them pulling upon exposed cocks as Kay suddenly stopped thinking they might clear a path instead of trying to simply squeeze past around them.

That instant she felt it, a low hanging back of a hand slowly brush over her bare bottom as another brushed over her thigh to her mons. Worse still a bare man’s belly pressed firmly to her breast, and as she felt a bare cock gently linger against her forearm the back of the large hand at her mons rolled as fingers suddenly pressed firmly to her clit and cunnie.

The touch struck her like lightning as instantly her thighs parted wide and she rose up on her toes to try and flee the curious probing fingers. Her pulling away however simply inspired their curiosity at what they had just touched as suddenly they curled up. As the fingers crooked the heel of the hand ground to her clit while two of the fingers slipped between her folds and easily up into her sopped and hot vaginal passage.

Kay didn’t get even a split second to wrench away or pull back trapped there between all of the men. Reflexively her cunt simply drove down as her knees slammed together, and as a powerful orgasm washed over her from her worked up frustration Kay grasped for anything to hold onto as she yelled out in a loud horse dusky groan “oh my god, cumming!”

Their shirts pulled on as Kay pressed to them shaking and moaning wildly found the men all reaching in simply to help hold her up none of them realizing what was happening. While hands innocently grasped her bottom and breasts, belly and back to simply keep her from falling, as Kay hung off of them thrashing instantly they realized what she had done, and their innocent touches became a deliberate fondling.

Kay hadn’t even finished her first orgasm when suddenly the hand at her cunt was joined by another as suddenly she heard a man from behind her in a low deep voice say “there yah go baby, good girl.” With that another wave of orgasm washed over her like pounding surf as Kay found herself clutching two men firmly simply to stand and the hands that had meant to just hold her up and check if she was okay suddenly began their mauling.

What had been perhaps three innocent hands and one curious had almost instantly turned into eight all squeezing and fondling her breasts, bottom, cunt and belly firmly. All Kay could do was hold on as the waves of her orgasm surged and crashed over her. Though at best it all taking only thirty seconds that was enough for the men to realize that this naked woman amongst all these clothed men was here to cum.

As Kay’s orgasm slowly subsided and her grasp to the two men relaxed easily supported by the eight hands her own slipped low instantly finding their way impeded by two surprisingly large cocks. Simply reflex yet slowly her fingers wrapped around the thick rods while panting as she leaned her cheek to a third man’s chest. The large hands of each man continuing to explore her body as suddenly be it feeling obligated, needing such once again or just that it only seemed right, Kay instantly began moving the quintet toward the end of the hall.

Though at first Kay held onto the two cocks gently pulling them as she shuffled toward the back wall, as hands would begin to slip from her fearing that she was perhaps pulling away, Kay would move her own hand to it and press as though to say “don’t move it.” When the little group reached the wall however Kay did indeed pull away.

Dragging her palms over each man’s exposed cock or covered crotch as she nudged through them staggering walking into the tiny alcove to the right. Once there setting her palms high and wide upon the wall, as she stepped back parting her feet wide “assuming the position” as though about to be frisked and softly swayed her bottom beckoning to them.

Her light brushes to their cocks had inspired them all to follow and so they did and as the men approached the man who spoke earlier again broke the silence in that nothing here was taken for granted, expected or required and asked Kay point blank “what do you want baby.” Kay hated that she had to tell them wanting desperately instead for them to simply take what “they” needed and walk away. Realizing however her obvious stance did not give them permission, Kay spoke clear in her frustration harshly stating nothing more then “everyone, no limits, cum in me.”

The men did not have to be told twice as suddenly they flanked her and began firmly mauling her tits, belly, cunt and bottom and though three of the men were hesitant to actually believe what she had said, the fourth didn’t care instantly stepping up behind Kay. Whether Kay was actually looking for rough play or not didn’t matter to this man. That was his thing, what he liked, and if Kay had been asked and cared to answer it would have been that “it made no difference to her either way.”

In reality it did matter though. The first man’s actions establishing the very mindset for all that Kay so very much wanted to experience. That she was there to be used, to be cum inside and upon. She was not there to be pampered, made to feel any more consequential then a hole to fuck or have her ego lifted up. Kay was there to be bluntly fucked for the men’s pleasure alone, and by doing so, she would find her pleasure and satisfaction in the process.

Stetting his feet flush to the inside of Kay’s to keep hers spread wide, the man grasped Kay’s hips firmly tipping them forward as he lined up his large and already erect cock to her vagina and slowly pushed as deep into her as he could go. So slick from the masses of cum that had already filled her and the heavy flow of wetness she had already begun to exude in her walk down the hall it made that aspect of his penetration easy yet there were two other significant problems.

The first problem being that Kay was so swollen from all of the earlier sex that her already tight cunt felt only half its diameter. Add to that this man was surprisingly thick, and it made the fit just all that more tight for each as Kay gasped shaking trying to pull away by collapsing toward the wall, yet the man held firm until he had found bottom.

The second problem for both once again due to her tight cunt and his fair length cock. To be sure his length was nothing ridiculous perhaps eight inches at best, yet when he had found the end of her vagina he still had a half inch to go, so with that he gripped her hips tighter, and slowly, firmly pushed. Kay instantly collapsed to the wall her cheek pressed to it as suddenly her hands shot back to try and push the man back some. Wisely however the man did something that set the tone for the others, and though Kay’s resistance seemed obvious, she unintentionally proved it only to be reflex.

In a fluid motion the man’s large hands left Kay’s hips leaving his thick hard cock impaling her deep inside to keep her hips high. With that he slid his hands up her flanks until he found Kay’s shoulders then slid them back down to her wrists. Gripping them soundly the man swung Kay’s hands back up onto the wall where they had started pinning them there. Instantly Kay loosed a throaty groan stating bluntly “oh fuck yes” and as the man smirked to the others and nodded to her wrists for them to hold them there, he slid his own back to her hips as the two men flanking Kay secured her tightly.

Gripping Kay’s hips firm once more the man again pressed his thick cock into her swollen and excessively tight passage until finding bottom. This time however with Kay held firm he continued to press slowly gradually stretching Kay’s wanton cunt deeper until that last half inch of his cock was inside of her and in that her full and swollen nether lips were protruding so far, he continued mashing and pressing until they were flattened all toll an inch or more deeper then Kay’s vagina.

Kay’s cheek pressed tight to the wall her mouth wide agape as her back, bottom and legs shook from the stretching to her cunt both in girth and depth, Kay unable to mutter a sound. Wisely the man simply stood unmoving giving Kay time to adjust, and as pain slipped into discomfort then shifted to bearable enduring, soon it became exquisitely taxing as Kay made clear her thoughts on the subject once more.

“Ohhhh my gawd, fuck yesss,” as she clearly though still trembling pushed back against him. That was all the encouragement the man needed. Slowly he began to withdraw his shattering cock from her depths to only just stop short from removing it completely to then slowly drive it back into Kay’s twat once again. Again and again he would withdraw then press until her cunnie was so flattened they could get no closer. Each rise and descent into her quicker and firmer then the last, Kay’s eyes bugging as she’d grunt loudly each bottoming.

As the one man fucked her so the others found their own diversions as well. Her wrists pinned the two men’s other hands were squeezing and pulling upon her breasts and nipples as soon their motions matched the thrusts of the cock within her pulling down upon them as though milking them like giant teats. The last man holding the small of her back low and rubbing her belly would also find his thrill. Thick fingers and wide palms would slip from her back to her bottom and up again, and from her breasts to her cunt smearing her wetness and old cum squeezed from it over her front fully.

Kay could feel it, heavy balls slamming into her clit as plump fingers would then drag over it and away. The thick cock angled downward riding roughly over her g-spot filling it more and more each thrust as it was ignored and bypassed each withdrawal as he’d shift the rake of the motion. It surprised even Kay when it hit her never realizing that she herself had inspired it, yet suddenly she was slammed hard by an intense orgasm that struck her as violently as lightning.

Upon the last slam of his cock into her Kay suddenly rolled her hips up forcing the tip of his heavy cock to drag and rake harshly over her g-spot yet this time while moving out. Instantly Kay’s vagina clamped down as the sudden orgasm hit her like a punch to her gut, her cunnie gushing instantly the flow so much it was as though she had loosed a full torrent of piss yet clearly it was not.

Everyone of the men could see it, could feel it as it splashed off of the man fucking her splattering over everyone. Kay that very second violently slamming back against the man’s abdomen as her knees buckled and she let out a tremendous bestial roar of lust, shaking so hard it looked as though she was in the midst of some sort of seizure.

Instantly the men pinned her wrists tight to keep her from falling as their large hands pulled at her breasts as though to force milk to jet from them. Kay’s lunge to the man fucking her in a split second responded to in kind as the man slammed so hard into her that he lifted her feet up off the floor as he bellowed out his own orgasm pumping massive streams of hot cum deep into her core.

Three violent lunges later the man had emptied every drop of his spunk into her suddenly stumbling back and away, the yelling and train wreck of the scene sealing Kay’s fate in the so called “Gay” section.

Undeniable Insatiable Appetite:

As the man who had just fucked Kay brutally stumbled back and away off to the side collapsing to the wall, he left a scene leaving no question as to what had just happened for the crowd of perhaps fifteen other men that had gathered round. His own state telling enough. Panting harshly with his pants about his knees his abdomen, cock, balls and thighs soaked and slick from Kay’s forceful gush of wetness. His massive cock bobbing up and down throbbing as it squeezed out the last drops of cum pooling on the floor before him.

The real site however was Kay. One man struggling to hold her up his arms wrapped about her waist from her knees having buckled. Her legs and bottom trembling shaking badly as her thick plump netherlips seemed to shiver about the large gaping hole of her vagina. Her own bottom and legs shimmering from her wetness were however suddenly upstaged by something even more obvious. Kay’s open passage slowly closing to almost being swollen shut, just before it closed fully a massive glob of thick white cum surged out of it sliding down the valley of her twat till it fell with an obscene splat upon the floor.

The men standing round all loudly gasped in unison as instantly a murmur of vulgar whispers began. With that one of the men gripping Kay’s breast and wrist leaned in close to her, and when he asked simply “more?” Kay clearly smiled wide and nodded for all to see whispering after “everyone.”

There being no question now, that man turned to the one gripping her waist and spoke loud clear for all to hear saying “she wants more, everyone” as instantly the little alcove became a rumble of chaotic obscene vulgarities. “What a sexy filthy slut, bet her cunts hot, fuck her again, nice creampie, fucking beautiful, fuck her ass…” and it went on and on as each tried to be more crude then the last describing every feature and possible use of Kay.

It was then that Kay realized that she didn’t really hate the talking, she just hated all of the sweet romantic wooing that so many men had tried before. Those trying to be vague and coaxing by only saying the supposed right things. All the crude base comments about her and her body and what it could be used for just simply exciting her more. She liked the idea that at that moment they were not seeing her as a person yet instead as a collection of feminine parts good for only one thing being, a place to blast their spunk.

With that Kay stiffened her trembling legs actually parting them wider as she pushed her face away from the wall. The man gripping her waist saddled up behind her instantly dipping his cock into her steaming cunt but Kay spoke out loud and clear once more adding to the obscenities being tossed around behind her. “Cum in my ass.”

By the time Kay had finished her sentence the second man had slammed his cock deep into her twat making it slick and when he pulled back so he repositioned it now slick and well lubricated, and slowly sank it fully deep into Kay’s quivering bottom.

As the comments behind her grew more raucous the man now deep in her ass began sharply slamming away. Each thrust making a slapping sound as his abdomen slapped her soaked cheeks as Kay quickly succumbed to the sensations inspired by a cock plunging in and out of her bottom. She felt hot as a cold sweat instantly covered her fully. There was no pain just the intense feeling of having her rectum filled roughly as she could feel every inch of his length as it scraped over her anus and sphincter plunging deep into her.

The sensations were so intense that instantaneously Kay felt exhausted and helpless too weak to even push back. The only participation she could muster nothing more then throaty grunts each thrust, that and a wide crazed smile forming upon her lips.

As the one man continued to plunge deep into her ass ever so slowly Kay’s hands and those pinning them had slid down the wall. Just then one of the men pinning her noting the height of her head voiced his own excitement blurting out “fuck yeah I’m not waiting.” With that he released Kay’s wrist as he frantically unleashed his stiff rod. A second later and a side step to in front of her and as Kay’s hand gripped his shaft he sank his cock deep into her steaming mouth.

Kay loved it her only negative thought being that her tits, cunt and other hand were being so blatantly being neglected. With that thought in mind now blocked from being pushed into the wall with her hips and head held, as cocks plunged into her ass and mouth urgently trying to cum Kay yanked her hand away from the other restraining it. Kay’s frantic clumsy fingers reached for the fourth man’s belt beside her struggling to free his manhood, and when his own hands joined hers Kay suddenly pulled her hand away it quickly racing it to elsewhere.

In a single obvious motion Kay shot her hand down to her gushing twat rudely swiping it over her sopped folds to then yank it back up wrapping her drenched digits about the twitching shaft just as it was freed. With the same urgency as the cocks pumping into her either end Kay began to jerk and pull. Just as she had finally matched the needy rhythm of the others however the synchronicity was lost, as with a sudden thrust she felt her guts flood with hot cum and a terrific blast of thick jizz surged out into her wanton and receptive mouth.

As the two men lurched out each spurt into Kay she had already begun to pull the man to her side around to her rear to replace the slowly withdrawing cock from her ass. Clearly she knew what she wanted as Kay would not release her grip and just as the man in her bottom pulled back and away Kay bluntly set the tip of this fourth cock to her anus intent on replacing it.

When the man in her mouth yanked his still spurting cock from Kay’s swollen pouty lips painting them slumping against the wall, Kay pushed back until the fourth cock had sunk fully into her slick soiled bottom slowly raising herself up to standing. As he thrust up time and again into Kay’s jiggling bottom Kay’s arms reached up and behind her trying to support herself by the man’s thick neck.

It was not Kay’s intention yet both unbalanced she found herself being turned as the man she held onto was backed into the wall. So deep in the throes of ecstasy Kay was unable to fix her gaze on any one point as her eyes rolled and fluttered. What she did see however was the crowd of indistinguishable figures pulling and yanking at their cocks as they continued their salacious comments were inspired even more by the vision suddenly before them.

Wherein before Kay had looked like nothing more then quivering lean legs, tight bottom and ravaged ebbing cunt, now she stood fully stretched out for all to see as she was heaved upward time and again. Lean firm legs terminating at her bulging swollen twat, flat abdomen and belly as it sweeped up a narrow waist to heavy large breasts capped with dark plump nipples bouncing and heaving each thrust.

Cum dripping from swollen lips both high and below while her skin glistened as though covered in oil from the heavy sweat covering her as matted dark locks hung over her eyes. The vision however suddenly became even more base and blatant. The man thrusting up into her ass wanting even more control out of no where swept his hands swept her bottom and to the backs of her thighs, and once having a firm grasp, he lifted. Kay’s coal black soles suddenly lifted up and out as her arms fell low beside her, her ebbing cunnie spread wide once more coming into view. Taunting and inviting as though begging for any and all to come and plunder it.

Her knees pulled back to her shoulders flanking her breasts made for an irresistible display as her form was folded up into nothing more then a wanton open mouth, large heavy breasts, flopping hands and a spread wide ebbing cunnie. As the cock and balls just below her clearly lurched up time and again deep into her bowel, the men before her could no longer stand it. Hesitant to step up until invited, Kay had no idea what she was about to inspire as her hands slowly raised and reached out searching for something, anything to hold onto as instantly the crowd of men pressed in.

Though brief, the pandemonium such a catch as Kay being willing to have sex with these men roused enough excitement that a number of them tried to get to her first yet in the small alcove it quickly reduced the group to only four once more. The first man up was just as clear about his wants as Kay had been about wanting a second cock in her ass. His cock already out and hard having been watching the show before hand, in a matter of a single step and then push he had sunk his cock deep into Kay’s engorged folds.

Kay’s head snapped back at the sudden and surprising penetration. Her already swollen and tight feeling cunt felt almost miniscule as the cock in her ass stole the minimal real estate left within her. Kay thought she’d lose her mind trying to simply focus upon what was happening as neither man kept the same tempo as the other. One driving in as the other would withdraw their lunges chaotic and frantic as suddenly two became four.

Kay had no idea as to what to hang onto her arms eventually just dangling to her sides flopping about each lunge. Two other men had squeezed in on either side of her however, and as her hands swung and bounced eventually she found a cock in each as each of those men aided in supporting her reaching around her back and setting their other hand firmly to her bottom.

It was then that each of those men discovered something coincidentally at exactly the same time. Kay’s hands barely working from her state of confusion, simply by trying to thrust through them the two men at her sides discovered the tight crease made between her abdomen and thighs. One tightly pressed to the other as her sweat and wetness from earlier made her skin slick, as each man pumped into the fold made finding firm female flesh, tight warm and slick enveloping their raging hard-ons, and unwilling to wait each began pounding away into the new found folds.

None of the four men moved at the same pace, tempo or force. The man in her ass taking long slow strokes fully delving deep into her rectum, in contrast the man in her cunt pounded away at breakneck speed. In kind the man on her left though having sunk his shaft fully between her belly and thigh only moved in short rapid thrusts, so the one on her opposite took long taunting strokes yet none of the four moved together.

As confusing as it was it actually helped Kay to recover. Unable to focus on any so distracted by the other three Kay unconsciously ignored them all finally able to grasp the new situation she found herself within. Her own physical pleasure on hold was just what Kay needed. It stuck her how three men had just cum inside of her, and four more were about to add their own contribution to her cause.

Taking stock of what was really happening hit Kay significantly deeper then any orgasm or physical sensation ever could. Best of all just as she looked out over the shoulder of the man pounding away in her cunt, Kay realized there were at least ten other men watching her, masturbating to her, wanting her and waiting their turn. The thought alone almost inspired Kay to cum right there yet just as she thought to go ahead and do so like a chain reaction it happened.

The man on her right suddenly loosed a low groan as he slammed into her side and unleashed a torrent of cum over her belly. A split second later that inspired the man in her ass to drive up as his cock swelled and throbbed jetting thick ropy streams of hot semen deep into her bowel. A second later the man on her left added his copious spunk to her belly mingling with the firsts as slowly a river of cum flowed down washing over her mons and cunnie. The hot seed soaking the tool within her twat set that man off instantly bellowing out his forceful eruption deep in her cunnie.

Perfect Kay thought, as the man behind her fell back to the wall yanking her cunt off the cock still in her vagina as it pulsed out its last globs upon her. Fortunately the men at her sides and behind just stood there panting, and as they continued to hold her up so another man stepped up, anxious for his turn at the open void between Kay’s netherlips.

The three men held her up like that as three others in turn each stepped up and added to the seed deep within her cunt. Chaos of many had turned into a seemingly never-ending train of cock. Each slamming into her cunnie then flatly cumming pumping their seed inside, and as the last surges of their spunk splashed deep up within her so they’d step away and the next man would step up and continue the pounding.

Kay’s head was swimming with the obscene wonder of it all and just when she knew that for the moment she wanted no more deep in her folds, like magic the three men tired gently lowering her to the filthy floor, setting her down in the massive puddle of cum she had made upon it. Her cunt needed a rest, her mind however didn’t as silently it screamed for more. Kay’s mind reeling as again that song from the radio struck her once more, the very same verse she had thought of in the theater “they stab it with their steely knives but they just can’t kill the beast.”

Sitting there in the soupy puddle of nine men’s loads the tenth deep in her belly it didn’t stop the seemingly endless train of cock heading her way as Kay found herself eye level with cock upon cock offered up to her. As Kay would suckle one so she’d jerk another. Some would flood her mouth as others would withdraw blasting their cum upon her painting her from her cheeks to her belly. Still others would simply step up as she suckled and pulled loosing their loads over her neck, tits and shoulders.

In the end Kay’s short time in the alcove had netted her seventeen more loads of cum. The men eventually all moving away leaving her there like some obscene crime scene. Her cunt and ass grinding down into the massive sticky puddle as all that graced her body from her cheeks to her cunt slowly slipped off her falling down to the floor. Alone Kay just sat there eyes glazed as she lazily rubbed the cum over her like lotion, smacking her lips and tracing her teeth the inside of her mouth coated fully.

It took a good couple of minutes before she could even remember what she had come back up here for, and when she had Kay shook her head lazily as though waking from a lechers dream. Slowly rising Kay stumbled and staggered covered in cum as she slowly made her way through the maze once more in search of her clothes.

Occupied Indifference:

Unlike the first time Kay had passed this way the time it took to reach the oldest section seemed to take forever. Kay however was in such a daze that she barely noticed past now and again feeling confused and often wondering if she had already passed it. Odder still, fate perhaps or then again simply good fortune, it seemed that every man she’d spot in the distance was moving off and away. Either that or they’d slip into a booth never knowing that nude, vulnerable and wanton Kay had just slowly and silently padded by.

Eventually Kay finally reached the spot actually passing it walking down both steps jogging her memory enough that she turned around and stepped up to the first booth she had entered a few mere hours ago now seeming like a lifetime. Reaching for the handle anxious to retrieve her clothes Kay gave it a firm yank, yet for whatever the reason the door held fast, so with that Kay yanked and pulled, finally giving it a sound kick.

“Fuck off! Can’t your read, occupied!” a voice sharply barked from behind the door as Kay only then noticed the sliding signage that read “occupied”. Having no option, Kay squat down across the hall from the booth to patiently wait for the person to leave. Patient only so far as it had to have been a good half an hour if not more she had waited outside the door yet still the man hadn’t exited. Perhaps he fell asleep she thought, or worse still maybe he died, yet as the seconds ticked by not realizing that it had only been three minutes at best she had been waiting, Kay decided to go into the next booth and look through the hole to figure out what the problem was.

Slipping into the next booth a step up Kay didn’t even take the time to close the door so anxious to get into the other. Dropping to her knees she pressed her face to the smoke stained plywood straining to catch a glimpse of the man through the glory hole fully expecting to find him sleeping or perhaps even worse.

At first barely able to make him out, Kay soon could see his form clearly in the ever changing flicker of the old movie playing before him. Perhaps in his fifties sitting upon the seat, he sat there clearly frustrated yanking away at his half hard and clearly uncooperative cock. Though obviously not hard Kay had to admit however what he packed was clearly impressive. Nevertheless from the look on his face, the frantic desperate jerking and the less then rigid cock he held Kay could tell she might have a long wait ahead of her.

“What’s just one more load of cum” she thought, “hell, I’ve already made a good fifteen men cum” not even realizing her real count up to this point was ninety-two loads pumped in and upon her. Indifferent as to whether it took one more cock or twenty to get her clothes Kay was determined at all costs to retrieve them. With that Kay sat back and though hesitant and cautious she slowly snaked her hand through the hole, and when she heard nor felt anything, slipped the better part of her arm slowly through it.

Suddenly Kay felt a firm grip to her wrist that if it had not stunned her so much she would have tried to yank it back. Flaring her fingers wide however the man must have realized that she was female, and after running his other hand down her lithe arm and over her hand finally releasing it, Kay pulled her arm back through and quickly spoke out through the hole. “Do you want to see me?”

Though the voice hesitantly answering “yes” from afar clearly being cautious to not get too near the hole just yet. Kay answered back “then look through the hole,” quickly backing to the far wall and swinging the door open flooding the dark tiny booth with more light from the hall. Kay could only guess if he was actually looking at her as she watched the faint light illuminating the hole slowly blot out. Just in case he was however she wanted to be sure he knew fully what he was getting rising to the balls of her feet yet squatting low.

Hands on her knees slowly Kay spread her legs wide as her firm bottom lit upon her heels. Back straight and shoulders pressed tight to the wall of filthy plywood, as she slowly drug her hands up her legs to full breasts squeezing and pressing them together. Slipping her hands lower over her belly to her cunnie, Kay pulled and spread the plump folds with one hand as slowly she slipped her index and middle finger gingerly into herself. Slowly withdrawing them, she then softly began to rub her clitoris eventually slipping the heavily seasoned fingers deep into her mouth.

Hoping she had alleviated the man’s fears as to just what exactly was calling to him from the other side of the wall. Kay leaning back in toward the hole speaking in what she thought was her most seductive tone bluntly saying “let me touch it” as she slipped her hand back through the hole. Hand opened wide it seemed to take ten lifetimes before she heard or even felt anything. Eventually however she felt a gentle brush to her palm, and when she finally felt something lay across it, she slowly wrapped her fingers about his thick cock that had been placed within it.

The man was clearly cautious, with that thought in mind Kay ever so gently began to pull and stroke up and down the ever growing shaft. Kay was sure however what she was doing was clearly meeting with his approval in that what she had seen and now felt had easily doubled in girth and length. “Let me suck on it, please” Kay’s next call after she released the firming shaft and withdrew her hand from the hole but the response she heard left her bewildered. “No, you’ll get mad then laugh at me.”

“Why would I get mad and laugh?” Kay whispered back not understanding why he might say such a thing. “No, because I shoot too quick, everyone laughs” and upon hearing that Kay’s expression of confusion turned into a clearly seductive smirk. “Really? Well then after I swallow your cum can I feel it in my pussy? Your cock is huge, if you cum in my mouth real quick you won’t cum so fast when you fuck me, just don’t get mad at me if I cum too.”

The silence was deafening and the wait for an answer seemed like an eternity but finally her answer came though surprisingly in the form of words. “Do you mean it? I can shoot in your mouth and then make love to you?” “No!” Kay snapped back, “you can shoot in my mouth and I’ll swallow every bit of it down but we won’t make love, I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard and see if you can cum as quick in my pussy.”

Again Kay had to wait wondering if perhaps she was scaring this guy more then exciting him but ever so slowly the flicker of light through the hole was blotted out as hesitantly the man finally began to slip his cock through. Kay was actually stunned at what slowly crept through the hole as it dramatically outsized every other cock she had seen her entire life. Not only was it practically eight inches in circumference it seemed to never end as it continued on through easily proving out to be ten inches or better.

Kay had to shake her head so surprised at the massive size of the swelling dick before her quickly wondering if she could even get it in her mouth let alone into her swollen and battered cunnie. Never the less wide eyed and slack jawed Kay reached out gently grasping it with both hands slowly sliding them up the thick shaft not even able to reach completely around it. As her mouth drew closer in no uncertain terms the man proved that indeed he was not a liar, and ever the sportsman would prove herself as well.

Kay’s open mouth was still three inches from the huge flaring head when suddenly a forceful stream of cum jetted out its tip onto her tongue, lips, chin and neck. Reflexively she initially thought to yank back from the surprising blast yet as the second stream of hot seed erupted forth Kay was just able to fix her lips around its tip and had barely worked the tip in by its final blast of hot cum.

Kay was stunned, so stunned in fact that she suddenly blurted out so loud that the man could hear it in the next booth, “that was awesome! Do it again!” The man on the other side couldn’t believe it himself. Oh he expected to cum like that having never been able to hold back even from the most minimal of contact, yet in contrast to the usual laughter or insulting comments he had always experienced, this woman actually liked it. Beginning to pull his cock back through the hole Kay grasped it tight forgetting the whole point was to get the man out of that booth in the first place.

“No wait, don’t go!” Kay shouted refusing to release her prize, and with that sensing that any second the massive cock before her might vanish, Kay adjusted her grip stepping over her arms and setting its bulbous tip to her cunnie and with all her will, pushed. “Oh my gawd!” Kay shouted as the softening cock’s head slowly drove up inside of her. Instantly Kay’s legs began shaking terribly from the painful effort forcing her to release the massive tool setting her hands to the far wall. Kay learning quickly to be careful of what you wish for.

Kay’s cunt pressed tight to the hole the man had withdrawn his cock so far that just the head of it was inside of her. Oh he had been here before many times as it seemed like every woman that saw him either wanted to try his heavy tool in their twats or as was more often the case flat out refused. Every other time however had ended in disaster. They’d touch him, he’d cum and instantly their cruel comments would begin none having ever thought to just enjoy the show and then keep on going.

This woman however was also good to her word he discovered and as he waited for the insults to begin as they never came and that was enough in that his cock began to swiftly swell fully once again. It’s a funny thing men and cumming. Most believing that they have to hold back, wait and when it was all said and done and the woman was finished only then if wanting to seem virile would they ever dare to let themselves cum.

Kay had a different take on things however from her younger years with David. She never wanted him to hold back, go for it, enjoy her fully and cum as soon as he felt the urge. He enjoyed it, she enjoyed it and being far from finished there was a simple solution to satisfy them both. Quite simply, just keep on going and whether he came three times to her one or two times to her ten it didn’t matter in that it was about the sex itself not just the orgasm. Their orgasms simply the high points of it and the more the better yet in the end it was about spending hour upon hour with each other in a lustful embrace.

Kay had forgotten a simple point however. No matter how quick a man came the first time if he did not instantly keep things going quickly rolling that orgasm into another, that would mean he’d last and last. More so he’d often be even harder then before and in that it numbed up slightly after the first orgasm, what it would take for the second was always much more intense.

Though slow and steady realizing his size Kay was suddenly shattered to find the massive cock slowly being pushed back deep into her. Eyes scrunched tight as her mouth opened wide in a silent scream so strangled that not a sound came forth, Kay found her legs parting wider trying to ease the pain as her legs, belly and breasts shuddered violently.

An inch was bad enough in her vagina so swollen that she could barely even slip a finger in. Without a pause however Kay found her cunt filled with a good eight inches of the massive cock, and in that the man had heard no protest though he felt like her cunt was so tight it was strangling his dick, he slowly pulled it back to just inside her hot cunnie, then sank it deep once again.

With a loud grunt as Kay shook so hard she thought she’d collapse right there as the massive tool bottomed out inside of her once more she bellowed out her horror. “Oh my gawd it’s splitting me in two!” The man heard it and had in fact heard it before the couple of times he was able to briefly sink his cock into a woman before prematurely cumming. This time however he didn’t care having already bested his record with only two strokes within Kay, and since she had asked for it, no matter what was going to make full use of this rarely offered treat.

Kay’s indifference suddenly shifted to a firm opinion. One cock or twenty of no matter no longer true as at that moment Kay was sure of it. She would have rather taken twenty then having endured this single one. On the other side of the wall however the man had formed his own firm opinion as well. That being if this woman would let him fuck her then he would do it, no matter how much her tight cunt was crushing his dick. With that he pulled back to only instantly sink it into Kay deep once again and as he marveled at how he had lasted for three strokes actually counting as three strokes soon became twenty.

Kay was shattered. Covered in a heavy sweat feeling as though she was going to be ripped in two from the twat up she scrunched her eyes tight and grit her teeth as her body shook inhumanly simply trying to endure the pain. No where to go unable to even move to escape his hesitation between the outstroke and deep thrusts non existent, feeling exhausted Kay simply could not fight it anymore.

As tears streamed down her cheeks and she was just seconds away from bawling she simply gave up no longer having the strength or will to fight the harsh violation to her very core, and as she did something happened. As her body went slack so did her cunnie. The next stroke painful the one after however was just a memory of that pain, and as her cunt finally relaxed and adjusted to the gargantuan invader plundering it, suddenly Kay’s vision narrowed about to pass out only to be jolted back to reality in a thousand starbursts of color.

There was no warning as once Kay relaxed upon his next thrust now at a much quicker pace her mind exploded in a wave of sensation as she violently came. Instantly she gushed her own stream so intense that it painted the man through the wall. Kay’s nails suddenly trying to dig into the plywood simply to hold on as her cunt would spasm and quiver sending a rush of sensation out from her twat to every single point on her body.

Kay’s scream of ecstasy was choked down from the intensity as Kay shuddered and thrashed upon the massive cock. Though the man wasn’t really sure at what had just happened he never the less stayed diligent and focussed amazed with what he was experiencing voicing out his own excitement. “Twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five…”

Kay desperately wanted to yell out for the man to stop just a moment and let her recover. His steady thrusting as precise as a metronome however continued on and as the final waves of Kay’s orgasm finally began to subside the man out of the blue changed both the tempo and the angle. Twenty-five rolling into thirty-seven found Kay in a panic to free herself. A second powerful orgasm washing over her as Kay’s hands clawed at the wall and her cheek pressed tight to it trembling.

This time however Kay was finally able to speak, shaking violently only able to bellow out “fuuuuck!” The man pounding away so pleased with himself didn’t have to be told twice what Kay wanted, so with that thought in mind as his own cock began to shiver in anticipation, he gave up counting at forty-four and lunged with absolute abandon.

Kay couldn’t even think. Her cunt having relaxed and accepted its fate Kay soon found herself shoved time and again as the massive penis pistoned through the wall. No longer hurting just simply unable to bear the sensation any longer as the man raked and drove his cock so large it felt almost like she was being turned inside out all Kay could do is pray that soon he’d quickly loose his load.

Some forty thrusts and two more orgasms later Kay’s eyes were glazed as the drool running from her mouth dribbled down the wall. It was then out of the blue it happened. The man plunging in extra deep as suddenly his cock swelled even more, and as it erupted deep inside of her so filled it had no where to go Kay’s eyes rolled up as he pulled back Kay then and there instantly collapsed to the floor.

Kay just lay there panting and shaking as the cock slammed back through the hole jetting thick long streams of hot cum over her side, back and bottom. She could feel each splash as the substantial hose painted her in long snowy streaks bobbing and pulsing above. Unable to even speak just laying there trembling, she had not even heard the next booths door open and could barely glance up when her own did and a face popped through saying only “thanks, that was great.”

For a good fifteen minutes Kay lay there like that trying to figure out if her pussy had been totally destroyed. When she finally worked up the energy to try and check with trembling fingers, all she found was the same swollen pussy she had started with and she openly said what she had been working toward. “That’s it, I’m done.”

Wasted Efforts to Discovery:

Finally dragging herself to her feet Kay feebly made her way finally out of the filthy booth. Carefully taking the single step down she entered the first booth she had this afternoon and after pausing for a moment to gather her wits, looked up to the low ceiling and the hole made by the missing tile.

Foolish perhaps but Kay had a plan. If the wall was wide enough her bag could pinball down it then maybe, just maybe she could slip between it as well. Foolish more true as lord knows what horrors lurked behind it. Rats and roaches perhaps, tips of nails and other sharp things not even considering how once in how she’d be able to get back out.

Standing upon the low seat Kay found that she still couldn’t peer over the top of the wall beside her. Grasping the top of it however she set her foot to the far wall and pushed, and as she contorted herself as wide as any free climber she inch by inch had gradually finally raised up just barely able to look over and down on the other side of the wall.

She was horrified by what she saw. No rats nor roaches, no nails or other sharp things protruding to puncture and cut her soft sticky skin. What she found was another video screen, a wastebasket, tissues, a seat and door. Another booth somewhere in this maze of booths lacking one thing, a bag full of clothes and a pair of worthless heels Kay’s jaw falling slack realizing they were gone.

Kay was in a panic. Not only did she have nothing to wear she wouldn’t have any money to buy the gas she knew she needed just to get home. Dropping to the floor Kay was frantic. This was exactly what David had spoke of in that she’d have to race out of this place naked just to wait in the truck for David to come and rescue her. He’d see the state she was in, where she had been, and from the amount of cum covering her he’d be as informed as one could about what Kay had been doing.

That moment this paradise and her fulfilling decisions had suddenly turned into a seventh level of Hell. Kay having to pay the ultimate penance for her transgressions, as she could only imagine David leaving her not so much for what she had done, yet simply that she had involved him.

Again that stupid song taunted her, Kay wishing that very moment she had waited for its conclusion as the last verse she heard suddenly became all too applicable. “Last thing I remember, I was running for the door. I had to find the passage back to the place I was before. Relax, said the night man…” “Damn it” Kay thought, “why did I come down here” forgetting all the months and years she had dreamed of such a place and most of all, the wonder of it right up to this point.

Pouting and about to cry suddenly Kay hit upon a realization. What if, just maybe, someone had found her things and turned them in to that slimy guy working the counter. The very thought of that possible reprieve had Kay bolting out of the booth and doing all she could to not just simply run down the empty hall but upon reaching its end instantly there was a problem.

Kay had continued on in the same direction she had traveled her first time through the arcade. She knew to go back through the Gay section after what she had just done would likely meet with disaster once again and not remembering what she had encountered the other way quickly made it to the turn at the far end of the hall of booths.

Looking down the adjoining hall Kay froze right there in her tracks. Just in that short section of booths there had to easily be ten men milling about it suddenly reminding Kay as to just how far she had to go, and the even greater number of men she would likely encounter. “No way” she thought to herself, Kay was done…for tonight, she couldn’t deal with another cock if her life depended upon it. Covered in drying spunk, filthy and sweaty Kay had already had her fill as for the moment the men and this place had at the very least soothed the beast.

“One more load of cum and I’ll explode.” With that thought in mind she wheeled round intent on bolting back to her starting booth to think this whole thing through. Just then she suddenly noticed something she must have missed her first time through. There at the corner of the halls if you turned right toward the wall instead of the left down the hall sat a rather average sized door. Kay could tell from the wear of the hardwood that clearly it must usually have been left open, yet for some reason the dust before it stated all too clearly that it had been closed for some time.

Above the door was something even more telling. A large neon sign though turned off announcing “Live Nude Girls, xXx, Live Peeps”. Surely the door had to be locked she thought though never the less pulled at the handle, and whether it had not been latched or simply had always been open, slowly the door creaked wide and Kay found herself looking in at the landing at the foot of some stairs.

From the dust on the floors it was obvious no one had been in here for many years. With that simply curious and never knowing what she might find to possibly wear, Kay slipped through the door and closed it looking up the dimly lit stairs. It was different in here much like the bathroom she had found. The dust on the floor almost making it feel soft under foot as the hardwood landing instantly gave way to garish maroon paisley carpeting running its way up the steps.

Perhaps five feet wide and lit on one side by dim flickering light fixtures at the top of the stairs she could see it was so much brighter. A step at a time ascending the wide stairwell a further indication of what lay ahead came in the form of old posters. Gals who had probably worked there before with all the poster like verbiage about the pictures the vulgarity of each gradually becoming more racy.

As black and white photos with women in over-sized bikini’s and 1960’s hair styles soon turned to grainy color and clearly 1970’s accents. By the top of the stairs it had to be the late 1980’s and what had been black and white to grainy color had eventually turned to glossy. Words like seductive, enticing and soft soon giving way to horny, sexy and hard. Modest photos became vulgar, the first a seductive pose fully covered and by the last the girl naked, legs spread as she mashed her breasts while spreading her cunnie dildos littered all about around her.

There was one consistent feature however about each and every poster no matter how vulgar or sedate. Each of the women were dark haired and large breasted, and though the amount of pubic hair had gradually diminished once it could be seen, each woman’s face was so similar to the previous that they could have been sisters or who knew. Perhaps a grandmother, mother and daughters, they all looked so much alike it was surreal. The more uncanny aspect however were their names. Each woman named “Eve” though most likely just a stage name, it was odd that each would use the same.

At the top of the stairs was another neon sign though this one was lit fully. Announcing “$.25 Peeps”, below it one newer flashing out “nude, xXx, live sex show.” As Kay reached the landing at the top suddenly she was hit with a new sight indeed. Off to her right a long curved hallway perhaps six feet wide arching around briefly to the left and much farther to the right. On the walls to the outside of the curve were numerous illuminated posters and other signage, and above the evenly spaced doors a long marquis surrounded by flashing lights. The green neon lettering in the middle reading “xXx Eve’s Garden xXx.”

So brazen and flashy Kay just had to discover what lay within the booths expecting to find some old video screen and coin slot. Instead what she found was odder still. A large mirrored window in front, the seat attached to the door and two slots one larger perhaps for passing money through and a coin slot below. The light overhead in combination with the mirrored glass however made whatever was beyond impossible to be seen.

Nothing worked, Kay noting there were lights beyond, yet past vague shadows she couldn’t make out anything beyond the glass. With that Kay began checking from booth to booth opening one door then moving onto the next, some having two way mirrors others probably a much older system being a shield or curtain that she guessed must rise and fall. When she finally found one with the light flickering badly overhead, she stepped in once more to try and make out what was behind between flashes.

Still nothing the two way mirror clearly doing its job well enough that she couldn’t see and when in her frustration Kay struck the coin slot then hammered at the return button, like magic out popped a single token. Instantly Kay dropped the token in causing the lights inside the booth to turn off and what was on the other side of the mirror to instantly magically appear.

Inside was a large area well lit with a flat back wall, two archways, and the large semi-circle of floor that went right up to the booths. You actually sat lower and had to look up slightly no doubt so women could lay right before you and you’d still see everything. The floor and part of the walls were covered in the deepest pile green shag carpeting Kay had ever seen as scattered about were numerous oversized plush pillows of deep reds and gold.

The centerpiece however sat between the two archways. High above a large neon sign announcing “Eve’s Garden” and slightly below and off to the sides those stating “1on1 Fantasy Booth, tip for MORE, and finally V.I.P Booth.” Below the main sign however was a mural painted upon a mirror. Actually quite well done yet it showed a woman beside an Apple tree, an apple in hand and a bite out of it while a massive snake entwined about her as both of their tongues extended out flicking at one another.

Sequenced bulbs flashed on and off racing round the ceiling. High above hung a disco ball yet just as she looked about to see more suddenly the lights came on and the mirror went dark, Kay frantically hammering away at the coin slot, yet no token came forth.

Kay had to see more as she resumed moving from booth to booth checking each coin mechanism yet none would give up their bounty. Eventually Kay encountered two new types of booths however, the neon signage above announcing them. Two were “Fantasy Booths”, inside a much larger booth you could probably have fit four people within, a chair in the middle, tissues on the wall and a waste basket below yet no coin slot though clearly one for tips. The glass in this booth was clear however, behind it a similar sized booth with a similar chair in it, and just then Kay saw the telephone receiver.

Old like some pay phone hung a black telephone receiver from its long armored cable. Pressing to the glass Kay could see another just like it on the other side, so clearly while the dancer did what she did and the customer most likely jerked away, they could actually speak to one another. The next booth was exactly the same yet with no chair within and a small mattress on a platform on the other side.

The real surprise was the “V.I.P.” booth. Inside no chair, no phone and no glass, just a low platform at the far end with some pillows heaped up upon it yet the real find sat off to the side of the platform. A small door that obviously led to the other side of the glass. Kay’s eyes wide and hopeful in anticipation as to what might be on the other side, and as she tested the door then and there it opened, Kay walking through and into Eve’s Garden.

Eve’s Garden:

Kay couldn’t believe it, so outlandish and extreme. Lights everywhere to illuminate and decorate, the carpet so plush and soft yet in contrast to outside everything was spotlessly clean not even a speck of dust on the floor. Wherein the hallways and booths were sweltering actually much hotter even then the arcade below, here in the stage area it was oddly comfortable. A little warm yet just enough to hint at stripping nude and perhaps rouse a light sheen of glowing sweat to make you look just all that much more vibrant.

The pillows felt like clouds, the few lights lit making her head swim. It was then stepping through one of the archways however to the dressing area Kay found the real prize. Oh sure there were mirrors, counters and chairs yet there back in the corner was a shower, and though Kay doubted it worked she opened the door and turned the handles.

Unlike the bathroom she had found instantly the water ran without a sputter both hot and clean. Kay’s knees, bottom and soles of her feet all were black as soot from her adventure and having sat upon filthy seating and floors. Better still, there inside was a bar of soap and shampoo like she had never seen before. So Kay scrubbed and bathed away the evidence of her day, the soap so odd in it’s luxuriousness that besides softening ravaged skin it made her smell like the sweetest of wildflowers without question removing all trace of the men.

Refreshed by the shower and clean, even another pair of those old douches found inside to freshen her well used cunnie, as Kay sat at the counter briskly toweling her hair what she saw in the mirror surprised her. “That can’t be me” she thought looking healthy, youthful and more alive then she had in some years. Her skin seemed tighter not a wrinkle to be found. Natural blush quite simply glowing against her lightly tanned skin, as her eyes seemed bright and her lips extra full and pouty.

Kay stared in the mirror the longest time feeling beautiful like she had not for many years now. Rummaging through the drawers she surprisingly found everything she could want make-up wise, yet after a touch of mascara, a bit of eyeliner and the tiniest amount of shadow, once she had applied a thick layer of dark maroon lipstick she decided against anything more in that the image of herself left her voicing a single word. “Perfect”.

Brushing out her hair it seeming to fall perfectly Kay then rose and began searching the closets and drawers for any clothing about. Nothing. What she did find however was drawer upon drawer of every kind of sex toy and lube imaginable, all new and sealed as if the room had been restocked daily.

As she turned round once more curious if there were any drawers that she had missed something shocking suddenly caught her eye. There upon the counter where she had been sitting the reddest apple she had ever seen, and not having seen it before she quickly whipped her head in all directions fearing that she was not alone. No one to be found Kay hesitantly moved to the fruit assuming that she must have pulled it from a drawer not thinking to examine the contents below it.

It had to be a prop she thought considering the theme of the room and all, besides that it simply looked to perfect, the luminous red almost beckoning in its vibrant intensity. Picking it up it felt oddly heavy as though it was solid not the hollow plastic she had expected. “Ah wax” she thought as she pressed a nail to it puncturing the skin, yet what she found was not some firm wax, as instantly the apple began ebbing juice.

Impossible she thought, no one had been up those stairs in twenty years or more. With that Kay picked, peeled and sniffed at it, and when it seemed just too real she couldn’t resist as her tiny tongue extended out cautiously flicking at the juice. Kay couldn’t believe it. Not only was it real yet by far it was absolutely exquisite the sweetest juice she had ever tasted. Just a tiny bite she thought as her teeth sunk in and her mouth filled causing Kay’s eyes to roll up having never in her entire life having tasted something so perfect.

The taste and texture was indescribable. Like heaven the flavor so far beyond anything she had ever tried. It literally melted within her mouth, and when it had it was so delicious Kay had no option except to take another bite then another, and it was only then she noted an aftertaste that was familiar yet like nothing she had ever sampled before.

Once upon her tongue the sweet fruit melting would take on an almost savory taste yet the sweetness would only intensify. Her mind reeled as it tried to define and recognize it, and after another large bite this one filling her mouth completely as it melted within it, she suddenly recognized the flavor though it was ten thousand times better then Kay had ever know.

The taste was so shocking Kay couldn’t help in a panic suddenly spitting the contents into the palm of her hand. That instant Kay was both intrigued an horrified in that what the apple would melt down to looked nothing short of a thick and massive load of men’s semen. What had hinted at it yet been far shy of that flavor however was years ago Kay had convinced David for a while to eat lots of pineapple, basil and other assorted spices while at the same time just drinking water and eating no meat. Kay had fun experimenting trying to see just how easily she could flavor his already tasty cum, and eventually she had hit on the perfect combination.

What she held in her hand was the same yet different. Different in the regard that it was a thousand times more intense yet at the same time a thousand times more subtle. The taste was so exquisite that Kay actually dragged her wide tongue over her palm to test it once more and with that she was sure of it. It felt like cum, tasted like cum, yet at the same time perfectly balanced both sweet and savory cum but infinitely better.

Kay didn’t really care at that point as it was the finest flavor she had ever tasted. With that as she finished the apple not even caring it simply just too good she began poking around the back area just a little more, and it was then she found the controls.

A couple old cassette players and a number of switches and knobs graced the panel set into the wall. Kay flipped a number of switches to their on position noting nothing, yet when she turned on a cassette the stage area seemed to come alive. The music was loud yet not uncomfortably so, a sultry song by Led Zeppelin entitled “Dazed and Confused”. Strobe lights were flashing as the disco ball filled the room with sparkles of light. Red, blue and yellow lights flickering and alternating, it all like some disco horror show yet at the same time it was enticing.

It was only then Kay really got a good look at the booths surrounding the stage. Some had old curtains, others when updated having shields or blinds that would slip down between the glass panels and the most recent repairs clearly being the two way mirror setups. Kay couldn’t help but sway and grind as she danced the music and lights almost demanding it. Finishing the last bite of her apple Kay couldn’t resist pretending.

The shower or the apple perhaps invigorating her, Kay felt as alive and energetic as she did early this morning. Dancing and swaying so seductively that even a eunuch would have sported an erection, Kay imagined each booth filled the men inside all masturbating to her. Rolling about on the plush pillows, pose after pose meant to inspire lust to the point that any man would have lost control Kay eventually found herself in front of one of the mirrored windows as she looked up to the mirrored ceiling.

Again that silly song from the radio taunted her once more. “Mirrors on the ceiling, the pink champagne on ice, and she said "we are all just prisoners here, of our own device.”" A moment ago it felt like a true warning, yet here in Eve’s Garden it was just absurd this place so wonderful as she tried to drive the verse out of her mind so she could get back to the naughty and wicked song playing.

As she imagined some beautiful man behind the glass stroking away at his meaty cock all because of her lewd and sultry dance, Kay insured her imaginary voyeur would paint the glass with his load setting her feet high to either side of it as she parted her legs wide and began rubbing her cunt frantically. It was not enough however. Too involved in her fantasy to rise up and grab one of the new toys, Kay instead did something even nastier as she remembered what the apple did within her warm mouth.

Slipping the core of the apple over her netherlips Kay slowly pushed it inside and whether imagined or real instantly the remnants of the apple its seeds within it seemed at least in her mind to take on a life of its own. Instantly she imagined it swelled and lengthened as it seemed to throb and vibrate deep in her vagina. In and out it plunged testing Kay’s limits as she pushed and pulled upon the stem and just as she came her mind was suddenly smacked with a vision.

The massive snake of Eve slipping from the mural rapidly slithered toward Kay wrapping itself around her in its deadly embrace. Almost instantly however it began to shift, changing to a slithering and flicking tongued cock its dripping venom replaced by pre-cum and its crushing grip reduced to lewd rubbing against her body . As massive as some great Python, it wrapped and entwined about her body leaving not an inch untouched. The great cock’s flicking tongue slashing towed her lips and as she gazed at the throbbing head her own tongue entwined with the cock’s in a vulgar display of obscenity.

It was then the great cock of a snake plunged deep into her tight and wanton cunnie. Writing and twisting as it struggled to sink deeper in her as just then Kay found herself covered in a countless number of the writhing monstrosities. Snake upon snake all looking like cocks writing and squeezing around her. Not a single orifice left open, not a single space between a finger or toe left untouched, not a single inch of skin left uncovered. Just as Kay’s orgasm crested the most wonderful thing happened. In an instant all of the snake like cocks melted like the apple, and as she rode out her orgasm Kay felt like she was covered and filled in a barrel’s worth of cum.

As her eyes flickered open to the flashing lights while her body seemed to throb and vibrate from the loud music Kay slipped her hands down her body finding nothing but soft flushed skin disappointed she was not covered in the thick spunk. Slipping her hands lower to remove the apple core, when she pulled all that was extracted was the stem and as she dipped her fingers in deeper to retrieve the fruit, just as it had in her mouth she found the core had melted.

Panicked at first as she probed and searched Kay suddenly realized her hand was awash in the same semen like fluid that had flowed over her tongue. The core so much larger though raising her hand high it was so covered that it looked as though she had sunk it deep into a bucket of the thick sweet ejaculate. Kay couldn’t resist, raising her hand to her mouth she voraciously licked it clean, each lap of her tongue causing her eyes to roll as the ambrosia of jism slipped over it.

Again and again she’d scoop away the massive load flowing from her and bathe her hand clean with a needy tongue. First one and then the other, as glob upon glob of the sweet white sticky semen seemed to surge out of her at every little movement. Kay tried to stop yet simply couldn’t, the intoxicating fluid always urging her to taste just a little more. When her wiping became more frantic then Kay could take down her gullet she would smooth it over her body like some rare lotion making her skin tingle and shiver from the exquisite sensation.

Finally the flow ebbed and waned as Kay slowly rose looking down her body finding it as covered as it had been in her conjured up fantasy. How wonderful Kay thought, the feeling of it covering her like a warm slick blanket unlike that from all of the numerous men instantly put any thought of showering it off right out of her head. Slowly Kay rose remembering that she sadly needed to find her clothes though really wanted to remain. Lazily walking toward the V.I.P. booths door, yet two steps into her stride something caused her to stumble then fall to all fours.

It was as though some great phantom cock had suddenly grown deep inside of her cunt. Though detached from a manipulating body it began to thrust and twist, drive deep into her and pull back. Kay on her hands and knees being shoved and driving back and just as her orgasm surged preparing to crest she felt the violating phantom cock melt and another massive load of the perfect cum gushed and surged from her cunnie.

Her own orgasm brutal Kay simply collapsed writhing away in the copious puddle upon the carpeting. Slowly recovering her orgasm one of the better of her many that day she looked to see how much cum had flowed from her yet there in the middle of the vast puddle lay the smallest of things. A simple brown apple seed as though it had turned into the cock that ravaged her, and once she was through needing it the had returned to its natural innocent state.

Trying to collect herself Kay sat there in the pool of cum slowly trying to gather her wits about her. It was then she finally took stock of the mural she had seen from afar through the glass. Clearly painted it was so well done it almost looked like a photograph. There was the apple tree, the woman standing there a bitten apple in hand as the great snake wrapped about her their tongues flicking at one another’s in some perverse bestial kiss. Painted on a mirror however Kay saw herself as though sitting at the woman’s feet the tail of the snake resting over her.

It was that moment however Kay realized something stunning. The image of the woman and her own reflection so similar they could have been twins. The more she looked it became quickly obvious however that twins they were not, they were beyond similar as it became clear the woman in the painting was nothing short of Kay herself.

Kay’s jaw dropping in surprise and wonder found her unexpectedly however suddenly rolling her eyes up as she loosed a deep and lustful groan. Again she felt some thick ravaging wraith of a cock grow and swell within her. Lunging and driving deep into her cunt, pulling her lips wide from its girth as her abdomen would swell from its deep thrusts in its brutal onslaught.

Kay could not help herself rising up and down over some nonexistent body as though riding the great cock in a depraved fury. Again and again she slammed against the carpet and ground, the cock within her equally enthusiastic plunging away testing her limits. Just as before when Kay’s orgasm rose and crest like crashing surf again the huge cock melted as seemingly quarts of the cum gushed from her and just as she collapsed she saw it. In the center of the great white puddle a single brown apple seed as Kay ground and slithered in the lake of apple cum.

Truth being More Terrible then Fiction:

When Kay’s eyes fluttered open the flashing lights forcing her to shield them as the music hammered away at body, Kay slowly realized she was still laying before the glass of the booth just as she was when she began fantasizing. Her feet still pressed high to either side of the window and the massive puddles of cum filling and covering her were no where to be found. Slowly Kay rose up not even able to find the apple core or stem to prove of its existence. Just the warm clean room, the afterglow of multiple orgasms and her slick ebbing thighs and cunnie.

“Best jill-off ever” Kay thought taking one last panning look about the room feeling invigorated and softly padded her way to the V.I.P. booth’s door glancing back one last time as she walked straight back out into the hall. Whether Kay had missed it before or sent it power when she kicked on the lights of the peep show, there across the hall from the V.I.P. booth was a second stairwell, the sign above it clearly announcing “Arcade”.

Though she had no idea where this one would come out Kay figured she’d take the chance hoping to bypass all of the men that had to be roaming the halls descending the dusty steps back down to the second level. Opening the door it instantly hit her, the well seasoned scents of the arcade filling the air and the countless sounds of the playing movies echoing down the halls.

What surprised her however was where she had come out having not seen this door just like the other. Above it another unlit neon sign stating “Live Nude Girls, xXx, Live Peeps”, yet there she was by her seemingly almost personal bathroom and the lone ancient video booth she had hid her coins and jacket in. Confusing at first suddenly it made sense considering her memories of the maze of halls and the positioning of the peep show. Though the peep area really was not all that long perhaps twenty booths or so around the arced stage, it simply proved out how winding and twisting the arcade area was.

With another problem miraculously resolved Kay took quick stock of her situation as she walked the short hall to then turn down the newest section which would lead her to the steps and back once more to the bookstore. Kay was now clean except for her own wetness from masturbating and the heavy dust from the peep show stairs and hall that powdered the soles of her feet. She looked healthy, felt good and revived, and for all intents and purposes regarding her adventures of the day any and all evidence of them had quite simply been washed away.

That said there was still the issue of her clothes or at least something, anything reasonable she could wear to simply get out of here and walk the short distance from the truck into her home. Finally there was the issue of buying gas to simply get home, she’d cope with slutty clothing if she had to yet she needed the money to buy the fuel and had to be dressed to pump it.

The possible saving grace to her dilemma however would be if some if not all of her possessions had been turned into the staff. The more Kay thought about it though the more plausible that possibility sounded. Walking the hall to the stairs she descended excitedly her modesty long past gone in this place of vice and freedom. Kay then turned and walked through the archway out to the bookstore, the stir she might cause however being nude yet to be seen, quickly however she would have her answer.

The typically silent bookstore was significantly more crowded then when Kay had come in much earlier in the day. At first there was nothing, yet out of the blue some man suddenly exclaimed “holy shit” so loud that everyone turned to find the source of his surprise. Like Pigeons to seed suddenly most of the men made a beeline for Kay just to get a better look at the nude beauty. Quickly however their silent gawking roused a murmur, and then the comments began to rise.

“Look at those huge tits! Nice ass baby. Will you be going into the theater or arcade?” and as each comment was voiced so the next tried to top it quickly becoming more vulgar and direct as suddenly the one voice that counted called out to Kay. “Hey Buddy! What in the hell are you doing out here like that? Get your ass over here!”

With that the crowd parted as Kay hurriedly scampered over to the cashiers booth. Sal looking furious opening the door ordering her inside, all while he railed on her about walking into the bookstore naked. “What in the hell are you doing in the bookstore naked like some raped slut? Don’t you know if a cop saw you they might shut this whole place down? I don’t care what kind of filthy stuff you have been up to elsewhere within the Garden, but you don’t come out here without any clothes on…”

The whole time Sal railed away at her the only word Kay could get out was “but” over and over. Sal backing her into the plexiglass encased cashiers booth till she was halfway behind the counter, and when he finally took a breath Kay blurted out her plight asking if any of her clothes or bag had been turned in. Sal instantly lashed back at her question first issuing a demand of his own. “What part don’t you understand? You can’t be seen like this, here, get under the counter” as he all but pushed her down to her knees and backed her in under the counter right there below the money trough.

Kay got it and she understood, but she still needed some kind of answer about her clothes as she backed in under and out of view. The area Sal had guided her into to hide her no more then a foot and a half deep and perhaps two feet wide just tall enough for her to kneel. Instantly Sal stepped up as though to block her from view from the impossible aspect of someone standing behind him, Kay finding herself staring at his belt buckle holding fast his tacky wide white belt, Sal finally answering her.

“Relax, no one turned in your clothes, you’ll have to buy some of what we have.” Kay instantly blurting out about her plight of no money needing her bag, yet at that point Sal was already off on a tear about Kay coming in there fucking everyone and anything, running about the place naked, and how all of it was fine EXCEPT her coming out here naked. Kay once more tried to voice her situation and explain yet that second she realized he wasn’t listening, as suddenly he began shouting out through the plexiglass to the other patrons within the bookstore.

“Hey buddy! You going to buy that or jerk off in your pants, quit reading the magazines!” “Hey buddy, two bucks. You want tokens or what?” As Sal went about his business Kay instantly felt that he had forgotten her let alone didn’t give two hoots about her situation, yet Sal ever attentive to the goings on within the Garden of Eden proved to Kay just how wrong she was in the most unbelievable of ways.

Scanning down his pot belly over that tacky belt down overly tight brown polyester pants to his scuffed and outdated white leather shoes, Sal was as much a horror below as she clearly found him to be above. As he barked at this customer and that, took their money and issued those just coming in tokens and movie tickets, each moment that Sal had his hands free he made use of them.

Horrified Kay watched him undo his tacky belt, unsnap and unzip his cheap outdated pants, and after pushing them down to his knees out of view there behind the high counter, slid down his black bikini underwear as Kay pulled back stunned. “Was he out of his mind” she thought? “There is no way I’m touching this filthy greasy son of a bitch.” Sal didn’t care however, in fact he hadn’t even asked. He had just simply bitched at her and then took it for granted, as Kay pressed back as far as she could to escape the grotesque sight before her.

His belly was hairy as were his legs, long thick and glossy looking black hair so coarse it would put a Russian Boar to shame. His bush was massive and clearly unkempt, his skin and most of all his hair almost looking greasy from the excessive oil his body produced. Then there was the smell, not really filthy mind you like someone who had sweat badly and now smelled like old rotting fish or feet yet it was strong, musky and overpowering. That smell older men get when they don’t bathe for a couple days, laden with testosterone and masculine spice, and naturally to top it all off it was as though he had bathed in Hai Karate and Aqua Velva.

Worse still was his cock. Already growing significantly slowly curling up it was so dark it could almost pass for a man of a different race. The skin slick as though covered in oil not just sweat as though he had spent his day jacking off with lubricant yet didn’t take the time to bathe it off after. Already it was flooding out so much pre-cum it was dripping off it falling to the floor and ever so slowly painting Kay’s knees.

She thought about pushing him away yet could not bring herself to touch him, and every time she began to verbally refuse his offensive implication, Sal would begin shouting at another customer all while his cock continued its rapid rise and lengthening. Kay was mortified, Sal’s thin cock growing so long and so fast that having no where else to go Kay turned her head away and shut her eyes tight as she pressed her back and hands to the wall to keep as far away as possible.

Just then she felt it. Sal’s long thin dripping cock suddenly pressing to her cheek as it continued growing. Instantly he began a soft pumping, pressing in and back as over and over the leaking head of his obscene cock poked time and again into the side of her face as quickly her cheek and jaw on that side was covered and dripping in his pre-cum. Kay couldn’t take it anymore, Sal so obscene, filthy, so vile and so grotesque. Just as Kay thought to lash out and explode out from under there to curse him all the while, she opened her eyes and mouth to scream at him yet instead froze as Sal continued his lewd humping of her cheek.

There on a tiny brass hook under the counter right beside her was her “desperate filthy whore” dress hanging there. Below it her bag of clothes, sweat jacket and worthless heels, and Kay instantly knew what had happened to them. Sal had taken them, how he knew where they were and where she had left them she had no idea. Yet she knew Sal had taken them plain as day, more so she knew he had planned this. Sal knew what she would do to find them and what would happen to her in the process. But most of all how Sal knew she would come here looking for them, and at that point he would put her right where she kneeled this moment.

Kay was furious. “How rude, how offensive!” she thought. This horrible slimy man making her endure all of that just so he could shove his disgusting filthy cock into her mouth. In a split second her revulsion had turned to pure hate at the deviousness of it. The depths he had made her sink to in a desperate attempt to simply find her clothes, and to top it all off blatantly lied to her knowing that Kay would instantly find out.

Without question Sal disgusted Kay more then any other man she had met on this planet. She absolutely loathed him, was repulsed by him, and now more then anyone she had ever known hated him as he just assumed Kay was some filthy slut as low as he on the scale of humanity. Worse still Sal had for the past couple of minutes in between yelling at other customers begun making vulgar comments about her day all while he continued to deal with other customers. All she had done, how desperate and needy she was, how slutty, whorish, finally capping it off with a sting of revolting self praises.

“You know, you really are the sluttiest cum-ditch that has ever come in here. I bet you’d fuck anything wouldn’t you, men, women, reptiles, apples? Two bucks buddy, the theater is eight. Yeah, I knew you’d come looking for Sal, it’s my smile isn’t it? It makes all you sluts wet. I knew you wanted me right off, you shouldn’t have wasted your time wishing, I would have let you have a little Sal if you had just asked. Hey buddy! You going to fuck that dildo or buy it?”

Kay was livid, furious and repulsed so badly she had even begun to retch. Kay had enough of this, Sal was the lowest creature on the planet, and this disgusting beast had maneuvered her deliberately to simply drive her down to his level so that she would willingly give into his revolting invitation in that as much as he claimed she wanted him, he must have wanted her desperately.

A thousand resolutions to this instantly flashed through her mind. Crush his balls and then stomp him to a greasy spot. Yank off his dick and while he screamed and strangle him with it. Slam him into the counter behind to knock every ounce of breath from him to shut him up. Every possibility violent, ugly and extreme as it suddenly struck her what she had to do, needed to do no matter what. If it was her last act on earth she would have to do this one thing.

Seething with hatred Kay looked at her dress one more time to simply fuel her rage higher. Sal had pumped out so much of his vile pre-cum upon her cheek that now her jaw, neck and breast were covered with it. Not knowing how or why she came to this solution Kay never the less would just simply act, and with a singular thought in her mind, she slowly began turning her head.

Slowly the tip of Sal’s ebbing and humping cock dragged over her slickened cheek. Kay did not stop the turn until she felt Sal’s filthy cock drag over her lips and then unable to stop herself slowly she parted them. Instantly Sal’s slimy cock slipped deep into her mouth. Musky, greasy and repulsive, if she had been sucking upon his filthy nicotine stained fingers it would have tasted better.

Immediately Sal began to thrust, not quickly mind you as in his opinion he had all the time in the world as Kay clearly had desperately wanted him. Kay retched as the first surge of pre-cum flooded out over her tongue. It was bitter and acrid almost burning like acid, the taste reminding her of rotting food stuck long and deep between your teeth. Instantly Kay’s hands raised as she desperately wanted to push him away. Instead as one hand wrapped around his greasy shaft, her other wrapped around his large hairy balls and began softly pulling on and massaging them.

Kay was appalled by what was happening. Disgusted by herself and repulsed by Sal yet no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t stop herself. Worse still as more and more of Sal’s vile pre-cum filled her mouth, she couldn’t even bring herself to spit it out the taste so horrific forcing her to try and swallow simply to get the revolting gunk off her tongue. The worst of it came however when she fought it.

It seemed each time she tried to make herself pull away she instead drove his cock deeper. When she tried to push him away her hands instead would frantically stroke at his cock and fondle his balls, her fingers entwining in his long pubes tugging at them all while those same loose hairs had slowly begun to slip into her mouth and gag her. When Kay tried to open her mouth wide to not be touching it her lips would tighten and she would suck that much harder and when her tongue tried to pull away it would instead wrap and spin around the surging tip of the cock driving into her.

The entire time Kay sucked and slathered away at the repulsive cock thrusting into her, Sal continued with his detestable comments like “Oh yeah, I knew you wanted that dick in there. Tastes good doesn’t it. Hey buddy, put the butt plug down or buy it! That’s okay baby, you go ahead and enjoy it, all of you sluts love Sal. Try and put a little effort into it, you’ll get better with practice. Two bucks, how much in tokens?”

As loathsome as Sal’s comments were what made it even more horrific was with each indecent remark Kay couldn’t help herself grunting out throaty “uh huh” from around his cock over and over sounding as though she agreed with every loathsome comment he made. Just as Kay thought she would lose her mind unable to stop or even protest the unimaginable happened. Suddenly Sal crooked his knees locking Kay in place stating “oh that’s the spot, lucky girl here’s your treat” as his long thin cock swelled and the most revolting gush of cum ever churned up in the balls of either man or beast surged out into Kay’s mouth.

The taste was so putrid Kay instantly began to retch yet couldn’t help gripping his cock tighter to milk it as her other hand squeezed his balls and her lips tightened to suck even harder. Sal’s jizz was so repulsive in both taste and texture Kay fiercely tried to spit it out, yet with each attempt she found herself instead voraciously swallowing it down.

Her belly roiled at the disgusting spunk filling it desperately trying to heave it back up. Yet each spasm of her belly to drive it back out instead caused her to suck harder as jet upon jet filled her mouth so much each surge her cheeks would fill and then down it would go. Sal seemed to cum forever, each gush making Kay work just that much harder for the next.

Kay worked furiously until Sal had pumped out one last massive flood. Just like that as though now that he was finished she would be allowed to stop caused Kay to instantly yank her hands away and snapped her head back. Her mouth wide open to try and pull away from that last tremendous blast filling her mouth too repulsive to swallow yet too horrific to spit back out.

“Here, let me help you with that” Sal said as he reached down putting a single finger under her chin lifting it closing her mouth shut. “Relax, you know you want it, go ahead, it’s okay, swallow,” and with that Kay couldn’t help herself as she gagged and retched as the last of Sal’s load slid down to her belly.

Kay was shattered, mortified. She had intended on brutally attacking him yet instead she had done as told unable to stop and worse still almost feeling as though she had to have it regardless of how terrible she knew it would be. “Ninety-four loads in just a few hours, you really are a cum-ditch aren’t you? I don’t think I’ve ever known a more dedicated filthy slut, you should be proud.”

Sal simply adding insult to injury though just as he expected Kay down deep inside did have a warped perverse pride about the entire day. Making ninety-three men cum one thing, yet sucking the most repulsive man on the planet off quite another in that if she could blow Sal, Kay knew she could do anything.

As Sal backed up pulling up his pants Kay continued to retch and heave though was unable to bring up the rank spunk from her gut or rid its terrible taste from her mouth as she picked out numerous pubic hairs each one seemingly trying to make her gag. Slowly rising Kay had a look of pure revulsion upon her face. Sal bending down grabbing up her clothes then unlocking and opening the door for her to go out, and just as Kay tried to squeeze past him Sal put the final nail in her coffin.

“Here, you missed a bit” as Sal’s nicotine stained index finger slid up her breast gathering up a stray long streak of the repulsive cum. Holding it up in front of Kay as much as her mind screamed run she just couldn’t stop herself. Her mouth slowly opening wide as her tongue flattened and gradually pushed out, Sal wiping his finger off upon it as Kay feeling like she must took it inside and while choking swallowed.

“Now what do you say?” Kay wasn’t sure if it was the cold glob of cum going down or the dreadful words that came up she couldn’t help but say causing her to once more retch as she hatefully glared at Sal and his wide gold toothed smirk responding “thank you Sal.” Nodding in approval smirking, Sal ended their discussion as repellant as it started. “Probably the best cum-ditch ever, I’ll see you again soon, and who knows? Maybe next time I’ll let you fuck me.”

The second Sal closed and locked the door it was as though some evil voodoo curse upon Kay had been broken. Dropping her things to the floor she instantly bent double about to vomit, and only after a minute of retching unable to force anything up could Kay even begin to slip her dress on to simply get out of there just that much quicker. Glaring at Sal with seething repulsion as hard as she tried Kay was unable to feel disgusted with herself.

The Cumming of Eve:

The second Kay burst out the front door it was as though she was instantly buffered from the seedy inner world of the theater. The filthy city air feeling fresh, cool and smelling clean compared to inside. All of the lust inspiring sights and sounds non-existent, and most of all the uncontrollable urges seemed to vanish whether due to having sated her inner beast or they no longer encouraged she couldn’t be sure.

As she slowly walked to the end of the building to turn toward the truck Kay realized that at best it could have only been six or seven in the evening. It was almost unfathomable that so much had happened in so short of time yet instead of dwelling on that point Kay realized a positive one.

As much fun as she had, Kay realized that most of the men there probably didn’t work or perhaps worked third shift. The men now filtering in most likely part of the 8-5 workforce meaning the numbers of the morning would probably easily be tripled. Worse still the amount of time that would have eaten up would have taken it into second shift off time, and those numbers still far exceeding those of the third would have forced her into a 24 hour day and lord knows how many hundreds of men.

Except for Sal however the day had been a wonderful one. That is until Kay rounded the corner of the building as two men looked her up and down passing her by as the side parking lot was empty just like when she arrived. Empty in the regard that David’s truck was stolen as Kay in shock dropped her things only wearing her “whore” dress, and slack jawed stared at the empty lot.

After all she had endured so close to a perfect day once again terror gripped her as she had no idea what she could do to not involve David. Oh he wouldn’t care about the old truck being stolen, the trouble however would be Kay getting home without having to call him, and as three more men walked past Kay and inside in a panic she grasped onto the first solution that popped into her head.

Kay would convince someone safe looking inside, somehow, to give her a ride home. If she had to fuck him ten ways from Sunday she’d do it, yet surly out of all the men going in one of them would be thrilled at the chance to help her. Just about then as Kay stood there at the corner of the building with so much skin showing she might as well have been nude a police car rolled by across the road suddenly making a “U-turn” seeing her assuming Kay was soliciting.

As it pulled up behind her suddenly the flashing lights and quick blip of the siren made her turn, and as she stared at the police wide eyed knowing exactly what they were thinking, Kay prepared for the worst as surly they’d call David after arresting her for prostitution. Good fortune or wicked fate perhaps just as one officer began to step out suddenly he jumped back in and the police car sped off siren screaming.

Kay didn’t even hesitate instantly racing back inside though in so much of a hurry however she forgot her bag of clothes, and if she had gone back out to look for them even three minutes later Kay would have found that they had vanished as mysteriously as the truck.

Once back inside Kay actually had to wait for the short line of men to all deal with Sal before she could try and walk through. Once they had all passed Kay instantly passed through the turnstile once more intent on finding some man to help her. Two steps past the cashier’s booth however Sal once more shouted out to her. “Hey buddy! Two bucks!” Kay wheeling round looking confused and shocked after all she had just endured.

“But I just left a second ago!” Kay exclaimed. “Yeah so what, two bucks or get out” Sal responded. “But somebody stole my truck!” Kay protested looking for some leniency. Sal however did not get to where he was by being generous or merciful however, and with that a gold and yellow tooth smirked formed as he stated once more “two bucks or get out” yet slowly panned his piss holes for eyes down her body. Kay realized Sal wasn’t looking at her, but her dress.

With a full on pout her lower lip sticking out seething with anger Kay’s breasts rose and fell sharply furious, yet ever so slowly she slipped the dress off of her shoulders and grudgingly placed it in the money trough. Sal just smirked wider suddenly clearly speaking out “best cum-ditch ever” taking the dress as Kay turned in a huff to storm off once again making it only two steps before Sal called out to her once more.

“Hey buddy! Want your movie stub or what?” Like some ridiculous “who’s on first” routine Kay stormed back up to the counter Sal slipping a movie stub through the tough to her, and Kay having been here before just stood there fuming and waited. For a good sixty seconds they stared at one another, Kay finally wheeling round again making it two steps as Sal shouted out to her, “Hey buddy! Want your tokens or what?” causing Kay to literally stomp back up to the counter.

“Fine give em to me” Kay yelled. Sal smirking wide slipping only four instead of forty through the slot this time, Kay barking back “what the hell, where’s the rest of them?” Sal just chuckled a wicked and knowing laugh stating oddly “you’ll only need four before you’re through, be sure to go up to the third floor peep show after. I’ll give you fifteen minutes before I turn on the lights to let everyone know you’re working.”

Coins and ticket in hand Kay stormed out of the bookstore toward the archway having no intention of going back up to the third floor if anything just to refuse him. Muttering all the way about that “slimy son of a bitch, I hate that fucker” Kay couldn’t drive a single nagging question out of her mind that made her stomach turn and her body shudder in revulsion. “Would Sal “let” her fuck his cock tonight.” Kay was so sickened by it that she kicked the wall as she scaled the stairs for some reason drawn right back up to the arcade.

Never the less up the stairs she went and down the hall past the newest booths boiling with rage, and contrary to every other visit upstairs, Kay reflexively turned to the left heading directly toward her own little bathroom, video booth and peep show stair well. Though having refused Kay oddly felt compelled to go to the third floor so to fight that urge suddenly stopped beside the ancient movie booth deciding to step inside and cool off before she went on up, or wait….., before she wouldn’t.

Once in she sat down harshly glaring at her reflection in the black screen after huffing and puffing. Kay suddenly however felt something uncomfortable. Like a splinter or something small perhaps which seemed to be poking her between her netherlips. Kay reaching down and with a single finger slowly plowed up the split of her twat, and when she pulled it out there upon the tip were three tiny apple seeds. Kay staring at them in confusion then stating bluntly “yeah, I wish.”

Out of the blue Kay began to cough and gag forcing her to reach into her mouth with her other hand pulling out another of Sal’s disgustingly long black glossy pubic hairs. Kay shuddered at just the thought, the taste in her mouth disgusting as she was instantly hit with an idea. Saying once again “I wish” as she looked to the apple seeds on her finger, and though just wishful thinking to get the taste out of her mouth, popped one inside wishing for ambrosia.

Giggling at the thought and just for a laugh Kay that moment thought to herself “and why stop there?” Really just being silly more then anything, Kay then stuck the second deep in her vagina, and just for a laugh to taunt the fates poked the last deep inside her bottom as she dropped the four tokens in the slot set her feet high to either side of the screen and slowly began to rub her clit.

The colors faded, no sound, the film itself dark and foreboding. A single woman sat in a theater seat as was evident from the light flickering overhead as it streaked its way to the screen out of view. First one man drew near brashly beginning to fondle her breasts as she sat there beginning to writhe. Then another as he began to fondle her legs and on up to her cunnie, then another and another soon all of them naked just wearing black socks as every hand, foot, orifice and crevice of the woman was filled with cocks.

Back down in the bookstore at the same time Kay had begun to masturbate to “her” movie as she’d eventually call it, Sal reached under the counter and pulled out an old dusty cardboard tube long ago stashed away, and from it withdrew a large poster slowly unrolling it open. “Hey Sal, what’s that a new movie you guys got in?” a customer queried. “Naw, just a poster for the live nude showcase, a new gal working the live peeps, Eve” as he held the poster up to the plexiglass.

If the text was not clear enough the numerous photos made everything absolutely obvious. Announcing “Now Appearing, Eve, Eden’s Cum-ditch. xXx, available 24/7, xXx. V.I.P. shows Eve’s Specialty. Yet just as with all things, a picture being worth a thousand words the numerous photos upon it blunt and obscene.

Kay in the theater a cock in every hand and hole her body covered from head to toe in the cum of numerous men. Then another with Kay in a booth a cock pounding away into her from each end. Another of Kay on her knees covered in cum as she sucked on one cock jerking away at another as three more shot out upon her. Seven photos in all gracing the large poster size page, Kay in each of them covered in cum and engaged with many men as even more stood near waiting their turn.

In the middle was one final photo though looking more like art if it had not been so perfect. Kay standing in a mound of snakes that was as high as her knees. One hand held high a bitten apple held within it, her head facing the other way tongue entwined with a massive snake’s that was coiled up her body as another was clearly winding up her leg already having sunk his head deep into her cunt, her body from her cheeks down clearly covered in cum.

As Kay frantically sawed away at her cunt watching the movie so engaged by what she saw her feet had crept even higher on either side of the screen, Kay suddenly felt something terrible yet wonderful happen. In her mouth, cunt and ass quickly three large invisible cocks grew as though detached yet still animated from the bodies of three men never to be seen.

Writhing and twisting within her, Kay’s mouth, vagina and anus all spread wide and gaping as the phantom cocks thrust and drove deep inside of her, pounding away in her depths, raking over every bit of her insides. Again and again they thrust Kay’s eyes rolling up as she thrashed and shoved back onto the three wraith like dicks slamming into her.

Kay only catching glimpses of the movie before her. It was obscene, it was amazing, and to Kay it was beautiful. Her own hands were rubbing and fanning her cunnie and clit frantically and just as the camera began to pan in for a close-up Kay had to yank her hands away lest she cum.

Slowly the camera panned into the woman just as the man in her mouth pulled back and blasted his spunk all over her tits. The woman turning her head facing the camera as her face took up the entire screen, a wanton lustful look upon her face as suddenly Kay recognized her clearly. It was her, no similarities or simply looked like, yet actually her as the screen went black.

If the sound of the projector had not stopped and the soft flicker of light not suddenly been still Kay would have thought the movie was still running and it actually took her a full ten seconds to realize that it had. The phantom cocks unrelenting. Slamming and twisting inside of her yet what confused Kay was the woman’s face, her face just as needy and lecherous was still filling he screen.

Kay then realized the film had indeed stopped, and what she was looking at was her own reflection in the glass the same woman that had been in the movie and with nothing touching her dripping cunt, mouth or bottom save the invisible cocks, Kay instantly came violently.

The booth’s plywood sides creaked and groaned as Kay shoved hard with her feet and shoulders as her ass and back rose high into the air as she shuddered out her orgasm. Instantly the phantom cocks dissolved each turning into easily a quart of that perfect cum each. Filling her mouth, bottom and pussy Kay swallowed down all she could of the amazing ambrosia and as she continued to shudder and writhe, began ravenously scooping up that which she hadn’t as she filled her mouth with handful after handful of the thick sweet semen from her breasts, belly, cunnie and bottom.

Her vision and hearing slowly returning in that Kay’s orgasm was so intense her ears rang and vision narrowed, Kay could hear the stereo booming from the peep floor above. Instantly it made her scramble and crawl out of the cum filled booth to hurry and get up there before any of the men did and thought she was not there.

Opening the door to the stairs as the sign above flashed brightly stating “Live Nude Girls, xXx Live Peeps” she just heard the last verse of some old song belting out from one of the old cassettes. “Relax said the night-man, we are programmed to receive. You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave,” as the last intense guitar licks making up the coda of Hotel California wailed down the steps as Kay raced up them.

Sal downstairs smirked wide. His yellow teeth and single gold incisor glinting as he nodded and chuckled wickedly looking over the poster saying only,
“Mmmm Eve, such a lovely face, the Garden of Eden such a lovely place.”
“It’s like a match made in…...Well…...Not heaven.”

Hush….an alias

Postscript, Lyrics to Reflect Upon:

"Hotel California"

On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair
Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air
Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light
My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
I had to stop for the night.
There she stood in the doorway
I heard the mission bell
And I was thinking to myself,
"This could be Heaven or this could be Hell."
Then she lit up a candle and she showed me the way
There were voices down the corridor,
I thought I heard them say...

Welcome to the Hotel California
Such a lovely place (Such a lovely place)
Such a lovely face.
Plenty of room at the Hotel California
Any time of year (Any time of year)
You can find it here.

Her mind is Tiffany-twisted, she got the Mercedes Benz.
She got a lot of pretty, pretty boys she calls friends.
How they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat.
Some dance to remember, some dance to forget

So I called up the Captain,
"Please bring me my wine"
He said, "We haven't had that spirit here since nineteen sixty nine"
And still those voices are calling from far away,
Wake you up in the middle of the night
Just to hear them say...

Welcome to the Hotel California.
Such a lovely place (Such a lovely place)
Such a lovely face.
They livin' it up at the Hotel California.
What a nice surprise (what a nice surprise)
Bring your alibis.

Mirrors on the ceiling,
The pink champagne on ice
And she said "We are all just prisoners here, of our own device"
And in the master's chambers,
They gathered for the feast.
They stab it with their steely knives,
But they just can't kill the beast.

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door.
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before.
"Relax, " said the night man,
"We are programmed to receive.
You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave! "


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