Pastor Frank Goes Over the Line
Frank awoke from sleep and stretched to the ceiling. Frank slept better than most men could dream to. But then how many men went to bed after an afternoon of being pleasured and sucked dry by a drop dead gorgeous young lady? That first time, the first time Cindy swallowed Frank's seed was one he would NEVER forget. He could even remember the sounds, the smells, the weather, the brightness of the room, every detail was crystal clear. It had been one glorious summer. Cindy's parents both worked full time, and Cindy signed up for all three terms of Summer School. Summer School got out at 2 PM, Cindy's parents didn't get home until usually 5:30. They trusted Cindy to find something constructive to do with friends. And she would, after stopping by Frank's office. It had even become a game, who could get there first.

The last month of school had seen Cindy and Frank meeting up at least once, sometimes twice a week. Cindy began asking Frank if she could come to his house after she had dinner with her parents, saying she was going for study or some other activity. Cindy's parents were involved but she was entering High School, albeit the same building, and they wanted to give her some more authority. Her grades remained outstanding, she was still doing well with cheerleading and volleyball and student government. The sky was the limit and with Frank's tongue pleasuring her and she pleasuring him, Cindy didn't waste time thinking about and gossiping about boys. Every time she would hear someone talk about their boyfriend Cindy would roll her eyes. The other girls thought she was a square, but Cindy was actually feeling pity for them. They were letting boys touch them. She was in a relationship with a man, her man. She knew she owned him and she loved it, boosting her ego and her energy. It also had unleashed her femininity, which was becoming more prominent every day. She didn't flaunt it unless she was with Frank, she liked to make him look at her that way, where he didn't look like a man trying to keep his cool, but a man in the heat of passion. That was the feeling she would relive at night in her bed, masturbating, which was nearly every day now. Cindy started to do her own laundry, mostly because of fear of stains on her clothes or worse, smells that were unmistakable. Cindy had it all planned, she would get into Harvard or Yale, and Frank would move to a new church. They would elope quietly when they got there, and that night she would guide Frank inside her to consummate the marriage, ending their Guardian Angel and Little Lamb roles and enter man and wife roles. She and Frank would make love constantly to get her pregnant, then she would tell her parents they had started dating and had to get married and they wouldn't be able to stop it. To avoid shame they would let it go. Cindy would have her education, her man, her family, her child and have stayed completely true to God. Yes she was engaging in sexual acts, but God had given Frank to her, and its not like they were having coitus, she was very firm that she would not pass that line until it was proper or all of this was a sham.

Cindy even had it planned, how the apartment would look, the rose petals and fine champagne, the crimson sheets and comforter, candles, red ones in the corners. She would trim herself the night before, wear an incredibly sexy corrset, pink and firm but flexible, long pink stockings, with pink high heels. She would make sure to have a deep tan, and she would do her hair in a combination of long curls gathered behind the head with groups of thick shimmering dark hair, over her shoulders straight, with a slight curl at the end, right where her breast began. The large tear drop breasts had grown in more over the summer and reached their true size, a wonderful 34D and still incredibly buoyant, reaching perkiness that defied belief. She had paid very close attention to what turned Frank on, she began to wear certain outfits, more risque and feminine then what she wore to class that day. She knew the type of leggings, shoes, bras, and hair and makeup days made Frank easiest to give in and let her pleasure him. He always resisted, but when she really turned him on, she saw it, and he would let her take him in her mouth again. She loved sucking on Pastor Frank, and she had learned, she paid attention to every detail, she knew when he wanted her lips loose and when he wanted them firm, when he wanted short and fast and deep and slow. She began to make a little game of it seeing which technique, noises, and looks made Frank spill his semen the fastest. She always drank every drop. The Lord said in the Bible that a man's seed should not hit the floor, and she would make sure not one drop of her man's did.

When Summer came to a close Cindy was really bummed out, as now all her extra-curricular activities would start up and that plus full school days would make it harder to see Pastor Frank and it did. The first month of September was torture. They only saw each other once a week the whole month. Cindy hadn't had to ask Frank to let her pleasure him any more. Now after she came to after Frank had given her an orgasm, she could see just in his eyes how much he NEEDED her to give him release, like he had so kindly given her when she needed it. Frank would come so hard and nearly so fast that she didn't even get to get into a groove or try a new idea. Frank was pent up after a summer of continual release. Plus, Cindy now had a full wardrobe of Frank's favorite types of bras and made sure to take off her top when she pleasured him. The full padded bright satin colored bras that clasped in the front and had frills or a lace bow in the middle. She loved the look of Frank's eyes when she would strategically unhook the brazier causing her breasts to bounce up and out. They always put on an outstanding performance and Cindy loved timing it to right before he came in her mouth. She also tried to always have some type of leggings, anything that brought attention to her perfect slopping calves and widening and strong thighs. She wore g-string underwear before she would go to Frank's office, enjoying it when he would pleasure her without removing her underwear. She didn't know why, but it always made her cum just a little bit harder.

The first week of October was past and Cindy had just finished taking a load of Frank's semen in her belly and was using a wet nap to clean up the spit of hers that had dribbled out during the blowjob and smeared on her tits. As she began to dress again she asked Frank about the homecoming dance.

"It's in two weeks, and my mom got me a really nice dress, It a really pretty red with golden floral design. Are you going to be here on Homecoming night?"

"Of course," said Frank, "I have to chaperone the dance to be sure there's no monkey business. Did any boys ask you if they could take you?"

"Yes, 8 boys did,' Cindy stressed the word boys.

"Did you say yes to any of them?" asked Frank.

Cindy nearly wanted to retch. Let one of those little boys take her? Put their stupid unknowing hands on her? She couldn't even entertain the thought. "No, you're the only one I will let touch me."

Frank looked at Cindy and got a stupid smirk on his face. Then he giggled. Then Cindy joined, soon they were both laughing so hard they had to sit down. They felt such love and comfort with each other. "So . . you'll be here an hour so before the dance?"

"Let's say two." Frank knew Cindy would look great all dolled up an in a pretty dress, He wanted to make sure they had time to be delicate, and not mess up her outfit with their play.

Cindy woke up early on homecoming night. She said her morning prayer, thanking God like she always did for Frank. He was such a precious and wonderful gift. Cindy decided to do her hair herself at home, She would Cheerlead at the game and then come to the locker room to get dressed. Most of the girls were going home to change, so she would have some extra time. She did have a pretty dress for the prom but not the one her mother bought her. That one was in the dress bag too, but the important dress was the one Cindy had bought with her own money saved from her allowance and some chores for some neighbors and some babysitting. She measured herself and had shopped online and paid extra for delivery at a time her parents would be unlikely to be home.

Her prom dress was a traditional puffy skirt with plenty of hosiery and undercoats, with a pink top with a neckline so high it showed no cleavage. Cindy hated it, she felt like a playboy model, too feminine and beautiful to be smothered, her beauty should be visible, at least for her man. The dress Cindy bought was a satin crimson red very shiny with muted black floral patterns dampening the hue. It was sleeveless, held up by clinging on to her breasts, held together by a padded lacy black bra, which, with help from her bosom, just peaked over the top of the dress. It gave her long and pronounced cleavage and allowed the globes to bounce and sway under the heavy bra. The dress was form fitting, especially over her expanding hips and tiny waist and had very high slits in the skirt nearly up to her ass cheeks, which made the back piece of the skirt stick out just a little extra. She had a guarder belt with straps clipped to long red and black meshed stockings, with high stiletto black open heels with a strap down the front. And a dark red silk thong to tie it all together. She had gathered mascara, liner, dark red lipstick and rouge. Cindy had perfect skin and she had tanned it a nice dark brown and this time she did it nude at the tanning bed, she was perfect from head to toe.

She was so excited during the game, not that she gave a shit about who won, but because she would see Pastor Frank after. She already was feeling tingling in her pussy, but tonight she planned to turn the tables on Frank and pleasure him first and try to do what she never had . . make him cum so hard he loose the ability to stay standing. She thought if she was sexy enough, undressed just right at she pleasured him and employed the technique she read about earlier that week on how to massage testicles, she thought she could make Pastor Frank have that intense an orgasm. Not only did she want to please him but Frank was a new man with Cindy. He has started running and lifting and dieting and was morphing into a very handsome man, and one Cindy would have on her arm as she went out into the world. It was going to be so hard to wait to be with her lover, but it was going to be worth it.

Cindy changed in the church bathroom and did her makeup. The facility was nearly empty and she put on her overcoat, covering most of her dress, and grabbed her make up bag and dress bag and went down stairs to Frank's office. She loved the sound her heels made on the floor as she walked to Frank's office, the sound of her heels on the tile sounded for womanly, so feminine, it was already turning Cindy on. It was just starting to get dark outside when she knocked on Frank's door.

He let her in, surprised how she was nearly looking him in the eye, he didn't register that she had heels on, only how sexy it was to look across at her and not down. She seemed more . . mature, womanly. Cindy put down her makeup bag and hung the dress bag over a chair. Frank got behind her and helped her with her coat. Frank turned and hung the coat on the coatrack, not seeing Cindy's dress until her turned back around.

Cindy was taking a step toward the middle of the room away from him and it pulled apart the skirt, showing her leg all the way up. Her painted toes showing out the bottom on the sloped heels, her leg muscules taut from the curve, her ass pushed out as a result. Her hand clasped across her tiny waist, in the shadow created by her ample bosom. Her side hair cascaded over her shoulders to lay on her breast, the rest tied up behind her. She was flawless olive brown from visible head to toe, and was in a word Frank's fantasy, if he were asked to create a perfect mind's eye picture of a woman, there it was, right in front of him.

"Do you like my dress?" asked Cindy over her shoulder, eyes wide, finally allowing a coy smile to part her pouting lips.

Frank didn't answer, he couldn't. He just stood taking her in. She was . . . . perfect. She was fucking perfect! There wasn't a model, a pornstar, a webcam darling, NOTHING was hotter than Cindy right there, just like that. Frank wasn't moving at all, except for his penis. His cock had grown rock hard, harder than viagra can make a teenager. He was a rod of steel, seven inches. Frank had only ever measured six and a half, but there was so much pressure in his cock it had eeked out another half inch. Frank opened his mouth then closed it. Again. Again. He just couldn't speak, he was completely and totally infatuated and for the first time ever, he felt and animal lust grow within him. She was fucking perfect, too amazing, too luscious, too God damn sexy!

Frank finally was able to move, and rushed over to Cindy as she turned to him. They locked in an embrace as their tongues danced with each other. Frank then began to kiss her neck and bite her jaw. Cindy gnawed on Frank's earlobe, her freshly painted fingernails digging into his back. Frank was making grunting noises as he wrapped his arms around her waist and hoisted her to her tip toes, burring his face in her incredible chest. Cindy's loins were on fire, she was so wet feeling Frank's animal lust for her, she began to soak through and had a tiny dribble run down one leg. Frank continued to grope Cindy, one hand rubbing her thigh, one hand though the dress slit and massaging her ass cheek. Cindy loved the grunting Frank was making and strong unstoppable grips his hands were making of her flesh, she had done it! She had taken her lover to the edge. Soon she would drop to her knees and make Frank cum like his body never had before. Cindy did get his body to cum like never before, but not how she thought she would.

Frank spun Cindy around to grope her from the other side. On had was up cupping her breast, jiggling it and the one attached to it. He loved how her firm breasts felt under the padding. It was like an exquisite pillow, of perfect dimension and strength. It turned him on so much! He reached into her skirt and got his fingers in her panties to start masturbating her. He couldn't believe how wet she was! As he began to massage her, she naturally tensed back and this into Frank. He hard erection pushed up and pressed against his stomach. Cindy was now at a different height than Frank was used to. His base and balls were not resting on her ass, they were pushed up right underneath her bubble butt.

Holy Fuck! Frank thought as he sucked her neck and pushed his hand into the bra from above pulling out one of Cindy's breast. The beautiful globe squeezed and retracted so wonderfully. Frank peeked down at it as he nibbled on Cindy's shoulder blade. Frank kept grinding into Cindy and Cindy was moaning and grinding right back into Frank.

Frank began to have a different type of orgasm, it was more internal mental as he fantasized about fucking Cindy, feeling his goddess from the inside, knowing her every nook and cranny. Frank's cock shot constant near orgasmic waves of pleasure but they were still mental, internal. Frank felt one after another, panting, sweating, groping, squeezing, licking, sucking. . . and fucking was what came next in his mind even though he didn't want to think it. It brought, Frank to a whole other level of lust and pleasure. Frank was grunting deeper and louder now, grinding so hard into Cindy that it was causing her to step forward in motion with him until she braced herself with her hands on the desk, her pelvis hitting the desk each time Frank pressed into her again.

Frank began seeing fantasies spinning by his mind's eye. Cindy in a french maid outfit, in bunny costume, in a leather mini skirt, in lingerie, in a teddy, in cowboy boots and nothing else. Fucking her in missionary, doggy, cowgirl, sitting, standing, leaning. Cumming in her, thrusting away, pounding, hearing her moan and yell for more. Then the fantasy switched for a second as instead of himself, he saw a snot nosed punk from school having his way with Cindy. Frank thought she looked unbelievable and every man would risk crime to have her. He was gonna lose his baby to some dumb jock, with no brain but a big dick. He was gonna lose his baby! Fuck those bastards! He would have her first!!!!

Cindy had no idea what Frank had going on in his mind but she was about to ask him to stop grinding so hard, she was starting to get sore from pushing into the desk. Frank now was using his whole hand in a full pussy long masturbatory motion. It wasn't one Cindy liked, it didn't feel loving, and gentle. It felt rough and domineering, it felt force full.

"Frank. . Frank can you please, ow!" Cindy was cut off by being shoved again into the desk.

Frank reached and grabbed the front of her top and yanked it down, tearing it a little and popping Cindy's other perfect breast out into the open and with is other hand yanked down his pants and boxers. His waist was pivoting his crotch back and forth, his dick already in a fucking motion and he kneaded her breasts. His cock, hard as steel, was jabbing Cindy in her butt cheeks through the dress and she didn't like it. It felt forceful and unrestrained. Frank hadn't said a word since it all started, just grunts and moans and heavy breaths. Cindy didn't even think he FELT like Frank, it was like a foreign man was touching her. Cindy began to panic.

"Please, please Frank, I don't like thiii" Frank caressed up Cindy's neck to her chin and stuck two fingers in her mouth and she gnawed on her neck, and continued to jab her. Cindy kept trying to protest but all that got out was a gargled sentence with Frank's fingers on her tongue. Frank then reached down, grabbed the back piece of Cindy's skirt and ripped it clean up to about her tiny waist. Cindy's let out a cry, trying to make Frank understand this wasn't right, Cindy knew what was going to happen to her and this was not the way she planned it. This wasn't her dream.

Frank put one arm across Cindy's waist and the other pushed down hard on Cindy's neck and shoulder forcing her down onto the desk, only her hands preventing her from smacking the surface of the desk outright. Frank yanked back once on her waist and she was up on her toes, he pussy mounds pushed between her legs, open and exposed once Frank pulled the g-string panties to the side.

"Frank, uuuh-uuuh- uhh- huh-huh!!!" cried Cindy as loud as she could in her mousy voice.

It was no use, Frank was no longer a rational thinking human being, he was all cock, all hormones and he was going to fuck and fuck hard.

Frank drove forward, his cock head plunging into Cindy up about a quarter of his length. This was all the hymen had been stretched by the vibrator.

"Cindy cried out, sobbing for Frank to stop, but he didn't hear a sound. Even his ears were ringing from his lust to cum. Frank pulled back and rammed home again, the hymen stretching out of the way and Frank got 3/4 of the way in. But that wasn't enough. Frank needed a once in a lifetime cum, and it wasn't going to happen without total immersion. Despite Cindy's large hips her waist, pussy and birth canal were small, and still developing. It wasn't stretched to welcome a man, and for once Cindy was not feeling the gentle next step, Frank wasn't making love to her, he was fucking her. He wasn't helping her her was taking her and Cindy was sobbing so hard her back was shuddering. To Frank it just looked more sexual, the curve line of her back deepening and releasing, just as his cock was deepening and releasing.

Frank slammed home again, his cock finally going in all the way to the hilt, his balls smacking Cindy's taint.

"Frank . . Frrrr-aaa-aaa-aaainkkkk!" Cindy sobbed, her voice barely having sound anymore, her throat dedicated already to crying.

Frank began to jack hammer into Cindy, thrusting, pounding, all the way in, all the way out.

"Nu-nu-nu- ruh!" grunted Frank and he slammed into Cindy as fast and hard as possible but Frank wanted even more, he grabbed Cindy on her hips and began forcing her up, and pulling her down into his thrust. "Oh-umph-uh-uh yeah-yeah!"

Frank's thrust were lifting Cindy of the ground and pushing the desk forward an inch or two with each thrust.

Frank loved the way Cindy's hair bounced as he pounded her, and that perfect olive skin, she looked so good he wanted to fucking each her, consume her completely. Frank kept thrusting, beginning to feel one hell of a stirring in his balls. Like a swirling ocean of pleasure and it was ready to be set free.

"Uh-fuh-mu-oh-uu-uh-uh-uh-uh oh OH OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" Frank grabbed Cindy's hips so hard he bruised her and slammed home again! A torrent of cum rushed up Frank's engorged shaft and exploded out the tip, showering Cindy's love tunnel with a massive spray of semen. Again Frank thrusted, his balls slapping Cindy's thigh and Frank unleashed a second torrent of white and hot cum.

"UH-UH-UH-UH!" Grunted Frank as he pumped time and again into Cindy's tight inviting cunt. Each thrust brought another load of cum until finally Frank had cum as much as any man has in a single fuck. 10 pumps of thick globs of semen had coated Cindy internally. It began to dribble out the front as Frank continued to thrust, still orgasming but no longer cumming.

"UH-UH-uh-uh-uh-uh--uh--uh. . . uh . . uh" said Frank as he began to slow down slowly feeling reality creep back in as he finally had satisfied his lust. He leaned over and laid on Cindy's top half resting his head on her shoulder blade. He was matching her heavy breathing, his from exhaustion, hers from sobbing. Frank's waist continued to thrust likely for the next minute and his legs kept moving trying to pump his cock in and out up and down. The orgasm still not passed, and his body still trying to engage in procreation, despite the lack of reserves in his balls.

Finally Frank's heartbeat returned to normal, his hand still around Cindy's waist, holding her lower body to his, as his cock began to shrink and finally Frank was hearing reality again as he felt a wave of cum hangover like never before and was starting to fall asleep just like that until his ear's finally picked up the sound of quiet sobs.

He lifted his head groggy and disoriented and released Cindy's waist. Cindy continued to sob as she slid against the desk, clutching at its wall as she sank to the floor sitting sideways on her knees, a small pool of cum gathering beneath her pussy. Her face was in her hands, her shoulders heaving. Frank tried to reach out to console her but every time he touched her she would shake and shiver.

Frank fell back into his sofa and just watched Cindy as she slowly got control over herself. She got her globes back into her dress, Ripped off the hanging back piece of her skirt and walked over to her coat, thankful it was enough to cover her. She grabbed her make up bad and the dress bag and headed to the door.

"Cin-Cindy, I. . I"

Cindy looked back at Frank, mascara tears all down her face. "I don't want to ever talk to you again." Cindy said softly as she left his office. Cindy knew Frank was going to worry and worry a lot. And he deserved it she thought. Cindy wasn't crying about the sex, or her virginity or Frank being her first lover or even the danger of pregnancy. She was mad Frank took control of the one night she planned to orchestrate, that she was still stuck in the role of subservient. She would let Frank worry for a good while, or as long as she could wait before asking him to fuck her brains out again.


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