so i went to visit them...
I grew up with this family i lived by and have always liked the daughters. I eventually had sex with them both, but the youngest is what got me in trouble. the family found out and we no longer talk, but i got pictures and sex from it all so not everything was a total loss. ;)

It was back in august of 2011, the family i had been friends with for so long moved into town(used to live in the country) and i was going to go see them. I met the moms new boyfriend and said hi to the younger sister(then she was 13 and myself 21). all the other brothers and sister were gone somewhere. we sat in her room talking and i was playfully poking her boob and we were taking pictures together. it was almost time for bed and she asked her mom if she could come stay at my house, well the mom was happy to let her go, so she packed some clothes and some pills she found in her sisters room that same day(sleeping pills, but i don't know which type). i told her she could drink too and it will just be us.
we took off and got to my house about 30-35min later. she jumped on my laptop and started to drink my liquor, so i made her and myself food. we were using our phones, drinking and flirting. she let me rub her stomach and kiss on her neck and ear. within 45min she was pretty drunk and she decided to take pills. i only let her take 2 because 6 would probably have killed her or something bad. i only drank a little at a time, but she was drinking more then me so i had to tell her to slow down. she told me her head was spinning real bad an she felt a little sick so i rushed her to the restroom and in no time she just started throwing EVERYTHING up! i gave her water and a cold rag to bring down her body temp, but she was pretty fucked up. In 10min she was out, she passed out on me while we sat on the bathroom floor. it was hard as hell to move her. you figure a 90lb girl would be simple to move 10ft to the bed, but boy was i wrong. i kept pulling her, but noticed her short short's had exposed her underwear when her legs spread. so me being a little horny, i decided to slip my finger underneath and finger her. Her pussy was wet and tasted good when i sucked on my finger. i even felt up her boobs and played with her nipples. By now i had a raging boner and could only think about sex and getting her to the bed. she woke up a bit and crawled to the bed and she just got up into it and curled up then passed out again. i pulled her shorts and underwear down to make it easier to finger her and try fucking her, but the shorts were to damn tight. she just rolled over on her back and covered herself with the blanket, which gave me the perfect opportunity. i laid next to her and undid her button and zipper to slide my hand under and started rubbing her clit and fingering her just barely. she noticed because i was getting upset that i couldn't finger her all the way so i started to pull her shorts down more and she being really fucked up kinda helped me take them all the way off. OMG! this girls pussy was totally smooth and hairless as were her thighs and legs. i could feel the precum totally coming out my dick by now, so i started sucking and licking her pussy and spread her legs more to finger her deeper. After about 5min she was dripping wet and i took all my clothes off and climbed between her legs, i didn't want a condom on so i could feel her pussy 100% I proceeded to rub her clit with my cock then slowly inch by inch i forced it in. she was so tight and wet. I fucked her for a good 15min and in a few positions because i didn't want to wake her up all the way, but she must have enjoyed me better then her boyfriend at the time because she started rocking her hips and grinding them on me. i wanted to cum inside her so bad, but the possibility of her getting pregnant was there so i didn't. i got off her and laid next to her then pulled her on her side and fucked her with her leg wrapped around me. we did it for a few minutes then she pushed me away and rolled over to sleep. i wanted to put her shorts on, but to my horny greedy self i kept them off in-case we did it again.
As i started waking up around 930-940am i started jacking off a bit and knowing she was asleep i got close to her and started rubbing her ass and pussy, but she didn't stay asleep long enough because she pushed my hand away and covered herself up. i knew at this point i better stop. i got up and went into the living room an she got up an dressed a few minutes later. by now im sure she knew what had happened, but said nothing. we went to breakfast, hoping it would change her mind about what had happened then i took her home. I was really fucking nervous because what had just occurred that night might come out. As we got to her house her other sister was there, we said hi an i took off 5min later. i knew i was fucked, but hoped nothing would happen. a few hours had passed me and a buddy were at the gym, i went to check my phone and had a voicemail, i knew deep down inside what it was and what was about to happen.
she messaged me back and forth getting the truth out of what had occurred, i tried denying everything, but she knew it all. her mom called me and asked what the hell happened and i avoided telling her the sex part, but i told her the truth that we drank and i was kissing on her. i pleaded with them to not call the cops and it worked, but i was forbidden to ever talk with them again.

i tried to seek help that day, but i guess therapists don't listen if you mention anything illegal, was a total shutdown and i went to my mom and opened up about everything, like flood gates everything from my past and present came rushing out.
i changed a little after that day, but not much. i avoid anything with young girls unless i know they wont say anything. this was the only time i got seriously caught up, but it didn't stop me from still being the pervert i am.
many would call me a pedophile, a pervert, worthless, ETC, ETC, ETC! I don't give two shits though, i will continue living my life how i want.


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Shit happens. She wanted it

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