2 virgin vaginas, 4 virgin anuses, it's a wonderful life
New Years Day, a day for resolutions. Mom and I started dinner preparations then watched a chick flick on TV while the ham roasted. My two daughters were out with friends but would be home in time for our meal. After we’d eaten and cleaned up, I went to my bedroom for some quiet thinking time.

And my thoughts weren’t happy ones. I was twenty-nine years old with two children, no high school education, a waitressing job and living with my mother. If there’s a dead end for a gal, I was there.

My father was abusive; not sexually, thank God, but verbally and physically to both me and my mother. At seventeen I dropped out of high school and moved in with my boyfriend. I promptly got pregnant, there was talk of marriage but he never followed through. So I brought my first daughter, Brittany, into the world.

Money was tight, Bobby, my boyfriend worked but his pay was low and me with no education, any job I could get would only pay about what it would cost me in daycare for Britt. This worked for two years then I was pregnant again.

I guess Bobby couldn’t take any more responsibility, he took off and I haven’t seen or heard from him since. No job, no child support and another kid on the way, I was screwed.

I’d, of course, kept in contact with Mom, even more so after my father had passed away from a heart attack a year earlier. I hated him and didn’t even bother showing up at his funeral. Honestly, I think Mom wasn’t too unhappy when it happened either. There was some life insurance which she used to pay off the funeral, the house and her car, and there was a pension on which she lived. She had to be frugal but when she learned of my situation she insisted that I move back in with her. Additionally, she volunteered to baby sit so I could get a job.

So, at the tender age of nineteen, after delivering my second daughter, Anne Marie, named for my maternal grandmother, I got a job as a waitress at “The Prime Cut” steakhouse. The tips are pretty good so, ten years later, I’m still there.

As I sat and thought that New Years Day I created a mental pro’s and con’s lists. I could continue to live with Mom and go on working at “The Prime Cut,” when Mom passed on I’d inherit the house and I made enough that we’d survive but, those weren’t real exciting prospects.

Like most girls I had dreams, I dreamed of a man who’d love me, a house of our own with the white picket fence and all that but my man success was exceedingly lacking. My father was abusive, Bobby ran like a stripped assed ape when I got preggers the second time and the few dates I’d had in the past ten years were total disasters. Either they used drugs or alcohol to excess or they wanted to rule and dominate me. And sex? I know it’s supposed to be pleasurable but can’t testify to that.

Bobby took my virginity but, as a lover, he was a total bust. Two minutes for his pleasure then he was snoring. The few relationships I’ve had since mirrored that experience. Wham bam, thank you maam and sleep or wham bam my eye’s blackened and they take what they want. At the age of twenty-nine I’d never had an orgasm that wasn’t self-induced.

I decided I wanted more for Britt, Annie and myself. I wanted to make my dreams come true. Where to start? First, I’d get my GED and second I’d actively look for a man.

I followed through, I registered for the study classes for my GED and listed with an on-line dating site. The classes went well, the dating site not so good. Freaks and geeks were all I seemed to attract.

I tested for and passed my GED. I was so damned proud of myself that I took Mom and the girls out to dinner to celebrate…at “The Prime Cut,” of course. And I listed with a new web site.

The site is Christian and maybe I fudged a little. I mean I believe in God and I do go to church without fail, on Christmas Eve and Easter, and the picture I posted was a couple of years and about five pounds old, but what the heck, I really wasn’t expecting much.

I live in Columbus, Ohio and the first response I got was from a man named Dan from suburban Orlando, Florida, but it was promising.

His name is Dan Blackwater, he’s thirty-three years old, single and never married and a sales representative for a heavy equipment dealership. And did I mention that he’s 6’3” tall, two hundred and twenty pounds and looks like Adonis? Black hair, green eyes and broad shoulders in his photo. I was sure it was taken when he was twenty-two, he looked sooo dreamy.

And then I thought, this has to be all bullshit, I mean, why would a guy like Dan be interested in me. Still, we started an e-mail relationship.

Over time I confessed to my sorry life. I don’t know, was it honesty or was my self-esteem so low that I was trying to drive him away? Whatever, it didn’t work. Dan was sympathetic and understanding although as he shared things about himself I became more convinced that he’d never be the one.

I mean, I learned that at thirty-three he owned his home free and clear. He had his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Central Florida, where he’d attended on a football scholarship (and tore up a knee) then on to Florida State University for a Masters. He’s been with his employer, Winchester Industrial Power Corporation since he’d finished school.

So why was he on an on-line dating site? This guy could write his own ticket with the ladies, so I asked.

Tired of the bar scene, tired of the games, busy and uninterested in dead end relationships. Wanted to get to know someone before they even met. Was she interested? Was he interested? He was searching for a mate not a date.

Ok, but why me? Compared to him, well, there was no comparison, so I asked. “Dan, why me?”

I guess I was surprised by his answer.

“When you told me about your New Year’s resolutions and then you followed through on them I was impressed. As we chatted I thought about my own life, stable, two parent and a sister a year younger, upbringing in an upper middle class home, all the opportunities I’ve had and how few have come your way, yet you’ve persevered. You’re a strong person Cass and besides that, you’re cute as a button.”

I had to chuckle, especially about the last. Maybe I am cute, I’m the typical Irish Lass, 5’3” tall, a little chubby 125 pounds, strawberry blonde hair, green eyed, a light spray of freckles over my nose (and other portions of my anatomy), with reasonably large (34C) breasts and a bottom that demonstrates two well defined cheeks (read britches ride up my crack and split my cheeks like two small melons).

And I am an Irish Lass, my name’s Cassandra O’Leary but mostly I answer to Cass, and after three months of on-line and then telephone conversations Dan asked if we could meet, I answered, “Yes.”

I was so nervous and scared I thought I’d pee myself. Dan was flying in tomorrow. I’d invited him to stay at our house but he thought, with Mom and the girls that would be inappropriate. He booked a hotel room and a rental car and invited us all, Mom, the girls and me to dinner but Mom insisted that his first night here he was coming to our house to eat, the second night he could treat us.

I didn’t know it then but Dad was as nervous as I was. Meeting me face to face for the first time was one thing but meeting Mom and my girls was something else. As a single man Dad’s experience with adolescent girls was limited to his sister. He later told me he thought about bringing them gifts but decided against it, he didn’t want them to think he was trying to buy their acceptance. But Mom was different, he brought her a nice box of Swiss chocolates.

Anyhow, I met him at the airport and, well, all I can say is that his picture hardly did him justice. Tall, broad chested and handsome, he gave me a hug and a chaste kiss on the cheek, took my hand and we walked to the baggage pick-up.

“I can’t believe you’re here,” I gushed, “I feel like I really know you from all our e-mails and conversations but now you’re really real.”

“I know what you mean, I guess on-line dating is a heck of a lot different than the other way. You know, people meet, people go out, people get to know each other. It’s turned upside down, the meeting is virtual, you get to know each other then you physically meet and go out together.”

His room was at the hotel there in the airport. He wanted to shower and change and pick up his rental car so it was decided, I’d go home and after he’d freshened up he’d come over in the rental. I gave him directions and left.

Mom wanted to know where he was when I came in alone. I put on a sad face and told her that he never showed up.

“I knew he was worthless from the first time you told me about him. Here I’ve spent all day fixing a nice dinner and he stands you up, God, what a bum,” was her tirade.

“Mom, I’m kidding,” I told her then explained the arrangement.

“Cass, sometimes you can get on my last nerve, do you know that? Don’t do things like that to an old woman.”

“I’m sorry and you’re not old, you’re only fifty.”

“Well there are times I feel ancient.”

Margaret O’Leary had reasons for her feelings. Life with my father had been difficult. He’d drink then come home and beat on her and, sometimes on me, but she got the brunt of it. I painfully remember the sounds coming from their bedroom, her moans, her wails and his slaps and punches, it had worn her down and she did look every day of her fifty years.

Maggie, Mom answered to Maggie was slightly taller than me with Irish red hair and green eyes that had sparkled when she was younger but now carried a sadness. She was thin with small breasts, but today, she’d made a real effort. She’d had her hair done and was wearing her best dress, it was evident that she was as anxious as me about meeting Dan. And the doorbell rang.

I answered and ushered Dan in.

Mom and the girls had congregated in the living room. I handled the introductions.

First, Britt. They solemnly shook hands, and traded, “It’s nice to meet you’s,” before Dan said,

“I understand you’re an actress, your Mom told me you have a part in the school play.”

Britt brightened, “Oh yeah, we’re doing “The Little Mermaid” and I get to play Ariel, I’m so excited.”

“Well I’m just disappointed that I won’t be here to attend. I’d love to see you on stage.”

We moved on to Annie.

Again, the handshake but precocious girl that she is, she blurted out,

“Your hand is huge!”

I really hadn’t noticed but it was true. Dan’s hand completely enveloped my little ten year old’s.

“Yeah, I guess it is. You’re the athlete, aren’t you?”

“I like soccer and softball,” Annie answered.

“I was a football guy myself. These big hands got me a football scholarship to play tight end for the University of Central Florida.”

“Wow, how cool,” Annie enthused.

Next, Mom.

“Dan, this is my mother, Maggie O’Leary. Mom, meet Dan Blackwater.”

Mom extended her hand but Dan hugged her.

“A handshake isn’t enough to thank you for bringing forth your lovely daughter,” he said as he extended the box of chocolates to her.

“Just a small gift to show my appreciation,” he added.

“Thank you Dan,” Mom’s eyes glistened as she smiled, it was like she’d lost years and was a pretty young Irish Lass again.

After we’d eaten Dan asked the girls what they’d like to do the following day. We were going to do whatever they wanted then get dressed for dinner.

After a little back and forth between them they settled on the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

Dan and I left after that decision was made. We had cocktails and danced. Yes, the man could and would dance. And we chatted.

“Your family is lovely Cass,” Dan said.

“I think you made a real impression with all of them,” I replied, “The way you mentioned the things the girls enjoyed and the compliments you gave Mom.”

We kept the conversation light, this was our first real date and, although we’d been corresponding for several months now we could touch and feel. Dan limited himself to two drinks, he was driving. At my front door he kissed me and said “Goodnight.”

I’d hoped he’d come in, I was anxious to spend more time with him but he was tired from traveling, I understood.

Next day the girls had a ball at the zoo. We had lunch then visited the aquarium and were home by four o’clock.

We all bathed and dressed for dinner. Dan picked us up at six. He let me pick the restaurant so, of course, I chose “The Prime Cut,” I really wanted to show Dan off to my co-workers.

It worked, I reveled in the envious gazes but, I guess that when it came time to pay the tab I got my biggest shock. Missy, our waitress, eyes bulged as she took Dan’s credit card. It was an AMEX black and he was my date.

Back home, Mom and the girls went inside but I stayed in the car with Dan so we could talk. I think we both felt we could and should let our relationship progress. We began to discuss future plans.

“Dan, I don’t want to get my heart broken but I know I’m carrying some baggage. Two daughters for starters, and they can be a hand full. Britt can be moody and Annie, well she can be a little terror. Would my girls be a problem?”

“Cass, I think your daughters are sweet little girls but if they act out how do you handle them? How do you discipline them?”

I thought on that for a Moment then answered truthfully.

“I guess I scream, yell and threaten and then don’t follow through.”

“Then you’re part of the problem. Young people need discipline and structure. They need to know what’s acceptable and what isn’t and they need to know what the penalty is for inappropriate behavior.”

“What, you think I should hit them or something? I won’t, my father was a hitter and all it did was drive me out when I was seventeen,” I answered.

“I do believe in corporal punishment, yes, but there’s a big difference between slapping and punching by a drunk and the judicious application of a firm hand on a young bottom. Cass, I grew up in a household where spankings were administered when required and I think I turned out ok.”

“You got spanked? Your dad spanked you? How about your sister, did he spank her, too?”

“I think I need to explain before I answer. My father practiced domestic discipline. If I screwed up, I got spanked but for the females in the house the rules were different. Helen, my sister was being taught to be a good obedient wife and she is. She and her husband Rob have been married for thirteen years and have a beautiful twelve year old daughter, Sherri. Sherri’s never been in any trouble, she’s a straight “A” student and is active and popular with her friends. Still Rob finds it necessary to spank her at least once a month. A chore undone, a bed unmade, really, pretty trivial things, but they merit a trip over his knee.”

“What does Helen have to say about that?”

“Let me preface by saying that I don’t believe in domestic discipline, I think cooperation is a better alternative so, if we move forward, we’ll have weekly family meetings to discuss whatever needs discussion. A chance to air grievances, an opportunity to make family decisions. All of us, you, me, Britt and Annie sitting down together to work things out. It doesn’t work like that in a domestic discipline relationship. Rob makes the decisions and Helen and Sherri obey.”

“You told me what happens to Sherri, how about Helen? Does he spank her, too?”

“In a word, yes, he does.”

“God Dan, that sounds barbaric, I mean I can understand spanking children but spanking one’s wife? You wouldn’t spank me, would you Dan?”

“You wouldn’t give me a reason to, would you Cass?”

I had my answer, now I had to consider whether this was something I wanted to get into. Shortly thereafter, we kissed goodnight and I went in.

In bed that night I let my mind wander. I wanted a man who offered security and stability for my daughters and me but, mostly, I wanted love. Dan offered everything I desired. As I considered the possibility of being spanked I realized that my right hand had migrated down into my panties, I was wet. Yeah, I wanted him, bad.

The rest of the week went by in a blur. There were activities every day involving the girls. When it wasn’t to strenuous Mom participated and in the evenings it was date night for Dan and me.

I was sad to see Dan’s plane depart, in fact, all of us were a little mopey driving home. He’d made quite an impression on Mom and the girls, in fact, Mom had been downright flirtatious with him. At least I’d see him again in two months. He’d invited me to come to Orlando for a week.

Those two months dragged, then, finally I was flying to Orlando. Dan picked me up at OIA, the hug and kiss were more heart felt than our first meeting, then he retrieved my bag and walked to the car park.

I was dumb struck when he led me to a Mercedes SL550 hardtop convertible. I’m no expert but I was pretty sure that set of wheels cost over $100,000. And his house, my God, his house. It was huge. I later learned it had six bedrooms and five baths, an enormous pool and spa were under a screened lanai and the garage accommodated five cars. There was a Range Rover and a Harley occupying two of the spaces.

“All yours?” I asked in amazement.

“All mine, but let’s get you settled in then we can have a drink out at the pool and talk.”

“I’m going to put you in what I call the Special Room, I built it to accommodate my parents as they aged but, unfortunately they both passed away before they could ever use it. It’s here on the ground floor, the other five bedrooms are upstairs.”

He led me to a magnificent room, really more a suite. A sleeping area with a King sized bed, a sitting area, a dressing room and an immense bathroom with a Roman tub, separate shower, and a bidet. I knew what a bidet was though I’d never seen one.

“Dan, this is too much, I don’t believe it.”

“And I won’t peek or listen, I promise,” he grinned at me.

“What do you mean?”

“This room is wired for audio and video so I could monitor my folks and respond quickly to any emergency.”

“Where can you see it?”

“In the master bedroom upstairs.”

“Show me,” I told him.

The bedroom had a masculine décor, it was large with a view out over the pool and toward a green belt at the back of the property. Dan showed me the monitoring equipment. When he switched it on I could see into any of the rooms in the downstairs suite, including the bathroom.

“You promise you won’t peek?”

“May I be struck blind if I do.”

“Well, ok then, now turn it off.”

“Why don’t I fix us a couple of gin and tonics while you freshen up. I’ll meet you out at the pool.”

As I took a quick shower I wondered if he was watching, I almost wished he was, but no, after I’d dressed in shorts and a halter top he was at poolside with two icy glasses waiting.

“Ok, now tell me, you said you would when we got here,” I said.

“Cass, I wanted to get to know you so I fibbed a little about my job.”

“I knew it, with the kind of money you obviously make you can’t be making it selling industrial equipment, what do you do, is it cocaine or something like that?”

Dan laughed, I mean a real belly laugh then answered, “No, no, nothing like that. I really do sell industrial equipment. What do you know about Winchester Power?”

“Not much, just what I could glean from the Internet. Big company, around sixty years old and six locations across America, that’s it.”

“Well, yes, all that’s correct. The reason you couldn’t find out a lot is the company is privately held so annual reports aren’t publicized. There are a very limited number of share holders. My grandfather started the firm fifty-eight years ago. My father inherited his shares upon his death and I, in turn inherited from my father. I’m the CEO and president of Winchester Power.”

“You’re rich?”

“I suppose you could say that.”

“Why fib about it? That doesn’t make sense.”

“I think it does. I wanted to get to know you as a woman and I wanted you to get to know me as a man. I’ve had more than my share of gold diggers, I just wanted you to know me as Dan Blackwater, salesman, do you understand?”

“Put that way, yes, I do, did I pass?”

“With flying colors. I was sold when I visited you in Columbus, I love your family and I love you Cass.”

My heart did flip flops when he said that, all I could do was smile.

“Any thing else you want to ask about?” He said.

I was so excited that I just blurted out,

“Kids, do you want kids and sex, woops, I’m kinda ahead of myself, aren’t I.”

“No, we do need to discuss that. Kids, yes. I want two but not for a few years, I’d want the girls to settle in comfortably. And in that vein, I want to adopt your girls. As to sex, I’m a big fan, how about you?”

“Dan, I do want to give you children and I can’t believe you want to adopt Britt and Annie but I want to be honest about sex. My experiences there haven’t been good. I’ve been virtually celibate for the last several years and, honestly, I’m a little scared, I’ve never had an orgasm with a man but I know I can because I’ve managed several, ah, well, manually.”

He grinned at me, almost a smirk before saying, “We’ll correct that little problem after we’re married.”

It took a few for what he’d said to sink in, “Dan, is that a proposal?”

“No, but this is,” as he sank to one knee and asked, “Cassandra O’Leary, will you marry me?”

I leapt up, “Yes, yes Dan, oh yes, I’ll become Mrs. Dan Blackwater.”

I was in his arms in a trice, kissing him as he picked me up and hugged me. His huge hand cupped my bottom as he squeezed me to him. He whispered, “I have something for you,” as he set me down.

From his pocket he took a ring box. He put a diamond engagement ring of at least four carets on my left ring finger and I nearly fainted. After I’d managed to get control of myself he calmly suggested that we set a date.

He took me to his computer and pulled up a calendar, I was ready to elope immediately but a cooler head prevailed. We decided on the Saturday before Christmas, we’d have the ceremony in Columbus since he didn’t intend to invite anyone besides Rob, Helen, Sherri and his oldest friend, Earl as his best man.

And our honeymoon, did I want a winter ski trip or the beautiful sands of the Caribbean? My choice. I opted for the beaches of Aruba.

Then there were some practical considerations, I didn’t want to pull the girls out of school half way through the school year but they could continue to stay with Mom, we’d bring them down when school was out and, of more immediate importance, dinner.

We changed and went out.

I suppose I was looser, more relaxed now that we were engaged. As we sipped the last of our wine I said,

“You seemed awfully smug when we talked about my little sexual peccadillo, why?”

With a little grin he answered, “Darling Cass, I can bring you to orgasm without ever taking your panties off and without touching you with my hand.”

“And you sir are crazy,” I smugly answered.

“Cass, not only can I bring you to orgasm, I can make you so orgasmic that you’ll beg me to stop.”

“Ok, wise guy, how?”

“My secret.”

“Prove it,” I challenged.

“God, the other patrons here might like that show.”

“No, silly, when we get home.”

“Cass, do you trust me?”

“Of course I trust you, why?”

“Because of what I’m going to ask you to do.”

“What’s that?”

“At home I want you to undress to just your panties, you get to keep them on, like I said. Then I’m going to tie your hands to the bedposts and blindfold you. I know you’ll feel quite vulnerable in that position, you’ll have to trust me not to take advantage of you, do you want to do it?”

I wasn’t quite sure about that, I mean he’d never even seem my breasts and now he was asking me to blindly submit to him. But then I thought, I do trust him and I want a man to take care of me, a man I can submit to. This was my little test.

“Ok, you’re on,” I answered.

He reached across and squeezed my hand, then, looking deeply into my eyes said, “I’m proud of your courage Cass and I think you’ll enjoy it.”

I felt myself melt, my tummy trembled and my panties were suddenly wet. Now that I’d agreed, I was anxious to start.

Back home, he changed into just a pair of shorts. With his chest bare I was amazed at his muscular pecs and abs, he rippled. There was a locked closet in the room, with a small key he opened it and took out two lengths of silk cord and a blindfold that looked like an old time sleep mask.

“My tools,” he announced as he lay them at the foot of the bed.

“What, a conjurer’s trick?” I chided him.

“Hardly, now come on and get undressed. All you get to keep are your panties.”

I slipped out of my top and dropped my shorts and stood in all my radiant beauty, panties and bra, expecting a compliment. None came, instead, I heard,

“Bra, too.”

Demurely I unfastened it and let it fall.

“God, you’re lovely Cass,” As my firm, ripe breasts were exposed. Creamy white and sprayed with freckles my nipples were large and strawberry red. “You look succulent,” he added.

He had me lie on my back then used the ropes to bind my hands to each bed posts. Slip knot nooses held me, I could escape with minimal effort if I chose. Then the blindfold.

I heard him back in the closet then he gave me a little peck on the lips and asked,


I’d never felt so vulnerable in my life, still I replied, “Ready.”

I heard a buzzing sound then something touched my right breast. I jumped but my restraints held me in place. It circled my nipple then moved to my left breast and did the same before moving down between my bosoms and lower, over my tummy.

It was a vibrator of some sort but like nothing I’d ever used. It was far more powerful, as it moved over my abdomen it created a quiver in my uterus. I was nearly frozen, a combination of fear and trepidation was tempered by a heavy dose of excitement. It moved over my plump mons and stopped at the top of my slit.

“Feel good?” He asked.

“Feels funny,” I answered.

He moved it along the sides of my clitoris, never touching my little jewel, only the sides. Slowly he alternated, first one side then the other. The pressure was light, the touch gentle but the vibrations immensely stimulating.

I was awed, I could feel an orgasm building, as my hips gyrated, he moved it to my center. I screamed as my climax swept through me, I’d never felt anything so intense.

He didn’t give me time to recover, the sound of the vibrator got louder and the speed intensified. Back along my stem then enflaming my jewel. Kicking and screaming Oh God, Oh God, my vagina flooded but, no relief, over and over the buzz, the touch, the flood.

Occasionally Dan would ask, “Are you getting numb?” But he’d provide his answer by moving the vibrator directly onto my clit, making me cum, making me wail. I twisted and turned, jerking at my bonds but it was hard to concentrate on escape when my orgasms were now nearly continual.

Screaming, “Oh God, Oh God, Oh shit, Oh shit, goddamnedsonofabitch,” my ass was all over the bed, I wanted it to stop, I wanted it to never stop.

Finally I broke, “Please, no more, no more,” I implored.

The vibrator stopped immediately but Dan chuckled,

“Mamma has some soaked panties and a little puddle under her.”

He took my blindfold off then each of the restraints, gave me a kiss.

“You cheated, you used a vibrator,” I challenged him.

“I said no hands and you could keep your panties. That I could make you cum, and you certainly did, feel the crotch of your panties.”

They were drenched, I started to take them off they were so wet.

Dan stopped me, “I don’t want you ever to take off your panties when you’re with me and sex is involved. That’s my job and my pleasure, like unwrapping your most precious gift to me.”

He tugged them off, tossed them aside and admired me. My mons is plump and my labia are puffy.

“You like?” I coyly asked.

“You’re pretty as a peach but why do you shave your enchanting strawberry blonde hair?”

At that Moment I was embarrassed by my denuded pudendum. I stammered, “Yyyyou don’t like it?”

“Mamma, I like everything about you. If you like to keep it shaved that’s fine with me.”

“Dan, are you disappointed in me. What do you want me to do?”

“I’d like you to let it grow out, trim the edges if you like but I prefer you to look like a woman down there, I mean, I already get two little girls in the deal, don’t I?”

“Ok, I’ll let it grow. Can you hold me, I need a hug?”

He laid down beside me and I snuggled against his chest, then I raised my head and looked into his emerald green eyes and he kissed me, I mean, he really kissed me with passion. As our lips parted I whispered,

“Do you want to make love to me? You can, you know.”

And my ever pragmatic man replied, “I’d love to Mamma but maybe we should wait for the wedding. You’re not on birth control and I don’t use condoms.”

“As soon as I get back to Columbus I’ll make an appointment. What do you think I should use?”

“If it was my choice, I’d go with an Inter Uterine Device, they last about seven years so you don’t have the hassle of taking something daily and, when we decide to get pregnant you just get it removed.”

“Ok, check. I’ve got my to do list. Grow hair and get an IUD, anything else?”

“Well, you could arrange for a church, get out invitations, decide where you want the reception, reserve hotel rooms for Rob and Helen, Earl and anyone that you might be inviting that will need one and, finally, book a suite for me. I’ll use it then, after we’re married we can stay there.”

“And what are you going to do?”

“I’ll schedule the flights and our accommodations for the honeymoon, book a limo for the wedding and, most importantly, I’ll contact attorneys both in Columbus and here. I want to get the adoptions of Britt and Annie started as soon as possible and, down here I need to make some financial arrangements and change my will.”

“Dan, do you want a prenuptial agreement?”

“No Cass, what I want is you for the rest of my life.”

We snuggled for a while longer then he said, “Wanta go sailing tomorrow?”

“I’ve never been, is it fun?”

“I love it and I hope you do, too.”

My week with Dan was far too short. Flying home I took stock. I’d had a wonderful time, the sailing, fishing, dining and Dan were fantastic and the life I had before me looked so rosy, I was ready to be Dan’s wife, I only hoped the girls were ready to become his daughters.

When I got home I sat them down and we talked about our plans. They both had liked Dan, the idea of living in Florida appealed but both talked about changing schools and leaving old friends. I won’t say that I bribed them but when I told them that they would have their own bedroom and that the house had a pool and spa they overcame their reluctance.

Mom had agreed that the girls could stay on until school was out. I told her that I wanted her to plan on coming back to Florida with us when I picked up Britt and Annie, I wanted her to stay at least a month.

Her reply of, “Oh Cass, I’ll just be underfoot,” made me chuckle.

“Mom, you don’t understand. You’ll be staying in what Dan calls his special room. He built it for his parents, it’s really a suite with a sitting area, a dressing area, a sleeping area with a King sized bed and the bathroom, wow. It has a Roman bath, a separate shower, the other stuff and it has a bidet.”

And I dealt with the things Dan had delegated to me. Mom helped with the wedding arrangements but I had two things to do that she couldn’t assist.

I stopped shaving, enduring the persistent itching for several days and I booked an appointment with an OB/GYN. I hadn’t been to one for ten years, since Annie was born, but my appointment was with the same physician.

I’ll confess, I was nervous. I bathed then dressed in modest white panties, matching bra, a loose fitting print dress and sandals. Before I left I drank three large glasses of water. I expected he’d want a urine sample and I wanted to be prepared.

At his office his nurse updated my medical history, weighed me and took me to an examining room. She handed me one of those ridiculous garments that’s open in the back, told me to strip completely and let me know that the doctor would be in Momentarily.

As he came in, he said, “Good afternoon Miss O’Leary, I hear that congratulations are in order. When’s the wedding?”

After I’d answered he said, “So you want an IUD inserted. Good choice, they’re far more convenient than pills, don’t add hormones to the mix like pills and implants can and are over ninety-nine percent effective. Now, let’s get started, can you give me a urine specimen?” As he handed me a cup and directed me to the bathroom.

When I returned he had his nurse, who had joined us, take the cup then directed me to get up on the table.

Ears, eyes, nose and throat checked, he had me lower the top of my gown, stethoscope front and back then he checked my breasts.

“Do you self-examine yourself?”

I said I did.

“Good, now the part that all the girls just love,” he joked.

“Please lie down, put your feet in the stirrups,” And the exam began, all those fun things.

He pressed on my abdomen externally then inserted fingers into my vagina, followed by the speculum for a pap smear, so far, so good. But then the bi-manual exam, one finger in my vagina and a second in my anus, yuck and, finally, he told me since it had been so long since my last exam, you was going to perform a rectal. A greased finger up my, well up me, then the twisting and turning as he inspected my rectal wall.

It was over, he was even kind enough to wipe me. He had me stay in place, told me that he’d found no problems and inserted my brand new IUD.

After I’d dressed he cautioned me that I might experience mild cramping and a little spotting over the next several days, I was to call him if any other symptoms occurred then he scheduled another appointment for a month later so he could check for any problems.

Fortunately I didn’t experience any pain or bleeding and in the follow-up no problems were noted.

Dan and I talked every day, I told him what I’d done and updated him on preparations. From his end, he’d engaged the services of the attorneys. The Ohio firm was preparing the paperwork for filing as soon as we were married and the Florida guys had made the appropriate changes that would go into effect as soon as we were married.

I’d explained to the girls that Dan wanted to adopt them. They had never known their father, Britt was only two and Annie was in utero when he’s split, they were both elated and excited about having a real daddy.

And then the wedding. Although it was my first I was certainly not a virgin so I chose a pale lavender gown. My uncle gave me away, the girls both had parts in the ceremony, the bride got kissed and we were off to the reception.

Eating, dancing and champagne, it was heavenly. Only one thing marred it even a little. Fairly early in the evening Rob, Helen and Sherri wished us the best and left. Later I asked Dan about it.

“Cass, I think Helen had three glasses of champagne, didn’t she?”

“I guess so, I really wasn’t counting.”

“I can assure you that Rob was and she’s only permitted two.”

“So, I had four or five,” I said with the giggle of a tipsy on champagne newly wed.

“I imagine that if you listened at their hotel room door you’d hear the resounding smack of a bottom being spanked.”

“He’d spank her for that?” I asked in amazement.

“I told you that Rob’s strict. Yes, he’d spank.”

“You wouldn’t spank me for something like that, would you?”

“Cass, no, I wouldn’t, not unless you drank and drove.”

When we finally snuck away the limo was waiting and we were off to our hotel.

It felt elating, exciting and a bit mysterious. Dan had seen me naked but I’d never seen him. That was about to change.

Dan carried me over the threshold into our room. I decided to spice things up and did a little strip tease. To his laughter and applause, I got down to panties and brassiere. I unfastened my bra, tossed it at him and started to shimmy out of my panties.

“Ah, ah, ah,” he cautioned, “Remember, I get to unwrap my special gift.”

He knelt in front of me, rolled my panties off and kissed my mons veneris before picking me up and laying me on the bed.

I expected it to go quickly, that was my experience and I imagined that Dan was anxious to get his cock into me, wrong.

He undressed and slid into bed beside me. As he kissed me he caressed my breasts. My nipples were swollen almost painfully when his lips settled there. His tongue circled my areolas while his fingers gently pinched and tugged at me, then his hungry mouth moved down, laving my quivering tummy, through my soft strawberry blonde curls and to my womanhood.

The tip of his tongue parted my lips, his tongue lapped at my moist slit, he licked and tugged at each of my labium in turn then that magical tongue probed my vagina. The feelings he was giving me were spectacular, God, this was how making love was supposed to feel. He continued down, over my perineum and then, to my shock, the tip of his tongue parted my tight little rosebud. It wasn’t until that moment that I realized just what a sensitive erogenous zone my anus is. The sensations were odd, different, but oh so nice.

He worked his way up, touching all the spots he’d visited on his way down. When he got to my clit, he rapidly fluttered it with his tongue for several minutes. My tummy was on a full boil when he lifted his head.

“Mamma, I’m going to put fingers in you, I want to use a little lube,” as he reached for a bottle Pink personal lubricant that I hadn’t noticed on the nightstand.

As he worked a finger into me his mouth returned to my clit. The rapid fluttering of his tongue was inflaming me as he penetrated me with a second finger. With firm pressure his pumping fingers gave me feelings I’d never experienced. I knew what he was doing, I’d read about it but never felt it. He was massaging my G-spot.

My God, after five minutes I could feel fluid leaking from me, I thought I was peeing. I didn’t realize that my G-spot was engorged to the point that some of my ejaculate was leaking from my urethra. I was ready to explode, I was on the verge of the most spectacular orgasm ever. He took me right to the edge then pulled his fingers out as I began to gush, suddenly a finger penetrated my ass. I bucked and climaxed, squirting at least six inches high. My scream when I came was probably heard for three floors of the hotel, then all I could do was writhe and pant. Dan stayed on me, pumping his finger and swallowing my girl cum until my flow eased, then he moved up over me.

He whispered, “Still worrying about having an orgasm?” As his penis split my lips and the head entered my vagina.

My God, I thought, I’m a mother of two but as he pressed into me it was almost all I could to keep from crying out; he was huge. He took his time though, putting a little in me then pumping gently until I could take more. Over several minutes he’d succeeded in getting his cock into me entirely.

As he stroked the friction was incredible, even with the lube he was stretching me. It was causing a sweet, sweet pain. He was slow and gentle with me, working me as I opened up for him, increasing his speed, the length of his strokes as my vaginal muscles relaxed.

“My God, you’re huge,” I breathed in his ear.

“I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“Not now, Lord, I feel like I’m stuffed with pure pleasure.”

He went up on his knees, lifting my legs, changing his angle of penetration then took my right hand and brought it down so I could touch myself. For several minutes he kept his hand over mine, moving my hand so that I was masturbating. After a while he took his hand away, I kept the motion up.

There was something exotically lewd about pleasuring myself while getting fucked by the grandest cock that had ever been in me.

“Open your lips, show me the pink of your beautiful pussy Mamma, that’s it, that’s it,” as I parted my lips showing him my unhooded clitoris.

“Pet the little man in the boat, make him happy.”

I took my clitoral stem between two fingers and masturbated it like a man would with his penis.

He started pumping me harder, deeper, I was grunting as I accepted each thrust. My hand kept pace with him, amazingly, I felt another orgasm building. I think he could tell it from my face. He told me,

“Cum for me Mamma, can you cum for me?”

“Yes Daddy, Oh yes, yes, yes,” I chanted as my lady cream flowed out of me in a shuddering orgasm.

At the same Moment, I felt his cock swell and jerk, he roared as his hot semen gushed into me. He came and came, I couldn’t believe how much flooded in to me. He continued to pump me until he was drained. When he finally pulled out at least half a cup spilled out onto the sheet, down my slit and over my anus and coated my inner thighs.

With a hug he said, “You are one sexy Mamma.”

I could only reply, “Aaaaaaah.”

When I saw the massive amount of fluids we’d stained the sheets with I said, “I think we may want to move to the other bed.”

“Oh, let’s wait a while, we’re not done here yet.”

“You want to do it again?” I asked incredulously.

“Of course…I want you from behind so I can truly admire your incredible ass.”

I rolled on my belly and shook my booty at him, saying, “You really like it?”

He kissed both cheeks adding, “Delicious and delightful.”

I knew what he was looking at, two puffy cheeks, a deep anal cleft, creamy white and freckled then asked, “Why did you put your finger in me?”

“What, you didn’t like?”

“That doesn’t describe it, it was like you’d hit my launch button, God, I lost control there for a little while.”

His finger traced along my crack then he pressed on my anus.

“Cute,” he said.

It was like I could read his mind.

“It’ll never fit,” I said.

“Oh, it will. We’ll take it slow and easy. When we get back home from Aruba we’ll work together and we’ll succeed.

With that, he straddled my hips, lifted me up on my hands and knees and entered my pussy from behind. I moaned as he filled me.

He was pumping me harder and faster than before, I put my head down to the mattress but he twisted his hand into my hair and pulled my head back then, slapping me on my right butt cheek he said,

“Come on Mamma, give your Daddy a ride.”

I was working my hips as hard and fast as I could, he was thrusting into me deeply, my breath was coming in moaning pants as he smacked my bottom again.

“That’s right Mamma, that’s the way.

He kept control of me by my hair but his other hand was massaging my right cheek then it spread my cheeks and thumbed me so that I was penetrated in both holes.

“Cum for me Mamma, give Daddy your sweet juice,” he said.

And damned if I didn’t, my tummy trembled and my pussy flooded. Again, with a powerful thrust he came with a gush. By the time he pulled out our cum was running down the insides of my thighs.

I dropped to the mattress, totally spent. I’d just had more sex in the last two hours than I’d had in the previous ten years and I was one exhausted gal.

We laid together for a while then he helped me to the bathroom and sat me on the throne while he filled the big bathtub. As the cum drained from me, I immodestly took a pee with him standing right beside me. Embarrassed, I looked up at him. He gave me a smile, letting me know that it was ok, he didn’t mind.

He even folded a pad of tissue for me, after I’d wiped he flushed then picked me up as easily as a child and deposited me in the tub. He got in with me and washed me like a baby, helped me out and dried me then carried me to the other bed. Pulling back the covers he laid me down.

“No gown,” I asked.

“No gown, I want you again,” as he joined me.

Now I could see his package. Even flaccid he was bigger than any man I’d been with before. I couldn’t resist, my hand circled him and I began to stroke.

He grew and grew and grew. Hard, he was at least nine inches long but even more impressively, I couldn’t complete circle him with my hand. I cupped his balls, they were huge, it was like holding two hen’s eggs. I knew I couldn’t take it but I kissed it and licked up and down the shaft..

“Damn man, that’s impressive,” I opined.

“All for you Mamma.”

“Can I ask you some questions Daddy?”

“Any thing and any time you want.”

“Rob and Helen, they have Sherri with them; would he spank Helen with Sherri right there?”

“Cass, you don’t understand. Rob and my father both thought the embarrassment factor added to the punishment, Helen will be nude and Sherri would be sitting and watching while her mother takes her spanking.”

“How about when Sherri gets spanked?”

“What happens if they’re somewhere where he can’t spank them?”

“I don’t think you really want to know.”


“You have a great deal of interest in Rob and Helen’s affairs. I think you’re really asking about yourself and the girls, aren’t you?”

“I guess,” I rasped.

“I don’t agree that an adult should be spanked in front of children. I think it’s demeaning to the spankee and further, that it undermines her authority with the child, so, no, should the occasion arise that I think you merit a spanking it will only be you and me behind a closed door and you will be totally nude, not even your shoes or slippers.”

“And the girls?”

“Until they’re fifteen I’ll bare their bottoms but let them keep their tops. I don’t want to embarrass youngsters, I want to discipline them. Both you and our other daughter will be in attendance. I’ll always want you there, not just for spankings but also for most medical treatments, they’re young and I don’t want any misunderstandings about my intent.”

Throughout our conversation I’d been slowly stroking him, now he rolled me onto my side so that my back was to him.

He pulled me to him and said, “Arch your back, push your bottom out and lift your top leg.”

He entered me from behind so we were in the spoon position. I snuggled back against his chest and as he slowly stroked me I slept.

I awoke the next morning to find Dan with propped up on his elbow gazing at me with a little smile on his face.

“What are you looking at,” I asked.

“My oh so beautiful wife, you look so peaceful and serene when you sleep. How are you this morning?”

“Just a little saddle sore, last night I got more exercise than I’ve ever had.”

“Oh, my poor baby,” he teased me as he pulled me on top of him.

As I guided him into me I realized I was wet. He’d cum in me while I was sleeping.

Slowly I eased down taking his mighty pole in until I was sitting on him. I started an up and down motion while he held me by my hips.

“I’m the luckiest guy in the world, you know. Such a beautiful person for my wife.”

“I won’t argue with you,” I laughed.

He thrust his hips up in response to my smart answer. I quickly found out that I hadn’t taken all of him in when I sat on him, I groaned in Momentary pain from the deeper penetration, then began to ride him.

I’d rarely been on top before. All the men I’d been with wanted to dominate me, they failed but now, under me was a man giving me free rein and, in spite of my physical position he was the most dominating force I’d ever known.

As I rode him, he slipped a hand under me and stimulated me with two fingers, each along the sides of my clit.. As I rode faster his fingers flew right along with me, God, I was cumming again, with a little wail my juices soaked his pubic hair.

“That’s the way Mamma, enjoy yourself, it’s fun, isn’t it?”

“Absolutely,” I answered as he gripped my hips, held me in place, thrust up and filled me with his sizzling cum, “Absolutely,” I said once again.

We showered together, dressed for travel, went down for breakfast and got his rental car, our suitcases were already in the trunk where he’d stowed them before the wedding. We were off to the airport.

We flew to New York, changed planes and winged our way for a week in Aruba. There, we took a courtesy car to the resort.

Dan had gotten a cabana right on the beach. Once we were in our room we showered, had a romp on the bed then went for a stroll on the beach.

I couldn’t have had a better time. We did some exploring and tried a couple of restaurants but spent most of our time in bed in our room subsisting on room service cuisine.

Dan’s sexual appetite was insatiable, we had sex five or six times a day trying every position in his fertile imagination and, I, oh yeah, I had the pleasure of being pleasure orally at least twice daily.

God, how he could make me erupt, the G-spot massage along with his fluttering, flicking tongue on my clit never failed to bring on a squirting climax and I learned to crave his finger in my rectum as I came. I couldn’t get over how much semen he ejaculated, it must have been a half cup every time. I even commented that when it was time to make a baby there would be a bunch of swimmers racing to find my one little egg.

On our way home we flew to Miami then on to Orlando where we took a taxi home. Dan had told me that he’d made some changes since I’d been there last so, I was a little befuddled. The living area and the special room looked much the same. It was upstairs where the changes had been made. Two of the bedrooms were now decorated in a style appropriate for an adolescent girl. Study desks made to accommodate two people were built in and there was a laptop and a tablet on each one, additionally, there was a smart phone on both bedside tables. The girls would get lost on the beds, both had Kings.

“I didn’t do anything with the wall décor in these rooms. I though the girls might like to personalize their space. You can take them shopping when they get here and let them do what they want.”

The master bedroom, our bedroom had undergone extensive changes. The masculine room of my memory was nothing more than that, pastels dominated, the bathroom had a floral scent, there were candles set up around the Roman tub and one thing that seemed a little garish; the headboard of the massive California King sized bed was mirrored. Still, I loved the room.

We unpacked our bags, I had my own walk-in closet, now empty. Built in cabinetry supplied the drawers for lingerie and whatnot, there was a clothes hamper and shoe racks awaiting me. I couldn’t imagine, I mean, from waitress to princess, that’s how I felt.

“Want to get a bath and wash the airplane off?” Dan asked.

“You betcha,” I replied in my best Minnesota accent, as I began to strip.

Dan started the tub filling and was waiting when I got there. I said

“Mamma’s gotta pee pee, don’t want to make yellow water,” I said as I squatted. I couldn’t believe how free I felt with him It was an odd feeling, like he owned everything and I mean my body, so why couldn’t he look at it.

The first time he’d been there when I urinated he’d folded up a pat of toilet paper for me, this time he did the same but instead of giving it to me, he wiped me. I looked at him, he was smiling, then said,

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that you grew your pretty little bush back for me.”

After the sensual bath we napped, tired from the travel.

There was darned little in the hoarder so we drove to a Titusville to a restaurant called Dixie Crossroads for dinner. I’d never eaten rock shrimp before, they require a little work but yum, sweet and succulent, then we drove home, had vodka Collins at the pool and retired for the night.

I thought my guy was slowing down, but then I’m just a crazy girl, six times the next day wrapped around a grocery shopping trip.

A grocery shopping trip, for me that was going to Kroger’s, for Dan it was a stop at the butcher shop where the meat was cut to his specifications, the seafood vendor where he chose his fish and shellfish, a stop at the greengrocer for vegetables and, finally, a trip to Publix for whatever else. I was getting an education on how “the other side” lived.

When we got home and the food was stowed Dan tossed me a set of keys.

“Why don’t you use the Benz, I’ll use the Range Rover ‘till we can get you something. How would you like one of those Lexus SUV’s, the Benz is really too small to tote around the girls.”

Was I really hearing this? I was really hearing this, I could choose a $100,000 Mercedes Benz sports coupe, a Lexus SUV, or, I guess anything else my little heart desired. Sensibly I answered,

“Dan, you pick, I don’t know a lot about cars.”

“I think the Lexus would be nice, tomorrow let’s go and choose color and options that you like.”

Truly, I was beside myself, I was getting a new Lexus, in Columbus it was all I could do to keep Mom’s old clunker on the road and now I was going to be driving my own luxury car, how cool is that! But I did want to try my hand at driving his beautiful Benz sports car, I asked if we could go for a spin in it that afternoon.

“Why not, it is fun to drive and there is a little shopping we need to do so we can kill tow birds with one stone.”

“What are we shopping for?”

“Oh, a few things. I think you have lovely legs so I’d really like it if you’d wear dresses here at home, do you mind?”

I did like my shorts and jeans but I liked Dan’s admiration even more, besides, he was going to buy me new dresses, I promptly replied that I’d love to wear dresses.

“What else are we shopping for?”

“Oh, I think if you’re going to dress for me you might like some new lingerie and shoes to go with them, don’t you?”

I gave him a smile, “You’re too generous,” I said.

Honestly, most of my clothing was well worn, food, electricity and other critical things had outweighed materiel purchases on the limited income Mom and I had, I was really excited about a new wardrobe.

“Let’s go,” I told him.

“Just a minute, let me get something for you.”

When he came back, he handed me an envelope saying, “I added you to these for your shopping pleasure.”

Inside were three credit cards, a Discover card, a Visa card and that most distinctive of all cards, the American Express Black card.

“Use the black card whenever possible, it requires minimum spending of $250,000 yearly.”

I looked at him aghast, “You’re kidding.”

“No Mamma, I’m not kidding, now, let’s get started on our grand tour.”

In the car, Dan said he wanted to stop at his bank first, he gave me directions.

Once there we were escorted into the president’s office.

“Hi Dan, how can I help you today,” he asked.

“Lenny, let me introduce you to my new bride, Cassandra.”

“Cass, this is my friend and banker Lenny Howard.”

We shook hands then Dan proceeded, “We need to open a checking account for Cass and I want her to be able to access my safety deposit box.”

“No problem Dan, what do you want the initial deposit in checking to be?”

“How about we transfer $10,000 from my account.”

And my jaw dropped, Lord, that was nearly six months of my earnings at “The Prime Cut.”

As our business finished, Dan shook Lenny’s hand and said, “Let’s get together real soon for a round of golf.”

Outside, I said, “Dan, you just gave me $10,000,” I couldn’t believe he’d done that.

“Cass, I’m going to give you an allowance of $5,000 monthly for your personal expenses but the $10,000 should let you get things you’ll need now, ok?”

I was speechless, all I could was nod yes.

“Where do you want to go for your clothes?” He asked.

Hesitantly I answered, “Walmart?”

With a little smile he said, “You might like Macy’s or Neiman Marcus better.”

He directed me to Macy’s and turned me loose.

God, I’d died and gone to heaven, ladies wear, lingerie, shoes and even a stop in cosmetics, with a final tab of over $6,000 I just knew I’d spent way, way too much but Dan didn’t bat an eye, all he said was, “Use the black card.”

After I’d paid he said, “Two more stops then home, you can model your new clothes for me.”

Next was a trip to Walgreen’s.

I thought you might want to get some feminine products and there are a few things I’ll need.

I put my personal items in the cart, he asked what brand of pain reliever I preferred and I told him that the girls and I both used Tylenol, we got that then he put a four pack of Fleet enemas and a box of Ducolax suppositories in the cart, finally he chose three thermometers and added them.

“Those are rectal thermometers and why three?” I quizzed him.

“Well, rectal temperature readings are more accurate than oral and there’s one each for you and the girls.”

“You mean to say that you’d take our temperature rectally? What about you, where’s yours?”

“Mine’s in the medicine cabinet at home.”

Well, that reply shut me up (but I intended to surreptitiously check the medicine cabinet).

After we checked out he directed me to a store called Aphrodite’s Delight, it was a sex shop.

When we got out of the car he walked around to me and gave me a hug with his big hand caressing my bottom. He whispered,

“Remember the training we talked about that first night? Well, this is where we start.”

I can’t explain what my reaction was to those words, I knew what he was talking about, my tummy did flip flops then went into free fall, but it landed in my pussy, I immediately got wet.

He took my hand and led me into the store. With a yawn the tattooed tramp at the front counter pointed when Dad asked for rubber goods.

There, we found butt plugs, I mean dozens and dozens of butt plugs in every imaginable size and in all the colors of the rainbow. Dan told me to find a training kit that I liked.

Ye Gods, I thought I’m here shopping for butt plugs, what would Mom think?

With his encouragement I settled on something called Backdoor Betty complete anal training kit. It contained three different sized butt plugs and a vibrator, I carried it with the back of the package out so nobody could see what I had. Next Dan picked up a bottle of Liquid Silk lubricant and something that looked like a little bulb type douche bag (you know, the red ones with a bulb and a tube).

I looked at him questionly.

“You’ll want to be clean, it’s an anal douche.”

As we checked out the girl gave me a knowing smile and said, “My boyfriend bought me one, too.”

As I drove home I asked, Backdoor Betty, what’s that?”

“Ah well, that means a girl that likes anal sex.”

“So you’re gonna make a backdoor Betty out of me?”

With a nasty little laugh he said, “You betcha.”

I could hardly wait (read sarcasm).

Turned out I didn’t have to wait long.

Home, as I unpackaged all my new things I was like a kid on Christmas. I laid everything out, all ten dresses, the new panties and bras and five pairs of shoes. I put my creams and scents in the bathroom then sat on the bed and waited for Dan.

He’d put the pharmaceuticals in the Special Room but brought Backdoor Betty, the lube and the anal douche with him. He unpackaged them, left Betty and the douche in the bathroom and put the Liquid Silk on the nightstand.

Still excited about my new things I asked, “Do you like them Daddy?”

“They’ll look fantastic, especially with you in them Mamma.”

“Can I model them for you now?”

“There’re a few things I want to do before I get my fashion show, how about getting undressed for your Daddy?”

As I started to strip he went to the bathroom, I heard the water running and when he came back out he was carrying the little anal douche which he sat on the nightstand.

I was down to just my panties when he called me to him.

He said, “My job, my gift, as he rolled my panties off.”

He sat on the side of the bed and said, “Lay over my lap Mamma.”

My first time over his lap, it wouldn’t be the last. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the answer came quickly.

He rubbed my back and then my bottom and said, “Relax for me Mamma,” as he spread my cheeks with one hand and squeezed some of the Liquid Silk onto my anus.”

I felt his finger as it rubbed the lube around my hole then it penetrated me.

He left it in me and told me, “We’re going to use the anal douche, if there’s any feces in your rectum it will rinse it out.”

He took out his finger and I felt the little tube sliding in. The douche was only warm water, it created a nice feeling going in, calming, serene. I liked how it felt and was disappointed when he took it out.

“Just lie here and relax Mamma, in a few minutes you’ll want to use the bathroom.”

His hands were soft and gentle as he stroked my back, bottom and upper thighs. It was amazing that those huge hands were capable of such gentle caresses.

In time my bowels did want to move, I got up and went to the bathroom.

After I’d finished Dan drew a bath, lifted me in, got in with me and bathed me. After drying me off he took me back to the bed.

“That wasn’t so bad, now was it?”

“No Daddy, the douche felt nice and I love it when you bathe me.”

He kissed me and, in his embrace he lowered me to the mattress. His lips were on my breasts then down over my body, he laved my slit then used his tongue and lips on and around my clit until I was on the verge then he moved down, all the way down. As he tongued my anus he lifted my leg and said,

“Roll over for me Mamma.”

Once on my tummy all of his concentration was on my bottom. Now I knew why he’d cleaned me up so nicely. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, receiving anilingus (rimming) is fantastic, all those sensitive little nerve endings carry the electricity directly back to the genitalia.

After he’d rimmed me for about ten minutes, licking me, that probing tongue penetrating me, I was in a definite state of arousal.

Dan sensed it and told me to slip a hand under myself and masturbate, he wanted me to cum while he stimulated my anus. It worked, Oh God did it work. With my hips bucking me back against his terrific tongue and my little pussy pulsating, girly joy juice just poured out.

He stroked and kissed my ass until I’d calmed then he took me back over his lap and lubricated me.

He took the smallest of the butt plugs and showing it to me said,

“This shouldn’t hurt at all, it’s only about the size of my finger but when I’m ready to put it in, I want you to bare down and push like you’re trying to move your bowels. I know pushing out seems to defeat something coming in but it relaxes your muscles making it easier to penetrate you, ready?”

He lubed up the plug and held my cheeks apart then he rested it against my anus.

“Push,” he said. As I pushed it popped right into me.

Dan held his hand across my bottom covering the base with his palm, with gentle pressure from his hand the plug settled deeper. He continued to hold me that way for several minutes until he was sure the plug was well seated in my seat then said,

“That wasn’t so bad was it Mamma, you took it like a real trooper.”

My crazy mind, the first thing I thought to say was, “Yeah, a real pooper trooper.”

With a little chuckle he gave me a pat on the bottom and said, “Ok, now for the fashion show.”

“Take that thing out and I’ll get dressed,” I said.

“Ah, no way. You get to wear it for at least four hours or longer a day.”

“Four hours? How long do I have to do that?”

“We’ll go for a week then we’ll replace it with the middle sized one and work up until you can handle the largest one, so, I’d guess about a month before we try the real thing.”

“Daaaaan Daaaaady, I want to do my fashion show for you and we’re going car shopping tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I know, and when we’re sitting in the office at the dealership signing the papers for your car, I’ll smile at you to let you know I’m thinking about your little friend being up your cute ass.”

At first it took some doing, maneuvering around, putting on underwear and dresses, stepping into shoes and doing my clenched buttocks runway walk but I learned how. By the time I’d finished I hardly thought about it.

“Which one do you like the best?” I asked.

He pointed out a red and black print and said, “I think I like that one best, why not put it on and we can go out for dinner, I’m in the mood for Italian, ok with you?”

“Dan, I’m suppose to go sit in a restaurant with this thing in me?”

“You’re going to be wearing it most of the day and time doesn’t stand still, of course you’ll wear it to a restaurant and if you’re not a good girl I’ll get one that has a remote control and vibrates so I can give you a little charge while you’re sipping your wine.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“I would.”

“You would. I’ll be a good girl, and to answer your question, I love Italian, that sounds great.”

Dinner went fine, the osso bucco was fantastic and the wine heady but sitting did push my little friend up deeper, I was constantly aware of it, it kept me in a low level state of arousal.

Back home I undressed. Dan put me back over his lap and slowly and gently removed the plug. He handed it to me telling me I needed to wash it and put it on the nightstand. He’d put it back in the morning after I’d completed my ablutions.

“We won’t need to douche every time, I’d like you to get a calendar and track when you have a bowel movement. If you miss two days, we’ll douche but if you go three, I’ll use a two quart enema to really clean you out.

“Uggh, yuck,” I said as I picked up friend and walked to the bathroom. I wasn’t really too concerned though, I’m a regular girl.

In bed this night I got my favorite, a big, big dose of oral with two orgasms and then a cowgirl ride. There’s not much better than having my girly juice pouring down his big beautiful cock at the same time he’s pumping prodigious quantities of his man juice into me.

His arms were wrapped around me as I drifted off to sleep with a cunt full of his cum. Nothing new there, every morning I showered out the nights before and got a new injection that filled my panties during the morning. Yeah, my man was a borderline sex manic (drop borderline, I like sex but My God!).

And morning did come, Glory Be, I got out of bed, peed, tried to poop but was empty, showered and went back to the bedroom. My man was waiting but he didn’t ravish this damsel as per the norm, instead, he took me over his lap, inserted my little friend and said,

“Get dressed and I’ll take you out for breakfast, I’m starved, I want some waffles, sausages and eggs, how about you?”

Laying across his lap with a dildo up my butt was not particularly conducive to considering a breakfast menu but I did manage to mutter, “Western Omelet.”

And so, I enjoyed the distinct pleasure of my friend penetrating deeper as I sat on the bench seat at an IHOP, wow; and the sadistic husband of mine grinned at me, reveling in my discomfort.

And yes, I did start that damned calendar. No poop today but that wasn’t expected after yesterday’s douche. God damn, I thought, this is so demeaning, I mean, I have to track when I poop. Know what I did? I tracked when I pooped.

After two weeks of poop tracking, Dan reviewed my calendar and complimented me on how meticulously I’d made my notations, I wriggled under his praise like a little puppy.

Ah, after that same two weeks I’d moved up to my new friend, the middle sized plug. I handled it with no problem. Dan always spent time bringing me to several orgasms and a nice anal fingering before he inserted friend #2.

Today though might be a challenge. Dan had returned to work so he put my plug in just before he left and took it out when he returned home, I was expected to keep it in all day and today I was going shopping. Trying on clothing with my invasive friend up my bootie could present some unexpected problems, yes, today might be a challenge.

Oh, did I mention I’ll be driving my new car. Dan was so generous with me, it’s a silver Lexus LX 570 SUV, perfect for toting two adolescent girls around town. I couldn’t believe the price tag, $82,000 but it really blew me away when Dan took out his AMEX black card and THEY TOOK IT. I mean, using a credit card to buy a car, WOW.

Anyway I started at Macy’s (my new favorite, displacing Walmart), picked up a couple of sexy little dresses and decided to explore the mall. Dan had mentioned Neiman Marcus when we first went shopping so I wandered in.

Shoes, all girls like shoes. I found the shoe department and I found Nirvana, my shoes had always come from my old favorite, Walmart or Payless, but here was unbelievable (at least to my unsophisticated eye), Jimmy Choo called my name, Manolo Blahnik sang the Sirens’ Song, I fell under it’s spell. I couldn’t choose between them so I did the sensible thing, I got two pairs of both, and, of course nice shoes absolutely require accessories, so four matching handbags joined them. The black card took a hit of $5,100 for this little stop.

There was one humorous (read embarrassing) Moment, the shoe salesman (who I believe was a pretty young man of the homosexual persuasion) was fitting one of the Jimmy Choo’s and friend #2 was a little uncomfortable. I squirmed my bottom on the seat, forced the little bastard deeper and uttered a little moan, said pretty young man gave me a smirking grin and asked, “Is madam uncomfortable?” He knew, damn it, he knew (I’d bet it was from experience).

I didn’t know it at that Moment but the seeds of “Compulsive Shoe Shopper disease,” a frequent female disorder had infected me. I took my purchases home, I couldn’t wait to model them for Dan.

When I got home, Luz was there. Dan had employed her as his housekeeper for years, her husband, Juan Carlos was his yardman, and they were both hard at work. They came in once a week so, my housewife duties were limited. I made the bed, cooked and cleaned up the kitchen, less than an hour of work each day. I felt like a pampered princess.

I still called my Mom each day, we’d chat for thirty minutes or so, she’d share what was happening with her then grill me on how I liked married life with Dan. I gave her a call.

Sometimes I can be such a Chatty Kathy, I’d already mentioned my new sex life and today, she wanted me to elaborate.

“How often Cass?”

“At least once in the morning and another at bed time,” I truthfully told her.

“What’s it like?”

“Mom, you’re prying.”

“I just want to be sure my little girl’s happy…what’s it like?”

“Oh Mom, I used to think I was borderline frigid but Dan’s turned me into a little orgasm machine. He takes his time with me, brings me to climax once or twice with his fingers and tongue before he even enters me then takes the time to be sure I have another.”

“You have three orgasms every time,” She asked incredulously.

“At least.”

“God girl, I haven’t had one since I was twenty, I’m jealous, what else?”

“God, you are a nosy Mommy, aren’t you.”

“Come, come, come, give it, no secrets from your Mom.”

I’d been less than circumspect in earlier conversations but I hadn’t mentioned my anal training, I started,

“Mom, Dan’s so big and he wants…”

She interrupted, “How big?”

“Mooom, darn, ok, he says he’s never measured but I’d guess he’s about nine inches and so big around I can’t get my hand around it.”

“Oh Cass, I’m swooning. I always wanted to try a big man but I guess that’s never going to happen now, so what else, what does he want?”

“I was trying to tell you but you interrupted. He wants to do anal sex with me but I’m intimidated and, frankly, scared because of his size, so he’s training me.”

“Anal sex, just the thought always seemed so dirty to me, you know, so poopy.”

“Mom, I keep myself clean, shower once a day and take a bath, you know?”

“I meant inside, stuff’s going up where you poop, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it is. Dan has me keep a calendar tracking my bowel movements. If I go two days without going he gives ma a little anal douche to clean my rectum.”

“Sounds terrible, what’s it like?”

“Actually, it’s pretty nice, he uses a little syringe, like a bulb enema but a lot smaller, he lays me on his lap and caresses me to relax me then puts a little lubricant on my anus and puts warm water in me. I like the feel of the water but I really like laying on Dan’s lap, enjoying his attention until I have to go.”

“You said he was training you, what does he do?”

“Mom, do you know what a butt plug is?”

“I guess the name is self explanatory, is it a plug that goes up a butt?”

“Yeah, it is, anyway we started a couple of weeks ago. I got this training kit with three sizes of plugs. For two weeks I wore the smallest one, it didn’t hurt at all, then starting today I moved up to the medium sized one, it stretched me a little going in but it’s ok. I keep it in for at least four hours a day. Dan puts it in before he leaves for work and takes it out when he gets home.”

There was a pause then she said, “That means you have it in you right now, doesn’t it? What’s that like, I mean talking to your old Mom while you’ve got a plug up your heinie?”

“Not nearly as bad as what happened earlier,” I said and recounted my squirming shoe buying experience.

We shared a laugh over that one then it was good bye.

When Dan got home, I was excited. I wanted to model my new outfits and shoes for him right away so he took a seat and let me have at it. I was getting pretty good at walking in high heels with my plug in place, I guess clenching my butt cheeks creates good posture.

Dan followed my upstairs to the bedroom. He saw the bags that I’d emptied and commented,

“I see you found Neiman Marcus. I recognized that one pair of your new shoes and handbag were Jimmy Choo’s, what about the rest?”

“There are two pairs of Jimmy Choo’s and two pairs by Manolo Blahnik, aren’t they beautiful?”

“They’re nice, but don’t go overboard Mamma.”

“Oh, I won’t, I promise.”

That was the first hint of a spending caution to me, but, of course that disease I’d mentioned earlier already had me in its clutches.

Unlike usual, when I’d strip down to my panties then Dan would take them off, this evening he undressed me. When he unfastened my bra and let it drop he was behind me, he cupped my breasts and softly teased my nipples, then trailed a hand down until he could rub my clit through my panties.

“My beautiful Cassandra,” he coed in my ear.

He guided me to the bed and laid me on my back before he slowly rolled my panties off. I expected him to remove my plug but he didn’t, instead, he kissed and licked all over my body until he settled his mouth on my vulva.

From the nightstand he took the lube. He lubricated the fingers of his left hand and, while his magic tongue took my clit to new heights, those two fingers entered my vagina. Oh, yeah, I was going to get a fabulous G-spot massage. Working both his hand and tongue together he took me up, up and away, this is the way he brings me to squirting orgasm and tonight he didn’t disappoint.

I was afraid my vaginal and anal contractions would dislodge my friend but Dad put his hand over my bottom holding it in place for me.

As I settled down Dan rolled me over on my tummy and lifted me to my knees. He entered me creating a strange sensation, my vagina was filled with his big beautiful cock but my plug was still filling my rectum. As I got used to the feeling I kinda liked it, there were a whole lotta nerve endings getting stimulated at the same time.

When Dan began to pump me, he pushed on my butt plug, when he thrust forward he pushed the plug forward, when he stroked back he let the plug slip back. I thought, this is part of my training, too, him positioned behind me creating pleasant sensations in my anus and rectum

After he’d fucked me for about ten minutes he pulled me back by my hair and whispered,

“Masturbate for me.”

God, my clit, my pussy, my anus all being pleasured, then he smacked my bottom,

“Come on, work it Mamma, cum for your Daddy, give me some of your sweet nectar.”

Almost on his command, I climaxed, he was right with me. I love the warm feeling of his cum gushing into me, of it running down the insides of my thighs , but tonight Dan forced me down to the mattress while he was still in me. He stayed on my back and continued to pump me. His weight pushed the plug deeper, his pumping motion created the feeling that I was being sodomized by a small penis. I liked it and I knew that was just the feeling Dan was going for.

After a few minutes Dan pulled out. He sat back resting on my thighs,

“I’m going to take it out now Mamma,” he said as he slowly removed my plug and put it on the nightstand.

Then he laid forward over my back, his penis fitted nicely along my crack, he reached forward and held my neck with both hands as he slowly slid back and forth, making contact with my anus. He applied a little pressure to my neck with his hands, pressure to my carotid arteries. I trust Dan implicitly, I knew he wouldn’t harm me.

Yet, slowly as his hands tightened my vision began to tunnel. He pressed against my anus then I felt his cock jerk. I was on the verge of blacking out when he came on me. The sensations I got were intense, I was twisting, squirming and bucking, I exploded in orgasm; breath games, that’s what he’d done.

He held me and whispered, “You’re spectacular Mamma, I love you and I’m so lucky that I found you.”

“God Daddy you’re a fantastic lover. I wanta cum if you just touch me. I want to please you so badly, do you want Mamma’s bottom right now, You can, you know.”

“I want you ready, a bad experience for you would be worse than no experience at all. Let’s finish your training then have years of fun, ok? Now, let’s get a bath, you’re kinda sticky.”

“And that’s my fault?”

“Of course it is, you’re just so sexy I can’t resist you.”

I just loved it when he bathed me, such intimacy, so sensual.

He dried me and took me to bed. Before I dozed off a thought struck me; boy was Mom gonna get a shock when I told her about tonight.

And she was, when I called her, she kept me on the phone for an hour. She wanted every detail, what he’d done, how I felt, her breathing got a little ragged, it was almost like she was having phone sex with me.

And each call thereafter was the same, until she finally blurted out the truth. She’d started to masturbate at night thinking about the things I’d told her.

At the end of the two weeks two things happened, first, I moved up to the largest butt plug and secondly Dan once again commented on my ever increasing shoe wardrobe. I was up to about twenty pairs and climbing rapidly.

Dan had a little trouble getting the large plug in but he massaged my anus then fingered me to stretch me and, with gobs of lube he got that big boy into me. The first time I sat down it felt like it was up in my tummy.

As a treat for myself for having taken big boy I, of course went shopping. And lo and behold, I found a brand new guy. He was waiting for me in the shoe department of Saks 5th Avenue. His name is Christian Louboutin and he has distinctive red soles. I helped myself to two pairs along with matching handbags.

I’d targeted Valentine’s Day as the day I’d lose my anal virginity and it was moving nearer and nearer. Then the day was upon me. The night of the thirteenth Dan took my butt plug out for the last time.

Dan was taking me out for dinner for Valentine’s. He had to work that day so I went to a day spa, got a manicure and pedicure then had my hair done before a quick stop at Neiman Marcus for a new dress and a pair of Jimmy Choo’s for our dinner.

Back home, even though my poop calendar said I was ok I gave myself a little anal douche, bathed and applied light make-up. I wanted to be beautiful for Daddy tonight.

Dan got home, showered and changed. Our reservations were for eight, we would be dining at Le Coq Au Vin, the best French restaurant in Orlando. It was a little crowded but the food was fantastic, the most memorable meal I’d ever eaten, then at the end of the meal as we sipped the last of our wine Dan said,

“You have no idea how proud of you I am Cass, you’re everything a man could ask for in a woman, in a wife. I have a little gift to try to show my appreciation.”

He pulled a box from his jacket pocket and opened it. Inside was the most beautiful watch I’ve ever seen. The box told me it was a Rolex but the watch, Oh my, the watch, it was a Lady Rolex Datejust President, 18k yellow gold set with 24 diamonds, my eyes teared in gratitude for my kind and generous man. All I could say was,

“Thank you Daddy, it’s absolutely stunning.”

When we got home and went up to the bedroom, I’ll be honest, fear set in. Tonight was the night, crazy thoughts went through my head, I imagined him mounting me from behind and humping me like a wild animal, hurting me, making me scream and cry.

He slowly undressed me, his eyes worshiped me, when my brassiere came off he gently caressed my breasts and told me they were perfect, that I surpassed Aphrodite or Venus then he kissed each nipple. As he knelt he kissed down my body, across my tummy and abdomen before rolling my panties off. Still kneeling in front of me he trailed his tongue through my strawberry blonde curls then flicked the little jewel of my clitoris with his tongue. He stood, picked me up and laid me on the bed, then he undressed and joined me.

Our lips met and we whispered our love. He treated me so gently, his big hands soft on my body as he stroked my breasts, sides and tummy. His lips followed his hand. His mouth settled over my sex, he opened my lips with the tip of his tongue, his fingers probed me.

“You’re delicious Mamma, your sweet nectar surpasses the nectar of the Gods, your fragrance is beyond roses. I could give up food just to feast here for eternity,” and feast he did.

Orgasms rolled through my body, violent contractions in my uterus, my vagina and my anus, gripping me, releasing me and gripping me again. I cried out, I wailed my pleasure unsurpassed. He licked my weeping slit, he sucked the juices from my vagina, he kept me cumming for what seemed like hours, then he slid up my body, embraced me and entered me, stroking and thrusting he brought me to yet another climax. This time he joined me, him grunting and me wailing, we set up quite a chorus. Afterward we laid together snuggling for some time.

But speaking of time, my time had come. Gently Dan rolled me onto my tummy. He rubbed and caressed my back then down to my bottom. When he touched my anus I tensed, there was a ball of ice in the pit of my stomach. He moved his hand and massaged my cheeks.

“I won’t hurt you Mamma, I’m going to use a little of the lube and massage you. I want to help you relax. You’ve trained for tonight and you’re a confident young woman, let your training take control. Do you want to do this?”

“Yes Daddy,” I rasped

He took the bottle of Liquid Silk, poured some on his fingers and warmed it with his hand.

“Take a deep breath and let your muscles relax, I’m going to touch you now.”

He parted my cheeks, I took my deep breath, then he touched me. He circled my anus with the tip of his finger then brushed it across my hole before circling again. He kept that up for about ten minutes before I felt myself relaxing, my muscles losing their tension.

“I’m going to put a finger in you now,” he said as he added even more lubricant.

Just the tip of a finger entered me, my sphincter clenched it.

“Try to relax for me Mamma.”

With a conscious effort I relaxed.

“That’s my girl,” he told me.

Slowly, he penetrated me with the finger. He rotated it in my hole feeling my rectal walls, gently stretching my anal ring. After several minutes he added more of the Liquid Silk, a second finger joined his first, he parted them so that they stretched me. He moved the digits around so that my entire ring was stretched, I was as ready as I was going to be.

He added even more of the lube and lubricated his penis then rolled me onto my side so that we were in the spoon position.

“This first time, I think this position is best. I can’t go as deep and it gives you more control. If I hurt you, sing out and I’ll stop. Your comfort is far more important than my pleasure. Are you ready?”

Those dreaded words, “Are you ready.”

“Yes Daddy, I’m ready.”

He lifted my top leg a little, slid up behind me and guided his penis to my anus, then said,

“I’m going to do it now, remember to push.”

I felt the press against me then I heard, “Push.”

As I pushed, so did he, the head of his penis popped through my sphincters. I didn’t feel pain but I did feel pressure. His cock was larger that my rectum in its empty state but the walls are elastic and stretch. As he slid in that’s what I was feeling, my rectum yielding to the huge intruder.

“You ok Mamma?” Dan asked.

“Unhuh Daddy, we’re doing it aren’t we?”

“We are, you are. God you’re a brave girl Mamma.”

I didn’t say it but I agreed. Just a few months ago and I couldn’t have imagined doing this but here I was, the training and Dan’s patience and gentle manner had made it possible for me to satisfy my man.

Dan wasn’t all the way in but using short, small strokes he was opening me. Like I said, I wasn’t in pain but as he filled my rectum I had the sensation of having to move my bowels. When I said that, Dan began to massage my abdomen.

“Give me your hand,” Dan.

He put it where his was on my abdomen.

“Feel it?” He asked.

I could, it was like I had an alien in my guts, a one eyed alien, I could feel his thrusts through my abdominal wall, I kept my hand there and petted my one eyed alien.

When he finally worked his way in completely he took my hand down to my pussy and held it there. I knew what he wanted me to do. I began to masturbate, I continued after he’d taken his hand off mine and moved it to my breasts. What an experience, what wild sensations, three erogenous zones being stimulated simultaneously and, just as importantly my mind, how I felt about myself and about Dan. I felt so contented, so relaxed, so close to my partner and so very much loved.

I can’t purport it to be an anal orgasm, it was more like full body arousal. With Dan deep in me, I began to tremble, my tummy rippled and with a moan my vagina just poured. I think the anal contractions from my orgasm squeezed Dad and brought him over the top. I could feel his jerking cock in my anus and the heat of his semen as he filled my bowels, it was wonderful, I’d never been so fulfilled. It was like my guts were melting. I can tell you the feeling of surrendering to your man is powerful during anal sex. The feelings of vulnerability, defenselessness, so under his control. I know it’s not for everyone but it’s exactly what I desire, a powerful man who will train me, control me and most of all protect me and I have it in Dad.

When he pulled out I laid back in his arms and just let him hold me, I was exactly where I wanted to be.

I turned my face to his and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

From that day, anal sex became an integral part of our love making, at least three or four times a week I ceded my bottom to my big man.

Mom was at first aghast when I told her that anal had become part of our sexual repertoire but, by the time I explained how much I liked it, how I felt, I think she was ready to give hers up. I told her that with a chuckle, letting her know I was kidding. I was surprised when she moaned, “Oh Cassie, you have no idea how much I miss sex. Even with your sorry father it was better than none at all.

I was certain she was masturbating when we hung up.

It was Saturday evening, Dan and I had just finished a dinner of grilled salmon with capers on a bed of saffron rice and grilled asparagus spears. We’d had our family meetings every Saturday evening since we’d been married but, in truth all they’d been was a few minutes of conversation over coffee after our meal, there really wasn’t much that warranted any more but tonight was different. School was out for the girls the following week.

I was going to fly up to Columbus, spend a day and fly back with them and Mom, she was coming down for a month. Dan and I both were so anxious to see them. The adoptions were complete so, this would be the first time Britt and Annie would meet Dan as their father and they, his daughters, we both prayed that it would go well.

As to the logistics, Dan left most of that to me. We were giving Mom the Special Room for her visit and the girls bedrooms were ready for them, the only thing lacking the decorations of their choice.

Little things, like Dan contacted Luz and Juan Carlos; with the added family there would be more work for them, he gave both of them nice raises to compensate.

School and medical records, it fell upon me to have the school records transferred to the elementary school for Annie, she’d be a sixth grader and to the middle school for Britt as she was going into grade eight. He even had me ask Mom to get her records in case anything should happen in her month.

I found a pediatrician through a medical referral service and, after doing some background work I elected an African-American woman, Dr. Washington (unbelievably, her first name was Georgette, must have had patriotic parents), phoned her, and explained our circumstances. She told me that the girls would need physicals and some required inoculations before enrolling in school so I set back to back appointments and got the information to transfer their medical records.

And so it went, then I winged north.

Dan had taken me to the airport, he would meet us with my Lexus, we’d need the space.

The return meeting at the airport was nice, hugs all around. When Mom gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek Dan pecked her on the lips and said,

“Cheeks are for Frenchmen kissing Frenchmen, not for the kissing of beautiful women.”

I could see that she was confused, excited and aroused, particularly when he let his hand drop to lightly touch her bottom. Maybe I should have been upset, you think but, why would I. I’d told Dan about my conversations with Mom and had given him carte blanche to give her a thrill.

On the drive home we talked about our plans, we’d go out for dinner tonight, no one wanted to cook then, tomorrow I’d take Mom and the girls shopping. Everyone needed some new clothes and, besides, it was my very favorite pastime and Dan had to work. Dan was taking the following day off. He and the girls were going to hit Seaworld while Mom and I visited a day spa, from there on out we’d play it by ear.

When Dan pulled in the driveway, I could feel the dropping of jaws as they surveyed the house.

Ever precocious Annie piped up, “This is yours Dan?”

Dan turned so he could look her in the eye as he answered, “This is ours Annie, we’re family.”

Dan toted the suitcases, he settled Mom into the Special Room as I watched. I knew she’d never been in such an elegant room in her life and now, for a month it was hers. She walked around the sitting area touching the furniture, gazing at the 60” HD TV on one wall, at the music system. Dan switched on the music, I’d told him that she liked easy listening so, some old Sinatra played low as they continued their tour. The sleeping area with its big California King, huge gilded mirrored wall, easy chair and another set of speakers. He switched them on and the music poured out. Next the bathroom, the Roman tub looked like a swimming pool to Mom, the room was trimmed in gold and the separate shower had five golden shower heads set at various levels, the sink and commode, at least these were familiar to her then she spotted the bidet. She’d never seen one, she asked,

“Dan, what’s this, it looks like a combination between a throne and a water fountain?”

“Ah, maybe I aughta let Cass explain that?”

“Why, it can’t be all that bad, can it?”

“No, it’s not bad Maggie, but you’re my mother-in-law, you know.”

“Come on, you can tell me.”

“Ok Maggie, turn that knob there, turn it slowly, we don’t want a geyser.

Now, a woman would straddle it and raise the water pressure. A woman uses it to wash her private parts.”

“My gosh, what will they think of next.”

“Actually, the bidet is kinda old, it originated in France around 1710, not like it is now, of course but that was its origin.”

After the tour, Dan helped her unpack. I could see that her wardrobe was sparse and worn, I’d fix that tomorrow.

God, I’d let my little Hellangles run amok while we settled Mom in. The first thing I heard was my ever precocious Annie. She loudly announced, “There’s a pool, a great big pool, can we go swimming?”

Dan had come out, he smiled, “That’s what a pool’s for, of course you can go swimming, but only when an adult is there.”

“Can I go right now?”

“Why not,” Dan replied.

“But I don’t have a suit.”

“Oh, you’re not a skinny-dipper? He asked.

I piped in, “We’ll get suits tomorrow when we go shopping.”

Mom, the girls and I got freshened up and we went out to a little Italian restaurant I like, when we got home Dan convened our Saturday evening meeting. He explained to Britt and Annie that we’d have a family meeting each Saturday after dinner to talk about anything we decided to talk about, they were invited and expected to participate. This night he even invited Mom to sit in. Dan started.

I know we don’t know each other real well, but we will, we’re family and families stick together. I want each of you to be as happy as possible and I believe the only to get the best out is communication. If something bothers you, get it out so we can remedy it, if you do something special brag about so we can share in your success.

There are a few rules that I insist be obeyed. The obvious ones; no illicit drug usage, no underage drinking although, under supervision you may get a little wine on special occasions, no smoking, when you’re on your own that will be your decision but here it’s forbidden. I’ve seen the health damage it can cause and I don’t want that to befall my family.

Now, a few that might not be so obvious. Honesty, tell the truth and expect others to be truthful with you, respect to others, that means no hitting or name calling. I suppose we can cover most of this by simply abiding by the Golden Rule, Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Now, I’ll get off my soapbox and open the floor.

The rest was mostly the girls trying to figure out how they fit in. Annie: Do we really get our own room. Britt: Can I put my posters up in my bedroom.

And my input; Britt, Annie, you’ll have one job. We have a housekeeper that comes in weekly to do the heavy cleaning but it’s your responsibility to make your own bed each morning.

Meeting adjourned and to bed. Dan took the girls to their rooms. He showed them their laptops and tablets, gave them their phones and the associated number and showed them that our home number and his and my cell were already input. He gave each of them a hug and fatherly kiss and let me take over.

I showed them to their bathroom, pointed out shampoo, toilet tissue and the like. Britt, at twelve had started having her periods, I showed her where her feminine products were stored under the sink then with kisses and hugs, tucked them in for the night.

I checked on Mom, everything there was fine then went to my bedroom, Dan was waiting. I undressed and went to him to have my panties taken off., as he took them he said,

“Big day, I’m so happy we’re together as a family. The girls are great and your Mom’s a doll. I picked good, hunh, beautiful sexy wife and a fantastic family, I’m a lucky guy.”

“No Dan, it’s me that’s lucky, I can’t imagine a more wonderful man.”

“Well, lie down here and give this wonderful man a kiss.”

I know Dan sensed that I was tired from traveling so our sex was more subdued than usual. He warmed me up to the boiling point then brought me atop him so I could be his little cowgirl. I like that position and he knows it.

Even our morning romp was shortened, there was breakfast to fix for a family of five. I went down, put the coffee on and started scrambling eggs and frying bacon.

After we’d eaten and cleaned up Dan was off to work and, shortly thereafter we climbed in the Lexus and were off to do some shopping.

Britt and Annie were hesitant at first, they’d never been to a place like Macy’s but it didn’t take long before they were picking out shorts, jeans, T-shirts. Next, underwear, panties for both and training bras for Britt, then on to swimwear and finally, I insisted that they pick out several dresses.

Mom followed along through the children’s departments but held back when I wanted to get her some things. I sold her on participating when I said,

“You know, Dan really likes a woman in a dress, you have nice legs, show them off a little, he’ll appreciate the view. And if he’s naughty and looks up your skirt, wouldn’t you like to have on pretty panties?”

Sold. She picked out one dress, I insisted that she needed five, one bra and two pairs of panties, no way, she got three brassieres and ten pairs of panties then on to the shoe department.

Kids, a pair of sneakers, a pair of sandals and a pair of dress shoes each. Mom, two nice pairs and a matching handbag, and I couldn’t resist, I picked up a pair of DKNY Lael Shooties.

And I got Mom a cute one piece swimming suit in spite of her complaints.

“Gotta tan up those legs if you’re going to be wearing a dress, right.”

When we got home I told them, everyone unpack your shopping bags but leave things out. Dan loves a fashion show with new clothes. The girls ran off to their rooms but Mom lagged.

“You, too Mom,” I said, “I think Dan would really enjoy seeing you in your new dresses.

“You really think so, I mean I’m just a washed out fifty year old woman.”

“Dan thinks you’re lovely, he told me so.”

After she went to her room, I added my new shoes to my burgeoning collection and started dinner.

After the meal, I announced,

“Fashion Show.”

The girls ran to their rooms but Mom hung back.

“You, too,” I chided her, “We’ve got to show Dan that his money was well spent.”

First down was Annie in a new pair of shorts and T-shirt accessorized by a delightful pair of Nike sneakers. She was her normal bouncy self and Dad was complimentary, but Britt was anything but bouncy. She was slinky, almost flirtatious as she modeled one of her new dresses. When Dan told her how beautiful she looked, she blushed.

Twelve, just the age when young female bodies start to develop and hormones awaken new, strange feelings. I think my little girl is quite taken with her new Daddy.

And so the show went on, shorts, jeans and dresses, when Britt modeled a pair of shorts Dan told her she had a cute butt.

She fell all over herself, “You really think so Da…” she stopped, at a loss, not knowing how to proceed.

“Britt, Sweetie, whatever you’re comfortable with, if you want to call me Dad that’s ok but if you want to call me Daddy, I’d love it.”

“Daddy,” she said then repeated, “Daddy, I’ve never really had a Daddy.”

“You do now, you’ve got a Daddy that loves you, how about a hug?”

He got more than a hug, she jumped into his lap, wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a big kiss then floated off like she was walking on air.

I didn’t hear her but upstairs Britt was elated, she bragged to her sister,

“Daddy said I have a cute butt and I kissed him.”

“Daddy?” Annie asked.

“Dan, he is our Daddy now, you know. I’m gonna call him Daddy.”

Annie, of course had to speak up, she came down in shorts and asked,

“Did you really tell Britt she has a cute butt?”

“Yep, I did.”

“What about me?”

“Well, turn around and let me check you out.”

“That is the cutest little ten year old tush I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing.”

“You really mean that.” She asked as she turned back around.

“You betcha.”

“Can I kiss you, too Daddy?”

“Any time you want to Cutie.”

With that, he got a kiss on the cheek.

“Nope, not like that, I kiss pretty girls on the lips.”

She gave him a little peck and headed back upstairs.

The girls show was over but Mom was still in her room. I went to get her, she was sitting in the sitting area in one of her new dresses.

“Come on Mom,” I said.

“I feel so foolish Cassie,” but she followed me out.

Dan could tell she was uncomfortable, he got up and went to her.

“You look fantastic Maggie,” he said as he gave her a hug.

She kinda clung to him. He rubbed her back, his hand coming down as far as the top of her bottom, as he held her.

“I can never thank you enough for having brought my lovely wife into the world, I’ll always be in your debt. And I see where she got her beauty, she has such an attractive mother.”

Mom’s legs seemed a little wobbly as she walked to her room. I followed her and asked, “Are you ok Mom?”

She turned to me, her eyes were glassy with tears, “Oh Cassie, I can’t remember when a man said such sweet words to me, Dan’s such a nice guy.”

“I agree, I think I’m a lucky gal.”

“You are, oh Lord, you are.”

“Mom, why don’t you have a nice bath and relax, it’s a Jacuzzi and will feel great.”

She was relaxing in the jets when I left the room.

Next day, Dan and the girls set out in his Land Rover for a day at Seaworld and Mom and I headed to the day spa. She’d never been pampered like she was that day, manicure, pedicure, shampoo and set, and a massage.

As we drove home she said, “That was so relaxing but I feel limp as a rag.”

Dan, Britt and Annie got home shortly after we did. The girls were still excited about the Killer Whale show, so we got a blow by blow description. After I sent them upstairs to get ready for dinner Dan said to Mom,

“You look fantastic, both of you. Maggie, I love your hairstyle, it’s perfect for you.”

After dinner we watched a little TV then I sent the girls to bed. Dan went up for their good night kisses but when he came back down, Mom had left the room.

“Where’s Maggie?” He asked.

“She said she wasn’t feeling well, she went to bed.”

“Why don’t you go on up, I’ll be there in a few minutes, I want to look in on her before I do,” he said.

And, yes I did want to go up to the bedroom, there was something I wanted to see.

Dan lightly tapped on Mom’s door then went in. She was in bed, he went to her and sat on the bedside.

“Feeling bad Maggie?” He asked, “I handle the medical around here, tell me what the matter is.”

“My head and stomach ache.”

He put his hand to her brow, “You do feel a little warm, let me check your tummy.”

He turned her covers down and told her, “I’m going to lift your nightgown and press a few places, tell me if it hurts.”

He turned the bottom of her gown up, her panty clad lower body and bare tummy were exposed. He pressed several spots on her stomach then rubbed her as he told her,

“Maggie, I’m going to lower your panties a little so I can check your abdomen.”

He turned them down to where just the very top of her pubic hair was exposed then pressed, feeling for any painful areas or unnatural tightness.

When he’d finished he sat beside her. As he gently massaged her abdomen with light, circular strokes he said,

“I didn’t find anything but a lovely lady’s shapely body but, for the headache I’ll give you two Tylenol’s and I want to get your temperature to make sure there’re no infections, ok?”

“Yes Dan,” she said in an almost pleading voice.

Dan went to the bathroom and came out with the pills, a glass of water, his (well my) thermometer stuck in a jar of Vaseline. He helped her to sit, gave her the pills and the water. As she laid back down he said,

“Roll over on your tummy for me will you please Maggie.”

She just looked at him, then said, “Why?”

“I need to see if you’re feverish.”

Slowly she complied, she realized that he was going to take her temperature rectally and she complied.

“Maggie, I’m going to lower your panties,” he told her as he lowered the seat of her panties so he could gain access.

“I’m going to touch you now, we need a little lube so this won’t hurt.”

He dipped a finger into the Vaseline, spread her cheeks with his other hand and rubbed it onto her anus. As he circled her ring, giving her a little anal massage he asked her to relax for him. The massage continued.

Maggie didn’t know whether to be embarrassed or to climax. No one had ever touched her there and it felt nice. She remembered her daughter telling about her anal experiences and daydreamed, wondering what it would feel like.

Dan pressed on her sphincter and entered her with the tip of his finger. As he slowly pumped her, Maggie took a deep breath and let her body go limp.

“It feels good doesn’t it Maggie.”

It did, she’d never felt quite so relaxed, not even at the day spa.

“I’m going to put the thermometer in now Maggie,” he told her.

He inserted the tube and instructed her to lie still. One hand was across her bottom holding the thermometer in her while the other rubbed her back and sides.

He left it in for four minutes, it read 99.4 degrees, normal for a rectal reading. Taking a tissue from the box on the nightstand, he wiped her and said,

“Good news Maggie, no infections, you can turn back over but please leave your panties down, I want to check your front again.”

He again massaged her abdomen then to the top of her thighs and again her abdomen. As he continued to gently stroke her he said,

“You’re sweet but you’re not really sick, are you Maggie.”

Like a little girl caught in a fib, she didn’t answer but instead just nodded no.

“Tell me what’s bothering you.”

“Oh Dan, I’m so depressed. It’s so nice here but I have to go home sometime. I’ll be alone, no Cassie and the girls are gone now, I’m already feeling lonely.”

“Maggie, you could stay here with us, we have two extra bedrooms or better yet, so you could have some peace and privacy I could have a small house, a mother-in-law’s quarters built out beyond the pool, would you like that?”

“You’d do that for me?” She asked.

“Maggie, we’re a family, we do for each other, we protect each other and you’re an important part of our family. I want you here.”

Maggie laid back. She was smiling as she relaxed and let her legs fall apart.

“I think I know something else you might like,” Dan said as he caressed her between her opened thighs.

She caught her breath, she did want it but she said, “Dan, you’re my daughter’s husband.”

“Yes, I am and Cass asked me to do whatever it took to make you happy, would that make you happy?”

Once more, no verbal answer but the head nod this time was yes.

He helped her to sit then took her nightgown up over her head then unfastened her bra and took it from her shoulders. Her fifty year old breasts were freckled like mine but they were smaller and not nearly as firm, Dan laid her back and smiled,

“Beautiful,” he said as he bent and kissed each of them, “You’re a beautiful lady Maggie, absolutely beautiful.”

Maggie was already beginning to lubricate as Dan removed her panties. He quickly undressed and joined her on the bed, taking her into his arms.

She came at him with a passion. Kisses and little love nips were shared before he moved down to worship her breasts with hands and tongue. Her arousal was intense, her nipples swollen as she moaned,

“So long, it’s been so long.”

Lower, across her tummy, and over her abdomen, his tongue tickled her pubic hair and his lips gently tugged at them before he opened her slit with his fingers. He spent a few Moments admiring her reddish pink core, breathing in her heady feminine fragrance before his lips touched her and his tongue slithered along her slit.

No man had ever done this to Maggie, oh they wanted her to do them but for them to do her, they all said, “That’s dirty.”

Obviously Dan didn’t think that way. When his tongue touched her anus it was like she’d been hit by an electrical charge and when his mouth settled on her clitoris she knew what heaven was.

He got a bottle of Pink lubricant from the nightstand drawer and let her know that he was going to put fingers in her. She didn’t know it but she was in for a lot of fun, not much tops a G-spot massage.

As his tongue rapidly flew across her clit, two fingers pumped and firmly massaged her G-spot. Five minutes in, Maggie felt the pressure build, Dan could feel the swelling of her G-spot, it was engorged and ready to erupt when he pulled his fingers out. Just as her orgasm hit, one of his lubed fingers penetrated her anus.

Maggie screamed from the intensity, she’d never had a squirting orgasm before and she’d never been analy penetrated, it took her breath away. He left his finger in her, pumping her while he continued her cunnilingus. Dan didn’t come up until Maggie had cum three times, then he slid up her body.

As he guided his cock to her entrance he told her,

“If I hurt you, let me know, ok my beautiful lady.”

He took it slow with her, like Cass he was far larger than any previous man had been plus she hadn’t had intercourse in years. Just an inch at a time he worked into her. Maggie gave out a little moan with each forward thrust,

“Oh Dan, Oh Dan, God, you’re so big.”

“Am I hurting you Maggie?”

“A little bit but it’s a good hurt, sweet pain, don’t stop.”

“When it’s time I’m going to cum in you, is that ok?”

“Oh yes Dan, I want your cum in me.”

“Can you cum for me again Maggie, I want you to cum with me in your sweet body and I’ll cum in you.”

It was several more minutes before Dan was completely in her and began to stroke. Tender feminine flesh was being stretched, Maggie moaned repetitively but repeated over and over,

“Yes, yes, yes,” as her vagina was opened by his massive cock.

He fucked her for thirty minutes to the melody of her moaning before she shouted,

“I’m gonna cum Dan, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.”

Dan stroked deeper and faster, as her body trembled and her vagina contracted in orgasm he roared and blasted. Together they bounced around the bed sharing their mutual orgasm, making animal like sounds. It went on for several minutes before they were both spent. As Dan pulled out he left Maggie a huge cream pie then held her as she snuggled in his arms. In Moments she was sleeping.

Dan got up, gathered up his clothes and went upstairs.

I know all this happened, remember when I said there was something upstairs that I wanted to look at? It was our audio/video coverage of the Special Room, I had just watched my husband make love to my mother. Was I angry? Hell no, I was hotter than a $2.00 pistol. As Dan came into the room I was laying on the bed waiting.

“Come here,” I said.

“I need a shower first.”

“No you don’t and you don’t even have to warm me up, I’m so aroused I’m about to cum right now.”

“You watched?”

“I watched.”

He entered me immediately, there was something exotically perverse knowing my mother’s juices on his cock were now melding with my own.
Dan needed to go to work the following morning so Mom and I were in no rush to get dresses. We were both clad in robes and slippers as we sat at the kitchen table having coffee when I asked,

“Did Dan talk to you about coming down here to live?”

Mom’s eyes teared, she said, “Yes, but I can’t.”

“Why in the world not, we want you here.”

“Cassie, I did something terrible last night, I don’t think you’ll want me around when you know.”

I got up and hugged her saying, “There’s nothing so terrible that you could do that I wouldn’t want you around me Mom.”

“You don’t know what I did.”

“Mom, you want to tell me, so do, out with it.”

“Cassie, please forgive me but I made love to your husband last night.”

I smiled at her and said, “Well good for you, I think it’s just what you needed. I told him that he was free to do whatever he thought might make you happy. Now, the tables are turned and I get to play twenty questions with you about your sex life like you do with me.”

We spent the next hour recounting her sexual escapade before I asked, “Did you like it?”

“Oh Cassie, he’s a wonderful lover, you’re so lucky to have a guy like him.”

“Are you going to stay with us? I think you’d like the little cottage he’s going to have built for you.”

“If you want me to, I’d love to move here, family, great weather, what more could a gal ask for?”

“I’ll answer that. A good sex life to go with it would be great. If you want I’ll let Dan visit you two nights a week.”

“Cassie, this is kinda embarrassing but it’s exciting, yes, I want to be here.”

“Do you want the sex, too?”

“If it doesn’t upset you, it felt so good to feel like a woman again.”

“Mom, Dan’s insatiable sexually but he does have a couple of idiosyncrasies you need to be aware of.”

“Nothing perverse I should hope.”

“No, nothing like that but he likes his lady to wear a skirt or dress here at home. He says it’s so he can admire legs but experience tells me there’s more to it than that. Dan kinda likes bending me over the arm of a chair, the table or even the kitchen counter for a little quickie and he has a particular affinity for the female posterior.”

“The quickie I understand but the bit about the female posterior, what’s that?”

“Mom, Dan will want to have anal sex with you.”

Maggie’s face fell, “I couldn’t do that Cassie.”

“Why not?”

“It’s dirty and it would hurt way too much, that’s why.”

“Mom, it’s not dirty, not if you take care of yourself and, no, it doesn’t hurt. Not if you train to do it and prepare yourself. Whether you do it or not, we want you here, it’s just that if you want sex with Dan I know he’ll want your cute little butt.”

“What do you mean train and prepare?”

“Mom, I told you what I did, about using butt plugs to open me. We can do that with you, too.”

She was hesitant, “I don’t know Cassie, I’m fifty not twenty-nine, you know.”

“Mom, we can do it.”

“When would we start?”

“Today, this morning, right now.”

“What about the girls.”

“Mom, it only takes a few minutes, the girls won’t miss us.”

“Unh, I guess,” she said.

“Great, you won’t regret it. Did you have a bowel movement this morning?”

“No, I didn’t have to go, why?”

“How about yesterday?”


“Good, all we’ll need is a little douche. I’ll give you a calendar, just like Dan gave me, you need to record when you have a bowel movement. If you go two days you’ll need a douche but if you go three we’ll give you an enema.”

“Uggh yuck,” she said.

“I said the same thing but I think you’ll like the douche, I sure did.”

“So, what’s next?”

“You go and get undressed, I’ll get the stuff I need and meet you in your room.”

The things were in the upstairs bathroom, I only brought the smallest butt plug, the Liquid Silk lubricant and the anal douche syringe.

Mom still had her panties on when I came in and closed and locked her door.

“Ah, Mom, I think you got the part I need still covered.”

She slowly lowered her panties. I could see that we shared strawberry blonde curlies though hers was tinged with a little gray.

“Come on, let’s go into the sleeping area, we’ll do it on the bed.”

I went into the bathroom and filled the anal douche syringe with warm water then set it on the nightstand and sat down on the bed.

“Come over my lap,” I said to her.

Like a little girl about to get a spanking she slowly crawled into place.

I rubbed her back and shoulders then massaged her buttocks, “Don’t be frightened Mom, I won’t hurt you, I promise.”

“I’m going to touch you and put my finger in you, I need to lubricate you,” squeezing a little of the lube on my index finger.

I parted her cheeks exposing her anus, rubbed some of the lube on her then gently put my finger in her. She gave a little grunt when she was penetrated.

“Relax for me Mom, it’s ok.”

I took my finger out and told her that I was going to put the water in her.

As the water flowed I said, “That’s not so bad, is it?”

“Actually it feels kinda nice.”

I finished and said, “I want you to lie here quietly until you get the urge to use the bathroom, then get up and go.”

I gave her a little shoulder to thighs massage while we waited for the water to work, she got up and went to the commode and I filled the tub.

“Next a bath,” I said as I stripped so I could join her.

I bathed her, helped her out and dried her then redressed myself and took her back to the bedroom.

“Mom, I want you back over my lap, I’m going to put your butt plug in. I’ll lubricate you before I put it in.”

Over my lap, I lubricated her anus and fingered her getting the lube up inside then lubed the plug.

I rested it against her anus and she tensed up.

I gave her a little anal massage, telling her it was important to be relaxed then I told her about pushing and how to do it.

I pressed it against her and said, “Push.”

The little plug slid in with no problems, I put the palm of my hand over the base and pressed it deeper as Mom gave out a little groan.

“I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“No, it just feels funny.”

“You’ll get so used to it you’ll forget you have it in although when you sit down and it gets pushed deeper you’ll remember.”

“Ok, that’s it, we’ll take it out this evening.”

“But I thought we were going out.”

“We are, you’ll soon learn to do the straight backed butt clenched walk.”

“And congratulations to taking your first step toward membership in the Backdoor Betty club.”

“What in the world is that?”

“Ahhhh, girls that take a cock in their backdoor.”

“Get dressed and I’ll get the girls.”

I went for Britt first she asked, “Mommy, how come you always wear a dress, where are your shorts and jeans?”

“I guess I retired them, Daddy likes me in dresses better.”

“Oh, I understand.”

Then I fetched Annie and we were off.

First stop, Macy’s. If Mom was staying she’d need a few more clothes. We picked out five dresses and went to the fitting room to try them on.

She whispered, “Is that thing gonna pop out when I bend?”

“Take your dress off, I’ll hold it in for you while you try on the others.”

I put my hand on the seat of her panties and pressed as she tried on the five dresses we’d chosen, all fit nicely, we moved on to ladies lingerie, got five pairs of panties and two bras and went to the fitting room. As she went in and out of the panties I lent assistance, then she tried the bras. No problems, so we went to check out. I felt a tug and looked down.

“Can I get some dresses, too Mommy,” Britt asked.

Yep, my twelve year old had a crush on my husband.

We picked out five for her, Annie didn’t want any, she liked her shorts and jeans.

Next stop, Neiman Marcus, my severe case of Compulsive Shoe Shopper disease was out of remission, I had to have a pair of ManoloBlahniks like an alcoholic needs a drink.

Then lunch. The girls had grilled cheese sandwiches, Mom and I opted for salads. Then home.

I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when Dan got home. The girls were watching TV and Mom was sitting, chatting with me. It was like hurricane Britt had struck.

“Daddy, Daddy, Mommy bought me some new dresses, can I model them for you, can I?”

“Of course Sweetie, just let me change clothes and then I really want a fashion show.”

Dan started up the stairs, I followed him into the bedroom and shut the door.

“Did my handsome man have a good day?” I asked.

“Not as good as if I’d been here with you but it was ok.”

“I talked to Mom, she’s really excited, she wants to move down. I think it would be best to build that cottage for her, for her privacy and, truthfully, for ours.”

“Ok, I’ll talk to some contractors tomorrow, they can pull the permits and we can look at some plans.”

“She confessed to me about last night. She was so upset but I got her settled down, I bribed her with you, said she could have you two evenings a week, do you mind?”

“You know I love Maggie, if you don’t have any problems, two evenings a week sounds fine.”

“A, I told her that if you were going to be her lover she needed to give up her bottom to you.”

“What did she say about that?”

“She was scared but I talked her into it. She has the little butt plug in her right now, I’d like you to take over her training, are you ok with that.”

“Hey, there’s not much I like better than having a girl belly down across my lap. After my fashion show I’ll take it out for her.”

“Ok, that’s settled.”

I want back to my cooking and Dan sat down for his show.

I was surprised, Britt came down in one of her new dresses but had the other four in her hand.

She did her best imitation of a runway model to Dan’s oohs and aahs and applause. Then she pulled the first dress over her head and put on the second.

For a few minutes she looked like an underwear model, clad in only her little bra and panties. I knew darned well my daughter was working at being a seductress. Maybe I should have been angry, maybe I should have chastised her, but it was harmless and I thought it was cute. I could see from Dan’s smile that he was enjoying her little show.

After she’d modeled the last dress she jumped in Dan’s lap. I noted that she fluffed out the skirt of her dress so her panties bottom was on his lap.

“You make a fantastic model Sweetie, a real beauty, now, come on and give Daddy a kiss.”

A kiss and a hug and back upstairs to hang her new dresses.

After we’d eaten, the girls went up to their rooms to play video games and I was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher. Dan took Mom’s hand and said,

“Maggie, can we go to your room, I’d like to talk with you.”

They sat in the sitting room, Dan said, “Cass tells me you have decided to come with us, I want you to know how happy that makes me, I really do want you with us.”

“I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to moving down here Dan, but did Cassie tell you anything else.”

“Yes, yes she did. Maggie, I’m going to take over your training. There are a few things I want you to do. Maggie gave you a calendar, didn’t she.”

“Yes, it’s right over there.”

“Good, when you get up in the morning I want you to try to have a bowel movement, it’s important to record it so you don’t lose track. I don’t want to wash you out any more frequently than necessary but for hygienic purposes we want to be sure your rectum is empty. I’ll check with my finger each time I put your plug it. Let’s go over to the sleeping area.”

Dan sat on the bed.

“Why don’t you climb over my lap Maggie.”

He turned up the back of her dress and lowered her panties, “Ok, it’s coming out now.”

He pulled the slim plug out and laid it on the nightstand then took a little of the lubricant and poured it on her anus.

“I’m going to give you a little anal massage, you’ll get a lot of these. They’ll help to get you used to being touched her and I think you’ll find them relaxing, plus I’ll be stretching you. Before we ever do anything, you’ll be ready, I don’t want you to feel any pain, nothing but pleasure.”

His finger circled her, pressing lightly, massaging her for about five minutes then told her he was going to put a finger in her. He added more of the lube and penetrated her. She emitted a little moan then relaxed.

Dan fingered her for several minutes then wiped her with one of the tissues.

“You’re a brave gal Maggie, I can come back for a while this evening if you like.”

“Yes, please do.”

He pulled her panties back into place and helped her up.

Dan came out into the kitchen, circled my waist and hugged me then whispered, “Your Mom’s a winner, such a brave gal. I told her I’d like to spend a few minutes with her after the girls are in bed, do you mind?”

“No, it’s like having my own personal porno channel, besides, your perverted little bride kinda likes having her mother’s joy juice on her husbands big pole when it goes in her.”

He patted my bottom and told me, “This is where we’re going tonight.”

“I’ll need the anal douche, I haven’t gone in a couple of days. It
s in Mom’s room, I’ll get it, she won’t need it tomorrow, I used it with her today.”

“No, I’ll get it for you, you go ahead and finish up in here.”

Dan got the syringe and took it up to our bathroom, when he came out of our bedroom he heard a ruckus coming from Britt’s room, angry voices raised.

“Hey guys, what’s the deal here,” he asked as he came into the room.

“She’s bugging me,” Britt answered.


“She called me a pest.”

“She is a pest, she came into my room just to aggravate me.”

“Remember what I said about respecting each other. Annie, you don’t need to be here in Britt’s room and Britt, it’s not acceptable to call Annie names.”

“But she is bugging me Daddy, why can’t she stay in her room,” Britt continued.

“That’s enough, Annie why don’t you come downstairs and watch a movie with me.”

“I don’t want to watch a movie, I want to play video games.”

“Ok, then do it in your room.”

“Daddy, can I come watch a movie with you?”

“Sure you can.”

“Can I sit on your lap and let you hold me?”

“If that’s what you like, of course you can.”

Downstairs Cass and Maggie were engrossed in a situation comedy. I told them that Britt and I were going to the den to watch a movie.

Britt was in a cute shorty pajama set and Dan was wearing gym shorts and a T-shirt, in the den he got comfortable in his recliner and Brittany got comfortable in his lap. He dialed up movies on demand and asked what she wanted to see.

“What would you like to watch Sweetie?”

“The Princess Bride and I like it when you call me Sweetie Daddy.”

As he called up the movie he said, “And I like it when you call me Daddy.”

Britt was in little girl heaven, her head resting on her big Daddy’s shoulder, his arm around her waist, holding her as the evil prince pursues the beautiful princess.

“Can you rub my tummy for me Daddy, it hurts a little bit.”

As he began to rub she put his hand under her top so he could touch skin, “Like that Daddy.”

So Sweetie got a tummy rub with the movie. After fifteen or twenty minutes she asked,

“Can you rub a little lower Daddy, that’s where it hurts.”

She turned the top of her pajama bottom down exposing her abdomen, Dan rubbed her there.

She wasn’t sure why but her Daddy’s hand was making her all tingly between her legs. She didn’t say anything, she didn’t want him to stop, it felt so good, she liked the tingle.

To soon for the young girl the movie ended, he said, “Bedtime Sweetie.”

“I’m tired, can you carry me,” she asked.

So Dan climbed the stairs carrying 85 pounds of twelve year old daughter. He turned down her covers, tucked her in, kissed her and said,

“Good night Sweetie.”

He checked on Annie, she was still at her computer, “Bedtime Cutie,” he said.

“Ah Daddy, do I have to?”

“Yes, you have to, come on and I’ll tuck you in.”

With a good night kiss he shut off the light and came back downstairs.

He sat down beside me and asked, “Where’s Maggie?”

“I think she’s waiting for you, as soon as she knew you were putting the girls down she said she was going to bed.”

“Well, we can snuggle for a little while.”

I burrowed into his chest and inhaled deeply.

“You smell like a man, you know that?”

“I should hope so, after all, I am one.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed and so has Mom and I think Britt had, too.”

“What do you mean?”

“Men, insensitive louts, it’s so obvious she has a crush on you and she’s trying to seduce you. I don’t even think she realizes what she’s doing, but she’s growing up, she’s had her period for over a year and her hormones are getting out of whack.”

“That bit about hormones, what’ll cure it, should we take her to a doctor.”

“The cure? I don’t know, maybe turning twenty-one, the doctor, no, not for this. We have appointments next week for school physicals but there’s no cure aside from maturity for what ails her now.”

“Should I kinda ignore her?”

“God no, she’s so hungry to have a man in her life, to have a Daddy, just be careful with her, she’s real sensitive now.”


“You ready to give me my porn show, Mom’s waiting.”

“Yeah, I’m ready.”

“What are you going to do tonight?”

“Well, I’ll get her off a couple of times orally then I think I’ll do doggie with her. She’ll need to get comfortable with having me behind her.”

“Ok, I’ll see you when you’re done.”

I ran upstairs, gave myself a quick anal douche and turned on the show.

He was already in her bedroom, sitting on the bed and talking to her.

“How’s my pretty lady this evening, would you like to take your gown off for me?”

She pulled it over her head, she had no bra on tonight. Dan cupped them in each of his hands.

“So pretty, like succulent fruit, can I taste them?”

She nodded yes.

As though worshipping then, he bent forward, kissed them and twirled his tongue on the areola around each nipple, gently he squeezed them until she gave a slight moan then kissed them again before moving to her lips. He laid down with her, their kisses were filled with passion then he went to her neck, he nipped her hard enough to draw a speck of blood.

“I want to mark you as my woman. You are my woman aren’t you Maggie?”

“I want to be,” she breathed.

“Would you like me to taste you, I want to drink your sweet nectar, can I do that Maggie.”

Just the talk was raising her arousal to a fever pitch. She’d never been with such an exciting man.

“Yes Dan, please taste me.”

“I’m going to use my fingers, too, did you like that?”

Dan was stroking her sex as he talked to her, he asked, “Would you touch me Maggie, I want your hand on me.”

He was only semi-erect, Maggie wrapped her hand around it.

“Get me nice and hard for you Maggie, stroke it a little.”

As she began to stroke she murmured, “you’re so big , so big.”

“And it’s going to go into you Maggie, do you want it in you?”

“Oh God, please Dan, I want it in my pussy.”

“That’s my sweet Maggie,” he said as he began to move down her body.

With lubed fingers massaging her G-spot and his magical tongue exciting her clitoris Maggie came explosively, as he had the previous night Dan stayed on her until she’d climaxed an additional two times. At that point her clit was so sensitive that she was begging him for mercy.

He moved up beside her and held her until she’d calmed then said, “Roll on your tummy for me Maggie.”

He could have just turned her but he wanted her participation. When she was on her tummy he sat on the back of her thighs.

He massaged her bottom for several minutes without touching her anus then parted her cheeks and leaned forward so that his cock rested along her cleft.

In a frightened voice Maggie pled, “No Dan, I’m not ready.”

“Of course you’re not, but you need to trust me, I won’t hurt you Maggie. He massaged her back and shoulders all the while gliding his cock over her anus before putting his hands to her neck and caressing her there. He didn’t play any breath games with her but unquestionably it accentuated her vulnerability, his cock against her anus, his powerful two hundred and twenty pound body on her back and his hands at her throat, she knew she was surrendering herself to him. Then he sat back and lifted her by her hips.

“Get on your hands and knees for me Maggie.”

Once she was positioned, Dan moved up to her and entered her from behind, he was slow and gentle with her until she had accepted all of him then he began to pump her, long languid strokes, he set up a rhythm. He massaged her buttocks while he fucked her then he opened her and rested his thumb against her anus, as he thrust into her he increased the pressure from his thumb. Her sphincters yielded and his digit entered her to the first knuckle, he wasn’t in her rectum, just opening her outer and inner sphincter muscles, educating them to surrender to pressure from the outside, then he pumped her in both orifices.

Maggie had a nice moan going, between his big cock in her pussy and his thumb in her ass it was pretty damned intense. Then he said,

“Masturbate for me Maggie, play with your pretty pussy, help me make you cum, I want your lovely cum all over my cock.”

It took a few minutes but it worked, she bucked back so hard that his thumb slid in a little further as Maggie screamed, the wail of a woman in the throes of an orgasm, then he went off. Dan roars when he cums, he roared now, he pumped pulse after pulse of his hot sperm into his mother-in-law, he gave her a little smack on her right cheek while the cum gushed into her, then he pushed her forward and rode her down to the mattress. With his cock still filling her he kissed her neck and ears then whispered,

“Was that as good for you as it was for me?”

She was nearly speechless, nonetheless she gasped out, “That was fantastic.”

“It’s you that’s fantastic, the best, the very best, that’s my Maggie.”

As he softened and fell out of her, he rolled beside her, held her and caressed her as she snuggled against his chest.

He held her for about twenty minutes before her eyes closed and she slept.

He got up, tucked her in under the covers and left the room to come upstairs.

I was laid out on the bed in a pose that would make a porn queen envious, it even got a wolf whistle from my guy.

“Did you enjoy tonight’s show.”

I fanned myself and said, “Smokin’ Big Guy, Smokin’.”

“Maggie’s fun, I really like her but you’re my gal, you know that, don’t you.”

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all you’re doing for my Mom, she’s had a rough life and, now at fifty good things are happening for her, I couldn’t be happier.”

“You know, she’s going to have to go back to Columbus, she needs to sell her home, decide what she wants to bring when she moves down, you know, that kind of stuff.”

“Daddy, I can line up a realtor on line, she knows what she wants to bring, we’ll give the rest to the Salvation Army and hire a cleaning service to do a clean-up before the sign goes up and be back here in two days. I’ll go up with her, you can watch the Hellangles for two days, can’t you?”

“Hellangles, I like that, it particularly fits Annie.”

“Doesn’t it ever though.”

“Mamma, I can get a guy over with some plans for her cottage this weekend, I’ll have him here Saturday, we’ll make it part of our weekly meeting, ok?”

“Dan, there’s something else I think we need to talk about at our meeting and that’s Internet access. Our girls are at an age they could be vulnerable, particularly Britt. I’ve read too much, seen too much about the bad that can happen to young girls, let’s talk about that, too.”

“What’s your concern?”

“That she’ll meet some monster on line, that she’ll post inappropriate information, I don’t know, that sort of thing.”

“Well, does she have a Facebook page, does she go to on-line chat rooms?”

“I don’t know Dan, it’s just a vague concern, I haven’t seen anything but it’s still a worry.”

“Tell you what, I’ll sit down with them, lay out your concerns and set down some rules, would you feel better about that?”

“Much better, now come ravish your Mamma.”

Once in bed our love making was frenetic, watching had heated me to a fever pitch, just a little finger contact with my clitoris brought on my first orgasm and when his lips and tongue attacked me I was bouncing all over the bed panting and moaning in ecstasy. Then be brought a pillow down to the level of my hips and rolled me over it.

When he positioned me like this I was in for some serious anal attention. I was going to get some wonderful anilingus then he’d lift me and enter me from behind. When he did me like this, I was always in for a pretty strenuous ride. I’d used the correct word, ravish. I knew that before the evening was over my little bum hole was going to be truly ravished.

He was straddling my thighs and massaging my bottom, he opened my cheeks and gave my rosebud a little lick then closed my cheeks.

“Oh, she’s winking at me Mamma, I think she wants a kiss.”

He spread my legs so he could lie between them then held me open as he licked from the bottom of my pussy, over my perineum and up to my anus. He’d dip the tip of his tongue in me then repeat the trip, it felt good, not so much arousing as relaxing and that’s what he wanted, the muscles of my buttocks and anus relaxed.

“God, I’m infatuated with your delightfully freckled bottom,” he told me as he continued to lick.

When I began to coo contentedly he changed his concentration to my anus, his tongue circled my hole as he gave me an oral anal massage, the tip of his tongue dipped in, teasing me then he circled again.

He reached and got the Liquid Silk lubricant and dribbled some directly on me.

He used his fingers spreading the lube over his target then rubbed some into me. He added more lube before piercing me with one finger, he rotated the finger and exerted a little pressure against my sphincters, gently stretching them. I felt more of the cool lube being added then a second finger joined the first. He slowly pumped and as he did so, he was spreading his fingers, getting me ready. His fingers worked almost like an anal speculum, I knew he had me open. He could look into my rectum if he chose to.

More lube then his fingers came out and he lifted me by my hips. He scooted the pillow forward so I could use it for my head as he got me into position. Head on the pillow, chest resting on the mattress, back arched, hips elevated, with my vulva and anus exposed.

He’s told me at another time that when I was posed like this he felt like a kid in a candy store, what to eat, what to eat. But I knew what was on his menu for tonight and it was chocolate, a trip up my Hershey Highway. Then the pressure of his cock asking for admittance and the word,


I still emitted a little low moan when he parted my sphincters but he’d trained me well. My anus didn’t try to reject him, my rectal walls easily accepted the intruder, he filled me. I still got the feeling that I needed to have a bowel movement, a full rectum creates that reaction and nine inches of mega-cock certainly fills this girls rectum but I liked the sensation.

When he was in me completely, he paused, “Man, you’ve got the tightest little tush Mamma,” before he began to pump.

His thrusts were short and easy, letting me accustom myself, Dan was always gentle until I was ready for heavier action. He fucked me this way for about five minutes, then his hands massaged my back and butt and he asked,

“Ready Mamma.”

“Give it to me Daddy, give me your big cock,” I murmured.

He rose behind me, pulling his feet under him and placing them on the outside of my knees, his weight shifted so that I was supporting more of it on my hips, he gripped my body and began to thrust.

I knew what was coming next.

His hand entwined in my hair, he pulled so that my head came up off the pillow, he slapped my ass, saying,

“Come on Mamma, give Daddy a ride.”

I bucked my hips back meeting his powerful thrusts, taking him in even deeper, I was making noise now, lots of noise, unintelligible noise, moans and wails interspaced with grunts and screams,

“Fuck me Daddy, fuck your little girl, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” I heard myself chanting.

He did. He fucked me hard and fast, occasionally giving my bottom a smack, urging me on. God, I wanted to cum, I wanted him to cum, still it went on and on.

As his big cock slammed me, my legs began to go weak and shaky. I moaned, “Daddy, my legs hurt.”

“Lie down, just lie down on the mattress,” he said.

Relief, blessed relief, Daddy was on my back, his cock was still reaming me, that was ok, I liked getting fucked and my legs didn’t hurt now.

He whispered, “Want to roll over on your back, I’d like to be looking at your pretty face when we cum.”

He pulled out, took my pillow from under my head and lifted me so the pillow under my hips, then pushing my legs back toward my chest he entered me again.

As he pumped me I looked up at his face, our eyes met and he smiled.

“I love you Cass, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened in my life.”

“I love you too Daddy, I can’t believe I’ve got the perfect husband.”

“You gonna cum for me?” He asked as he took my hand and brought it to my clit.

I knew what to do, my fingers flew brushing my little jewel lightly. God, how I loved it when my clit and my anus were being stimulated at the same time. Soon, I felt my climax building, I tightened my anal muscles, giving Dan more friction, bringing him over the top.

I went off first but he was right behind me. Me with a wail, him with a roar and the wonderful feel of his scalding semen washing my bowel. He left his cock in me until it went flaccid then laid beside me and took me in his arms.

We didn’t even clean up, both of us were spent and the Arms of Morpheus called.

Next morning Dan went to Mom’s room before the girls were up. To show how serious he was he had her show him her calendar in spite of the fact he knew she was ok for today. As part of the morning ritual, he lifted her into the tub and bathed her before lifting her out and drying her then he carried her back to bed.

As he picked up the lubricant he said, “Lay on your tummy for me Maggie, you’ll get your anal massage each morning and evening.”

He then spread her cheeks and massaged her ring before penetrating her with the tip of his finger. He didn’t go deep enough to enter her rectum, only her sphincter muscles where he stretched her a little. Then he added a bit more lube, picked up the plug and lubed it, and had her lay across his lap.

“Remember to push Maggie. You don’t really need to for this little guy but I want you to train yourself to push when I touch you, ok?”

“Yes Dan.”

She felt it against her as he said, “Push.”

Even though she gave out the smallest of moans it slid in with no resistance. Dan used the palm of his hand to seat it deeper in her then gave her bottom a pat, saying,

“All done.”

I was in the kitchen stirring up breakfast and he went upstairs to roust the girls. At the breakfast table we made the announcement that Grandma Maggie was going to come live with us. They loved their Grandma and were elated.

Dan worked from home this day, he had his office. In the den he’d set up a little secretary desk for me. All of our mail went to his post office box, he paid the bills, but he’d put my private mail on my desk.

Anyhow, he knew several contractors, he talked to them, let them know what he wanted to build. Around a thousand square feet with some luxury features, Jacuzzi tub, bidet, top of the line appliances, that sort of thing. They all gave him a guestimate of around $150,000. He chose one to visit our home Saturday evening to show us some plans.

Around the dinner table Saturday, we reviewed five separate sets of plans and found the one she liked best. 1120 Square feet, two bedroom and two baths, one in the master suite and the other in the hall, living room and eat-in kitchen with the upgrades I’d mentioned earlier and a garage. There was only one thing I wanted added, I said,

“I want audio/video coverage in the living room, bedroom and kitchen. I want to be able to know if something’s wrong with Mom so I can get there and help.”

Mom said, “That’s not necessary Cassie.”

“Yes it is, it would kill me if something happened to you and I wasn’t there to help.”

I sold her on the advisability of my being able to monitor her home, it wasn’t until we were alone that Dan said,

“Couldn’t give up your porn show, could you.”

I gave him a smirk and said, “Busted.”

After the contractor left we spent a few minutes on planning. The girls had doctor’s appointments the next Tuesday so we decided Mom and I would fly to Columbus on Wednesday, get the house listed, choose what she wanted to bring with her and arrange for the transportation of those items and have the Salvation pick up the rest, put a forwarding address in with the post office, arrange for the utilities to be cut off and a myriad of other things. We intended to fly back on Sunday evening, we were gonna be a couple of busy girls.

Tuesday, I took the girls for their physicals while Mom and Dan stayed at home. My girls were as healthy as horses, well, maybe little ponies, we headed home.

When we got a private Moment Mom said,

“You won’t believe what happened while you were gone.”

“But you’re gonna tell me, aren’t you.”

“Let’s go in my room, we can lock the door and talk.”

In the sitting area we sat knee to knee.

“Cassie, not long after you left I was at the kitchen counter getting ready to make myself a cup of tea when Dan came up behind me, put an arm around my waist and whispered in my ear

“You’re so pretty and I love your dress.”

“Then he rubbed my tummy and down to my abdomen and held me against him. I could feel he was getting an erection, it was pressed against my bottom, then he said, ‘I want you Maggie,’ and led me back to the living room. I thought he was taking me to my bedroom but, instead he took me to the big chair. He put his hand under my dress and played with my pussy through my panties while he kissed my neck. Then he said, ‘Bend over the arm of the chair for me Maggie,’ and I did.”

“He flipped the hem of my dress up over my back then just slid the crotch of my panty aside and put two fingers in me, I was pretty wet by now so he didn’t need any lube. He pumped me pretty fast and really got me going but I still had that butt plug in, I thought he’d take it out but he didn’t. Anyhow, he hit a spot up in me, God it felt good, he made me cum like a banshee, then he put his cock in me.

That felt good, too but then he put a hand over my butt so he could push on the base of my plug. He pumped my pussy with his cock but it was like he was screwing me in the butt with that plug. I’ve never felt anything quite like it, he made me cum again then he came in me. When he pulled out of me he put my panties back in place and told me to keep his cum in me.”

I chuckled, “Got some damp, sticky panties now, don’t you? I know, I’ve gotten it lots of times, it’s like sometimes he has to mark his territory. I think you just joined me as one of his women, do you like it?”

“I like it when he has his cock in me, that’s for sure.”

I gave her a smile and said, “Me, too.”

“Cassie, he’s not going to make me wear this thing when we fly to Columbus, is he.”

“Of course.”

Petulantly she pouted, “I don’t want to.”

“Tell you what, to be fair, I’ll wear one, too. You have the little one so I’ll take the medium one, ok?”

“I don’t really want to wear it. What would happen if I refuse.”

“He’d probably spank you.”

“He wouldn’t, he’s never spanked you, has he?”

“No, but he told me he would if I was a bad girl.”

“He just doesn’t seem like a man who would hit a woman to me,” Mom said.

“Not hit, not like dad did. He explained to me, spanking’s different. No striking out when you’re angry, not like that, but corporal punishment to modify bad behavior.”

“Ok Cassie, I’ll wear mine if you’ll wear yours.”

And so it was. Next morning Dan took me to Mom’s room. He gave us both anal douches, just in case, bathed us together, dried us, gave Mom her anal massage and fitted her plug. Then, my turn. We were both doing the butt clench walk when we left the room.

Dan and the girls drove us to the airport, we shared good bye kisses all around then Mom and I took our seats on the plane.

When I got back Dan gave me the play by play.

When they got home he asked the girls what they wanted to do. Britt said, “Watch movies.”

“Yeah, watch movies,” Annie chimed in, “I get to choose.”

“I get to sit in Daddy’s lap,” Britt was quick to say.

“Ok girls, Annie, what do you want to see?”

“Brave, I want Brave.”

Britt said she’d be right back and ran upstairs.

“What’s Brave about Cutie?

“A brave princess in old times.”

That gave him a great understanding of the movie…not.

Dan brought up movies on demand and called up Brave. He found out it was an animated film featuring a brave warrior princess and it has some 3D effects. It’s recommended for ten and older.

He called it up then paused it, waiting for Britt.

When she came back she’d changed back into her pajamas, Dan asked why.

“We’re lounging, I like to be in my PJ’s when I’m lounging.”

Dan was already in his lounger, Britt climbed up on his lap and Annie laid on her belly on the floor; the movie began.

About ten minutes into the film Britt asked him to rub her tummy again.

“Why Sweetie, does it hurt?”

“It just feels good when you do it.”

So, she got her belly rub. Again, she asked him to rub lower and pulled her bottoms down far enough to expose her abdomen. After a while Dan felt her clench, she got stiff for a Moment and, with her eyes closed, she sighed.

He asked her what was the matter.

“It felt funny Daddy.”

“How, bad funny?”

“No, good funny, don’t stop rubbing it feels nice.”

“Where did it feel funny Sweetie?”

She looked at him and said, “Daddy, I’m a girl, I can’t tell you that.”

Woops, Dan was sure that the twelve year on his lap had just had her first orgasm and she’d liked it, still, he rubbed her, but higher now.

After the film had finished he asked what they wanted to do. “Another movie was their answer.

Annie said, “And this time I get to sit in Daddy’s lap.”

Dad said, “Ok, but Britt gets to chose the film.”

As she said, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

As Dan dialed it up Annie scampered upstairs and came back in her PJ’s, saying, “I want to lounge, too.”

As the film began, Annie asked, “Can you rub my tummy like you did for Britt?”

“Sure I can Sweetie,” as he began her tummy rub.

When the movie was over Dan said, “Ok gals, let’s get dressed and go get some lunch. What would you like?”

“McDonalds,” they agreed.

So it was burgers, fries and Cokes for lunch.

Annie was in her shorts but Britt had put on a cute little skirt with a T-shirt, when they got home they decided they wanted to watch movies all afternoon. Annie ran upstairs and got in her pajamas again but Britt didn’t change.

I’m sure this was a conscious decision on her part, I don’t believe her young pre-teen mind understood what she was doing, she still wanted her tummy rubbed. It had given her a good feeling that she wanted again but she had to be aware that if she sat on his lap in her skirt the only thing separating her from her Daddy’s lap was a thin pair of panties.

This time there was no mistaking it. When she sat down she flared her skirt then settled her little bottom onto Dan’s lap. She was wearing a T-shirt with her skirt, she pulled it up and her skirt was riding at her hips,

“Rub me Daddy,” she asked.

From time to time she’d wiggle her bottom like she was trying to get comfortable. Dad confessed that it took all of his self-control to avoid getting an erection particularly when she managed to shift so that her little crack was over his penis. Dan remained flaccid but the fact remains, he’s big even when he’s soft, she was feeling a cock pressed to her little girl treasures for the first time and, evidently she liked it. Dan was sure this time, she had a little orgasm.

I was going to have to be careful with this girl, sit her down and talk some girl talk with her, explain what is and what isn’t acceptable behavior.

Oh My God, I thought. You gotta teach your kids to feed themselves, how to use the bathroom, all the things parents have to impart to their children, but evidently sex is instinctive along with the seductiveness of the female gender.

More movies were watched, he held Annie while the next on played but then found he had some things he had to do, he couldn’t watch any more with them.

Later, the contractor called, he’d gotten the permits pulled and his crew would be there in the morning to rough-in the foundation.

And miracle of miracles, they were there at seven.

Dan took the girls on a day trip to visit the Orlando Science Center. It’s pretty spectacular with four floors of exhibits and a giant screen movie theater, they watched a nature film and couldn’t get over how realistic it was.

When Dan and the girls got home the workmen were gone but the form boards were set and the rough plumbing was in.

The next day the roar of a large truck broke the morning quiet. Dan looked out the window, it was a concrete there to pour the monolithic slab.

Saturday, even though Mom and I were absent Dan convened the evening family meeting, it was time to discuss acceptable Internet protocol. He asked if they had Facebook pages, both did. He told them,

“I’m going to Friend you, accept me, I want to be able to see what’s going on. You’re not to post our address or phone numbers and you’re not to discuss family business. It’s your page, keep it about what you’re doing.”

“Ok Daddy,” they both said.

“Now do you go into chat rooms?”

Britt did, Annie didn’t.

“Britt, chat with your friends but I don’t want you talking to boys, you never know if he’s another twelve year old or a thirty year old pervert who’d just love to get a cute little twelve year old in his clutches, understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“Annie, that goes for you, too. If you start chatting you’re to abide by these same rules, ok?”

“Yes sir.”

“Ok, let’s go upstairs, I want to take a look at your computers.”

All he looked at was the history but didn’t see anything that raised his concern.

“Ok Britt, Annie, we’re going to go on trust, you know what I expect of you and I trust you to be careful. I could put some parental control software on, and will if necessary, but I don’t think it’ll be necessary, right?”

“Right Daddy.”

“Ok, get your baths and get ready for bed, you can come back downstairs for a little while once you’re in your pajamas.”

We picked up Cass and Maggie Sunday evening. After stopping at our favorite little Italian restaurant, it was after eight by the time we got home. Dan carried our bags in then chased the girls upstairs for their bathes and bedtime.

Mom and I went to her room, Dan took her bag to her and told us he’d be back after the girls were in bed. He took my bag upstairs.

In about twenty minutes he was back, we told him how things had gone in Ohio and he recounted what he and the girls had done. He told us about the progress on Mom’s cottage then suggested that we go to the sleeping area.

He took Mom first, had him show him her poop calendar, complimented her on her meticulous record keeping then told her to get undressed, he needed to take her plug out.

When she started to slip out of her panties he stopped her.

“When you’re with me Maggie, that’s my job.”

Once they’d dropped to the floor he had her lie on his lap. He took her plug out and got the lube, drizzled a little on her and began to massage her anus.

“Did you get your massages while you were gone?”

“Unhuh, Cassie did them for me every morning and every night.”

“Good girls,” he said.

When her massage was complete it was my turn. I undressed, he took my panties and laid me over his lap.

When the plug came out I could smell it. I wasn’t surprised when he said,

“Oops, we have a little accident.”

He got a tissue and laid the plug on the Kleenex.

“When did you last have a bowel movement Cass?”

I had to think, I hadn’t had one while we were in Ohio, I told the truth, it was Tuesday and this was Sunday, five days, no wonder my bowel wasn’t empty.

“Clean your plug and come up to our room, I want to talk to you.”

After he’d left Mom said, “Un oh, I think my little girl might be in trouble.”

“I think so, too, Mom, he’s never spoken to me so sternly before.”

I quickly scrubbed my plug with soap and water in the bathroom then hurried up to our room.

Dad was sitting on the bedside.

“Shut and lock the door and come over here Cass.”

I still had my clothes in my hand, I tossed them on the chair and did as he said.

He stood me right in front of him and said,

“Cass, our bodies can let us down but that’s not what happened. You simply ignored your basic hygiene and I can’t have that. I want you to start recording on your calendar again, I’ll check it daily to be sure you’re taking care of yourself. I really should give you an enema but just this time we’ll only use a couple of suppositories.”

As he motioned I saw two foil packets and a rubber glove on the nightstand.

“Now, come on over my lap.”

Like a little girl chastised, I had teary eyes, I’d disappointed him. I got into position. He gave me a firm smack on the bottom, not the playful whacks I get during sex. I was sure I was wearing a handprint.

“Cass, this is your first time so all I’m going to do is have you wear your largest butt plug for the next two weeks but if there is a repetition I can guarantee you a spanking, understood?”

“Yes sir,” I promptly answered.

I heard the snap of a latex glove going on, then the tear of two foil packages.

He spread my cheeks then he pressed something cool into my anus.

“That’s a Ducolax suppository. I’m going to keep my finger in you for a minute or so to give your rectum time to grip it then I’ll put in the second one.”

After that one was in I heard him take off the glove and toss it in the waste basket.

“It will take twenty or thirty minutes to work, I want you to just lie still on your stomach until you need to go, do you want to stay on my lap or would you like to lay on the bed.”

“Your lap Daddy.”

My eyes were still teary.

‘I’m so sorry Daddy, I want to be your good girl, I don’t want to disappoint you.”

“Mamma, you’re nearly perfect, this is just a little slip and I know it won’t happen again.”

He rubbed my back and bottom and we talked. I knew he wasn’t angry with me, he just wanted what was best for me and for me to be the very best I could be. I also understood that I could and would be disciplined if I strayed from the straight and narrow.

Next morning I was up, finished my morning ablutions and took my big butt plug to Dan, there was no point in delaying the inevitable.

On my tummy, he lubed me then pressed it in, it had been a while since I’d worn it, I groaned as the wide part forced its way past my sphincters. Then Dan left me to get dressed and went down stairs to service Mom.

After breakfast, Dan left for the dealership and Mom was anxious to talk.

“Was he really mad at you, what happened,” she asked.

“Not mad, no, but he was disappointed in me. I think I’d have rather had mad.”

“Did he do anything?”

“Yeah, he gave me some punishment.”

“He didn’t spank you did he?”

“No, well, one whack then he put suppositories up my butt so I’d poop. He’s making me start my own poo poo calendar again and he put my big butt plug in, I have to wear it for two weeks.”

Later, we went out to watch the workmen, we were amazed at their progress, we’d targeted the first week of September for completion but maybe they’d be done early.

Dan wanted to have a 4th of July barbecue for his employees. They, their wives and kids along with Ron, Helen and Sherri would be here. It would be the first meeting between our girls and Sherri except for the wedding.

He had it catered, steaks, barbecued pork, hamburgers and hot dogs, salads, baked beans, soft drinks and beer, plenty of beer.

Most of the kids and some of the adults were in the pool, Dan had set up a net so some folks were playing volleyball and some of us were just lounging near the pool

We’d all eaten, the guys had congregated at a table across the pool talking sports while we girls were together talking girly things. Most of us were sipping on beers. Britt came over to me and asked if she could have a sip, I let her. I suppose that emboldened Sherri because she asked Helen if she could have a taste of hers.

I don’t know, maybe it was a premonition but I looked over at the guys. Like laser beams Rob’s eyes were on Helen. I watched as he had a private word with Dan then he started toward us, Dan was trailing several steps behind.

Rob said to Helen, “You and Sherri come with me and bring your purse.”

I thought I saw fear in their eyes but they dutifully got up and followed him.

As they walked toward the house I looked questioningly at Dan.

“Remember when you asked what he’d do if he was somewhere he couldn’t spank? Well, they’re going to be in the Special Room if you want to see.”

The females were standing in front of Rob who was sitting on the bed.

“Sherri, you know you’re not allowed to drink alcohol, why did you do it?”

She replied, “Daddy, please, I only took a little sip.”

“I realize that but you’re not permitted any until you’re of legal age, a spanking is in order when we get home, but, for now I’m going to give you something to keep your attention on your bottom until I can give you your spanking.”

“And you Helen, how could you encourage her, I can’t believe you gave her a drink of your beer, why?”

“I’m sorry Rob, I know the rules but Cass gave Britt a sip and I didn’t see any harm in giving just a little taste to Sherri.”

“Helen, you’ll get a spanking when we get home, too, I’m very upset that you’d do this.”

He held his hand out to her.

She seemed to be trembling as she took what looked like an aspirin tin, a small tube of KY Jelly and a rubber glove out of her handbag and handed them to him.

Helen was wearing a dress like I was and Sherri was in shorts and a T-shirt.

He said, “Sherri, get out of your shorts.”

“Please Daddy, don’t make me. Spank me more when we get home but don’t make me do this.”

“No, this is necessary but if you don’t get out of those shorts immediately there is going to be more spanking later.”

Slowly Sherri tugged her shorts over her girlish hips and let them fall to the floor.

“Now the panties, take them off and give them to me.”

“Please Daddy,” the young girl pled.

Slowly, enunciating each word Rob said, “Get them off right now.”

I could see her trembling, her eyes had teared up but she took her panties off and handed them to her father. He laid them on the bed beside him.

“Turn around and face the mirror, you’re going to watch your punishment. Now bend over with your hands on your knees and stick your bottom out for me.”

He opened the tin and took something white out of it then put the glove on and got up.

He lubricated the index finger of the glove, spread her butt cheeks with his ungloved hand and stuck the lubricated finger up her rectum.

“Lift your eyes, look in the mirror,” he told her.

He glanced at his watch and said, “Five minutes.”

After five minutes he took his finger out, then took that white thing (which I now realized was a suppository of some sort) and pushed it deeply into her.

Now, stay in that position while I deal with your mother.

“Helen, give me your panties.”

She reached under her dress, pulled her panties down and handed them to Rob. He tossed them on the bed with Sherri’s and said,

“Assume the position.”

Helen bent, hands on her knees, her rump pushed out and her eyes on the mirror. Rob flipped the hem of her dress up over her back, opened her and penetrated her with his gloved finger. A glance at his watch and, after five minutes he put the suppository in her.

“Ok, stand up, both of you.”

He took the glove off and handed it along with the KY and the tin back to Helen who put them in her purse then Rob put both pairs of panties in the pocket of his khaki shorts and led them all back outside.

I waited until they were out of the house before I came down. Sherri was sitting apart from the other kids with a forlorn look on her cute little face, Helen was standing beside her and Rob had rejoined the guys.

After a few minutes I could see that my sister-in-law and niece were in some discomfort.

I wondered what she would say, I walked over to Helen.

“Are you feeling ok, anything I can get you?”

“We’re fine,” she said, including Sherri in her answer, “I guess Sherri and I kinda overindulged, we’ve both got little tummy aches.”

“Ok, but if you need anything just let me know.”

Helen took a chair beside Sherri. A short time later I noticed them both shifting their seats around uncomfortably. I remembered Rob’s comment about giving them something to keep their attention on their bottoms and wondered what those suppositories were.

The party went on for several more hours but Helen and Sherri just kept to themselves. After the last guest had left, Rob, Helen and Sherri stayed.

Rob said, “We’ll help you clean up.”

With eight of us working we made short work of that then with cheek kisses and hugs they were off.

“Ok, girls, bath time,” Dan said to Britt and Annie.

“Oh, Daddy can’t we stay up later. We’re out of school and besides, today’s a holiday,” Annie lamented.

“Ok, if you want to watch a movie in the den I’ll let you stay up but get your baths and into your PJ’s first.”

While the girls bathed he took Mom to her room, took out her plug and gave her the massage.

He came and sat with me on the sofa, “Don’t I get mine out, too,” I pouted.

“Hers is for training, yours is punishment, I’ll take it out when we go up to bed but I will watch a chick flick with you if you want.”

Dan popped a bowl of popcorn, I got Cokes for Mom and me and a cold Stella Artois for Dan and, for about the hundredth time ( first time for Dan), we watched “When Harry Met Sally.”

Dan did make a pest of himself. He thought it was cute to put his hand over my bottom and push on the base of my plug. That got an “Ungh” from me and a laugh from Mom every time.

The movie over we each gave Mom a hug and kiss and went up to bed.

In the bedroom the first thing Dan said to me was,

“Show me your calendar.”

The second was,

“Get undressed.”

I did, then went to him so he could take off my panties, then I laid over his lap.

He worked the big plug out and laid it on the nightstand saying, “Wash that off and hurry back, I want to be where he was.”

I did. I knew I’d get fantastic oral and a couple of mind blowing orgasms before I got his big cock up my ass.

Next morning after a wake-up romp he put my big plug in me and asked me to get him the medium sized plug, saying,

“Time for Maggie to move up.”

I was an interested voyeur, I switched on the audio/video.

Mom was on her bed waiting for him, the little plug and a bottle of lube were sitting on the nightstand. She handed him her calendar, she needed a douche.

He had her prepare it, she filled the syringe with warm water, brought it back to him and laid over his lap.

I watched as the small tube penetrated her, I could even see her look of contentment as the small amount of ward water flooded her rectum. She laid quietly for about ten minutes, Dan was massaging her back and buttocks as they waited. When she got up and went to evacuate Dan filled the tub.

He bathed her, dried her and brought her back to bed. With her across his lap he massaged her anus and stretched her sphincters for fifteen minutes or so, longer than usual but he wanted her ready for her upsizing.

“Maggie, today’s the day, it’s time to move up, I’m going to put the medium plug in this morning.”

“Am I ready, Dan, will it hurt?”

“Well, it is larger and we’ll be stretching you so you may feel some discomfort but if it really hurts, let me know, ok”


He lubricated her well then greased the plug and rested it against her anus then said,


Mom groaned when she was penetrated but it was in her. Dan pressed it with the palm of his hand and told her,

“Good girl Maggie, it’s in, you took it like a champ.”

Nothing particularly eventful happened over the next couple of weeks, although Dan did have to intervene on a few sibling scrabbles between our Hellangles. Annie was getting a little lippy with me, too.

We talked about it at our next family meeting. The girls said they were bored.

“All we do is play video games and go shopping with you Mommy,” Britt added.

“Well, what would you like to do,” Dan asked.

“Find some friends to play with,” Annie said.

“I can’t help you there but I’ll bet you’ll meet plenty of friends once school starts,” I pitched in.

“How about this, Annie would you like to go to a soccer game and Britt, would you like to go to a play?” Dan asked.

That elicited two quick yeses.

“And as a special treat, would you like to go to Cirque du Soleil?”

“I’ve seen it on TV, it’s so tope,” Britt said.

“Yeah,” Annie added.

Mom said, “What’s tope?”

I think Dan and I had the same question.

“It means good,” Britt clarified.

Then Dad said to me, “Mamma, how about you get five tope tickets for next Saturday.”

“Not like that Daddy, tope is like cool or rad, not that kind of good,” Britt corrected.

“Oh, pardon me, and thank you for the education,” Dad answered her.

After our meeting I went upstairs with the girls. While Annie took her bath I had that delayed talk with Brittany. I’m not sure she understood.

She asked, “Does that mean I can’t sit on his lap and kiss him?”

“No Honey,” I told her, “Showing your affection is fine, in fact it’s nice, but I don’t want you sitting on his lap with your skirt flared out so it’s just your pantied little bottom on him and things like that.”

“Ok Mommy,” she answered.

Down stairs Dan had taken Mom to her room. He took her plug out and as he massaged and stretched her he asked,

“That wasn’t so bad, was it Maggie?”

“No, it wasn’t bad, can you come back a little later?”

“If you want me to.”

“Oh, I do, I do.”

I was watching the evening news in the living room when Dan came over and sat with me.

“Maggie would like my company for a little while tonight, do you mind?”

“Do her from behind, I like that porno show best,” I grinned at him

And he did.

He gave her two orgasms with oral then got her up on her knees. With two lubed fingers he pumped her pussy hard and fast and fingered her clit with his other hand. She came with an,

“Oooooooooo God Dan, Oooooooooo, Oooooooooooooooo, Ah, Ah, Ah, that’s so good, so damned good.”

He moved up against her, penetrated her vagina then spread her cheeks and thumbed her as he rode her.

When he came and pulled out he kept her in place. He knew I was spying and he wanted me to see the cream pie his prodigious amount of semen created. It was running out of her and down the insides of her thighs.

Then he came upstairs and threw a good fucking on me. His sexual appetite was incredible (thankfully).

Time did move on, school would soon be starting for my little Hellangles, we’d gone to
Cirque du Soleil and it was unbelievable, the Oohs and Aahs were certainly deserved. Dan took Annie to an MLS soccer game (she kicked her damned ball all over the house for a week) and Mom and I took Britt to , yeah, I know, what a name, “The Mad Cow Dinner Theater” and saw a play called “Table Manners,” maybe if I’d known the content it might have given me pause but I’ve got to confess I LMAO, (Mom and Britt, too). We had dinner in a cute little bistro after the play and went home.

We were into August now. School would start shortly, so Mom and I took the girls shopping for clothes and school supplies. And, of course I couldn’t resist the urge, I got another pair of Jimmy Choo’s.

My shoes, I now had over one hundred pairs, most of which I’d never worn. Dan had noticed, he’d chided me several times and had even called me Imelda for Imelda Marcos, the former First Lady of the Philippines, who was purported to have 3,000 pairs.

His comments about my spending but he indirectly brought it up in the next family meeting, after he’d gotten the credit card statements showing that I’d splurged on several more pairs of shoes.

He said, “We have some money, yes, but we still need to demonstrate financial responsibility. Our goal should be the accumulation of assets, not squandering what we have. Since Mom wasn’t spending his money and the girls were more than happy with their allowance of $50.00 weekly, his comments were certainly directed at me.

Other than that, Mom’s bungalow was moving along nicely. Her birthday is September 21st and that was the target date for her to move in. Dan had something else in mind for her on that day, she was going to lose her anal virginity on her fifty-second birthday, so in preparation for that event, he was moving her up to the largest butt plug in the morning.

When he took hers out that evening he told her,

“Maggie, I’m going to retire this one. Tomorrow we’ll fit you with the larger one, you’re almost there.”

And, of course I watched. He checked her calendar, bathed her and took her back to bed. As she laid across his lap, he massaged her and stretched her then lubricated her heavily.

“Take a deep breath and relax for me Maggie and remember to push.”

When he got it in to its widest part, Mom cried out,

“It hurts Dan, it hurts.”

He stopped, lubricated his fingers and used them to stretch her. When he spread his fingers I could see into her. He worked with her for about five minutes, adding more lubricant as he did then said,

“Let’s try again Maggie.”

This time he had her hold herself open and used a twisting motion with the plug. The widest part of the plug caused Mom to let out,

“Ahhhhh, Dan, please.”

But at her utterance her sphincters yielded and the big plug popped in. Dan pressed on the base.

Mom was breathing heavily, taking it had been a strain on her, Dan stroked her back as his big hand pressed the plug deeper, seating it.

“You did it Maggie, God, you’re a fantastic gal, really brave, I’m so proud of you.”

She whispered, “It’s so big Dan, is it as big as you?”

“Just about, but don’t worry, when it’s time I’ll be gentle with you. We’ll work together and I think you’ll learn to like it a lot.”

He held her for several minutes. I got dressed and started breakfast, Dan went up and showered and Mom came out to the kitchen. She was a little bent and a little bowlegged and gave a little groan when she sat down. I knew why. That big boy was being shoved into places she’d never had an intruder before.

All she said though was, “Whew.”

We’d talk after Dan was gone.

“This thing is uncomfortable Cassie,” she told me.

“I know, believe me, I remember my first day, I thought it was going to split me but, after a couple of days you’ll get used to it and, believe me when I say that when your night arrives you’ll be thankful for your training.”

It was only a few days later that school went back into session. Mom and I took the girls to their respective school and got them enrolled.

From the first day of school Dan talked them at the dinner table. He’d inquire as to whether homework was done and about how their day had gone with classes. It was evident that Dan wanted the best for them with their studies. He even volunteered his help if they experienced any problems.

I thought they were both doing well, Annie was involved with her athletics and Britt had joined the drama club. Both had made new friends that visited frequently. They spent time in the pool or upstairs on their computers. Britt had developed a particularly close friendship with a girl she’d met in her drama club. Veronica Davies, she went by Ronnie, was tall and slender, dark complexioned, she had large brown eyes, black hair and a pretty face and she was at our house or Britt was at hers nearly every day. I was happy with how the girls were fitting into their new surroundings.

On the other front, as we moved into September work on Mom’s cottage was nearly complete so we shopped for the furniture she’d need. When it came to her bedroom suite she chose a standard double bed. There, I interjected,

“Mom, go with the King, I think you’ll need it.”

She thought for a moment then agreed. We scheduled delivery for the 20th then swung by Neiman Marcus, Manolo Blahnik was calling me.

And I heard about it when the next bill came in, fact was, Dan threatened to take my credit cards away from me. He felt that, unless it was a special occasion, I should be able to function on my allowance of $5,000 a month.

On the 19th of September a clean-up crew detailed Mom’s house and on the 20th her new furniture was delivered. After it was in place, she broke in her new kitchen. She brewed coffee for us and we sat around her table sipping and chatting.

She was excited about having her own house, it gave her privacy with close proximity to her family. She did say that her tummy was a little queasy, she was a little frightened. She knew that when her plug came out this evening, her training was over. That tomorrow on her 52nd birthday she was going to experience anal sex for the first time.

“What’s it like Cassie, does it hurt?”

“Mom, I know Dan will be gentle with you. If it hurts you, tell him, he’ll stop. The first time it was more pressure than pain. You’ll have some new sensations, things the butt plugs don’t create. I like it and I hope you do, too.”

We had a little housewarming dinner at our house then we all walked over to Mom’s. She gave us the grand tour, when she got to the garage she gasped in amazement. There was a car there, a cute Honda EX-L.

“Whaaa…,” she started.

“My little housewarming gift to you Maggie,” Dan said.

I have no idea how he got it into the garage without any of us knowing, that was his secret.

She gave him a hug and a kiss, “Thank you Dan.”

“You’re welcome, nothing’s too good for my Maggie.”

I took that as my cue, “Come on girls, let’s go get our baths, I think Daddy wants to talk to Grandma.”

While they bathed I tried out the audio/video equipment that provided coverage of Mom’s house. They were still in the living room talking. I cued up the bedroom and set the machinery up to record, I wanted to save images of tonight then I hit the pause button and put the girls to bed.

They were just moving to the bedroom when I got back.

Mom undressed slowly until she was down to her panties. Dan knelt in front of her as he took her panties from her. He kissed her pubes, stood, picked her up and laid her on the bed. He undressed and joined her.

They were kissing, he was stroking her sex while their lips were together then lubricated his fingers. He pumped her rapidly, I knew he was pressing her G-spot, he said,

“Does that feel good Maggie, do you like it?”

“Nyess, Oh it feels sooo good, sooo good.”

After about five minutes I could see fluid leaking from her then her body went stiff and she screamed out her pleasure as her ejaculate squirted from her, three pulses of her girl cum erupted. Dan moved his mouth down, he licked and sucked nectar until her little “Old Faithful” stopped spewing.

Even then he kept his mouth on her although his lubricated fingers moved from her vagina to her backdoor.

Two fingers sawed in and out of her while his tongue flicked lightly and rapidly over her clitoris. He continued stimulation her until her body trembled with a series of orgasms then he rolled her partially onto her side.

He lifted her top leg, straddled her lower leg and penetrated her.

Dan’s big and Mom was softly moaning as he worked his huge cock into her. It was quite a show, watching my husband slowly working his way into my mother, I couldn’t help but masturbate. Her little sounds made it even more arousing.

I didn’t think he’d get another orgasm from her but I underestimated my Danny Boy. It took about fifteen minutes but his cock pounding her pussy and his talented fingers on her clit brought her off yet again.

He didn’t cum, after she got hers he laid behind her and reached for the Liquid Silk.

“It’s time Maggie, are you ready?”

“I think so, I hope so.”

“Just try to relax, I’m going to lubricate you now. I’m going to take my time, we’re going to use a lot of lube and I’m going to use my fingers to relax your anal muscles.”

He spent over fifteen minutes and half a bottle of the lube. There were caresses and whispered platitudes and words of encouragement, then, for me, the main event.

He guided his cock to her posterior portal and rested it there, exerting slight pressure then said,

“Remember to push when I say so.”


I heard her groan as the head of his penis parted her sphincters, he was in her.

“Are you ok Maggie?” He asked.

“Nyess, nyess, but you’re so big,” she moaned.

He pressed slowly into her with short, gentle strokes, giving her just a little more each time.

Mom’s sounds changed.

“Un, un, un, un,” as he stretched and filled her rectum.

When he was finally all the way in, he stopped.

“I’m in you, you did it Maggie girl, you did it.”

“Full, I feel so full Dan, you’re so big and I’m so full.”

“I’m going to pump you now.”

From my vantage point it didn’t look to me that Mom was enjoying herself. I don’t think she was feeling severe pain, but from the sweat beading on her brow, her unfocused stare and slack facial muscles I questioned whether her fifty-two year old body was up to the stress she was undergoing.

She didn’t talk, she simply went, “Un, un, un, un,” with each of Dan’s thrusts

I knew he’s fuck her ‘til he came, I just hoped she could stand up to it. He wasn’t fucking her hard, not like he did with me, just firm, steady strokes.

One of his hands was massaging her breasts, trying to get her more aroused, but still, all he got was,

“Un, un, un, un.”

When that hand slid down and he began rubbing her clit I hoped that she would react but, no, it was,

“Un, un, un, un,” with each of his thrusts.

He finally got a reaction, he whispered,

“I’m going to cum in you Maggie, do you want my cum?”

“Please cum in me Dan, please, please.”

It came out almost like a plea for relief.

He sped up, thrusting faster and deeper as his climax built and her “Un’s” changed to a pitiful moan. With a roar and a jerking cock, Dan spewed pulse after pulse of his scalding semen into her guts.

When he pulled out, I could see that her anus was open, gaping and filled with his sperm, then, slowly it closed.

She wanted to snuggle, he held her and let her calm down then said, “Congratulations Maggie, you’re now a member of the Backdoor Betty Club.”

Mom dozed off in his arms, Dan slipped his trousers back on and walked around the pool to our house.

As I waited for him I was almost trembling with arousal, I think I might be becoming a sexual pervert, there was something I urgently wanted to do.

“Take your pants off Daddy and come here to Mamma,” I said. I was laying on the bed waiting.

When he got in with me I took his penis in hand and stroked it to erection then licked his shaft. It had his cum, her cum, her pussy and her ass on it and I wanted to taste it. I even tried to suck it but he was just too big, so I licked.

“Nasty Mamma,” he said.

“Nasty Mamma is right, now put this big boy in me, I feel like I’ve got a swamp between my legs, I don’t need any warming up.”

He took me on top of him and let me bounce like a wild woman on his long shaft. He admired and complimented me on my bouncing titties, they’re still pretty firm for a thirty year old mother of two, but I was bouncing so hard that they were flopping.

I expended myself to exhaustion before he gave me his fingers and helped me cum. After I climbed off I gave that bad boy another lick, I wanted to check the flavor after I’d added my contribution.

Afterward, as I laid in his arms we talked.

“What did you think of your show?” He asked me.

“Dan, I watched it all. When you gave her those first three orgasms she looked like she was in heaven but she didn’t handle the anal very well. I don’t mean that she was in pain, but I’m not sure that her body, at fifty-two can handle the stress very well. I recorded it, you can watch and see what I mean.”

“I believe you, I’ll keep anal to the minimum, maybe once every couple of months. I don’t want her to tighten up and have to go through training again.”

“Ok, Daddy.”

Dan continued to visit Mom a couple of times a week and I continued to watch. He’d use his tongue and fingers on her bottom as part of their love making but didn’t attempt to penetrate her there with his penis. I remember one instance where he was preparing her from behind, she asked,

“Are you going to take my bottom Dan?”

“Maybe another time but right now I want your sweet pussy.”

As he entered her vagina I could see her sigh of relief.

I thought things were going well, I thought the girls were fitting in well at school and I thought I had my shoe fetish under control. So much for thoughts, a visit to the mall to pick up some cosmetics turned into a frenzied run through Neiman Marcus, Saks and Macy’s, I bought shoes at every stop.

When Dan got the credit card statements he followed through on his earlier threat, he took my credit cards away.

Then the evening Dan came in with mail from the girls’ schools. He convened a family meeting after dinner that night, just him, Britt, Annie and me, Mom was at her house.

“Britt, Annie,” he began, “I know that acquiring a father, moving, getting settled in new schools and making new friends can be traumatic but, I’m more than disappointed in your report cards.”

Hung heads was their response.

He continued, “Britt, don’t I ask each day if your homework is complete and don’t you always answer that it is?”

“Yes Daddy,” she answered.

“Then can you explain how that in addition to your one “A” in drama you have one “C” and two “D’s” and you have an incomplete with the notation that your work is incomplete because of missed homework assignments?”

“Daddy, I only missed a couple.”

“You missed enough to merit an incomplete. Britt, if you don’t have the time to do your work maybe you need to drop your drama club, would that help?”

“No Daddy, please, I’ll do better, I promise.”

“Ok, I’ll hold you to your promise and I’d like to see those other grades come up, too. Remember, if you need help with your work, I’m here for you. I’ve got a Bachelors from UCF and a Masters from Florida State, your incomplete’s in math and my degrees are in engineering, I’ve got a heavy math background, put it to work for you if you need it.”

“Thank you Daddy.”

And you Annie. Your grades are pretty good, 2 “A’s” three “B’s” and a “C” in math, so, like I told Britt, if you want some help in math just ask me. Your grades aren’t my major concern though. In the narrative your teacher has noted that you’ve been sent to the principal’s office on three occasions because you were being disruptive and acting out in class. Annie, that’s not fair to the teacher and the rest of your classmates. Remember, we’ve talked about showing respect, well, this behavior is disrespectful. Don’t I ask about how your day went every morning? If you’re having some problems with the teacher or other students, I want to know, is there something going on?”

“Not really but sometimes I want to do something else and the teacher won’t let me.”

“Like what, give me an example.”

“Like I want to read the books I like, I was reading “Living the Dream,” it’s about an Olympic softball player that went on to be a doctor. Her name’s Dot Richardson and she was born right here in Orlando.

“Yes, I know, I’ve golfed with her brother, he still lives here. And I agree, Dr. Dot is inspirational, particularly to young female athletes but maybe you should limit your recreational reading to here at home. At school it’s your responsibility to work on what your teacher assigns.”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Ok, enough on that, now it’s bath time.”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen those two scamper up the stairs so quickly, they wanted to escape Dan’s disappointment in them.

As to me and my problem, since Dan had my credit cards, I was on my good behavior, that is, until I discovered on-line shopping. I knew the number and check digit on my black card, I tried to keep away from my computer but one day I was feeling a little depressed and nothing can pull me out of a funk like a new pair of shoes. I ordered one pair, just one pair and I discovered a new guy, a pair of strappy sandals by Michael Kors for only $395.00.

When the statement came and Dan didn’t say anything, I got braver, I shouldn’t have.

I went on a little spending spree, over $5,000 in shoes and handbags.

The calendar rolled over into December, both our anniversary and the holidays were coming up, I asked Dan if I could have my credit cards back so I could do my Christmas Shopping, I’d missed Black Friday but that was fine with me, I really didn’t like the crowds.

He relented with my promise to be frugal.

Then there was our own Black Friday, Dan came home and asked to speak with me in his office. The second grading period was over and he had the girls’ report cards. If anything they were worse and, unfortunately they repeated the same transgressions as before. Britt still had an incomplete because of missed homework and her other grades hadn’t improved and Annie, our precocious one had been to see the principal four on four occasions this time.

“Cass, this is totally unacceptable. You won’t often see me angry but I’m angry right now. I’ve tried to have an open dialog with them about their school progress and all I’ve gotten are dishonest answers.”

“That’s inarguable, the question is what to do. Maybe grounding them, taking away privileges or cutting their allowances?”

“I’ve thought about it and I want to make a statement to them about what’s acceptable behavior and what’s not. Maybe it’s inevitable that today would come, I’d hoped it wouldn’t but spankings are in order.”

“You’re going to spank both of them?” I asked as my heart did a little flip flop for them.

Neither one of them had ever had a spanking, “What should I do?”

“You can help them prepare. After their baths make them try to pee. Children, particularly girls sometimes release their bladder during a spanking. I could live with a wet lap but they don’t need the additional embarrassment. Don’t let them off with an I don’t have to go, make them try, then let them dress in their pajamas and bring them into our bedroom. I want you there watching when I discipline them

Dinner was a rather solemn affair that evening, Mom didn’t join us which was just as well, Dan didn’t bring up the report cards but, I think both girls knew that he probably had them so, they were pretty quiet.

After I’d loaded the dishwasher and cleaned up I told the girls, bath time. There was moaning,

“Ah Mommy, it’s Friday, we don’t have school tomorrow and it’s early, can’t we stay up?”

“No, now up those stairs.”

Both of them got undressed, Britt bathed first then while she dried and I sat her on the toilet, Annie took hers. Her potty time gave results, Britt’s hadn’t. They got into their pajamas (both in shorties) and I led them to my bedroom.

“What does Daddy want?” Annie asked as we walked down the hall.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” was my answer.

Dan was sitting on the side of the bed waiting for us. There was no belt, no paddle nor hairbrush, just Dan and his big hands. I imagined they’d be enough.

“Cass, why don’t you sit over there,” he said as he pointed to the overstuffed chair we had in our bedroom.

“Britt, Annie, come over here and stand in front of me.”

Once they were in place he handed each of them their report card.

“I’m not going to lecture you, I did that last time and it seems it either went in one ear and out the other or it was a waste of my breath. I’m only going to say that I’m doubly disappointed in both of you. After we talked at the end of the last grading period you both promised improvement but that’s not what you got was it. Britt, you still have that incomplete in math for incomplete homework and the “C” you had last period’s dropped to another “D.”

And you, Annie, there were four visits to the principal for disruptive behavior. Do either of you have anything you’d like to say?”

“No Daddy,” from both of them.

“All right then, you’re both going to be spanked. I know neither of you have ever had a spanking, so I’ll go over my rules. You can kick, you can scream and cry, make whatever noise you want but don’t try to protect your bottom with your hand. I don’t want to accidentally hit it, I could break your finger. I know young girls can be quite modest so, Cass, I’d like you to take them shopping tomorrow, buy them several long nightgowns so their fronts aren’t exposed. That’s because girls, I spank on bare flesh.

Annie stood, her little lower lip was quivering and I was glad he’d had me put her on the potty, I think she’d have wet herself right there.

Britt, however spoke up, “I’m thirteen, you can’t spank me and besides you’re not my real Daddy.”

“Yes, you are thirteen and no, I’m not your biological father, but first, as long as you live under my roof you’re subject to my discipline and secondly, I’m your father, I adopted, I chose you as my daughters because I love you and I want us to be a close family. Now, get up and lie down on the bed and wait.

Annie, come to me.”

She shuffled over, Dan said, “Like I told the two of you, when I spank I spank on bare bottoms.”

He pulled her pajamas down.

“Step out of them and lie across my lap.”

She was frozen. He picked her up as easily as a rag doll, took her PJ’s off her feet and lifted her top so that her buttocks were completely exposed, then rested his hand on her bottom for a moment before raising it and,

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, five firm spanks, not nearly as hard as he could hit but still stinging, he paused and rubbed her for a moment then,

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, five more, Annie was kicking and squirming, trying to escape. She’d broken into tears and was pleading,

“No more Daddy, that’s enough, please, I’m sorry.”

All he said was, “We’re not done yet.” He gave her five more, even going down the backs of her thighs although he seemed to concentrate on the crease between her cheeks and her thighs.

Annie had given up her begging, now she was wailing and sobbing, I could see that her bottom was scarlet.

When he began to spank again, he delivered ten blows that covered her from the top of her buttocks down the back of her thighs to just above her knees. Annie’s legs were flailing in an unsuccessful attempt to escape. Any thought of modesty had gone by the wayside, as she bucked and kicked her legs flew apart. Where I sat I was behind her and there was very little of my young daughter’s lower anatomy that wasn’t on display. I hated it that she was being spanked but, in a queer way, seeing her young vulva was creating an arousal in mine.

When he finished Annie had ceased fighting, she laid limply across his lap sobbing and snorting at the mucus she was creating. He got a tissue, held it to her nose and said,


He held her, rubbing her back until she’d settled down then he turned her over and said, “You’re a good daughter Annie but you did something wrong. I spanked you but I want you to know that I love you.”

He stood with her in his arms, turned and laid her on the bed saying,

“Just lay here for a little while and calm down, ok.”

“Ok Daddy.”

Then he took Britt’s hand, “It’s your turn.”

He stood her in front of him as he had with Annie and told her, “I’m going to take your panties off, I want you to step out of them and lie across my lap.”

“They’re not panties, they’re my PJ bottoms.”

He didn’t comment, he simply took them to the floor and waited for her to step out, which she did.

He waited for her to climb over his lap but when she hesitated he scooped her up and put her in position then he lifted her top exposing al of her bottom.

When the spanking started, like with Annie there were five strokes,

“WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, it seemed he was spanking a little harder, maybe because it was a thirteen year old as opposed to a girl of eleven.

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, by now Britt was kicking and wailing, she begged,

“Please Daddy, I’m sorry I said what I said, I want you for my Daddy but, please, please, stop.”

By now her cheeks were a hot crimson but he said, “We’ve only just started.”

And another five struck home.

“Daddy, please stop,” she begged.

He began again at a slow, measured pace and, from my viewpoint I could have given my teen daughter a gynecological examination

When the final ten were completed Britt’s poor bottom was a fiery red and she was laying limply and whimpering. As he had with Annie he held a tissue for her then rubbed her back as she settled down then he turned her over and expressed his love for her as his daughter. He stood with her and laid her beside Annie.

Once Britt had calmed he said, “I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is the spankings are over for tonight, you can put your jammies back on and go to bed. But the bad news is that your spankings tonight were for what happened at school, unfortunately we have the honesty issue to deal with. After supper and our family meeting you both are to get your baths. Then I want you to try to pee, Mommy will watch, then, finally I want you to put on panties and one of your new nightgowns, that’s all, no shoes or slippers. I’m going to spank each of you again for your dishonesty. Annie was first tonight so tomorrow Brit, you go first. Now get your bottoms on and Mommy will tuck you in.”

Dan was still sitting on the bedside when I went back to the bedroom. His face reflected no pleasure, I supposed it was because he’d had to spank the girls but then he said,

“Cassandra, come over here.”

He never called me Cassandra, it was always Cass or his affectionate Mamma, but I walked over to him, nonetheless.

“Unfortunately, Britt’s and Annie’s report cards weren’t the only distressing thing that came in the mail today, can you explain this?”

He handed me the credit card statement, standing out like neon lights were over $6,000 in charges for shoes and purses.

“Care to explain these charges to me, they’re from November when I had your credit cards.”

“Dan, I’m sorry but sometimes I just can’t control myself.”

“Cass, I understand to a point. I realize that you were lacking for a lot of things for a number of years and I want the best for you but this is something I’ve called to your attention on far too many occasions and I just don’t seem to have gotten through to you.”

It wasn’t looking good for me, I said, “I can give my credit cards back to you.”

“Cass, that doesn’t seem to be the remedy, I had them last month and you still spent over $6,000. I noticed that some of the purchases from retailers that aren’t even in this market so I can only surmise that you’ve discovered on-line shopping, am I right?”

“Yes, I did buy things over the Internet.”

“Cass, I think you’re out of control and I have to do something about it. I’d like you to take off your clothes.”

“Are you going to spank me?” I asked in fearful amazement.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

“Dan, you can’t, I’m your wife, a thirty year old woman.”

“You’re right about a lot of that, you are my wife, you are thirty years old and you are a woman and I wouldn’t change any of that but you’re also a spendthrift and that I can act on, get undressed.”

I was motivated by his stern tone and countenance, I quickly took off my shoes, dress and brassiere and presented myself to him in just my panties, as he’d taught me.

“Cass, when we are going to make love, I like to take your panties off but this is discipline and I want your participation, take your panties off.”

As I rolled my panties down over my hips he stood up and took my hand and led me to the bathroom. Just like he had me do with the girls, he sat me on the toilet and said,


I was anxious, I was frightened and I was nervous along with feeling humiliated, I couldn’t get started right away. Dan said,

“Take all the time you need, I don’t think either one of us are in a big rush.”

Finally my golden fluid began to flow. After I finished, I wiped, flushed and stood up. He led me back to the bed.

He sat and lowered me over his lap.

“Like I told the girls, kick and scream if you need to but keep your hand out of the way. I want you to hurt but I don’t want to injure you.”

He didn’t hold me like he held the girls, first, I was totally naked and he wrapped his left arm around me and tucked me against his hip so I was looking behind him.

He rubbed my bottom and said, “I’m sorry this is necessary but I can assure you, this is going to hurt you a lot more than it does me.” And with that it was,


He paused and rubbed my bottom saying, “What a pretty shade of pink,” and then,


And he rubbed me, I’d started to snivel and beg half way through, “Please Daddy, don’t spank me any more, I’ve learned my lesson, I won’t do it again, I promise.”

I didn’t realize it at the time, my mind was on my poor tush but I sounded just like the girls, and it got me just the same thing as the girls,

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, then like the cymbal crash in a musical crescendo, CRRRRACK.

And I was a mess, sobbing uncontrollably, mucus streaming out of my nose, my eyes red and my bottom, well my bottom was aflame. Fiery scarlet tinged with just a little blue. At that moment I never wanted to see a credit card again.

He let me cry myself out then held a tissue for me like he’d done for Britt and Annie and told me to blow.

He didn’t talk, he just rubbed my back before moving to the back of my thighs. My legs were open from my kicking and squirming, he stroked my sex.

Now, that helped me settle down, my sobbing changed to mewling and, as he got me more aroused to cooing, he picked me up and laid me on the bed as easily as he had our daughters. He was wearing shorts, he dropped them and mounted me.

He fucked me hard and fast, I was moaning and calling out,

“Yes Daddy, yes, yes, Oh, give it to your Mamma, give it to me, Oh give it to me.”

His cock felt huge in me, the sex so good, so very, very good. We climaxed together, him with his roar and me screaming,

“Oh my God.”

He continued to pump me for several minutes until he softened and pulled out.

As my ardor lessened I became more conscious of my burning bottom, I rolled on my tummy and went to sleep with him rubbing my back.

Next day, Dan had a golf game with our banker so I walked gingerly over to Mom’s and asked,

“I need to do a little shopping, why don’t you come with me?”

“What do you need to pick up?”

“Long nightgowns for the girls.”

“Why in the world, this is Florida, they don’t need long, hot gowns.”

“Dan wants them to wear them so they can at least preserve the illusion of modesty.”

“What do you mean.”

“Mom, we got spanked last night and he wants them to wear long gowns so their fronts are covered. He’ll lift the backs though, he spanks on bare bottoms.”

“What did the girls do?”

“It doesn’t matter, suffice to say that they deserved it. They’re going to get another tonight because they weren’t honest with him about something.”

“You said “we,” you got it, too.”

“Yes Mom.”

“I’ll bet it was over your spending habits.”

“It was, now come on over to the house, I’ll fix breakfast and we can have coffee.”

“First, let me see your bottom.”

I raised my dress and she pulled the back of my panties down. I was still red, she said,

“Wow, that looks sore.”

“It is sore, that was his intention.”

After breakfast we went to Macy’s. I let the girls choose their own gowns so long as they were long then checked out and I avoided the shoe department like it was a house with a quarantine sign hanging on the door.

That evening after we’d eaten we convened our weekly meeting. Dan didn’t bring up the previous night so there wasn’t a whole lot to talk about except holiday plans. Then, Dan said that the week after the New Year he’d like to take a week’s vacation, did we want to go skiing or down to the islands.

“We don’t know how to ski,” Annie interjected.

“Well, you can take lessons and learn,” Dan told her.

“What would we do in the islands?” Britt asked.

“We can water ski, hang glide, try the fishing and loll around on the beach.”

“I want to loll, I don’t like the cold,” Britt said.

After a little discussion we decided on a week in Jamaica; Dan would take care of the reservations.

The girls had their new nightgowns up in their bedrooms but no one volunteered to model, I don’t think they wanted a reminder of what they stood for. But the time had come, Dan said,

“Ok, bath time girls, then meet me in my bedroom.”

I went up with them, I needed to be there when they tried to urinate, then we all went to the bedroom. Again Dan was sitting on the side of the bed.

“No lectures tonight girls, you both know why you’re here. I’ll only say that the need for honesty is of the utmost importance to me, it’s one of my cardinal rules. Annie, get up on the bed and wait your turn, Britt, come stand in front of me.”

He reached under Britt’s gown and lowered her panties then said,

“Pick them up, put them on the bed and come over my lap.”

Once she was in position he turned the hem of her gown up over her back and I could see her poor little bottom. She was still pink from the previous night.

And he began to spank. He didn’t pause, he didn’t rub, he spanked. Thirty firm strokes that turned her a burning red from the top of her buttocks down over her thighs, five more strokes than the previous night.

He held a tissue for her, turned her over, gave her a hug and let her know that he loved her then he laid her on the bed and brought Annie to him.

As he’d done with Britt, he reached under her gown and dropped her panties to the floor.

“Pick them up Annie and put them with Britt’s then get over my lap.”

Like her sister she was still pink and, like her sister Dan began to spank without preamble.

She got twenty-five, got her nose blown, got her hug and got placed on the bed.

Dan had them lie still until Annie had calmed down then he told them to put their panties back on and had me take them to their beds.

For my anniversary, Dan took me out to dinner, Mom watched the girls so we could have our own little celebration. He gave me a lovely diamond and emerald ring and some of the hottest lovemaking we’d had in months.

We made a family party out of our tree raising, cookies, egg nog (yes, we let the girls have a small glass), mistletoe, lights and ornaments then we all put our gifts under the tree.

Christmas morning we opened our gifts, Dan seemed to like giving jewelry, Mom got a beautiful opal necklace with matching ear rings, I got a necklace and earrings, too, mine were diamond and emerald, complementing my anniversary ring and each of the girls got pretty gold charm bracelets.

Dan told them that we’d add charms with each memorable occasion, they had three already on the bracelets. Annie had a soccer ball, a heart engraved love Dad and another that I couldn’t make out. Britt’s were one of the masks of drama, an engraved heart and the same strange one as was on Annie’s.

Annie asked, “Daddy, what is this one?” Pointing out the unknown one.

“What does it look like?” Dan asked.

She thought for a few moments then said, “I don’t know, it sorta looks like a hand.”

“Very good, you got it.”

“But what memorable occasion is it suppose to remind me and Britt about?”

He gave them both pats on their bottoms and said, “Guess.”

They chorused, “Daaaaady.”

Really, all in all we had a wonderful day and a delicious dinner of turkey and ham with all the trimmings. Maybe it was too much, later in the evening Annie complained of a headache and tummy ache. Dan felt her forehead and said, she does feel a little feverish, why don’t you go up and get dressed for bed then come back down, I’m going to put you in the Special Room so Mommy and I can monitor you throughout the night.

I went up with them, Britt bathed and got ready for bed while Annie put on one of her nightgowns. I tucked Britt in then took Annie back down.

When we went into the special room I noted that on the bedside were a glass of water, a bottle of Tylenol, Annie’s rectal thermometer, lubricant and a rubber glove.

“Lie down for me Cutie, I want to look you over.”

With her on her back Dan felt around her throat but felt no swelling in her glands, then he looked down her throat but no infection was evident. Finally, he said,

“Annie Cutie, I want to check your tummy, I’m going to lift up your gown.”

He exposed her stomach then turned her panties down so he could see her abdomen, he pressed various spots feeling for any irregularities, commenting,

“There’s a little tightness here low on her left side, I think it’s her sigmoid colon and rectum.”

“Cutie, when’s the last time you had a bowel movement?”

She thought then said, “I don’t remember, it’s been a while.”

“Ok, we’ll try to deal with it, first, I want you to take a Tylenol for your headache.”

He helped her sit up and gave her the pill with the water.

“Now, I want to get your temperature.”

She opened her mouth for the thermometer but Dan said, “That’s not how I do it, come over my lap for me.”

As she got into position he raised her gown and took her panties down to mid thigh.

He put a dab of the lube on his index finger and as he spread her cheeks he said,

“I’m going to touch you Cutie, don’t be startled.”

He rubbed the lube in her then dipped his fingertip in, lubricating her sphincter. He picked up the thermometer and warned,

“I’m going to put the thermometer in now, just lie still and relax for Daddy.”

He held the thermometer in her with one hand while he massaged her back. After four minutes he pulled it out. It read 101.1 degrees indicating there was a fever, normal rectal temperature is around 99.5 degrees and there was a smear of feces on the end of the bulb.

He pulled the vinyl glove onto his right hand and got some lubricant on his index finger.

“Annie, I want to check up inside you. I’m going to put my finger in you, just lie still and try to relax, I won’t hurt you.”

He rubbed a little of the KY Jelly on her little rosebud then pressed his finger into her. Annie gave a little gasp as she was penetrated, he rubbed her back,

“You’re ok Cutie, just relax, ok.”

He probed her then said,

”Mamma, get me one of those Ducolax suppositories, our little girl’s constipated.”

I unwrapped one from its foil wrapper and handed it to him.

“Annie, I’m going to put this in you, it should help you poop.”

He pressed it into her and left his finger in her for a minute so her rectum wouldn’t reject it.

Then he snapped off the glove and laid Annie on her tummy.

“Just lie still until you feel like you need to go, we’ll be right here with you.”

To me he said, “It should work in fifteen or twenty minutes.”

I remembered, when he’d given me two I was up and running for the toilet in fifteen minutes.

Twenty minutes passed then thirty and she still hadn’t needed to go. Then thirty, forty-five and finally an hour. Dan said,

“I guess it isn’t going to work, how about getting me one of those Fleet enemas from under the sink.”

“Cutie, I’m afraid the suppository isn’t working. I’m going to give you an enema, I guarantee it will work, come back over my lap again.”

Once in place Dan took her panties off.

“When you need to go you may be hurrying and these will only get in the way.”

I handed him the enema and he lubricated the tube.

“You’re going to feel this going in you Annie, just relax and lie still, when you have to go get up and do it.”

He held her open and I watched as my eleven year old was penetrated by the white tube. Dan squeezed the plastic bottle and the enema flowed into her. After he took it out he massaged her back and buttocks as we waited for the solution to do its work.

It didn’t take long, the fizzy boil in her tummy started and she leapt off Dan’s lap and streaked to the bathroom, she had to go and she had to go RIGHT NOW. I followed her in.

Gas and splashing, moans from a sore tummy but she was on her way to recovery. I drew her a bath, switched on the Jacuzzi jets and left her luxuriating in the waves.

“She’s already feeling better and she loves the Jacuzzi,” I told him

As we waited for Annie to have her fun I asked,

“Daddy, could I set up video in our room, I’ve got Mom’s but I’d like to see us, can I please?”

“Tell you what, you stay with her until she gets out and I’ll set things up for you. Let her know that if she needs anything all she has to do is ask, we’ll be listening and tell her I’ll be down first thing in the morning to check on her and get her temperature.”

When I got up to our room he had it set up like a porno set, lights and cameras, all that was lacking was the action, and he was ready to provide that.

I won’t give you a play by play now, I want to do that when I view the video we made so, until tomorrow.

Dan was up early, he woke me for our early A.M. romp then tossed me a robe, saying, “Let’s go check on Annie.”

She was still asleep so he gently shook her awake.

“How you feeling Cutie?”

“Better, I’m ok Daddy.”

“Well, we’ll see, let me get your temperature.”

Over his lap, a little lube and the thermometer was in, she was so cute laying there with that tube sticking out of her perky little butt, four minutes later it’s out. Her temp was 99.2, perfect for a rectal reading.

“I think you’re ok Cutie, but why don’t you stay here in bed until breakfast’s ready, ok?”

I was alone in my bedroom when I started the video. Dan and I started by kissing passionately then he gave attention to my breasts and finally he made his way down to my slit. His tongue snaked along, licking my labia, teasing my vagina and then over my perineum until he could rim me. He gave me several minutes of anilingus then moved up to my clit. His tongue flicked, he sucked my little opal between his lips as he got me warmed up to a fever pitch. That’s when he reached for the lube.

Two fingers in my vagina while his continued its magic work, his pumping hand, he was on my G-spot, he was going to make me squirt. I writhed and bucked my hips, a little fluid was leaking from my urethra, I knew my G-spot was swollen, he pressed it and I erupted.

My ejaculate squirted about six inches in the air and so did I. Just as I came he stuck a finger in my ass, I screamed and squirted twice more. My vulva and inner thighs were soaked but my Dan licked me clean. I was moaning softly as he tongued me.

Then he rolled me onto my tummy, with his tongue in my anus and his fingers strumming my clit he brought me to yet another moaning climax. The lube bottle was laying on the bed beside us, he picked it up and dribbled some on me then he went to work with his fingers.

He gave me a nice anal massage then fingered me, first with one finger and then a second. He continued adding more lubricant as he stretched me then he rolled me onto my side and lifted my top leg.

He was behind me, he ran his cock along my slit several times then did the same on my anus before guiding it to my hole. He pressed against me and said,

“Push Mamma.”

The head popped into me and I heard myself,

“Aaaaaaaaaaah,” I mouthed as I threw myself back squirmed at the intrusion.

And I can tell you, a video of yourself spread like I was ain’t a pretty picture. My face was a rictus as I moaned, my hand was gripping the sheet, my labia were spread open showing my reddish pink slit and I had about two inches of his humungous man meat crammed up my ass, beautiful…not.

He pushed into me with short strokes, going a little deeper with each thrust and I heard my own,

“Un, un, un, un,” with each stroke he gave me.

“Feel good Mamma?” He asked.

“Nyess, nyess, Oh fuck your little Mamma Daddy, fuck my tight little asshole.”

He pressed forward, I groaned and he was completely in. He rested.

“Feel me in you, do you feel full Mamma?”

“So full Daddy, you make me so full.”

He started to stroke me a little harder, longer than before, my voice went up like I was trying to sing an aria. He was deep in me, filling my rectum and probably into my sigmoid colon, I could see my abdomen bulge with each thrust even before he took my hand and had me feel it.

And then I knew why he had me in the position I was in; it gave the camera (and me) the best possible view. My face, my torso and all of my sexual organs. He’d posed me for my viewing pleasure.

But now he turned me so that I was on hands and knees and he was behind me. And I knew what was coming, the video wasn’t as good but the audio was spectacular. He was riding me hard and I was at full wail,

“Oooooooooo, Oooooooooo, Oooooooooooooooo,” as he pounded me.

He pushed down on the small of my back forcing me to arch and raise my bottom, he could get even deeper into me this way. He fucked me hard as I grabbed the sheet with both hands, held on for dear life making a noise that sounded like a cross between a yip and groan. I got that ride for about ten minutes and I could see it was taking its toll on me.

He stopped, pulled out and rolled me onto my back with a pillow under my hips. When he pushed my legs back so my knees were at my shoulders, I couldn’t have been more on display. My poor little abused anus was red and looked swollen. He entered me again.

He fucked me with long strokes but not nearly as hard as when he was behind me and my sounds were more mellow. I saw myself smile and knew Dan had smiled at me then he took my hand, brought it down to my clitoris and moved it back and forth until I began to do it on my own.

“Is Mamma gonna cum for Daddy?”

He moved his hands to my breasts and stimulated them while I frigged myself and he continued to fuck me analy. It wasn’t long before all those nerves in my erogenous areas began to fire. I loved it when I could cum while his cock was in my ass. I knew my contractions gave Dan a real good feeling when I tightened on him, and the contractions started. I thought he’d cum with me but he didn’t, he had something else in mind. After my orgasm he pulled out of me and turned me over so I was tummy down with my hips elevated by the pillow.

He mounted me in that position and with his hands at my throat he fucked me fast, he was ready to cum. With a roar he filled my belly with his creamy white sperm then he pulled out and held my cheeks apart. I could see that my anus was distended and his cum was oozing out of me, he was showing me my own anal cream pie.

Then he took the pillow from under my hips and laid down beside me and held me. I watched myself drift off to sleep. Dan got up then and the video stopped.

I’m glad it was recorded, I’m happy that I was able to watch myself, but, my God, it would be so embarrassing if it got out. It was going under lock and key.

I was getting ready to go downstairs when I heard voices, I realized that the audio/video was still on in the Special Room and Britt was talking to Annie.

“How you feeling little sis.”

“I’m better Britt, Daddy made me well.”

“Oh yeah, what did he do?”

“He took my temperature and gave me a Tylenol.”

“And that’s it?”

“Nooo, he did a couple of other things.”

“What, for cryin’ out loud.”

“Well, he put some stuff back there and took my temperature in my butt, then he stuck his finger way up in me and he said I was constipated so he put this suppository thing in me but it didn’t work so he gave me an enema. That made me poop and then I felt better. Then he came back in early this morning and took my temperature again and told me I was ok.”

I fixed breakfast, everyone was fed and I cleaned up.

Later when Dan and I were able to talk he asked me about the video.

All I could really say was, “Christ, I’m loud, aren’t I?”

“Yeah, you are, I thought I was going to have to gag you with your panties.”

“But I heard something else, too.”

And I told him about the conversation between Britt and Annie.

Ask me if I was surprised that after dinner my little thirteen year old came down with the same affliction that had struck her sister, she couldn’t get away doing the things to Dan that she used to so she’d found a new way to get his hands on her, it went

“Oh Daddy, I think I caught the same thing Annie had, I don’t feel good.”

“What’s the matter Sweetie?” he asked.

“My head and my tummy, just like Annie.”

“Mamma, would you get Annie to bed then bring Britt to the Special Room, I’ll meet you there.”

Upstairs while Annie got her bath I asked Britt,

“Are you really sick?”

“Yes Mommy, I really, truly am.”

“Ok, get dressed for bed then, wear your robe, Daddy needs to be able to check your tummy.”

Dan had the things out that he needed. Tylenol, water, thermometer, lube and glove. He lifted Britt onto the bed and sat her down then gave her the Tylenol with the water.

He felt her brow then checked her glands before he laid her down and lifted her gown and lowered her panties far enough to check her abdomen. As he pressed and probed her she said,

“Can you rub my tummy Daddy, it hurts.”

Dan rubbed, he rubbed her tummy then, at her insistence, he rubbed her abdomen.

As he rubbed her, her eyes were closed and she had a dreamy look of contentment on her face.

“I need to get your temperature Sweetie, how about crawling over my lap.” He got the thermometer and the lubricant then took her panties down to mid thigh. The difference between eleven and thirteen was quite evident. She was beginning to acquire a womanly widening of her hips and her bottom was gaining definition, two plump globes divided by a deep cleft, like mine.

“I’m going to touch you, I’m putting some lubricant on so the thermometer can go in easier.”

He added lube to his index finger, held her cheeks apart and rubbed it onto her. She cooed.

“Daddy, I hurt right there, can you rub it a little bit for me, please?”

Dan cut his eyes to me, it was my call. I know I had a disgusted look on my face, nonetheless I nodded yes.

So my little girl (who wasn’t acting much like a little girl) got her first anal massage and it was from an experienced hand.

I know Dan knew what she wanted and he gave it to her. His finger tip circled her tight little hole then he would press on her ring before circling again. As I watched, I had a premonition, I wondered how long it would be before something other than his finger was touching her there.

Finally, he pressed the tip of his finger inside her, saying,

“I want a little of the lube in you.”

Then he slid the thermometer in.

One hand held the tube in place while the other massaged her back, he timed four minutes. The thermometer read 100.1, borderline normal, borderline high for a rectal temp. He pulled on his vinyl glove.

“I’m going to put a finger in you, I need you to relax and lie still for me, can you Sweetie.”

“Yes Daddy.”

He lubed the finger of his glove, spread a little of it on her then penetrated her. She tensed up, gave a little moan then relaxed. Her breathing was a little raspy. Dan told her to relax.

Me, I think she climaxed, God she was going to be even more anal erotic than I was. She got a more thorough inspection than Annie had. Dan pumped his finger in and out several times before he asked me to get the Ducolax. He told me later that he knew it wouldn’t work, her rectum was empty, she’d no doubt moved her bowels earlier in the day but he was going to give her exactly what Annie had gotten.

He pressed the suppository into her and held it in place for a minute then lifted her and put her down on the bed.

“Just lie here for a while, I’ll rub your back while we wait and Mommy will be here, too.”

So, she got an hour back rub, well, in truth, mostly back but some on her bottom, for an hour before he asked me to get an enema.

He lubed the nozzle and injected her with the enema. Even though her bowel was empty he knew the solution would create the urge, she’d be heading for the toilet in just a few minutes.

When she made her run I went in and drew a tub of water. She’d get her Jacuzzi bath, too.

After I’d tucked her in with a promise that Daddy would be back in the morning I sat with Dan in the living room to watch a little TV.

He asked, “What do you think that was all about?”

“I think our daughter has a huge crush on her Big Daddy and she was showing off her young wares.”

“Do you I should quit participating?”

“Ah hell Dan, she’d just figure out something else, but I’d make book that her desire for anal massages, ah, I mean tummy aches becomes chronic.”

“That bad, hunh.”

“That bad, but better you, we keep it in-house, than someone else.”

“Ok, Mamma, we’ll do it your way.”

And, of course that’s what happened. She was “sick” at least once a month.

We had a ball on our vacation, the fishing was fun especially since both of the girls caught something and the Captain directed us to a restaurant that would cook our fish for us, so we ate our catch, that was pretty cool.

We couldn’t get Mom to try the parasailing, the rest of us did. We visited several places of interest, climbed Dunn’s River Falls, ate Boston Jerk Pork and lolled on the beach. Mom was excellent at lolling.

By the time summer arrived I was amazed. I’d managed to keep my urge to shop for shoes at bay, it wasn’t always easy but whenever I’d look, I’d remember my poor little bottom. I was really proud of Britt, she got caught up in math and her other grades had come up, too. The only one of us that had gotten a spanking was Annie, she’d lipped off to me but at least she hadn’t done it at school.

Annie frequently had friends stay the night and Britt had a couple of sleep over’s with a half a dozen of her friends each time. We were in the final week of this school year, so I guess summer vacation was officially a week away. Both had celebrated birthdays. Annie, at twelve would start middle school and fourteen year old Britt would start as a freshman in high school when school resumed.

Britt and her best friend Ronnie were up in her room practicing. There was a big play scheduled for the final day of school, they were both in it so they were working on their lines. Ronnie was staying over and I’d let them stay up late to practice.

Dan had called, he was meeting for dinner with a big client but expected to be home by nine-thirty so I ordered pizzas. We had a little pizza party with Cokes all around then put Annie to bed at her normal time.

I was sitting watching TV when Dan came in. He was so quiet that I didn’t hear him ‘til he was beside me. I started to say something but he shushed me. He whispered,

“As I was coming down the road I noticed that the night light in Britt’s room was on. I thought it was late for her to be up but then I saw that there were two people sitting on the window sill and I saw the glowing tips of two cigarettes. Who’s up there with her?”

“Ronnie,” I whispered back

“Come on, we need to go up there, you know how I feel about smoking.”

We snuck up the stairs then Dan burst through the door, two startled girls started to stammer.

“Daddy, what do you want?” Britt shrieked.

“Want to explain to me what you girls have in your hands.”

Both looked at the cigarette they were holding like a rattlesnake had appeared then tossed them out the open window.

“There’s no need for me to say a heck of a lot, you know how I feel about smoking, I don’t even let my adult guests smoke here, they’ve got to walk out to the road if they crave one.”

“ Ronnie, get your things together.”

“Cass, I want you to drive Ronnie home. Speak to her mother about what happened, Britt, get into your nightgown and come to my room, you can wait in there with me until Mommy gets back.”

Dad left, going to our room.

Ronnie asked Britt, “Why do you have to put a nightgown on, you’ve already got PJ’s on.”

“Daddy makes me wear a nightgown when I get a spanking and I’m gonna get it good tonight.”

She began taking off her pajamas.

“Mrs. Blackwater, please, you can’t take me home. If my Mom finds out I was smoking she’ll ground me for a month.”

“Ronnie, you should have thought of that before you lit that cigarette, get your things together.”

With panic in her voice Ronnie pled, “But Mrs. Blackwater, if Mommy grounds me I won’t be able to act in the play and I have the lead.”

“Again Ronnie you should have considered the potential consequences before you smoked here in my house.”

“If I don’t get to do the play I’ll just die, please Mrs. Blackwater, can’t Mr. Blackwater spank me like he’s going to do to Britt?”

“I don’t think so Ronnie.”

“Can’t we just ask him? Please, please.”

“Ronnie, have you ever been spanked.”

“No but a spanking is better than being grounded right now.”

“Spankings hurt, don’t they Britt.”

“Yeah, they hurt.”

“I don’t care, I just can’t miss the play, can we at least ask Mr. Blackwater.”

“Ok, Britt, get your nightgown on and let’s go see him.”

I followed the two young teens into the bedroom and shut the door.

“Dan, our two little miscreants want to talk to you.”

“Go ahead girls.”

“Daddy, Ronnie is the lead in our play and if you make Mommy take her home and tell her Mom about us smoking her Mom will ground her and she won’t be able to be in the play and she’s the star so it would wreck the play for all of us and that’s not fair.”

“Got all that out in one breath, congratulations, but that really doesn’t change anything. You two were smoking and need to be punished for your foolishness. I know what I’m going to do to you, what Ronnie’s Mom does is up to her.”

“Mr. Blackwater, please, I’ll just die if I can’t be in the play, please.”

“Ronnie, I’m sorry but you’re the one that chose to smoke.”

“Mr. Blackwater, can’t you just give me a spanking like Britt?”

“I don’t know Ronnie, you’re not my daughter.”

“Oh please, I’ll do anything if you won’t tell Mommy.”

He glanced at me, I shrugged, indicating “it’s up to you.”

“Ronnie, have you ever gotten a spanking?”

“No but I want one.”

“I spank hard, you’re be a sore little girl if I do.”

“I don’t care, I just can’t miss the play.”

“Ok, Britt, take Ronnie to your room and get her one of your nightgowns.”

“I’ll go with them,” I said, “I need to take them both to the potty.

“Why do we need to go to the potty, I don’t need to go,” Ronnie said to Britt as we walked toward her bedroom.

Britt handed her a gown and said, “Leave your panties on but take everything else off, even your slippers.”

I took them to the commode, Britt went first and we heard a little tinkle then it was Ronnie’s turn.

“I don’t have to go.”

‘Get on the toilet and try,” I said.

Maybe nerves but her bladder let go with a gush.

Back in the bedroom I took my chair, the girls stood in front of Dan.

“Ronnie, get on the bed and lie down, I’ll take Britt first.”

“Come here Britt.”

He reached under her gown and tugged on her panties. They fell to the ground and he told her to pick them up and put them on the bed.

“Come over my lap Britt.”

When she was in position he rubbed her bottom for a moment then began to spank.

WHACK, CRACK, WHACK, CRACK, ten spanks then a momentary pause then ten more, another pause, ten more then a pause and the final ten, a total of forty.

Britt had kicked, screamed, cried, wailed and begged, now she just lay limply, a bedraggled mess. Snotty nosed, sweaty hair, sobbing tears, he held the tissue for her then rubbed her back until she regained control of herself. She was still sniveling and mewling when he picked her up and laid her on the bed. Ronnie was trembling, her eyes as big as saucers.

“Ronnie, you can still back out and Cass can take you home.”


“Ok, come stand in front of me. I’m going to take your panties off, you’re to pick them up and put them on the bed with Britt’s then you need to lay over my lap.”

The poor girl was quivering and her lip was trembling as Dan reached up under her gown and pulled her panties down.

“Pick them up and put them on the bed.”

She stood frozen and stammered,

“I ccccan’t.”

Dan reached down and said, “Step out of them.”

“I ccccan’t Mmmmmr. Bbbbblackwwwater.”

“Ok, let me help you.”

He picked her up and laid her on his lap then took the panties from her feet and placed them with Britt’s.

Then he rubbed her bottom through her gown and asked, “Do you want to stop now? If I start I won’t stop until I’m done.”

She shook her head no, took a deep breath and uttered a huge sigh. Dan flipped the hem of her gown up over her back.

So different than Britt, her skin deep toned, her cheeks small and tight and her cleft dark and mysterious.

Dan rubbed her tight bottom and said,

“Last chance Ronnie, do you want to stop?”

She shook her black hair from side to side, no.

He struck.

Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack, & Whack.

Ten strokes, firm and stinging although I believed Britt’s had been harder.

Ronnie was in tears by the third stroke and was kicking and screaming for mercy by the eighth.

Any mystery her young feminine treasures had held moments ago now had yielded their secrets. She was sprouting pubic hair as black as a raven’s wing, her flesh may have been dark but her female core was as pink as a chrysanthemum, and her tight little anus was a reddish brown ring.

And Dan began to spank again. Ten more firm whacks before he paused momentarily. Then ten more, a total of thirty when he stopped.

Once she’d stopped squirming and kicking he held a tissue for her and, as she settled a little more he turned her on his lap.

“Ronnie, the smoking doesn’t make you a bad girl, just a young person that made a mistake. Your health is precious, you need to protect it, then with a hug he lifted her and put her down beside Britt.

When the tears ceased flowing he told them to put their panties back on and had me take them to bed. I knew there would be two gals sleeping on their tummies tonight.

We, all of us went to the play. It was funny and well acted, Britt got two curtain calls as the female lead, we totally enjoyed it.

Over the summer Dan held his 4th of July barbecue, lots of grilled meat but no other events. We hit all the theme parks, the girls and I enjoyed them although Dan seemed a bit jaded but, then again, he grew up here and Disney World opened before he was born so he’d known it all his life.

I did enjoy our meal at Albert and Victoria’s restaurant at the Grand Floridian there on Disney property, we were served eight courses plus dessert and coffee and it was absolutely fantastic, the setting, the service and, best of all, the food.

Then over the labor Day weekend, Dan took us to Key West, the girls and I learned to scuba dive and Dan chartered a fishing boat, we bottom fished for Red Snapper and Amberjack, caught several and gave them to the crew.

Mostly, we were good girls. Britt walked the straight and narrow after the smoking episode, Annie, well she still hasn’t learned to control her mouth, she smarted off to me again and got a trip over Dan’s knee and, unfortunately, I relapsed after my long period of remission. Half a dozen pairs of shoes, matching handbags and a scarlet bottom for my troubles.

Fortunately over the next several months nothing on a negative note happened. The holidays were wonderful, it was so nice to have all of our family together. Dan did continue to get together twice a week but he limited anal to only once every couple of months. And in the anal vein, Britt.

I had told him, “Dan, you know she isn’t sick, she only does it to get your attention. Why continue the charade.”

“What do you mean, should I quit? I thought you said to go ahead.”

“No, I don’t mean quit, but I think it’s time to talk to her about it, let her know you know her sickness is feigned.”

So, the next time she suffered from her “Tummy Ache,” Dan put her in the Special Room and, of course, I was with him. He laid her on the bed and climbed in beside her, I was laying on her other side, and he said,

“Britt, you’re not really sick are you and, remember you need to tell Daddy the truth.”

She turned red with embarrassment and was barely audible when she whispered “No Daddy.”

“Sweetie, I think I know what you really want, don’t I?” As he rubbed her bottom.

“Yes Daddy.”

“Don’t be embarrassed Sweetie, you’re fourteen, girls and boys get new feelings at that age and Mommy and I are here for you. If you like it, we’ll do it.”

Dan rubbed her back as he talked to her then put his hand under her gown and caressed her bottom.

“You’re so cute, I really like rubbing you and making you feel good. Is it ok if I take your panties off?”

“Please Daddy.”

He pulled her panties down, I surveyed a bottom that could have been mine when I was fourteen, creamy white, freckled, chubby cheeks and the deep cleft. Dan lubricated his finger, spread her cheeks displaying her strawberry colored little rosebud then touched her and began to massage her.

“Mamma, pull the covers up over us, please.”

She snuggled against Dan as he massaged her then I heard him whisper, “I’m going to put my finger in you, just relax for me.”

Her sigh told me he’d penetrated her, I knew he was stretching her and wondered just how long it would be, to me it was a foregone conclusion that the day would come when I’d be sharing my husband with my daughter.

I even got in up the act, rubbing her back as Dan tended to her bottom. She occasionally caught her breath as she had her little orgasms but mostly she just laid with her head on his chest cooing contentedly.

When she finally dozed off Dan carried her to her bedroom, tucked her in and we both kissed her good night.

In our room I wanted to talk but Dad said he’d promised Mom he’d visit her tonight, we could talk when he got back.

I was surprised, he hadn’t said anything earlier, I switched on the equipment.

Mom was already in bed but she welcomed him nonetheless. It wasn’t that he’d been snubbing her but, with the upturn in construction his business was booming, he had been putting in long hours at the dealership.

They went to bed together. He brought her to several orgasms with fingers and tongue before he had intercourse with her. One more climax, I thought Mom was sated but Dan was ready for more. He hadn’t even cum yet. Then he held her in the spoon position and reached for the lubricant, I knew what was coming.

He held her, his under arm around her shoulders while he lubricated her anus.

“You have such a cute bottom Maggie and I want you.”

I could see that Mom would rather not but there was no way that she’d deny him, she wanted his affection as desperately as I do.

“Arch your back and push your bottom back for me Maggie and remember to push.”

When he penetrated her, she gasped.

“Take deep breaths and relax.”

“Un, un, un, un,” her sounds.

“You feel full don’t you Maggie, tell me you feel full.”

“I feel full, so full, so full.”

“I like filling you Maggie, I love your fantastic, tight ass, where’s my cock Maggie?”

“In me, your cock’s in me.”

“That’s right Maggie, my cock’s in you but where in you, where in you Maggie? Tell me where it is Maggie.”

“It’s in my ass, your big cock is in my ass Dan.”

“Good girl, now I’m going to fuck you and cum in your ass. Do you want me to cum in you Maggie?”

“Nyess, cum in me, I want you to cum in my ass.”

As he began to pump her, I saw her steel herself. She tried to breathe deeply, there was a grimace on her face and her hand was balled into a fist, gripping the sheet with a white knuckled intensity.

Dan usually lasted a long time but, inexplicitly he came rather quickly. When he pulled out Mom visibly relaxed.

He did hold her for a while, kissing her as she snuggled against his chest but his visit was shorter than usual.

When he came upstairs I was in the bathroom, I thought we were going to talk, he’d said we could when he came home from Mom’s but instead when I came out, he was on me with a vengeance. He was a little rougher than usual but, undeniably, he brought me to several spectacular orgasms before he put me on my tummy.

He performed anilingus on me while his arm circled my hip and his fingers danced across my clit. As my climax built I began bucking but he only became more aggressive in rimming me.

Then he lifted me so that my knees were tucked under me. He pushed me down so that my chest was on the mattress and my bottom was elevated. He lubricated me, I felt him press his cock to my hole, I heard,

“Push,” and he was in me.

Even with the experience I had with anal, he took me so swiftly, filled me so quickly and completely I moaned, a loud and mournful moan. He didn’t spend the time letting me accept him as he always did, he started pumping me and he was riding me hard. His weight was on my hips and back as he pounded. Deep, hard and rapidly he fucked me.

“You like my cock in you Mamma, you like my big cock?”

“Nyess, Daddy, nyess, I love your big cock, your Mamma wants your big cock.”

“I love fucking you Mamma, God, your sweet ass is so tight, so tasty, I could eat you for dinner every night.”

His thrust were long, I could feel my anal ring being pulled out every time on his back stroke and being pushed back in as he powered forward.

My breath was coming in pants and I was gripping the sheets, both hands, like Mom, white knuckled, it felt like a semi was driving up my Hershey Highway, God, I was glad I’d douched earlier. I was sure that anything in me would have evacuated, as it was it felt like my guts were being pulled out.

“Am I in your belly Mamma, can you feel me way up in you, can you feel me?”

“Nyess Daddy, I feel you, Oh God, I feel you.”

“Does it feel good Mamma.”

“Nyess, nyess, Oooooooooo, Oooooooooooooooo, Aaaaaaaaaaah, nyess Daddy.”

God, he fucked me for another five minutes, he said,

“I’m gonna cum in you Mamma, I’m gonna cum in your spectacular ass, do you want my cum Mamma, tell Daddy you want his cum.”

“Pleeeeese Daddy, I want your cum, give your Little Mamma all your cum, I want your cum in my ass, cum in my chubby little ass Daddy.”

I felt him swell, his cock jerk, he roared and he bathed my bowels in his fantastic sperm, so hot, so creamy, I did want it, I wanted all of it. He stayed on me and continued pumping until he softened and fell out.

I simply fell forward spent, it had taken all the starch out of me. I wanted to be held and I wanted to sleep. He held me and I slept.

The next morning I could have had conversation I wanted to have last night but now it seemed unnecessary, I’d wanted to discuss how he felt about massaging Britt but now, I thought it was evident, it was arousing to him.

Our next big upcoming event would be Britt’s fifteenth birthday, to Dan it was a big deal, signifying a girl’s progression from girlhood to womanhood, in some ways similar to a Latin American girl’s Quinceañera without the religious significance. He wanted formal attire at a sit down dinner with dancing and a cake cutting. He gave me the task of finding a venue, arranging the catering and the band and, of course the cake.

He said he’d purchase our gifts to her. He was getting her a cute Honda Metropolitan Motor Scooter, pink and white, with a pink and white helmet, a charm for her bracelet, the Venus symbol of womanhood and a white gold and diamond choker necklace.

He also explained some other duties I’d have.

“Cass, fifteen as the age a girl learns how to be a woman. I’ll have a private talk with her about some things but some, I think constitute girl talk. I’m going to talk to her about how she’ll now have more freedom but with it comes more responsibilities. I’m going to open a checking account for and give her a low limit credit card so she can to learn to handle her finances. Her allowance will increase to $100 weekly which I’ll deposit in her account. You, I’d like you to get her more involved in the household, teach her to cook and the other domestic duties, balancing her check book, she’ll be responsible for gas for her scooter so paying bills, the things that you do.

And the other part of womanhood, I think you need to switch her from her pediatrician to a gynecologist. I want her fitted with an IUD; they can do that with a virgin though not every doctor will. Check with yours, if he won’t find one who will and teach her feminine hygiene. Give her a calendar, if I’m going to finger her I’d like to know she’s clean back there.

“Backdoor Betty training?”

“I guess, maybe some day but a long time from now. Now, I simply want her taught the kind of hygiene I expect.”

I decided the starting point in my planning should be…surprise…Macy’s. I took Mom, Britt and Annie, we shopped for formal dresses. We all found ones that we liked, then to the shoe department. Mom, Britt and Annie, yes, Cass, no, I’d wear a pair I already owned (my bottom couldn’t afford another pair).

We had lunch and discussed the guest list and the menu. I also asked what kind of music Britt wanted.

When we got home I went to work finding an appropriate venue, a neighboring city, Longwood, had a nice civic facility that would meet our needs and was available, I booked it. I contacted a talent agency and had them send me demo tapes of three bands and I scheduled a meeting with the caterers to arrange the menu.

Britt chose the music, we settled on a menu and I ordered the cake. She sent the invitations, hand addressing each and every one, there were forty guests invited and we got thirty-six RSVP’s.

Then, the big night. Everything went off with nary a hitch, I think Britt danced with every boy and man there; I know I did, but she had it easy, she and Dan danced the first dance, a waltz, and from then on she was dancing on air.

She was showered with gifts, some big, some small but all appreciated, her maturity impressed me, she made the perfect hostess.

As we drove home in my Lexus she was still overwhelmed with excitement,

“Thank you daddy, thank you Mommy, tonight was perfect, heavenly. Did you have fun Annie?”

“Yeah man, it was tope!”

I think we all chuckled at that comment.

I went up with the girls and helped them undress, they weren’t really accustomed to the formal wear. They bathed and dressed for bed. It was then that I suggested that we go back downstairs.

Dan was waiting.

“I have some birthday gifts for Britt but first I have something for both of you (I felt it was particularly sensitive to include Annie), Britt, here’s a new charm for your bracelet, see that it’s the Venus Symbol, indicative of womanhood and, with this birthday you’re making that transition. Understand, age alone doesn’t make a woman, it takes maturity but your Mother and I have been more than impressed with your maturation.”

“Annie, I have a charm for you, too. This is Britt’s day but yours will come in two years, so I want you to remember this day, this charm is meant to do that and, it’s your first diamond. The charm was a heart filled with, top line, Sis, the bottom line 15, the number. The I in sis was dotted with a small diamond. Annie was all smiles.”

“Mamma, your turn,” Dan said.

“Come her Sweetie,” I said.

“Turn around for me,” as she turned her back to me.

I put the choker around her neck and fastened it.

It was Annie that gushed, “Britt, it’s beautiful.”

I took her to a mirror so she could see. Her eyes lit up, “Oh, thank you Mommy, it’s beautiful,” as her hand went to her throat and she felt the hard, sparkling stones, “It’s beautiful.”

“Daddy, your turn,” I said.

“Got your slippers on Sweetie, we gotta go out to the garage?”

“Yes Daddy.”

So, with Dad leading the way, we all traipsed to the garage. There was something there covered by a sheet. Like a magician Dan swept the cloth off and Britt gasped.

“That’s mine Daddy, that’s mine?” She gushed, nearly overcome with excitement.

“Yeah, I guess you can retire the bicycle,” Dan said.

And perfect for a girl, there was the cream white and pearl pink Honda Metropolitan scooter with her pink and white helmet and a white helmet for a passenger resting on the floor below it.

“Oh Daddy, thank you so much, I love it.”

“Ooops, I love you and Mommy, too, and you, too, Annie.” (Mom had gone home, to tired to continue)

“Can I ride it?” Britt asked.

“How about we wait ‘til tomorrow then you can take it for a spin,” Dan said.

Annie piped up, “Can she take me for a ride, too?”

“She will but she needs to get good on it first.”

Dan said, “How about you take Annie up to bed Mamma, I’ll be up in a while but I want to talk to our Sweetie for a few minutes first.”

With a kiss from Daddy, I took Annie upstairs for bedtime.

And then I cheated, I turned on the equipment. I wasn’t recording, just being a very interested third party.

I got there soon enough to hear him say, “Sweetie, I thought you might like a massage, would you?”

She looked around and asked, “Is Mommy coming?”

“No Sweetie, she’s not. You’re fifteen now, on the cusp of womanhood. A lot of things are going to change for you. We’ll talk about them over the next several days but with womanhood comes more responsibility. Mommy’s going to be talking to you about some of the things that we’ll expect from you and so will I.”

“I can be alone with you now?”

“You’re not a little girl any more, you’ve earned some privacy, so, yes.”

“Yes, I want a massage.”

“Ok, get undressed and we’ll get started, I want to make you feel good on this, your special day.”

“But Daddy, I don’t have my nightgown, do you want me to run upstairs and change?”

“No Sweetie, now when you’re with me you won’t need clothing. Maybe when you’re going to get a massage you might want to wear a robe for to go up and down the stairs but when we’re together you’ll be nude.”

She stripped as Dan and I both watched. His words echoed my thoughts.

“You’re growing up, aren’t you. You really have a cute little body.”

And she did, small pert breasts with pink areolas and little cherry nipples, a nice womanly turn of her young hips, coltish long legs and her mons veneris sported a sparse thatch of strawberry blonde curls (my daughter, you know).

“Come here my cute Sweetie,” Dan said.

He picked her up and laid her on the bed, lubricated his finger and started her massage.

I watched for a little longer to see where this might go but, well, it didn’t go anywhere. Dan kept his pants on and although the massage carried all sorts of sexual connotations, the conversation was pretty mundane. He explained some of the changes she’s experience; her checking account and credit card, paying for the gas for her scooter, etc. (boring when I was looking for a little titillation).

The next morning it was my turn. Before she was dressed I went to her room and we talked, how she’d be learning to cook and that I’d teach her to handle her personal finances, then I explained that she’d be changing doctors. She asked why. So I explained,

“Honey, you’re a young woman now and your health concerns will be a little different. The doctor will give you a physical examination that’s different than the ones you had so far. He’ll examine your breasts and explain how you can do self-exams then he’ll check your reproductive organs. You won’t have your panties on when he does those tests and I’m going to have him place an Intrauterine Device in you, it’s a method of birth control.”

“Why Mommy, I’m not having sex?” She asked.

“Just for safety’s sake Britt.”

“And there’s one other thing you’ll need to know and do. Your personal hygiene will need to change a little bit.”

“Why, I’m not dirty Mommy.”

“No, you bathe every day, I know, but that’s not what I’m talking about.”

I gave her a little calendar and explained how she was to track her bathroom habits then told her how Dan would empty her rectum if she didn’t do it naturally.

“That sounds kinda icky,” was her comment.

“Actually, it feels pretty nice,” I told her.

“He does it to YOU?” She queried in amazement.

“Britt, what I’m about to tell you stays here, it’s something you can’t talk about but Daddy likes his women to be clean. Grandma, me and now you are his girls, we will all do it.”

“Grandma, too, what about Annie?”

“Not yet, she’s still too young but I imagine I’ll be having this same conversation with her in a couple of years.”

Later, after breakfast, while Dan was outside teaching Britt to ride her scooter, I was sitting alone at the table sipping a cup of coffee when my words came back, the “I’ll be having the same conversation with her,” comment.

It was the first time that it really dawned on me, how Dan had groomed me, us. His insatiable sex drive required more than one woman. I couldn’t deny that but he hadn’t strayed. He was a handsome, rich man, he could have had affairs if he so chose but he hadn’t, no, he’d kept it in-house.

First me, my pubic hair, my dresses, anal sex and now my daughter. Then Mom, a lonely widow; he’s shown her affection, flirted with her, complimented her until she wanted him sexually, then he’d bedded her and trained her to do the things he wanted her to do. Now Britt, the birth control, the anal massages, it was inevitable that she’d become one of his girls in the none to distant future.

I could stop it. I could leave him, divorce him; couldn’t I? I suppose I could but what would I lose? He’d adopted Britt and Annie so I’d get child support and alimony and Mom had her independent income, we could get an apartment and live together.

But I had a handsome husband, he’d never raised a hand to me, in fact, he’d never even raised his voice to me in anger. He was sober and hard working, he provided a life style that I couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago. Clothing, vacations, jewelry and shoes, oh yes, shoes. Mom had her home, her car and the happiness of having her family with her, and a satisfying sex life, the best she’d ever experienced. My daughters enjoyed the life of a millionaire’s kids and wanted for nothing. Their college educations were assured as was their financial futures, Dan had established trust funds for them both, and me, yes, if something happened to Dan I’d inherit his estate in addition to the $5,000,000 of life insurance he carried.

Maybe you think I’m some kind of whore or gold digger, I wasn’t going to leave Dan, not now, not when he seduced my youngest daughter, never. Why not, mostly because I love him like life itself.

Speaking of my youngest daughter, my thoughts were interrupted.

“Mommy why doesn’t Daddy love me any more,” Annie asked.

“He does love you, why would you think otherwise?”

“Because he holds Britt more than me and he held a big party for her and, I don’t know, he just acts like he loves her more.”

“Honey, he loves you. Do you want me to talk to him about it or do you want to?”

“Should I Mommy, he might get mad.”

“Have you ever seen Daddy mad?”

“He was pretty mad when he caught Britt and Ronnie smoking.”

“How do you know about that?”

“I was awake, I heard.”

“Yeah, he was pretty upset about that. He thinks smoking is stupid, it’s his biggest pet peeve.”

“I’ll talk to him Mommy.”

And she did, when he and Britt came in from her lessons Dan went into his office. Annie followed him in, shut the door and said, “Can I talk to you Daddy?”

I don’t know what was said and what was agreed to but I do know she started taking golf lessons so she could play with him and I do know that she got a lot more lap time while they watched movies. I think he liked watching movies better with Annie than he did with Britt and me. She liked action films not chick flicks.

She began complaining she was cold when she sat on Dan’s lap for the flicks but, in truth she wanted to be covered so I couldn’t see he was rubbing her tummy under her nightgown and, of course she didn’t want me to see that she flared her gown when she sat. He little pantied bottom was directly on Dan’s lap.

Thirteen, I thought, I’d gone through it with Britt, this time I wasn’t even going to bother. Let her feel his big cock against her butt crack, I knew where this would go any how.

One morning she said, “Mommy, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure Honey, what?”

“Wellll, I’m starting to get hair down there, you know? I think I should shave it, all the other girls at school do.”

“So you want to be like all the other girls and continue to look like a little girl “down there.”

“Everyone else does.”

“Tell you what Annie, why don’t you ask Daddy, see what he thinks.”

So she did, next time she was on his lap, she asked, then said, “You want to see?”

“Only if you want to show me,” Dan told her.

“Yes Daddy, I do,” as she lowered her panties so he could see her little mound.


“I do see, you’re growing up. I think you should keep it, with it you look like a woman instead of a child.”

“But all the girls at school shave, Daddy.”

“And all the girls in the Blackwater household don’t,” he answered.

She decided to keep her budding strawberry blonde curlies.

The return to school was drawing near so Mom and I took the girls shopping for school clothes and supplies, we wandered through the various department stores and Office Depot, found everything we needed and started for the door when,


Annie wasn’t with us. We decided to search separately and meet back at the water fountain in thirty minutes if we hadn’t found her.

Thirty minutes later and still no Annie. We’d been through the stores and shops, she wasn’t to be found.

I was frightened, too many true crime shows where young girls disappeared, I called Dan.

“Wait right there at the fountain, I’m on my way.”

When he arrived I updated him on what we’d done so far.

“When did you last see her?” He asked.

We all thought then Britt said, “I think she was still with us when we went into Office Depot.”

That was my memory, too, so we went to Office Depot, couldn’t find her and none of the clerks recognized her from the picture we showed them.

After another search of the shops Dan said, “We need to go to mall security, if they can’t help we’ll contact the police.”

The officer in charge was as concerned as we were, the last thing he wanted or needed was a kidnapping from his mall. Finally, after some thought, he said,

“Do you know what time she disappeared, we can review the security tapes.”

We estimated that we’d last seen her around three, it was now nearly six.

He cued up the tapes. In the fourth one Britt saw her. The officer was now able to follow her as she moved through the complex. We saw her meet three young people and together they walked toward the exit.

Excitedly Britt said, “I know the girl she’s with. I know where she lives.”

Dan thanked the officer and told him that he’d call him to update him.

Outside the office he said,

“I want Britt to come with me to direct me to the right house, but why don’t you and Maggie pick up some carry-out for supper, we still need to eat.”

Mom and I bought Chinese.

Britt found the house. Dan went to the door, it was answered by a teen girl, he asked for Annie. From behind her Dan heard a voice,

“Hi Daddy, what are you doing here?”

“Annie, you just walked off from the mall without telling anyone, we’ve been scared to death. We even had to report you missing to mall security, let’s go, you need to be at home.”

The ride home was quiet.

When they got home Mom and I were so happy to see Annie well we hugged her but chastised her for the scare she’d given us. After we’d eaten Dan told her,

“Go up and get your bath then come to my room, and I want you in your nightgown. Mommy will be up in a few minutes.”

She knew what that meant, she’d bathe, I’d be there to see if she peed then her gown on, to see Dan, her panties off and a spanking.

And we, all three of us were the audience. Mom had never seen Dan spank and tonight’s was particularly brutal.

Forty firm strokes in groupings of ten left our thirteen year old a fiery crimson sniveling, sobbing mass of snot and tears.

After she’d settled down a little he had her blow her nose then laid her on the bed until she was calm, he handed her her panties, told her to put them back on then said to me,

“Cass, could you and Maggie take her to bed, I want to have a word with Britt and, close the door on your way out, please.”

Mom said, “Wow, he really spanks hard, doesn’t he. Annie won’t be able to sit for a week.”

I replied, “Yes Mom,” but I had a premonition that the spankings weren’t over yet.

In the bedroom Dan said, “Britt, remember when I told you that you’d have more responsibilities now that you’re fifteen? You, along with Mommy and Grandma were responsible to see that nothing bad happened to Annie, she bears the primary responsibility certainly, but she’s young and young people do foolish things. Their elders have to be watchful to protect them from themselves. You failed to do that, and Britt, we don’t lose our children.”

“I’m sorry Daddy,”

“I know you are but this is very serious. I need for you to get undressed, I’m going to give you a spanking.”

“Oh Daddy, please don’t, I’m fifteen now.”

“Britt, get undressed.”

“Do you want me to get my nightgown on?”

“No Britt, you’re a young woman now, I want you naked, now get undressed.”

She stripped to her panties.

“Them, too, I want you nude.”

As her panties came off he rose, took her hand and led her to the bathroom.

“Go pee,” he told her.

“But Daddy, you’re watching me.”

“Yes, I am, now pee.”

She peed and wiped.

“This is so embarrassing Daddy.”

“In a few minutes you won’t be giving it a thought, let’s go.”

She laid across Dad’s lap like she always had. She was surprised when his left arm circled her and he tucked her against his hip.

“Britt, I want to warn you, I spank big girls harder than little girls,” and,


Ten of his best

Then ten more


Ten more


Ten more, finally, it was over.

Britt had never felt such pain in her young life, her butt was on fire, she couldn’t stop sobbing. Dan rubbed her back saying soothing words. She felt his hand on her bottom, she was hot, so hot.

Then he parted her blistered cheeks. He rubbed her there, circling her tight little hole, God, her feelings, conflicted, the pain, the pleasure. She pushed her bottom up, his finger felt so good.

“You like that Sweetie, does it feel good?”

“Yes Daddy, my bottom’s burning but that feels so nice.”

He continued rubbing until her breathing changed indicating her arousal. He pushed his index finger into her.

Britt gasped, then her body trembled and her virginal pussy lubricated as she climaxed.

“Britt Sweetie, be a good girl for me. Do what you’re supposed to do and I can do this for you without the spanking.”

“Will you Daddy?”

“Yes baby, I like making you feel good.”

“Do you want a gown or do you want to sleep naked?”

“I don’t want anything on my bottom, gosh I don’t think I’ll be able to sit down for a week.”

“How about a T-shirt then, cover your top?”


He got one of his own, helped her into it, picked up her clothes and walked her to her bedroom, gave her a hug and a kiss and said, “Sleep tight.”

At the door to Annie’s room he said, Cass, come with me. Maggie, maybe you can sit with Britt for a little while, ok?”

In our room all he said to me was, “We don’t lose our children Cass, get undressed.”

I knew I was in for a spanking but Mom was still here.

“Dan, are you going to spank my Mom, too?”


“Dan, she’s fifty-three years old.”

“I know Cass, that’s why I’m going to let you stay in here when I spank her. Afterwards, she can spend the night with us so we can be sure she’s ok, now get undressed.”

I stripped, he took me to the bathroom then he spanked me. A firm, hard forty stroke spanking that left my ass burning and me sobbing.

But after I blew my nose, he stroked my vulva until I’d calmed down then he laid me down and pulled the covers over me.

He got up and went to Britt’s room. They were talking but he interrupted saying,

“Maggie, come with me, will you please.”

She got up and followed him to the bedroom.

“Britt told me that you felt that she, Cassie and I, had been irresponsible in watching out for Annie, that you’d spanked her and, I can see Cassie had been spanked, too. Are you going to spank me Dan?”

“Yes Maggie, I’m sorry, but we don’t lose our children. Now I need you to get undressed for me.”

Slowly she took her clothes off, when she was naked Dan took her hand and led her to the bathroom.

“Maggie, I want you to try urinating. We don’t want your bladder to fail you while you’re getting spanked.”

Even from where I was, through the open door I could hear the gush of her urine.

When they came back he positioned her for her spanking, tucking her at his hip, he started to spank.

Whack, Whack, Whack, he spanked her ten times then paused for several moments while he rubbed her back and said,

“Good Girl Maggie.”

Then he gave her ten more whacks.

And it was over. Thank God he only gave her twenty and they weren’t nearly as hard as I got it, they probably were even lighter than Annie’s but, nonetheless, her bottom was a bright pink and Mom was in tears.

Her legs were splayed, she’d kicked and was now open.

Dan slipped two fingers into her vagina and pumped her until she began to respond then in addition to the two fingers, he thumbed her anus and digitally fucked her in two holes.

She started to moan then pant, her body stiffened then she sighed and went limp. She’d climaxed.

“Did that feel good Maggie, did you like that?”


“Maggie, you’re going to stay the night with us. I’m going to put you under the covers with Cass, ok?”

“Ok Dad.”

He laid her beside me, switched off the light and after undressing himself he climbed into bed behind Mom. She was in the middle.

We all slept. I don’t know, the sound wasn’t loud but I awoke. I could see the alarm, the red numerals of the clock read 3:17 a.m.

Then I recognized the sound, barely audible but there, Mom’s

“Un, un, un, un.”

And I realized Dan was behind her.

She had a grip on the sheet. I took her hand and said,

“I’m here for you Mom, you’ll be ok.”

Then Dan said, “Why don’t you help her Mamma, with your fingers.”

I’d never touched a woman sexually but now I did. I masturbated my Mother while my husband sodomized her.

I moved closer to her, our lips met, I said, “I love you Mom.”

Unbelievably, she was able to produce another orgasm, just as Dan filled her bowels.

This time we were able to sleep through the night.

Then a few weeks later.

I thought that with the golf lessons and more lap time the sibling envy was over but, apparently not.

Annie asked Britt, “I know you go with Daddy to the Special Room, how come?”

“Oh, you know, we talk and stuff.”

“If it was only talk you could do it out here, what’s the stuff part of it.”

“Well, he gives me little massages.”

“I’ve never had a massage, do they feel good?” Annie persisted.

“Dreamerly, Heavenly,” she answered before flouncing off to avoid further questioning.

So she came to me.

“Mommy, how come Daddy gives Britt massages but I don’t get any, huh?”

“What do you know about massages Honey?”

“I know Britt gets them and I don’t and she says they’re “Dreamerly, Heavenly,” Mommy, I want a massage, too.”

So, a conversation with Dan recounting my thirteen year old little Hellangel’s complaint and request.

“Does she even know what she’s asking for,” Dan asked.

“No, I don’t think so.”

“So, that’s that,” Dan said.

“I don’t think so, she won’t let it end so easily, you know Annie,” I said.

“What do you want me to do Cass?”

“Why not, you’ve already got two Backdoor Betty initiates and an apprentice who will probably join us in less than a year. A young trainee three years from fruition would be the perfect addition to your budding harem.”

“Are you upset with me Cass?”

“Not at all Daddy, we all love you and we know you love us, I’m just stating a truth.”

And a truth it was. Three evenings later He and Annie were watching one of their action videos in the den, I was in the living room when he called me.

“Is Britt still out there?”

“No, she went up to her room, why?”

“Annie has asked me to give her a massage and I want you there when I do.”

“Have you explained what a massage is?”

“No, I thought I’d let it be “Live and Learn.”

“I’ll get changed and meet you two in the Special Room.”

When I got there he had Annie laying on the bed. Her gown was rucked up, she still had her panties on and was getting a back rub.

“Come join us Mamma.”

As I laid down, Annie was between us.

Dan’s hand slid down to her bottom, he began caressing her through her panties.

After a little while he asked, “Does this feel good Cutie?”

“Yes Daddy, it feels real nice.”

A few minutes later he said, “I’m going to take your panties off now.”

Once off, he gave her a little kiss on each cheek, she clenched her bottom.

When she did the muscles of her buttocks flexed. Like the rest of us she was creamy white with freckles and a deep cleft but, unlike Brit and me she was muscular, toned and tight. From her athletics no doubt.

Dan commented on it, “Gosh, you’ve got nice muscle form, it gives you a beautifully shaped bottom.”

“Thank you Daddy.”

“No, thank you Cutie, it’s nice to look at,” as he traced along her crack with the tip of his finger.

She gave a little shiver as he said, “Relax for me Little Bit.”

He got a little lubricant in the tip of his finger.

“I’m going to touch you now, just relax and enjoy.”

His left hand parted her cheeks as his right index finger touched her anus.

She gave a jerk at his touch then relaxed.

After ten minutes or so he asked if she liked the feeling.

She said, “It felt funny at first but now it feels real nice.”

He put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her against him. She snuggled against him, as he circled her ring and pressed on her anus, I began rubbing her back.

I could feel a trembling began, then my little girl gave a jerk, made a funny sound then sighed and relaxed.

“Did that feel good Cutie,” Dan asked.

“It made me feel all tingly between my legs and I think I wet myself a little bit.”

“Did you like it?”

“Yeah, all but peeing, that’s kinda embarrassing.”

I said, “You didn’t pee Baby, that’s what women do when they get sexually excited.”

She relaxed back against Dan’s chest as he continued her massage.

With both of his hands occupied he asks, “Will you put a little more lubricant on her Mamma?”

Once I had he said to Annie, “I’m going to put the tip of my finger in you. When I do I want you to tighten your muscles and squeeze my finger, ok.”

“Ok Daddy.”

The tip of his finger slid into her and she squeezed.

‘Wow, you’re strong, now relax then squeeze me again, keep doing that, squeeze then relax then squeeze again, let’s go.”

I watched the muscles of her buttocks flex then go flaccid then flex and so on for about twenty repetitions before he took his finger tip out and began massaging her again.

Annie finally dozed off in his arms. I put her panties back on and he carried her to bed.

I thought, now all four of us had experienced the pleasure of an orgasm at his hands and I know we’d all enjoyed it.

School started, the girls both excelled, Britt was wrapped up in her drama and Annie played soccer (the middle school didn’t have a golf team), both made honor roll, we were all so proud of them.

We had pleasant times, Thanksgiving, our anniversary, the Christmas Holidays, and right on through. Had a couple of nice vacations, skiing in North Carolina, the girls and I got lessons but Dan was pretty good and Mom stayed in the chalet toasting by the roaring fire.

During the summer we were going to London for two weeks, we planned to ride the train through the Chunnel and visit Paris while we were there, but before we left we had Britt’s sixteenth birthday. It wouldn’t be as elaborate as her fifteenth but still, I thought she’d like it.

A few days before the event Britt came to me and asked, “When I’m sixteen can I kiss Daddy?”

“Of course you can kiss Daddy.”

“I mean like you do, you know?”

“I did know, I knew exactly what she meant.

“Yes Honey, you can kiss Daddy like that. You’ll be a woman, a sixteen year old young woman, in fact I think Daddy would like you to go with him to the Special Room that night, would you like to do that?”

“Yes, I’d like that but what are we going to do? Does he want to massage me?”

“I’m sure it will be about helping you to become a woman Honey.”

I’d gotten her the prettiest nightgown I’ve ever seen, white silk with a lace neckline, it falls to mid thigh, a pair of matching thong panties, matching robe and silk slippers for her night.

I even got Annie a couple of sleep shirts, long enough to meet Dan’s mandate but short enough to be a little sexy, they’re cute.

Ok, I was at Neiman Marcus, I went a little crazy, I even bought Dad a pair of pajamas, robe and slippers. They’re black, I thought it would be a lovely contrast to Brittany’s white attire.

Our little celebration was being held at a high end steak and seafood restaurant that offered private dining rooms, the food was fantastic, Britt, Mom and I had lobsters, Annie, our little carnivore opted for a filet mignon and Dan, with the appetite of a horse splurged on a porterhouse and a lobster tail. Al of us enjoyed the wine. Yes, we even let both of the girls have a glass.

In lieu of dessert, they served us a birthday cake, the servers sang Happy Birthday and Britt blew out the candles.

I’d given Dan his pajamas before we’d gone out to eat, he’d looked at me like I was a little crazy then smiled and chuckled, “Ok Mamma, they look nice.”

When we got home there was a strange car in the driveway, it was a dark blue Buick LaCrosse, we all wondered who was visiting and where the driver was. We got out to check out the car when Dan said,

“Oh gosh, I know whose car this is.”

“Who,” we all demanded.

“It’s Britt’s,” he said as he handed her a set of keys on a white ribbon and bow, “Happy Birthday Sweetie.”

She jumped up and down shouting, “Daddy, Daddy, it’s really mine, really,” there were tears of happiness in her eyes

“It’s really yours.”

“Can I drive it?”

“Not until you’ve had driving lessons, your instructor will be here Monday morning at nine, you need to be ready.”

“Oh, I will be, I promise.”

I thought, now that’s one promise she’s sure to keep.

She walked around the car, just staring then opened the door and got in behind the wheel.

“It really is mine Daddy, really.”

“Yes Sweetie, it’s really yours.”

When she got out, Dan took the keys and said, “Why don’t you take the girls upstairs Mamma while I put Britt’s new car in the garage.”

Up stairs, Annie bathed and got into her nightgown. I was going to hold off until tomorrow to give her the sleep shirts, she’d want to model them and this was Britt’s night. I’d checked Britt’s calendar while Annie bathed, she was fine, she’d had a bowel movement this morning.

After tucking her in I filled the tub for Britt. She sensed something different, something special was going on. I didn’t usually wash my teen aged daughter, tonight I did and I gave particular to the cleansing of her youthful feminine wiles. I had her spread her legs so I could wash her vulva and bend forward so I could get her anus.

I knew those were precious places Dan would soon scrutinize and idolize, her femininity would mesmerize her Daddy.

I gave her the new nightwear, first, the white silk thong, then the mid thigh white silk gown with the white silk robe covering it all and she had the white silk slippers on her feet.

“Britt Honey, you’re beautiful now go downstairs, Daddy’s waiting for that kiss.”

“Aren’t you coming Mommy?”

“No, this is your night.”

And I went to my room, you didn’t think I was going to miss tonight did you. I turned on the equipment and set it up to record.

I couldn’t see, not yet but Britt walked down the staircase like a model then went to her father.

“Hi Daddy, do you like my new things?”

He stood up and gave her a hug, saying, “You look beautiful, spectacular, phenomenal, like a princess from a dream.”

She’d never seen him in pajamas (for that matter neither had I), she said, “You look so handsome in those pajamas, I’m so proud to have you as my Daddy. Mommy said I can give you a big kiss, can I?”

“Yes, you can, let’s go into the Special Room for that special kiss.”

When they came in, he closed the door and walked her to the sleeping area, he said

“Let me take off your robe, I want to see your gown,” as took it from her shoulders and laid it on the chair. Then stood back and admired her.

“You take my breath away Sweetie,” he told her, “You’re a beautiful young woman.”

“You are, and I’m ready for my kiss.”

She went to him, put her arms around his neck and kissed, a long kiss. While their lips were locked he picked her up and together they twisted down on the bed. He was atop her as the kiss continued.

Just the meeting of their lips was arousing to her, I could see the peaking of her nipples through the clinging silk. As their kiss continued his hand went to her breasts, he massaged her through the slinky material. I heard him whisper,

“I want to touch you,” as he lifted her gown and took it over her head.

Her young breasts were swollen and she was so sexy in her little thong. His mouth moved to her neck, he kissed her there then trailed kissed down to her breasts, a hand gently caressed one while his tongue circled the areola of the other, teasing her, arousing her. He took her cherry nipple between his lips and sucked then reversed what he was doing so that each breast got equal attention.

As he moved lower, kissing and licking across her tummy he began stroking her vulva through her thong. I saw it darken as she began to lubricate. His head came up and I heard him whisper,

“I’m going to take your pretty panties off now.”

She lifted her hips as he slid the thong down and off.

“God, you’re sexy,” he whispered as he removed his pajamas.

He admired her cute girl curls for a moment, then his mouth descended.

She’d never experienced anything like this, she gave a little gasp as his tongue parted her sweet young lips then she softly moaned as he licked along her slit. He tugged her labia with his lips, the tip of his tongue tasted her virgin vagina, his tongue moistened her perineum as he worked his way to her tight little rosebud. He licked her and dipped the tip of his tongue into her then he moved back up.

He settled on her clitoris, her little man in the boat was swollen, its tip a ruby, he licked along both sides of her shaft, ignoring the tip until she was on the verge. I watched as the muscles of her tummy rippled like a washboard, her body began to tremble, then he took that little ruby between his lips and batted the tip with his tongue.

R climax was spectacular, she threw her head from side to side, her hair flying, she was wailing, her body was bouncing, it was al Dan could do to keep her on the bed, but she didn’t escape him and she couldn’t escape his frenetic tongue. He drank from her liquid vagina, none of her sweet nectar escaped his hungering mouth, I couldn’t smell her but I knew he was reveling in her youthful fragrance. As her orgasm subsided he slid up her and kissed her, letting her have the first taste of herself from his lips. Then he moved back down.

This time he lubricated his fingers with Liquid Silk before he began performing cunnilingus on her again. She built quickly to her climax, when she began to cum he slid a finger deeply into her anus and he pumped her as her cum flowed.

As she came down from her high, I saw him rub a little of the lubricant at the throat of her vagina and he slicked a little on his penis.

Her time had come.

With a hand on the inside of each of her thighs, he spread her legs wide, then laid over her.

He used one hand to guide his cock to her little virgin opening.

I had pity for my daughter. I remembered how it had hurt taking his huge cock and I’d been the mother of two, not a virgin.

He whispered, “I’ll be gentle with you but this will probably hurt.”

I saw the muscles of his butt tighten and he thrust forward.

He’d met her hymen.

Painfully she said, “Daddy.”

He thrust again, my little Brittany was no longer a virgin, Dan was in her. Not far, maybe three inches but far enough to tear through her maidenhead.

“Daddy,” she moaned, then she began making little whimpering sounds.

Slowly, short gentle strokes, Dan pumped her, he worked a little more into her, he was about four inches in. He stroked her but it hurt her too much to give her any more, so he kept his thrusts short, not trying to get any more in her. He fucked her for about ten minutes, I saw the muscles of his butt clench and, with a low roar, he came.

When he pulled out, I could see cum and blood. He got a warm washcloth from the bathroom, wiped her vulva then wiped himself and climbed back into bed.

Britt was heartbroken, she sobbed onto his chest,

“I’m sorry Daddy, I didn’t do very good did I.”

“You were perfect Sweetie, my perfect little lover.”

“You’re so big and I’m so little down there.”

“It may take a little time Sweetie but you’ll stretch.”


“Britt Sweetie, we’re going to spend the night together here, we’ll try again a little later, ok?”

“Ok Daddy.”

At that, I made plans to stay up all night watching but, the rich food took its toll, I was asleep in less than thirty minutes.

I guess that was ok, I did have it recorded, I’d watch it later.

I was awake before the rest of the house. I took the opportunity to view the recording. With the convenience of fast forward it didn’t take hours.

They’d been asleep for about three hours, Dan woke and took Britt’s body into his arms. She wakened to his kisses and responded hungrily.

He whispered, “Let’s try again Sweetie,” as he dabbed a little lube at the throat of her vagina.

In the missionary position, his big cock slid into her for about four inches before she moaned.

“It hurts Daddy, it hurts.”

“I know Sweetie, I’m sorry but you do want to be a woman, my woman don’t you?”

“Nyess Daddy.”

“Then let’s try a little more.”

He didn’t try to force his way in, but he didn’t stop either. He was trying to be gentle with her, short strokes as he inched in.

When she started mewling like a hurt kitten, he released his ejaculate into her then comforted her as they went back to sleep.

Fast forward, this time he rolled her atop him and positioned her for entry from the Cowgirl position.

“This is your time Sweetie, in this position you control the action.”

He guided his cock into her, “Just take it at your own pace,” he told her.

She tried to slide up and down his rod but still couldn’t take it in. I could see the muscles and tendons of her inner thighs straining, holding her up, but her own weight was carrying her down.

“Daddy, it hurts, I can’t do it,” she pled.

She’d taken another two inches, about six inches of his cock was buried in her before her eyes teared.

“Please Daddy, can we stop?”

Dan pulled her down and forward, his cock slipped out. He held her and kissed her.

“You’re doing great Sweetie, I know it’s hard but you’re wonderful.”

I think she went back to sleep laying on his chest.

Fast forward, she was beside him, in his arms. Again he brought her up Cowgirl. He showed her how to guide him in.

And again she held herself above him, she was moving up and down but not making much progress. Suddenly, Britt took a deep breath and just dropped.

“Oooooooooooooooo,” she wailed as she was completely skewered on his huge cock.

She sat, unmoving, a pained, shocked look on her face.

Dan’s hands went to her hips, he caressed her and said,

“You did it Britt, I’m so proud of you.”

Although her eyes reflected her pain she gave him a little smile.

“I did, didn’t I Daddy, am I your Little Woman now?”

“For now and always Sweetie, forever.”

Slowly she began to post on him, gingerly she rode his huge cock. He was so big, he filled her so completely that when her poor little no longer virgin pussy moved up on him, the throat of her vagina was pulled out but she persisted and, as she rode him it became easier. She was being stretched to accommodate him, tender, young pussy, any man’s dream.

She was still experiencing pain, she was moaning and whimpering as she moved up and down on his massive pole. I didn’t think she’d cum but he took her hand and showed her how to masturbate herself as she fucked him.

“Cum for me Sweetie, cum on Daddy’s cock, I want my sweet baby’s cum.”

Her eyes became glossy, her fingers flew across her clit and she sped up her pumping. I watched as my young daughter blew her cookies; Dan went off at the same time filling her young cunt to overflowing.

She continued to ride him but her pumping slowed until she finally stopped, she fell forward into his waiting arms.

“You’re really special Sweetie, I can’t believe you did it in just one night.”

“I did, didn’t I Daddy, I did it.”

“You did.”

Now they slept through the night.

In the morning I met him as he was coming out of the Special Room, I asked if I could go in.

“Did you watch last night?” He asked.

I told him that I had.

“Cass, I’m going to back in later, but sure, go on in. I imagine she’s sore. Give her a Tylenol and a bath then fix her some breakfast. No need to dress her, just give her the robe when she comes out then put her back to bed, I’ll be back in about two hours.”

I went in, Britt was still under the covers, I walked over and sat on the bedside.

“Morning Honey, how do you feel?”

“Mommy, you know what happened last night, don’t you?”

“Yes Honey, I know.”

“I’m so sore but Daddy told me to have breakfast then come back to bed, he’s going to spend the rest of the day with me and he’s so big. He did get all the way in me but it hurt.”

“I know baby, he is big. It even hurt me at first but it gets easier and then you’ll love having a big man, I think he wants to “break you in.” Let me get you a Tylenol and then you can have a nice warm bath.”

Before I gave her the pills I had her lift her legs so I could see her vagina. She was red and swollen, I hoped that the bath would help.

After the pills she luxuriated in the jets of the Jacuzzi while I fixed scrambled eggs, bacon, buttered whole wheat toast and orange juice.

Then I went back, helped her out of the tub, dried her and brought her robe and slippers. She was a little bent and bowlegged, I gave her my arm and led her to the table.

It was just the two of us, she asked,

“Mommy are you jealous that he did it with me?”

“No Honey, believe you me, he’s man enough to take care of all of us.”

She caught what I’d slipped and said, “All of us, you said all of us; you mean Annie, too?”

“No Honey, not Annie, she’s too young.”

“Then who? Grandma?”

I only smiled.

“You mean he does it with you and Grandma and now me?”

“I told you that he’s man enough, I meant it Britt.”

When I took her back to bed I asked if she’d like me to put a little Vaseline on her. (I’d never have used Vaseline if any rubber goods were involved but I knew Dan would ride her bareback)

I rubbed some on her and some in her, she said it felt good.

I left her when Dan came home.

He went up to our room, showered then went back to the Special Room and shut the door.

I was upstairs in a trice, voyeur that I’d become.

Britt was under the covers, Dan turned them back, “Let me look at your beautiful body,” he told her as he laid down beside her.

“Come here Sweetie, “ he said, as he took her into his arms.

As their lips met his hand went to her breast, he caressed first one then the other before he feathered his finger tips over her belly, through her pubic hair to her slit. As his flicking tongue teased her sensitive clit she was quick to respond, her little moans, so sweet sounding as her arousal peaked. She was lubricating heavily then several orgasms swept through her, Dad was rubbing her anus with one finger while his mouth continued on her tender clit. Her hips were pumping up to meet his lips and tongue, she wailed,

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” as he penetrated her anus with a finger. He pumped her until her orgasm subsided then he rolled her over on her tummy.

I was afraid for her, afraid he might mount her, but no, he spread her cheeks and rimmed her. Anilingus, her first time. I knew how anal erotic she was from her massages, she cooed and mewled her pleasure, this new feeling, the exotic sensations she loved them.

After about ten minutes he lifted her to her hands and knees and reached for the lubricant. Again I was fearful for her but he used it on himself to make it easier for him to get into her vagina. He entered her doggie style.

Britt moaned as he slid into her but she took him with her little vagina, he began to pump. I watched as his big cock sawed in and out. He picked up the lube again, this time he did drizzle some on her anus.

As he fucked her he gripped each of her freckled cheeks and opened her. I saw her button of an anus before he pressed a thumb into her. That set her off, she humped on his thumb like a cat in heat

When his cock had slid into her pussy, mine got wet, but watching her get both holes filled, that brought on an orgasm. I thought only guys could get off from visual stimulation but seeing my sixteen year old daughter fucking like a little minx, Mommy popped. It was beautiful to watch.

After she’d cum again, Dan forced her down to the mattress, he pulled out of her then slotted his cock in her crack and rocked back and forth. I saw his butt cheeks clench, he rose to his knees, guided the head to her tight little asshole then climaxed. No, his cock wasn’t in her but some of his cum was. She looked like she had the greatest anal cream pie of all time.

They rested together for a little while then he took her again and again it was from behind.

Afterward he said, “You ARE my Little Woman now.”

They bathed together then both came upstairs, she to her room and he to ours.

I’d flipped the recording equipment on for our room then stripped and was masturbating, laying with my hips elevated by a pillow under my bottom when he came in. He saw me and closed the door.

“My, my, my, that looks good enough to eat,” he grinned at me.

“That sounds like fun but it looked to me that you wanted something else and your Backdoor Betty has it for you Daddy.”

He took off the pajama bottoms he’d put on and came over to the bed. He was flaccid and I wanted tumescent.

“Come to Mamma,” I said.

I took his hand and pulled him so that he straddled my chest. I took his soft penis between my breasts, I’d never been titty fucked but I’d seen it done in porno videos. Now, I was getting titty fucked. As he began to stiffen I lapped the tip of his prick as he slid back and forth between my breasts until I’d filled his rod with steel.

“Take me now Daddy, your Little Mamma’s ready.”

He grabbed the bottle of Liquid Silk and slid down my body, positioned between my uplifted legs he lubricated me and pushed in.

“Ahhhhh,” I moaned; I couldn’t stop myself, it still made me moan when his fantastic phallus forced my sphincters open.

He pushed into me, gaping my anus, stretching my tissues, filling my bowel; Oh God, he’s in me. He pauses letting me, making me feel him in my rectum, full, so very full, I have to poop, no I don’t, I have to cum, cum from anal intercourse.

As he begins to pump me, my hand goes to my abdomen, the crazy alien in my belly, just a little pain but I can feel him in me.

“Do you like my cock in you Mamma, my big cock in your tight little ass? I love being in you, so tight, so hot, spectacular.”

“Nyess, nyess Daddy, I like it, I like it when you take my bottom.”

“Masturbate for me Mamma, let me see your fingers on your lovely pussy, cum for me, I love the squeezing you give me when you cum with me in your ass.”

I could, I knew I could, I wanted to satisfy him and my fingers flew.

I did it, my contractions started, my uterus, my vagina, clutching, tightening, my anus gripped him, released then gripped again.

“Oh yeah Mamma, that’s the way, that’s the was, God that feels good.”

As my orgasm passed Dan pulled out and turned me on my stomach. He pulled the pillow under me so that my hips and my ass were elevated.

And he was back in me, he could go deeper this way. He rode me hard until I was mewling and moaning then he laid on my back.

Girls, if you want to really feel that you’re subjugated and dominated, that you’ve totally surrendered to your man try the position I was now in.

Dan was letting his entire weight rest on my back, his cock was up my back door and his hands were at my throat, compressing my carotid arteries. The hands didn’t hurt but, as my brain began to become oxygen deprived my body would involuntarily jerk and my vision would tunnel. He always released the pressure before any damage was done, then he’d fuck me hard for several minutes before playing his breath game with me.

It was scary when he did to me, but scary in a strange, erotic way, consciously I knew I was near death when his hands squeezed me but when he released the pressure, subconsciously it was as if he was granting me a new, fantastic life as I experienced the most intense full body orgasms ever. Risky or not, I was becoming addicted.

After he’d cum in me we were laying side by side. I was becoming addicted, yes, but still I recognized the danger.

I asked, “Are you going to have anal sex with Britt?”

When he answered, “Yes, I imagine so, but she needs to be trained first.”

“Dan, I can train her for you but you’ve got to promise me that you won’t play the breath game with her.”

Dan gave me his word.

I waited until the following Saturday morning. Dan had been with her at least twice daily for the past week and, vaginally she was pretty well broken in. She was still tight but she could take his entire length and girth. Now, it was time to start.

Before she’d dressed I asked her to come with me to the Special Room. We had a conversation. She said she liked having sex with Dan.

“Daddy’s so big, it hurt at first but now it’s great, he makes me feel so good Mommy.”

Mommy, being her Mommy seemed so incongruous with what I was there to explain and do to her.

“Daddy really likes having sex with you, too, Honey. But do you like it when he puts his thumb in you?”

“In my bottom? It felt weird at first but, yeah, I like that, too.”

“Britt Honey, Daddy wants to have sex with you there.”

She seemed stunned by the suggestion, “Mommy, he’s so big, he’d hurt me. Does he do that with you?”

“Yes, he does it with me and I love it but, you’re right, he’s big and if he tried now it would hurt. We don’t want pain so I’m going to work with you to get you ready.”

“What do you mean Mommy.”

“Britt, do you know what a butt plug is?”

“Unhuh, I know.”

“I have a set of three, the smallest is only a little larger than Daddy’s index finger. We’ll start with it and work up. When you can take the largest you’ll be ready.”

“Mommy, do I have to?”

“If you want to please Daddy, yes, you have to, do you?”

“I guess so, yes, I do want to make him happy.”

“Ok Honey, we’ll start this morning. Have you used the toilet yet?”

“Yes, right after I got up.”

“Good, because once we start it’s imperative that your personal hygiene be impeccable. We’ll meet here every morning before you get dressed, bring your calendar, if you need it I’ll douche you before I put in your plug. In the evening, when I take it out I’ll massage you.”

“You mean I have to keep it in all day Mommy? That’s icky.”

“I don’t know about icky but, yes, it will stay in you all day, that’s why it’s so important that you use the bathroom when you get up. You can pee with it in you but to poop, well you have to take it out and put it back. That can be kinda messy so poop in the morning.”

I had the plug in the pocket of my dress, I took it out and showed it to her.

“See, not so scary, is it?”

She looked at it warily.

I reached for the lube and said to her, “Lay over my lap Britt.”

She well knew the position, I flipped the hem of her gown over her back and lowered her panties to half mast; her butt cheeks were clenched tightly.

I patted her bottom,

“Relax, I need to spread your cheeks and lubricate you. I’m going to use my finger.”

I spread the lube on her anus, added more to my finger and penetrated her, getting the gel up in her.

Once she was ready I slicked the plug, pressed the tip against her and told her to push.

Although I took it easy Britt gave a little gasp when the plug entered her. And, I confess, so did I but for an entirely different reason. As her sphincters opened and I slid the plug slowly into her I was suddenly aroused. The plug sliding into her, the musty aroma of her bowels as I invaded this most private of places and the young girl fragrance of her vulva were heady to me. Aside from touching Mom as Dan sodomized her I’d never had sexual contact with a female but right now, I wanted to change that, I wanted sex with a woman, I wanted to make love to my daughter.

With the plug in her I used my left hand to hold it in place, with my right I touched her inner thighs.

“Spread your legs for me Baby.”

As she complied, I could see the change. Just not that many days ago her labia were tight as a pink clam, she was still pink but she was looser, I could see her slit, I ran a finger along it.

She gave a little jump, “Relax for me Baby, just relax.”

“Mommy, what are you doing?”

“Helping you Honey,” I said as I lubricated two fingers on my right hand.

“Turn onto your side facing me,” as she turned I boosted her up a little so I could easily rest my left hand on the plug.

With my right I fingered her.

“Just relax for me Baby, relax.”

I pushed my index finger into her vagina then followed it with my middle finger. I knew I had a G-spot, Dan had more than proven it to me, I imagined my daughter would, too.

A little over two inches inside her I located a spot where the texture of her vaginal tissue changed. I pressed then began massaging, a circular motion maintaining firm pressure on that spot. At the same time I used my thumb to stimulate her clit. To the attention her vagina and clitoris were receiving, I pressed the base of the plug, released the pressure then pressed again, forcing it deeper into her, effectively fucking her tight young ass with the little dildo.

I kept it up for about five minutes before I felt her G-spot begin to swell, I applied even more firm pressure.

Suddenly she said, “Mommy, I have to pee.”

I knew what she was feeling, just before I ejaculate a little fluid leaks from my urethra creating the sensation that I’m about to pee.

“That’s not pee Baby, relax for Mommy, just relax.”

A few more minutes, the swelling became more pronounced, about the size of a walnut. I pressed firmly and,

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” my little girl wailed from one end as her ejaculate gushed from the other. My dress was soaked, I didn’t care, I kept my fingers in her, pumping and pressing until she gushed again.

“What happened Mommy, I thought I peed on you but I didn’t did I?”

“No Baby, you came like a little fountain.”

“How come Daddy doesn’t make me do that?”

“He will, trust me, he will.”

I could tell you that I did what I did so she’d experience an orgasm while her rectum was filled. I could, but I won’t; I did it because I wanted to make my daughter, see my daughter ejaculate like I do.

Before packing her off to go upstairs and get dressed I gave her some advice.

“Britt Honey, a couple of things you should know. In a day or two you’ll get used to having your plug in you, I mean, you’ll forget about it; not a good idea. You forget about it and flop down on a chair, woops, you jam it in deeper and, in front of friends and family you cross your eyes and moan, so, remember to take a seat delicately. The other is when you sit to pee, the big ones won’t but these little ones want to try to escape. Mom and I found it best to reach around like we were wiping and kinda hold it in.”

With the intake of breath that can only denote amazement she said, “Grandma, too?”

And another big oops, this faux pas had opened a door I had no business opening but Cassandra, suffering from foot in mouth disease, eloquently explained by saying,

“Yeah, her, too.”

And my overtly sensitive daughter expressed her incredulity, “WOW MOMMY, HER TOO!”

I gave her a pat on the butt, told her to go get dressed and went to the kitchen.

Scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages, hash browns, whole grain toast along with cantaloupe slices and orange, grapefruit or V8 juice was laid out when the girls, Dan, Mom and I sat down for breakfast. Danish and coffee finished our little feast. When Britt took her seat our eyes met, when her butt hit the seat she gave a startled little jump, I chuckled, she’d just learned what I was talking about when I told her about sitting with her plug in.

I couldn’t help myself, I watched Britt all day, her walk was that straight back, tight butt that I so well remembered. Mom noticed, too. She cast her eyes at me questioningly, I nodded, yes.

Later in the day Britt whispered to me, “Mommy, I have to pee, will you go with me.”

I took her to the bathroom in the Special Room, reached under her and held her plug in while she urinated.

“Thank you,” she told me.

“You’re welcome but you’ll need to do that yourself in case I’m not around.”

“I know Mommy.”

She was so pretty, so sweet, so young. Dan’s nickname for her, Sweetie, fit her perfectly. As I admired her youthful physique I realized I was getting wet, I anxiously waited for the time to take out her plug.

Dan used the Special Room first that evening, he took Annie with him so I assumed she was getting her anal massage. When they came out and went upstairs, Britt and I went in.

I wasn’t sure how to go about getting what I wanted, Britt made it easy for me.

In a timid little voice she asked, “Mommy can you, well, you know, maybe, what you did this morning, could you, ah, ah, could you do it again?”

I was all smiles, “Of course, if you like it we can do it. Tell you what, you get undressed, I’ll take out your little friend then we can take a bath together and come back to bed.”

As she stripped so did I. She climbed into my lap, spread her legs a little and pushed her bottom up in the air and waited. I caressed her and asked her to relax. Slowly, I pulled out her plug.

Finished, I filled the tub.

The bath was sensuous, I washed her first, her shoulders, her back and her long coltish legs, then I her vulva and anus. When I’d finished I handed her the washcloth and said,

“Your turn to do me.”

Attentively, she scrubbed me but she hesitated when it came to my groin. I lifted myself so that my sex organs were above the water,

“Come on Baby, wash Mommy like she washed you,” I wanted to feel her slim fingers on me.

She soaped up the rag and meticulously swabbed me, my vulva, perineum and anus. We dried each other, I grabbed another towel and laid it on the bed. I fully intended to keep her gushing until her little G-spot ran dry.

We laid side by side, I gently stroked her breast as she said, “Mommy, you’re beautiful, now I know how I’ll look when I’m your age.”

I turned and raised myself above her so I was looking down on her face.

“No, it’s you that’s beautiful Baby.”

I think she could read the ardor in my eyes. I wanted to kiss her. As our lips moved closer she opened her mouth to accept my hungering tongue. I was nearly overwhelmed by a flood of passion, her soft feminine body, so different from my hard bodied man, but so pleasurable in her own way.

Her small breasts, firm with swollen nipples, so inviting, my tongue circled, my lips sucked, my daughter sighed. Her taut little tummy, I teased her innie bellybutton with the tip of my tongue then gently tugged at her girly curls.

Her treasure, my tongue spread her labium, I licked her coral freshness, her youthful fragrance mild, inviting. She has a slightly salty citrus flavor, her vagina is lubricating, I lick and taste but I want her little pink button, her musty scent, I penetrate her tight ring with the tip of my tongue, my Dark Kiss, the gateway to her Hershey Highway.

I move back up, licking the stem, teasing her opal tip, her clit. As her arousal rises, I lubricate two fingers and slowly insert them into her vagina. I found it earlier, I’m back, her G-spot, I press and rub.

Her breathing becomes a raspy pant, my tongue rapidly feathering her clitoris, fingers applying firm pressure to her G-spot. Five minutes, yes, it’s starting to fill, beginning to swell. Faster fingers, pressing her walnut sized organ, fluid leaking from her urethra as her orgasm builds.

Dan does it to me, I wonder if she’ll like it. The first gush, six inches high, warm and watery, I take my fingers out of her but my tongue doesn’t stop, my finger presses her anus as I feel her contractions begin again, I penetrate her and pump.

“Agggghhhhhhhhhhh,” her body stiffens and she wails.

“Oooooooooooooooo, Mommy, Mommy, Oh God, Oh God,” as she spurts one final time.

I continue, now I’m licking her, her nectar, her aromatic juices, until she settles down and begs me to stop. The sensations are too intense, exquisite pleasure but, “No more Mommy, no more.”

I climbed up her lithe, young body; I wanted to kiss her, I did. My lips saturated with her love juices, she tasted herself for the first time.

We minimally dressed and climbed the stairs together. She went to her room, I to mine.

Dan was on the bed.

“Enjoy yourself Cass?” He asked. His tone seemed to exhibit displeasure.

“I’m sorry Daddy,” I attempted to avoid displeasing him, “I don’t know what came over me.”

He smiled at me, “Don’t be sorry Mamma, it was absolutely beautiful, fantastic to watch, now come to Daddy, he wants his.”

Our sex that night was fantastic, I was still highly aroused from my time with Britt and Dan seemed particularly energized from having watched.

As Britt’s training progressed, I never initiated the sex between us but, by the same token, when ever she indicated that she wanted it I certainly never turned her down.

School, of course, was back in session. The small plug gave her no problems but when I moved her up to the medium, sitting was uncomfortable. I could commiserate with her but there was not much I could do and, I knew that when I moved her to the big boy it would only exacerbate her discomfort.

A couple of nights later she was in the mood and so was I. When I’d finished and taken her up to bed I was still really stoked when I got to my room.

“You two were beautiful,” Dan said.

“Oh God Daddy, I wanted so much to make love to her.”

“If that wasn’t making love it was a damned good imitation.”

“No, no, I was jealous of your cock, I wanted to fuck her.”

He just grinned at me and said, “Hey, that sweet pussy’s mine.”

Then he tore me a new one. Oral, vaginal, anal, I got it all, I’ll confess, I was worn out by the time we were done. I slept like a baby.

Next evening when he came in he was carrying a paper bag, he kissed me then went upstairs. After dinner he took Annie into the Special Room for her special massage. When they’d finished, he sent her up to bed, now it was Britt and my turn to use the room.

Before I could take her in, he said, “Come upstairs with me, I’ve got a little something for you Mamma.”

On the bed was a box wrapped in gold foil gift wrap.

“For you, open it,” he said.

The box told me what it was but in the box I found a strap-on harness with three sizes of dildoes, the smallest of which was 5 ½ inches long and an inch in diameter, about the size of a small man and not much bigger than the butt plug Britt had in.

I looked at him.

“Try it on then use it tonight but remember, her pussy’s mine. You’re training her to be a Backdoor Betty.”

I tried it on and stood in front of the mirror admiring my own personal cock, so realistic if I was from Mars; the thing’s purple.

I put it in the bathroom downstairs then got Britt.

I took out her plug, we bathed then went back to bed. After bringing her to two orgasms, as she rested, I said,

“I’ve got something different, something special for tonight.”

I went to the bathroom then came back wearing my purple peter.

Dan recorded it all, later we watched it together.

I entered the room wearing my strap-on. Starting at the bottom of the bed, I slowly crawled toward her.

I said, “Look at me, I look like a panther stalking prey.”

Dan corrected me, “No, not a panther, you’re a cougar.”

I chuckled, “Yeah, I’m 33, I guess I am a cougar now.”

As I stalked her, Britt questioningly asked, “Mommy?”

I’d decided, I was going to take her this first time like Dan had with Mom and me. I slid down beside her and rolled her onto her side.

Her bottom was to me, I reached for the lubricant. As I began to apply it she said,

“Mommy, what are you doing?”

I gave her an honest answer, “Relax for me Baby, I’m going to fuck you.”

Her muscles tightened.

“No Baby, relax for Mommy and when I say so, push.”

“Arch your back and lift your bottom for me,” I said as I guided the dildo until it pressed against her anus.

“Push, Baby.”

As I pushed into her, my arm circled her hips, I pulled her back and entered her with one smooth thrust.

She gave a slight moan as I slid into her rectum. I stopped and held her against me.

“I’m going to fuck you Baby,” I whispered as I began to slowly pump her.

And I did, always with slow, gentle strokes. Not hard but long, I stayed in her for thirty minutes and listened to her version of,

“Un, un, un, un, un,” with each forward stroke

Then I guided her hand, teaching her to masturbate herself as she engaged in anal sex.

And I understood Dan’s infatuation. Even with a faux phallus, the sensations were incredible. Holding her body close, pumping her tight little bottom and her sweet sounds, Christ, my pussy was flowing like an artesian well.

I’d stopped pumping but was still in her when I whispered,

“We’ll do this every night until you’re ready for Daddy.”

And we did. Some evenings the Special Room was one busy place. Dan and Annie for her massage then Dan and Britt for sex and, with her already warmed up by Dan, I’d move in for her anal. Occasionally Dad would go over and service my Mom while I was with Britt.

On one occasion and only one, I brought her to tears. The first time I used the largest dildo, 8 inches by two inches. I think it was mostly nerves, she couldn’t relax and, maybe I took her too quickly.

As the head popped in, opening her further than ever before she moaned,

“Mommy, it hurts, please stop.”

I stopped pushing but didn’t pull out. I massaged her back and buttocks, to relax her. I whispered soothing words,

“I’ll be gently Baby, relax for Mommy, rub yourself, make yourself feel good.”

It took a while but I finally got all the way in.

“You feel full, don’t you, like you have to potty.”

“Nyess, Mommy.”

I took her hand and put it on her abdomen.

“I’m going to pump you now. You’ll be able to feel me way up in your belly,” I pumped, “Feel?”

“That’s weird Mommy,” she said as she felt me in her.

After I spent an additional month sodomizing her it was Dan’s turn to take over, my job was done (damn it). Now he had three of us and I was back to just being his Backdoor Betty. Now I’m not necessarily complaining, I love anal with Dan but giving was fun, too. I extracted a promise from him, when it was Annie’s time I got to train her.

Things kinda rocked along. Dan still visited Mom but now it was only once a week and he no longer did anal with her. I guess he figured Britt and I could give him plenty of Brown Eye and we did. He and I, of course, had sex at least twice daily, morning and night but I was on my tummy for three or four of our trysts. And he did like Britt’s lithe young body and still tight orifices to the tune of three in her vagina and tow in her rectum weekly.

It seemed to come upon me suddenly, Annie was about to turn fifteen. A freshman in high school, she’d made the golf team and Dan and I didn’t miss a single match.

She was really looking forward to her party, it was huge. The golf team and dates, the coaches and wives, and the myriad of her other friends. We held it at our home, the weather was fantastic so Dan employed caterers, tents were set up for dinner and others for the band and dancing.

As the party would down, Dan gave Annie her presents from us. She got her scooter although it was kinda funny looking. It’s a Stella but it has a sidecar. Dan said that was a necessity, so she could carry her other big gift; a new set of golf clubs. No clubs here, though, only a picture. Dan was going to take her to have her clubs custom made to her specifications.

Of course both girls got a charm to commemorate the event.

After the last guest had left Dan took Annie to the Special Room, he explained the changes that being fifteen meant for her, credit card, checking account, raise in allowance and that I’d be talking to her about expectations, maturity, and obligations.

There had been no spankings in quite some time, even Annie had learned to control her mouth, so it came as a surprise when just two weeks after her birthday Dan told Annie to come to our bedroom at bed time. That meant only one thing, a spanking was in order. Yeah, Annie had been a little lippy but her transgression had been so minor that, I didn’t think it even merited comment.

I didn’t ask, though, I didn’t question Dan. I decided that he was driving home the point that more was expected of her now and I thought he wanted to demonstrate the difference between her little girl spankings and what she could expect now.

Different, she was alone in the room with him, no Mommy, no sister there with her. Different, she had to undress in front of him, strip completely naked, even take down her own panties. Different, he took her to the bathroom and made her urinate with him watching, not me. Different, naked across his lap, her body pinned to his left hip. Different, the spanking was harder, longer, reduced to a quivering mass of pain, he did hold the tissue as she blew her nose. Different, he lifted her, laid her on the bed and laid down beside her, he spread her legs and stroked her until she ceased sobbing and started to react sexually. Different, his magical fingers brought her to an orgasm. Different.

How, how had each and every one of us fallen under his thrall? No, I knew, Dan provided us a lifestyle we couldn’t have dreamed, he was always a gentleman, never raising his hand or voice in anger, he did love each and every one of us and we loved him.

And suddenly Annie was about to be sixteen. We both had an appointment with my OB/GYN, her to have an IUD implanted, me to have mine removed, Dan and I’d decided it was time, we’d been married six years, I was thirty-five, we wanted a child.

All sex now was vaginal and with a purpose, we were baby makin’, no bootie, nothing else ‘til I missed a period. But Annie’s sixteenth wasn’t forgotten.

For her special night I bought her the prettiest pale lavender pignoir, robe and slippers, and I watched.

Oh my, my youngest was an athlete, strong muscles, a strong girl, yielding to a strong man. He was poised between her legs, I watched as he guided his swollen cock to her virginal portal, he’d used a dab of lube, he held her, I watched as his muscular buttocks tightened then thrust,

“Oooooooooooooooo, Daddy.”

I got out my plugs, my dildoes and my strap-on belt, I’d start training tomorrow (YUM).

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