: I left the story with Lisa tied up on my bed and going to the living room to call Julie to come to my house and answer some questions I had.
Roger what are you doing, Lisa mumbled past her gag. What she said was barely understandable. I ignored her and picked up the phone and called Julie’s private number. Daddy I am so glad you called so soon. I was wondering when I would get a call from you, Julie said. Baby will you be able to come talk to me in person; I was thinking about what we have been doing and have come up with a resolution, I said. Sure I will be down in a few, Julie said. Perfect I thought to myself. I peeked in on Lisa and she was struggling against her restraints and her pussy and asshole was wet; she was making a large wet spot on the bed.

Well someone is getting horny isn’t they; keep your silence slave, I said. I picked up the same paddle I used on Julie, and smacked my hand hard with it. Lisa winced when she heard its report. I smirked at her because I was going to see her plump ass and pussy turn purple. One good smack on her ass, just below her pussy and Lisa screamed out in pain and struggled hard against her restraints. Darn it I missed my mark, I said. Grunting like a pig and panting for all she was worth Lisa had the cutest confused look on her face until I landed the second blow.

Lisa screamed through the gag and moaned once three little squirts of cum came out of her pussy. Ah-ha I hit it that time, someone likes what is happening to her, I said. Moaning her approval Lisa said nothing. I heard a car door close outside and leaped to the window to see Brenda’s car leaving down the street. You need to be extra quiet now slave, I told Lisa; quickly after a knock at the door. Just a moment I’m on the john, I yelled. I flushed the toilet and went to the front door to answer it. As I opened the door I nearly shot a load in my pants. I was already hard from my inflicting punishment on Lisa. Julie stood there with a trench coat on with nothing underneath flashing me her naked body.

Baby you’ve got to stop doing this to me, I said. Looks like part of you still likes it; I checked up and down the street before I did this, Julie said. Quickly I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the house and into a kiss. I had her cuffs in the other hand opened. I kicked the door closed which made her jump. I grabbed her left arm and closed one side of the cuffs on it; I nearly missed grabbing her right but secured it in the cuffs also. What the fuck are you doing, Julie asked? Quiet slave; and follow me, I said. Julie sulked and obeyed. I led her also to my bedroom. When I turned and looked at her a look of horror and then all the blood flushed from her face; with a shaking of her head she said I can explain. Silence I told her lay down on the bed next to your sub, I added.
Daddy please---no I quickly cut her off. I had explained to her during one of our platonic conversations, the cost of practicing on someone without my permission and approval. Julie you have forgotten your promises, and now punishment is due. Stop your whining before you make me mad. I tied Julie’s legs up in the air so I had unrestricted access to both bare asses. Lisa told me everything, I said. Julie started a fight hitting Lisa with her elbow. I hit both in quick succession. Stop you’re fighting or I’ll paddle you twice as hard.

“Now who is getting first punishments” I asked? Lisa’s ass and pussy was starting to turn red. Julie only received one swat so I gave her a few more. The vibe was not used because I used my fingers on them instead. As the blows landed on Julie’s ass, she cried out for me to stop. “Begging will only make me hit you twice more for each cry that you let escape your lips” I said. She whimpered as each blow was landed afterward. Lisa had a smirk on her face until I rained three blows to her reddening ass. “Don’t be so happy”, I said; “you’re getting plenty to make you regret ever calling the cops on me and Julie”, I added.

My cell chirped in my front room; giving me the indication I received a new message. I picked up the phone and read the message, my brother was outside wanting me to come out and talk with him. I returned to the bedroom gagged Julie and muffled both of them checked my eyes and face in the bathroom mirror and walked out to talk with Jason. “Roger I am being indicted on conspiracy charges by MSHA and Superintendent Jamison” Jason said. This is a tough pill to swallow for both me and Jason. I offered a suggestion or a request more sounds right to describe what I as far as being the Union President for local 9010 district 101.

Given our circumstances and what the investigators from MSHA found in the mine. Jason and I might be in a bit of trouble or worse a lot of trouble to work around into our favor. Give me a nights study to get some facts. More than one man in that mine wrote up details of unsafe coal removal and removal of pillars without use of long wall equipment to keep safety at or better than the boundary of below/above average and higher. Jason nodded in agreement with me shook my hand and walked to his car then left waving goodbye.

Once I returned to the girls they had contorted themselves to finger each other and appeared to be reveling in a (silent) orgasm hoping I wouldn’t find them that way. My mutt friend was whining up a storm begging attention from Jason to no avail. So he was ubiquitous to the girls making noises in the bedroom I just let her and then when left and we were alone with the girls she was praised I heard a noise you shouldn’t hear in your house without being in it. “Ok where was I” hollered as I slowly stroll into the bed room “hmmm ahem but what the fuck are you doing giving each other pleasure”. “Have we forgotten where we are and who will untie you”, I said. Both girls about hit the ceiling in terror and crying for the speed of their release. I lined up both girls to pound the tears out of them together then whack and again whack and a third time harder than the first two Lisa sprayed my dresser after the third and I planned to give them ten Julie sprayed me and giggled like she was enjoying it. Lisa started panting like a thoroughbred horse after the Kentucky Derby, Julie was almost on her heels and I untied Lisa from the bed and sat her on the vibrator taped to the floor. I removed the gag; she would only howl in pleased moans and orgasmic hyper ventilations.

When Julie fixed her gaze on me, I seen terror and a pleading look combined together; because, I had the cattle prod in hand. “What is the matter now, is someone not liking their punishment” I said. Julie just groaned in fear and when it touched her she started screaming as loud as she could past her gag. I hadn’t turned it on yet but Julie acted like it was. “I will just let you feel it on you a predetermined amount of times before I actually turn it on; my sweet little girl, that way you have no idea what it’s going to feel like.” I said. Julie became extremely restless as I continued to touch her bare ass and legs; I set it on low any higher it would cause a bad response in her muscles. I touched her ass and hit the charge button. “Ouch plleeeeease don’t do that no more daddy I’ll be good I promise” Julie said.

I resumed the paddle on Julie with four whacks very hard. Once she started crying I stopped and let her rest. All the while Lisa was beside herself; she had been having the orgasm of the century. “Do you have any more cum left in you Lisa” I said. A moan was her only answer. I helped her stand up after untying her bonds. I secured her gag again and tied her into position on the bed. “Ok Julie your turn on the floor, I know how vocal you are your gag will remain where it is” I said. Julie must have been working up quite a big cum, because when I untied her she crawled off the bed and onto the vibe without any coaxing. I checked the clock and told Lisa she would be released after getting the strap. I acquired a razor sharpening strap from a barber supply outlet online to use in spanking duties.

Before I started using the strap on Lisa I asked her if she was still a virgin. “Yes I am Roger” Lisa answered. “Would you like to remain one or would you like to be a woman like your half-sister” I asked? “I am happy the way I am; I don’t want to become a raging sex addict like Julie is” Lisa answered. “You won’t become like Julie just because you lose your virginity. Most of that behavior is in Julies’ head and can be controlled if the individual desires; Julie has my genes in her, and she’s put at a disadvantage because of your mom and me. Both of us were habitual masturbators when we were your age” I said. “Well I have been curious about sex but I’m a little embarrassed about talking about it” Lisa said. “That’s normal for a person who never has talked to an adult about such things. You still haven’t answered my question properly either” I said.

“I want to become a woman” Lisa enthusiastically answered. “Then you will become one tonight. I am sure you are ready to commence with the act by the sight of your dripping pussy” I said. “I want to be released when we do this” Lisa said. I started untying Lisa and said ok at the same time. With Julie tied to the floor and wailing on the vibrator I loosed all of Lisa’s restraints. I gently moved onto the bed and started to kiss Lisa. “Why are you kissing me” Lisa asked? “I am not just going to jump on you like some boy full of raging hormones” I said. I could see by Lisa's question she was expecting me to just climb on top of her and get it on. Hardly my personality at all; I continued kissing her with a sensuous French kiss. I moved to the left side of her neck and massaged her right breast and nipple. Kissing a trail from her neck to her left breast I was setting her on fire.

As restless as Lisa was getting I wouldn’t move through what I was doing to her faster than I intended. When I finished with her left breast I kissed another trail to her right. I sucked in her right nipple and held it for half a minute; I had performed the same action one her left one. I licked the sweat up from the valley between her breasts and Lisa giggled. The trail continued to her navel where I ran my tongue around the rim before I dipped it inside to collect the accumulated sweat there. Lisa started having an orgasm from what I was doing to her. She pumped her hips frantically as her climax rolled through her body. Once she relaxed just a little, my trail of kisses progressed to the top of her fuzzy patch of pubic hair; across the top and down the right side. I flicked my tongue at her protruding lips and watched them flatten out.

Lisa kept moaning something inaudible and I worked my way up to the top. I finally got an idea of what she was moaning when she started pumping against my lips and tongue; after I zeroed in on her clit. Sucking and nibbling, I was rewarded with a gush of her nectar. A wail of approval that would wake the dead, made me jump a bit but I didn’t relent my ministrations. I took her to the brink of another climax and stopped to catch my breath and let it subside a little bit so she wouldn’t blow my eardrums out after I first pushed into her. I rubbed my cock against her pussy and more pumping ensued. “Put it in” Lisa said. “Slow down and enjoy this; I don’t want to just fuck you, I want to make love to you. If you were with some dumb boy that was horny you would just get fucked; possibly without him making sure you ‘are’ ready” I told her.

I eased the head into Lisa’s dripping pussy and it was hot, wet, and tight. Every time I advanced in a little deeper she moaned a little louder. Up to her maidenhead was lightly resisted and I believed she was slowing my progress. I watched just how much of me was still out side of her pussy so I could fuck the first few inches to make her orgasm. I also wrapped my hand around it to prevent any unexpected intrusion until she was ready. “Are you all the way in dad, am I a woman now.” Lisa asked? When Lisa called me dad I got too emotional and lost a few tears. Which I was able to dismiss as sweat; when I did look in Lisa’s eyes, she opened them for a brief second as she broke into her longest and strongest orgasm of the night.

“Oh-my-god oh my god Oh my…goooooooooooood” Lisa moaned. At the point of the break in her moan I shoved my cock the rest of the way in and her eyes got as big as pie plates. A few tears escaped and I rested fully engulfed in her weeping pussy. “Welcome to womanhood baby” I whispered. I intended to wait a minute or two to let her adjust to the new intrusion because I had given her the last five inches of my cock all at once. I pressed my lips to hers and gave her a passionate kiss; I was taken by surprise when in the middle of it she started pumping her hips. Because of her action I pumped long deep strokes without breaking the kiss; Lisa pushed me away to catch her breath. “Fuck me harder daddy, faster, faster now” Lisa demanded. I giggled a bit and complied.
“Ooowwee I am cuming again daddy” Lisa yelled out. “Wait for me to catch up I want to cum with you” I grunted through my clenched teeth. I felt a shiver ripple through her pussy and she gripped my cock to a complete stand-still. A flood of cum from her pussy soaked us both. When I moved her orgasm kept rolling. Three strokes later I sent a river of cum into her pussy which heightened her orgasm and made her scream louder. “Yes fuck the cum out of me” she told me and she repeated it about five to ten times before I was wilting inside of her.

I couldn’t stay inside of her no matter what either of us did to change it. Lisa pushed my soft cock out with a gush of her cum and then mine I had put in her. Collapsing in the bed beside her I had run my tank dry; if I needed to move in the following twenty minutes I would need help. Kicking me to release Julie Lisa asked me if I was asleep. “Don’t kick me! I am in a sexual coma I can’t move a muscle. You’re loose untie her please” I begged. Lisa rolled to the floor and try as she could she didn’t have the strength to do it either. After shocks rolled through me and I summoned as much strength as I could to roll off the bed to attempt setting Julie free. “Daddy please set me free” Julie howled through an orgasm. I found my pants and took out my pocket knife and cut Julie loose. She practically jumped off the vibrator and all three of us were crashed on the floor.

Two hours later I was awakened by Brenda pounding on the living room door. “Are you in there Roger” she yelled. I stood up and staggered to answer the door. “Where is Lisa? Why didn’t she come home? Is Julie still here” Brenda said in a panic. Brenda failed to even notice I was naked when she walked in. I led her to my bedroom where both girls were still on the floor naked as newborns. “Girls mom is here” I said loud enough to wake them. Brenda just stood in the doorway shaking her head at all of us. Brenda quit talking to me after that day and only said a few words out of courtesy at our divorce trial. Julie moved in with me until she got back with the only boy her age she loves. Lisa moved in with her dad until she graduated from high school. Teresa has had a few rocky relationships and now she lives on the streets in Las Vegas.

American energy closed the mine and the owner is currently being held in the Polk County Jail. He is waiting for his sentence from federal court. None of the employees were ever indicted on any wrong doing. As for me I am living out my life here in this house and starting a new career. I have not had any relationships nor do I want one. I have five beautiful grandchildren and spend all the time I can spoiling them rotten to the core then sending them home to their parents. Just like mine did.

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