i get my magic
My name is Keith; the year is equal to modern day 2000. And I live in the world of magic. The kids at a certain age needed to do a magic test to see if they can control magic and if they could, what aspect they were. When I came of age I took that test and failed it just like my whole family did before me, I wasn’t worried for my father let me join him in his business as cabinetmakers.

Before I go any farther let me tell you about my family, and myself I am 14 when I took the test just like the rest of the children. I had brown eyes and long shaggy brown hair; I was about 6 feet tall about average build, skinny but little muscle seen. My sister, Isabella, is 5 foot 9 in with d cup breast and a tight ass; she weighs about 157 lbs. to my 198 lbs. My father is a big man 6 foot 4 in. He is built like a football linebacker from building and lifting cabinets all his life. My mother is a little shorter then my sister and has a bigger bust.

But anyway back to the story. One day shortly after the test I was helping my dad in the shop working on something as we heard a noise upstairs. As the girls were upstairs we weren’t worried about it but I had a weird feeling and I went to look and as I come up the stairs I hear thrashing around. Thinking it was my mom and sister messing around I slowly opened the door as quietly as I can hoping that maybe they moved my sisters clothes off to the side, but as I open the door more I notice there is two men in the room and my mom is laying on the ground a large amount of blood coming out of her head and my sister trying to fight both of them off one covering her mouth but leaving her arms free and one hand is trying to uncover her mouth and the other hand was trying to push the other man away who was trying to get her tits out.

As I opened the door I saw all this and I saw red. The next thing I know there was two man shaped holes in the wall and window like a cartoon and my sister looking at me like she doesn’t believe what just happened and as she got up I smiled and I started falling forward blackness taking over the edges of my vision.

The next few days were a blur of doctors and magic guild members coming and going but my sister never left my side through out it all. As I woke up on the third day I felt strangely powered.

“What happened?” I ask as I look around the room until my eyes fall on my sister next to me.

“You used magic to save me from those men but you used all that you had and passed out” Isabella says as she gets up and sits on my bed. I move over slightly away but she gets closer still. “You saved me Keith, and because of that I will never leave your side and will do anything you ask” She looks at me with innocent but lust filled eyes “anything.”

She gets up and leaves telling me she is going to tell mom that I am awake and she closes the door as I start to get ideas on what she meant by anything and my eight inch cock springs to attention. But as I reach down to give myself relief my mother walks in and sees it and smiles as my hand quickly darts away and I act like nothing happened.

As she walks in she smiles “she wants to be yours you know”

I look at her like she’s crazy “who?”

“Your sister those men were about to take her virginity unless you came in. You killed them by the way. The police are going to act like it never happened, but you did kill them they had every bone in their body basically broken and they had burn all over their body’s along with cuts the guild members say was made by wind”

I look at her again like she was crazy” but who could have done it not me I cant do magic remember I failed the magic test.”

“You only failed it because the test was made to test for one aspect but you have three different aspects, wind, fire, and lightning. You have been the first one to have multiple aspects sense merlin in the old times. And hopefully you will be as powerful as he was.”

I look at her like she is crazy and the overflow of information makes me pass out into sweet release.

When I woke up no one was around me so I sat up in bed and wanted the water across the room, figuring I shouldn’t get up and move around yet I thought, “ maybe I can use my magic”. As I looked into myself looking for something different I found something…interesting… like a bump in my mind. So I dug into it and I found where my magic has been hiding in the deepest recesses of my mind.

I looked at the glass and imagined my hand wrapping around it and lifting it slowly. Nothing happened so I tried something different I lifted my hand up and I made a claw with my hand in the air imagining a hand gripping around the glass. The glass shook slightly but other then that nothing happened so I did it again exhilarated that maybe I have found the secret. Once again I made a claw with my hand and concentrated and I lifted slightly. “Ok that part out of the way how do I get it to come near Me.”? I thought to myself finding it easier slightly to hold it up with my mind. I pulled my hand towards my body and the glass stood still. So I did the same thing with my mind. The glass slides slightly to me. So I did it again and it came out from over the desk and hangs in the air. I smile and I bring it within reach and I reach out and grab the glass outta the air and take a swig as I think about everything I could try to do with this new found power.

I lay back and take another drink and think, “now I will have to change to the preppy magic school. Dandy” thinking about that school and all the kids in it makes my stomach turn.

The magic school was made many years ago but merlin and his magical friends. It is a castle looking building with a wall surrounding the grounds and many wards around it from keeping insects out of the school to keeping kids from killing each other. It also has a few extra things in there that no one can remember what they do but it doesn’t harm the children or faculty so no one minds. The school is filled with bullies and snobs, they think since they can do magic they are above all non-magic users.

I put the glass down and go to sleep thinking about how my life will change with these new found powers.

When I wake up I feel refreshed and I sit up and put my feet on the floor.
“You shouldn’t move yet” I hear a voice say and I look around but cant see anything.
“Who said that” I ask getting ready to dive into the flow of magic if necessary

A girl about the size of a can of hairspray comes out behind the desk. She is about six inches tall and has on a has on a thin gown, she has a great figure and a good size bust for her size blonde hair and blue eyes that look they belong on a anime character.

“I did silly.” She says laughing
“And you are”? I ask.
“You don’t remember me?” she asks looking hurt.
“I’m sorry but no I don’t think I’ve ever met you before “I say feeling a bit guilty.
“I’m Marie and I will be your new focus for your magic and…anything else you need.” She says blushing.

“Great” I think to myself, “first my sister now this girl shows up.”

“what are you” I ask her
“I am a sprite, our kind have been helping magic users sense before recorded time” she says like she has practiced it before.

I imagine how she will “help” me and I picture her my sister and me in a threesome and my dick hardens. And she notices this and I notice her lick her lips and I look down and try to hide it.

“Oh don’t hide it I would love to see it” she says grinning widely.

Thankfully at that moment my sister comes in and sees me up and doesn’t notice Marie and jumps on me and starts to cry.
“Keith its awful they want to take you and put you in that magic school away from me.” She cries on my shoulder.

I smile and once again think about my new life.

Thank you everyone who has read this and I would love some constructive criticism about this and how I can make this better

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