i am not an americam im from africa so sorry about the grammer
This is a story about a 16 year old boy named Alexander he is a sex slave and after his first mistress dies he is sold to a new family one he thinks will be quite enjoyable.
Hello the beautiful woman said to me after being bought I said hello and we stated to walk my name is Alexander and I’m a sex slave. I am 5’8 with an 8’ dick I’ve been told its nice l but I don’t know. I have been bought by my new mistress tell you the truth I don’t know her name yet so I decided to just say mistress for now. She brought me to a magnificent home and we walk in the front door I was greeted by two beautiful women younger then my mistress so guessed they were her daughters. They both greeted me nicely and brought me to the living room they said I could sit in the chair for now. So I sat down they were across from me on the couch the older mistress introduced herself to me. Hello my name is Christine Blaine I’m pleased to meet you I said hello and then the second oldest one introduced herself to me hello I’m Lora and it’s nice to meet you I said hello again and the third one introduced herself to me hello my name is Lexy and its nice to meet you I said my last hello hopefully. Christine started to talk again she said can you tell us about yourself. Hi I’m Alexander it’s nice to meet you. They asked what my last name is I told them I did not know and it never came up again. They asked my age, I’m 16 years old and turn 17 next year. They each talked about themselves Christine was a 30 year old she and was divorced. Lora was also 16 and in the tenth grade. Lexy was 15 and in the ninth grade. Mistress Christine said that is good on the introduction for now and asked if I knew my role in this family. I am the family dog or slave I guess and to serve you and your every needs not just mine she cut me off you are to serve this family’s needs that means my daughters to I just nodded in agreement. Before we tell you the rules are there any request that you would like us to hear I thought to myself and asked for two things I would not like to eat my own cum if I’m aloud to cum and for them not to do things with my anal area. They looked at each other and said we can accept those terms. Now for the rules when we tell you to do something you will do it no questions asked understand. I agreed and she started to talk again you will call us mistress unless in public there you will address me as mother and them as their names I was shocked I’ve never been told to call my mistress mother it’s a surprise to me. The last thing you are to be naked around the house unless we have company so start taking your clothes off I knew that was coming I turned my back to them and unbuttoned my shirt my shirt fell off and I’m sure they saw the big scare going across my back they did not ask a question which puzzled me but I just shrugged it off and undid the rest of my clothing I turned around fully exposed to them their eyes actually lite up when they saw my dick I blushed a little and they all said were going to have fun with you next they put my collar on my neck and said I walk on all fours from now on I just got down and said yes mistress they asked if I had any trump cards beside my dick I told them I can make a women have a squirting orgasm with just my tongue she said that I had to prove it she sat back down and told me to come here I about got up to walk when they all yelled to stay down not wanting to upset them on the first day I crawled over to her. I put my tongue and found her g spot directly I lapped it and in minutes she was squirting on my face when she was back down she said that was amazing I thanked her for the meal and she said I was not done. I was puzzled so I ask what do you need mistress I have to use the bathroom she said. Again I did not know what to do she said open your mouth I was a little scared and did not do it the next thing I know I was grabbed and placed on the table with my mouth open and they yelled for me to listen I opened my mouth not wanting to make them mad and was greeted with a hot flowing liquid into my mouth I swallowed and they patted my head and said good boy. After that they showed me around the house like nothing happened they had a game room and four bedrooms and bathrooms they also had a secret door they said I did not need to know what was back there. They showed me to my room and it had clothes and shoes for me already I was so happy I’ve never had this may items before. We went to dinner where I went straight to the floor they all looked at me and asked me what I was doing I said don’t dogs eat on the floor they shook their heads no and said not in this family my eyes lit up and I said thank you mistress they cut me off and said that’s another thing you don’t call us that at the dinner table you will call me mother or mom and you will call them by their names or sister. My eyes had tears going down them I have never been treated so kindly. We had nice diner and mistress mother said Alex you will take me to my bed after dinner and I’m going to ride you raw I said yes mistress and finished with dinner we went to mistress mothers bedroom and she asked if I was a submissive type I shook my head yes and she smiled. I was told to lay on the bed eagle spread she tied me up I was a little scared because of what happened to me in the past but I felt like I could trust this family she tied me up and I started to flinch a little when she got near she said there Is no reason for you to be scared you can trust me she was over my stomach and lined herself up with my cock she went right down on it and started to scream with pleasure she loved it and was riding me raw like she said she would she had come three times now and I was not going to cum for a long time she asked how I have not came yet I told her it takes a long time for me to cum now thanks to my last mistress she said well we will just have fix that she flexed the inside of her pussy and my cock felt strange then she went to the base of my cock and put her fingers down and pressed like an automatic button I started to cum and hard it was the most intense orgasm I have ever had she had another orgasm herself and flopped off of me she said that was just what she needed and kissed my forehead she said lets go down and meet the girl I got up to walk when she pulled my leash and caller she said you still have to walk on all fours no matter how good at sex you are we got to the screening room where the girls where there in noting but there nice lacy thongs I went and sat on the floor next to their feet and mistress mother sat in the middle of the girls I looked at all three of them and had not noticed there beauty they were all around the same height and had dd cup breast I just looked in aww to them then mistress Lora stuck out her foot and asked me to suck it for her they all had beautiful feet so I really did not mind I sucked her big toe and the rest of her feet into my mouth she loved it the she said for me to come to her room when we go to bed I thought to myself another fuck fest. Before it was time to go to bed they said it was time for my punishment for not listening before I knew what was coming they each got up and left the room for a little while they came back with rope ,a paddle ,cane and a whip I was right it was time for a spanking I was a little scared they tied my hands to the couch legs so that I could not move they said I had ten of them from each of them and I was to count them out and say thank you mistress every five Lexy started she went hard and slow with the paddle I managed to count and thank her every time then Lora was up with the cane that was really going to hurt she started with the first five slow and hard and the next five fast and hard and I managed to thank her now it was time for the whip that was going to be hell she started fast and hard I got to five and forgot to thank her so she said that I had to start over when finally done they untied me and said that I did really good but that it might not be so gentle the next time. We went to bed and I went to Lexy’s room and there she was naked and on the bed laying down she saw me and smiled she said stop starring and come fuck me I panicked I have never been on top I asked if she could lead and she laughed and said no that she wanted me to ram my dick in her I told her that I never led before she said I’d better learn by doing I started going and she loved it I got more confident and went faster she had four orgasm when she said she is done I got up to leave and she said where am I going I said you said I’m done she agreed then said with my pussy not my ass I was shocked she laughed and said you never done anal before I shook my head no she said well it’s fun so let’s get going I got behind her and just piled my dick in her butt she screamed with pleasure I kept going when she said she had enough and asked why I had not cum yet I told her the same thing that I told mother she said I can help you and I was on my back and she did the same thing her mother did except it was more intense I kept coming with nothing coming out I passed out from all the pleasure I was woken up my Lora saying that Lexy wanted me I looked at my cock and it looked like it was going to explode I looked at Lora with fear and she said not to worry that it was just my cum ready to come out and that Lexy will take care of it I went to Lexy’s room and she pushed me from behind onto the bed and sat on my dick I about exploded on how tight she was she was a hardcore fucker she was fucking me raw she had five orgasms and then I erupted to her having a squirting orgasm I felt so light headed and she kissed me deeply and said I was fun I went to my room where I thought about the day and how I’m going to have a nice time with my new family.

Thanks I would like comments and help with this if it Is good enough I will post the second story deep secrets reveled

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