Involves young underage got fucking sex. You don't like it leave.
So this is my first time writing, please be constructive with criticism and thanks for reading my story. All of this happened with the exception of names. No kik comments plz and thank you.

"Please Jake!!!" I pleaded to my brother, who was playing clash of clans as usual. He gave a smirk, the one he always does when he knows he has control over me. We had previously invented a game in a spare room of our house called "monster". Let me tell you that this game was so fun, that we ended up spending hours on it. Just as jake would normally, he pretended he didn't want to play.
"I'll play on one condition, that I get to be monster first." He said.
"Fine" I replied breaking down. Monster was a simple game. So you know what the hell I'm talking about let me tell you how to play it.

One person hides in a corner of the dark room, and the other person closes their eyes and opens the door, goes into the dark room and shuts it, opening their eyes. The monster then has to scare the shit out of the other person. It's quite fun.

As we walk to the room, my little sister of 7, Cali runs up to us.
"I wanna play monster too!!!" She squeals.
"Fine but you'll be scared" I say. She didn't listen. If only she knew what lie ahead.

My parents were out about 2 hours away and wouldn't be home until around 7:45, about 3 hours away. Jake went first and Cali and I waited for the "ready". We walked in the room of black and got our scared fill.

"My turn guys" I said walking into the room. A devious thought popped into my head. I could pull my dick out right in front of them! They couldn't do shit. They came into the room. As usual I found them but this time, I waited and slowly pulled my semi-erect dick out of my pants. Being bi, I imagined both of them could see it, could rub it. I scared them and went on.

2 turns later my turn rolled around again. This time, I was almost hard. I wanted to tackle them, get my hard dick up to Jakes ass or Cali's vag. I could barley contain myself. They came in and I found jake first. I tackled him down and shoved my hard on into his back. Cali opened the door and light filled the room. I looked at jakes face, he noticed i could tell. He sort if shook it off and moved on.

Next jake went on his turn. He gave us the ready and we went in. This time he tackled me. Only this time he had a hard on, and it was in my ass. I whispered in his ear, " wanna try something?"
"Sure" he said.
I laid up against his cock. Mind you we are in pajama bottoms. And I started humping our hard one together. I forgot about one problem. Cali opened the door and saw what we were doing.
"What are you guys doing?" She asked. We fixed ourselves fast.
" Unmm " I said. What could I say?
"I want to try" she said.

She came up to me and jake and I lifted her shirt off. Jake turned on the lights. I licked her little belly. Sucking on each one of her little nipples. Bites is all they were nothing else. But it worked. Slowly, I pulled her leggings off reaving a small vagina. Perfect never touched. I saw her small clit, and gave it a squeeze. She tumbled to her knees.

"What was that" she asked shaking.
"It's your happy spot" I said "jake come here I didn't forget you. Do you jack off?"
"Yeah sometimes.." He said. I pulled down his pants and saw his 4 inch hard dick. He is about 11. Right for his age. I started to suck his dick and he moaned and said "Argh I love this".
"I want to do Cali now." I moaned. She looked at me and I opened up her vag. She still had her cherry. I tried to stick my finger in but it hurt. I looked up online how to pop it without pain and we did. I tried to finger her agin after getting cleaned up and it didnt hurt. I slowly stuck my dick into her. It hurt for the first few seconds but then pain turned into bliss. I told jake about anal masturbation and he told me he did that all the time. I had an idea.

"Jake go get some lube" I said. He came back with petroleum jelly. "Jake I want you to fuck me." I said.
"Really?!?!" He asked
"Yes. Trust me it will be amazing while I fuck Cali." I said. He watched plenty of gay porn so he went at it. "Slow first" I said. It hurt like hell. I could feel him stretching my insides.
"I'm in" he said. He slowly rocked back and forth and then at a regular pace. I started to fuck Cali again.

My vision blurred. It felt so good. Never will a human fell that good. "Argh fuck this is amazing. Don't stop jake dont stop please." I moaned.
"Imph oh yeah uhhhhhh yes Tyler this feels really good." Cali shouted. Jake moaned really loud and almost at the same time we all came. "-argh ohhh yeah fuck arugh" we said. I came in her and jake cam in my ass.

Breathing heavy I kissed Cali passionately and then Jake. I pulled out of Cali and my cum spilled everywhere. Good thing she couldn't get pregnant. I licked a bunch of cum out of her vag and made out with jake. We shared our cum.

That was nothing compared to what happened the next night. >:D

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