Story 558
I was sixteen when my parents died in the car accident on their way to my sophomore graduation. My mother’s parents had died a year before and my father’s mother a year before them. I ended up going to live with my grandfather. He lived out on this old ranch that was mostly run down. There was this huge pond not to far from the house that had very large bass.

I had been helping him with chores and going to this old feed store with him. That was where he sat and talked with other old guys. I did not mind that because he would drink beer and toss me the keys to his truck to drive us home. He had been in the navy a long time ago and was always talking about it.

He had this ancient desktop computer and spent a couple of hours on it each day to chat with old navy buddies around the world. It was a week after I got there, I had finished the chores and walked into the house and stopped. My grandfather was watching a video on the computer and stroking his cock. I blushed and started to turn and he looked back.

He shifted to cover his cock, “sorry boy.”

I shrugged, “it is not like I do not do it.”

He blinked and looked at me before grinning, “yeah?”

I was blushing as I headed for the kitchen, “the Asian girls are the best with their bald pussies.”

He laughed and came into the kitchen a minute later. I put the fresh eggs and milk away and he kept looking at me, “ever fuck a girl Tye?”

I shook my head and he grinned as he started moving things around. He cleared his throat, “today is butter and ice cream day. The churns are all in the pantry.”

Actually the entire top shelf was nothing but churns. It was a busy day but I heard my grandfather on the computer several times. He almost seemed excited for the next week. He gave me a list of things to do a week later and drove away in his old truck. It did not take long to finish and then I went swimming.

I laid out in the sun after lunch and finally heard his truck. I got up and went out front and stared when he got out. Three Asian girls got out clutching a bag apiece and he grinned as he walked around the truck, “a friend bought them in china.”

The girls looked like they were teenagers. I looked at him and he gestured and the girls began following him. I was thinking with my little head as he went into the house. I followed them in and grandfather glanced at me, “you take care of them.”

I looked at the girls, “you mean you bought them so we could fuck them?”

He chuckled, “yep.”

I looked at him, “they look young.”

He nodded, “Chinese girls usually do, break them in early and train them right.”

I looked at the girls and he gestured to the hall, “they speak English. Put them in your room and strip them. You need to wash them and break their cherries.”

I hesitated as the girls shifted and reached out to touch them and get them to follow. I had them put the bags against the wall and pulled them after me and to the bathroom. The looked down and stood still as I undressed them which I thought was strange. I stripped and started the shower before sitting one of the girls on the toilet.

I touched my chest, “Tye.”

She looked at me and then at the other girls before whispering, “Jia.”

I nodded and pushed her legs open and then opened her pussy to look at it. It was smooth and bald and very warm. I looked inside at her hole and frowned when I did not see her hymen. She was looking away as I straightened and looked at her. I rubbed one of her legs, “what happened?”

It was a minute before she answered in English, “the woman let men use us.”

I blinked and looked at the other girls, “you too?”

They nodded and I sighed, “I am sorry.”

They looked at me and Jia shifted, “you let men use us?”

I looked at her and shook my head, “just me and grandfather.”

She smiled, “okay.”

I pulled her up and sat the next girl who was Lin. I looked at, felt and caressed her pussy before doing the last one who was Mei. I pulled them into the shower and washed them. I rubbed them and caressed them, “is it okay for us to fuck you?”

The three girls looked at each other and Jia wrapped her small hand around my large thick cock, “slowly?”

I grinned, “and deep.”

They giggled and I shut the water off and got out. I dried them and myself before grinning as I gestured and they followed me back to my room. I closed the door as they looked around and moved them to the bed. I wanted to touch and taste them and laid Jia back on the bed. I stared at her pussy before I leaned down to smell and opened her slit.

I licked through it and grinned before I nibbled on her tiny inner lips and covered her clit. I licked it and wiggled my tongue and sucked and she began to shudder and hump as she moaned. I heard the other girls giggling as I kept licking her and held her while she squirmed. She humped and lifted her hips as she spread her legs and held my head.

It was awhile before I stopped and she was still shuddering. I moved up and over her and lifted to force my cock into her extremely tight pussy. I pushed and wiggled until it was buried and pressed against the back of her pussy. I groaned as I settled on her and closed my eyes to enjoy the incredible feeling.

Her pussy was hot and tight and kept grasping. I opened my eyes and looked into hers and Jia looked back. I smiled and gave her a kiss, “you feel so good.”

She smiled and then grinned and hugged me and I heard Lin and Mei giggle again. I sighed and had to move so I started slow and began to hump and press and jab. It was a couple of minutes before I pulled back and then pushed into her. I groaned as her slick pussy rippled and squeezed and kissed her passionately.

I pulled back and fucked into her again and she lifted her hips as my cock slid into her. She wiggled and hugged me as she moaned and her pussy clenched. I continued to fuck her and she began to pant and thrust up as her moans grew louder. She was wet and slippery when I felt my balls churning and I buried my cock.

I almost panicked as I realized I did not know if she was on birth control. I groaned and held her tight as I gushed cum into her. She jerked and spasmed at the feel of warm sperm pumping and spurting into her. I must have put a dozen thick spurts in before I stopped and tried to catch my breath.

I pulled out and laid beside her to caress her pelvis, “do you have birth control?”

She took a deep breath and smiled as she looked at me, “the old man had us meet another who gave us some.”

I nodded and turned as Lin straddled me, “we can fuck you and the old one?”

I grinned and felt her breasts before reaching between her legs, “yes.”

I rubbed her tiny bud of a clit and she shuddered and grinned and lifted her hips. She reached for my cock and positioned her pussy before slowly sitting. She wiggled her very tight pussy down and onto my cock and began to rock and then thrust back slowly. Her pussy was hot and felt amazing as my cock kept pushing up into her.

She wiggled and turned and twisted as she began to shake. Her pussy became slick so my cock pushed into her easier and deeper. She started to rock harder and shoved down to impale her pussy completely, “mmmm!”

I was feeling and rubbing her breasts as she kept fucking me. She rolled her hips and thrust back and forth while grinding on me. She was constantly shuddering and began to moan louder, “ooohhhh!”

When she finally fell on me I shifted until she was under me and began to fuck her with long strokes. She humped and kept lifting her hips while her tight pussy clenched and grasped my cock. I continued to fuck her with slow strokes but after several minutes she was pulling on me to go faster. I began to bury my cock firmly with each thrust and she spasmed and wailed.

She writhed around while her slick pussy kept contracting. She was bucking and clinging to me as I fucked her with long deep thrusts. I loved her hot pussy and the way it massaged and milked at my cock. I pressed and humped and tried to cum each time I shoved into her. She was wiggling and thrusting up as she wailed and I finally pushed into her and held her.

I kissed her as my cock erupted and began gushing cum. She jerked and spasmed while her tight pussy constantly gripped my cock. When I was done she was panting and I sighed and slowly pulled out, “that was so good.”

She grinned, “yeah.”

The girls giggled and Mei bent to lick my cock before looking up and into my face, “fuck me from behind?”

I turned and caught her before giving her a kiss. I rolled her onto her stomach and lifted her hips. I straddled her legs and felt her slit before I slowly forced my cock into her. She groaned and wiggled as my cock stretched her extremely tight pussy. She slowly pushed back as I buried my cock. I closed my eyes at the feel of her hot pussy around my cock.

She pushed back again and I opened my eyes and smiled. I held her hips as I pulled almost out before I began to fuck her with long strokes. I buried my cock in her with each thrust and after a couple of minutes she shuddered while her now slippery pussy contracted and squeezed. It was not much longer before she was moaning loudly into the bed and shaking.

Her pussy kept grasping and tightening as she pushed back. She was still very tight but slippery now as I pumped my cock in and out. She began to shudder and wiggle as I held her. I began to fuck her firmly and plant my cock and she gripped the covers as she yelled. She was constantly shoving back as I buried my cock and her pussy kept clenching.

It was several minutes before I shoved into her and held her tight as I grunted and began to pump cum. She jerked and spasmed as her pussy tightened and gripped my cock, “oooohhhh!”

When I was done she was still panting and I slowly pulled out and looked at her slit as she sagged to the bed. Jia and Lin giggled and I looked at them before I grinned and moved off the bed. I helped them out and took Jia’s hand and led them out and to the kitchen. Grandfather looked at the naked girls and rubbed his crotch.

I sat the girls down before starting dinner, “they were used.”

He looked at me and I turned to look at him, “be gentle.”

He looked into my eyes before nodding and Jia grinned as she stood and moved to him and bent to open his pants. He lifted and helped her and once his pants were down she straddled him and wiggled her cummy pussy down his cock. Grandfather groaned and leaned back as he held her waist while she rocked slowly.

While I made dinner the girls watched and one by one went to fuck him. When all three finished he had a big grin and they were giggling and wiping their slimy holes. I had them help me clean up and then took them out to do chores. When it was bed time we got ready together and I took them to bed.

I hesitated before moving over Jia again and slowly sinking my cock into her. I took turns fucking them before we finally went to sleep. I woke to the alarm and looked at the girls and grinned before I started kissing Jia. She moaned and opened her eyes and I gave her another kiss, “want to go fuck grandfather and join us in the shower?”

She smiled and nodded and turned to move off the bed as I started waking Lin and Mei. When Jia slipped into the shower she was giggling, “he pumped a lot of cum into me and said thanks.”

I pulled her closer and started washing her, “we have chores and then grandfather normally goes to the feed store.”

They looked at me as they helped wash Jia and when we were done I pulled Lin around to take her place, “when we come home I was thinking of fishing for dinner while you girls lay out.”

Lin wiggled and squirmed when I tried to clean the cum out of her and the other two giggled. When I finished it was Mei’s turn and she almost purred as we washed her. Finally I let the girls wash me and they giggled a lot while they each gave my cock a stroke or two. I dried them and they put on thin dresses with no panties while I got dressed.

I did the chores with them helping which seemed to make them happy. When we finished grandfather was waiting. I had Mei on my lap and Lin sat on Jia’s lap. Grandfather seemed more relaxed and happy and after he parked he fished out money, “take them to the general store and get them a douche. Buy some drinks before you come back.”

The general store was probable older than he was. We walked down the country road and the girls looked at everything. I was surprised they had a douche and blushed when I bought it with our drinks and snacks. When we got back grandfather was drinking beer and talking to his friends. I put the douche and snacks in the truck and began showing the girls around.

They enjoyed meeting the dozen stray cats that stayed around the feed store. It was noon when grandfather was ready to leave. Two girls were in the middle and Lin sat on his lap while I drove us home. He was a little tipsy and absently fingered her slit all the way. He went to watch his shows when we got home and I grabbed my fishing tackle and pole.

I grinned at the girls and had them grab a blanket and stripped the dresses off. Beside the pond they spread the blanket out and I put my fishing stuff down and undressed. Lin grinned as she wrapped a hand around my cock, “fuck me?”

I looked at Jia and Mei who laid back like nothing had been said. I laid her down and settled on her before giving her a kiss and lifting to push into her. She shifted and tilted her hips as she held up her legs. I waited a few moments before she humped while looking at me. I pulled back and started to fuck her nice and slow.

She sighed and lifted her hips to meet each thrust and after a couple of minutes she shuddered. Her pussy clenched and she thrust up, “aaahhhh!”

I began to fuck her with deep strokes and she hugged me as my cock went in and out through her slippery pussy. She was panting and lifting and thrusting up as I kept fucking her. It was a little longer before I was fucking her firmly and she was wailing and writhing around. I buried my cock while she spasmed and kissed her as I gushed sperm.

She jerked and her pussy kept squeezing and grasping as I pumped and spurted. When I was done I relaxed and waited as she caught her breath. I gave her another kiss and pulled out. She sighed and closed her legs as she turned over like the other two. I grinned and turned to start fishing. I caught enough for dinner and put them on a stringing before taking them to the house.

I cleaned them and filleted them before putting them in the refrigerator. I washed and went back to the girls who were on their backs now. I grinned as I moved over Mei and spread her legs with my knees. She opened her eyes and smiled as she titled her hips, “you want me?”

I nodded and she put her arms around me, “okay.”

I pushed into her slowly and buried my cock as she shifted and wiggled. I gave her a kiss before I started to fuck her with slow deep strokes. She sighed and humped as her tight pussy began to squeeze. I continued to go nice and slow and she wiggled and sighed and then began to moan.

She humped up as she hugged me and her tight pussy clenched, “aaaahhhh!”

Jia and Lin giggled and I gave her a kiss as I kept fucking her. A few minutes and she was struggling and thrusting up hard. I began to use firm strokes and she stiffened before she thrashed and bucked, “ooohhhh!”

I kept fucking her as she struggled and writhed around and she pulled me down and kissed me, “mmmm!”

I started to rub and press each time I buried my cock. She began to spasm and jerk as I felt my balls churning and pushed into her and held her. She tilted her hips and gasped as I gushed and pumped large spurts of cum. She squirmed while her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock, “yyyeeessss!”

When I was done I relaxed while she panted and sagged to the ground. I gave her a kiss and pulled out before I stood, “you girls can stay but I need to start the chores.”

They smiled as they stood and folded the blanket before following. After the chores they helped me in the house as I started a load of laundry and swept. Lin slipped into my grandfather’s room to wake him and we grinned when we heard her moaning. When he came out she had a big grin and he started to help as if he had more energy.

Dinner was rice, fresh green beans with the bass fillets. After dinner we cleaned up and took a walk and grandfather held the girls hands as they looked around and asked questions. When we returned to the house Mei pulled him to his room while Lin and Jia got ready for bed with me. By the time we were climbing into bed we heard her in the bathroom.

I kissed Jia as I caressed her and she grinned and turned to straddle me. I cupped her breasts as Lin laughed and Jia slowly wiggled onto my cock. She sighed and sat before she started to rub her pussy on me. Mei shut the light off when she came in and then crossed to climb into bed.

She laid beside me and put her head on my shoulder as Jia rocked and rubbed her pussy on me. It was several minutes before she was moaning louder while twisting and constantly rolling her hips and shoving down. Her slippery pussy kept clenching as she shook and I finally pulled her down and shifted until she was under me.

I began to fuck her with deep thrusts and grind as she hugged me and shook. It still took a couple of minutes before I buried my cock. I kissed her while pushing and pressing and my cock gushed and spewed and spurted. She jerked and spasmed as her tight pussy milked my cock, “aaaahhhh!”

When I stopped cumming she was still panting while her pussy squeezed. Lin giggled and pulled on me and I pulled out and turned to move over her. They had me do them each a couple of times before we went to sleep. I woke to the alarm and looked at the girls before shifting and moving off the bed. I let them sleep as I went to wash and get dressed.

I left to start the chores and smiled when my grandfather joined me. It was an hour before the girls came out and we had set up the churns to make butter and ice cream. The girls love the ranch and being with each other. They are still a little shy around most people. They took turns fucking my grandfather until he died almost twenty years later.

By then they had each given me several children. Solar panels are covering all the buildings and wind generators are all over the ranch. We have a lot more cows and a larger house and even a few new buildings. Not a day goes by without one or all three fucking me until my balls are empty.
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